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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this morning but it feels nice. the cooldown, i think it's been a welcome change. >> it's been a fewdegrees -- okay. whatever you're feeling is good. 64 which is exact what we woke up to yesterday. 62 ft. lauderdale. 67 key west. it's definitely going to be warmer today. had temperatures yesterday in the upper 70s. we'll see a high today in the lower 80s. right now 62 in hialeah. 60 in mpano beach. we will continue to warm up throughout the morning. we'll see the low 70s by 9:00 with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. highs will be in the lower 80s. these numbers are above average with an east breeze in place. the national weather service is indicating there isishat possibility of some water spouts developing for you boaters.. i'll have more on the forecast you don't want to miss coming up. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. south floridagood morning. accident-free at this point at 5:01 in themorning. we do have construction crews out that can slow you down just a little bit.
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construction crews out there, a camera here obviously not showing those construction crews. doesn't mean they are not there off not shoulder somewhere. i-75 is where they go to next. earlier this morning we have reports of three lanes of traffic blocked affecting our southbound lanes. those folks will be out there for several months. at this point i do know that traffic's flowing just fine. when we have the doublegreen line, there are no major delays as well. if there are new accidents or any other construction conces, i'll be updating twitter. make sure you follow us at wplg local 10. a man is caught on camera peaking inside a family's home while performing allowed act. >> it shows a man looking through a window, then getting into a parked car when he leaves the driveway. >> erica rakow is live in miami with the latest details. this is a hard story to hear about early in the morning.
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happened very early in thehe morning. around this time sunday morning, and police believe this guy we're talking a aut is unstable which is what they say makes him dangerous and they want to find him. they've tang ptures from surveillance video and made this flyer. they are looking for him to morning. the surveillance video is disturbing and it's graphic, so much so that we can't show most of it on tv. this is from southwest 10th avenue near a church and near a scol. it was about 4:30 in the morning, the man, he keeps touching himself, at one point before walking into the car that's parked in the driveway. he gets in that car and makes himself at home. >> he got out of the car, said this isn't my car, this isn't my house. and i said no. >> and so since we've posted this man's picture along with the flyer on the local 10
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facebook pages, a lot of people have come out andsay, hey, we recognize that guy, seen him walking from nenehborhood to neighborhood. if you do know who this guy is, if you've seen him on the way to work or school this morning, call crimestoppe in miami-dade. erica rakow, local 10 news. now to vote 2016. it is super tuesday. >> early states narrowed both presidential fields but front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to tighten the grip t@oday. stephanie ramos reports from virginia where polls will soon be open. >> super tuesday is here, the biggest voting day of the year leading up to the general election. voters in a dozen states and u.s. surgeon te will go to the polls todayith 1,610 delegates at states.
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zigzagging across the country, trying to nab their party's nomination. >> i will not compromise away yr religious freedom. >>reporterted cruz hoping to win big in his home state of texas. >> you know what they say about men with smallhands. >>reporter: marco rubio's barrage of inassaults subsiding by the end of the day. but at a truck rally in virginia, tension. >> get him out. >>reporter: as they pass a photographer from time magazine thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. the secret service now investigating. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >>reporterhillary clinton hoping to keep her lead over bernie sanders. >> now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. >>reporter: but a fund-raising
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looking beyond sanders and targeting g.o.p. front runner donald trump. the latest national poll showing 49% of american voters would support a president trump. here in virginia many more voters are expected to turn out today, much more the last time both parties held presidential primaries. stephanie ramos, abc news, alexandria, virginia. many of the candidates ending super tuesday with rallies right here in south florida. carlos suarez will be live from donald trump's camp. glenna millberg with the very latest from hillary clinton and her supporters from miami as her results come in tonight. janine stanwood at marco rubio's rally. and our own senior political analyst michael putney will have insight, the expert insight, into how all of the race wills play out, stay with us all day long on super tuesday here on local 0. as trump continues to dominate, there's questions over whether rick scott could join his ticket.
