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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 24, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> saturday night i'm walter perez. officials search for two planes on the tarmac in atlanta to investigate a tarmac and it all started with a tweet. >> parents camp out overnight in a snowstorm hoping to give their child a better chance of getting into a charter school. i'm nora muchanic in bensalem i'll have that story coming up. >> the big story on "action news" is mother nature making her presence known with another round of snow on the way. for the most part we avoided scenes like this this season. after yesterday's nor'easter a clipper system is set to drop more on us.
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there are concerns about black ice. checking out on preparations across the region. he join us live from the schuylkill expressway and we begin coverage with melissa magee on the big board. this approaching clipper looks like trouble. >> especially as we go throughout the day sunday night to monday. monday will definitely be tricky across the delaware and lehigh valley. stormtracker 6 and double scan, this is what is left of the nor'easter that produced rain and snowfall across the delaware and lehigh valleys. this continues to exit north and east. in the wake of that tonight winds coming in out of the west, north west. as we look at temperatures it's 37 in philadelphia, 34 lancaster and 21 and 31 degrees in millville. and these numbers will continue to drop as we go throughout the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours. we'll talk about what we can expectch the drying will continue. temperatures will be in the middle and upper 20s as we go
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throughout the overnight hours and wet roads and slush will freeze up across the area. you have to watch for that plaque ice. just as we track one storm system departing our region satellite 6 and action radar shows you the nor'easter is long gone. off to the north and west we're track ago clipper system off canada into the northern plains and this works east ward as early as tomorrow night and throughout the day on monday. coming up a closer look at the system on the way and talk about expected snowfall monday with the accuweather forecast, walter. >> thank you melissa. let's turn to kenneth moton on the expressway and how crews are readyying the roads. >> walter lots of these right now they're actually resting up and people say they're watching and waiting for the next blast of winter. >> concerns about black ice on secondary and main roads moved into the night saturday with drivers taking precautions and i
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took 76. got off river road. river road looked sketchy. but no problems. >> it's well salted. i was going down 202 no issues and no slick spots or anything like that. >> transportation agencies across the tri-state show cruz on the way looking for the slick spots. workers were also checking bridges and overpasses after several inches of snow covered our area friday night, saturday morning. >> you can find those fitch you lose. be careful when you drive especially suv. >> that changeover to rain washed over to a bit of snow in many areas and drivers were on alert. >> in town it was not bad. they did a good job salting. i had somebody stop on me pretty quick and i slid a little bit. >> and it's on to the next one. penndot says it will decide sunday about the number of trucks it will deploy for the
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inbound clipper that will impact monday travel. >> i have impact monday morning it will be tough. hopeful will it won't be too bad on the roads. >> with delaware and new jersey forecasts pennsylvania monday those departments of transportation are expected to be out in full force starting late tomorrow night walter. reporting liver along the schuylkill expressway tonight kenneth moton, "action news"at 10 on phl17. >> all right. thank you kenneth. meantime in north jersey a plow trying to steer clear of snow crashed through the second floor of parking garage today. this was the scene this more in sucacus. the snowplow operator walked away shaken up and not badly injuredch the cause of the collapse is now under investigation. >> and as more wintry weather moves through the region make sure to download the 6abc stromtracker app. it has the latest from accuweather and access to live radar. plus use the report your weather
