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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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kendall. we even have the cold air settling as far south as the keys. up fortunately, the actual coldest air of the winter was actually back in january. january 24th. we had an official low in miami of 46 drees. these temperatures are a few degrees warmer than that. wind moving in from the northwest will continue to provide for those temperatures to stay well below average and temperature have dropped between seven and 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. feels-like temperature 45 palmetto and ft. lauderdale. 46 i kendall and homestead. 57 in key west. throughout the morning we will see temperatures in the 50s and we'll finally see it warm up to highs in the upper 60s which is still below average for this time of year. i'll have more in the forecast you don't want to miss as well as a bit of a roller-coaster coming up. looking forward to thth holiday weekend,
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presidents day. everything. good morning, everyone. let's show you i-75, ongoing construction hare. this is right at miami gardens drive. earlier this morning we had lanes blocked but construction crews are out of there. if you travel in the area, you already know there's construction folks out there. the turnpike near sunrise boulevard, we had some lane closures in place up to our non-exit ramp and we'llsee it, snap it, send iting some delays. we're trying to find out if there's rd debris or an earlier accident. at this point we know there's a slowdown in this location. so use caution thihi morning. sticking with broward county, let's talk about some drive times here off of 55. if you're traveling eastbound starting at 595 cruising east over to u.s., nothing going to slow you down, no accidents or construction copes out there. 53 miles per hour your average speed. developing right now shoot-out suspectearch miami-dade schools
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the alert. they say he's armed and dangerous and responsible for shooting outside a miami gardens high school. >> erica rakow is at the carol city high school campus this morning with more details. this is scary they are still looking for this guy. >> armed and dangerous, a known gang member. he had warrants outut for his arrest even before this happened yesterday. this right here is the person we're talking about. the 19-year-old's name is stanley ragin. he was seen running from the school with a gun after the shooting happened. people who live in the area say it felt like a war zone, bullets flying everywhere, hit the fence and going through window of the school. there were still students an staff members behind the wheels. thankfully no one got shot. police say it was someone driving down northwest 183rd street who opened fire on
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walking in front of the school and i it turned into a gun battle in the street. superintendent in ami-dade public schools, talking with police, staff and students assuring no one was seriously hurt. there was one student who got injured. he was running down the hallway after hearing the gunshots. take another good look at the picture, 19-year-old stanley ragin. police say he had a violent past. we're told the entire thing was caught on camera. the school does have surveillance cameras so police are reviewing that video, trying to piece this together and find more clues. in the meantime their priority finding stanley rag d. in. if you know him, where could be, call crimestoppers. we're live in carol city this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. an occupied protest in oregon is coming to
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the final four occupants of a refuge are finally going to surrender. meanwhile e e father of the main leader was arrested and taken into custody late last night while he was apparently on his way to the refuge. the protest began in january and it's over federal land usage. you're now seeing what happed in a hit and run crash that left a motorcyclist in a coma. this is the surveillance video from the nbc of southwest seventh street and beacon boulevard in miami's little havana neighborhood. jonathan stopped at the red light when thean comes behind him, slams right into him. the 21-year-old suffering serious injuries remains in an medically-induced coma.
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a ddly porsche crash on new year's day is now serving house arrest. we're talking about medina charged with reckless driving and vehicular homicide. now an investigation is under way. broward sheriff's deputies say the man died at the scene late yesterday afternoon. his identity has not been released. a man i i behind bars after deputies say he shot and killed another man last week in pompano beach. 33-year-old william merle now charged with murder. he was denied bond. this is the keep at the complex near northwest 6th street. bso investigators arriving finding donald wagner on the ground. a monroe county sheriff's sergeant has
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accused of lying on a traffic ticket. he says a driver was pulledver for speeding and not having a license. the driver asked williams to give him a break and says the woman only wrote her up for speeding. this morning the new miami-dade police director will officially be sworn into office. the ceremony held for director juan perez at port miami. he was appointed to the position late last nth. he joined the mdpd back in 190.. he also takes over for former director jd paterson. police really hoping you may recognize the woman who stole this box, has medicine inside of it taken from a miami home. surveillance video shows her stealing it off the front porch of a home. the homeowner tells us the box contains about $100 worth of medicine
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the one and only had exclusive access and brought you the story live from port-au-prince. now an unofficial list of nearly 30 candidates is out but only one will be selected by haiti's national assembly with two-thirds vote. it's horriblbl i can't even describe it. >> new this morning cruise ship chaos, passengers back on land after sailing straight through a storm. they are recalling their vacation nightmare. plus surviving this, a sword attack. the victim of the terrible ordeal is speak out to local 10 describing injuries he may never recover from. >> i'm sorry for what i did, being stupid and not thinking. >> remember the guy who threw the gator into wendys? how could you forget? now he's telling us why he did it. grabhe sweaters and jackets. temperatures are in the 40s across south
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we are expecting the full weather throughout the day. what about the weekend? i'll have all the details coming up. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect.
