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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i. say, you go, ted. >> at this point i think both marco rubio and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. it is a simple question of lath. >> liane: cruz taking a swipe a marco rubio, the florida senator hosting his own rally at mylender park. he hopes to de leon donald trump as the frontrunner no hazy easy task. >> $38 million worth ofhorrible lies, but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies. >> liane: ohio governor john kasich hosting a rally today in lyle, illinois hoping to attract moderates republicans in that state and hoping he will do well with voters in the midwest. and back out live here, a look at the stage, empty right now. senator marco rubio has not yet arrived. we did hear some associates just
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court coming into the park park but we haven't seen him yet. stay tuned for that. meanwhile all four republilin candidates will take the stage tomorrow night at the university of miami for a debate we're live in hialeah, liane morejon, local10 news. >> calvin: now let's head back to miami-dade college in kendall. >> laurie: hillary clinton and bernie sande are getting ready for their debate tonight and our senior political reporter michael molecule is right there to continue our live team coverage. michael. >> michael: laurie, we are in the spin room here at the miami-dade college kendall campus. it will be hectic later. the debate itselelis going to take place in an auditorium across the way. they expect a audience of about 1200 people. it will, of course, be televised on both unit vision and cnn. ion't really expect this debate to be much of a game-changer because hillary clinton is up in florida by 25 to 30 points, a very solid lead.
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she is well-known, well-respected generally in florida even if she is not universally well-liked. polls show that hillary clinton has a problem with honesty and trust worthiness, but she scores high on electability. bernie sanders does not score high on electability but he has an enthusiastic following. last night in downtown miami he held a big rally, especially young people love his talk of a political revolution. they also like his idea of no tuition at public colleges and universities. and sanders said several debates ago that nobody really want to hear anything more about hillary clinton's private email server when she was secretary of stata, but if he really wants to be aggressive tonight, he possibly could raise the subject of that email server. there is an f f investigation. other topics that i expect to hear tonight incde immigration, cuba and u.s. trade
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and ttp. attend is against them. hillary clinton is for them. bernie sandnds is against them. >> laurie: let's turn to the republicans for a moment. what do you mauk of these reports that jeb is calling to meet with all the republican candidates except for trump? >> michael: i had not heard that. thank you for the news. jeb bush, of course, is part of the political establishment. the gop establishment thinks that the party, the integrity of the party is really in jeopardy if donald trump is the nominee. so i'm not surpriseded at all if jeb bush is going to try to rally the remaining candidates against donald trump. i'm also a little surprised that maybe he has not made up with marco rubio. marco rubio could have used his endorsement, especially about ten days ago. i don't think jeb bush is going to endorse anyone. >> calvin: there's stillllime. never know, michael.
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of the hour. >> laurie: and we will have more team coverage on docratic debates and rubio's rally just ahead for you at 6:00, and then don't forget tomorrow night our political team glenna milberg and michael putney ll be live at the university of miami for the republican debate. >> calvin: we're now following breaking news. two alleged cases of sex extortion at a local high school. >> laurie: let's get to jeff weinsier in the newsroom with the latest on this shocking story. >> janine: you george an 18-year-old homestead student w charged with extorting fellow students for sex. let's take a look at who we're talking about. state attorney's office t@lling us the victims are 15 and 16 years ode and according to the state attorney office this gentleman 18-year-old terry fen a did lin sent text messages to the young women asking them for nude photos, and when theyly their families. lived. the victims in feaea sent pictures but they actually performed sex acts on his and his cousin.