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feature to let us know what is happening where are you including pictures and create a digital postcard to share with family and friends. moving to a threat that was made against a pair of domestic specific commercial flights. tonight the fbi is investigating bomb threats bound for atlanta hartfield jackson international airport. it started social media with a tweet and handle king zortec made threats against two inbound flights delta to port land and southwest from milwaukee they sent fighter sdwrots escort both planes as they landed. >> it took us off the plane and searched our luggage and gave us our on board luggage back in fronts of the terminal and we waited. >> both planes were searched and nothing suspicious was found. fbi is trying to track down the person or people behind the threats. >> another search party planned tomorrow morning as search for a
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missing mother continues. kiesha is missing and her children were safely located with the father cortez hamilton the next day and since then he's been arrested and held on charges against assault, weapons possession and endangering welfare of children. still the search for keesha cop continues. the volunteers can gathering at the fire department at 8 a.m. >> meanwhile a family from philadelphia port richmond section. >> she was struck before they got into her car and three weeks later no arrests in the case. hear from her family coming up in the next half hour of "action news." >> delaware state police are searching for two thieves that heldp a bank this afternoon at the wells fargo branch 800 block of philadelphia pike in dell front. investigators say two armed men
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robbed a bank around noon and then fled with undetermined amount of cash. investigators say one of the suspects was wearing a mask and no word tonight if investigators have a description of the second us is secretary. >> investigation continues after a carbon monoxide link sent two people from olney in the hospital. fire and pgw crews were called to the 300 block of roosevelt boulevard. neighbors start complaining about headaches and were taken to einstein to be checked out. the situation was under control in a half hour and no word about the source of that lake at this hour. parents from bensalem revealed what length they'll go to to help their kids get a good education with hope of secureing a school at a charter stool of their choice. nora muchanic has more. >> freezing, snowy, hungry, wet. >> he was part of parents that camped out outside during last night's snowstorm hoping to
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secure a spot at school lane charter school. >> a good samaritan across the street made chicken soup. he brought a pot over. >> parents are rej perking for all grades including new high school. >> 42. >> kindergarten has 125 spots open. school officials don't know exactly how many spots will be available in other grades. >> charter schools to me seem like it's a better school than regular public school. so i just want to give her opportunities. >> we give a chance for students to learn outside of the box. we don't do things the normal wrote memorization ways. >> i want her to experience some of that. >> some of the parents waited 20 hours in line to get a good ticket number hoping it would get their child a good chance of getting it. it may sound crazy but they say it's worm it. >> as a father i'll do anything for my kids. if i have to stay outside 13
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hours to get a great education for my kids that is what i will do. >> i'm looking for an international job like air force or something and it's good for that sort of stuff. >> sibling are given first crack at bensalem residents and out of towners. parents may not find out until march if sitting in a snowstorm or picking up a ticket at the crack of down was enough to get them a spot at school lane charter. in bensalem nora muchanic for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> philadelphia change aid lot over the years. and now some local youngsters have getting us their vision of the future. today thousands of middle school students took part in the annual future city competition they gathered at the high school to present their vision of tomorrow. they're developing new ideas for sustainable farming and in particular in and around cities. first place winners head to nationals in washington d.c.. good luck to everybody.
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>> hollywood legend joined philadelphia orchestra today in center city and al patch even owe was there and he shared a monolog with joint performance of acting and music. theme for this year is honoring our grand tradition. >> much more to come on "action news" at 10. an american auto maker recalled thousands of cars because of the risk of fire and isis strikes again with another execution. tonight new demand of the islamic terrorists and unimaginable choice they hope to avoid. why a family turned to sourcey to help save lives of both their twins. don't wait for awesome...
