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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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at least it doesn't feel like 72 degrees even though our temperatures are above average, miami, ft. lauderdale, key west. wind gusts in the 20s. , ft. lauderdale all the way down by the keys. that is again causing dangerous risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. boaters we have advisories as well. breezy and warm as the kids head to the bus stop. mix of sun and clouds expected in the forecast. highs today will rapidly be warming up to the 70s and 80s. only a slight chance of ahower. otherwise mostly dry. hi, constance jones. hi, everyone. we have a crash here off to the distance. there were flashing lights, the sign is covering up but the west-bound drivers, the folks leaving the beach heading to miami, you'll see that accident scene. let's zoom on in and see how things are looki. if you are traveling west-bound it's not affecting our travel speeds. the speeds clocking in at 57 miles per hour.
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early at 5:01 in the morning so it's n going to cause any issues. i-95 northbound at llywood boulevard, we have a crash there reported as well but the story is the same, especially whether it's 5:01. those speeds at 5 miles per hour. the primary results are in, voters in four states making their voices heard. ted cruz and bernie sanders pulled out some upsets. let's take a look at the results. first in michigan donald trump finishes on top with 36 when the 5%, ted cruz in second placewith 24.9% but the big surprise, john k kich, very much in the mix with 24% of the vote. anddn mississippi trump again emerges victorious with 47.3% of the vote. cruz nipping at his heels with 36.3% and way behind j jn kasich ahead of marco rubio. and a shocker inn idaho where ted cruz won with
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trump 45.4% to trumpmp 28.1%. meanwhile rubio with a stronger showing there with 16%. and in hawaii where the caucus results are still coming in this morning,, trump wins there. he earned 42.4% of the vote solidly ahead of cruz at 32%. let's look at the democratic side. bernie sanders with a win in michigan. 50% to 48%. the race in mississippi not nearlys close. mrs. clinton a resounding win, 83% of the vote there headed her way. >> some big surprises in tuesday's results all as bernie sanders and hillary clinton both prepare to square off in another debate and it's rit here in south florida. >> it's going to be held at miami-dade college at the kendall campus just six days ahead of the florida primary. he was welcome with plenty of applause by a relatively young crowd. he spoke about expanding health care in one of his biggest campaign platforms by making
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universities free. birthdays says he will be pushing forward with a progressive agenda. he thinks he's got a good shot of winning. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls. was 25 points down a few days ago, who repudiated the pundits who said bernie sanders is not going anywhere. >> meanwhile former secretary of state hillary clinton was in ohio last night. mrs. clinton doesn't have any events scheduled in florida until the debate tonight. last time the two faced off -- >> we have our differences which you can see when we debate but i'll tell you what, those differences pale in par son to what's happening on the republican side. every time you think it
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they find a way. >> on the republican side donald trump celebrating his big wins yesterday after campaigning in jupiter. he won't be having debate until tomorrow at the university of miami. later today senator marco rubio will be in hialeah. senator ted cruz will be in miami for a rally at miami-dade college's campus there. the florida primary is coming up on march 15th. you can also participate in early votingn both miami-dade and broward counties. for more information head over to our website we have everything you need there. one michigan county yesterday, that county including the city of flint had a shortage of ballots. the county clerk says it's because there were many first time voters hoping to cast ballots for bernie sanders and donald trump. >> midday started coming in that voters were not able to vote immediately. we had a call that said
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two-hour wait at one precinct. >> i seen one gentleman switch his vote from republican to democratbecause he didn't want to wait. >> the issue took center stage during this weekend's democratic debates. >> in other news some people in tamarac are without a home. their condo caught fire yestday. look at the smoke pouring out of the bottom. thankfully no one was hurt in this fire but it is being iestigated. a warehouse fire in pompano beach was so stubborn itrequired three different fire departments just to put those flames out. smoke could be seen coming from the metal manufacturing plant. firefighters say a special product was actually used to put out the fire because water and foam just didn't do the tck. more than 100 employees had to evacuate that building. more than 1,000 body cameras will be coxing to the police department. eir goal to have most of the cameras up and running by the end of the fiscal year. miami-dade police have
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getting body cameras since 2013. >> we were way ahehe of ferguson. it has just taken us a long time to get the procurement, change the law up in tallahassee to protectrivacy and now we're at this point. >> miamimiade police director juan perez says having these cameras will allow police to get evidence of what happens during a a call. he adds officers will face discipline. a viewer called local 10 saying she arrived at her church on pembroke road near southwest 52nd avenue. this all happened last night and she found musical equipment had been stolen. >> we come to open the door, the doors open and we saw the windows is broke, that one in the bathroom and this one here in the back. found out the guy who come in, he broke
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>> a guitar,ixer, all among the items believed to be mixing. an 18-year-old is behind bars this morning accused of robbing two 15-year-olds at gunpoint. that robbery took place at west flagler street. 18 year old man was arrested, you see him right there. the other two remain on the run. they are believed to be between the ages of6 and 18. a american student stabbed to death in a terr attack that left ten others wounded in tel aviv. israeli police say the suspect later shot and killed as he tried to run away. the attack also came as vice-president joe biden was holding attacks with israelel leader shimon perez in tel a av. renowned record producer and musician sireorge martin passed away this morning.
