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tv   Local 10 News Saturday 11PM  ABC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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give him credit that possession, guarding the point guard with the clock dwindling down, got level. closed out, contested. beautiful defense by howard. >> mike: we've seen the last several -- that's a critical miss right now. we've seen wild comebacks recently. >> mark: so you can do it. this is agagast a pointnt guard to close out a possession. that's outstanding defense. you've earned the right to trot back offensively. >> mike:104-97. the bulls have led the entire@ second half. most of it by double figures. gasol stripped by beverley. picked up. another turnover. 25 turnovers now for chicago.
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puts up a three-pointer. way off. rebound comes out to moore. >> mark: bad shot by harden. let him off the hook. >> mike: dunleavy quick three. too strong. >> jeff: that's a bad shot too. >> mike: early on the shot clock, harden goes back door, gibson guarding him on the perimeter as we hit a minute remaining. harden drives, step pass to howard, howard out of bounds. 19 turnovers for houston. >> jeff: i think the betr play there is to throw it up to howard. as gasol comes to help, instead of trying to find them with the bounce pass throw it up. >> mark: having moore handling the basketball tells me thth derrick rose is not 100%. >> mike: fred hoiberg calls timeout before the double-teamam converges. we'll take a break.
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chicago. >> mike: bulls trying to close this out. they have possession, up by 7. houston was down 18 earlier in the period. now trying to get back as the rockets currently in the@ 8 spot in the west. because detroit lost earlier tonight, chicago now tied for 8
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chicago 22 games left counting tonight. houston 21. both these teams trying to turn around what's been difficult seasass and get into playoffs and make some noise in the post season. dunleavy has to call time. violation. we'll take another break. since when did experience become something to hide? i say we own it. lose all that netivity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose thoseerrible black balloons they give you on your 50th. what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the greatatbenefits of membership. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarar then you don't know "aarp".
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>> mike: houston rockets tonight starting a five-game eastern swing including in toronto where the raptors have been unbeatable recently. then philly, boston and charlotte as they try to secure a playoff spot. oks like they're going to fall short here tonight with 44.4 remaining. >> jeff: boston's been great at home. arlotte is playing outstanding basketball. >> mike: howard will guard the inbound. 11 on the 24. >> mark: with moore, you got to find a way to create an open. >> mike: dunleavy lobs it in. knocked away. another turnover. beverley across the lane, kicks it out in the coshrner. fakes, fires three, hits.
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chicago will inbound again. houston will not give up. to their credit, keep coming back every time you think this one is over. >> jeff: it's not the penalty. it's side out of bounds. have to have ways to get t ball in. sets to get the ball inbounds. >> mike: howard making the pass difficult guarding the inbounder. >> mark: you also have to have guys who want to go get the basketball. >> jeff: that's more important. >> mike: rose breaks free. they get it to mirotic. fires a wild pass, gets to gasol and gasol is fouled. >> jeff: if howard had hustled, that ball would have been right to him. instead he's trotting. dwight howard just slowly
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that's his ball. >> mike: howard has fouled out. that's his 6th foul. gasol will go to the free-throw line. the turnovere, 26 for chicago, 19 for houston. howard fouls out for the third time this season with 8 points, 12 rebounds. gasol trying to wrap up a marvelous game, not only those 24 points but he's got 16 boards and six more assists.
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throw attempt. two important free throws there for gasol. back to asix-point game. timeout houston. 106-100, bulls in front, rockets ball when we come back, no more ward. sweetheart, don't look at me like that, it's gonna be amazing. this is a disaster! who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut, morons. if you treated your tablet like greasy fast food treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious
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made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics.... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. >> mike: it's been a rough stretch for the bulls as they've dropped four in a row and 8 in 18 in the last 26. here's their schedule coming up. against the bucks on monday and a quick one-game triri to texas in san antonio, miami at toronto at washington. after tonight 21 games left but derrick rose continues to play li this, jimmy butler now back, pau gasol, allhree of them having strong games tonight with the exception of turnovers,
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ariza asking for some room as gibsbs trying to deny. inside to harden. harden launches it up. misses, gasol the rebound. fouled by capela. rebound number 17 for pau gasol. >> mark: mike, this is why you love the warriors or you love the spurs. they don't make the same mistakes that everybody elsee makes. it does not matter who's on the floor. they compete at a high level. they execute. they have fun and they ho each other accountable. there's a reason why those teams have a small amount of losses during the course of a long season. >> mike: for the rockets i i has been so inconsistent. this game a perfect example, as gasol hits another.
