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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 9AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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tampa threes say a shooting at a strip club has left one person dead and seven injured. police say they believe there may have been some sort of argument in the club. no other details are available. we'll keep you posted. a south florida man who fatally shot his wife and posted a photo of her bodi on facebook will spend the rest of his life behind bars. the infamous facebook killer derek medina was sentenced to life in prison yesterday. he was cononcted of murder in noveveer for fatally shooting his wife back in 2013. derek medina, who remained silent throughout his trial finally spoke out after being sentenced. president obama president on this corrupt world that i released her from. i did not get a fair trial. i will be taking action. only god knows the truth and
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the woman's daughter, who was in the home at thth time of the shooting, was not present during sentenng. a six-year-old boy who was struck in the street by a miami police cruiser has a very long recovery ahead of him. local 10 spoke to the family to find out how he's doing and why they're growing more upset with police. local 10 news reporter sit sit -- has the the latest. >> reporter: they're blaming the officer saying he was neglect and speeding. the miami police department is saying that was nothe case. this cell phone video shows the the panic and utter chaos following the moments a six-year-old child is accidentally run over by a miami police officer while he wasasn his scooter wednesday. the family of antwon lawson says he as a long road to recovery. his pelvis is broken he has
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>> reporter: they say the child will likely be in the hospital for months and he will have to learn how to walk again. the family now is upset with the police department. very hurt. and i don't see no type of similar -- sympathy from the police. >> reporter: she say the department sent child and family services to investigate the child's parents. they're trying to find it was her neglect. but it was no neglect. the kids were being watched. >> reporter: the police say the indianapolis dent was an accident and the officer didn't see a child bececse he rode a scooter between two trucks before darting in the street. in the meantime they've released the name of the officer. his file is clean but one instructor noted he seemed to have issues with directions. he on his probation period. then he should be supervised.
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him until his probation period ends. >> reporter: we want to mentioiothat the officer you just saw in that cell phone video was not the one involved in the accident. meantime the police department is still investigating this incident. reporting in miami, local 10 news.a man accused of molesting two young girls is being held without bond this morning. is 64-year-old rafael negron. police are looking into weather there arether -- whether there are other possible victims. meantime he's facing charges including molestation and exhibition. this man has been arrested for allegedly exposing himself to children ton a local play ground. 30-year-old ricky hoggins clelgly approached a group of
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people who live in the area she say -- say they recognize hoggins saying he also acts erat cally. -- erratically. north korea is moving up the possibib date of a controversial satellite launch to as early as tomorrow. sources say north korea did not inform international organization of changes and that the rocket's expected flight path remains the same. no word why the change of date. the north insists the space program is purely scientific but the ut, south korea, and even china say the rocket launches areimed at developopg an int couldn't that will missile capable of striking t t united states. north korea has already provoked international crit significance i am this year after detonating an atomic device last month. we have surveillance video this` morning of an earthquake that struck taiwan. you see it shaking there on
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it killed at least 1 1 people. you can see the moment the 6.4 magnitude quake hit the city on the southwest coast of taiwan. the quake caused a high rise to come cash crashing down, and 2 people had to be pulled from the rubble. from above you can see how devastateing it was. leaders say a total of nearly 400 people were injured in the disaster, including a woman who was kilild byby falling debris. rescue crews are searchihi for survivours after a mid-air collision caused two planes to crash into the ocean off of california police say debris from the planes were found, including a log book that showed twotmen ages 61 and #- 81 were in one plane together. a 72-year-old woman was in the other plane. police say all pilots involved were experienced flyers. now for the latest on the zika viruru the state surgeon general says
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florida and they are all travel related. mean tile the cdc issued new guidelines aimed at limiting the potential for the sexual transmission of the zika virus. is comes on the heels of reports of a sexually transmitted case in dallas, texas. pregnant women and their male partnersrshould talk to their doctor. the cdc says while the risk is extremely rare all women and men who may have travelled to infected areas should use could not toms. -- condoms. a man who staged the disappearance of his girlfriend's 21-month-old son has plead guilty of manslaughter. last year he led prosecutors to the baby's remains in jacksonville. she drowned in a bathtub after the he and the boy's mother locked him in a bathroom while they had sex. he says it was an accident. he panicked and tried to cover it up. it's bittersuite. i too, believe bringing that
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community was important. we would not necessarily have made a deal like that if we had had any hope of finding the body on our own. the girl's mother could face up to six years in prison. >> coming up, fighting flooding. what crews are doing to keep the lake from washing out parts of south florida. and foodies, rejoice. the south beach wine and food festival is around the corner. find out what you can expect this year in our big preview. and so far, it has been a cold start but temperatures are warmer as we head into the late morning hours and into the afternoon. also isolated showers now will turnnto more widespread showers.
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>> welcome back. a developing story. a prostitution scandal as led the university of louisville to self-impose a post-season ban on the men's basketball team. players are speaking out.