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legendary band to international fame. the news was first broken on twitter by drummer ringo starr. he said george will be missed. minutes later he tweeted is photo of martin and the beatles in a caption that read thank you for all your love and kindness, george. making it worse her toddler was in the back seat. dash cam video you saw first on local 10. it's coming up next at 5:30. an attempted robber gets a bad bak. why this guy should have really checked his rearview mirror. we have more of this video coming up. highs in the lower 80s with some clouds around. some showers could be possible. we're not only going to warm up for the weekend but we'llll lose these strong winds. lots to talk about in the forecast.
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tt2w`tiy %4. bt@q5f( tt2w`tiy %4. "a@q%jl tt2w`tiy %4. bm@q.a@ tt4w`tiy %4." dztq ub0 tt4w`tiy %4." entq %fp tt4w`tiy %4." gzt& > when he pulled a gun on a cab driver but did not check the rearview mirror. take a look. you see the masked man, behind him, see that, blue lightk are going to flick on. a police officer just happened to be right behind that cab. the officer approaches to see the weapon drawn and ends up arresting that bad guy right there on the spot. >> yup, police there at
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well, nothing to police aboutith our weather forecast. we couldn't complain that the temperatures are above average but it doesn't feel that way because of our strong east souou eve breeze. thank goodness for that. enjoy it because this will all change by the end of the workweek and the weekend.. temperature in the low 70s. we should be waking up to the mid 60s. we're about six degrees above where we shohod be at this time. 72 ft. lauderdale. 73 in key west. itit the winds moving in from the east southeast in the wind direction. wind speeds between 17 and 21 miles per hour. and you can see temperatures are in the 70s all across the board from pompano beach, pembroke pines all the way down towards homestead. we're not going to see 60s on this map for quite some time. east wind will continue to move in from the western atlantic feeding in the humidity level. wind gusts reported in the 20s this morning as well. 29 mile per hour wind gusts in ft. lauderdale,20 in homestead, 28 in
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with that said you know that east southeast direction is providing for yet another day of dangerous risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. boaters advisories as well. cloud ver filtering off that east southeast breeze. thwse clouds are stratus cumulus clouds. it's also thanks to high pressure that's drying up the atmosphere in the mid to upper levels. that dry air is sinking to the surface and that high you notice has continued to migrate towards the east. th further east it have gets, the further our winds will start to shift in from the south going into the next few days. that's when we' going to see the winds start to subside. right now there's a tight pressure gradient of high pressure. this system brought three tornadoes over texas yesterday and is going to bring more severe weather. we have more severe weather threat d d to the clash of air masseses. ahead of the front in
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front in the 30s. severe thunderstorms possible embedded in those thunderstorms we can't rule out a chance of a tornado and damaging winds. for us we'll thank high pressure for the contract. acting as a road block keeping the jet stream to the north and storms to the northwest. we'll stay partly sunny and the winds will start to subside for the weekend. highs will be in the mid 80s going into the weekend. don't forget we have to spring forward one hour. we lose that extra hour of sleep tuned morning at 2:00 a.m. calle ocho sunday as well. i-95 non-at pembroke road. we have two thingsoing on. we have construction crews out here. we also have an accident scene. you see all that light, all that mess on@ the screen there. it's going to cause just a little bit of a slowdown for our northbound drivers. miami-dade county an earlier crashtill reported here right off macarthur causeway west-bound on the
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we weren't seeing any delays which is good. the speeds at 65 miles per hour. no major issues there. a n hit and run crash reported on the i, right off the golden glades. if you're traveling southbound right there at the exit ramp for 441, that's where we had that police activity and it looks like at 441 is where those delays are at. those speeds at 19 miles r hour. back to that crash i told you about on the i, i showed you those live pictures. that's i-95 northbound at hollywood boulevava and pembroke road. we're only four days away from calle ocho. >> julie was just talking about this. we hope to see you out there on sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30. you can meet janine stanwood, chririina vazquez, carlos suarez and ben kennedy. >> todd tongen and i and shyann malone will be there. >> there: 30 to four,