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torsion and sexual battery with coercion. we are also following another developing story for you at this hour. a mother whoho was on the run, who you see right here, is now back in the miami-dade county jail. she is 29-year-old leydibet hernandez, accused of f pecting her 20-month-old son logan on sunday. she jumpedn a bus headed to texaxa police believe she was on her way to mexico. she is being held on half a billion dollars million dollars bond. coral gables police have this man n custody who was allegedly groping weapon walking on jogging in coral gables. he is adolfo torres. he was ab presented. he, according to police, would approach womenn a bicycle and then grope them. six different females reported incidents to coral gables police. they set upurveillance. right now he is at tgk, charged wi assault and aggravated battery. we're live in the the newsroom,
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>> laurie: today we have a tragic update to a crash that critical injured a teenager. he what is woking with his mother in orchid park on monday and an suvuv suddenly slammed into them on the sidewalk. his mother died today from her injuries. let's get to local10's michael signed. he is live with more. michael. >> michael: we still don't know the specific injuries, but still a heartbreaking development. and this all happening while this w/man's 14-year-old son remains here in critical condition. it was a horrific crash, a mother and her teenage son walking on a sidewalk in oakland park monday when the driver of this suv lost control, veer can off the road, slamming into 55-year-old deborah etienne and her 14-year-old son jameson. >> i don't want to see anything ever again like that, absolutely not. >> michail: tonight a heartbreaking development. investigators say deb law has passed away, her son still fighting to o ay alive.
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>> his legs were severed and he was -- he was just saying "help me, help me," she was in shock. >> michael: the crash h hpening just after 9:30 a.m. authorities still trying to determine why the driver this suv lost control. and tonight authorities identifying the driver as 27-year-old joel ross hamler of pompano beach. right now investigators aren't saying if he will face charges. we're live in fort lauderdale, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> laurie: the public is remembering former first lady nancy reagan as her body lies in repose at the reagan presidential library. here are live pictures of the first lady's casket at the reagan presidential library insimi valley. nancy reagan died sunday at 94 due to congestive heart failure. that viewing. >> calvin: today a building explosion injurivg nine firefighters in the state of washington.
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this building following a report of a natural gas leak, and then moments later while thank building it exploded. the blast sent debris scattering across the neighborhood and caused windowsws of other buildings nearby to shatter. those ninee firefighters were treated for minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >> laurie: north korea is saying that it has manufuctured nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a ballistic missile. that claim, though, has not been independently ver find a state-run newspaper publishthese photos of the north korea leader at a facility where the miniaturized devices were made. this is the first time the nuclear weapons have pububshed. oh sunday they warned they would make a, quote, preemptive and defensive i have is i have have preemptive strike. >> calvin: millions of beats fans are remembering sir george
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england yesterday. paul minister near the said martin was like a second father to him. martin produced youal all of the beatles albums accept "let it be." he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of name in 1999and he was knighted by queen elizabeth 23. he produced two james bond themes. martin is survived by his wife judy and their four children from two marriages. george martin was 90 years old. >> laurie: right now it's ten minutes after 5:00. we definitely want to check the afternoon rush for you so let's get to traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: only a few minutes after five and we already have a lot of things out there. been a busy afternoon. 595 herbed eastbound at i-95 there's an accident with two lanes blocked. traffic building up here with speedsdst 19 miles per hour. miramar parkway westbound still closed betweenrcadia drive and island drive. all due to a crash. your alternate is going to be granada boulevard.
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i-95 northbound. you can see traffic is really backed up here. this is all due to a crash right around the golden glades exit. that crash is actually in the express lance so we are seeing a lot of delays. that exit is closed with speeds clocking in at 19 miles per hour. laurie and calvin. >> laurie: the carnaval miamicountdown we'll be right back continues today with come niece nom domination. the kiwanis club hosted its domino park, close t@ 200 players were out there today in friendly competition including law enforcementbnd city leaders such a miami mayor tomas regalado. >> in a edition to the people from calle ocho, we've got thousands of tourists, which is very good for the city of miami, that come in and enjoy first of all our weather, second of of all our park. >> lauaue: don't forget to come out and meet our local10 view p crew. meet off us at coach koch starting at leg of pamm our booth, you'll ethe big blue and
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15th and 16th avenue. >> calvin: lots of folks turned out to see those games link i kind of know how to play dominoes. not really. >> calvin: i just love it when they slap it. still to come there wasaround on the turnpike today in southwest miami-dade. five miniature horses got loose and ahead of it down the side of the busy road. we'll show you how this turnpike trot ended all new at 6:00. >> laurie: and you can relate to this. paying too much for our prescriptions? our consur reporter christina vazquez will show you how to save money on your pills. don't miss today's call christina coming your way at 5:30. >> calvin: but first we are going to show you a new type of