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governor scott wrote a favorable column about trump in usa today. so we asked the governor his thoughts. already. 2018. i've got three more years left i this job. jobs. i'm going to work hard that this is the number one state for jobs, number one state for education. >> early voting will continue in monroe and miami-dade counties. you you can cast your ballot march 12th in monroe. for information about where to go and where you need to bring, head to our website caught on camera, two men police say are responsible for an armed robbie at a delivery. these robbers, you can see them attack them and four other people, shooting at them before eventually taking off with money and cell
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no one was hurt but these two are still on the run. five students recovering after the broward county school bus crashed. that caused the bus to four students were treat there had at the scene, memorial hospital west but that student is expected to recover. a man accused of brutally beating a craigslist. now the 35-year-old is facing at least one count of attempted first-degree murder. mitchell accused of beating and stabbing daniel jones on valentine's day until she ended up in a coma. >> right now i is day 16 and she's still in a coma. she's still in critical condition. we're looking for any little glimmer of hope. >> mitchell and jones lived together for a week before that attack. a legal victory for
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impact on the fight of the iphone of one of killers. that ruling does have legal precedent tha backs the fbi's refusal. the data on the iphone of one of the shooters could be helpful. but applele says it could compromise the security of millions of users. later on today apple's top lawyer will answer questions from the house judiciary committee on capitol hill. five new confirmed cases of zika, four right here in south florida. miami-dade leads the state with 17 infected people. in broward county there are six cases, four of the 42 cases in florida involve pregnant women. a dangerous drive otted. two men still on the run. what they are wanted for coming up. and a bus blast caught on camera. what caused this to catch fire.
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hundreds take to the streets. south floloda's east breeze will bring us the possibility of a stray shower. there was one shower that started to move right over portions of ft. lauderdale beach. otherwise most of the precipitation till well offshore. i'll continue to watch it though. this is also going to bring us warmer and more humid conditions in the afternoon thanks to that breeze.
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recast coming up.tt2watv# -4 @qq
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are expected to survive. a dangerous explosion is caught on camera after a bus goes up in flames at a california gas station. officials say the bus driver pulled into the station after his gip started overheating and smoking followed by that blast. a gas station worker had just shut off the gas in time. a firefighter suffered minor injuries but nobody was hurt. as you can see they are taking to the streets. this is commemorating the anniversary of a bloody coup. the country continues to deal with an election crisis led by currently an interim government. okay. the government of peru is deploying hundreds of soldiers to help this, area affected by severe flooding. it happened over the weekend. scientists say the el nino phenomenon is to blame for all the heavy
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250 soldiers will be sent from around the country to help cleanup and rebuilded the damages towns. back here in south florida we are waking up to temperatures above average for this time of year. where it's cooler is ft. lauderdale at 62. 67 and muggy in key west. a northwest breeze in place due to a land breeze. by the later half of the morning, midmorning we'll start to see that east breeze take place. you're definitely going to nice it by way of some temperatures. currently 60 degrees inn pembroke pines. 62 in hialeah. 60 in kendall as well as pompano beach. again, much warmer near the coast and down by the keys. overall light winds will continue and that will provide for the heat and humidity. as you can see though it, we did have one isolated shower that developed over portions of ft. lauderdale beach. a line of some dotted showers headed towards west palm beach. these showers should
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but there are isolatedshowers popping up over the north a aantic. any precipitation that holds will possiblbl move onshore today. we're only setting about a 10% chance of rain in the forecast. what we're noticing more than anything is the instab bill in the atmosphere over the atlantic. water spouts could be a possibility. otherwisishigh pressure across the southeast keeping things quiet, dry anan stable ahead of a storm system that right now is soaking parts ofhe great plains. we did see a severe thunderstorm watch box in effect for oklahoma. snow and showers stretch up all the way to the great lakes. take a look at where we're going to see the possibility of severe weather. today is slight to marginal anywhere from louisiana up towards ohio because of the clash of the two air masses. look at the temperatures behind this front, in the teens and 30s, even the 20s. more mild definitely warmer as that gulf moisture is moving in towards memphis, tennessee and portions of dallas. the severe weather
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the north of us. we'll thank high pressure for yet another beautiful day. granted it will be warmer with our winds moving in off the ocean. highs today will be in the lower 80s. we will continue t warmup as we go into your wednesday. that same front that's going to bring severe weather across the tennessee valley will bring more weather into south florida. we're not expecting a wash-out with the system. it's just not strong enough to make its way down to south florida. highs will remain above average in the lower 80s all week long. another front moves in by friday afternoon, friday evening. that will bring us more average temperatures with lows back down not upper 60s. highs in the lower 70s. we are still accident-free in both counties this morning. the only thing you really hav to worry about for your morning commute with those construction crews out there. we have reports of three lanes blocked.