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were truthfully devastated. i mean, really just heartbroken. q. you have to l lk for the good that can come out of this. what i have always pleeived, when your faith is tested it gives it endurance. >> there are nine games left in the regular season. lewis and lee say they'll continue to play with purpose. >> one person dead and another in critical condition after a shooting at a mall in orlando. a deputy says an injured 19 19-year-old man ranor help outside the florida mall and was found by a shopper before he collapsed. another man was fnd dead in a parking lot. police not sure what happened. >> right now, crews are working to prevent the lake from flooding south florida. because of all the recent rain we've had, the water level is at its highest since 2005. crews are been working hard releasing billions of gallons of water from the lake and
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herbert hoover dike, a democrat surrounding the lake. >> the importancto people living in south florida is this major flood control structure that keeps the lake from overflowing the banks. the dike has been one of thecountry's most at risk for failure for quite some time. >> officials are investing $5:00 million towards repairing the dike to reduce the risk of flooding here in south florida. >> just last year we were complaining we were in a drought. >> here's a look from our miami tower cam. plenty of cloud cover but a littleit of sunshine slipping through. jennifer. >> that's right.>> sleepy saturday mornings that why i'm so sleep ri? >> my goodness, yesterday was so cloudy. i couldn't wake up all day long. it's hard when you have all that cloud cover. guess what? hollywood beach, will see the sun. as far as rain c cnces go,
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later on this evening. we'll get righthinto that. here's a look at the radar/satellite. notice the cloud cover is draping a gos the gulf of mexico and out into the atlantic waters. but in between we do see clearer skies. you're seeing more sunshine over the inland portions of miami-dade. but over the northeast, we're dealing with this deck of clouds over north miami beach. a few leftover showers. it was much more widespread and heavy an hour ago. still seeing a little bit of rainfall near north miami and back down into the miami international airport. and i do expect these not to last too long. they're not a huge impact. you will drive through them and thth head north, and it's dry. temperature right now, 64 . struggling to warm up because of the cloud cover and rain nearby. meanwhile temperatures elsewhere other than miamim can you tell
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we started off in the low 60 s. some of us were in the upper 50z this morning. calm winds in miami and ft. lauderdale. by the wayayhe winds this morning have been out of the north and northeast. we do expect thissow to continue to eventual developly develop along the southeast coast of florida. this will am fly and strength -- amplify and strengthen. for us this is will what will bring the brisk breeze by tomorrrr. today warming up to the mid-70s. if you're heading out to the beachse that sun screen despite the cloud cover out there. and the lack of sunshine, especially over miami beach. no advisory put into effect. there was a small craft advisory, but it's been lifted. temperatures are dipping down into the 50s tonight and
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so if you have any plans, still enjoy your night but be ready for rain with the umbrella and rain coats. >> good, advice. thank you. we hope it warms up by the end of the month because it's almost the time for the south beach wine festival. and you know it attracts the biggest celebrity chefs. founder and director lee brian schager is here to give us the scoop. always something new. >> always. >> somebody wants to be a part of it, get a piece of it. >> a bite. >> there you go. >> you have an expansion this year? >> yes. into ft. lauderdalal we're doing a chopped bloody mary brunch at the ritz carlton on ft. lauderdale beach. a bunch of dinners for our 15th anniversary, celebrating our 10th anniversary of the burger bash. we're looking at burgers right now. introducing a new champagne party. >> who came world cup that idea?
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one of the great chefs of the world. he wanted to do something outside the box. so we did this. >> and a tiki party? >> guy is hosting a tki party on saturday night the 27th. featuring mixoljists from around the world. one of our most popular events. >> wow. and the grand tasting, is it getting grander? >> i think it's getting more fine tuned. you can see your favorite chefs whether it's emril orr tyler florence. everyone is here.really you're not missing anyone for our 15th annivsary this year literally everyone is there to help us raise money for the chaplin school of hospitallality and tourism management. >> what a great experience. >> and we have`our best of the
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like you said, there's no experience like it. there's nothing like the students being able to work alongside some of the greatest winemakers of the world, many of the greatatt chefs. we have over 400 chefs coming into participate in the festival in two weeks. >> wow. and we all get the benefit of it. we eat way too much. >> one way or another, we all benefit. he appreciate the support. >> you're welcome. certainly deserve it. the south beach wine and food festival taking place across south florida february 24-28. and don't forget, we're giving away attic ets. just go to our facebook page to enter the contest. lee, it's always a pleasure to see you. i know you'll be really buzzy the next few weeks. -- busy the next few weeks >> sounds good. coming up, if you're in the market for a new home, we have you covered.
