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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> eric, jacey, south florida. another windy start. we are seeing temperatures above average as well in the mid 70s. 9 degrees above where we should be. moving our camera around, temperatures are in the low 70s. how about you in homestead. in your neighbor you're waking up to 72. 72 in kendall. 73 in pembroke pines. 74 in pompano beach. got 73 for you in key west. what about the winds all across town? as you walkut the door in homestead, winds at 13 miles per hour. 12 mile per hour wind in there. so as the kids head to the bus stop, you've heard it all week long,warm and breezy with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. mostly dry conditions, temperatures in the lower 70s. i'll have more on the forecast and the warmup we're expecting. let's get back to the palmetto expressway. if you're traveling west-bound leavingng the golden glades. you're going to see these flashing lights
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this is all due to an eaier crash reported roughly an hour ago. slightly affecting our west-bound lanes but the eastbound lanes those tailillights really is where we see the congngtion early this morning. let's check to see if there are any dels reported here and 53 miles per hour, not too bad for about 6:00 in the morning. another accident to get to, so let's talk about u.s.-1. if you're traveling northbound heading into downtown miami this morning, going to take you about ten minutes for your drive time. if you're at kendall dre headed to the same spot at this point clocking in at about 1 minutes. you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for florida. the democratic candidate squaring off in a debate at miami-dade college kendall campus. things got heated between those two as
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from immmmration to donald trump. >> immigigtion reform and the candidate stances on deportation. tt was an issue they both agreed on. the other they agreed on was how rival donald trump agreed on it. >> i called him out when he wasalling mexicans rapists, when he was engaging in rhetoric. i said basat this pointa. >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults americans. >> both were asked if trump was a racist. each stopped short using that word to describe him. now to republicans, th face off tonight. one final push to get your vote on tuesday. >> the showdown will be held in miami at coral gables. that's where we find layron livingston live with how republicans have really been
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>>reporter: indeed all eyes on florida and south florida. this debate is scheduled to be right here on university of miami campus tonight and with this florida primary just around the corner, they've been doi some stumping across south florida today. marco bio was in hialeah speaking to a crowd there. rubio said he's hopeful about his chances saying he's going to keep on campaigning and he's determined to take the nomination. senator ted cruz held a rally in miami and there was a little twist to this event. cruz received an endorsement from former candidate carly fiorina who said if there's anyone who can beat donald trump, it's ted cruz. trump was not in florida yesterday. instead he flew up to north carolina to speak in fayetteville since north carolina will be holding its primary the same day as florida looking towards tonight's debate, trump spoke with anderson
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his biggest rifle in the case, cruz. >> i don't think he's a good debater. i think he's- frankly, the way i look at ted, i think it's very phony. i think ted is actually a bad talker. pretty good debater, bad talker, can't talk. ted is ted. these bates to me are getting very boring, if you want to know the truth. >> we'll see how much more exciting tonight's will be here in south florida and we want to show you the latest cnn poll. it shows donald trump in the lead with 40% of the vote. right behind him it was rubio followed by cruz and john kasich. morning his republican counter parts it shows him going head to head and losing by 7 percrctage points. it will be interesting to see what happens right before the flori primary. for now reporting live, layron livinton, local 10 news. >> thank you.