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point if you see the road rangers in the distance, they are picking up those cones. it looks like they are reopening the roadways. that's a live look off of sheridan. the construction crews shoulde out of there soon. on the palmetto i thought toes guy were out of there. that exit ramp is still completely blocked. might be hard to see but that exit ramp blocked for the northbound drivers on the palmetto expressway. they should be o of there soon. our drive times this morning, if you're traveling from lejeune heading into miami, at this point we're looking fantastic for our commute, about six minutes. obviously as the morning goes on, we're going to see a whole lot more cars on the roadway. thatide's going to take you about nine to 12 minutes. >> constance, thanks floor. flying into space on a passenger jet. yes, it may soon be a possibility. coming up more on nasa's investment into creating a form of supersonic
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5:17. 64 degrees. welcome to superer tuesday. hope you guys make it a
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first. astronaut scottkelly is heading home. he made several significanan accomplishments during his 340 days in space including growingglants aboard the international space station. he has spent a tot of 520 days in space, the most of any american
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meanwhile, if you'd like to go to space, nasa is investing in the potential revival of super sonic jet revival.. the agency has developed a passenger jet thatan fly faster than the speed of sound. nasa says the speed is intended to fly safer, quieter. >>ou remember the concord made that loud boom. they are talking about something, they want to create something which is a heart beat thump insteadf that loud bang. >> they did it with my prias. nobody can hear me come anyway. >> you are supersonic. >> maybe lockheed can make i happen. we'll keep you updated. >>reporter: hey there. in today's tech bytes, the big new player snap chat. >> its ceoays suesers now watch 8 billion videosn its app every day. that's the same number
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it's five times larger than it was just a year ago. check out the new bugatti. it gs from zero to 62 in just two and a half seconds. it debuts today at the geneva motor show with a retail price of $2.6 million. you lost me there. and finally the umbrella that not only keeps you dry, it will tell you when it's going to rain. >> so it's called the umbrella and it knows when it's going to rain. it will send you a reminder of its location, even if you lose the umbrella. >> you just have to remember t t umbrella. >> that's are your tech bytes. >> it's a great day. making those pb&j sandwiches this morning, there's reason to celebrate today, we have all the nutty facts with the creamy spread. a dangerous live leading to a choice.
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we'll show you coming up. live look at i-95 near sheridan stree we're seeing delays because of construction crews in the area. `constance has you covered all morning long, all your roads
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local 10. peanut butter lovers unite today, national peanut butter lovers day. >> sounds good. here are some peanut butter facts. it comes from peanutvutter d. one 12 ounce jar takes about 540 peanuts to make. an off rath americans spend nearly $800 million a year on peanut butter and it
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to the u.s. economy each year.peanut butter is consumed in 90% is u.s. households. >> wicked easy. the was a time my oldest son eight peanut butter and jelly for a year. >> i like almond butter myself. our top stories begin with this, a safety alert out of miami. police are looking for this man caught on surveillance video. he rummaged through a parked car in the driveway before the homeowner came outde and chased him off. the daring duo wanted for robbing two brandsmart deliver men. police say the men shot as the victims as they drove away. today is t t biggest day of the 2016 primary season so far. it's super tuesday. voters in one state and one territory get to vote today.