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benefit. >> welcome back. impressive properties to show you at a good price point this morning. you're not going to believe the ng for your buck you're getting. our expert realtor is here to show us these homes. good morning, liz. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. and you? >> very well. >> i know you speed the night looking for homom that are new on the market, right? >> new on the market. great pictures. according pricing. these homes should move quickly. >> i know you s@ayed up cramming. >> the first one i want to show you is in carlprings. it's in a great neighborhood called west glenn. it's tisted for $384,900. this is a four bedroom, two bath with vaulted ceilings. it was built in 1988. it's around 2,200 square feet,
9:18 am
this is what people want to see. an updated kitchch. >> new cabinets and appliances. >> yes. some people of getting away from the beganitit >> low maintenance. >> nice black appliances. split bedroom plan. nice eat-in kitchen area. you have a combination of tile floors and carpet. split bedroom plan. nice bk yard plus a beautiful screened in patio pool enclose. er -- encloser. >> what else you got? >> the next one is down south into just east of 95 in east ft. lauderdale. is is just north of state road 84. itit $379,000 it was 1950s type b bugnalow. they have a den which could be a thirbedroom. really nicely done. a lot of charm. they've updated the kitchen somewhat. it's nice, open.
9:19 am
an older home. >> and this location iseallll desirable. >> it's very affordable. aot of young families are moving there. nice, vaulted ceilings. big tv screen. they have maximummized the square footage in this house. it's not very big maybe 1300 square feet, total. >> it looks large. >> they've done a nice job with the plantation shutters. you have a combination of wood tile and alsregular tile floors and car net. >> no hoa. >> correct. and they have put in a brand new deck and an inground jacuzzi. private and wooded. >> last but not least -- this is what i call the deal of the day.
9:20 am
for $324,900. it's a three bedroom, two bath with a pool. actually the square footage is nice. >> i iove the windows. >> look at the wood beam wall. the ceilings. this is about 2,400 square feet. it's on a 6,800 square foot lot. >> nice lot. >> a three bedroom, two bath. no garage. i belilie the garage was nverted into a bedroom. and you have lush fruit trees all aund the property. they've redone the kitchen, the flooring. >> does it have a pool? >> definitely has a pool. >> all right. >> sounds good. how much is that one? >> $ $324,900. >> that's the deal of the day. you heard it here. >> that's a big pool! >> yes. >> wow. at's beautiful. thank you, liz. >> you're welcome. >> you alwayay bring your a game. >> try. >> neki. >> thank y y, guys. great houses. when we come back, taking the stand.
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killed his best frien defended her son as he fights for a reducedentence. plus, a last minute push in new mpshire. see how the candidates are rallying to support ahead of tonight's debate and this week's primary. >> i'm michelle bernstein saying don't make valentine's day reservations until you see what i'm making in the kitchen. >> showing you how to prepare
9:22 am
valentine. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comeu over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought at anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it madme smile made me e ppy made my day share your story.
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>> the annncer: local 10 10 news starts right now. >> time 9:28. 68 . looking promising there. i see sunlight, jennifer. a lot of clouds and jennifer says they'll haunt us most of the day. >> most of the rainfall will hold off until later, right? >> yes. as far as the cloud cover, remember we saw that rain this morning? well, that was for miami-dade. now a little bit different. we're seeing a lot more sunshine there. >> i thought she just took it away. >> i thought so too. anyway --
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>> they took it o a double look. all right. there was rain. there'ss still a few left overshowers but ft. lauderdale, you look beautiful out there make it out to the beach. more clouds will build latern as well as rain chances going up so go early. 69 . it feels cool especially for miami because of the cloud cover at 64 . temperatures are wararng up fast. ch faster than yesterday. yesterday we barely warmed up. so it is warmer. and already we're feeling that. come winds out there. winds are out of the east northeast in the keys. here are a few showers that are left over northeas miami-dade. not a huge impact for us. we'll be watching later on this evening is that low that's developing off the southeast coast of florida. that's going to bring up the shower chance and despecially -- especially through the overnight urs. more on the chilly air that's coming in in a couple of nutes. >> all right. thank you, jennifer.
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closeer to receiving a new sentence. 12 yearsrs after he was convicted of killing his middle school class mate when he was 14. day three of the sentencing -- resentencing hearing rather saw heandez' mother take the stand where she was confronted with some of the evidence against her son. >> did you ever see this list before? >> yes. >> that's the hit list. >> yes. >> that's disturbing, isn't it? >> it is. >> hernandez was originally sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. but he is now being resentenced after the u.s. supreme court ruled that juviles could not automatically be sentenced to life without parole. >> a young boy who was run over by a mmi police officer has a long road to recovery ahead of him. antwon lawson was riding his scooter wednesday when he was struck by a marked police car. his family tells local 10 he will survive but will likely be in a hospital for months and will have to learn how to walk again.
