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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> friday night a 17-year-old boy is dead after someone opened fire on him. right now the search is on for a suspect. and we're learning more about a horrifying ferrett attack that left a 1-month-old baby badly disfigured and the charges filed against that infant's parents. >> and arrival of a one, two punch that makes for wintry weekend. as you can see from the live picture alone the schuylkill expressway it already has the gun. >> that snow is kurltcy of a nor'easter making its way through the region right now.
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that system will bring us all kinds of precipitation overnight and right through the day tomorrow. then sunday we could see another system and more snow. we have team coverage at 10:00 tonight. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in king of prussia with preparations on this storm, tonight. >> we begin with our team of miles adam joseph and cecily tynan who is tracking conditions the snow has arrived. >> it has. in philadelphia and northern western suburbs. as you look at double scan live it's a battle of cold air to the north to the very warm air invading from the south. so it depends on where you are. whether you're seeing snow sleet or steady rain. we start in and around center city philadelphia and points east ward 70 and to the west near media and north jenkin town to 130. it's all snow at this point. but as you head to the south, you notice that mixed line of sleet. that is transitioning to rain in southern parts of new jersey.
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wilmington, glassboro right now seeing the mixture. in the western suburbs a steady snow in lancaster county. anywhere where you see the purple that is heavy snowfall pouring in from the south to north. you see it's flipped over. wilmington is on the verge of mixing with sleet and snowfall and almost reaching northern parts of montgomery and at this point the lehigh valley still in the dry. as we go to the south, you can clearly see the blue. is that the where the sleet is falling and heavy rain smyrna, delaware mays landing where you see the blue, glarboro to south ear done with any kind of snow. if anything it will turn to heavier, steadier rain. not expecting any accumulation in the far southern part of new jersey or delaware. and double scan live radar low pressure center south of charlotte transferring energy that becomes the nor'easter heading south and east and as it does so pulling in warmer air from the ocean as we don't have
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a good supply of cold air over new england. nonetheless dealing with wintry type of weather overnight tonight to saturday morning. majority of our viewing area with exception of southern areas we'll see that period of snow going over to sleet. eventually some ice in the northwestern suburbs and very cold rain for most of us by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. meteorologist cecily tynan this is the hart of the winter. this should be a snowstorm. the setup is not right this go around. >> exactly, adam. we've been talking all week how the ocean influence will get involved. and you can see the streamline off the ocean, as that low pressure intensifies and moves in we have more of that air off the ocean. it makes sense when you think about tractor-trailer area seeing the most snow are the areas further away from the coast. these are the far north and west suburbs. overnight tonight, east of allentown, quakertown, pottstown, downingtown to reading we're looking at moderate overnight snow.
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then we get into extended period of mixed precipitation early tomorrow morning with potential for icing. here, minimal rain. this is mainly a frozen precipitation event. however the i-95 corridor resisting snow right now. it will continue until about 2:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the morning and that is when we get a quick changeover to rain. that will cause a slushy mess. and even melt some of the snow overnight. because we're looking at about half inch to inch of rain once we get that transition and as adam was talking about as far as as southern new jersey and southern delaware we're looking at soaking rain. one to one and a half inches of rain and winds gusty up to 25 miles an hour. this is really the main concern tomorrow morning. it's a possibility of freezing rain open top of the snow in an area east dwron quakertown downingtown to lancaster we could get a glaze on the snow on the trees and power lines and that could cause problems. adam has made a few adjustments
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to the expected snowfall aamounts. we'll talk about that and next system on the way on monday in the full accuweather forecast. shirleen. >> thank you cecily. now we want to go to "action news" reporter dann cuellar. he's live in king of prussia with more on how penndot is expecting for what is prepared to be a messy night dann. >> shirleen, the flakes started coming down in king of prussia 9:00. light wet snuff stuff putting a light cover on the ground here. and putting light coating on the brand new cars in that lot back. there as far as storms go if this was a contest some would say, is that all you got? here we go again folks, same song second verse, snow to the right. snow to the left. people don't seem impressed to 1 to 3" of snow we're forecast todd get. >> that's nothing. that's nothing. >> it's peanuts to what we saw last year. >> i can get through that. >> i'm good 1 to 3 no more that's it. >> 1 to 3. >> i can deal with this.
