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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 5, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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>> the mystery finally solved with a courtroom confession. >> did you kill tammie myers. >> and the trialof the century. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> the o.j. simpson murder case. the country fixated that the knife could be the missing murder weapon. tonight police casting doubt. still investigate the case that continues to captivate the
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but first the nightline 5. good evening, thank you for joining us. it was a las vegas night turned deadly. a mother shot and killed after giving her daughter a driving lesson. the mystery solved in court today. was road rage really the cause? here's deborah robinson. >> reporter: today in a l revealed. >> did you kill tammie myers? >> reporter: in the case that baffled the nation, it seemed like an instance of road rage. that las vegas mom of four supposedly followed home and gunned down. >> i was screaming and crying saying mom's been shot.
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>> all because of road rage. >> the mother tarktgeted. >> her family destroyed by grief. but was the first story in the headlines. >> apparent incident of road rage. >> the whole story. >> wait, what happened? >> so much of this story has changed. >> a lot more complicated than the first reports of road rage. >> reporter: it's a cool thursday night in america's favorite adult playground, las vegas and the strip is already jumping. but across town near anoer playground in a part of vegas where people actually live. >> she pulls in and she smiles and she's like i don't need you crashing the car. >> 44-year-old tammy myers is giving her daughter crystal her first driving lesson. >> at 10:00 at night? >> i wanted to got night because there's no cars around that you can possibly hit. >> crystal says her mom is teaching her how to change lanes.
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when an impatient driver appears in the rear view. >> i just noticed that he was riding our bumper and he swerves around us and i honked the horn.& >> that honk of the horn, something we have all done would change everything. crystal says the silver car suddenly sideswipes them. >> we had to stop really hard. >> who was this guy? do you know? >> no, i didn't recognize him. >> in a panic they flee the scene but what happens next is a puzzle. everyone agrees that sometime after 11:00 two cars barrel downn to the end of the cul-de-sac where the myers live. that old buick and a four door sedan drin by a mystery man in hot pursuit with the gun. >> you heard the shots. >> yeah i was looking and i heard the shots. >> did you know she had been hit. >> yeah. i was screaming. i said mom's been shot.
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your wife is not going to make it. i told my wife no matter what it tas, i'll find out who did this to you. >> later that morning. >> i'm right here. you know what you did last night, you come here. >> angry bob myers stands before the camera saying there were as many as three killers in that silver car. >> three guys wanted to plow into a mother of four and come back and shoot her and follow her home and kill her. >> by the end of today's newew cycle here's the narrative. >> police say three suspects in a small silver car nearly collided with her green buick. >> as the buick becomes a makeshift memorial tammie myers is a victim in an endless stage of road rage incidents. but before she can have a funeral, she's about to be buried. >> it's like they were murdering her all over again. repeatedly. daily. >> tammy meyers went looking for
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>> betwewe the alleged road rage incident and the shoot out tammy returned home with no one in pursuit and dropped off her daughter and instead of dialing 911 picked up her son brandon armed with a gun and went back on the road. >> she tells her 15-year-old daughter to wake up her son who was in bed and have him come outside and get in the car with her so they can find who frightened them while they were on the roadway. >> so what's brandnd's story? says his mother was convinced that road rager was headed to the house to make good on his death threat. >> she said someone is trying to kill us. we need to go now. why don't w w call 911. >> you said let's call 911. she said we n%ed to get away from the house. they're trying to hurt us. >>e and his mom go back to where the road rage incident occurred and find nothing. but then just as they make that right turn by the junior high school he says they spot a silver car. >> boom, right here in front of us.
