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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> dirty dining had more than 100 violations and turns out that number just the beginning yet still open for business. >> and together again. why d-de were working out side by side today in miami.her very own relative. >> and tonight, for the first time, talking about the destruction and being reunited with her infant daughter. andrew perez is live in fort lauderdale with one emotional interview. >> reporter: laurie and calvin, speaking with the mother we saw tears of sadnessssnd also tears of joy. she has her baby back. her baby is safe and sound. that's what's most important here.
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own flesh and blood, is here in jail behind me. the baby safe and sound in the arms of her mother asleep with tears rolling down the mother's face. >> danger is seconds away. you would never know. >> that feeling of losing her child kidnapped at gunpoint. >> i just woke up to a dark figure and shadows. >> has your baby? >> i don't know. they came and put a gun in my face and said they wergoing to kill me. >> and then it's 14th court in broward county's roosevelt gardens. the two month old was`taken and the amber alert issued. then stephanie st. augustine and 14-year-old relative who investigators say helped. >> i pr for her.
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the baby was found abandoned but fine. all the way to orlando. spoken with her cousin since trying to understand why. >> for me to put the family in danger and put me in danger and my kids in danger, something is wrong. and -- >> and you were saying that? >> she told me sorry.>> well, there you have it! just sorry! that's clearly not enough. says augustine told her she had susuered a miscarriage and that that's what was troubling her so much. augustine was at the home earlier that night, by the way. she le and then all of this happened. police were unable to find her, to get in touch with her. that's how they started honing in on who they were looking for and also that kent's 7-year-old son witnessed this kidnapping as well. live in fo lauderdale news. >> and the late night traffic alert and the live look at the southbound lanes on i-95 apoaching hollywood boulevard. you can see all of the brake lights there and fhp telling us
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ramp to hollywood boulevard d that is causing this big backup here. no word on when that ramp will re-open. >> laurie: developing news out of opalaka. they've located the lexus in connection to the death of king carter. 18-year-old leonard adams, 17-year-old irwin pester and another. police say the 3 were shooting at someone at a nearby apartment complex. ki, o was on his way to buy candy, was killed in the cross fire. >> and the great grandmother of king carter witness to yet another shooting that left a man dead in northwest miami-dade. the sheeters near northwest 27th and the grandmother described the moment s heard those shots ring out. >> i heard about 4 and i said oh, lord! that i'm so tired of these
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it hurts my heart! >> police have not released anymore information and no arrests have been made. >> a teen accused of posing as a doctor and we were there e in one of the paem beach with the latest. >> reporter: the teen is acacsed of writing several bogus checks to pay off his debt. one check writn for more than 29,000 dollars to pay off a car load. now the checks were written just weeks apart including one christmas. a day after turning himself into the sheriri's office robinson walked out of jail. with his head lowered, the team waved off questions and cameras facing. deputies say it stemfrom the same 86-year-old woman malachi is accused of selling fake vitamins to treat severe e stomach pain. the sheriff department said he
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the woman writing checks to pay off car loans and two credit cards. >> i think we lose sight of who he is. he's an year old. he's now 19 years old. he was 18 years old at the time. >> reporter: the teen made national headlines last month when he opened a medical clinic and was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. the grand theft charge is the latest chapter in the bizarre story that included malachi taking issue with what was said about him. >> i am deeply sadded and a little disrespected by some of the thing that is have come forth. >> are you in big trouble? >> i'm sorry, i'll have to cut this interview short. >reporter: he later walked out of an interview with good morning, america, when presse about him. >> reporter: a knock at malachi robinson's west palm beach home went unanswered. then quote, robinson gave me a physical exam by checking my temperature using a digital thermometer.
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diaphragm on my upper back and on top of my bra stating my lungs were clear. that deputy was treated at the medical plaza just behind me. he claimed he was a doctor of homio pathic medicine, a claim that turned out to be faith. the mental examination and was allowed to leave on supervised release. carlos suarez, local 10 news. >> and sewage sent spewing on the hollywood street. the bypass line on johnson street and north 31st street while crews worked on the nearby sewer pipe. the metal ramp placed over that line so drivers could pass over it but the weight of ththcars caused the line to break open. at last check the break has been contained and that line will be reinforced with the moing commute. >> and a truck overturned trapping a man underneath.