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the race in the white house. that's at the university of miami. michael putney, glenna millbebe as well, they will have everything you need to know. they a fighting to win florida in the primary which is justays away, five days your vote. it counts n march 15th. early voting is open right now. check viewing continuing today before tomorrow's fu in california. the former first lady will lie in repose until tonight. president obama will not be attending tomorrow's funeral but first lady michelle obama and democratic presidential candidate hillary clininn will be there. nancy reagan died sunda of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. five people have been killed in suburban pennsylvania. police say the gunman is still at large. the gunman marriaged in
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ambush style a aack. right now the suspects are not in custody. turning now to the latest on the zika virus outbreak. health officials have confirmed the first case of sexually transmitted zika in the sta. the world health organization says sexual transmission of zika is more common than thought. 24 cases are in miami-dade. seven in broward county. the florida department of health has set up a hotline to answer your questions s d concerns about the virus. the number is on your screen right now,855-622-6735. deputies now behind bars after police say he covered an inmate favors in exchange for money. -year-old zachary reams offered a celel phone for $5,0000 he was booked and is in the very same jail he
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he's suspended without pay pending an investigation. 22-year-old man was arrested yesterday, police say he groped at least six different women on a bicycle and took off. he's facing several charges including aggravated battery. it has been a week since the 14 6 year-old girl was last seen. police say katilyn kingg who you're looking at right here was dropped off near the middle school last thursday and never made it home. she was wearing a white polo shirt, beige pants and gold sneakers. police call police if you have any information on where she may be. and scratch another name from consideration in the search to fill that vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. miami-i-de federal judge jordan with drew his name on his own. florida senator bill nelson tells cnn jordan with drew due to a personal family situation. the cuban-american judge
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so now president barack obama is still looking for someone to fill the seat following the death of justice antonin scalia. the miami-dade police department is aing to build trust from the community. officers are learning to recognize and overcome various biases that could affect how they police their community. resulting unrest in ferguson, missouri. >> have occurred other places, harmless here as well. when there's strained relationships in other cities, we tend to feel it as well. the bias training program took place just a day after the county abofd body cameras. thth measure along with training session says the department hasas repeatedly pushed for. the countdown to cae ocho is on this morning. we're just three day as way from south floda's biggest block party. >> local 10 will be out
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with you on calle ocho atage -- a eighth street and 15th avenue. todd tongen and i will be there to greet you at the booth. >> 1 0 until 4:00 you can chat with glenna millberg, jen correa, liane morejon along with me, amy viteri, constance jones, hatzel vela and kristi krueger. we hope that you come by to meet us and talk to us. it should be a good time. expect to see us dancing blast. >> especially because you're coming in the afternoon. you want to join the conga crew from 1:00-5:00. >> so we do get to dance. >> break it down. >> don't worry, we have you covered, tune in for our calle ocho ocho special on sunday night at 7:00. you don't want to miss it. you want to see everything that gogo down without being in
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way to do it. >oin us. other news this momoing, a high school student is accused of sexually extorting other teenagers. >> ahead at 6:30 thiss disturbing and we have the details into the alleged threats he made app. parents, you need to hear this. the knife supposedly found on o.j. simpson'sest indicate, it may not be connected. drinking and teaching? another teacher is in trouble this morng. how she was caught doing
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next. it still pays to be a doctor. lawyers are the second highestt paid profession. and third is research andevelopment manager, just over 142000. > the makers of current extra are recalling some of the brew because the bottles may contain small particles of glass. >> the issue was discovered at routine quality checkck no injuries have been reported. and watch for a surge in travelers this spring break season. >> an airline industry group expect to see up 3% this year. orlando and ft. lauderdale will see the biggest growth over 2015. >> and that's america's money. >> have a great day. pack your bags. two baltimore school police officers who have en criminally charged with assault against a student are now out on body. they turned themselve in on tuesday. cell phone video sho
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kicked the teen. he now faces several charges including child abuse which is a second degree crime and bias is charged with second degreessault. both expect to appear in court in april. officials say the knife found at o.j. simpson's home is likely not connected to the killing of his ex-wife and her friend. they say thatt knife is common among gardeners and is too small to make thee wounds that killed nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman but examiners won't know for sure for three weeks. the temperature is 73 degrees right now miami, ft. lauderdale and key west and we should be waking up to the mid 60s. temperatures definitely above avege. because of the strong breeze you dope feel that because the air isn't stagnant. right now a temperature of 73 in pembroke pines.