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>> problem for most after the monster storms we got last year people went over board trying to be ready this year. >> 2,000 pounds of salt at the house and there's no snow. >> no snow. >> almost end of january. >> where's the snow? >> where is it? >> the first time it ♪hi a shovel. there was no tron have a shovel a broom worked better. other day it 12340ed i must have seen 50 guys with the shovels. all you needed was a broom something like this. >> penndot crews are done and it's dealing with whatever the back-to-back storms bring us tonight and sunday night. >> it will be a busy weekend fort department and crews. but we're ready for it. >> penndot has 11065 take care of and again this is not the first day at the rodeo they dealt with worse, a lot worse. live in king of prussia, dann
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cuellar "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. dann. thank you. a teenager gunned down in north philadelphia tonight died from injuries. the 17-year-old boy was shot here in the 2000 block of north lambert street before 6:00. police say someone opened fire on the boy. hitting him in the chest. and he was taken to temple hospital where he later died. so far no arrests and no word on any motive. >> mean while the victims of the shooting in wilmington are also thought to be teenagers. one of the victims was struck in the head second and north broom before 7:00 tonight. police took one person into custody at the scene. then they located the second victim a block away. and a third shooting victim also surfaced at christianne hospital. police are trying to figure out right now if that person was also shot in the same attack. no word just is yet on any of the victims conditions. >> right now philadelphia city officials are trying to find housing for about 20 people. they were living at this
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boarding house in the 3,000 block of north 22nd street and today city officials got a court order to shut it down. there was a fatal fire at the home in november. and investigators say someone had a legally hooked up electricity to the house -- illegally hooked up electricity to the house. >> a sdashyboro couple is charged because their daughter was attacked by a pet feret. that's where we found annie mccormick. she joins us with more on how this happened, annie. >> and shirleen that little infant still remains inside icu at chop. she lost most of her face including her nose. her four siblings were removed from the home and are in the care of other family members. bernie frame taking "action news" to the terrifying moment after he woke to screams monday afternoon. >> she was right here. not moving you know what i mean. she was more like hysterical
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screaming. >> his fiancee holding the 1-month-old baby girl. two of three family pet per et cetera escaped from this cloth cage as 1-month-old sky isabel sat in her car seat next to them inside her darby borough home. frame was asleep upstairs and the mother jessica seen in this facebook photo holding the infabt was also upstairs and ran down when she heard sky being mauled. >> she kept yelling yelling help me help me the baby is dying. >> she's in intensive care units there and she's able to breathe through two stints in her nose. >> sdashy police chief saying the child was rushed to the hospital and under wentz life saving surgery after her parents called 911 per et cetera ate 25% of the bakey's face and she has a lifetime of surge surgeries ahead. the living conditions were called deplorable. all animals were removed including per et cetera and the
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three were euthanized. >> i would describe this as a house in crisis. >> owning per et cetera, mammals in the same family as the weasel is legal in pennsylvania. the american feret association putting these instructions on their web site. number one teach your feret not to bite. in italics saying never leave any animal alone with an infant or smul child or one unable to remove himself or herself from the presence of and back out here live tonight the father saying to us they never had problems with the feret in the year they owned them. also their neighbors defending the family tonight. they say they is not the first time they had problems with the family and their concern over the care of their children. for now reporting live from chop, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> brutal story, annie, thank you. >> a delaware county firefighter charged with arson is now also accused of sexually
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assaulting more than a dozen children. a shackled 20-year-old john quark written was brought in to face 161 new counts today including rain. investigators say he would hold pool parties at his glen older home to over a two-year period and is caused of abusing 14 boys. we'll have more on the charges and full report in the next half hour of action as you at 107 tonight. >> a west chester university student is accused of raping a fellow classmate. the alleged attack happened thursday morning at a residence hall on campus. the two students knew each other. they're asking anyone with information to contact the university police department. . the family of smyrna delaware woman is asking a community to join in their search for a mother of four. keesha hamilton was missing since january 10 she disappears with her 4-year-old and 4-month-old they were found with
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their father cortez and there's no sign of keesha shen they think she was harmed. >> they said if anything was to happen to her that the police should check cortez because she was afraid of him the night before her disappearance. cortez hamilton is being held on 400000 bail for assault, weapons position and engagering welfare of a child. a search party is meeting at 8 a.m. chestwall fire department to look for keesha. >> philadelphia police hope this just released surveillance will lead them to the man that attacked a teen girl. this scene played out on a septa trolleych the suspect punched the victim because her backpack kept hitting him. if you recognize this victim philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> the newest face of gesher just happens to be from pennsylvania. >> plus only "action news" was there as police raid a home and
