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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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disturbing enough, police say the boys' mother leans in and encourages the beating rather than protect her son. a statement from the arrest form it says in part, as the victim cried in extreme fear and pleaded he was sorry, the co-defenennt, his mother, told the defendant, his father, to hit him harder. he deserves it. >> sir, you were arrested d r child abuse. >> todd: not logical nearly thehe tough guy in bond court yesterday, reynaldo letis lawyer do the talking. >> it's definitely not a felony and just for pay misdemeanor there has to be significant bruises or welts. it was just embarrassment. >> todd: eye ron chit happened inside this self-defense cocoratulate school and aftercare in high hey. a witness said the boy's parents re angry he didn't do his homework and played instead. this may not be the first time this. ononhe video you can hear the
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does so immediately. >> yesterday in bond court judge mindy glazer wondedered that aloud, whether if this is the way they punish the child in public, what are they doing behind closed doors. she ended up giving the -- charge tech f fher with felony child abuse and the m mher with child neglect. that child at end, that seven-year-old boy is safe and sound in dcf custody. news. >> calvin: t td, thanks a lot. so disturbing. a good samaritan coming to the rescue off a van plunged into a canal in plantation. sky 10 was overhead. >> janine: and here are pictures that of wild scene, that good samaritan helping a father and daughter inside that van. >> calvin: it had veered off the road before ending up in the water. >> ben: this story is bound to touch your heart. a facility engineeee behind me at the lifetime athletic club in boca raton helpedd one family
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tragedy. >> i would have died. >> ben: he is considered a hero daughter. >> i heard a knock on the back window, and i said thank god their still alive, boom, and bust the window open. >> and you pulled them out. >> on the one side i got the window open. neck. >> ben: the driver crashed into a canal off of northwest 47th avenue and west sunrise boulevard in plantation. it's there that thomas was on go under. >> i just jumped in. i just jumped in the water. >> they pulled out a book bag. from what i heard it was a father and a daughter, a ten-year-old. hopefully she is okay. >> ben: sky 10 hd was overhead as the van was pulled from the panel turns out the family inside will be all right. thanks to thomas. >> i'm sesh that if i didn't stop, they would have died.
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>> no, i don't think so. >> ben: you can tell just how much thisy family now means to thomas. yes, he was a little late to work and was not able to get the father and daughter's name, so he hopes to reach out to police to some day very soon reunite with the pair. reporting in boca raton, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> janine: right now let's takea peek outside, a live look from our hollywood beach cam. it's really been a beautiful week be a lot of people strolling the badwalk but could be a little dangerous for beachgoers. >> calvin: you can see thed whitecaps naught distance. let's check in now with our betty davis and find out how long this breeze is going to stick around. >> speakerg: this breezy weather will last through saturday, driving that rip current risk up, so the rip current risk is going to be high for tomorrow as well. beachgoers keep that in mind. the weather is so inviting uppet 70s to near 80 for temperatures this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon similar conditions, winds from the east-southwest 10
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e. gusts than that. so through saturday beware of rip currents. no longer a small craft advisory for the causes waters off miami-dade and broward but small craft should exercise caution tomorrow. winds from the southeast 10 to atlantic. gusting higher than that. seas two to four feet tomorro i'll meet you back in a few minutes with a lot more on the weekend forecast. >> calvin: now to vote 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump picking up an enders doorsment from former gop candidate ben carson. >> janine: this happening before florida's tuesday primary. >> calvin: and marco rubio held a pro israel event in west palm beach. >> janine: cruz was joined by carly fiorina who endorsed him earlier this week. >> cvin: the candidates continuing their tour of florida after ras last night arrest republican debate held at the university of miami. >> janine: all of the candidates have their sights set on florida.