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`how's it going. 72 you're waking up to very similar conditions with wind gusts reported even stronger. we are expecting yet another day of high risk of rip currentnt up and down the east coast we have our winds moving in the teens and mid 20s down by key west. you heard me mention wind gusts wil continue to increase anywhere between 20 to 30 miles per hour. bring down the forecast throughout the morning. it will be dry with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. not expecting precipitation to fall from those clouds. by 8:00 the temperature of 74 degrees. by 10:00 78 and then we'll see our temperatures rising to the low 80s as we get in the afternoon hours. a wind gust reported at 31 miles per hour in key west, 21 in marathon. again we have the dangerous risk of rip cuents and a small craft advisory for you beach-goers and boaters. we are seeing some precipitation starting to develop over portions of the florida straits. we're talking more like a drizzle. the atmosphere is
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that's the same atmosphere we've had in place since monday. that's where the weather has been cooperating for any outdoor plans we may have had. so hig pressure will continue to feed into a major storm system from houston up towards the great lakes. we're going to notice high pressure continue to dominate and them weaken going into friday. that will allow for the winds to weakennd increase a chance of showers this weekend. i-95 northbound at pembroke road, a brand new crash to get to this morning. looks like right there at the entrance ramp to i-95. that's where that accident scene is. traffic slowly getting by for those folks trying to get on the i. obviously likely going to cause some slowdowns for anyone there. i-95 is looking good though. despite that accident scene. let's check our drive times before and after the accident scene there. another rrash to get to now completely cleared out.
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expressway or rather the palmetto expxpssway west-bound as you're leaving the glades. we have reports of a crash off northwest 27th avenue. those speeds clocking inn at 54 miles per hour so obviously not causing any delays this morning. parents in shock ter a teacher landed behind bars. >> coming up%next what she allegedly was doing right in front of students. an act of distraction. thieves target a woman at the supermarket. with the have the surveillance video police want you to see so they can search these criminals. this morning we want to say good morning to
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the day, good morning. 6:20 right now. a detective shot in jacksonville. police say all of this started after an offduty detective took his c c to school and noticed the car was driving erratically. he pulled that car over and that's whenunfire started. his girlfriend told police before that shooting they got into an argument. he threatened to hurt her and himself. his mother came to her son's defense. >> please, this is not him. i know he's in so much trouble, but, please, he's not this cop murderer. i swear to god he's not. >> the officer shot by rojas is in critical but stable condition. he's also in the hospital and is charged with attempted murder and assault on an officer. and a teenager in ohio recovering from the hospital this morning
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lured in a group meeting. it shows a 16-year-old girl being attacked by another teen. moments later two other girls joined in. they suffere a ruptured spleen, fractured ribs. not one person tried to stop it. they are still investigating what happened. a substitute teacher in seminole county is out of work after police say she was teaching her second grade class but the problem, she was drunk at the time. police say another teacher at the school in sanford noticed holy joel acting strangely and thenn administrator went to investigate. joel slurred herords, smelled like alcohol and even fell over when she tried to stand up. the 52-year-old teacher was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and child neglect. school officials say at no time were students in any actual danger but it's still scary to think about. >> thankful for the good teachers and make sure you report if you see something.
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something wewealk about a lot. know what's in your kid's phone. there's a teenager sittinin behind bars charged with sex extortion. >> that's ahead at 6:30. plus the search on for a hat hijacked from a hair salon. that's next. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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so a giant replica babe cap similar to the one donald trump wears, stolen. >> that cap reads make your hair great again which is a play on trump's campaign slogan. the hat sat on this topiary sculpture and three peoe were seen taking it. the opener says the hat is worth about two thousand bucks so they serious crime if they are caught.