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the deadline passed and tonight we still don't know the fate of two japanese hostages. isis demanded $200 million for their release. if isis goes through their threats it would make it 7 hoingt tam, ans killed by alleged executioner called gee hade john. >> drivers recovered eight more bodies from airasia flight 8501. 87 victims were found. there were 16 people open board when the plane crashed into the java sea last month. search and rescue crews say drivers have faced adverse conditions and can only see 7 feet in each direction. >> nfl is still investigating how the patriots managed to use under inflated footballs during last weekend's championship gamech the team pledged full
10:17 pm
cooperation. it hired a company to review electronic and video information. there was no timetable for the investigation to be wrapped with up right now. patriots are headed to the super bowl next weekend. and now the exclusive accuweather forecast as we track the nor'easter bringing us lots of snow right now. >> meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board adam. some of us seeing the white stuff as we speak? >> yes especially philadelphia north. many of us now seeing heavy rain especially southern new jersey and delaware. it's a mixed bag out there double scan radar. as you go closer we'll stop where it's snowing and where you see the white jenkin town, radnor, norristown where we're seeing slight snow the same for riverside rancocas and palmyra and we see pink or purple popping up in and around philadelphia and route 13 near immediate heia and as you head west on route 3 we're noticing pockets of moderate snowfall at times. temperatures above freezing area
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wide right now. so the roads are treated and most of them are wet at this point. and as we head to the south near glarboro,le mer hammonton route 322 40 and 49 we're seeing some sleet mixing in and changing to heavy rain down south. so if you're in anywhere in this vicinity your chances of any accumulation of snow, it is over as this mixing line will continue to drift to the north towards philadelphia just after the midnight hour. and there you can see temperatures are pretty much at or above freezing area wide. we're not looking at ice up at this point even where the snow is falling and some of the secondary roads the sidewalks and even parking lots if not treated could turn slushy with the snow falling. 2:00 in the morning they see a changeover line knowledge of philadelphia and it continues to drift towards the lehigh valley. around 7:00 in the morning we have a transition. there will be sleet or feesing rain mixed in for a time before
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changes to plain old rain tomorrow morning across much of the area and then by 12:30 looking at generally light showers and then by the very end in the afternoon it is still light and it could ends as wet snowflakes and not accumulating. we've up dated the map here and taken out anything in southern new jersey. it is over with with any accumulation. philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, anywhere between a coating and 2" before that wash as way overnight with some rainfall. and between lancaster reading allentown, it looks like maybe 2 to 4" and warm air is winning out with this storm as we expected it to the last few days. future tracker at 9:30 tomorrow morning there could again be sleet and ice buildup on tom of some of the snow in northwestern suburbs but it's not a major concern with the storm. if we see a glaze of ice in those northwestern suburbs it would be power line trees bridges, overpasses early tomorrow morning in the far
10:20 pm
north western suburbs e ushz take it slow if you head out between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. we'll talk about the second half of the weekend. it does start sunny and we expect more snow and we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> a map wrongly convicted of murder is finally free tonight and talks about spending nearly half his life behind bars. >> you struggle to find 30 minute of free time to exercise today. tonight we have good news about
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>> in tonight's "healthcheck" if you don't recommended 30 minutes a day to exercise we have good news. reer is etchers looking at past studies on exercise now say that any amount is good. you don't have to work out 4 1/2 hours a week. one study found older people that got an hour of moderate physical activity a week cut rick of dying early by 15%. bottom line no matter how busy your schedule find time to get moving brisk walk or quick trip
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up the stairs. >> one lady was really into it. >> yeah, ten minutes. >> that's all you need i guess. >> a first look at sports sglont ducis rogers live in the "action news" center. >> hey there, guys basketball, sixers new what raptors guard kyle lauerry can do. he played college and high school ball here in philadelphia and tonight shows off. picking up late in 4th quarter laury. laury again, 17 of 21 points in 4th quarter. my producer matt, i said that's money. sivrmz lose 91-86. they'll be in memphis tomorrow. word is in on tony wroton it's not good he has a partially torn acl and will require surgery. no timetable sets for his return. you have to think his season is over. sixers will miss his scoring average nearly 17 points per game. >> to baseball when reuben amaro
10:25 pm
junior says he's willing to listen to all trade officers he's telling the truth. philly and brewers are talking about jonathan papelbon. he is due to make 13 million this season. he can block a trade to the brus but i would be willing to waive it if they guarantee 13 million option for 2016. he had 39 saves and 2.04 exts ra last year. >> a big name goes down at australian open and ball boy.