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and later tonight ohil governor john kasich is holding a town hall in dayton. ohio of course much like florida it's a winner take all state. >> calvin: as for democratic senator bill nelson is campaigning for hillary clinton as clipt attended nancy reagan's funeral in california. and bernie sanders is in north carolina today. our amy viteri has a roundup of the vote 2016 coverage. >> amy: it's a fight for florida and all 99 delegates up for grabs. john kasich in his home state of ohio leading up to their primar and donald trump picked up one more donorent before heading to rally in the northwest. the frontrunner donald trump added another former rival to his list of supporters. dr. . n carson joined him in palm beach to announc his decision. >> there are two different donald trumps. there's the one you see on stage, and there's the one who is very cerebral, sits there and
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>> amy: from there trump went on to rally int. louis, missouri. marco rubio spoke at a synagogue in west panel once again declaring his support for israel. heriticized trump as so-called neutral in the region and said he confident he will take the 99 delegates on tuesday? i'm not concerned about polls. i'm only concerned about the polls tuesday. the voters have shown a propensity to, inc. cha their mind and do so quickly. >> donald. donald and hillary are flip side of the same coin. they are washington. they are power. they are big business. >> amy: in thursday night's surprisingly civil debatem candidates focused on topics like immigration. >> we cleverley to control our borders. >> amy: to trump's's controversial remarks about muslims hating merica. >> did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. >> the problem is presidents
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want. it has consequences here and arouou the world. >> amy: and we heard rubio get a warm welcome hasight by his home crowd at the university of miami, though polls show donald trump with a slight lead lead here in florida. >> calvin: bernie sanders heldd a rally in raleigh, north carolina earlier today. he is look like e build on his unlikely victory in mitch that happened tuesday but he has a lot of ground to cover. sanders is trailinglinton by double digits. north carolina is a big prize for demococts next tuesday. a reminder, the florida primary is just f fr days away. early voting is still wund miami-dade. you can vote serial through sunday. >> janine: also right now the world is remembering nancy reagan. funeral service are being heldd for the former first lady in simi valley, california. >> calvin: vague being buried next to her husband the late president ronald reagan. >> janine: a thousand guests
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took a break from the campaign trail to attend mrs. reagag's funeral. these among searle ever several iv first ladies to pay their respects. thth nation said farewell and thank you to nancy reagan today. >> god bless nancy. this is ronald reagan. first t dy. >> janine: in attendance first lady michelle obama, presidentnt george w. bush, former first ladies laura bush, hillary clininn and roslyn cartier. the 911-year-old iv first lady pads away sunday at her home in los angeles. throughout the week she's been honored and remembered by fafaly, friends, celebrities and political dignitaries from all colors of the plic cal spectrum. >> she might not have been the president of the united states about the ronald reagan couldn't have done what he did without her so i think the public owes hor a defendant gratitude. >> janine: thihi after friday's service at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> ronald a nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other.
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person as it is possible for any two people to be. now she, too, has exited the stage to join her beloved ronnie eternity. >> janine: the popular first lady's body arrived at the recommended reagan presidential library wednesday, and aer a private family ceremony thousands of visitors were given had a lastt chance to pay their respects. >> i think she was one of the best first ladies we've ever had. >> jine: mrs. reagan's final resting place will be at the library next to the man she caldrony. former president ronald reagan with whom she had ay celebrated love affair. >> they're one o o those rare cases in the world, politics and personal, where one plus one equaled infinity. >> janine: and because of a scheduling conflict president obama was unable to attend reagan's funeral today. here is aarons one taking off for austin, texas today where the president is attending south by southwest, an interact of film and music conference.
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on 4:11. let's get a u. check on the rush hour traffic. >> janine: let's check in with jenise fernandez to see how the roads are looking. >> jenise: i just want to point out your daughter did my hair and make-up. she also diddy betty's make-up. she helped me build my show, too. we start them harley early on local10. right now we are watching this accident i-knife northbound right as you're approaching the julia tuttle causeway. it looks like it is blocking two lanes of traffic so we are seeing heavy dels as a result. i-95 northbound as you're approaching the julia tuttle causeway is speeds clocking in at 15 miles per hour. so watching this extent on i-75 northbound right around the turnpike extension although it does seem leek that accident not really impacting your commute with speeds at 69 mil per hour. and as we cruise on to broward county we are also watching an don't turnpike. this accident is right around griffin road and this is a left lane blocked. >> calvin: and by the way, you
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dealing with a sex scandal now, florida international uversity fired the head coach of the women's basketball team. our clay ferreros here now with more. >> clay: hey, calvin.marlin chinn has been fired but not because of the allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. fiu continues to investigate those claims. however, the school saw enough cause to fire chinn for another reason. he said he knowingly broke ncaa rulesrd rang impermissible benefits to student athletes. chinn has also been accused of sexual misconduct by the team's captain after he said been suspended for an alleged criminal theft. in a statement fi:says "the university's title ix investigation into other serious allegations made against mr. chinn by a studenty athlete will continue." the nationwide search begins immediately. >> calvin: coming up, a skimming scheme on miami beach. thieves targeting a gas station, and it was all caught on camera. >> janine: hot wheels as a car bursts into flames any parking lot.