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coverage of the event. local 10 news at 5:30 coming your way next. >> another check of your forecast and your
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continue march. right now at 5:30 an accused peeping tom on the loose. what he's doing looking in windows prompting a serious alert. and a tearful court hearing for a woman accused of kidnapping her cousin'n' two month old baby. what a judge decided. a court house break-in. a one-handed mann smashing his way into the court house but it's what he did next that makes the break-in even more bizarre. good morning, uth florida.
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welcome to your super tuesday, march first, and some cool temperatures outside. let's talk about what's going on with julie. >> we hadad 64 degrees right now in miami, 62 ft. lauderdale. 67 key west. now that land breeze is providing for our winds to move in from the northwest in miami. near the coast we have an east breeze in place. right now we have 90in pompano beach as well as pembroke pines. 62 in hialeah. 66, much warmer down by the keys. we have light winds in place. we have 64 degrees in miami and we are expecting temperatures to rapidly warm up to the upper 70s and low 80s. we do have a slighgh chance of a shower in the forecast because of that east breeze. highs today will be in the lower 80s. you heard me mention this is all above average. the temperatures below average is a thing of the past. we probably won't see those temperatures again until the weekend. currently though you can see on the radar, we do
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cloud cover as well. most of the precipitation has stayed offshore with the exception of two dotted showers that move offshore. constance, how are the roadways? >> roadways are fantastic. 've been accident-free for most of the morning so far. 5:30 looking great on this fantastic super tuesday. westill have construction crews here on i-95 northbound at@ sheridan street. three lanes of traffic were blocked on the i in broward county but hopefully they will be picking up those cones. as you see w wh our traffic data here, we get real time information with our slowdowns. starting in broward county the ride into miami looking greatat. 595 no major issues to report through the glades all the way into downtown miami. the only spot where we are seeing slight delays is off of u.s.-1. let's zoom in just a little bit to see what those delays are looking like. quickly let's check our travel speeds here. just north of the turnpike there is where
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and go traffic. those speeds at 27 milesper hour. our top story this morning, an important safety alert you all need to know about. an accused peeping tom prowng outside of a family's home, looking into the wintows while performing a l lewd act. >>reporter: police believe this guy we're talking about is unstable which makes him dangerous and they really want to find him. they've taken these pictures of him of surveillance video of the incident and put to know the flyer. the video so graphic and disturbing. we can't even show most of it on tv. look at this video, the man looking through the front windowt of this home where he continues to masturbate on the porch. believe us, the video@ only gets worse.
5:32 am
this guy at a house that's not his. he keeps tching himself, even ring the doorbell, then g gs in the car and makes himself at home. >> he obviously has some sort of mental illness. >>reporter: this happened close to a church and close to a school in miami. the homeowner spoke to us over the phone says he ran out and confronted the man. the surveillance camera'sp rolling on the entire thing. >> at which time he got out of the car and said to me, this isn't't my car, this isn't my house? and i said no. >>reporter: the man takes off aspolice are called. neighbors worry because this guy is stiti out there. that surveillance video uncored a lot more what this guy was up too. the homeowner hoping he's caught and people who see him will call police.
