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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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>> i think it's unamerican. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values, erin. >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. who insults women. >> reporter: clinton and sanders had several sharp exchanges like this one on her speeches of wall street. >> i would think that a speech so great that you got paid so much money for you would like to share it with the american people. >> reporter: both candidates spoke out in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and said 10, 11, 12 million undocumented people who haven't broken the law should not be deployed. >> of the people, the undocumented people living in our country, i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. >> i will not deport children
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>> and can you promise not to deport immigrants that don't have a criminal record. >> i can make that promise. >> reporter: the candidates also talked about climate change. they agree that it is caused by human activity. on the subject of cuba, they were pretty much on the same page and both said it's entirely justifiededand bernie sanders says the embargo should be lifted. we are livevef kendall at miami-dade college. michael putney, local 10 news. >> laurie: at intense debate and now insight on what winning florida means in ththrace for the white house. glena? >> reporter: lalaie, florida traditionally always a big swing state. but especially for the democrats. the hispanic vote is so significant and growing as evidence by tonight's debate. >> said basta -- >> hillary clinton went there first.
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significant time addressing a bilingual electorate and despite past difference significantly agreed on immigration reform. >> i know so many people who have been waiting and waiting and waiting for immigration reform because [speaking spanish] -- >> or haven't had papers. they showed the issues for the 1 in almost every 5 flfrida voters similar to those that don't. jobs and education. >> we have to battle climate change and no state with more & stake in that than florida. >> florida hadn't gotten big stage in the debate. the democrats agree on more issues than they don't. the key to the debate is their approach. >> report: bernie sanders probably leans more on government to achieve the goals we're trying to move towards and south carolina would use more of a mixture of the
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government. >> we've been talking about the poll out today for florida's primary and it shows hillary clinton has almost 2-1 advantage over sanders. that's pretty significant. the undecided vote is not that large. we didn't meet many people undecided but met so many people actually swayable so it will be interesting to see whether tonight's debate sways them at all. miami-dade college campus, local 10 news. >> okay, glena, thanks a lot. the republicans' taking the campaign hard with the event in hialeah. rubio had a rough night failing to win 15% support in the states that voted but rubio remains optimistic about his chances in the home state of florida. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday! i will campaign as long and hard as it takes. we are going to the white house and we are going to win this nomination.
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second behind donald trump. >> and rubio's rivals continue to paint him as the main alternative to donald trump. crews campaign and received an endorsement today from former candidate carlie fiorina who says cruz is the man to take on trump while cruz hinted it might be time for rubio and kasich to leave the race. >> we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders going tsk tsk over our voters. we'll have to beat donald trump at the ballot box and the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz! >> at this point i think both marco rubio and john kasich will have to look at the race and assess their prospects. it is a sisile question of math. >> cruz won the primary last night and finished second in the state. >> calvin: meanwhile staying involved despite dropping out last month. bush set to meet with each republican candidate by the end of the week except for donanald trump!
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battles with trump during several debates and on the campaign trail. no word on whether a meeting with bush wiwi lead to an endorsement ahead of next tuesday's florida primary. the republicans debate tomorrow at the university of miami and along with laurie and me, our political team, michael pupuey and glena will once again have team coverage on that major event. and the fight for florida happens this tuesday on local for more information on early voting and continuing coverage on each of the candidates. >> also tonight, a homestead high school student is behind bars accused of extortion for two underage girls that didn't do what he demanded and there may be more out there. live in west miami-dade with the latest. >> reporter: he knew enough information about the girls
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no choice but to go along with his demands. the alleged extortion playing out on the kik messenger app. send me a naked photoor else. he hid behind his phone and went by dre on the popular app. the 15 and 16-year-old victims are students at homestead high. he threatened to harm the girls' families and expose naked pictures of them online unless they sent more x-rated photos. word of the arrests had spread on campus. >> some say he's innocent and some not. >> one girl agreed to perform oral sex in exchange for keeping the photos private and in each case he knew enough information about the fwirls he worried he would deliver -- girls he would deliver on the threat. quote, dre dederibed where her 6-year-old niece gets off of the bus and stated if victim