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>>reporter: good morning. topping michigan's money, some caution from thth fed. >> janet yellen telling congress that interest rate increases may be delayed. >> that's because of the turmoil onthe global markets. one asset doing well this year, gold, it's up nearly 15%. and more auto makers are recalling auto
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defective air bags. >> .7 vehicles are being recalled. so far 24 million vehicles in the u.s. havevbeen recalled. and burger king is adding hot dogs to its menu. >> the 100% beef flame-grilled dogs will go nationwide. ere will be two different types to enjoy. a classic dog will cost you $1.99 and a chili cheese dog, 2.99. that's america's money. >> have a great day. miami beach bundling up. 51egrees when our cameras stopped at lincoln road earlier this morning. >> i'm keeping warm. the time is 4:4:4 but all of us are saying it feels like 44. >> it kind of lingers into our bones as we sit inside freezing too. >> you're definitely going to need those sweaters and jackets. >> the temperature was 51 degrees.
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6:13 and temperature has dropped. the closer we get to sunrise, thehe further our temperature will drop. we could possibly see the upper 40s in miami. ft. lauderdale and especially ove inland broward and inland miami-dade we have the cool air settling as far south as the keys. 57 degrees. anything below 50 or 55, it feels chilly. 47 pompano beach, 48 in pembroke pines. 46 kendall andhomestead. 54 degree in marathon. that northwest wind is continuing to usher in that cool, dry, refreshing air mass but at times it is chilly. these temperatures are anywhere between nine and eleven degrees colder than what we woke up to yesterday. you factor in the winds and feels-like temperatures much cooler to the skin. remember the actual air temperature in ft. lauderdale was 47. it feels like 45. 42 in tampa. we've got the 20s across the southeast and that cold arctic air is
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settle in to not just us in south florida but across the southeast today. most of the clouds are continuing to break apart. we are expecting a lot more sunshine today. dryyonditions because of high pressure, our dominant weather feature located just to the north of us ahead of another front that is going to bring us a roller-coaster with our temperatures as we go into the weekend. lake-effect snow continuing to affect our friends across the northeast. the dip in the jet stream is our thanks to the cold is june right freezing across the nation's midsection and up and down the east coast. a mild afternoon. temperatares will rapidly warm up to the mid to upper 60s. still ten degrees below where we should be this time of year. ahead of the next front that will move in saturday night and sunday.. we have a small craft caution for you boaters and beach-goers.
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we'll be putting the sweaters and jackets away by the afternoon. temperature will be nice and comfortable or overnight lows staying in the 50s and 60s. >> thanks, julie. hey, you guys, i got to take you to the turn pike. a car somehowost control and it looks like it ended up in a ditch. that exit ramp is open but it isausing this slight delays if you're traveling in this spot. from our traffic data let's show you what that means. if you're traveling northbound right there at sunrise boulevard, we're seeing slight delays there. speeds 22 to 32 milele per hour. again, that exit ramp is open but with that tow truck there it will slow you down just a little by. all other major roadways are looking good. not a lot to talk about this morning. palmetto expressway surprisingly no accidents, no congestion. in fact here's a live look here at the palmetto expressway right at the big curve.