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millberg, lee - -- neki mohan and jen correa. we're hoping to see all of our local 10 viewers. calle ocho is a lot of fun. i can't wait to eat. >> the scents wafting from the streets. >> and the coffee. >> i could use it right now. mitt romney, when he took on donald trump you knew there would be reaction from trump's supporters especially on tweeter. >> romney took on those mean tweets on jimmy kimmel with a smile. hear him read the attacks. you don't want to miss this. it's a good o. a live look at our tower cam, you can see
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hump day on the horizon. former massachusetts governor and presidential candidate mitt romney made an appearance on jimmy kimmel live last night and you saw it here on local 10. >> romney talked about speaking out against donald trump. now you can bet he feels some backlash from doing that. >> you've seen the show mean tweets, you've got to listen. >> mitt romney had his chance and blew it. lindsey graham ran for president, got zero, capitalize and now quit. why are they spokesman against me? sad. got zero. the only people i know who got zero are the ones who paid 25 grand to be at trump university. >>reporter: hey there, in today's tech bye, samsung getting great reviews for its new smart phone. >> the smart phones to beat it's called and it
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the edge of perfection. it goes on sale this friday. amazon giving qvc a run for its money. >> if you like the products, buy them by clicking a link. so convenient the show airs live each night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. here's something to make you feel old. >> this latest video showing how today's teens react to windows95. >> so dull and ancient. >> i feel like there's nothing going on, just internet explorer and in-box and all the other stuff, like the basic stuff. >> can you believe it. the teens were baffled by aol dial-up internet. >> those are your tech bytes. >> i know, right. old. they will never know the beautiful sound of the aol connection. >> when internet first came about. >> dipping -- ding dong.
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too. doctors get a chance to switch places. a look at the hospital that lets kids be doctors for a day. i-95 at pembroke road. looks like construction going on there on the middle of your screen there on the left-hand side of those people who are traveling there. constance is watching this for you. she has the full details.
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5:24 the time right now. a heart warming story out of tampa. some children got a chance to switch plalas with the doctors who care for them. this is theth year where the kids get to be doctors for a day. they are in the hospital, they have some fun where they normally would not expect to. >> it gives kids a chance to play with some of the hospital equipment, add a little fun to their day. >> the doctors play the part of the patient,, as you can see, very well. they lay back and let kids treat pretend illnesses. the k ks' parents say the activity helps kids understand doctors are ally there just to help no matter how scary it can seem. >> that's wonderful. i love that. let's get to the top stories on this wednesday for you. four more states held their primaries on esday it. donald trump lost idaho to senator ted cruz but he w w in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. senator bernie sanders won michigan while hillary c clinton won mississippi.
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left cleaning up a mess. a viewer calling local 10 saying she arrivedt her church on pembroke road and found her musical equipment had been stolen. sir george martin has died. the producer and you musician helped catapult them to international
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vote 2016 delivering a big surprise. a dominant night for one of the front-runners. also we have a wave and a smile and then at woman ends up in cuffs. the dash camera video you sawirst on local 10 as a mother is accused of d.w.i. with her kid in the car. plus a barrage of bullets has a man recovering this morning. where police are hunting for a gunman later today. we're hearing from a man accused of sexually assaulting a little girl.