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again, she would comply with his demands. >> it's bizarre. it's something that shouldn't happen. i understand there are kids now our age doing sexual activity. that's your body. no one should be able to see what is yours. >> reporter: a knock at his home in homestead went unanswered. it wasn't until the teens realized they were falling victim to the same person they went to school administrators. the school distriri on wednesday released a statement that read in part, quote, it's extremely disturbing though there is good reminder parents need to monitor their children's activity and remind them of the consequences when improperly used. he was arrested on similar charges in a separate case and held without bond tonight on sexual battery and extortion charges. police do believe there are more victims. if you have any information, if you'd like to come forward, you are urged to call miami-dade
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we're live tonight in west miami-dade. in florida, carlos suarez, local 10 news. >> calvin: an elderly woman targeted by a despicable duo. one chatted her up while the other went through her purse, and yes, stole her wallet. tonight we're hearing from their victim. andrew perez live in cooper city with the story tonight. she's feisty, andrew! >> reporter: absolutely, calvin. this is the type of story that just gets yoyo blood boiling. she told me she worked way too hard her entire life to have a couple of crooks come and steal from her when she isn't even looking. >> i was mad and upset. if i had got hold of him -- >> 92 years young, betty is fired up. >> they shouldn't prey on other people. they should get a job or do sothing that's worthwhile. >> reporter: she's angry she was stalked and targeted by a pair of crooks she called cowards. swanson was shopping at her local publix off griffin road
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approached heand asked her about some medicine. it was just a distraction, though, while his buddiy went through her purse. >> she called me on the phone and was barely able to speak. >> her mother realized right away when she turned and saw her opened purse. she searchedethe store herself but the crooks headed to the st buy in pembroke pines walking out with an xbox and 2 computers all on swanson's dime. deputies are searching for these guys now and swanson insists she's taking precautions and won't be made a victim twice. >> i wear a fanny pack now. i do! yeah! i don't take a purse. >> there you go. no more purse! she says that she's actually more upset these guys went out and didn't even use her ney for any essentials like food or something like that.
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so here is where you come in. if you think you recognize these guys or know anything about the crime, call crime stoppers. that number 954-493-tips. there's an up to $3,000 reward forsinger leading to anrrest up for grabs here. you can also le to the website, for a better look autothe suspects. live in cooper city, andrew perez, local 10. >> and a woman accused of triggeriri an ber alert for abducting her son is behind bars. she surrendered todada on saturday morning police say she fled detection with her 20 month old son and that led to the amber alert because hernandez's parental custody was revoked. young logan hernandez is safe and sound and mother found on $500,000 bond. >> now to the latest on the historic change of the relationship between the u.s. since cuba and the white house confirming the president will
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leader castro. in the meantime the cuban government posted that and does not intend to change policies in exchange for normalizing. leading the local 10 news team to bring you complete coverage of the president's historic trip there.e. and look out for team coverage starting next weend. >> a lot ofing around going on today. five broke free for one big adventure. they had to book it to get them back home. >> this looks and sounds familiar. temperatures in the low and mid70s. it's breezy out there tonight. and i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. that forecast next. >> and the woman wants a church to hand back the money for
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>> and >> now to the local 10 news investigation. calling it an unholiy act. demand -- unholy act demanding the donation she made to them. >> laurie: it was to be used for a new church building but years after handing over her hard earned cash, little has been done. and our investigative reporter found little has been done. >> the church is my foundation. >> reporter: katie is a believer. so much she used to take the church van and pick up the homeless to bring them to the missionary church in dania beach to worship. >> in spite of all my failures, the word of god has kept me. >> reporter: so when st. ruth's decided it wastime for a new location and brand new
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>> i live on fixed income like everyone else. they needed a new sanctuary and i ju bought into the vision. >> reporter: how much did you donate to the church for a new sanctuary? >> $970. $970 dollars. >> that was back in 2012 now, 4 years later, st. ruth's new location on northwest 9th avenue in dania beach still looks like this.the church was actually renting this property to a construction company to store heavy equipment for an unrelated project. that was until code enforcement issued a violation for that. >> by now i thought there would be me sign. it would show some sign or something. >> you asked for your money back? >> i went to them in private. they ignored me.>> reporter: so millage called an attorney. e-mails went back and forth. her attorney demanding the church return the donation. the e ur's attorney claiming the project has not been abandoned. another letter to millage says
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faith and will not be returned. to this point. >> do you feel you were ripped >> yes. i feel they defrauded me. >> local 10 went to dania beach city hall when while the church submited plans for the new location, the city kicked back those plans and asked for revisions. and get this, the church submited nothing new to the city since september 2014. no revisions? no new plans. nothing in 17 months? >> you know our comment is no& comment.t. >> a church trustee and ministry chairman. whnot just give her her money back? >> again, our comment at this me is no comment. >> reporter: in papers filed with the state, jones claims $92,000 has been spent on plans. soil testing. surveys. and permits for this property but millage has lost faith.