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that thing back. live look from our key west cam. looks like it will be a beautiful day when the sun begins to rise here in the south. constance, do the roads look just as good? >> unfortunately, we do have an accident. sorry, i've got bad news. traveling northbound at i-95 and pembroke road. take a look at these flashing lights here. it's going to be an issue for anyone trying to get on the i here. i have details on
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in a few m good morning. right off t`e top here at 6:30. republicans preparing for the debate. the fight in florida just days awa who is calling the debates boring. meanwhile the democrats duked it out last night. the historic change is still ahead. a sex extortion arrest. the threats a high
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app he used to dot. >> thieves target an he willerly woman while she shopped but she's making sure she' never a victim again. good thursday morning, south florida. m eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we are get the latest on vote 2016 but first we've got to talk p your weather forecast. julie is here on this riday eve with windy weather. >> temperatures right now in the lower 70s. this is well above year. nine degrees above where we should be. check it out, this camera keeps moving and shaking out there. so even though our tempererures are nine degrees above where they shshld be, it doesn't feel like it because of the breeze. dangerous rip currents risks again today.a lot of this is just the sand that's been hittinghe lens all week long.
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of sun and cloudu in the forecast. wind gusts stronger down by the keys. we have wind gusts reported in the 30s in key west, 21 mile per hour wind gusts reported in marathon. we will see temperatures expected to be in the low to mid 70s throughout the morning. 78 degrees by 10:00 with a mix of sun and clouds. and then we'llotice our highs today still breezy. a few degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday expected to reach the lower 80s. i'll volume a lot more coming up. >> this is the six month mark, right? >> i'm feeling so pad right now. >> we share the same office. she's running bac and forth to the bathroom every five minutes. poor baby. on i-95 northbound mbroke road, we have a crash you see right there off to the shoulder. it's clearing up which is the good news. if you're traveling in the spot, the only delays we're seeing is off to that exit ramp. those speeds at 62 miles per hour. all right. outside of that let me
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having reports of slowdowns. if you're traveling here at the golden glades at i-95 we're seeing some stop and go traffic which is n n surprise obviously this morning as you're approaching the glades right past 151st street. if you're traveling southbound it looks like those speeds are clocking in at aut 15 miles per hour. broward county also looking good. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fight for florida just days before the primary. the two going head to head at miami-dade college in kendall last night. they did find common ground at immigration. >> that's when the moderators played a clip from 1985 in which sanders seemingly praised fidel castro for cuba's health care system. when pushed on the matter, here's what t t senator said. >> of course an authoritarian undemocratic country and i hope soon enough it becomes a democratic country, but on the
6:31 am
hand it wod be wrong not to state thaip cuba they have made some good advances in health care. they are sending doctors all over the world. >> clinton dismiused sanders' complaination and went on to explain cuba's explanation of dissident. tonight it's the republicans' turn it debate here in south florida again. >> they are gearing up for tonight's g.o.p. bait at the university of miami. layron livingston is live there on campus. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. ananof course we're already seeing signs of the increased security. you can see cars already being turned away from there. that's what we've been saying there. staff members gearing up and standing by on the sidewalk here on ponce de leon. that will take place inside the bank united center. the debate gets under way in just a few hours. south florida now part of a crucial final stretch. >> i will be on that
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i will campaign as long and as hard as it takes. we are going to the white house. >>reporter: in hialeah senator marco rubio announced optimism about his home state chances before the florida primary determined to clinch the nomination. but the math favors his opponent donald trump still leading in the delegate count despite airing attack ads here in florida and other states. texas senator ted cruz rallied for votes in miami-dade college after winning idaho on super tuesdayoo, and an endorsement from carly fiorora who said if anyone can beat trump, it's cruz. >> i think i think they are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. it is a sple question of math. >>reporter: ohio governor john sich hosted a rally in illinois looking to woo moderate voters. >> $51 million worth of horrible lies but that's okay.
6:33 am
because they knew they were@ lies. >>reporter: in the meantime candidate trump was in north carolina where he was interrupted by protestors. tookits at rubio and cruz a a called it boring. the front runner also defended his request for supporters to raise their hands and pledge their support too him during a rally last week saying the supporters were all laughing and having fun, responding to some who c cpared the situation to nazi germany. >> we got a call like two nights later, does that have anything to do with nazi germany? i said, are these people& crazy? >>reporter: never a dull moment duringthis particular campaign election season. we'll continue to cover is debate later on today. of course we'll see who comes out on top of this and who wins all 99 offlax's winner take all delegates in just a few days when florida votes in its primary.