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six assists. he's got seven turnovers though. james harden has nine turnovers. the two teams combined 45 turnovers. now an 8-point lead. bickerstaff calls timeout. some of the fans heading out of the united center which was packed once again. got a game tomorrow on abc. the sunday showcase presented by bbba compass, golden state warriors at the staples center ainst kobe bryant and the lakers. coverage begins with countdown at 3:00 eastern. the warriors' historic run just continues. 55-5. just incredible. so many road games --excusee, so many home games to finish,
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broken, set by the chicago bulls in '95-'96. 72 wins. it is within reach. those bulls won 72 and the next year they won 69. timeout called as the rockets couldn't get it in. rockets now out of timeouts. how are you doing, jeff? >> jeff: i'm doing fine. wow. >> mark: the interesting thing, no team has ever gone undefeated at home for an entire season. spurs are still undefeated at homeme
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'95-'96 at home? >> mike: indiana. >> jeff: did you get them at home? >> mark: we beat them twice. don'n'blame it on the indiana pacers. that's the rest of the league. >> mike: indiana onc and charlotte once. our statistician gets you what you want. >> jeff: trying to think who they had in 95-96. was that larry johnson? >> mike: mugsy? >> jeff: they had a good team. >> mike: inside to ariza. shot clock turned off. they got to shoot quickly. ariza takes a lot of time. puts up a three-pointer. that won't go. harden tips it to himself. harden sets, fires, that won't go. rebound knocked loose. rose comes up with it and can dribble it out now. hopefully theheockets won't foul him.
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the bulls end their four-game losing streak. pau gasol has a marvelous game and the triumphant return of jimmy butler, after missing 11 games he was excellent tonight with 24 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and good defense. derrick rose with 17 and 9. a food-gowin win for the chicago bulls as they move into the 8 spot in the eastern conference and go a game over 500 for the season. butler first game back plays 34 minutes, fouls out for the first time but was excellent on the court. he's with lisa. >> lisa: you fouled out for the fifit time in your career. what was up with that, watching pau gasolrap things up? >> that's me being too thirsty for steals. coach is always telling me to stay solid. i'm glad we won. happy about that. >> how did the knee feel? >> good.
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i need to get back in shape. my teammates have a lot of confidence in me down the stretch. it's a big win. >> you were saying before the game you thought lately your team defense has been soft. how do you think you played defensively? >> we did our thing tonight. in the end, we did what we were supposed to do. >> thank you. congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> mike? >> mike: they improve to 31-30 and moving to the 8 spot in the east. the rockets fall to 31-31. they're trying to hold onto that 8th and final spot as the bulls get another victory here at the united center. final score, the bulls 108, the rockets 100. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer tim, our director jimmy moore and or outstanding abc crew, thanks for watching. up next, late local news except the west coast.
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>> real-time closeb captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> anchor: right now, a big night for two candidates, bernie sanders, and ted cruz, winning
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saturday, we havee a look at the results. >> anchor: donald trump is back in south florida, criticizing cruz and telling rubio to give up. more on what the donald had to say. >> anchor: a search at sea for a man who fell off of a cruise ship. >> and a man accused of shaking down men for money while on the job, and talking only to local ten news. >> live, the one a a only, local ten news, starts right now. >> anchor: and right off the top, super saturday is in the book bernie sanders with two wins tonight. hillary clinton scored one, a commanding victory in louisiana, the state with the most delegates in play tonight. >> anchor: and donald trump and ted cruz coming out with the same amount of wins tonight, let's get right to the numbers. >> republicans, ted cruz started off the night with a big, win, in kansas walking away with half of the vote in tonight's caucus, and a similar story in main, cruz taking the caucus, and in kentucky the votes are still being counted but it is looking
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there, so far he has more than 30 percent of the vote and trump so walks away with a win in louisiana. >> and now to the democrats, bernie sanders busted hillary clinton in the nebraska caucus. and in kansas, rather, another sanders win with 70 percent of the vote there. sanders with a huge lead over clinton, but in louisiana clinton came out on top with the huge lead over sanders with 70 percent of the vote, the results did little to change the delegate map, clinton keeps her significant lead in the race for the nomination. >> the super saturday, show down started off with a big win for senator, ted cruz, the republican swiping voters by a two to one margin in kansas and takingnghe state of maine. >> we are the only campaign that can and well, beat donald trump in this race >> it was a super saturday, from gyms and barns, snaked across locations in kansas, nebraska and louisiana.
11:20 pm
bernie sanders, the democrats securing delegates with wins in kansas and braska. >> we want to make sure that a republican does not go into the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton in michigan touting her victorm in louisiana >> i am grateful for everyone who turned out to support us, but now all eyes,, turn to michigan. >> anchor: saturday's show dowow between clinton and sanders and a democratic caucus in maine on sunday, will set the stage for the debate in michigan and the state will hold the democratic@ primaries on tuesday. now,he reporter, and >> donald trump schedule this at 9:00 p.m., at the trump international golf club in west palm beach, but things did not get started here until a quarter to eleven and let's show you
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if we take you to the live pictures, you can see donald trump there, at the podium. we do understand that it seems as though he wanted to wait until the results of the kentucky caucuses came in. those came in just around 10:30 to 10:40, called by cnn and he came out a few minutes after that and he d win the kentucky caucuses. the republican candidate for president was greeted with cheers from about 100 supporters here in the club's luxury main dining room, confident is thanking the states of louisiana and kentucky where he did win today and making remarks about the future of his rivals for the republican nomination. now let's listen in. >> i want to cgratulate ted on maine and on kansas and he should do well in maine becausese it is very close to canada. let's face it.