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life upside down. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's your wednesday. we nee to get straight over with our weather forecast as we start off@ this day at 5:28. good morning, south florida. it's a windy wednesday and warm. temperatures are definitely above average. we're going to see a temperature of 70 degrees for the kids as they head to the bus stop so definitely something to think about. mix of sun and clouds will be in the forecast, even stronger winds are expected later this afternoon. currently we have temperature in the low 70s. this is eight degrees above where we should be this time of year. 72iami, ft. lauderdale. 73 in key west. you can see just how windy it is, cameras moving around east southeast windnywhere between 17 and 21 miles per hour. wind gusts in the 20s as well, ft. lauderdale, homestead and down by key west. again, that has elevated the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. i'm happy to tell y y even though that east
5:29 am
bringing in heat and cloud cover, i'll have more coming up. an accident reported between pembroke road and hollywood boulevard. you can see some of the congestion right there inin our northbound lanes. let's take a look at our graphics to see what this really means for your graphics story this morning. if you're traveling northbound here, i'm not seeing any delays which is the good news. the speeds clocking in between 64 to 63 miles per hour. some police activity on the i at the glades. this is i-95 southbound that exit ramp to 441. finally this accident is now clearing out. if you're leaving the peac traveling on the macarthur causeway towards 441, you're going to see the road rangers there but it's well off to the shoulder. some surprises in the race for the white house, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders certainly had a good night. he closed the gap on hillary clinton. four states weighed in with the primaries and caucus.
5:30 am
surprise was senator cruz. he took idaho. bernie sanders won big in michigan. that was the big story last night. now bernie sanders and hillary clinton are preparing for the big debate tonight. nice having all the politics come here to south florida. >>reporter: jacey, with the results from four more primaries in from yesterday, thehe candidate now turn their attention to the sunshine state with our primary just six days away now. it's the democratic candidates who will be here at miami-dade college's kendall campus tonight trying to win your vote. already making their way to the sunshine state, vermont senator bernie sanders spoke before a packed house at the james knight center in miami last night. >> this campaign is about -- is thinking outside of the box, thinking outside of the status quo. >>reporter: the democratic presidential candidate tked about expanding health care and his plans to make public colleges and universities tuition free.
5:31 am
opponent hillary clinton was in ohio rallying for support there. the other state that will vote the same day florida does. >> we have our differences which you can see when we debate but i'll tell you what, those differences palestine in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way. >>reporter: on the republican side donald trump back in the sunshine state too celebrating with supporters in jupiter last night after winning primaries in mississippi and michigan. >> well, i have no message to marco. i think he has to make his own -- it's been a tough night for him, but he's g g to make his own decision. i've actually had a good relationship with marco, believe it or not. he became hostile about two weeks ago and it didn't work. hostility works for some people. it doesn't work for everybody.
5:32 am
will be in hialeah today. >> i believe wqth all when my heart that the winner will be at the primary on tuesday. >> what donald trump wants is for us to be divided. if we are divided, he wins the nomination and hillary becomes president. if we unite, that ain't going to happen. >>reporter: and so the stage is set here at miami-dade college in kendall for that debate. the democratic debate starts at 9:00 tonight and then tomorrow the republicans will debate. that's happening at the universitytyf miami and that statas at 8:30 tomorrow night. for now we're live in kendall, erica rakow, local 10 news. >> thank you, erica. now to a mother placed under arrest after she's pulled overr and she's accused of driving drunk allith her young son asleep in the back seat. now you saw this dash
5:33 am
first on local 10. >> police pulled her over after they spotted her on the side of i-95 without one o her tires. >> ben kennedy is live with the shockg arrest. the story never ends, ben. >>reporter: no, it ds not. it's hard to watch knowing that there's a two-year-old in the back seat during this stop. turns out the car was missing its front right tire and that's why a trooper stopped to see if that driver was okay only to find out she smelled of booze. a motherr caught on dash camera video getting pulled over atirst acting like it's no big deal until she is cuffed for d.w.i. >> my god, no, no. why? i just passed all the tests? >>reporter: she failed her sobriety test and was placed under arrest. the former educator in broward and palm beach county is accused of driving under the
5:34 am
two-year-old son in the >> no. i'm going to call cnn. >>reporter: but she did not want to talk after bonding out of jail. >> pleaue leave me alone. >>reporter: the 43-year-old admitted to downing two beers, three xanax and a zoloft before driving down i-95 with her toddler in tow. troopers say she drove for miles with a missing tire and had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. >> no, no. >> ma'am. >>reporter: the two-year-old d d not get hurt during this drive and is now living with his father. reporting live in davie this morning, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> ben, thank you. now a shooting in lauderhill left a car riteled well bullets and a mann the hospital with several gunshot wounds. the driver of the white car off northwest 56th avenue and northwest third street when someone approached him.
