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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hope you're having a good day so far. >> tgit. julie likes to call it friday eve. >> a little teaser as we're ending the workweek. temperatures again a few degrees warmer than what we saw y yterday in the lower 70s. remember i warned you every daye will get a bit warmer. again, it's only a degree. you can't feel it because the winds are very strong but we are noticing it as we take a look at the data. temperatures in the mid 60s. we're waking up to the low 70s in miami and ft. lauderdale. we have temperatures expected to reach the lower 80s by this afternoon. only a slight chance of a shower off that east breeze. the atmosphere is relatively dry. wind gusts recorded in the 20s in ft. lauderdale. that's going tolevate the risk of rip currents. check out the tower cam moving and shaking, 15 and even 20 miles an hour. happy to tetl you we're startiti off dry. rain returns for the weekend.
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ming up. vote 016, a debate held at miami-dade college and the gloves came off as things got really heated between bernie sanders and hilly clinton. >> local0 political analyst michael putney has the highlights. >>reporter: the debate was bilingua english and spanish. fortunately, both candidates are fluid in the language of politics. >> you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >>reporter: donald trump was the center of several direct and candid questions. >> secretary clinton, is donald trump a racist? >> i think it's unamerican. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values. >> american people are never going to elect a president who insults
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muslims, whoho insults women. >>reporter: clinton and sanders had several sharp exchanges like this one on her speech to wall street. >> a speech so gat that you got paid so much money for that you would like to share it with the american people. >>reporter: both candidates spoke out in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and said 10, 11 million undocumented people who haven't brokok the law should not be deported. >> the u uocumented people living in our country, i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. >> i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> can you promise not to deport any who don't have a criminal record? >> i can make that honestly.
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agree was caused by human activity. they say the president's trip to cuba later this month was justified. michael putney, local 10 news. >> the focus was immigration. local 10 news reporter glenna millberg has more reaction to what they saw last night. >>reporter: hillary clinton went there first. she and bernie sanders spent significant time electing a bilingual electorate and significant agreement on immigration reform. [ speaking spanish terrell forney. >>reporter: your grandmother doesn't have papers. jobs and economy number one, education. >> we also do have to
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and no state has more in stake than florida. >>reporter: positions on trade aside, the key to the debate is >> bernie sanders probably leans more on government to achieve the goals that we're trying to move towards. secretary clinton would use more of a mixture of the private market combined with that one. >>reporter: there's a quinnipc poll out yesterday that gives hillary clinton a 2-1 advantage. that's pretty huge and there aren't that many undecides. i'm glenna millberg in kendall, local 10 news. noww let's talk about the republican side. the candidates continue to campaign hard with marco rubio holding an event in hialeah.
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by his wife as he greeted the crowds. despite tuesday primary he says he's remaining optimistic in his home state of florida. >> i will campaign as long and as hard as it take we're going to the white house. we're going to win this nomination. >> a cnn poll shows rubio second behind donald trump in florida. sesetor rubio's rival ted cruz describing himself as his only rival to trump. fiorina says cruz is the man to take trump on. >> we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders in our party tisk tisk over our motives. the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz. >> at this point i think both marco rubio and
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have to look at the raceand assess their prospects. it is a simple question. >> cruz won the idaho primary on tuesday and finished second to cruz in other states. no word on whether a meeting with bush will lead to an endorsement ahead of next tuesday's primary. >> republicans will have their turn to debate tonight at the university of miami. our political team will be there, michael putney and glenna millberg, they will have team coverage of the event. don't forget the fight for flori happened this tuesday. log on to for early voting and continuing coverage of the candidates. homestead high school student behindbars this morning. police say he did it all through a popular app. carlos suarez tells us
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victims out there. >>reporter: the threats were clear, send me a nak picture of you or else. they say 18-year-old terri hid behind his phone. the victims are students atomestead high. authorities say he threatened to harm the girls' families and expose naked pictures him on-line. late wednesday word of the arrest is on campus. >> some people say he's independent and some people say he's not. >>reporter: one of the girls agreed to send pictures to him at school. they were worried he wouldd deliver on the threat. quote he continued to make additional threats and even stated where her six-year-old niece gets off of the school bus. >> it's bizarre. it's something that