9:26 am
his femur is broken. he has punctured organs. >> police say the officer is on a probatitiary period and was not on his way to a call at the time of the crara. medical examiner identified the bodies found in a submerged car as the -- a couple that had beenmissing since sunday morning. miami-dadeolice found the car thursday in a canal near southwest 268 street and 107 avenue with two bodies inside. those bodi have been identified as alexander picon and bndon arreyano. the couple, both 21 years old, were last seen sunday. >> jackson health system has fired two employees for a data breach involving nfl star jason pierre paul. this is video of pierre paul training just months after a july forks -- f fireworks
9:27 am
a picture of that accident has leaked to an espn reporter as paul he was being treated. jackson health released a statement that says "add part of our investigation" it was discover twod employees inappropopately accessed the patient's health records." thousands of potential victims of ucf's data breach sayay it could take hours to speak with someone on the hot line used to find out if their information was even hacked. social securury numbers of 63,000 students and staff were accessed. ucf set up a web page and call center forhose affected but getting answers may take time. they're now offering a year of free credit monitoring and identity protection. >> the gunfire and the sound of the end to the manhunt for a modern day bonnie and clyde. police finally corning a young
9:28 am
accused of armed robberies and cipg. this shows the couple robbing a gas station in fwa f.d.a. and kidnapping the attendant. people were calling blake fitzgerald and britney harper another modern day bonnie and clyde. they led police on two high speed spaces -- chases that lasted for three hours across the state.. the girlfriend was hospitalized with gunshot wounds to her leg and is now in custody. now to the latest on the crisis in haiti. local 10 learning that the haitin president will leave office tomorrow. there's been a letter stated she will step down after midnight amid growing violent protests over the recent elections. he said i will leave without regret, envy or any desire to remain in power. a band of former soldiers rode
9:29 am
with protesters in the country's capitol. insults escalated to violence, and one of the military veterans was stoned to death by demonstrators. a transitional government will be in place until there is a replacement chosen. a new presidential election is set for april 14. local 10 anchor calvin hughes will be there for an exclusive interview with the outgoing president. look for that interview sunday morning on local 10 news as well as this week in south florida. >> i don't want anything. just want your vote. >> the first in the nation new hampshire primary is just three days away, and both republican and democratic candidates have been pushing for support in the beganite state. donald trump has some catching up to do on the trail in new hampshire. bad weather caused him to get stuck in south carolina. but he's expected to be there tonight for the big debate before the primary. the winter storm did not keep
9:30 am
even 90-year-old former first lady barbara bush braved the conditions for her son. on the democratic side both bernie sanders and hillary clinton were on hand for a fund raiser in new hampshire. clinton apparently unphased by recent polls which show sanders with a huge lead heading into next wk's primary. and don't forget the only place to watch tonight's debe live from new hampshire is right here on local 10. coverage begins at 8:00p.m. >> a new generation of girl coder from right here in south florida getting ready to take over the tech world. local clubs, girl who's code and cold ella are hosting code miami this weekend. it's a competition for girls to enter their digital art and to inspire more girls to take interest. only 18 percent of computer sigh sense graduates in country are women. >> it is a huge dea the facts that, you know, it's so high in demand and yet we barely have anyone here, like, in the united states to work on this. >> why aren't girls interested in this when it's so cool and can you do so much with it?
9:31 am
be at in a few years. >> money raised at today's event will go towards a scholarship for a girl to attend a two year program. the event begins at 4:00 this afternoon at the miami-dade college's campus. >> police and first responders from all across south florida are putting their training to the test now. >> they want to make sure they're ready to protect you if a terrorist or mass shooting. ror attacks. >> local 10 news reporter is live to tell us more about operation shield. >> reporter: operation heat shield, we're learning that more than 100 agentses and officers are parse participating in this right new across south florida. we're outside the government center now. overhead now is the miami police department's helicopter. that let's you know how intense this emergen training operation is. they they have several streets blocked off.
9:32 am
is still going on, but there's a lot of stuff going on inside of buildings. we're going to show you that that we were able to be a part of just a few moments ago. we had active shooter training going on just underneath ourr feet. they had us and our camera percentaged above on the second floor there in the lobby -- perched above the miami-dade government center as the officers and volunteers, because there were lots of people outside participating as well in this operation. as you said, this was to allow the agencies and officers to get some much needed training in the event of an emergency situation, a mass cash twal situation, an active shooter situation, an act of terrorism situation. and back live here in downtown we have medics walking into -- or going towards the miami-dade county children's courthouse over here. if sam will swing this way, we
9:33 am
able to walk into the building there. like i said, it's all a training. again, trying to make shoes these officers and multiple jurisdictions are ready in the event of a mass shooting, a mass terror alert, some sort of emergency situation that could have happen across the area. wenow that the airport miami -- miami international airport is also participating. this situation will be going on throughout the rest of the day. we plan to sck with this and get more video for you. for now reporting live in miami-dade, laren livingston. >> thank you. as you know we feature great pets waiting to be adopted. we'll introduce to you marley. >> and later panther pride. see how one north carolina school is taking a cue from cam newton to set a world record.
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of haiti steps down but not
9:35 am
local 10's calvin hughes. >> every week we feature adorable p%ts. and today delivers. here's marley. >> very cute. >>es he's tired and taking a nap now. but he's seven years young. nine pound shitzu. >> watch your language. >> she's a sweet fellow. likes people of all ages. the thing is i think he needs a family that will be able to be home with him a lot. >> you said they got rid of him because he barked too much. complaining. >> when he's alone he barks a lot. his profile didn't say he was good with other dogs. i think if he had a dog companion that might help him. he does get along with cats. >> he would be a great news room mascot. come on, boss, if you're watching. he's our therapy dog. seize so nice to cuddle with. >> he is.