5:35 am
weapon, struck him several times >> hope nothing else happened. that's all we can do. >>reporter: no one was caught. the victim was taken to broward health. he is expected to recover. a hollywood man is behind bars after police say he robbed two people when he met up with them to sell him a phone. the man right here contacted the men through craigslist and then they met along taft street in pembroke nes. the men were trying to sell an iphone but soon after hand it go over, investigators say he pulled out a gun and took off. investigators say they chased him and saw him drop that phone. explains he dropped the gun right at university drive. now he's faceing a slew of charges. 5:36 the time right now. the boynton beach woman accused of hiring a hitman toill her husband, she could be
5:36 am
this comes after dipolito traveled to miami for an interview on 20/20. that happened back in december. a ft. lauderdale man accused of arresting a younun girl is speaking out after the charges against him were drdrped. he was originally charged with sexuall battery against a minor. police say his accus claimed he also molested another girl but that girl signed an affidavit saying it was all a lie. he says the e eire ordeal has been like a bad dream. >> to this day my client is actually innocent and now he wants to put his life back together. he's been fired from a job t`at he had for 20 years working here in broward county. he's never bee arrested before in his life. >> those who know me vouch for that. i just want to thank everyone that supported me. >> speaking of that job loss, that was because of these allegations. he says he'e' now considering leaving broward county altogether.
5:37 am
has manufactured nuclear war heads small enough to fit on a missile. shows kim jong il -- kim jong un visiting a facility. this is the first time any photos have been published. under investigation this morning not for the shots that hit him but for the ones that did not. the agents being investigated for not disclosing they fired two shots that missed him. this is the video released by the fbi showing the traffic stop from januaua 26th. it shows the boy getting out of his truck with s hands up at first. he appears t t reach towards hisacket pocket. the fbi says he was reaching for a loaded handgun. his wife disagrees. >> he was walking with his hands in the air, a symbol of surrender. when he reached down to his left. he was reaching to the
5:38 am
>> my husband was injured maliciously and with malice. a shocking study is revealing just how much pollution may be linked to florida power and light's turkey point plant. >> local legislators are demanding action from local power and light. we have the details coming up for you next. the dolphins pulling in another elite pass rusher and more moves are expected to keep on coming the next few da. sports director man -- will manso breaks down what we're l ooking for. and a story you do
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your wednesday morning. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next prident needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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it's 5:41. a new study done by the university of miami found high levels of a radio active isotope in the bay. this study was discussed by commissioners at a meeting on tuesday. the commissioners are now calling for action to clean up the pollution. a representative for orida power and light says the company is now working to make it right. >> gong to continue to evaluate the data in this most recent report to continue to takeaction to see comply with the requirements and to continue to improve conditions at the plant. >> fhp officials say improvements are being made to stop the pollution. good morning, south florida. there it is, the moving and shaking on a wednesday just like it'ss been all week long.