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zap your sits for good. ruh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believevthis but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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>> hatzel: every teenager knows the heart bake of acne but now there's a w way to stop those outbreaks for good. medical specialist kristi krueger is in the newsroom. >> kristi: this brand new treatment with called's comprehensive than other types of acne treatments as well, and after enough sessions, guess what? the results become permanent. before and after pictures tell the story. acne and sca diminished after four fractora treatmes which uses radio frequency to stop
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the same time. >> nothing works better than that. >> kristi: he is in college had treatments two years ago. >> i look in my mirror and i would see pimples >> this is a fantastic way to treat scars and the actual acne. >> kristi: the doctor has published her results usingfractur ap she said it shut down oil glands and produces collagen. >> these little pins are automobile to get those blood vessels and get those glands, don't them function anymore over a number of treatments, and so there's nothing to facilitate the acne. there's no glands to make oil, no blood vessels to bring nutrition and oxygen t those cysts so the acne is gone. >> k isti: before treatment the skin is thumped and the fractura c02 layers is on the skin. the silicone on the wanted keeps dark skin fro becoming
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it's life changing. what's the reaction from family and friends? >> they can't recognize me. >> kristi: his only regret, he didn't do it earlier. the two big changes of fraraora, permanence and cost. after about four treatments this promises to be permanent at a cost of hundreds of dollarsrs not thousands. with your health news, i'm kristi krueger. >> laurie: that's inspiring. >> calvin: absolutely for a lot of teenagers out there. let's check in now with our beds and unlike yesterday where i said it s kind of average, today was outstanding. >> laurie: do we get an a+ finally? >> calvin: absolutely. >> laurie: i think wcan check that box. >> betty: man, i feel sorry for his little ones, the pressure. it's a great day out there. the weather is fine enough to cheer you up, get you in a great mood. we made it up to 81 degrees this afternoon in miami and fort lauderdale. pretty close to normal for this time of the year. the forecast for the evening is mainly dry around 7:00 tonight if the kids are just getting
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maybe you're going head out to kirn. mainly dry, partly cloudy skies, temperatures holding in the mid-70s and it still will be breezy out there. this is the youou view through the lens of our miami tower camera. we're staring out at miami beach in the distance. if you are heading to the beaches, as of late the rip current risk is high, so that's still a running theme as we're rounding out the week. winds from the et-southeast 10 to 20 miles an hour sustained. high pressure still in control of our weathery situation and that's a good thing for us. the flow around that has meant some fairly nice weather the past couple of days. not so nice, though, as we look in texas, portions of lomisiana, arkansas, moisture streaming into this mid-mississippi you river valley. rain and storms there. more rain and storms on thursday for places like louisiana, some of that wet weather getting into mississippi as well. for us same old s sry, a brisk breeze, winds flowing in from the east-southeast. friday more stormy weather
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mississippi river valley while we are still dealing with the quiet weather, high pressure in control, clouds mix with the sunshine and so the story goes. tomorrow morning we'll start the day in the lower 70s. high temperatures climb into the lower 80s. breezy conditions friday. more of the same. lower 70s to start the day. highs in the low 80s. the rain chance is low. by sunday we will look at perhaps a better chance for sneak a few s owers across the area. we're going to stay warm, though, even oe that fnt gets here and behind it, not going to change up our teeratures too much. notice tuesday and wednesday highs still in the lower 80s. calvin. >> calvin: we're fog more breaking news right now. a whole foods store evacuated. >> laurie: jeff weinsier is in the news rom with a story that must affect so many people. >> jeff: we are talking about the whole foods that is in the pinecrest area. let's go up above. you see police activity specifically the miami-dade police department bombmbquad. the entire whole foods that's at
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has been evacuated because a suspicious package that is has own been found outside. they have evacuated the parking lot as well. sky 10 over the scene. we are keeping an eye on a close on a on this, the whole foods a 117th and south dixie in southwest miami-dade evacuated because of a suspicious package. we'll, of course, keep you posted. for now i'm jeff weinsier. >> calvin: shocking surveillance video those an unsuspecting shoppebeing ripped off at the grocery store. watch as the man distract the 92-year-old victim while the other rifles through her purse. >> laurie: and we have a one and only exclusive showing you how the miami-dade police department is working to include the public -- improve the public image of its officers in the wake of black lives matter movement. >> clay: cleveland good evening. some dolphin far as stars running out of opportunity to first day of free accessible. what does this mean for the team going forward?