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ask 50i69 75. all liance were block -- i-75. all lanes were blocked. both crews worked to free the driver but the victim had to be cut out of the wreckage. he was alert and conscicis when air lifted to broward health. it's not clear yet what caused the mp truck to overturn. >> laurie: a south florida man arrested in connection with the south carolina gold heist last year. the theft of 4.9 million dollars worth of gold bars happened one year ago this week. police say 46-year-old alberto perez was arrested in that heist. but haven't said how. perez's sister-in-aw isn't so sure. >> if that's true i don't see how with the type of vehicle he owns. it doesn't add up. >> two men identified themselves as police fore stealing all that gold. perez is the second south floridian to be arrested en connection with th crime.
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tuesday and ben carson signals an end to his candidacy. the one time gop front runner says he sees no path forward after yesterday's contests. >> laurie: in the meantime it's looking more and more like the election will be a clinton-trump fair. now more on the race for the white house. rep that's what clinton and trump think tonight. their competitors think otherwise. >> we have an important night in your state. i'm looking forward to that debate. are you looking forward to the debate? >> reporter: republican senator marco rubio may have only won a single state in the super tuesday contest, but he is in michigan, ready to spar, after casting s own early ballot for the florida primary less than 2 weeks away. rubio's competitor has momentum after his win in his home state of texas. >> i am a unifier. >> still, donald trump and hillary clinton each winning 7 states cementing their positions as the front runners of each of their parties. trump laying out for the first
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reform plan. clinton headlining e star studded who with jamie fox and even eltknow john. but her competition bernie sanders is back on the trail, too, proclaiming he's not going anywhere. there was one casualty after super tuesday. dr. ben carson telling gop supporters he sees no path forward in his campaign. >> he's been out there workrkg respect for him. >> reporter: and that was republican governor john kasich who won zero states last ght. he said he's focusing on michigan and his home state of ohio. meanwhile former gop nominee mitt romney ixpected to make a speech about the president of the race tomorrow. stay tuned, laurie, to find out what he might have to say. >> laurie: so many ears on that one. janine, thank you. a dangerououheist caught on camera. a total of 10 burglars seen walking into this houston store
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the doors off the shop rly tuesday morning. more than 40 guns were taken assault rifle. and these thieves were in@and a minute. a man air lifted to the hospital after being rescued near the bahamas. reportedly experiencing chest pains while on the fishshg boat. he was flown to the hospital in nassau and is instable condition. >> calvin: the thieves stole these birds right from their cage. one of the birds is apparently worth $2,000 and been with the family for more than 30 years. the bird's owner getting emotional when she noticed it was missing.
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and d heard the guy barking. optima. >> calvin: there still hasn't been a sign of the altima or the two suspects, but one of the birds escaped and was recovered. >> laurie: over the past few months wrong-way collisions seem to have become a regular florida highways. more than 100 people died last year alone with the latest coming just last week. well tonight local 10's erica shows us how to put the brakes on the wrong way wrecks. >> it's devastating consequences. his son, brian, who hasn't woken up since december 13th. >> and waiting for a miracle. >> another never made it to the hospital. >> and was still here. >> the brother and sister hit head on by 24-year-old franklin chavez who troopers say was
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lanes near the southwest 8th street exit. they were on the way to the airport, carmen flying to new jersey for orientation. she would never walk off that plane to her waiting dad. >> from that moment my daughter don't come and the plane, my life changed. >> reporter: these life-changing moments for the families of more than one00 killed in this -- 100 killed in our state like that last year. troopers give us exclusive access. shutting down an exit ramp on the saw grass expressway to show you what's in place to stop these crashes from happening in south florida. >> there is the lights flash and continuing to see the red reflectors. >> the sample road exit ramp, one of 15 between the saw grass and turnpike extension with this technology. sensors activate these signs. the camera snaps a picture and troopers are notified. so far where they are, they're working. in the past 16 months, 22 people, 22.
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the wrong way turned around. one man made it past the warning sign. he crashed into another car head on and died. the system is nowhere on 95. the warning wasn't there to save brian. to save carmen and their mother. >> the chance of not surviving is 120% you will die in a wrong-way crash. >> reporter: that's where this man comes in. >> this is when we consider part 2. >> reporter: he came up with this system. >> once the signs light, we'll have the cords come across the ground and 8 across the road to block the roadway. >> he's dedicated the rest of his life to saving others. >> if i told you i don't walk around with a heavy heart, i'd be lying to you. >> reporter: at 21 years old marisa and her best friend were killed in a wrong-way crash heading home in coral springs.