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>> terror group isis claims to have be headed one of two hostages. one of the hoingt tanls is shown holding a picture of the other man's be headed body. "abc news" has not confirmed the authenticity of the video. the hoingt tanl pleads for help saying isis no longer wants $200 million they want a female al-qaeda operative held in jordan to be released. >> 29 people killed after a rocket attack by pro russian rebels in ukraine. a market, two schools and shops were shelled in a key port city of maliko. they announced the country's president ended a trip in saudi
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arabia and returned to ukraine to respond to the most recent attacks. meanwhile president obama has changed travel plan this week to include a visit to saudi arabia. he will make a stop on the way home to india and pay respects to the late king here and meet with the new king. this highlights the pivotal role in u.s. foreign poll sin including fight against isis. president obama left for india this morning. >> we're starting to see which members of gop are leakly to make a run for president. they pitched their ideas to influential conservatives. >> do you believe the next president of the united states will be speaking from this stage to you today? >> with that representative steve king fired opening remarks in the race for 016 president precedential nomination during freedom summit in iowa. former senator rick santorum is
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one of the republicans of toying with the idea of making a run to the whitehouse. no one has made announcement yet but showing newspaper des moines shows a signal. >> it's great to be back in iowa. >> we need to repeal every word of obamacare. >> in america we value independence from the government not our dependence on it. >> mitt romney and jeff bush are among no shows today and and rand paul. >> meteorologist melissa magee joining us with more snow on the way. >> walter, as early as tomorrow night to monday we're tracking a clipper system working its way into the delaware and lehigh valleys. high today in philadelphia one degree shy of average. coming in 39 normal is 40. it's chilly outside tonight. 37 in the city. 35 trenton 36 allentown and 34 lancaster and feels colder especially where when you have the fresh snow pack on the wake
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of the nor east he. as you look at wind chills across the region winds coming in west, northwest, wind chills in the 20s across region. 25 in allentown. current wind chill 2349 city of 27. wind chills in the middle and upper 20s. here's what's going on satellite 6 and action radar you can see there's nor'easter racing off north and east. we pickedp a trace down in south jersey and inch in city to more than 9" across higher terrain to mountains. now we look north and west and tracking the clipper system diving out of canada resting into the northern plains and this will work its way east ward and pass to the south of philadelphia tomorrow night and noon. with that we have another round of snow on the way. future tracker 6 has you covered. 9:00 in the morning a sunny start stot day and most of the day tomorrow looks to be dry as well. 9:00 however, tomorrow night, sun will give way to increasing clouds and we'll track that precipitation that really arrives after midnight.
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2:00 in the morning you have that snow braeinging out from west to east discretion direction across delaware valley there and continue throughout the day on monday. we'll talk about what to expect with the clipper system on the move. it's mostly dry on surprised. with that precipitation to arrive 8 p.m. tomorrow night through midnight. i think it's closer to midnight arrival. we're tracking periods of snow throughout the day monday. you're also going to expect delays across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. coming up a closer look at the clipper system on the way sunday night to monday. we'll go over expected snowfall and potential for more snow tuesday. we'll look at what is going on next week in the accuweather forecast. >> uncle. >> call it. >> that's right. >> thanks melissa. >> the kia motor company is announcing needed repairs for cars. they're recalling 2014 said apps because of cooling fan component that could over heat and melt
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. they're hopeing a donor will come forward so they're not faced with unspeakable choice. they're parents to nine children and happy 3-year-old twins. both have a liver disease that requires a life saving transplant. dad michael is a match but can only donate tissue to one of the girls. >> they're end stage liver disease the clock is ticking if they don't get and organ they're going to die. >> as you can imagine michael and joanne say they cannot choose between their daughters they left it up to the doctors to decide. they're hoping it will not come down to that. the family has taken to social media to encourage potential donors to please come forward before the scheduled surgery next month. a number of flu related deaths in delaware continues to climb. public health officials say the death toll from this flu season stand at 19. up four this week and double the
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number for any flu season over the past five years. to date a total of 18 26 flu cases were confirmed statewide confirming 00 new case this week. officials are urging everyone to get the flu vaccine even though it's proven lessee infective this year. >> wheelchair basketball teams up and down the east coast are competing this weekend. checking outcome pettors heating up on the cord today. they are taking part in the wheelchair basketball attorney. ment the event started last night and wraps up tomorrow. >> time for a check with jeff skversky live in the "action news" sports center. >> hi, jeff. >> hi walter, bill belichick says his not a scientist though it seems he has spent more time looking at atmospheric pressure than prepping for seattle. he's embarrassed how much time
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he spent on deflating the deflate-gate. belichick says they did not cheat and suggests weather conditions changed psi levldz in the footballs not the team. he claims they learned their lesson after spy game. >> we try to do everything right ander on the side of caution. it's been that way for many years. and anything that is close we stay as far away from the line as we can. and in this case i can say that we are as far as i know and everything that i can do we did everything as right as we could do it. >> everyone seems to have an opinion on this. do you believe bill and the patriots or not? former eagles stars westbrook and mcnabb. find out what they think in the next half hour. >> sixers on the road in memphis.