9:36 am
we have at the shelter today. i saw they were putting out cute pupuies. if you like big dogs, we have some of them. the feline friend that couldn't come today -- we're going to show a picture of oscar. he's 17 pounds of love. he's almost twice the size of little mar. ley here. here's -- maley here. he's a beautifulat. we have a had the lot of super plus models at the shelter. big boned. >> real cats have curs. >> there you go. >> here you go. go. marley is available but won't last l!ng. you have a lot of puppied? >> at least a dozen. >> you aays have a lot of great animals. >> we do. >> you wh look for your perfect t pal on line.
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and click on our lifestyles tab. thank you for stopping by today. good luck, marley. jennifer. >> for us in south florida we're seeing the sunshine early this morning. but earlier, miami-dade at least the coastal areas we're dealing with a lot of clouds cover and few showers. as far temperatures currentsly at 64 still in miami. elsewhere hitting the upper 60s. before you know it we'l'l be getting into the 70s. definitely warmer for today and it won't last long. we expect the chilldown as early as tomorrow. i'i' talk about that. but do i want to talk about how the winds are calm out there i i ft. lauderdale and miami. breezy yesterday. four homestead north winin at five miles an hour. 10-mile-an-hour winds for marathon and key west. now there's a stationary front that's right here our coastline. that was helping to provide for
9:38 am
but take a look at this clear sky right here. so inland areas of miami-dade you're seeing a lot of sunshine. maybe a few clouds. still looks like mostly cloudy skies draping over portions of miami beach. broward, nice out there. head out earlyo the beach. rain chances are going up. very light showers that are pushing right off the coast of ventura. and the heavierband is over the waters. there's a shower north of north bay village and overdowntown miami as well. cloudy skims, even though we'll get a few peeks of sunshine here and there. but we do warm up to the 70s. the low@ will develop off the southeast coast and strengthenas it pulls away over the land. that is what will help strengthen the winds and push in that chilly air mass. when will we start feeling cool? as early as tomorrow morning but it will get chillier throughout the day. even though temperatures will warm up slightly.
9:39 am
it feel much colder out there. not so much today a high of 75 . rain chances going up to 60 percent. the bulk of the rain will be this evening through the overnight hours. tomorrow staying mostly cloudy. waking up to the 50s. and with a low of 54 and only a high of 67 . check it out, monday colder. we'll nene those jackets. it will be brisk for monday morning with a low of 46 . todd. >> all right. thank you. still to come a bizarre act of anger caught on camera. >> a local man takes aim at comcast with a brick. see the noteee left behind. >> and a big come back for your miami heatat against the hornets. see the highlights in your sports wrap culling up next. >> first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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good luck. you like b bng picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+e+
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>> good morning. i'm clay ferraro. a wild month that saw the heat play 14 out of 16 games away from home is finally over. and what a way to close it out
9:42 am
the heat in chore lot a homecoming for whiteside. we'll get to him in a moment. but how about de wayne wade last night? on the break. he goes for 22. at half time, the hornets honoring alonzo morning a a a hornets legend. how about whitetede, huge block. grabs is out of the air and starts the fft break. how about that? another triple double for whiteside. 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 blocks. but the heat were down one with time winding down until chris bosh drives inside. bucket and theoul. the two point leads. and how about dewayne wade th the steal? 98-95 on a huge night for whiteside in front of friends and family. >> it feel amazing. i got 20 people here. my wle family here.
9:43 am
coming into charlotte my second game back, it was an amazing feeling. >> i should have said it was three years in charlotte for alonzo morning. up next r the heat they host the clippers tomorrow. you can catch is right here on cal 10. it starts with our first localcourtside pregame show of the season at 1::00. stay with us for the post-game show right here on local 10. on the ice, a night off for the panthers and they deserve it. the cats riding a five-game winning streak including thursday's win over detroit. now, they get ready to welcome a tough penguins team to town tonight. >> yeah. another great team. pittsburgh has been playing well. it should be a good game. again, similar to last night. good speed and good skill. hopefully we'll play well again. >> and doll finances coach spending the weekend watchingg his son coach in the super bowl and spending niem with the nfl commissioner posting this
9:44 am
i'm clay ferraro and that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> when he come back dabbing. >> that's right. see how one school is showing panther pride before the super bowl. we'll explain when we come back. >> also just when you thought it
9:45 am
"star wars" sets another record. >> twitter says it wrapping up its efforts to fight terrorism. the social media company says over the last seven months it's suspended 125,000 accounts that either threatened or promoted terror attacks. it says most of the acts were either with or supported isis. in the past isis has used twitter as a recruiting tool. >> to a bizar scene caught on camera.