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>> clay: we already knew the dolphins would look a lot different in 2016 with almost an entirely new coachino staff coming in 1 but today's first day of @hoenix has made it hit home just how much -- free agency -- how much they will change. for the second year in a row the dolphins, making headlines in free agency, though this time for a for you much different reason. a year after giving ndamukong sue a 1 frein million dollars deal a fins losing a big name defensive lineman in form hurricane olivier vernon. the fins couldn't afford to have so much money tied up in the defense sufficient lion and they had too many holes elsewhere. the fins did sign mario welcomes who is one of the b bt defensive ends in the game in 2014 but he gel e. fell off last year in a new system.
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williams exit quit on his team in014, something he down played in a conference call. esaid even thohoh he is older williams will look like more look he did in a more comfortable system here in miami, and that cam wake will be ready to roll this season excite suffering a torn achilles in 2014. the firns also saying goodbye another former cain lamar miller. the running back gets a big deal in houston, and while the fins would have liked to re-sign him, too, the new head coach adam gase -- expect the fins to look for cheaper options in free message in the draft. also in for the fins via trade is formecorners back bryon maxwell. despite last minute concerns about a shoulder injury, maxwell signed a big deal in philly but like williams struggled in a system in which he weans familiar. the fins are bankn him being more comfortable in miami which is why they have also let of course brent grimes who was
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great and whose wife stirred quite a bit of controversy on social media. and we just got late word from fox storts olivier veteran op going to the giants, five years, $85 million, money that the dolphins just could not match. bottom line, fins aren't done. there's going to be plenty more signings and, of course, the draft. but so far the year airs first day will be remembered more for who the fins lost than they signed. the question is how far, guys. >> calvin: that's a lot of money being thrown around. oh, my goodness. for some good players, though. hopefully it will make a difference. >> laurie: a cuban dissident who came to south florida to learn more about democracy is now in the hospital. >> calvin: let's go to flushing flues room with this one. >> victor: she faced violence on the island for her views but now she is struggle p to recover. she was waiting for a bus when a car slammed into her. local10 consumer reporter christina vazquez will show you how to save big bucks on your prescriptions. that's coming up in today's
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and all new at 6:0:0 saddle up for a wild ride on turnpike. we'l'l show you how these miniature horses caused quite kay commotion d ding the morning rush. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower mecal costs. take control of your health
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>> victor: right now on local10 news at 5:30 a cuban disdepartment who fights for human rights in havana is laid p in the hospital right here in south florida. she came to the united states to learn about democracy but her trip was ruined when she was truck struck by a car while waiting for a bus. >> laurie: she has a long and painful road to recovery as we hear from one of her very worried friend. >> i wase beaten had i was preaged. >> jenise: here's video of her speaking at the geneva human rights talking about her time as a political prisoner. he is she is today at icu at jackson memorial hospital fighting for her life. >> it's hard to see her this way because i've seen her the other way, and i wouldn't want her visit here, which was so wonderful, to end up this way, but what can we do?
5:30 pm
friend diana mendez, she has endured a tough life in cuba. while protesting against the ever government she's been beaten and raped. her mother and two young children have also received threat from the government. she arrived in the united states in traveling to dc and tallahassee learning about the democratic process but on friday a few daus before heading back she was critically injured. she was sitting a this the bus stop on twist 22nd avenue and 6th street when she was hit by that car not once but twice, work crush both her legs. the driver stayed on scene but her injuries are severe from her knees down to herables. she has had three surgeon russ. >> they open it up, slice it, so the water and swelling can go out because if not the muscle dies inside. >> jenise: diana september a gofundme page for her friend hoping to help with medical costs. she said diana has been a fighter and knows something as viers this won't slow her down. >> she fights, she voices her opinion.