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i understand there's kids our age now doing sexual activity. that's your body. nobody should be ablto see what is yours. >>reporter: a knock at his home went unanswered. police say it wasn't until the teensns realized they were falling victim to the same person thatthey went to the school admininirators. a statement read in part the details of this case are extremely disturbing. this incident serves as a goog reminder parents need to monitor their children's social media activity. f'enelen is being held without bond on sexual battery and extortion charges. police believe there are more victims. if you have any information and would like to come forward, you're urged to call
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i'm carlos suarez, local 10 news. an elderly woman targeted by a despicable duo you see right here. one chats with her while the other goes through her purse and steals her wallet. andrew perez has reaction from the victim >> i was mad. >>reporter: 92 years young, betty swanson is fired up. >> why do they have to prey on other people. get out there and get a job or do somethingng that's worthwhile. >>reporter: she's angry she was stalked and targeted by other crooks she calls cards. a man approached her and medicine. it was just a distraction while a buddy goesp through her purse. >> if it had happened in front of me, i would have hit him with a
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>>reporter: swan son's daughter realized right away what happened. the perps headed to a best buy in pembroke pines walking out with get this an x-box and two computers all on swanson's dime. swanson says she's takingng precautions insisting she won't be made a victim twice. >> you bet. i wear a fanny pack now. i do. i don't take a purse. >>reporter: there youu go, no purse. she says she's more upset these guys didn't move her money to get essentials like food. here is where you come in. if you have any information about this crime or you think you recognize these suspects, call crimestoppers, that number 54-49-tips. there's an up to $3,000 reward for that information leading to an arrest. you can get a better look at these guys on our website reporting from cooper
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local 10 news. a woman accused of triggering an amber alert by abducting her on son is behind bars this morning. police say she fled to& texas with her 20 month old son over theh weekend. that lead to an amber alert. young logan hernandez now safe and sound. the white house hasconfirmed that president barack obama will not be meeting with former leader fidel castro when he goes to cuba later this month. a scathing editorial says cuba will welcome president obama to havana but that cuba does not intend to change any policies in exchange for normalizing relations with the u.s. local 10 willave complete coverage of the president's trip to cuba. calvin hughes will lead our team coverage starting next weekend. a run for freedom,
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>> you would do it too. >> yup. >> miniature horses, there they are, they want out of here. sky 10 caught it all on camera. how these little guystt2w`tiy %4. bt@q5f( tt2w`tiy %4. "a@q%jl tt2w`tiy %4. bm@q.a@ tt4w`tiy %4." dztq ub0 tt4w`tiy %4." entq %fp tt4w`tiy %4." gzt&
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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three days left until the fams calle ocho. >> it was all part of events leading up to the big day and sunday we're all going to be out there. you can catch us. look for us between 15th and 16th street. >> from 11 to 0 , janine stanwood, christina vazquez, shyann malone and todd tongen and i'll be there as well. >> glenna millberg, andrew perez, jen correa and derek shore. you can come see me as
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constance jones, hatzel vela and kristi kruegerer it's going to be fun. >> the weather was great last saturday and sunday. hoho does it look this >> let's break it down for you pay attention. temperatures in the a.m. the breeze won't be nearly as strong so the big concern is going to humidity. you'll feel the unshul conditions as clouds will start to build. we'l even see the forecast. can't rule out a chance handicap a stray shower. they will be oy and you'll be able to take well. calle ocho you have to get out there and enjoy all the dancing. this morning we are dancing to the winds moving in from the east per hour. average. already 73 i in miami, 74 in ft. lauderdale. 73 as well in key west. we have 74 degrees in marathon and remember we
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the mid 60s. these temperatures are about nine degrees above where we should be this time of year. 73 kendall and homestead. overall thanks to the strong wind speed it doesn't feel uncomfortable out there even though it the atmosphere is getting warmer and warmer each day as we end the workweek. the wind speeds continue to be in the teens. wind gusts in the 20s, ft. lauderdale, homestead and down by marathon. even though we have that east southeast breeze persistent, you'll notice the cloud cover moving in first time. the atmosphere is stillrelatively dry thanks to high pressure. not much has changed in the forecast. it will potentially change as we go into the weekend. keeping the jet stream to the west northwest and keeping fronts that we've been watching that's continued to bring severe weather overer parts of texas all the way up towards ohio and in towards cincinnati and st. louis continuing today. unfortunately, this is not good news for them. they are going to have another day of severe
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behind t tt area of high pressure drying out the rockies and yet another pacific northwest that will eventually bring coast. so for us we're noticing warm. it will be humid. high pressure continuing to dominate the coast keeping highs. for us we're actually seeing our temperatures few degrees above where we should be this time of year.highs today will be in the lower 80s. we'll continue to warm weekend. we'll increase the chance of showers saturday into sunday. an equine escape caught an camera. you don't say that word all the time. it's a pack of mini horses. they took off. >> i'll tell you how these guys got out. settle down, buddy.