9:46 am
cae services detides to retaliate. davie police released video of a man throwing a rock at a comcast office. it shattered the window. police say the man left a note reading "dear friends, the next one will be on fire. please remove your nonsense from my phone. your pal friendly neighborhood spiderman." >> well, knew this morning. the latest "star wars" movie as now grossed more than $900 million. >> wow. >> "u.s.a. today qps" reports it being the first movie to make that much money and thehe did it in 50 days. the studio expects the fill tom gross more than $2 billion. >> by now we've all seen cam newton strike his faye mouse pose when he scores a touchdown. they call is dabbibi. >> that's right. one elementary school in north carolina said let's do a worldld record for the most peoplee
9:47 am
the school's assistant principal gave all 700 students and faculty a quick tutorial on the technique. >> it's a special day for our kids. panther spir eight is a live and well. we love it we can't wait for sunday. >> we can could not foirm that was, in fact, the record for the world's largest d. but it got those elementary school students in the spirit for superbowl l tomorrow. >> dabbing is -- really it's just what the cdc asks you to do when you sneeze, right? >> there you go. >> got to get that arm back. >> there we go. >> tearing up the place. >> no more dabbing for me. >> well, there's more news just head for you at 10:00. >> that's right. including the latest on a little boy struck in the street by miami police officer. the message his family has this moing for the miami police department. >> plus see how police and local responders are reparing to
9:48 am
strike. >> soshots were fired inside a tampa strip club. we'll tell you what triggered the violence.
9:49 am
i don't see no type of sympathy frfr he's police. >> a family more upsetetfter their little boy is struck by a police cruiser. this morning what is fueling their anger. >> and a killer quake. the latest on the deadly force of nature that strucuc taiwan and efforts to pull the survivours from the rubble. >> and a live look this morning t of hollywood beach cam as a blast of winter starts your week. your weather authority is tracking the cooldown. >> the announcer: live--the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> good morning. it's saturday, february 6th. i'm todd monger. >> and i'm neki mohin. happy saturday do you. how happy is in the weather department? jenise fernandez is here. >> all right. south florida, it's nice out there. ft. lauderdale, here's a view. we have a couple of clouds.
9:50 am
developing off shore throughout the morning houou. most of these did impact portions of south florida. it was gloomier early over downtown seeing more sunshine. happy saturday to all of you guys. guess what? we did start off cool but temperatures hitting those 70s. it's 73 in pembrook pines. 72 in homestead. so warming up quickly. highs today getting into the mid scpupper0s for some of us. now the winds are starting to pick up just a little bit for ft. lauderdale and miami after being calm inn the last hour. winds will be changing around as a low starts to develop off the southeast coast of frida. this is going to bring up that shower chance later today and the chilly air will filter in. i really have to tal about that coming up in a few minutes. neki. >>hank you, jennifer. this morning, tampa police say a shooting in a strip club left one dead and seven iured.
9:51 am
scene at club ring. they've not released the condition of those injured. police say they believe there was a disagreement. they have no other details. we'll keep you updated. >> a south florida man, who fatally shot his wife, and then posted a photo of her body on facebook will spend the rest of his life behind bars. derek medina was sentenced to life in prison yesterday after being convicted of murderr for fatally shooting his wife jennifer alfonzo. medina, who remained silent throughout his trial spoke out at the sentencing. >> president obama is corrupt and i released her. i did not get a fair trial. i will be takingction. god knows the truth. and nothing further. >> the woman's daughter, who was inside the home at the time of
9:52 am
during his sentencing. a six-year-old boy, who was struck in the street by a police cruiser, has a very long road to recovery. local 10 s oke to the family of antwon lawson to find out how he's doing and why they're growing more upset with police. we have the latest. >> reporter: the family of a six-year-old child i specking out -- speaking out. they're angry and blaming he officer that was behind the wheel at the time of the accident saying he was neglect and speeding. well, the miami police department is saying that was not the case. this cell phone video shows the panic and utter chaos following the moments a six-year-old child is accidentally run oveve by miami police officer while he was on a scooter wednesday. the family of antwon lawson sayss he has a long road to recovery. >> his pelvic bone is broken. his femur bone is broken. he has punctured organs. he had to have a tube down his throat.
9:53 am
chilwill be in hospital for months and have to learn to walk again. the family is upset with the police department. >> very hurt. and i don't see no type of sympmthy from these miami police. >> reporr: they say the department sent children and family services to investigate the child's parent. >> they're trying to find someway to make it seem like her neglect. but there was no neglect because them kids were being watched. >> reporter: police say the incident was an accident and the officer didn't see the child because he rode a scooter in between two trucks before darting in the street. meantime they released the name of the oarser involved in the accident. irvins fordi has been an officer since 2014. his file is clean but one instructor noted he had issues with directions. >> he's on h h probation period and should be supervised. maybe there should be a field training officer with him.