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brett brown not happy. it completely falls apart and sixers down 30 most of the night. raining three against carter and then jeff from deep and sixers loses fifth straight 101-83 is final tonight second longest losing streak of the season. >> claude giroux and vorachek representing the flyers tonight. giroux trying a trick shot of his own in break away challenge. look at this stickler. but he cannot hang on. nhl game also tomorrow is in columbus. >> college hooption coming up in the next half hour. ben revere in rare form tonight as a cheerleader doing a stunt. more on that coming up in 30. walter back to you. >> thank you, jeff f you're going to the super bowl and need a place to stay and want the big man upstairs to help your team win boy do we have an idea for you. sisters from our lady of guadaloupe a in arizona are
10:25 pm
offering nice clean rooms for any faithfula hawks or monastery fan. it's only problems away. rooms are going for $300 a night including continental breakfast and free wifi and use the opportunity to ask for divine intervention and the nones say when it comes to that they're not promising anything. >> i don't think god makes one team or the other win. i think it's whoever does the best job that day. >> and there you have it. we should also mention there's a few simple rules. if you decide to stay at the monastery no
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♪happy birthday to you . >> all right today we're sending our fwoingt autumn mae good celebrating her 103 birthday. they stopped by to throw her a family. at 103 she still loves to read. at the top of her reading list romance novels by nora roberts and cross stitching and watching "action news." meanwhile her granddaughter asked a question we all wanted to ask? >> what do you contribute your beautiful age to grandma. >> living. >> good living, amen. happy birthday. wishing you many many more from all of us here. >> coming up the next half hour
10:29 pm
of "action news." three weeks with no rests and no answers. a family from port richmond needs for help to find a hit-and-run driver that killed their mother. >> and a story of good people stepping up to honor a lonely woman's life and her death
10:30 pm
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>> thanks of thanks for joining us once again. a family from port richmond is hoping you can help find the driver that hit their mother and took off leaving her in a coma and a woman from delaware with no family to speak of receives a touching final farewell from her caretakers and he didn't give up and his family did not give up hope a touching reunion after a dog's incredible journey across a sdes ert. first a check of the accuweather forecast. there's more snow coming our way. >> surprised we're okay most of the day. sunday night into monday tracking periods of snow on the way and monday night there's something we have to track off the coast. >> i was not paying attention. >> you have to pay attention in the next 24 to 4 hours. sky6 live in hd down in wilmington delaware we've got partly cloudy sky across that
10:32 pm
area and conditions are starting to clear out and dry out in the wake of this morning's nor'easter that is well off to our north and east so. we get ability of respite tomorrow before conditions pick up and clouds up as we track a clipper system sunday night. here's stormtracker 6 double scan radar. dry and quiet across the delaware and lehigh valley. and temperatures north and west will definitely be colder especially where you picked up more snow pack on the ground with nor'easter that already departed and 31 slatington and same in fleetwood and tanersville 8 and 32 st. david and center city 36. 37 chester and 35 oxford. down across new jersey where you probably had a quick coating or trace of snowfall before the rain rushed in with this morning's store. 37 currently at the boardwalk. 34 hammonton and glassboro and vineland and hockessin upper 30s and 37 dover. here's what is left of the storm system quickly moving away from
10:33 pm