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out and we put it up on-line and on our facebook pages, a lot of people have come out saying we've seen him walking from neighborhood to neighborhood. call crimestoppers, police want to hear from you, their numumr in miami-dade county is 305-471-tips. we're live from the miami police department this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. ople right here going on a dangerous drive first using a stolen car and then dumping it and climbing into another. a chase lasting for several hours. >> local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is in lauderhill with the details on this dangerous drive. >>reporter: a dangerous drive in broward county after a driver behind the wheel of a stolen car is determined to get away. the group b bes out of the vehicle behind a shipping container and makes s run for it. minutes later officers say two of the four end up stealing another car
5:34 am
and take off on foot, sprintingcross backyards, then splitting up. >> my neighbor said the guy bump into her. >>reporter: one man jumps a fence and tries to hide near a garage but it was game over when a police canine got on scene, officers force himimo crawl and jump one last fence before he was arrested. back at the scene a second crook is taken in as two remain on the run this morning. >> you were listening to ben kennedy right there. police have notreleased the names of the two arrested. we believe they are minors and they could face a judge later today. if you have any information for police, please call broward crimestoppers. a woman who allegedly abducted a two month old cousin without bond, stephanie augustine crying during
5:35 am
family members say she had ann obsession with becoming a mom and now she's facing multiple charges. count five you're charged with kidnapping. >> the jud did order a mental health evaluation for augustine. the teen accused of being her accomplish iss in the juvenile detention center. precious jackson killed in august in a drive-by shooting outside of her home along 24th avenue. her loved ones have information leading to an arrest. if you know anything about this shooting, ease give police a call. deputies are looking fofoa man they say smashed through a glass door. the man spent 45 minutes inside but deputies say he didn't take anything or cause any further damage. he also has another distinct characteristic, only one hand. if you recognize him, call broward
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a driver remains in serious condition after crashing into a tree in coral springs. police say that driver was headed west-bound on sample road but then was cut off by another driver causing him to spin out into a tree. this happened on monday morning. the white sedan had plenty of damage. crews had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the car. a medical marijuana bill expands the right to try act. that allows patients with terminal conditions to use non-smokeable marijuana of all strengths. and a major gambling bill would allow slot machines across much of the state advancing in the florida house. that allows the tribe to add craps and rule enter to their existing casinos. the next stop for the legislation will be the full floridada house.
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fire in a cafeteria. >> how it all went down as well. and police going on a high-speed chase in michigan. we'll show you how this chase ends next. joe johnson already making a big impact on the heat. how we're hearing how d-wade helped get him here to florida. (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a 14-year-old is in custody after a shooting injured four students at a high school. james hancock is said to appear in court today after allegedly opening fire in his school's cafeteria. once hancock was caught, two of the injured students were hit by bullets and the other two were injured by flying shrapnel.l. it's obviously putting parents on edge. >> you think about it andd then it happens.
5:40 am
madison schools, it's going to happen to madison schools and then it happened. >> neither of the students were shot needed surgery. police say it appears hancock act add lope and they are still trying to figure out what his motive is. police say all of this started when they responded to a domestic dispute and then man took off in a hummer with his girlfriend and tqo children inside. after several hours he stopped to negotiate with police. eventually he ran into the woods. caught on camera in michigan. a driver took off in a stolen u-haul. police say all of this started when an officer tried to pull over for equipment violations. the chase went on even after the truck's tires were destroyed. eventually police did mamage to run the truck off the road and arrest that driver. 5:40 right now. here in south florida temperatures feeling nice outside.