9:54 am
-- we wanted to mention the officer in the video was not the one involved in the accidint. report in miami, local 10 news. >> now to a safety alert. a man accused of molesting two young gls in a class is being hold without bond. 64-year-old rafael negron targeted two sisters, 15 and 10 years old. he's accused of exposing himself as well as touching inappropriately. police are looking into whether there are other possible victims. meantime, negron is facing charges including molestation d exhibition. in sun rise this man has been arrested for allegedly expose himself to children on a local ay ground. police say 30-year-old rocky hoggins approached a group of girls and pulled d s pants down. police who live in the area say this dough recognize him, saying
9:55 am
police say there could be other victims out there. if you have information/ police call the sun rise police. >> now developing north korea is moving up the possible date of a controversial satellite launch to as early as tomorrow. spokesperson says that the north did not inform an international organizations of any changes and that the rocket's expected flight path remains the same. no word on why the change of date made. the north insists the program is for science. but the u.s., south key, yeah ina -- south korea and china say the launches are i in order to develop a missile to strike the united states. north korea has provoked international criticism. we have video of an earthquake that suck taiwan killing at least 20 people.
9:56 am
the quake hits the city. it caused a high rise to come crashing down and mo]e than 200 people were pulled from the rubble. right now, more than 100 people are still missing. now, from above you can s just how devastating that quake was. mortgagely -- merge ri leaders say 400 people were injured in this disaster, including a woman who was killed. rescue crews searching for survivours after a midair collision cause two planes to crash into the ocean over the coast of california. police say debris from thehe planes were found lug a log book that shows two men, agess 61 and #- 1 were on one plane. d 72-year-old woman was in the other plane. police say all the pilots involved were experienced flyers. now, to the latest on tha zika virus. the state surgeon general says there are 14 cases in florida all travel related. the cdc issuing new guidelines aimed a limiting the potential for sexual transmission.
9:57 am
reports this week of a sexually transmitted case of zika in dallas. pregnant women and their male partners should talk to a doctors. the cdc says while risk of sexual transmission is rare all men and women who have travelled to an affected area should use condoms. >> right now police and emergency responders from all over south florida have sharpening their skills. >> they're getting vigorous training to make sure they're ready in the event of a terror attack or mass shooting. local 10's lauren livingston tells us all about operation heat shield. >> reporter: miami-dadis playing host, involving more than 100 area agents and officers and more than 20 agencies and law enforcement departments across the south florida area a participating. this training started around 7:00 this morning. i'm going to step out of the way
9:58 am
teams moving into some of these government buildings here in downtown. now responding to the mass shooting, mass casualty situation. a training -- an emergency training that we witnessed earlier this morning. we want to give you video of that. we were inside the government center here when some of those officers came in using active firing guns, not real ammunition but, still, aunition that they're using as a part of this exercise to train. like i said in the event of an emergency situation a terror attack, a mass casualty situation. and they're utilizing a number of the buildings here in miami-dade including the children's courthouse where we saw s.w.a.t. officers enter not too long a a. and we saw subsequently firefighters and medics carrying people out in their arms on stretchers. again all four this training. e organizers ever this event
9:59 am
want to be prepared as possible. there are police,ire, s.w.a.t., federal agents, there's another training situation at the airport later on this afternoon. the coast guard is going to be participating in this to make sure this area of south florida, these agencies, are as trained and ready as possible in the event o o a terror situation, a mass shooting, a mass casualty sisiation so the citizens are as safe as possible. in the meantimim lots of air roads and streets closed off but metro rail service is continuing. again this is just a training to make sure that sout florida residents as safe -- are as safe as possible. >> still to come, a crane collapsed. what we're learning about that freak accident that killed one person and injured two others in new york city. >> and a big digout.
10:00 am
get back to normal after the biggest snow storm of their season. >> hey there, south florida. temperatures are warming up and we're seeing the cloud cover starting to make its way from the west and to the east. all the details on t tt big chill down n 're expecting on sunday when we return. >> the announcer: the president of haiti steps down but of - -- not before giving an exclusive interview with calvin hughes. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives.
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10:03 am
>> an investigation underway after this crane collapsed in new york city killing one person and injuring two others. new york city mayor bill deblasio says the victim was tting in a parked car at the time of the accident. workers were in the process of lowering the crane because of high winds. that's when it collapsed. a witness described the terrifying scene. >> i saw the crane coming down. when it came down it made a loud hit. we all ran to see if we could help out. >> the aftermath left bricks scattered everywhere. a piece of equipment came crashing thriewt roof of one building. >> new england is digging out thisthis morning after the big snowfall of the season. forecasters say yet another winter storm could be on its way.
10:04 am
than a foot of snow across the region and left 80,000 people without power. six-year-old girl's family says they were shovelling and outside playing in the snow when a limb snapped. her brother and dad ran to her side to try and help her and called 9-1-1. the girl was taken to the hospital where she later died. a look at our medical center camera, and a lot of cloud cover. a lot of low hanging clouds out there. you know what? jennifer says get used to. they're going to be around, right? >> thehe are. but we do have a few showers with tho clouds too. it looks like things are drying out for the meantime. he's another view out of key west. you can see it looks gorgeous. it looks like there's a cloud rolling over key west and a lot more cloud cover coming your way. still it's nice to head out on the water, at least for today.