coastal sections of main. as this storm system departs we'll widen out the picture. we're tracking a clipper system on the move already. it's diving out of canada. pressing into the northern plains and this clipper system will work its way east ward as early as tomorrow night and into monday. we'll time precipitation out for you. future tracker 6 showing you 8:00 tomorrow morning mostly sunny start to day and however sun givers way to increasing clouds especially as the clipper system gets closer to us. 8:00 tomorrow night mostly cloudy across the region and bulk of that precipitation looks to arrive after mid nights. now the difference with this clipper system in xar stone nor'easter that we just had the air will be dry. it will be cold. we're sdweeling light fluffy snow that sticks fairly quickly to the ground and continues unfortunately throughout the day on monday the problem with the storm system is arctic boundary sipts across the region and heavier part of the precip looks to be south of philadelphia. expected snowfall on monday
10:34 pm
we're calling for 3 to 6" of snow and philadelphia you're closer to the 3" mark. 1 to depending on the track of the clipper system. monday night into tuesday things get interesting across the region. this area of low pressure wants to depart. it looks to intensify just offshore. in fact this can be a big storm for coastal sections of new england. some of of that moisture could get thrown back west ward across our area monday night and into tuesday. so we're watching coast at that time and there's a lot to tune and strength of the storm and heaviest now looks north and east of city across ooingtal new jersey and that's where monday nights tuesday issue we'll track for you throughout the receipt of the week. the accuweather forecast. high of 4 2. mostly dry. periods of snow throughout the day monday. in at 29. it's a cold day.
10:35 pm
monday night into tuesday we'll watch the coast and then development of that storm system offshore high of 28. 30 wednesday sunny and cold and chilly thursday 36. clouds friday 38. much colder next saturday walter. monday is very interesting day to watch. we'll track it for you all. >> thanks melissa talk you to in a bit. >> stay on track of accuweather with the stromtracker app and you can use the report your weather feature to let us know what is happening where you are including pictures. you can even create a digital postcard to share with your family and friends, share with us too. >> it's been two weeks since a hit-and-run driver put a in coma. she's out of coma now and the driver remains on the loose. the family is pleading for help in solving this case. >> this a 65-year-old carmen ramos a woman that loved to dress in philly clothes and have
10:36 pm
fun with her grandkids kids. her family says she was almost taken away on this port richmond street. >> we all heard impact until i heard my sister screaming nobody realized my mother was hit by a car. >> family members say three weeks ago friday, january 2 5 a.m. ramos was about to get in a car on cedar street when a passing vehicle struck her. the impact took out the passenger side mirror of the dark colored ford explorer before the driver just simply kept going. >> maybe it was an accident maybe it was not. but all they had to do was stop. >> moms are human it could have been their mother or daughter or anyone they know. please, step forward and help my mom and help us understand what happened that night. >> ramos who lives in juniata was in port richmond spending time with her family for holidays she was in a coma until this week. she came out of it and she's responsive and breathing on her own. >> my mother would have helped anybody in the streets. me growing up young i remember
10:37 pm
her bringing people off the streets to feed them soup just for lunch to give them something hot in their stomach. >> the family is looking for someone to help the hit-and-run driver of the 1995 to 1998 ford explorer to have damage to the front and right passenger side. >> once he sees this and realizes he hit a person he's going to dot right thing i know he will. i forgive them. >> while police continue serve for hit-and-run driver. carmen ramos as a long road ahead. she cannot speak and will most likely be moved to a rehab enter is in a few days. reporting in port richmond section i'm kenneth moton phl17. >> they are trying to determine who shot and killed a 34-year-old man he was found inside his suv 4:30 this morning after shot he crashed his vehicle into a fence on the 4200 block of mc alice ter street. a passenger was shot in the arm.