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they hit her, she fights again. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> victor: and right now we have some breaking news here in south florida. we want to get to hialeah mylander park where senator marco rubio just arrived for his rally there tonight. we know carlos curbelo has been there. it's a big crowd. you know they will be speaking in both english and spanish warming up the crowd as the senator arrives to meet with this big crowd. this is such an important state for marco rubio. right now he's trying to dethrone donald trump who is the frontrunner. >> laurie: this is a big rally. while the democrats are also significant to debate in miami, and then the republican debate tomorrow. this really is the last chance for marco rubio. he has to pull on it in his home state. he knows the pressure is on. and that is why he's having this big rally tonight ahead of the
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let's listen in for a moment. >> thankou so much. [ chanting marco ] >> thank you. [ speaking in spanish ] just a few words to sort start out in english. first of all i want to thank my wife. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to thank you all for coming. i know hialeah is a town that' of working class people. we want to make this a little earlier than perhaps w w normally would because when we're done here we're asking you to go vote just a block away. we need to go vote today. so i want t/ thank you all for being here. [ speaking in spanish ] i just want to thank all of for being here. [ speaking in kpanish ]
5:33 pm
you all for being here today and the encouragement and support you have given us, and we're going to continue to work hard on your behalf. as it usually does, it comes down to florida. it always comes down to florida. 99 delegates are going to be awarded dext monday here in florida. 99 delegates. all at once in one place, and i need to you come out and vote. if you come out and vote, we are going to win florida, we are going to take 99 delegates, and i'm going to be the nominee for the republican party. [ applause ] and it's funny, in these campais i don't know what's happening this year. these people are obsessed in in iowa they're saying ben carson is going to drop out. now there's people spread be rumors that we're going to end our campaign. let me tell you something. i will be there on tuesday. i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. we are going to the whitete house. we are going to win.
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listening to senator marco rubio speaking at a rally in hialeah. we have a crew there on the ground, liane morejon is there. he's encouraging people to vote, at one point voling with a woman in. [ speaking in spanish ] who said she had voted early. we'll be going back and forth in english and spanish. we'll keep you updated throughout thehefternoon and tonight ate 11:00. >> laurie: also today a warehouse going up in flames in southwest mild. sky 10 was above thehecenes firefighters put out the names on southwest 11st street and 122nd avenue. officials say it houses chemicals and they believe something exploded. one person was inside at the time. they had to be taken to the hospital with burn injuries. >> victor: the former directorr of north miami's museum of contemporary art is firing back court. he's filed a lawsuit against the city and several officials. local10's shyann malone is life wiwi details on the lawsuit. shyann. >> shyann: victor, it's only been a few months since the former director of moca has been
5:35 pm
something he says he did not do and you're right, he is firing back and he's going after the people in city hall in north miami. he is filing ray federal complaint for unlawful termination. babacar m'bow filing a lawsuit today. the city of nth mime interim city manager and personnel director all listed on the complaint. the former museum of contemporary arts director was fired for sexual harassment and office misconduct after an employee came forward. he's now ighting back, maintaining his innocence as he express today local10 when the allegations surfaced. >> it's an allegation. >> sanela: m bow's tern attorney told me her client's firing was unlawful. she said he should have a right to vindicate his civil rights. this is a copy of that 16-page lawsuit, and i reached outo the city, and they tell me they have not yet received this
5:36 pm
say they will not be commenting on any legal matters. reporting in north miami, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: we have a sad update tie medical breakthrough that we brought you earer this week. the young woman who received the first uterusransplant in the country, she's had to have it removed because of medical complications. the 26-year-old woman received the uterus as part of a clinical study. y she had functioning ovaes but noution, and at age 16 she was told that she would nev be able to have children. she had hoped this new uterus would allow her to get pregnant through in vitro. doctors have not detailed the complications, the specififi that arose. they do say the study that planned to include ten w wen in total will go forward. >> victor: it seems like the prices of prescription drugs constantly on the rise so really takekeny chance you can get to save money. >> laurie: consumer reporter christina vazquez is fielding a lot of calls in the "call christina" hotline about saving money on scrips so here's what she found. >> christina: the fastest