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tragedy. >> reporter: marisa's way foundation came to life the very next morning. this infrastructure top priority. >> so it's invaluable. >> his other calling he calls divine intervention and this man agrees. >> kind of like brothe and we're here for the support of him and his father and we're here healing each other. >> working to right wrong-way crashes. >> let's get out the shovel and get more of these things on the road. >> the manufacturer of the positive ice and he's now working g setting up a model to be tested with real carc. another device a lost you always suggest, every time we cover these crashes are spike strips such as ththe in rent car parking lots. i got hold of this analysis from the state outlining why
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strips on the highways would not work. they list 10 reasons. i poed this on our website to check out. it's local erica rako, local 10 news. >> laurie: thank you. and we found out the same system is being tested in tampa, tallahassee, and in pensacola markers that light up were installed and local 10 officials are told they're studying how effective other technologies would be. >> calvin: tonight a special dirty dining that outraged many in south florida after we exposed a restaurant with 110 violations. the owner told us by phone since he waordered shut, things have been fixed and are great but our local 10 investigator found at's very far from the truth. >> no cameras. >> no cameras what? >> first of all don't touch the camera. 110 violations? it's the worst inspsption we've seen in a long time. that was back in january. kevin who owns china buffet at
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to talk to us about his 110 violations. but today we were back again. >> need to talk to kevin. >> okay. not here. >> reporter: can you call m? >> not here. sorry. don't. don't touch my camera. i said don't touch my camera. better? >> reporter: kevin wasn't here. state records show since being ordered shut back in january, inspectors have been here 9 times! china buffet was ordered shut again february 4th, 74 violations were found then. on february 22nd, another 86 violations were found. many repeat violations. > why is the place not getting any better? >> reporter: in fact if you add up all the violationsnshere are 518! from insects in the kitchen and objectionable odor in the establishment, equipment coated with grease and food debris.
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>> no, no, no. no camera. >> reporterz when we came in we found fish sitting on the filthq floor. no one could tell us what was in this sink in the dish washing area, but it stunk. there was also a foul odor coming from thth bathroom in the kitchen that was full of standing w wer that smelled like sewage. why is this place alalwed to stay open and serve you food? in the past the florida a department of business and professional regulation has told local 10 news they work with restaurant owners to get them into compliance. that it's really not their job to shut places down permanently. but in this case? we sent an e-mail to th department of business and professional regulation askikg that very question. we haven't heard back yet. but you now know the track record here and what continues to go on behind the kitchen door. jeff, local 10 news. >> calvin: jeff, thanks and remember local 10 news made it easy to see any restaurant inspection statewide right on
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just download our free restaurant inspection app by searching restaurants florida in the app store. >> laurie: in the follow-up file we're now two weeks away from voters decide whethering whether to build a new hotel in miami beach and it's stirring up debate. those in favor say it's a no brainer. all 400 million dollars to pay for the hotel is gointo be put up by the hotel deveper. no cost to taxpayers. those opsed say it's too big and bulky and could create traffic problems in the area.. >> love the city of miami beach. i want it to be successful. >> the 800 room hotel in the center and the heart of our island? it's just too risky. it is too big. it's too much. >> the vote will take place march 18th. they require 66% approval to be built. >> and a ride at a broward equestrian center collapsing from a heart attack but a fellow rider thinking fast and
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reunion filled with gratitude. our victor has more. >> reporter: jumping lessons with his wife nina. just aftft he had the scare of his life. >> i was sitting next to the ring and i don't remember anything beyond that. >> reporter: he was in cardiac arrest at the pinehollow equestrian center. thankfully trainer megan green was nearby. >> i was scared and didn't know what to do and just reacted. and on the road and start compressions. >> she continued cpr until paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital. >> they immediately induced the coma and did not expect me to live through the night. >> but rick would pull through. >> it is an honor for the city of parkland city commission. >> so wednesday y night the city commission recognized megan for her life-saving actions. >> and she breathed into me and that's what saved my life. >> we can't comprehend. >reporter: rick still doesn't ow what triggered his heart
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how this could have ended. >> as crazy as i am, i don't have brain damage and i'm here to be able to speak to you. >> so thquestion is will he get back on his horse? 2 weeks off and he was out riding again. in parkland, victor, local 10 news. >> calvin: talk about counting your blessings! >> laurie: a blonde beautiful angel. way to go, megan. we'll take you to the set of the much anticipated big screen version of "baywatch." >> reporter: i'll will manso. a pair of friends work it out in miamimi not a big deal unless they happen to be dwayne wade and lebron james. >> it was a perfect beach day. temperatures reaching the lower 8080and many of your neighborhoods. chief meteorologist betty davis. let you know how we'll round out the week. the forecast is next. >> okay, betty, thanks. and after a year in space the american astronaut is back and