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>> and we have a lot coming up in the next half hour tonight including plea from philadelphia family. the 65-year-old mother was a victim of hit-and-run. tonight they want to know who put her in a coma. >> and more on a 20-yea
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>> welcome back thanks for joining us. "action news" at 10 tonight here are big stories we're following at 10:30. >> let's look at that now. charges filed against a darbyboro mother and father after a pet ferret mauled their infant. it ate a quarter of the 1-month-old baby's face. she remains in icu at children's hospital. the four siblings were removed from the home. >> police in wilmington are investigating several shootings. the victims all appear to be teenagers. one was hit in the head second and north broom and a second victim was found a block awe and another person turned up christianne hospital and right now it's unclear if that person was involved in the attack. one person has so far been
10:31 pm
arrested. and the biggest story of the night is our weather. the nor'easter has arrived. flakes are already starting to come down across the area. if you can stay home overnight. because it could get messy out there. tonight we have team coverage. meteorologist adam joseph and cecily tynan have been tracking the storm for the last several days. >> big question guys is how much snow should we expect to see overnight. >> not a ton overnight. we've been talking the last few days how the warm air wins out over the storm and we would initially see some snowfall across much of the area and rain would really takeover much of the region especially tomorrow morning. as we look at double scan live radar you can see the snow to the north. mixture in the blue and then that heavy cold rain in southern areas. we'll start where it is snowing and where you see any of the purple. that's a steady snowfall at times moderately to heavy and anywhere from 422 near reading all points south to route 1 and southern parts of chester county near oxford and wilmington on
10:32 pm
the verge of snowing and sleeting at times. philadelphia right now seeing snow. it's still dry in the lehigh valley and just starting to snow in quakertown. we go to where the transition zone is with sleet hammonton,el mer over to say him route this is where you see no potential for accumulating snow. it flipped to steady rain in southern areas. heavy rainfall in smyrna. maybe sleet pellets mixed in. sea isle city to cape may it's all rain event here on out. winter weather advisories remain in effect saturday morning. despite the rain conditions are not great when you travel out. there as we seat transition, everyone, from snow to sleet to freezing rain and eventually rain. notice the temperatures they're right around chester county. so that's where we see accumulation on the roadways. 33 chester and 33 quakertown and center city 34.
10:33 pm
as we head down to the south those temperatures june top 35 woodbine and 37 sea isle city and dover 34 and we're not seeing temperatures in 20s which is good news. and if you don't like that snow to really pileup. in fact as we look at satellite and radar low pressure near charleston transfers energy to coastal storm and that nor'easter heading north and east as it does so it will pull in mild air off the ocean which is 38 degrees as there really is no existing cold air leading up to this storm. that is what is happening right now as we look to the future overnight and rest of the weekend. and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> adam, a lot of people looking out the window and seeing the snow. you wake up in the morning you'll be seeing rain. future tracker showing 12:30 we have rain/snow line around i-95 wilmington, east of philadelphia trenton, notice what happens as we head into the wee hours of the morning. it lifts north and west of i-95
10:34 pm
corridor. it's all rain 4:00 in philadelphia and nearby suburbs by 8:00 in the morning this rain snow line will reach through the lehigh valley. still snowing in the poconos. as we head through the day we'll see periods of generally light precipitation. rain around lunchtime and colder air filters in behind this system and we'll see a brief chink-over to snow. by then temperatures will be above freezing. so i really do not expect that to drop any additional accumulation. expected snow first new jersey, central and southern delaware. this is rain event for you. you will not get any snow accumulation. i-95 corridor from wilmington, philadelphia trenton looking at slushy coating to 2" perhaps before the rain 1234e9s in. that rain will be melting a lot of that snow. and the further you are from the ocean the far northwest suburbs we'll see the most snow. 2 to had 4". this is my main concern. 4:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the morning the far north and
10:35 pm
west suburbs will see ice accumulating on top of the snow. and this could cause additional problems. power lines and trees could get that glaze of ice. be careful if you travel bridges overpasses anden treated surfaces like sidewalks and drive ways can be icy. again between 4 and about 9:00 the best chance of ice accumulation. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow will not be pretty. light rain mitching with snow at times, high 39 degrees. sunday we get to take a little breath. sunshine in the morning. increasing clouds 42 degrees, late sunday night into monday a clipper moving through will bring us snow. and the high only 29 degrees and it looks like this will be a pretty light snow accumulation. 1 to 3" this is snow and not rain and not sleet and the problem is it will be falling monday morning so this could cause complications for the monday morning commute. behind that system it gets very cold. tuesday, 26. wednesday, 27.
