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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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minute a >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> new tonight, the young girl
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the street during an attempted ask duction is telling us how she managed to get awa >> anchor: and she was walking home after school when thatan made his move. local 10 news reporter live tonight with her story, from pompano beach. anted drew? >> you know, it is just incredible, think about wit a bag full of books this young girl, she fights off an adult, she runs faster than even she thought possibly. she said they are saying her story hopefully somebody can help catch this guy. >> i jt my enstint to run away and scream. >> and it is that quick thinking along with this book bag that life. >> the worst days i didt want to go outside. >> and n? >> i don't like -- i never like walking. >> we aren't showing her face, but surveillance cameras caught the aftermath, this 13-year-old running looking back at times a it is driver of this tan suv. she sayayshe was walking in
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school when the drivestopped and asked her where she was headed. she ignored the stranger, butut says he turned around and parked. before she knew it s says the man in this sketch, grabbed her from behind, but her heavy book back because in the way. >> he grabbeded me around my waist, and locked his fingers around. i was like pulling hi wrists away, and that's when i guess he gave up and i just kept running and he went back to his car. >> she wasanicked. she was scared. >> the 13 o-year-old ran to a relative's house where her aunt was waiting. the teen was in tiered. >> she fought for her life. and she beat him. all we have to do is catch him. >> deputies are searching the evev the car following leads they say this young wcman was brave at finding a strength, even she didn't know she had. >> deputies say she did all the right things. i want you to take one more really good look. he is described as being in his
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think you know him, or have any information,ou are encouraged to call crime stoppers that number 954-493-tips. there is up to $3,0 reward with information leading to an arrest.-local 10 news. >> what a brave girl, thank you. now to the jaw dropping video showing the terrifying moments when a garbageruck careened off an elevated portion of, i 95. local 10 news reporter calling this s story for us tonight live in miami. >>ori, right now the park behind me is closed but when it is open this place is usually packed. this happening dururg the evening rush, so they say it is a miracle that nobody was hurt. when you see the video you will understand whey they say it is a mible he survived. >> it is a point of view you never hope to see. watch as he is at the wheel, veers right and then plowed through a guardrail.
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>> 28 years doing this, i have never seen an accident where on such magnitude where he falls off from a highway on to a park, and survives. >> and i hear a boom. >mith was on the busy southwest 7th street exit ramp, highway above the river and the park. he is not speeding or texting, after seeing the video investigators say he stataed too far over to the left. >> he made contact with the left curb, twice, when he overcorrected. >> he appeared to look out the window as he overcorrected to the right, the as his truck crosses lanes and smashes through then concrete, he is ejected. free falling independently of his multiton truck, for three awful seconds. >> he definitely has very passionate about the work he performs on a daily basis. that's why it is shockckg to see this to take place. >> smith is a 13 year veteran with miami solid waste with a solid satisfactory work record.