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>> it was literally right here in front of us. >> things would escalate leading to the shoot out with both brandon and the mystery shooter exchanging more than 20 rounds. but the exact how and who of the incident still puzzles the police. that is uil this woman picks up a phone. >> you call the police. >> i felt that i had to. >> were you conflicted? >> absolutely. >> i still am even sitting hehe. >> caitlyn shared her story exclusively with abc news telling us that around 3:00 a.m. the night tammie died she got a call from her good friend, now 20-year-old eric, a pot dealer and wannabe rapper in the instagram photos. it was i need to come over. something important. >> how did he sound? >> shooken up. >> when he arrives at caitlyn's apartment he tells her he thinks he just shot a rival drug dealer in his neighborhood. >> the first words out of his
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>> then he showed you something? >> yeah. >> he emptied his backpack and pulled out his gun and extra clcls for the gun. days later caitlyn says she pieces together the details when she was reading a article about the shooting. >> i didn't even finish the article before i got up and called. >> called? >> the police. >> she makes a wrenching decision to turn inn her friend. he doesn't surrender when police show up at his house setting off an hours long standoff. right now we are in the tactical phase of attempting to take a suspect into custody. >> he finally gives up. >> you guys think that i did something -- >> tells police during his terrogation that on the night of the shooting he was in the park across the street mistaking her circling car for rival drug dealers out toet him. >> i really thought these were the guys that have been
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he says he hid and asked a friend to pick him up at the park to help him get away and then when they crossed path with tammy'ssuick he opens fire thinking he's protecting his family. >> and i iust started shooting them. >> he gave saves his biggest surprise for last telling police meyers is not only one of his neighbors. he knows her. >> my intentions was to take someone thatt was going to harm my family. not tammy. >> the stunning relationship is confirmed for the first time with bob meyer's addresses the press. >> my wife spent countless hours at the park consoling this boy. she fed him. she gave him money. up. >> a big question still remains. who was driving the car whe tammy meyers was shot.
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to derrick andrews. owner of a silver audi that looks like this car in the security video. today they're side by side once again entering a plea deal. >> someone of the reasons you're pleading guilty to this charge is in truth and fact you are guilty of the charge. >> yes, your honor. >> pleading guilty to second degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. and the dririve of that silver car, derrick andrews pleading guilty to accessory to murder and voluntary manslaughter. >> did you know a shooting had taken place. >> yes i did, your honor. >> with that knowledge you drove him away from the scene of the crime? >> yes i did, your honor. >> it's a day bob meyers has long been waiting for. >> we're going to miss a great woman, great wife, great mother, great person. that won't be over for us. but the part of thisill be. we can start the healing process.
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new possible evidence in the o.j. simpson case had the nation frenzy today. 20 years later america still transfixed by a baffling murder trial and missing weapon. now another twist in the long running o.j. simpson saga. >> today the o.j. simpson media circus was back in full force. >> o.j. simpson.
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>> earlier this morning the lapd saying it was in possession of a knife possibly connected to the murders of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. >> that item has been recovered by robbery homicide investigators and it's been treated asas we would all evidence. >> suddenly it was 1994 all over again. >> news crews started jock i caing for prime real estate here on rockingham avenue and just a they did 22 years ago started lining up their satellite trucks right here in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the united states. >> an lapd officer now retired was handed that knife by a construction worker near the o.j. simpson property in the late 1990s. police say he held on to it for 18 years. >> do you believe the story. >> at this point we have to take it at face value. >> right from the beginning there were speck ticks. >> thihi may just be nothing.
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knife brought the so-called trial of the century front and center yet again. >> let's go to a picture in los angeles. >> it was over 20 years agatha 95 million people watched the police chase o.j. simpson's white bronco down the freeways of los angeles. five days earlier o.j.'s ex-wife nicole simpson and ron goldman were found brutally murdered. the murder weapon was never found. >> there was a white sheet over nicole and all i remember is my mom saying, that's my kid. >> devastating. he was always a good kid. fun, he had a good sense of humor. >> o.j. simpson was arrested and ied for their murder. no details seemed to have been overlooked. the prosecution insisting there was an overwhelming amount of forensic evidence connecting simpson to the crime scene. his blood and dna at the murder scene along with a size 12 shoe print o.j. size and his blood in hisp bronco and in his bedroom a
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blood but the bloody glove found at the scene of the crime, it didn't fit. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> but 13 years later. >> we were just robbed at gun point by o.j. simpson. can you send police here please. >> he was found guilty of a different crime and is serving a 33 year sentence in a nevada prison for robbery and kidnapping. he is eligible for parole next year. >> o.j. simpson could confess tomorrow in detail about exactly how he committed the murder and he still couldn't be retried because of double jeopardy. >ver the years the simpson trial has never been far from our collective consciousness. kato lived in o.j. simpson's guest house and was a key witness in the tria >> what time was it when you got your food?