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this spot, traveling eastbound heang towards the golden glades going to take you about eight it ten minus to get there. no other accidents reported, especially in miami-de county. new for you this morning, interest fig story about a shocking medical mixup. doctors perform surgery on the wrong baby. >> how two new porpz were switched l lding to that unless operation coming up. a florida studentnt arrested and now police say it is thanks to his classmate' quick action. we'll explain just aad i'm ben kennedy. you can see behind me the boat show is at a new location. i'll tell you how to get
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at 6:30. a senate reform relations committee appred a measure to help search for robert levinson. a retired fbi agent and coral springs resident who disappeared while working for the cia in iran nearly nine years ago. the measure sponsored by bill nelson heads to the legislature for a full vote. the 15th appearance now for sirhan, sirhan. he's celebrating his california primary win nearly five years after the assassination of his brother president john f. kennedy. two deputies are dead after a shooting g a maryland shopping
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called out to a panera bread on wednesday where brine evans was seated. a second deputy was ao hit. >> the suspect took that action because he's wearing a police uniform but we were called to panera bread for that subject. >> now police did shoot and kill evans who had two warrants out for his arrest include one here in florida for assaulting an officer. the city of cleveland is billing t t city of tamir rice for ththambulance ride he took on the day of his death. rice was shot and killed by a police officer in november of 2014 after the officer mistook rice's air soft gun for a real firearm. a grand jury decided in december. we are seeing for the first time this morning a student in hillsboro county arrested after a loaded gun and ski maskas found on a school bus. police say it was a
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act fast after seeing him with the gs. they say they saw simms loaded the gun on his lap and hiding it on a school bus. >> our detectivesre now drilling down into that story to see if he's a suspect. how he obtained the weapon. >> sims' arrest record include grand theft, burglary. we have our own school scare here in south florida, shots fired outside a miami gardens high school. >> now we're learning more about him. we'll have the details and a live report still ahead. remember this apologizing for a prank gone wrong. we're talking about the man who threw a gator right into a wendy's drive-thru window. what's his reason? we'll hear it next. good morning to our day.
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day with us n local 10. wake up with us even earlier every weekend. this saturday local 10 on the air even earlili, at 5:00 a.m. your news and forecast
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weekend at 5:00 a.m. a florida man apologizing for throwing, get this, an alligator into a wendy's drive-thru window. remember we told you about this? joshua james got in ouble, and this was announced on tuesday, but he claims he and his group of friend were out fishing when they found thehree foot reptile. >> what happened next says w s no big deal, just meant to be a joke. >> we thought we'd pull a prank on our buddy would worked at wendy's
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through the drive-thru window. i'm sorry for what i did. being stupid and not thinking. obviously, i found out what the consequences were. >> the gator throwing happened in october. james was not arresesd until this week. he's now outn $6,000 bond and the judge ordered him to go to a mental health evaluation. traffic alert in broward county. this is the turnpike northbnd exit ramp at sunrise boulevard. we've got a car that somehow lost control, ended up right there off to the side of the roadway. as you can see, it's affecting traffic on that exit ramp. tow truck is there. we'll have details onthis and also a secondary crash on the turnpike right afterer this break. >>reporter: and good morning. i'm ben kennedy on board a pontoon. m taking this baby basic it local 10. we're at the miami international boat show which is is the a new location this year. i'll tell you t t the
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it's at and when it starts. >> ben, better do it now. live look from our miami tower cam. 6:25. you can see the sun peaking through the clouds there. this is a chilly morninin >> make sure you bundle up. it's not going to get too much warmer today.
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good morning. we are feeling the 40s in the forecast. shoot-out suspect search. a teen wanted after shots were fired outside a high school. victim sharing his won't heal. right now the boat show bins. the miami international boat show is sailing into a new location this
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there live. a gold star to this thursday all across miami, key west and ft. lauderdale. governor, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jaceyey birch. if you like it, great. if you don't, soror. julie' going to tell us how long it's going to stick around. >> the good news is we will see a warmup tomomoow, if you dope like it. if you do like it, enjoy, my friend. not only is it thursday but we're waking up to dry condition and skies. a break from that cloud cover, that stubborn cloud deck we've had in time. temperature have dropped down to the 40s. 47 pompano beach. 50 in miami. 46 kendall and homestead. that cool air has pushed keys. this isn't the coldest morning we've had all winter long. thth actual coldest wasas