10:05 am
start to change especially by tomorrow. winds are p pking up and we're talking about wind gusts as high as 25 miles per hour for sunday. that's going to stir up the seas out there if you head out right now mostly sunnyn key west. it feels just like the actual temperature. tven though the humidity is relatively high at 81 percent. northeast breeze right now 9 miles an hour. we do expect temperatures to warm up up a few more degrees than 70 for key west. already it's 74 in ft. lauderdale. you've been seeing more sunshine than miami. still hololng on to the upper earlrlr this morning. there's the band of cloud cover lingering over mile ri beach. zoomingnto the keys. take a look at this. some of these clouds are pushinginto the middle keys. meanwhile, still nice and sunny for the lower keys. but most of cloud cover, you see to the south, over the gulf stream, that's headed your way. that will take over across southern florida.
10:06 am
across northea miami daid. the -- miami-dade. still a lingering drizzle moving into the hollywood area. not a big deal there. light rainfall. but off shore it's heavier. a little shower near north miami and miami shores and near downtown as well. not too impressive but we will be dealing with more rain coverage. it will become scattered especially by this evening. model. 2:00 looks like the keys are going to get a batch of scattered showers. by 6:00 p.m. it becomes more widespread. and by 10:0: p.m. it's wet out there. heading out tonight, grab the umbrellas. take it with you. it you will need it. itit an overnight event with the rain and chilly tomorrow. let's talk abobo the temperatures. tomorrow, waking up to the low 50s. if you're heading out late tonight not only will you need the umbrellas but the sweaters as well especially tomorrow as the winds increase.
10:07 am
miles an hour and a high of only 67 . brisk and chilly monday morning with lows in the 40s. todd. >> thank you. enjoy live music and activities at an event in north miami. the city celebrating its 90th an verse which aestival today. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon. as i said, it's free. here's another event for the family. today in coral springs they're hosting a family fun day and car show. it's going on until 2:00 p.m. it's already started and it is free as well. hey, maybe you want to help ow tyler and his eagle project for boy scouts. >> go, tyler. >> troop 160. he's going to be at trailside park on the corner of griffith behind the cvs there. they're tearing out this bench and putting in a new one made out of recycled plastic. they're putting up signs to talk about the wetland area that's
10:08 am
that are there. it's a cool, quiet spot where it's a chain of trails that the riders can use. >> i'll check it out. well, don't c cl it a come back. >> they've been here for years putting suckers in fear. >> that's right. you go ahead, ll. >> talking about theeat and their big win against the hornets. see the big finish next. >> and a case of mystery idtity as this internet going doppleganger? which one is the mom? can you tell? lowe's presents: how tout your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours.
10:09 am
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>> miami heat taking it down to the wire in charlotte last night. d wade adds another to the highlight reel here.this was tied at the half. fourth quarter we go. whiteside with a huge block. grabs it out of the air and starts the fast break. whiteside goes for another triple double. 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 blocks right here on local 10. the heat win it 98-95. coming up next, the heat host
10:12 am
you watch it right here on the one and only local 10. it starts with our first he local 10 courtsi pregame show of the season at 1::00. the game is at 2:00 and the post-game right here on local 10. >> on the ice, a night off last night for the panthers. now they get ready to welcome a tough ben finances team. they're riding a five-game win streak. you may have seen this throat floating around. this is a mom and her 16-year-old twin daughters and has people wondering which one is mom? >> mom looks very young. >> she's 35. she looks the same as her 16-year-olds. >> they're twins. here's the photo they posted. the trio later revealed who the mother was when folks on-line couldn't figure it out. the 35-year-old mother is the one raising her left hand. >> in this photo. >> you can't tell. >> bless her.
10:13 am
>> adorable. all of them. >> and everybody wants to know what her secret is, i bet? >> they don't want mom visiting them in college, tell you that. up next -- >> we're going to update the top stories . >> but first a live look o of our miami tower cam. little blue but a lot of cloud cover. 69 . it will warm up before it goes low.
10:14 am
jen will tell you next. again! again!
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>> taking a a look at our top stories. a south florida man who fatally shot his wife and posted a photo of her body on febook will spend his life behind bars. derek medina shot his wife in 2013. >> a six-year-old boy, who was run offer by a miami police officer is recovering. antwon lawson was riding his scooter when struck by a police car.
10:17 am
but has to learn to walk again. police say the officers has been faced discipline. >> we're seeing a lot of sunshine along the coast. but clouds will start building in from the west moving towards the east along the showers and l-ter on this afternoon through the evening and overnight. high today of 76 . it's shortrt lived. tonight we're dipping down into the 50s. brisk and chilly by tomorrow and monday as we drop i io into the 40s. >> thank you for joining us this morning here on local 10. >> remember, can you get the latest breaking news and weather
10:18 am
we hope you have a great v valentine's day is a week away, and i have a menu today
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