10:36 pm
thursday, 32 perhaps a few flurries and friday temperatures below normal with high of only 35. we start the weekend with nor'easter and end with a clipper and next week we're heading back into the deep freeze. back you to brian and shirleen. >> thank you cecily. >> tonight a 20-year-old former firefighter accused of arson is now also accused of sexually assaulting fourteen children over two years and authorities fear there could be more victims out. there chad pradelli has the latest. >> reporter: john coregrin is charged with sexually abusing 14 victims over a two--year-old period. that began in december of 2012. >> he raped, sodimized three of those boys. he filmed the boys. >> investigators say corcoran would have pool parties at his glen older home in the units block of ridge way avenue. and then orchestrate his sexual per versions. >> these boys at times were groomed they made it feel that taking off your clothes when you
10:37 pm
go into his bedroom was normal natural phenomenon. >> some occurred in upper darby and some at ridley ymca. he be friended victims at the y and neighborhood and they under covered the crimes in a 17-year-old busted for a series of arsons last year. >> most disturbing thing we found today is that we believe that there are other victims out there. >> neighbors are relieved corcoran is behind bars and they along with law enforcement are sad eped by the trail of pain he left behind. >> for him to get caught with something like that makes me sick to my stomach. >> it's heart wrenching and it's just so shocking to see that one individual one child predator can cause so much destruction. >> chad pradelli "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> now da tells "action news"
10:38 pm
ymca was not aware of the alleged acts there . >> meanwhile in lancaster county amish community is happy to have accused fondler off the streets. this is 27-year-old justin slanky they were looking for intruder after reports a man wasenering home and fondling amish girls while they slept. he found bing finger pribts and positively i.d.'d him. >> and our kensington family is desperately trying to track down a kensington driver that put their horj in a coma. she was hit on january 3 on 3100 block of cedar street. her family heard the impact and saw the great-grandmother lying in the street. >> we all heard impact and we all heard what sounded like a window crashing, look you know, pieces falling all over the place but until i heard my
10:39 pm
sister screaming nobody realized my mother was hit by a car. >> ramos was hospitalized in a coma and we're happy to report she's been taken off a ventilatorch the striking vehicle is described as dark-colored ford explorer front end danl and missing passenger side mirror. call philadelphia police with tips. >> a man suspected of 10 robberies is behind bars tonight. officers worked with u.s. marshals to arrest cartel wright this morning found i'd hiding in close net north philadelphia home. according to police wright hit fastfood restaurants and pharmacies including same rite aid on four separate occasions and place hauled away truckloads of stolen goods from this north philadelphia home today and only "action news" was there as the raid went down. they found everything from toys, clothing electron iic s even stolen plumbing items. many items were taken from sports around king of president
10:40 pm
bush why and beyond. they're valued at more than $125,000. >> various stores all over the region accepted extendsing to north siri and far south as virginia. >> were they headquarters here or -- >> we're still investigating that at this time. >> police say arrests are expected. and still ahead here tonight what your iphone says about you. >> and plus this man won't be asked to watch his nephews again. what police say happened when they were supposed to be in his care. and this man is finally free for 37 years he maintained his innocence and today don't wait for
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>> tonight another body was found rubble of annapolis mansion di strod by fire. five victims are found and one missing. early monday morning sandy and doug's home went up in flames they were inside with four young grandchildren ranging in age from 6 to 8. new hampshire man will probably never be asked to baby citizen. this man was supposed to be looking after his 9-year-old twin nephews while parents were in africa. instead he left them home alone
10:44 pm
with only ray men noodles to eat and only a working phone. he would check on them every few days. the boys said they would wake up ride the school bus and come home. >> a north carolina man is finally free after spending 37 years behind bars with a crime he did not commit. there was applause as 70-year-old joseph sledge walked out of prison. they found him innocent of murders. hairs found on one of the bodies did not belong to sledge a jail house informant said he lied for leniency in his own case. sledge maintained his innocence for the last four decades. >> i spent all these years in prison. when you come here for something you didn't do you can live with
10:45 pm
yourself. >> he is not bitter about his time behind bars and now he plans to live a happy life at home with his family. >> still ahead tonight looking to build a new home or update your current one. where you can get great ideas this weekend. >> after the break we'll introduce ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪
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>> a pennsylvania baby is now the face of gerber. 7-month-old grace from lancaster county was selected out of almost 20,000 entries to be the 2015 gerber spokes baby. obviously we can see why. her parents will receive a $50,000 prize and one year of gerber baby food and opportunity to appear in future gerber advertisement. >> that kid is precious. >> what does your iphone say about you according to one thing you're pretty darn smart. ad network chick eat asays more college grads have higher iphone sales and those with higher incomes lead to iphone as smart phone of choice. it is not a comprehensive substitutey and focuses on states and not cities or
10:49 pm
neighborhood. >> multiple reports that google will begin selling cellphone service along with popular android smart phones. its wireless service would be carried over sprint and t moybl and google has not commentsed on those reports. >> looking to update your home. philadelphia home show is going on this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. you can check out several design rooms and get ideas if you need them. there will also be hundreds of industry experts on hand and free citizens bank parking and shuttle service from ikea on columbus boulevard check it out. >> i told you my wife and i went last week it was great. we have lots of ideas we cannot afford yet. >> we can dream. >> ducis rogers live at the big board. hey e. ducis. >> few nights ago former star galloway took it to the sixers. former villanova standout laury's turn. sixers begin the game on 15-0
10:50 pm
run. ahead in the fourth quarter and four point lead. nerlens noel twelve points 14 boards, sixers up by 6. raptors storm back thanks to laury he's named nba all star. 17-21 point cams in 4th quarter this gim died. vasquez puts the game back. the game is engineing to slip away. raptors's take a three point lead on free throws and henery sims is the last one you want taking that shot. he only made four three pointers in his entire career. >> for the game tony roton has partially torn acl and injury will require surgery. there's no timetable for his return. sixers will miss his nearly 17 point per game scoring average. >> moving on now to nfl. thursday we heard from patriots today.
10:51 pm
league finally says something about deflate-gate. the investigation is ongoing. and trying to determine how 11 of 12 balls seem to be deflated after cleared by officials. balls according to nfl were under inflated for first half or properly inflated second half. more than 40 people were interviewed thus far. donovan mcnabb says ft. allegations are true commissioner roger guidele says he needs to step it up. >> we want to see that now. define yourself this is about three people legacy windle, bill belichick and tom brady. >> chris carter against team irving as in michael irving. connor bar winn is aglad he's running with carter. >> i know some guys and look you said i played with them before also on that team and also of
10:52 pm
course we don't want to be on the other team. i don't want any cowboys associated team. >> no no, no. when you do your spring cleaning in a few months you might end up tossing jonathan papelbon jerseys and bastardo would be willing to waive that right as milwaukee begins openings for 2014. paple bond is coming off a pretty good season. he had 39 saves and era 2.04. >> roger federror losses in four sets. timely being a ball boy at australian open is dream come true and getting a ball fired into your nets is not. the boy takes one in the soft spot. that will change your week. >> more deflated balls there. >> um. >> it comes full circle.
10:53 pm
>> i had to go there. >> that must hurt. >> well here's a familiar face. former philadelphia eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb was in havsh town this morning and spent an hour at the giant store. fans lined up to meet him and get his autograft. this basketball game in bryn mawr wept beyond bragging rights. today's match-up against west town back drop for hoops for humanity. tee shirts, food, provide basics for under served students well, i
10:54 pm
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drove grandpa to speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll. d, but i practiced my bassoon. and i listened. i can do this. everyone deserves ooey gooey pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop! here's a new trick for the same old dinner. try unsloppy joes. pillsbury grands biscuits. ♪ make dinner pop. ♪
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>> be glad we have not had enough snow to build a snowman like this the 30 foot tall snowman snand wisconsin it took a week to build with backhoes and excavators. each the fire department got involved they sprayed with water ensuring the large snowman will be coated in ice and last for quite sometime. >> mother of all snow men for sure. >> not tomorrow. >> no a lot of rain is taking over the region. take a look at the latest with double scan radar. you can see the snow and pink and white north and south heavy rain in new jersey and delaware and it's moderate snow everything where around center city north, east, west and just so the south. if you go so the sewage you can
10:57 pm
see the transition to sleet and rain on the vergeth of wilmington and as the warmer air tease over atlantic city, so as we wake up tomorrow morning you may not see rain on the ground as the rain take over. >> thank you, adam, thank you for joining us on "action news" at 10. modern family is followed by friends
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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