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>> it will definitely be warmer but, yes, it's a nice start, comfortable conditions out there. we wish we still had those 50s. the cool weather won't be returning to our forecast, at least until the weekend, and even they be only a slight chance of seeing those temperatures in the 50s. now that we're moving into march we're going to see the transition into warmer conditions as we're only a week an a half away from springing forward with our clocks. 64 degrees right now in miami. 62 in ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. the winds pretty calm this morning. we have 60 degrees inn pembroke pines as well as pompano beach. 62 for you in hialeah. 66 in marathon. and with the winds light this morning, you'll notice the relative humidity is starting to increase. it feels a bit muggy out there and that's going to continunuto be our weather pattern. by the later half of the rning and into the afternoon the breeze will take place. bringing you some showers over portions of the western atlantic. we saw an isolated
5:42 am
lauderdale beach around the 4:30, 5:00 hour but overall most of the rain has stayed offshore. with that said the national weather service is stating there's a possibility of water spouts developing over the western atlantic and in towards the florida straits. if you're doing any boating today, please be cautious. we have high pressure inplace just off the coast of the carolinas. where it's located wep always see a clockwise wind pattern. also drying out the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. just to the north of us we do have a storm system bring something shower and storm activity over portions of texas, louisiaia, mississippi and then snow associated with this system across the great lakes because of the colder air mass behind it. severe weather thrt from louisiana up towards the ohio valley today due to this system because of the clash of the two air masses. ririt now we have temperatures in the teens, 20s, 30s. so for us south florida,all we have to worry about is high pressure and basically that proves for such a
5:43 am
like what we saw yesterday. a mix of sun and clouds will be in the forecast, only a slight chance of a shower off that breeze. so that frontill eventually be moving into central portions of florida by tomorrow. we won't notice a big impact with the system as it's going to weaken the further south it gets. we will stay warm and we'll notice more cloud cover in place tomorro with only a slight chance of a shower. this weather pattern we have in place is perfect weather to head to the beach. so we'll continue to warmup throughout the afternoon hours. highs will be in the lower 80s above average still friday. could possibly brung our temperatures back down to seasonal for the weekend.d. i-95 this morning where our northbound lanes are looking better in broward county. we had a lot of construction crews out there this m mning slowing things down a bit. these are our northbound lanes but the southbound lanes right above my head right there, yousee the road rangers picking up the cones,
5:44 am
especially since we're creeping up to our 6:00 hour. just a little bit of a slowdown this morning. i just want to show you how things are looking out there. i spotted some slight delays on i-95. looks like it's just affecting our west-bound lanes. we're going to zoom on in just to see exactly what these dels mean. if you are traveling west-bound here on at approach to 121st avenue, we have slowdowns indicated here with the orange on our map. our eastbound drivers this morning, let's get to your drive times there, if you're starting at i-75 cruising to u.s.-1. maybe you're just ading over to the airports, going to take about you 15 minutes to get there. your average drive speed at this point about 56 miles per hour. right now after months of being closed to traffic for renovations on repairs, the venetian causeway finally reopened onn monday. the causeway had been
5:45 am
while undergoing major construction. the projectctid finish on huff time and on budget. on average 8,000 cars and bicyclists use the venetian causeway every day. >>reporter: good tuesday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the miami heat maki a roster move to clear up money after signing joe johnson. on monday the heat released injured guard. signing with the heat of course and playing that rst game on sunday against the nicks. what a debut, at least a first shot. sunk that one, the bench, getting the new teammate and good friend dwayne wade. two looked pretty good there. johnson started in minutes with 12 points. >> he told me it wasn't just short-term and he just told me -- just
5:46 am
atmosphere they have here and that's pretty much it, man. >>reporter: the heat played chicago tonight, yesterday honoring black history month for the final day of february. alonsa morning and glen rice were on hand in hollywood hills high. hurricanes continue to rise up those polls after beating louisville this weekend. the coaches and app polls, latest projections have the canes as high as a number two seed in the upcoming ncaa tournament. here's don mattingly's first lineup. officials take on the miami hurricanes later today in jupiter. big surprise ateast initially. you know what, it's his first lineup. it will probably change
5:47 am
opening day. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. a lawsuit filed by cowboys quarterback tony romo. he says the league forced him to cancel a fantasy footballl convention saying it was a violation of the nfl's gambling policy. the judge ruled the league did not wrongfully interfefe with that convention. tv host and sports reporter erin andrews delivering a tearful testimony in the courtroom. >> up next she talks about the stand to talk about the videos of her posted naked on-line. 5:47, 64 degrees. hope you guys are up and at it on this tuesday. we're kicking off the month of march. let's do it.