11:22 pm
rubio had a very,very, bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> reporter: now before heading to south florida, trump was at this rally in orlando, 10,000 supporters gathered on the university of central florida campus for that. a small group of musli protestors were there, they were removed. now, trump cse to forgo the conservative political action conference instead starting the day at an unplanned stop in kansas although it did little good as trump lost to texas senator ted cruz in their caucus tonight as well as in maine. now back outlive here, you can see things just wrapped up. trump spping down from the podium, after taking several questions froro reporters here. a lot of questions being answered witit his typical, trump karisma and humor and a lot of times taking jabs at as rivals and thehings that we have come to expect from trump after a
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and now, thus far, we do know that hee did end the day with wins in louisiana and kentucky. of course, orida, now a big focus as our primaries are coming up in just ten days. reporting live in west palm beach, leann local ten news. >>nchor: thank you, to a developing story, a man falls off of a cruise trip sailing off the coast, the coast guard now racing to find him. reporter derrick is live in miami beach with an up date. >> reporter: and tonight the u.s. coast guard is promising to continue their search throughout the night but with every passing moment, obviously the hope, dwindling that that man will be find alive, let's take a map at where this all happened. this i i where that cruise passenger went over board, more than 30 miles, off of the coast, and that passenger, identified by the coast guard as 46-year-old, david mosman from texas area and went over board at 3 a.m., as the shipipas
11:24 pm
glades and let's show you the ship that he was on as a passenger, the royal caribbean, navigator of the seas. officials say that he was on the tenth deck when he fell into the water below. but they are still investigating why he fell in. >> as of now there is no reports of him being found, but we are still searching. we have two aircrafts that are searching and the coast guard, searching. and we plan on searching throughout the night. we are doing our very best and we have and we are scanning the area and we have a lot of assets on the scene and doing the best that we can to bring him back home. >> anchor: and tonight, royal caribbean issuing astatement saying that the ship along with the coast guard, looked for the guest, and they were advised that they would bessuming control of the search and the ship resumed the journey to florida, the care team is providing support to the guest's
11:25 pm
prayers are with them. and back out here live, there is littlelenformation about david and who he is as a passenger. we do know that he was t tveling with his mom according to the coast guard. and the moment he went over board, was caught on surveillance camera, on the ship. so that may shed some light on what happened. that is the latest now from the us coast guard station in miami, beach, derrick shore, local ten news. >> anchor: to a one and only, exclusive. we hear from a man who was blackmailed by a miami dade police offer and he is not the only victim, christie las centers accused of pocketing $20,000 at a tgk boot camp and threatened to put t them back behind bars and gambling the money at the hard walk. >> going to get back out to noing. i came here with nothing and i am leaving with nothing. so it is like, it is a lose/lose situation. who knows how long this has been happening g like. and i just went to boot camp in 2010, this could not be happening again.
11:26 pm
that 19 vtims have come forward, lasters facing several charges, including bribery, and she is held tonight on $443,000 bonds. >> anchor: the latest power ball winner reveal, it is not us.. coming up, the winner has collected his prize, and we are hearing from him and what he plans to do with the winnings. >> and coming up here after the break, some showers still showing up on the radar, and clouds still hovering over south florida. we will see more sun for sunday?
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>> anchor: turned into a vacation of a lifetime for a pennsylvania judge, meet james stocless, the winner of this we's $291 million power ball, he was down in the keys with twol friends when they stopped by the store to pick up ice and an lotto ticket. little did he know he would reel in the jack pot. >> i walked in and said boy i wonder what it would feel like to hit a lottery winning because i never win nothing, and i find out today.
11:30 pm
>> i never win either. >> when you win it matters. well hepted for the lump sum, to split with his two friends, each getting $40 million. ironically, his brother claimed a winning that day, his pay out, $7. he is splitting . >> anchor: that is amazing. >> anchor: all right folks it is that timee of year again, the carnival is back in corral gables for the weekend there was plenty of good food and artp lining the streets today and if you didn't get a chance to stop by, today there is tomorrow, and the free event is presented by the club of little havana and there is something for everyone to enjoy and not to mention that you get to meet these fine folks at local ten, this weekend, you are invited to attend the first annual cork and fork at the carnival onlnl mile and it is an amazing dining experience, from the top chefz and there are four delicious, sessions that are going to be offered and you can


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