5:37 pm
health care budget, druru costs. >> it becomes pretty expensive. >> christina: so much so it was the focus of a congressional hearing just last month with some lawmakers claiming the fda isn't working fast enough to approve generic drugs. tampa base add ceo believes more should be down to clear the fda's approval backlog of thousands of generic drug applications. >> so that the cost benefit is passed on t t the consumers. >> christina: his company created a sort of ebay for pharmaceutical drugs targeted to independent farm sees as a way to drive down costs. >> if i'm acquiring the drug at a lower cost, i'm going to pass that cost savings to the consumer. you can go to the doctor with but then you can't afford your medications. that's bage issue. >> christina: now over to a publix. >> metaphorin is the most common insulin medication. >> christina: 50 most commonly
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diabetes and blood pressure are free at the publix pharmacy. >> as long as a prescription is valid. >> christina: industry analyst say there are several reasons why a drug could jump in price from a chang in insurance coverage. the key is to shop around. new yor base ab blink health just launched an app to help you do just that, find low prices for generics. and did you know some pharmaceutical companies offer i patients assistance program to help people who can't afford their medicine. you can find out more at rx and to see if your drug is part of one of these proems. >> out of pocket sometimes it hurts. >> christina: lastly consumer reports said if you are paying out of pocket check out good and while y search for the best deal online, make sure to be on the lookout for these red flags online prescription fraud. don't buy from an online seller that doesn't require a prescription. beware if the online pharmacy
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and make hure the seller is propoply licensed. we show you how to do that on the "call christina" page of in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: good advice as always. it is just about 5:40. timemeor us to get a check o o the afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: victor, already a busy afternoon. we're watching this accident on i-95 northbound. this is the suit a pembroke road.. we're getting reports of an accident involving a truck around hollywood boulelerd and we are seeing that backup as a result. reports are there are two of the will lanes blocked i-95 northbound as you're approaching hollywood boulevard is with speeds clocking in at 15 miles per hour. staying in broward county, staying on i-95 northbound this time as you're approaching 595 there is a crash there as well with speeds at 14 miles per hour. as we check out dade county we have an extent on i-95 northbound as well, this is actually in the express lanes at southwest 135th street with speeds clocking in at 21 miles per hour.victor. >> victor: jenise, nup we want to remind you about this
5:40 pm
four days away from calle ocho. big. it is calle ocho and you can fonda the local10 cre at our booth right there on eighth street and 15th and 16th avenues on sunday, this sunday from 11:00 in the morning until 1:30, you can meet janine stanwood, christina vazquez, carlos suarez and ben kennedy. and sign autographs. shyann malone will be there along withy neki mohan, todd tongen and eric yutzy. they'll all be there to greet you. that's from 11:00 t o 1:30. >> and then from 1:30 until 4:00 you ca chat with glenna milberg milberg, andrew pres, jennifer correa and amy. psychologist, hatzel vela and kristi krueger. we've got a lot of us coming out there. you can meet with all of them sunday afternoon. if you want make it out be sure and thune tune in for our calle ocho special right ore on local10 a 10:00. >> laurie: we're going to be taping that special >> victor: and eating. >> laurie: and eating and some more eating.
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they g to see some real horsepower today. these miniature horses made a break for freedom this morning. we're going to show you some of their urn turnpike chaos at 6:00. >> victor: we'll show how a baby kangaroooo who lost her mom is getting special care from a human s snd-in. >> laurie: and this child is hit by driver who just keeps on going, we'll telll you how that
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one next. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sosod) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)e)
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give us a plan. >> laurie: in tempe, arizona this is incredible video of a car that struck a boy just as he got off his bus and he wasriding his skateboard across the street when he was hit. his mom is so angry she wants that driver turns himself in. >> you can see in the vehicle the video the vehicle knows they hit somebody because they hitner brake lights and then they take off. >> laurie: the boy sfered nasty scrapes on his elbow and foot but based on that surveillance video it could have been so much worse, and police know there were two women. >> that car center struck him but so far no arrests. some incredible video coming from long island where amall plane literally fell out of of the sky. you can see that plane bounce after it hits the ground.