10:38 pm
he was taken to temple in critical condition. >> police in wilmington are on the scene of shooting tonight that left a teenager critically poubd woundsed. gunfire rang out 21 and washington streets. investigators tell "action news" the 18-year-old victim may have been shot as manys a dozen times. >> in delaware state troopers are looking for the three men that mugged a woman right in her own drive way. it happened late last nights on piney neck road in dogs borough. a trio force the her to the ground and forced the vick timing into her home. they took cash and ran away. all three suspects wore masks and the victim was not physically injured but as you can imagine she was quite terrified. anyone with information is asked to call delaware state police. >> to a touching storly about people in delaware coming together in a time of need. 64-year-old valerie mayor of wilmington passed away january 8 an ad was put in the paper asking family and friends to claim her body. nobody d
10:39 pm
employees at the medical center where she was treated stepped n they were able to get all saint cemetery to donate a not and state troopers that saw the ad volunteered at palm >> they participate throughout the year for dignitaries and retired proopers and they had a way to give back in a way we traditionally don't have to. >> had nobody stepped in her unclaimed body would have been burried in a numbered state grave. >> some went hopping for health insurance today. enroll america hosted healthcare drive and winter health resources fair. volunteers sat down with people signing up for new plans and the people who needed to make changes to exist plans. marketplace coverage and february 15. council member johnson kicked off his reees lex campaign today. there was a program in center city. among those showing support
10:40 pm
pennsylvania governor ed rendell and philadelphia mayor nutter. >> still to come open "action news" a car this story has a happy ending. >> a teach frer bucks county disappeared more than two weeks ago and has not been seen since and his family hopes you can help bring him home.
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10:43 pm
>> an award winning teacher from bucks county goes missing and his family is macking aa flee find him. here is rick williams with tonight's report. >> christopher tully is a teacher middle bucks institute of technology in warwick. his brother said he made a difference in many of his students' lives. >> over the last twelve years he's made a huge impact on many kids that may not have believed in themselves. >> tuesday january 6 tully was in his vehicle with parents and when he got out city avenue meeting lincoln drive any philadelphia. father of three fled on foot and has not been seen since. he is bipolar and on medication. >> his personality started to change so much we were figuring he needed to see a doctor. and figure out if the treatment he was receiving was proper. my parents were in the process of taking him to the clinic he panicked and got out of the car. >> he is described 5' 10" 180
10:44 pm
pounds medium build dark hair and brown eyes wearing a dark coat jeans, sneakers and tully's family is desperate to find him. >> chris if you see this realize there's a lot of people working hard to find you and make sure you're okay. we want to see you come home. >> the citizens crime commission is administering $9,000 reward for information that leads to his whereabouts. all you need to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams, for "action news" at 10 open phl17. >> still to come on "action news" science behind the skandzle. patriots head coach bill belichick
10:45 pm
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if he could talk a gold ep retriever in california would have a story to sale. his owner was stopped see him alive. his daughter was involved if a car crash moving from california to wisconsin. the dog was in her car and took out into the dessert. for days he romeed the dry landscape before winding up in a woman's yard.
10:48 pm
she call the local pound and they contacted the family. >> it was a rough accident for him to go through and us to go through. and to get him back this is just it makes everything the healing process and everything so much better. >> meanwhile able's daughter is still recovering from the crash. officials say koda walked a distance of ten miles before ending up in that woman's yard. >> a mom from mish gran is alive tonight thanks to her 4-year-old daughter. calise manning remained calm when many adults would have treekd out her mom nine months pregnant had an epileptic seizure. >> she's having a baby a boy. >> okay. >> you can tell. >> howl are you. >> 4. >> you're 4. >> yes i'm getting bigger. >> how about that. her mom was rushed to the hospital where her brother tj arrived safely a short time later. mom was training her for this
10:49 pm