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you got to hear about this bizarre break for freedom that happened yesterday from adorable escapees. >> they were making arun for it along the turnpike. todd tonn has more. >>reporter: the brazen break-out happened along the turnpike extension just west of red road in miramar during the rush hour commute. >> we had a breakaway escape on the highway. >>reporter: it was five minimum tour horses. they saw daylight and made a run for it. the hunt for the gang of& five was on. how did they get out? >> there was a hole over here in this empty property right here and they ended up on the highway right here. >>reporter: it wasn't easy to corral them, wasn't it? >> thank gode had the officers on the scene to hold them downor us until we got here. >>reporter: as you can see, they
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it out another hole in the fence. >> the openers appear to be quite fond of horsepower in small packages. one of the guys takes a moment to enjoy his freedom in a pile of leaves. >> we're good. >>reporter: in the end the cinco el c cpos were captured and order was restored to the turnpike. >> everybody was safe. no accidents on the highway. >>reporter: did they try to make a run for it though? >> i think so. >>reporter: the miniaturereorses are back in their core -- corral. todd tongen, lo. o. o. ten. >> sugar cubes will keep
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talk about the heat, they were able to take thth winning streak along in milwaukee. >> signing several big names on the way out.
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those details are next. good morning, everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. we start with the heat who entered last night on a five game winning streak. they had to take on a milwaukee team that's been scoring a lot of points lately since turning around their matchups. how about josh richardson, the rookie throw. how about another vicious slam. this one by hassan whiteside off the spin move. he had a lead in the fourth quarter, this one, but they could not hold it. chris middleton going to
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floater to go. that would seal the deal >> i thought for this team we didn't come o o with the w, but i thought there was pockets in this game where we matured. we stuck with it. we could have went the other way. a lot of losses for the dolphins. signs with the new york giants for a reported $85 million deal over five years. also another former hurricane running back lamar miller who heads back to houston and gets a four year $26 millionon deal. derek shelby gets a four-year deal to head to atlanta. the 'phins wide receiver matthews onednesday, titans are giving him a three year deal after his break-out year in miami. dolphins officially cut
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saw his play fall off a bit in 2015. as f f the new additions, the 'phins officially signed mario williams. that should helplp easy the sting of losing bernie and shell pee a little bit. linebacker kikko alonso coming over from the eagles. the two teams will trade fifit round picks as compensation in the deals. thee marlins taking on the yesterday. snapping on 0-10 slump. he would score on an r.b.i. single right there. the soccer and the u.s. women hosting germany at fau. u.s. was down 1-0 in the first when alex morgan scores an amazing goal. she believes up championship by a score 2-1.
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you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> [inaudible] >> meanwhile republican rivals due up for a showdown tonight. who is being pressured to get out of the race altogether. what happened moments before those dangerous shots were fired. a sobering w wk for the substitute teacher who was caught drunk on the job. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we'll get to all our top stories in just a moment on this thursday morning. again, windy outside. i couldn't control the hair at all. >> that's a challenge. >> it's a challenge for both of us. >> julie durda, another day in a row again where
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>> something we've been talking about since the weekend. a change will come by the weekend. not sure you're going to like it though because it does increase the chance of showers. we'll get rid of the windy conditions by then. temperatures in the low 70s miami, ft. lauderdale, key west. that means the wind is providing for the heat and humidity and allowing our tempererures to be about nine degrees above where they should be this time of year. may be giving you a little bit of a headache as the winds are moving in anywhere between 13 and 22 miles per hour. wind gusts in the 20s down to marathon. it's elevating the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. please be careful out there. just stay safe and stay on shore. temperatures rapidly warm up to the low 80s by lunchtime with a slight chance of a shower on the breeze. we're not expecting anything in the way of shower activity really going into the forecast today but all of that will change by the weekend.


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