5:46 pm
the plane's emergency parachute helped slight downwnnd save the lives of the pilot and his daughter onboard after the engine confirminged out. that happened a aut 2,000 feet up. >> victor: a baltitire schools ambulance charged after video surfaced showing him slapping and king a deen at a school. officer -- and kicking a teen. officer spence is charged with second degree assault, second degree child abuse by a custodian and misconduct in office. she posted bond and was released today. spence and a female officer seen in the video are on paid administrative leave while that school sysm and police investigate. the man accused of shooting an idaho pastor six times over the weekend was arrested in washington, dc, last nights after allegedly throwing papers over the white house fence. the suspect identified as kyle odom was tracked down via social media. the pastor, tim remington, led
5:47 pm
candidate ted cruz on saturday. remington has regained conscious in the in the hospital. odom was arrested around 8:30 last night. the secret service said the items he threw over the fence were not hazardous. police in idaho say flash drives may have been among the items that odom threw over that fence. >> laurie: let's turn to weather now it. couldn't be more gorgeous out there. we want this to keep going. >> victor: not that i would ever play hooky. >> laurie: butted this is the kind of day. >> betty: weeks understand why. early march is not disappointing. we have a nice warm breeze out there, temperatures mid-70s right now. i would definiteltake a stroll along the broadwalk if i could be there. we peopleoing that. winds from the east-southeast 15 to 20 miles an hour, a little bend in the palm trees, and look at the atlantic ocean, looks so inviting but the rip current risk is high if you are planning on some evening beach plans. winds from the east-southeast through teaching sustained around 15 miles an hour. and temperatures will hold in the 70s.
5:48 pm
will still have some cloudsut there. but we're not expecting those clouds to produce rainfall. so you the a mainly dry forecast. it has been a really warm day for a lot of the east not just in miami where we media to it to yup 1 degree above what's normal for this time of the year but look at washington, dc, and new york city. are you visiting from those two places? well, you may as well be home today because temperatures there were 25 to 30 above average, almost touching 80 degrees. spring seemingly has sprung in the mid-atlanc and parts of the northeast. high pressure in control of a lot of the east including here. we're in the flow around at high so that continues to drag in some milder air in our direction, our winds from the east-southeast. lots of warm, moist air, though, feeding into a storm system for the lower mississippi river valley for parts of louisiana and arkansas. it is rain and heavy rainfall at that. we'll see none of that over the next 24 to 48 hours, still a
5:49 pm
freeze breezy, too, heading into tomorrow. east-southeast winds continue and so does the warm weather. the rip current risk is going to remain high. if you're taking the boats out there is a small craft advisory. those bays are going to be rough. we'll start the day with temperatures in the low 70s and then the thermometer makes the run up into the lower 80s. breezes carrying us through another fine day. clouds mix with sunshine, rain chance just 10%, keeping the rain chance low as we're rounding out the week. don't forget we spring forward in weekend. calle ocho happening on sunday and we are looking at a little better chance for some showers in the forecast. can't rule out a thunderstorm on monday but at this point doesn't appear rains will be widespread on monday. tuesday, wednesday sunshine. low 80. no big cooldown. but mae a few showers to contend with early week. victor. >> victor: betty, thank you. one zookeeper in enacted now serving as a surrogate mom tow
5:50 pm
she is towing this joe necessity a pouch and sling while tending to all of the other animals in her care. 2 zookeeper amanda ducart visits the kangaroo closure, thereaus expect a special treat. >> it's not the norm probably. >> victor: meet barcly, the ago. >> at 3:00 in the morning i got a call saying to come down and grab your baby, so that's when i became a mom. >> victor: the new mom wears a hand maid panel couch and sling custom fitted by another staffer. >> most ofhe development actually happens in pouch, whereas a lot of our development happens nide inside the womb. >> victor: for the next six months the developing joe will be attached to dukart. >> i'm working out time but still have a baby to take care of. i can sympathize with working moms now.