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stay with local 10 news for continuous coverage for the race on the white house. local 10 news political analyst michael putney and glenna millberg will have everything you need to know. they are fighting to win in the florida primary. it's just five day as way. your vote counts on march 15th. also early voting in all counties is still under way. a high school stududt sitting behind bars. police say he was seing threatening messages saying he would harm their families if they didn't comply. there's concern there are more victims out there. ben kennedy is live at the jail where this teen is being held. all of this happening through a social media app. >>reporter: 9ou're right. it's called a messaging app. he forced his victims to do sex acts. he is now behind bars this morning right here behind me in northwest miami-dade but as eric was talking about. police do fear there
6:35 am
>> 18-year-old terri fenelon is locked up. he's accused of sex extortion. >> some people say he's independent. >>reporter: police say he used the n ne dre to threaten the 15 and 16-year-old girl,hat he would harm their families, even expose naked pictures of them on-line unless they sent him for x-rated photos. an arrest report states in p pt dre began to make addddional threats towards eir family, even describe where her six-year-old niece gets off the school bus and stated that if victim numberne wished to see her again, she would& comply to his demands. in one case a vicm even agreed to perform oral sex on him to keep the images private. >> it's bizarre. it something that shouldn't happen. i understand there's sexual activity. that's your body. nobody should be able to see what is yours.
6:36 am
teens realized they were victim to the same person and it's then they alerted school officials who released this statement. the details in this case are extremely disturbing. although social media has many positive uses, the incident serves as a good reminder that pareres need to monitor their children's social media activity and warn them of the negative consequences when it isn't properly used. fenelon is charged with sexual battery and extortion. he is now set to f fe a judge and in the meantime will remain in jail with no bond. reporting live in northwest miami-dade, ben kennedy, local 10 news. the woman accused of triggering an amber alert by abducting her son is behind bs this morning. 2 year old hernandez surrendered on wednesday. police say she fled to texas with her son. thatled to the amber
6:37 am
custody has been revoked. young logan hernandez is safe and sound. this morning a really sad update to that crash in oakland park involving the mother and son.the mother has died. meanwhile her 14-year-old son continues to fight for his life. the two were struck by an s.u.v. on monday morning. still unclear what caused the driver to lose control or whether or not he will face any charges. a despicablee crime is caught on camera as i pair of crooks targeted an elderly woman. the two criminals distracted her. swanson says she was enraged by thihi crime and she called them cowards. >> if they had been in frfrt of me doing that, i'd have hit them with the cane. i reallyy would. >> you go girl.
6:38 am
at a best buy purchasing an x-box and two computers. swanson said she's done carrying a purse. she's already switched over and put all her valuables close to her in a fanny pack. almost 6:39 right now. to a developing story today, a cuban dissident fighting for her life after being hit by a c car. she's faced violence in the past for speaking out against the cuban government. while she was waiting at a bus stop she was struck. >> has hard to see her this way because i've seen her the other way and i wouldn't want her visit here which was so wonderful to end up this way but what can we do. >> she arrived back in the u.s. back in january. she visited tallahassee and washington, d.c. to learn about the democratic process. this morning she remains in the icu at jackson memorial hospital. well, the white house has confirmed president barack obama will not be meetiti with former cuban leader
6:39 am
travels to the island later this month. in the meantime the cuban government has published a scathing editorial in the state-run newspaper. that editorial says cuba will welcome president obama to havana but cuba did not intend tohange any policies in exchange for the normalizing of relations between the u.s. and cuba. the communist island rejected any american support for its local dissident. we have our ahor calvin hughes who will lead our team coverage starting next weend. the house getting ready to host a lavish party for the canadian prime minister. th menu features a mix of american and canadian favorites. it will be the first state dinner highlighting canada in more than 20 years. ts you in a good mood, doesn't it?