5:42 am
well. at least you've been saying it's more hmid. >> temperatures are eight degrees above where we should be this time of year but you don't really notice it because of how strong the winds are. that humidity is going to continue to rise and then you're going to go it definitely feels like spring,,ules. we'll be feeling the afafct as we get in the weekend. 72 miami, ft. lauderdale. 73 key west. look at how breezy it . winds moving in between 17 and 21 miles per hour. all of us waking up to the 70s even though we should be seeing the 60s. 72 in pembroke pines, kendall and homestead. with the winds continuing to move in off the ocean, remember a shift in the wind direction plays a huge part in our atmosphere conditions. therefore that heat and humidity will continue to move in from the western atlantic. we do have wind gusts in the 20s as well.again, that is elevating that risk of rip currents from our
5:43 am
boaters, rough seas as well.the other thing it's doing, you can see the satellite anradar composite combine together. there's norecipitation falling from these clouds. these are strata cumulus clouds. it's providing for a dry, stable atmosphere. it doesn't feel very uncomfortable like it normally would. this high iss feeding into a storm system, a severe weather threat will continue across parts of texas in towards louisiana. yesterday our friends in texas had reports of other three tornadoes. another system sliding in towards the pacific northwest. a lot of rain over northern california. heat and humidity ahead of this front with temperatures across the south in the 60s and 70s. cold air behind it into the 30s. houston, texas continue towards louisiana all the way in towards mississippi could see severe thunderstorms embedded in those severe thunderstorms the possibility of tornadoes
5:44 am
today. we'll thank high pressure for our forecast as we'el stay breezy to june right windy at times. it will stay to the north northwest of us because of how strong this area of low pressure is. basically our saving grace, thank goodness for the high pressure even though it's providing for a high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. notice our temperatures will continue to climb. we'll see highs in the low to mid 80s. increase in the chance of showers by the weekend. >> julia tuttle causeway, we have an accident. earlier this morning we have an accident. if you're traveling west-bound this morning heading towards miami you're going to see that accident scene on at approach to biscayne boulevard, u.s.-1. the good news, again, it is really early this morning so you shouldn't expect any delays. folks are zooming by betweenn0 to 62 miles per hour. just wanted to make sure you knew about it if you're leaving the beach. still have reports of
5:45 am
affecting traffic here on i-95 southbound, that exit to 441. the delays we are seeing are on 441 this morning. the spreds at about 20 miles per hour. police likely on the scene here at the glades so just use caution. we had an earlier crash on i-95 in hollywood boulevard. that has since cleared up. as soon as we get a new accident, guess what, i'm updating twitter. maybe sure you're following us at wplg local 0. >>reporter: good morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. there's no team in the nba hotter right now than the miami heat. heat take that five gam winning streak into milwaukee tonight for the start of a three game road trip. hassan whiteside missed practice y yterday in miami with an illness but he did travel with a team. they have found marioio williams making it official on tuesday night, signing a two-year deal.
5:46 am
let go by the buffalo bills recently but he has 96 career sacks. more information coming in. this one's from despite the signing of williams, the dolphins are likely to keep cameron wake along. pro bowler comingff a serious achilles injury. if the 'phins release him they could save over $8 million in cap space. the houston, texas reportedly making a strong push to sign him. 24-year-old has played his entire career in south florida, going to high school at killian, playing his college bowl at the university of miami. agreed to restructure his c ctract on tuesday. that will save money for the dolphins cap space. cameron spent the first four seasons with the cleveland browns. last year the first season in miamihad just 35 coaches and three touchdowns. quarterback byron
5:47 am
wrapping up that trade.. it's going to bring him to south florida along with kikko alonso. still not official yet. bad news for the rlins, this is official. carter under went tommy john surgery. the procedure expected to keep him out between 10 and 12 months. you see him there with that funky delivery. it's caused elbow issues in the past. right now it's g gng to cost him a shot at the marlins closer job for the entire season. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. so a zoo keeper was left without many options after a young kangaroo was left without a mother. >> the heart warming decision she me that could very well have saved that little joey's life. no different than miami, it's still shaking because it's so windy today. right nowowt's 5:48 and 72 degrees. welcome to wededsday. keep it right here on local 10.