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i do think our temperatures will dip down to the upper 40s in miami but i don't think it will get any colder than that as we approach sunrise. these temperatures anywhere between 7 and 11 degrees cooler than when we woke up to yesterday. we do have a feels-like temperature temperature. 45 is what it feels like in pompano beach. 46 in kendall. throughout the morning we're going to stay in the 50s it will be cheat, dry. highs today in the upper 60s. still below average. i'll have more coming up. >> julie, thanks so much. traffic alert for our turnpike drivers. southbound as well depending on how you're traveling this morning. between red road and university drive we had reports of a vehicle fire here. obviously, if there was a fire, it's completely out buthere's one lane of traffic blocked as lice investigate as well. not quite sure if it's an accident scene or vehicle fire. the one thing you need to know is if you're traveling in the spot,
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some heavy cgestion this morning. again, i told you this is between university drive and red road. that's 57th avenue. we are seeing the delays clock in at 22 mis per hour. that's south to west where that accident scene is. now to our secondary crash clearing off to that exit ramp. this is off to sun rise boulevard and the turnpike northbound. the one area that is pretty goodd this morning, miami-dade county. what's up with that? miami-dade southbound heading into miami, this is 54th street. no issues to report at all. back to that breaking news, shots fired outside a miami gardens high school leaving bullets in ndows as police have erica rakow live with more on him and what
6:28 am
>>reporter: stanley ragin is a known gang member, had a violent past and even had warrants out for his arrest purchase all of this happened yesterday. take a look at this. police release this picture hoping you can help them track down stanley rag d. in. he's a 1-year-old with a violent history. police say he was seen running away from miami carol city senior higig with a gun after the shoot-out in front of thechool yet. >> gunshot, boom, boom, boom, boom. and was like a bunch of kids to start running. >> all students must go inside and stayhere. >>reporter: hurricane proof glass the only thing keeping bullets frjm flying jew side the build. bullets hit the fence and pierced window on the sool. school had already let out but with about 50 kids still here for extracurricular activities, the school was put on lockdown. >> inside the office there were professionals
6:29 am
in addition to that, there were about 50 students still on campus participating in activities. >>reporter: someone driving east on northwest 183rd street started shooting at someone walking in front of the school. >> it's shameful that the sanctity of a school has been violated again. >>reporter: and so this sool has surveillance cameras. all of this apparently captured on video. police reviewing that video, looking for some more clouds. but the priority, finding snley ragin. if you know anything about that happened at carol city high school yesterday, call crimestoppers. as always, you can remain anonymous. live in carol city this morning, erica rakow,
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just jump to take care of the sword. >> that man right there struck by a sword-swinging suspect, now talking to the terrifying attack. he shared the story rightere on local 10. he said he was at when i job at the swap shop when the man charm him, hitting him with a sword. he says he tried toun away but was slammed to the ground. >> you thought you were going to die? >> of course. i think he's going to kill me. >> he had to have surgery to repair nerve damage to his arm. he says he still can't feel two of his fingers. police say he also beat this man. he told us he had to get 18 stitches after being hit with a pole at a lauderdale gas s stion. it all comes at the department's interview
6:31 am
the deputy said mcbean ignored orders to drop the weapon f force forcing himm to shoot. >> no construction going on, there was nothing in his ear so he couldn't have heard what you said? >> no. >> he said nothing prevented mcbean hearing the commas. the deputy is n being charged with manslaughter and is pleading not guilty. three people recovering this morning after a nasty crash on palm beach. police say the driver of a pick-up truck lost control in northbound lanes crashing over the dividing wall landing in the southbound lanes. that roadway has since reopened. >> not tonight, guys.
6:32 am
night of chris christie dodging questions about his suspended campaign for president. he made t t decision after coming in sixth place in theheew hampshire primary. he wasn't the only candidate to call it quits, carly fiorina also ending her bid for the white house. next saturday's south carolina primary could narrow the race even more and local 10 will be there to bring the results straight to you. hillary clinton is the front runner in south carolina. she will face off for another debate against bernie sanders. n't forget to register to vote the deadline is february 16th. democrat vote the week after the republins. then they will turn their attention to super tuesday when a dozen states will vote. in march it's our time of primaries hold votes
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head of the russian orthodox churcrc leaving moscow today as he prepares for a meeting with pope francis tomorrow. hatzel velelwill be live in cuba covering this historic meeting. ok for hatzel's reports right here at 5:00 p.m. more history being made in coconut grove. sky 120 flying above. >> rig now another big change for boaters. the miami international boat show is back but it's in a new location this year. >> ben kennedy on virginia key. you've covered this event for years. you know it like the back of your hand. tell me about the big changes you've noticed. >>reporter: for one it's now down to two locations here and also the sailboats out at the bayconsider park there. for one, it's a lot bigger.