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wegee looking towards the weekend. local 10's will manso right there and pepe can't cait to do the cong. the two got to hang out for a while. >> that you got to see. love those two together. you can see the two had sunday night fund. that's in our calle ocho special. we'll be out there partying between 15th and 16th avenues from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. shyann malone, neki mohan, todd tongen and i will be there at that time. >> you can meet glenna millberg, andrew perez, lianee morejon, jen correa and derek shore. that's the same time i will be there alolo with amy viteri, constance jones, hatzel vela and kristi krueger. we are going to have some fun. i hope i get to see pepe.
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love his humor. miniature horses making a break for it. this is a good break for us. >> they could smell the freedom and they r r all over south florida. how did they get out? how weree they finally caught? it's a story you have to see. roster changes in miami for the dolphins, they continu this
6:42 am
6:43 am
whose officially almost a quarter to 7:00 a.m. freedom yesterday on the turn pike. man, this is great. >> it was a freedom ride, wasn't it? >> braveheart, freedom. running. we're talking about a horses. they escaped their enclosurur and said we are not looking back.
6:44 am
pike so plenty of people were watching and florida highway patrol had to come in and chase after these guys but they weren't having anything about it. >> somebody needs to fix that fence. >> you can see that guy, he's trying to corral them. they are frolicking, rolling in the mud. a neighbor tells us how did these five manage to get awawa >> they ended up on the highway right here coming off on the side. >> it wasn't easy to corral them. >> after their taste of freedom, the horses were eventually before you tell back home and they didn't cause my traffic problems though. all ends well. now they get to eat this carrots. >> trying to find their wawa to julie durda's house because julie races horses. >> i told my husband,
6:45 am
come,.. the winds, hold on to our hats. sorry, ladies, there's nothininwe can do about it. strong east southeast breeze has continued to warm us up though. every morning we've had temperatureses degree warmer than the day before. feels like 73 because of how strong the winds are moving in off thesocial. pembroke pines you're waking up to 75. 73 in marathon. mid teens and 20s with wind gusts expected to reach up to the 30s by the afternoon. that will keep theigh risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. not looking pretty from our ft. lauderdale tower cam or hollywood beach camera but i think a lot of this has been pushedover towards the lens. some people enjoying this weather. as like you said, t t breeze will continue to
6:46 am
humidity but iteels nice because the winds are so strong. wind gusts in the 30s0s again. dangerous rip currents risks for the beach-gogos. the atmosphere is relatively dry. thth will provide for us to see some cloud cover movingng in from time to time. the clouds will not be producucg precipitation. where the precipitation is falling is over partsts of the mississippi valley. they are getting soaked again with a major storm system. severe weather threat up and down texas up towards the great lakes. then another system will move into the pacific northwest and drench the west coast. for us that brisk breeze will continue. we will see highs today warmer than yesterday by a degree. we'll start toubside. that will increase the relative humidity and the chance for showersfor us this weekend. don't forget we start daylight savings time at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. spspng forward your clocks saturday night. >> thanks, julieie
6:47 am
right off to that exit ramp. traffic moving without any issues orr concerns. let's quicklyly check to see if there are any delays. we get real time data that shows us what those travel speedss are. no issues to report there so thumbs up. we do have slowdowns at the golden glades. a little slow-going. slow-going on t t southbound side at 28 miles per hour and them finally a new crash to get to. this one off the dolphin expressway west-bound if yoyore traveling in this location heading towards northwest 137th avenue. you're going to see some issues there. those speeds at 54 miles per hour. so just a little bit of a slowdown. constance, thanks for that. dolphins have two new faces on the roster after the trade. linebacker kikko alonso bringing their talents to south beach with philly became recall on wednesday.