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graduating miami northwestern senior high. after the crash, he spent two weeks in the hospil. >> he was born that day. and if he doesn't go to church, he should start going to church. >> now theity of miami is stl looking into this, in the meantime, we are talking about his property damage, and two tickets for him. one for careless driving and the other for not wearing a seat bell. in miami, victor oquendo local 10 news. >> what a miracle. now to a safety alert, a man is now behind bars after offering up a five-year-old candy and then sexually assaulting her. lamont mayweather isis accused of trying to lure the little girl and then touching her in the laundry room of an apartment complex. mayweather is now facing sexual assault. >> thats. >> anchor: right now, three people are facing serious charges in the abduction of a little boy, that triggered an amber alert. they were among those arrested. mesa is dating the boys mother. the boys grandmother was also
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charges for lying to police about the girls whereabouts. the boys mother, 29-year-old, wasventually found with her son in texas. she does not have legal custody. but is now free because there was no out of state extradition order in place. she still faces ab active warrant right here in miami. her one-year-old son is safe and sound, and was transferred back to n n. the abduction was reported saturday in miami. exclusive video of this mazda suv that hernandez was believed to be driving at the time of i don't think logan's disappearance. the suv is now in a miami police impound lot. >> a mother arrested after being found along interstate 35 suspected o o being drunk behind the wheel. but it is what police found in the backseat that is disturbing. carlos swarez catching upp with that mother tonight, carlos? >> calvin, the 43-year-old son was in the backseat of that according to an arrest
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the woman, driving on the rim of one of her wheels for more than ten miles before she finally pulled over. >> please leave me alone. >> we just want your side. >> leave me alone. >> 43-year-old wantete nothing to do with us after bonding out of jail on charged she is unfit to be a mother. >> how is your two-year-old doing. >> just leave my ea loan. >> nothing you want to say. >> leave me alone. >> late monday, her attorney asked a judge to show leniey in light of her past job. >> she has been living here since 2004, she is a former teacher. she is a stay-at-home mom. she does have family here, no money of her own to bond herself out, her husband has to do. >> anchor: thank the highway patrol says she drove several miles on, i 95 north of 595 without one of her tires. it is only when waytrooper
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according to fhp it became clear why she was sitting helpless in her car. the female, had a slurred speech, blood shot and crosssy eyes, her appearance was very disheveled, her front zipper was also down. the interior of the vehicle was also disheveled, paperwork, open food, yogurt poured all over. the two-year-old son was asleep and was not hurt. fhp said she admitted to knocking back two beers during dinner and popping three xanax, the judge agreed she needed help but did not reduce her upon, resisting arrest and child abuse charges. >> i think alcohol treatment would be a great idea, there's nothing stopping her from getting that on her own. >> so court records show she was arrested back in 2009 f. h.p. ys the dash cam captures her failing that test we are live
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>> carlos, thank you, now to a tragic accent, a teenager badly hurt after being struck by an suv, and pinned to a utility pole. the 14-year-old by was walking with his mother in oakland park. and that's when they were hit. police say the driver veered off the roadway and struck the utility pole a witness was left so shaken by what he saw. >> i saw a pole dangling, i saw a vehicle go right into the wall, and i see this woman in the street, and i was in h shock the mother was taken to the hospital, no word yet on her condition, or her son's, police say the drive err was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> coming up tonight, the teenager accused of gunning down a rabbi in 2014, will remain in il without bond, at least for the time being, a hearing earlier today, a a judge delays the decision on whether to offer bond to 15-year-old deandre charles, it means the status of beg jailed remains in place
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decision. he is accused of killing the rabbi back in august of 2014. >> billionaire michael bloomberg says he will not launch an independent run for president. in an essay released today he noted that in a that y race, the no candidate win as majority of votes congress would get to choose the president been bloomberg points out the republican controlled congress would choose trump or cruz. >> but cruz trump, the the other presidential candidates are preparing to yet another batch of primaries tomorrow, there are 150 gop delegates at stake, and mississippi, michigan, idaho, and hawaii. the biggest please is michigan. trump currently hold as slight delegate lead with 389, cruz has 302, and rubio in kassig far behind. cruz will come into tuesday with
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of the four primaries the nishing a close second to trover in the other races. democrats have contests tomorrow in mississippi and michigan. clinton holds d dbt digit polling lees and is expected to win easily in mississippi. clinton has so far dominated sanders in the south, capitalizing among strong support of black vots. >> anchor: preparations are underway to lay nancy reagan to rest. she passed away at her los angeles home sunday at the age of 94. in the nation's capitol flags are at half staff. president reagan died in 2004, one of the last times mr. reagan was seen in public was at a wheelchair at hisrave site on the 10th anniversary of his passing. >> anchor: what a lady, absolutely. a former super star on the
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personal in this case, involving a leak sex tape. >> legendary quarterback says goodbye to the nfl.or the dolphins might say goodbye to a pro bowler, and the fins on the verge of a trade. details of making moves later in sports. >> how is it going out there tonight? i am chief meteorologist betty davis. breezy tempetures in the lower 70's, i will let you know how warm we get tomorrow, the forecast after the break. >> all right, and first, a blockbuster rdict in the erin andrews case involving secretly recorded veo of her maked in a hotel room.