5:51 pm
real mother, too segev day something is different and she's getting permit. it's really fun. it's a really cool experience. >> victor: it's a critical stage for the jofy. at this point she has a one in foururvival, and staff are hoping for that hoppy ending. >> we' trying our best. >> victor: the zoo ups up on march 17th 19th but little baby barclay won't join that zoo exhibit until next year. >>aurie: can can you imagine the kicks she must be getting >> victor: she said she got the call the 3:00 in the morning so she's got full mom duties. hope she survivesch we have a lot more news still ahead here are some of the stories that we're work okrent. a roundup during the morning rush. we'll show you how these miniature horses were kicking up their heels during a turnpike tromp today. >> laurie: stealing from the supermarket. we are hearing from the unsuspecting shopper ripped off by a couple of thieves. >> victor: first find out why
5:52 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
officers in the wake of t >> victor: the miami-dade police department is working to improve the public image of its officers with training on bias. president obama's task force has pushed the program for some departments in the wake of the black lives matter movement. local10's amy viteri has our one and only exclusive is on why miami-dade police requested the training. >> we talk about bias impacting us. >> it definitely makes you sit back and say, him, h'm, like i say wildlife our biases. >> for s s long the it has been framed improperly that only well-tension said peoplef biases p. that's not true. >> amy: local10 had the only camera inside the room as commanan staff like major jennifer montgomery went through the fair and policing training. >> policing based on stereotypes is, one 1 1 ineffective, two, it's
5:56 pm
>> amy: it's a program that gained federal support following a dealt officer-involved shooting and civil unrest in ferguson, missouri. the department of justice took it in to educate seral police departments. miami-dade requested it here. >> incidents have occurred other places harm us here as well, so when there's strained relationships in other cities we tend to feel it as well. >> amy: we stat down with director juany perez who said the training is an opportunity for police and the community. it comes a about a after the county approved body cameras for mild police officers. >> the ultimate despite community is going to help us single o the individuals that are causing harm out there so that's we can targe those individuals a's he says community help led to arrest in recently shootings that killed small children including just last month a six-year-old boy king carty. major continue montgomery said in her 26 year on job policing has changed. >> because it is goes far, far beyond just king in doors and
5:57 pm
think we're heading in this right direction when it comes to that. >> victor: once command staff is tranned they will be teaching the program to that's right entire department over the coming months. and here laurie and calvin for the news at 6:00. >> laurie: right now 6:00 fight for florida. the democrats getting r rdy to debate rye opportunity to in our backrd ya. >> and as for the republican marco rubio and ted cruz two of the candidates holding rallies here in south floridada >> laurie: meantime a high school student accused of extorting money for them forr sex. >> calvin: and thieves caught on camera stealing at the supermarket tonight. their 92 victim giving us and them a piece ofer mind. >> laurie: and turnpike trust. mini horses mauking a great escape and sky 10 is there to capture it all. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtimelosed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: off the atop tonight the fight for florida bringing
5:58 pm
the sunshine state today rallyi for your support. >> calvin: meanwhile democrats prepare fong air south florida debate. tonight they'll take is the stage at miami-dade college. and we havav team coverage for you. senior political reporter michael putney and glenna milberg will have more in that democratic debate. >> laurie: let's begin with liane morejon because she is live where marco rubio is holding a rally right now. li many a, a lot of movement for these donates. >> liane: so much movement 5 they know another bage push, especially in florida, and right behind mia rally for marco rubio underway. let's take you to another shot. you can see the stage very clearly from this. right nowy megyn kelly of fox news is getting ready to interview marco rubio live in front of this ill crowd for the nextxt0 minutes. rubio knows this state is extremely important in t t race for the white house. they know that if he does not win florida, this could be the end of his political career as he knows it.
5:59 pm
>> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. are going to the white house. we are going to win this nomination. >> liane: the freshman senator from south florida speaking to supporters at a rally at mylander park, florida now the key state in the battle for the repuican nomination a state whererdonald trump is currently polling in the lead. this morning texas senator ted cruz stumped for votes a mild college in downtown miami on the heel of winning idaho on super tuesday, too, earning the support of iv rival carly fiorina and reminding voters he is the onlyepublican within striking difference donald trump. >> i think at this point marco rubio and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and stacy their prospects. it's a simple question of math. >> liane: donald trump is leading following wins in mississippi, and hawaii.
6:00 pm
lies, you the about that's okay. it shows you howrilliant the public is because they knew they were lies. >> liane: : io governor john kasich hosted a rally today in lyle with hoping to attract moderate voters and wept he'll do wel with voters in west. back out live you can see megyn kelly and senator marco rubio at mylander park. as we said rubio is trying his best to win flatt on primary which is march 15th. if he doesn't win, it doesn't look like he will be able to go within striking distance of donald trump, and if he wins florida, his own state, it's arguably thathis could be very bad for his political future. back out live here, we know all four republicans candidates will take the debate stage tomorrow at the university of miami for a debate. we are live in hialeah, liane morejon. >> calvin: let's continue our


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