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ever be a church built? >> never. never. not in my lifetime. lifetime. lifetime. local >> reporter: and millage filed a complaint with the department of consumer services. the dania beach vice mayor is a member of the church and state records show he's the treasurer. he did not return local 10's calls focomments. >> calvin: still to come tonight, a huge adventure for some little horses? >> laurie: coming up, 5 mini to freom. a. >> r rorter: good evening, south florida. constance jones with the construction alert. traveling northbound at the palmetto expressway, right at tamiami trail we have closures in place and instead ve to exit at southeast 8 streeting and truck it over to northwest 87th avenueto get back on the dauphin and then head east to get back on the palmetto
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a little confusing but in place >> laurie: several miniature horses are back home after running frfree for a time. the minihearsays escaped near miramar. we were on the scene as they galloped for several yards near a canal. the neighbors say the horses somehow slipped through a fence but eventually they were brought back in safely. >> looks like us on a friday night after the 11:00 newscast! making the great escape for the weekend! >> laurie: in this weather? fe my mane just flying! >> reporter: they could that today. the breeze very strong and hair spray not all over the place. seasonably warm this afternoon and miami making it up to about 81 . pompano beach, ytube. 81 was your high. our warmest spot out there. that would be hialeah. the high there today 82 . but warm. not just the story for florida.
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and into places like new york city. it was pretty warm, too. considering that the normal high for this time of the year for the big apple, 47 . at central park 37 . some 37 above normal. nice spring in the step for the east. ght now we're still hanging on to low to mid70s out there and the tempatures will hover in the low 70s through the overnight. so in the morning we will start the day with a breeze. a breeze that is not relaxing even tonight. no our winds are pulling in from the east/southeast with 15-20 plus mph. e key west winds at 20 mph. the breeze strong withth the high pressure just off the southeast coast. in the meantime look at what's happening with places like houston into louisiana and the mississippi river valley.
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and that flash flood and that does include shreveport. hopefully ey'll get to higher ground and that story for susa brisk breeze as weing it continue to track that storm system and all about the breeze and mainly drdry conditions out there. no matter what you u have planned outside probably the biggest thing to worry about is the strong east/southeast winds sustained at 20 mph and the temperatures climbing into the lower 80s as we round out the week. by sunday we may have to worry about a few showers and maybe an isolated storm by monday. all the while keeping it warm. the 80s have the staying power. the weather authority always watching it tracking and meteorologist julie durda will be galloping in here. >> reporter: a big day for free agency including big names coming and going for the dolphins. mostly going. plus the miami heat take theiei winning streak on the road to
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>> okay, thank you, clay. and here are your fast 3, play 4, fantasy 5 and lotto numbers.
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good luck! >> the heat end the longest streak in the nba but alsoso another team scoring a lot of points in the line up.
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miami looking to make it 6 in a row. how ababt the rookie! josh richardson just throwing that one down. the vivicious one-handed slam and hassan whiteside goi with the heat breaking the five game winning streak falling. >> and we didn't come away th the w but there were pockets of the game we matured and stk with it and it looked like we could have went the other way. >> reporter: nfl free agency and a lot of losses today for the dolphins. it started with defensive end ivier vernon who leaves and signs with the giants for a reported 85 million dollar deal over 5 years. also leaving miami another former hurricane running back lamar miller who heads to houston and gets a reported 4-year 26 million dollars.
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and laving the fins shelby with a 4 year deal up to 21 million dollars in atlanta and also lost wide receiver rouchard matthews. the titans have given him a 3-year-deal after his break out season in miami. and brent grimes and the quarterback made the pro-bowl after his time in miami and saw the play fall off a bit in 2015. as for the new additions, e fans signing defensive end mario williams today. that should help ease the sting of losing vernon and shelby. and the dolphins officially announce a trade for a couple more potential starters on defense. back to back with byron maxwell and alonzo from the eagles and first round picks as compensation. in baseball some greaealeague action and the marlins taking on the cardinals up in the third inning and it's scoreless until the battininchampions involved and itits the first hit of the spring and then he would come around to score on this base hit by justin moore.
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to soccer and the u. women hosting germany at fau tonight the u.s. down 1-0 in the first until alex morgan breaks free and scores right there. u.s. wins this one @n the inaugural and she believes the championship. >> nice! none of that? >> not tonit but if you want i'm sure the viewers would love to see. >> i wasn't suggesting anything. i just thought maybe it might have happened. >> and tomorrow, betty?


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