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less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. asasyour doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13 today. >> secret video reported of sports reporter host. showing her naked in a nashville hotel. jurors awarding her the majority of the $75 million wsuit she was seeking late this afternoon. >> a legal victory for erin
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>> $55 mililon correct? >> yes, sir. >> the jury reaching their verdict, and awarding andrews $55 million. >> we a disappointed with the jut come. >> andrews sued her convicting stocker as well as the owners the managers of this nashville marriott, for $75 million. claiming the hotel made it easy for him to get a room next door to hers so he could shoot video of her naked. that video was later posted online and viewed by nearly 17 million people. >> do you believe you will ever get over this? >> no. >> andrews tearfully testified that this incident has cost her lasting emotional scars. >> this could have been stopped. the national marriott could have just called me and said we arere putting this man that requested the room next to you, is this okay, and i would have called the cops and we would have gotten him. we could have stopped this. >> but attorneys for the hotel disagreed. arguing in court, there was no
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what barrett was up to insisting s criminal actions were his responsibility. not theirs. in the end, the jury decided the hotel management company s sred the blame. finding it 49% at fault. >> we believe and we continue to believe that this was not foreseeable. >> well, the reaction so f f from andrews herself came in a tweet, thanking the court, the people of nashville, and the support of her family and friends. >> let's take a look outoside. it is pretty dark, but it i i gorgeous. >> yeah. >> i guess it will get warm for us leading up to the weekend. >> we will see the 80's returning so we may be sweating it out. but you are supposed to sweat, right, kick up a step and break out a little sweat. today we made it into the upper 70's. we have the please going, all
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now, are in two lower 70's and we probably won't lose so many more degrees this model showing we will likely start tomorrow moing, with that breeze you may want a sweater. once that sunshine p pompano beaches back out, it won't be a day where we want a sweater certainln not during the afternoon. the winds are still up, keeping that air moving, therefore we are not expecting to fall off too much. upper 60's probably will rule for many neighbors. high pressure the dominating feature. now centers off the coast, we are caught in the flow aroundthat high. east breeze tonight, it is a southerly please into the plains and that is where we see some rape and storms going still for parts of oklahoma, and texas, and will it be the middle of the country seeing seeing the stormy weather, ahehe of this system that will continue to make more progress towards the east. the high pressure will maintain a grip for the southeast, just
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that dominates our weather tuesday, and into wednesday as well. so yes, that breeze wil continue to be brisk, we are planning on mainly dry conditions over the next 24 to 48 hours, clouds m med with the sunshine, by wednesday, east southeasterly winds and the temperatures get just a touch warmer. you will see the arm wayup we are planning in the seven daman per p if you a headed to the beaches tomorrow, i know a hot of you are in town, maybe on vacation, and you are thinkingdy id pick a good week, but the rip current risk is high. water temperature at 71 degrees, taking the boats out, small craft advisory off miami dade, broward, and the keys. 15 to 20 knots seas running about four to six feet. the pays will be choppy, we will start tomorrow morning as i mentioned in the upper 60's, and then highs make that climb to upper 70's windsds from the east, just a 10% chance for a shower, if we get one, it would come in the form of a shower on the breeze. and the chance of that is so
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and the rain chance only going up to0%, thursday, and fridays, as temperatures start to bounce up.. here come as frontal system on saturday. bringing office better chance for rainfall, hoping to try out by sunday. the weather authority always watching and trafficking, judy gets starting at 4:30. a terrifying site, a cycling pinned and the race against time to get that man free, and to the hospital. we will have the story just ahead. >> anchoho if you want a laugh to start your we, here is jimmy. >> here is a glimpse of what we accomplished because we worked together. >> it is super high i can't reach the ground. >> you have done nothing but complain since we got out here. >> good e ening south florida, it is constance jones, if you are raveling off the dolphin
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hulk hogan took the stand today in a defamatioioscandal.he went to his then friends house for comfort during a messy divorce, and the couple propositions him and then taped the encounter without his permission. >> my gut was telling me that this was off, this was wrong. and my -- from the feeling that i had, you aren't filming this are you, the he just lashed into me.