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bring on spring, feed your lawn and kill weeds with scotts bonus s weed & feed now w0% off at the home depot. more saving. more doing. >>reporter: come here, buddy. what a good boy. you see how well-behaved he is. hi, guys. i'm jacey birch. we are with barkie pines animal rescue a you snowflake. he's ten mons old. he's just been through surgery due to a dog attack b he is completely a different dog, just amazing, but he is deaf so keep that
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adopt him. liz, you're here with trina. how's she doing? >> she was heartworm positive, we treated her.she's five years old, house broken, sweet, loves kids, pets of all sizes. >> these dogs are juzt lovers. you wouldn't think they have been abandoned or abused. we're going to find you new homes. i'm going to tell everybody over here to go to local10.comom that's where you can see trina and joey and all the animals with barkie pines. joey, you can't take trina for a walk. we're going to do that. we're going to walk these dogs. they are not going to walk themselves. we always have the pets for you on joey, thank you. >> all right, from one jojo to another. staff at a zoo in sosoh dakota going leaps and bounds above their normal duty. >> one zoo keeper is
5:52 am
mother to one kangaroo. the mother died unexpectedly. at this stage she has just a one in four chance of survival. that's 25%. so now a zoo keep surgeon taking the orphan into her pouch get this, ec, for the next six months. >> nicely done. >> the developing joey, the baby kangao, will essentially be attach to the human mom in her sling at all times to get used to this. >> i saw the baby to take care of. i can sympathize with working moms now. every day is something different. shshs getting a personality. it's really fun. it's a cool experience. >> look at her. e mom wears a hand made pouch. the roo should be able to leave the pouch. >> i l le it. >> can you imagine if your kids were attached
5:53 am
>> i mean literally. >> a shout out to moms this morning. >> i mean literally but yes. that's awesome. i did an interview with a king radio once. >> how did that go? >> peed all over to me. >> i'll show it to you after the sw. >> we'll find that on social media and have that out to you. a kindergarten teacher out off a job this morning. >> but what she's accused of doing in front of those kids, that is what's going to have parents outraged everywhere. plus a breath taking solar eclipse caught on camera.. when can we expect to see one in our own ckyard? we have that for you. looks like things arerunning smoothly. it's almost 6:00 a.m.
5:54 am
5:55 am
constance will be back good morning, people
5:56 am
and hawaii saw a solar eclipse. the next one won't happen until august 2017. it will be visible in some parts of the u.s. a washington kindergartner is out of a job this morning after one of the students called the assistant principal on her. >> she was allegedly so drunk she walked into a wall. school officials say bowman also had container with alcohol inside the classroom. >> makes me angry and scared and it makes me scared knowing that my child can leave one day and they won't even notice. >> this is notowman's first alcohol offense while working as ateacher. she had a similar incident back in 2011 while working at a different elementary school and was placed on probation. >> watch your kids. that's scary stuff. makes you thankful for the great teachers that are really out there. coming up at 6:00 the primaries are done. >> democratic hopefuls are squaring off right
5:57 am
5:58 am
we're back in two right now at 6:00 a.m. the primary results are in and there was one big surprise, a look at everything that came in overnight. >> meanwhile the candidates looking ahead to florida. the debate set for tonight as they fight to your vote. an unholy act, robbers on the run after they break into a church. >> a man considered to be one of the beatles passes away.
5:59 am
legendary band. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. hope you guys are awakeand doing well, getting the kiddos out the door and getting ready for work. the weather is always changing on us but jie said the constant is one thing. >> what is it, j%lie? it's been warm and weemed as well. >> temperatures right now in the lower 70s ft. lauderdale, miami and key west. we should be waking up to the mid 60s. we're about eight degrees above where w we should be this time of year. because of the pepeisnt east breeze, you can't really feel the heat and humidity where if we only had the winds moving in at five miles per hour you would notice it. getting a little dizzy out there as it's moving our camerasas around. wind gusts even stronger in the 20s and miami. you heard me mention at the beginning of the week we will continue that high risk of rip currents for you beach-ers. dangerous conditions to
6:00 am
so breezy and mild as temperatures will continue to warm up.p. temperatures today will be in the low 80s. one thing you'll notice more than anything is that cloud cover even though those clouds a a around, they are not producing precipitation today. i'll have more on the forecast coming up. good morning, everyone. if you're leaving the beach this morning, two for you to talk about. cameras facing west. if you continue west we're hearing reports of a crash that's affecting traffic heading towards i-95. that's also the case at 195 west-bound at u.s.-1. at this point we're not seeing any delays at this point. again, that could change. right here off to the exit ram we are seeing some slight delays at the macarthur causeway, 395 exit ramp to i-95. those speeds clocking in at 30 miles per hour. let's talk about u.s.-1


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