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barbara walters. >> in your opinion do you think that j. murdered nicole and ron goldman? >> i i my opinion, yes, i think he's guilty. >> and now even a hit tv tv miniseries airing on fx. the people versus o.j. simpson. >> i'm not a bad person. >> cuba gooding jr. starring as o.j. simpson. >> i told them i have nothing to hide. what do have to hide. >> and marsha clark played by sarah paulson. >> we have a warrant for this man's arrest. >> the families of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman did not give up. they sued him in civil court. >> i could have touched her neck. >> what do you mean you could have touched her. this was aviolent episode, wasn't it? >> yes it was. >> he was forced to answer the questions he did not answer in the criminal trial. these are deposition tapes aired on the a&e documentary.
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>> no. >> did you ever hurt her?- >> yes. >> did you ever physically hurt her? >> yes. >> he spent days hammering at the relationship with nicole. >> you caused scars on her face, didn't you? >> that's incorrect. >> eventually simpson admitted to hurting nicole but wouldn't say how. >> you never hurt your wife either correct. >> no, i hurt my wife, yes. >> you never struck her with your hands. >> i never punched h yes. >> ever bruise her. >> yes. any marks that's on her i take full responsibility for. i don't know what else you want me to do. >> why. >> because i shouldn't have handled the situation the way i did. >> the goldman family won in civil court and were awarded $33 million. money they say simpson never paid. >> zero from the judgment. he has never paid one single penny. >> late tonight, law enenrcement
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initial investigation shows the knife found on simpson's property is not the murde weapon. although they are still doing testing to confirm. over the years investigators tell us they have checked out up to 150 knives. none of them connected to the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. for nightline, in los angeles. >> and next, from the international stage singing hips don't lie, to the big screen. shakira's new animated adventure in "zootopia." driving out on the open road together is great... but i think women would agree, getting home... to cuddle up with their man is nice too. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain
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finally totoght, you may know this star singer from the stage. now shakira is lending her voice in an entirely differ way. tonight what she has in common with her animated self. here's rachel smith. >> she's an international pop star topping the music charts with hits like hips don't lie. >> and the w wld cup anthem. and now shakira is proving she'll try anything voicing gazell in the animated film zootopia. >> put your paws up. >> my son is 3 years old and i caught him singing the lyrics and i was so surprised because i never taught him. he absorbed them. i don't know when. but he was repeating them and he
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>> "zootopia" brought to you by our parent company disney brings you all sorts of animals together in harmony with a message of inclusion and acceceance. shakira's character is no surprise, a pop star. >> what input did you have in bringing your character to life? >> well, when the directors and thth producers showed me meme gazelle i said she was oo fit. i said you got to put some meat on the bones. >> that's my girl. >> i love the post you put on instagram. who wore it better? >> i wore it first. >> between film projects like this one and her family shakira hasn't had a lot of time for her music. but she says she'll be back in the studio soon. >> might your studio album be in the works? is this something that you're working on in 2016? >> yeah.
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i've been operating amomo pass pacifiers and diapers and bottles lately but it's been healthy for me to take a little bit of distancf from my career for a year and a half and now i'm read do make more music and now i'm dreaming about coming out with the best album of my career. that's what i would like. >> i'm rachel smith in orlando. >> and you can go see "zootopia" in theaters now. thank you for watching. tune into good morning america tomorrow. as always we're on nightline
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have a great weekend. >> we begin tonight with a safety alert. a girl runnings foreifer life and that has kids and parents at a pompano beach neighborhood on edge. >> anchor: and it has police looking the ever the driver of an suv before he strikes again. local 10 live now with our top andrew. >> you know you watch that video, and you can see this girl just running for her life. you have to imagine what is doing on in her head. this attack happening in broad daylight, a busy area where you would expect something like this to happen, now police are upping the anti-offering a cash reward. >> 13, this girl is seen running away in fear, the driver police are looking for isn't far behind her, detectives believe the man
1:07 am
kidnap the teen, minutes beforeshe seems sprinting past a day carere that's creepy. >> students we saw walking home from school say this makes them uneasy, and some are taking precautions. >> walk with other people. and have something with you. at least. >> what business do you have with a child. >> residents say they are concerned this die was so bold, to approach her in broad daylight, wednesday, she was walking home passing pompano beach high schoolhen deputies say the driver in this tan suv, possibly an explorer called out to her. she ignored him, but in a bold move he stopped and gout of of the vehicle. the girl said he grabbed her by the waist, and tried to ll her in. she pushed back, screamed and she bolted right away. >> does this guy look familiar? is. >> his image being posted by law enforcement. they say this girl made all the right moves and likely saved her


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