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>> laurie: astronaut scott kekey is back after nearly a year in space. kelly spent 340 consecutive days in space. more than any other american before returning home. been there a long time so i lolk forward to leaving but at the same time it's a magnificent place and i'll miss it. mixed emotions i guess. >> one of the most amazing facts is he's slightly taller thanks to the lack of gravity compressing his pine while in space. he's also aged slightly slower than he would have normally thanks to the speed of the space station. >> calvin: a famous leading lady joined the cas@ of the upcoming bay watch movie in boca raton. the movie based on the hit shows. today the duo was joined by another star. she's gorgeous. brianne, a former miss world
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is now the star of abc's hit show "quantico." . the film set to hit theaters may of 2017. >> the question sell pamela anderson be in it? >> probobly not unless it's a cameo. >> betty, are we talking bikiki weather this week? >>ity bity bikini weather. when the teteeratures hit the low 80s if you have the body for it. 74 in key y west and 74 in miami and fort lauderdale with the winds light and variably. we are finding clouds streaming in and out with cloudy skies reported but not enough to mess up the night. just such a fantastic day on the satellite and radar imagery with high level clouds streaming in from the gulf of
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come in as a very waning cold front pushes through. it's on the way to fizzling out and we won't note a lot of weather changes for the area as we lolook ahead to tomorrow. already we'ring the next moisture system and bumping into cooler and cocolder air around chicago and some snow showers to track and moving associated with it and pretty far removed by tomorrow. with the clouds streaming in that's still a possibility but on the way to another rm day and warm, too, on friday and it's so weak it, too, won't deliver a big punch of cold air in our direction so even friday will feel like spring. so the banner beach day on the way for tomorrow. the rip current risk is low. we'll start the day with the temperatures in the 60s and by
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82 for frfriday and the afternoon high and saturday morning a little cool and a nice day with the tempmpatures in the upper 70s. by the afternoon monday near 80 and tuesday likewise rain chance remaining low. wawa to remind you your weather authority always here for you. meteorologist julie durda on deck tomorrrr morning. hey, will. >> hey, betty. thanks so much. dwayne wade talks ababout the workout with lebron and the fighting irish gear up for march madness. >> and jimmy kimmel may have madness for you if you stay up later do i have something to show you! >> i do not. >>hey do all that kind of stuff. >> that's really where you know you're a big shot whenyou
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>> i'm a movie star! >> with a great voice, too. here are the play 4 and fantasy 5 and your lotto numbers. we hope you win! >> good evening, south florida! constance jones with the traffic alere. traveling off of a1a, one northbound lane the be closed between parkwood and flamingo avenue and part the long-term construction plan out
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you can get your >> while the heat get ready to face the suns, working out with the ololfriend. that old frfriend lebron jakes. james flew into south florida. what makes this strange to many is soots the mitted of the season. though they had a few days off, they also had a lot of drama of te. wade says, though, from his
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range about it at all. >> one of my best friends and really working out well with the best friends and obviououy going to take hihitime and this is a nice place to come and clear your mind and get away so out here. >> been working out with him for 13 years. >> for the hurricanes basketball team looking to finish strong with two remaining games tonight with notre dame and saturday at virginia tech. if the canes went out it would guaranane least a share of the acc regular season tie. that's big-time stuff. canes ming out that way like big busters. and the team on fire. angel rodriguez giving you a 21-3 lead. angel had 19 points before filing out and the second half
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gain and mclellan with the reverse and 68-50. they can win that share at ast with the regular season title on saturday at virginia tech well, the diamond number 6 canes hosting the hostand collins is the catcher and the hitter, too. hitting not 1 but 2 home runs tonight. canes win 6-2. >> and filling out my bracket!the canes, final 4. can i put them in already? >> reporter: i have them at least in the elite 8 and tempted to put them in the final 4. see how they do in the acc tournament. >> laurie: and this weather. that's the final 4 definitely!
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tomorrow and high temperatures st text1 italics
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live tonight -- morgan freeman -- from "the real o'neals", martha plimpton -- and music from charles kelley -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for coming. i like you already. [ cheers and applause ] hey, here's something i was thinking about.


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