6:34 am
board a pontoon boat. i am in the captain's chair. it has touch scene technology. it can seat a dozen people. bottom linin this boat is so cool and something i c cnot afford. i have the boat show director who i'm told will get me a very great deal on a raft. >'ll get you a deal, whatever you want, no problem. >> this is the miami marina parking b bin. what does this offer that the convention senator did not? >> what's fabulous is we built a marina here for about 400 boat in the water. another 800 boats on land. we didn't wills any exhibiters so we still have the greatest selection of products here. >>reporter: you guys are expecting a pretty good turn out. >> we get 150,000 pell
6:35 am
states, different countries. people come here to shop. they know they are going to b% able to find anything they could possibly imagine or want in one place. >>reporter: what are you doing to kind of help thing run smooth? >> our focus has been on coming off the rickenbacker causeway. mostly those people are coming in early in the morning and getting parked and out of the way. 10,000 parking spaces in downtown miami from $5 to $25 if you want to valet at the american airlines arena. get on a free water taxi or shuttle bus and get yourself here. >>reporter: more than 100,000 people are expected totop by today. tickets run $35 today. e rest of the time the entry is 20 bucks. 15 years anddowner get
6:36 am
this yearr the boat show was at the miami marine stadium on virginia key. doors do open at 10:00 a.m. and the event will run until monday. one of the many c ccerns was on traffic and where to park. this year they are offering a water taxi service that will pick you up from several locations and bring you here. stop in at to find out what's near you. >> you did promise to bring one this those boats, just remember. >> your job is to figure out how to get usack. >>reporter: i think the kayaks can fit i the live truck. >> i'll go for a paddle board. >> it's port he'll. >> this morng we'll take what we can get. ben kennedy live this morning from the miami boat show. at one point i thought i wasn't going
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>> home from a vacation nightmare. passengers back on lan after being battered by a storm at sea. you can't see it from mars. i'm freezing. we've got to talk about the temperatures. i'll be back after the break. this may freak you you out. television threats. a clip from a live report goes viral after a man is spotted waving around what certainly looks like a gun. a medical mix up that will give any mom or dad goose bumps. how a hospital performed newborn. this is the turnpike extension between red drive. a bad accident here blocking at least two nes of traffic. two scenes with this one.
6:38 am
mess in a few minutes. a 4,000 passenger cruise ship is back in new jersey after cruising into a storm. that ship was sailing to the bahamas and eventually port canaveral when it ran into a storm right off the coast of north carolina. scary situation as passengers endured hurricane force winds topping 100 miles per hour and even 30 foot seas. can you imagine this? they weree asked to stay in their rooms for more than 12 hours. >> not only would the boat go up and come smashing down, when youou were in bed, you came crashing down. passengers. they will be refunded their cruise fare. the ntsb is considering
6:39 am
investigation into whythat ship headed into thetorm to begin with. royal caribbean has saidd conditions were much worse than they anticipated. we've b bn anticipating this cold for a couple days. julie told us to enjoy the warmup while we had it. >> it was your birthday. 48 ain't nothing but a number. when it's a temperature, 40. >> it's such a treat for us because we never get it. it's kind of like we got to suck it up and stop being babies. >> what? >> i'm a baby. >> it's true. i used my sweet warmer this morning. i had baby brain. i can't have coffee and it's aold morning and i can'tven speak. it's cold. that's all you need to know. all right. it looks beautiful though. i do have to tell you we are blessed with mostly clear sky this is morning which is something we haven't seen throughout the morning. it been pretty g gomy the last few days.
6:40 am
cam with temperatures in the 50s right now. calm winds, relative humidity 71%. just a beautiful start to the day. here's what it looks like if our ft. lauderdale tower cam. we do have a feels-like temperature of 45 degrees. the actual air temperature 48 and look how beautiful it is in the keys. clear skies, north northeast wind at three miles per hour. these temperatures are between seven and 11 degrees cooler than what you woke up to yesterday. the satellite and radar shows mid and high level clouds. we're expecting a lot of sunsne today. it will be a beautiful day. high pressure to the north providing for the dry stable atmosphere. ahead of the next cold front that is going to warm us up before it cools us down again. lake-effect snow affecting part of the northeast. another system we're going to watch spilling in from canada. a cold a.m.