6:48 am
complications. but despite the conditions wednesday the 'phins parted way for several big names. they cut pro bowll corner, they also lose wide receiver rashard matthews. high s sool star and university of miami running back officially on his way out, heading to houston on a fouou huff way deal. this morning we continue to stay on top of our fight for florida. the republicans are preparing for tonight's debate and they are already hinting at some of the candidates who should call it quits. but first bernie sanders backing john kasich. an impersonator showing
6:50 am
the mes welcome back. weweold you a little earlier about florida's
6:51 am
of zika. previously test samples had to be sent out so the cdc to be checked but now aab in houston is offering test results in just one day soo that's very helpful. we have a sad update to a medical break through we told you about. a woman who received the first uterus transplant had to have it removed. as a teen she was told she would never have children so she had hoped the new uterus would allow her to get pregnant through invietnam yo fertilization. flint michigan will stop billing for water as it's trying to assist people poisoned by lead poisoning.
6:52 am
water or filtered water. nevada rancher cliven bundy will be in court today facing charges to an armed standoff with federal agents two years ago. bundy is among the 19 people accused in that standoff. bundy's sons are also facing charges. the two are part of a separate standoff in organization. senator bernie sanders probably the last face john kasich supporters expected to see at a rally in ohio. >> but a man dressed up as the democrat made an appearance. you have to see it. >> let me just say this. this is not so much a question so much as it is a compliment on behalf of all the american people. i want to thank you for bringing a little classto the republican debates. >> he sounds like him, doesn't he? >> i thought it was ted dancen for a second. >> it sounds like bernie.
6:53 am
his speech by taking a selfie with kasich, of course. >> welcome to vote 2016 soh florida. wow. >> at least we can laugh sometimes. count on us t cover every single race to the white house. >> that's your job. as the republicans get ready to debate here in south florida day before the primary.
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hi, south florida. the time is 6:56. we've got cloudy skies, those clouds will continue to linger today but they won't produce precipitation. we'll ntinue to keep those temperatures above average as well. we should be seein the mid 60s. check out the winds moving the camera around. all of our cameras look like that with wind gusts expected to reach the 30s today. high risk of rip currents for beach-goers. highs in the low 80s. northbound approaching 595 we have debris.
6:56 am
theism. things looking good in broward county, miami-dade county. at this point it'soing to cost you about $3.50. the only accident to get to is the dolphin expressway west-bound 137th avenue. the republicans will square off tonight on the campus of the university of miami and some of the candidates holding rallies right here in south florida. marco bio speaking to a crowd in hialeah. senator ted cruz at the miamamdade college campus in miami. also hillary clinton and bernieieanders fighting for florida last night. immigration a hot topic at the debate. an issue candidates s s eye to eye on. the latest quinnipiac poll shows a 2-1 margin in the primary. at least two gunman on the run in pittsburgh. the gunman barged in a backyard party. right now nobody is in custody.
6:57 am
bars accused of sex and extortion. the threats were allegedly made using the social media app kick. >> can't stres it enough, parents, if you're a care giver, know what's going on in your teen's phone. the news continues next on "good morning america" ande're back just before 7:30 with a live weather update. >> your weather, news,
6:58 am
6:59 am
nene to cc1 test message good morning, amamica. state of emergency. more than a foot of rain drowning the south. devouring homes. sweeping away trucks and buses. nine states now under floodod watches as the northeast faces record high temperatures. breaking overnight a deadly rampage. at least five killed after a gunfight breaks out at a backyard barbecue. the massive manhunt for the killers right now. making headlines, hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading b bws overnight. >> madam secretary, i will match myecord against yours any day of the week. >> my dad used t say if it
7:00 am
probably is. >> when donald trump dances his way to the gop nomination making headlines with his tough talk about muslims. >> i think islam hates us. >> the front-runner's campaign facing new questions and now an abc news investigation into his modeling company as the republicanandidates prepare to face off tonight. steph curry at the buzzer sinking a half-court basket with seconds to go. the record-breaking streak that can't be stopped. is curry too good for the game? good morning, america. okay, it is official. steph curry is too good for the game. >> absolutely. >> come on. it's incredible. >> beyond half-court. right at the buzzer. ve a little bit more on that coming up. >> should have called glass, though. >> bam. >> all right, also w whave a lot


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