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doan's calling for peace after aville fight from kkk members. the kkk members accused of stabbing the people protesting against them. they are out of jail after they say they were the ones in uelf-defense. several hotels and other landmarks inside yosemite national park are changing their names today. five hotels, lodges and ski areas are changing their names. the current provider trademarked their names and the park service is fighting a ruling to buy the right. canada home to 25,000 syrian refugees. officials say they will help these newcomers
5:51 am
the canadian government allows more to arrive this year. a los angeles judge has delayed the ruling in eye defamation case against bill cosby last month. that case was brought by former model janice dickerson. cosby's camp argues those statements were made in protected documents. an emotional day in court for erin andrews, the "dancing with thth stars" host testifying against the man accused of stalking her. she's suing michael barrett and marriott hotels blaming them both for the naked pictures all over line. >> i was screaming that i was naked all over the inrnet and i didn't know what it was. >> she just always has that monkey onn her back
5:52 am
>> video recorded eight years ago and despite andrew's best efforts, she says they are still on-line. voters making a disturbing discoveryinside a yacht. >> what was found inside that's believed to have been drifting at sea for two decades. an important safety alert you need to know about after a man is accusedf peeping into a family's window, and then the creepy act that cameras caught him doing. things look pretty clear at this moment but, as we know, that can change in a moment. constance jones watching that here for you all
5:53 am
5:54 am
updates. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? disturbing discovery. captain of a yacht found mummified. he hadn't been heard
5:55 am
but an autopsy will have to be determined to find out how long ago he died. cuban annual cigar festival attracted buyers and cigar enthusiasts from around the world. despite severe weather shrinking the country's tobacco crop, they expect the festival to be extremely lucrative. the u.s. trade embargo still limits the amount of tobacco products that can be imported. edward buyers, jr., honored after putting his life on the line during a mission to save an american doctor who had been abducted in afghanistan. he shielded the doctor with his own body saving the lives of several teammates and hostages as well. what an honor and so thankful for people like him who go out there and do the work. real life rosy the
5:56 am
>> officials honoring eight women who worked at the richmond shipyard during wld war ii. these women represent a time when women's lives took a dramatic shift. the standg ovation for them is deserved. a man caught by a homeowner surveillance camera. you've got to see this. >> what he was doing while watching that makes this an even more important safety alert. it's going to creep you out but parents, you need to know about this coming up at 6:00. two suspects are still on the run this morning after two different stolen cars. an update you need to
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local 10 news. new at 6:00 a peeping tom is on the run but you're going to be shocked at what he was caught doing. we're going to give you a closer look. you you may know who these guys are. super tuesday showdown. presidential candidates getting ready for the biggest day in the primary elections and some already headed to
5:59 am
plus heading home today. we're following an amazing astronaut's journey home after he lived in space for nearly a year. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. that's why he put on that gorilla suit he have day. he's going bonkers up in space. >> man, we have been confined to great weather. man, it feels great. >> thanks for this nice changegejulie durda. >> no problem. we are seeing comfortable conditions. temperatures in the mid 60s. we are seeing some cloud ver out there. don't worry those clouds are not producing wide-spread precipitation. we did see isolatete showers over ft. lauderdale beach earlier this morning. that light breeze could transport some showers in from the western atlalaic.
6:00 am
there is a boss physical - -- possibility of showers. so with the winds moving off the ocean again, we can't rule out a chance of i shower. the atmosphere is relatively dry thanks to high pressure. it's going to continue to warm us up. i'll have more on that coming up. constance, how a2e the roads? >> roads are great. the past hour and a half we have been accident-free, no accidents at all to talk about. we have some congestion if you're traveling off the i and sterling road. things are beginning to clear up just a little bit. some slowdowns since it's at 6:00. you need a lot of folks heading into work. we have reports of a broken down car though. if you're traveling north on the i on the approach to pembroke road. that's where the car is well off to our shoulder. those speeds clocking in at 66 miles per hour. also another friendly reminder, you didn't hear it yesterday, the venetian causeway is now


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