kind of emergency since she was 2. she knows how to call 911 and give her address and full name. now she is held a hero for staying calm and doing the right thing. good job. >> time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here and is it going away. >> belichick is trying. >> trying. >> trying here but i don't know if this will go away. with the super bowl around the corner. move over bill ny the science guy he sounds like a scientist today the patriots coach talking atmospheric pleasure he quil will he be reup and pressure. patriots than their own sdporment simulate what may have happened last sunday that led to footballs being under inflated. he says they do not tamper with balls suggesting the weather conditions changed the air pressure. >> embarrassed ta talk about the amount of time that i put into
10:50 pm
this. i'm not a signtist. i'm not an expert in footballs. i'm not an expert in football measurements. i would not say i'm mona lisa vito of the football world. at no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game or gain advantage. quite the opposite. we feel like we followed the rules of the game to the letter. did he make a my cousin vinny reference. you are a smooth talker. of course the patriots not everyone will give these guys benefit of the doubt. it does not sound like a few former eagles' stars are willing to do that. we caught up with former quarterback donovan mcnabb to get his take on deflate-gate. mcnabb and tom brady were among the players years ago that campaigned for nfl to let teams bring their own broken in football to games. now mcnabb is taking a little
10:51 pm
shot at brady. >> i think tom just said what was on his mind. i felt he could have you know opened it up more and took a little more responsibility but you know again that's new england and they're going through something right now. there main focus is winning the superbowl. >> they say they foe owed the rules and it's a level playing field and the game has integrity. it's a disappointing year that a team you have respect for going to those measures to win. >> we caught up with former eagles running back westbrook today signing autografts carl's card in havsh town. >> nothing seems brewing between phillies and milwaukee. brewers gm melvin says it doesn't appear there's momentum now. not much for sixers either. brett brown. not a bad start. a drive slam down and up as many as five in the first and grizzlies go on a huge run. woo sixers out scored by 25
10:52 pm
rest of the half. mem miss makes three after three and then vince carter now shooting they shoot 40% from deep down 19 at the break. they never recover and fall all over themselves. sixers lod by 18. they dropped 5 straight and nine of ten open the road. >> flyers stars claude giroux and jake vorachek may not be on the same team this weekend. vorachek is teaming up with a kid from south jersey. vorachek returns to columbus where he started a career. check this out. the break away challenge stops and goes back for help. look at this. he grabs -- catholic grad. johnny, like he's in a video game it works and he scores. giroux speaking of giroux here's break away attempt. catches puck in midair. can't hold on to it though. drops.
10:53 pm
game is sls tomorrow night. >> check out philly center fielder ben revere happening with st. joe hawks cheerleaders. revere not the only one with ups tonight. de andre beverly with the slam over the penn defense. game high 25. penn leads the entire second half. phil martelli will be in a foul mood. st. joe losses to penn if he pollest ra. >> drexel on the run today. second half, day mean lee to take von allen drexel within 17 second left and lee for three. drevlel hand on to win 353, 51 off a last second shot at buzzer they have won two of three. i love that ben revere. i bet you that stunt. >> you can do that. >> i have faith in you. >> we'll try it later. >> ballerinas are helping their silhouettes will lead them to a
10:54 pm
summer program. school of american ballet new york city is holding auditions for five week course. it's held in 18 cities including philadelphia today and more than
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>> meteorologist melissa magee has the forecast proving old man winter is nasty nasty person. >> he's not going away. >> we'll show you the planner for tomorrow walter, sun to increasing clouds. most of sunday dry.
10:57 pm
42 in the city. 39 trenton. 43 cape may and 39 reading. late sunday night closer to midnight hour and throughout the day on monday we're tracking that clipper system which brings another around of snowfall for the start of the workweek. we'll track it for you throughout the day tomorrow. >> thank you melissa. thanks for joining us for "action news" at 10. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with efficiency? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.welcome
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to philly pheud. i am your referee of today's matchup. let's meet our competition. here is team blue. - hi this is phil martelli from st. joseph's university. here representing philadelphia basketball with some of the finest coaches in all of america. fran dunphy, temple university. james bruiser flint, drexel. and john giannini from lasalle. we are here for coaches versus cancer. and these chums over here, they got no shot. - philadelphia is known to be a tough city. let's meet team red. - live from the sugarhouse it's the people's champ. phil from mount airy and i'm going to captain the 97.5 the fanatics tea


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