6:41 am
those@ sweaters and afternoon. highs are only going to reach the upper 60s. it's refreshing, it's cool. it's been nice to turn off that ac. enjoy it. highs will finally get back into the 70s. nice and warm way to end our workweek and begin the weekend. there's a slight risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. tomorrow you'll notice the warming trend friday into saturday ahead of that front. here comes the property by sunday and we'll see cooler, comfortable conditions going into next week ahead of another front. president's day if you have three days off, another front does move in. thanks, julie. back to our traffic alert. we're seeing a lot of closure in place due to this injury crash. reported between red road and university drive. so it's our southbound
6:42 am
so you guys, it's going to cause some issues for us if you're traveling in this spot. let me show you what these travel speeds are looking like. turnpike extension. there are multiple scenes here and those speeds ridiculously slow between two to five miles per hour. before you get to this spot, go ahead and track it further east. i would avoid that location if you could. i-95 northbound we have a crash reported right at sheridan street. we'll show you some of the delays there on the northbound lanes to the distance. you are seeing all that congestion. members of the memecan rock band mana, they have their star on the hollywood walk of fame. they heyed history for sold-out shows at the staples center in 2012. we have all the details for you right now on what the academymy nominees are getting in their gift bags.
6:43 am
are a ten day first class trip to israel and unlimited audi car rentals. less expensive items include a vaporizer and personalized m&ms. but the most expensive items will be the vampire breast lift which uses blood factors to enhance breasts without implants. you canatch the qua academy awards host bid chris rock here on febrbrry 28th on local 10. i hope i don't have to talk abobo a vampire breast lift ever again. >> we'll see. we do have something you will be interested in that has nothing to do with vampires. >> we have tickets to the wine and food festival. enter for your chance to rub elbows with celebrity chefs and try
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a newborn going under the knife by accident. a mixup had doctors performing surgery on the wrong patient. that's next. a teen accused in a shoot-out of carol city
6:45 am
that's still ahead. a man with a gun in a television broadcast. it started with a trial. you can see the man walking behind the reporter waving the gun and smiling. a barber in san diego was nearly shot when police saw a oman attacked him because she was upset over the haircut he gave her. >> she messed it up with some straight razors in her car.
6:46 am
did, messed it one a razor, took it all off and them she came in and said look what you did to my hair. >> after the gun jammed the barber and another employee tackled the woman to the ground until police could arrive. a mother and newborn in tennessee suing the hospital where her baby was delivered. >> this is the reason why. she s sd the baby's mother somehow a doctor without her concept performed the surgical procedure that apaply was meant for another child. >> official they took our child who was 100% healthy, nursing well, no issues at all andjust too long him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. at that point i began to cry hysterically. >> there's no excuse for operating on thehe wrong baby. none. >> the family's lawyer says the doctor performed the surgery for infants with
6:47 am
of motion. the doctor says he admits to the mistake and apologizes. >> man, that's terrifying. especially new parents.. >ou heard that happen -- not that it happens a lot but scary that it cocod. a shoot-out outside of a school. one of you are top storors this morning. police really trying to track down the gunman. >> and we're learning about one of the men they are looking for. here he is. ahead. florida. looks beautiful. as you can see, the people there are bundled
6:48 am
have a nice walk. hi there. happy friday eve. it is beautiful outside bu don't let this picture fool you. it is chilly. temperatures are in the 40s in ft. lauderdale, pompano beach, pembroke pines. we even have the cold air as far south as the keys where temperatures are in the 50s. that northwest windh is making it feel much cooler to the skin and
6:49 am
temperatures anywhere between seven and 11 degrees cooler this morning with feels-like temperatures only expected to reach the upper 90s today. all right. turn pike, hey, you guys, a bad situation for anyone traveling southboundight here at red road. we have two lanes blocked after this injury crash this morning. you see our west-bound-southbound drivers between university drive and red road. that's where the issue is. travel a little further east, take 441 or i-95. top stories this morning, the search is on for a teen allegedly involved in a shooting outside of a high school. stanley ragin ran from miami carol city high. a window was shattered but nobody was hit. a standoff in oregon is expected to end today after a month-long protest. the ranchers say they will surrender today. several people have
6:50 am
the fight over land usage. the miami boat show is opening today. hundreds of boat will be on display today through monday. we have all the information you need. check out i think it's fun. i don't know about fun today with these temperatures but you can take a water taxi over there. >> bundle up if you'r'r going to do it. >> i know. "good morning america" rolls on next hereresouth florida. we're back just before 7:30 with with an update. >> hope you guys can stay warm today and stay in touch w wh local 10 with the app or on-line when you're at work and with your smart upon. make it a great day.
6:51 am
bright and early good morning, america. deep freeze. a bitter blast brings the coldest air in a decade with windchills reaching 30 below. already two feet of snow? the east and more on its way. breaking ne, the fbi closing in on those protesters in oregon. >> we fear for our lives. >> still defiant after that deadly shooting. now their face-off coming to a possible head.
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right now.
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