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>> he suing the wsite for $100 million saying he violated his privacy. >> a round up pinned under a a suv after a crash on las aloes. local 10 viewer sent us this video. he was hit by the suv before he was pinned, the rescuers were able to fre the man by propping up the suv on some wooden blocks. he was then rushed to the hospital, but reportedly in good shape arrested for allegedly driving drunk after she slammed her van into the drive through la at a checkers restaurant. a teen who was taking a driver course nearby used his phone to record that driver. backing into a red safety pole before loming forward and slamming into the building. then taking down a light pole, police were called out, the arrested the van's owner for driving under the influence. >> a bizarre traffic story from houston, with a woman climbed on top of a tractor trailer and began dancing only in her birthday suit.
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the highway, it is unclear if she was involved in the crash, and exactly why she climbed up on top of that truck. the fire ladder truck pulled up to get the woman down. she is now in police custody. will, nothing but the bare facts. >> yep, that's what we have. >> we were getting some mileage out of that one today. you have to wonder. >> you have to wonder a out this to, what the dolphins are up to, on the verge of a big trade. the panthers battling with boston owith a lot of the line, getting physical in sun rise, next in sports. >> but first, here is a look at your cas three, play four, and
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>> the miami dolphins are on the verge of making a big move the fines are finalize also trade that would bring brian max kehl here to sot florida, the trade will also bring linebacker kiko. for the dolphins bring in max that likely means the end of brett grimes time, with the dolphins. if the corner back does not take a pay cut, the dolphins will cut him. calling ate career today, manning thanked by several members of the organization, john elway was the. the stats are amazing over 18 years. over 9,000 passes more than
11:31 pm
that is not to mention every the two super bowl rings. that tied the mvp awards. we can see panther having some fun, with he got hurt, yeah, with the heat mascot ran into him, this is what he tweeted out, said i am okay bernie, even though his knee was wrapped in the picture. to aleksandr, with the assist. third period after trailing 4-1, the cats come all the way back, what an amazing come back, they were dow 4-1, they were left for dead in overtime, here comes boston, with the game winner. the sluggers didn't play in the team spring game today, haven't played in the last one either, all because right now he is dealing with a knee issue, he
11:32 pm
that is the same knee that stanto had chipped removes from back in 2012. lebron james and the cavs at home. the 13th of the all time scoring list. mario chalmers the tear dropper in the lane,ig bucket, memphis, goes in to cleveland, oh, heat on heat crime. beat lebron, 106-103. getting ready for the a.c. tournament to start on thursday. tonight look at this, is he the man or not. tied two out of three, still good, looks ready for one more coach hey.
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>> mario sarapova says she failed a druru test, she tested positive for a sort of performance enhancing drug, no word yet on her status. >> we get started soon, see if she is allowed to play. >> march madness i i here. >> yes. >> shrimp going everywhere. >> how are we looking tomorro (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ere are you? it's very loud there.
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. welcome at a time show, i'm jimmy. i'm host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. welcome to hollywood. and wig news around here, it rained today. there was rain and even hail this morning. either that or justin bieber was pelting our houses with tiny little eggs. but something was happening and i'm glad you made it inside safely. i made a crazy video i want to showyou. there's an app called masquerade. it turns your face io other people's faces. one of the people you can turn into is me. you n swap faces with the person next to you.


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