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the nick of time. >> calvin: and some really crazy video as a car goes airborne after a chain reaction crash. and it was caught on camera. >> janine: and a fisherman with quite the shark tale, the
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geico motorcycle,
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> janine: right now detectors investigating a shooting near fort lauderdale. this was the keen earlier today. sky 10 above northwest 30th avenue and 1st street where police say a man was shot at several times. the victim has been identified as 38-year-old tanners mason. police were able to track down the suspected suv involved and there appears to have been some sort opursuit then a bailout. you can see a police perimeter set up around that home. mason was taken to the hospital in serious condition. so far no arrests have been made. >> calvin: a brazen burglar caught on camera here in kendall. surveillance video shows a man in a black shirt coping scoping
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police say he pride open a side door and snatched power tools. this happened in november. the video was just released today. the man took off any white van with about $9,000 worth of stolen goods. >> janine: hot wheels caught on camera, this car bursting into flames in the pardoning lot of a shopping -- the parking lot in massachusetts. the car's owner said she was trying with her husband when she first noticed smoke coming out of the back of the car. that's when she decided to pull into the parking lot. minutes later that smoke turned into flames and they jumped out of the car as fast as they could. here is the aftermath after crews knocked down the flames. good n ns, the driver and cher husband were not injured. >> calvin: now to a developing story out of texas, and that's wher an suv crashed nigh house in houston. we're told two vehicles wer involved in an accident, and one of the vehicles went crashing into the home. it's unclear if anyone in the vehicles or inside the home were hurt. louisianay has seen record
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row how. thousands have been evacuated across the state as rising waters continue washing over roads and homes. at least five people have drowned since monday with several other rescued by boat. more than a foot of rain has fallen in some areas, and it is not over yet. >> janine: here at home, what a different story, taking a life look from our mallory square cam in key west. it has been a gorgeous week and we're hoping for a nice weekend. >> calvin: that's apiece of paradise that we would love to see every single day. betty davis here now to talk about the weekend. we have a big block party happening this weekend, betty. >> betty: we have lots going on out there all over south florida including calle ocho on sunday. first, though, we are taking you back out to the lens of our mallory square camera because we cannot get enough of this shot. beautiful weather unfolding beyond the keys, even right here at home in fort lauderdale. it looks greatut there. these cumulus clouds not towering, not threatening to
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so eats a dry night and a plainsly warm afternoon. mine and fort lauderdale 80, upper 70s. hialeah 80 degrees and marathon sitting at 79. pompano beach way up there in broward county, we see you at 80. the evening is going to be nice. just a few clouds decorating the sky. we are anticipating dry weather and a breeze that is not as strong as it was yesterday. member how the wind were really whipping yesterday and the day before? but make no mistake about it that breeze is still noticeable with winds coming in the from the east-southeast sustained 10 to 15 miles an hour. same flow, same setup with that high pressure just offshore and the clockwise flow around that. we're caught in that, and that high pressure dominating or weather making the weather very nice and very quiet but definitely bringing us some breezy weather. now, we are also looking at more moisture still feeding into a frontal system that has been working over other areas of the south, the south-central u.s. specifically. we see rain and storms for parts
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feeding into a portionon of eastern louisiana, and now look at the panhandle of florida. not a great day if you're looking out over pensacola with the rainfall just pounding that region. high pressure is going to maintain its grip for us tomorrow. so we're expecting anoth mainly dry day. clouds mixing with the sunshine. but by the time we're heading toward sunday, that high pressure gives way a bit and allows what's left of this system to get a littleloser to us, and we could have a few showers in the area on sunday. the food news is at this poi the forecast model showing that anything that gets going may actually be more north of us so that's great news for calle ocho. rain chance low tomorrow, and even though in the seven-day you see it a little higher on sunday, don't let that keep you away from calle ocho because molds indicating that the rainfall may not necessarily be setting up over miami-dade by the afternoon. so that's the good news. warm afternoon. partly sunny to partly cloudyy skies.
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the big story, the bed headline for the balalce of next week, it's going to be pretty warm out there. >> janine: betty, thank you. students in south florida taking a stand against drugs. thousands marched in morning, vowing to remain above the influence. it ended with a pep rally a piper high in sunrise. the annual event in the fourth year brought together 60 excuse across broward county. the goal to keep kids on the right track. >> calvin: an alleged intruder shot and killed by a homeowner. reaction from the teen areas father. >> janine: and no driver wants to be stuck in this. a car driving into flood waters, and the driver inside in need of some help. how a good samaritan saved the day. >> calvin: list plus wi a car goes flying after a chain reaction crash. >> janine: and a long board said he learned an important lesson after he crashes and then falls off a cliffff >> clay: scary stuff. injury news surround be both let's all-stars today.what head coach erik spoelstra
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wade, next in sports. >> clay: the heat say they still have no timetable for the return of chris bosh. this despite a statement from bosh yesterday saying that he still hopes to return this seas. that tops our 4:00 sports shot today. heat head coach erik spoelstra saying at this morning's shoot-around that bosh has been doing some individual workouts and he is in good spirits but that they aren't making any guesses as to when or if he will return thi year. the heat are hoping to have dwyane wade in the line-up when they take on the bulls tonight in chicago, wade missinghe act of part of shoot-around this morning because of a thigh bruise. he will be reevaluated before tip-off of tonight's-game. the hurricanes hope to step one step close to a a craft c championship. the 'canes take ovate in conchs semifinals.
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conference run from back in 2013. already tournament actionn the books. gators and aggies in sec quarterfinals. crunch time. devin robinson getting the lay-up to go. gators down by just 2. hover a costly turnover late. aggies take thing one the other way. florida getting eliminated by a&m 72-66. brent grimes has had a new home. the former dolphin cornerback signed on with the tampa bay buccaneers. his wife whose stirred up quite a bit of controversy on social media has now deletet her twitter account. coming up at 5:00 it's clay's clowns. can anybody upset the heat's mascot bururney in the top spot? >> calvin: no. >> clay: one more question, why didn't your daughter can offer to do my hair and make-up? >> calvin: you're too tall. you're like 6'6" my man. >> clay: have to rea up a little bit. >> janine: maybe that will be next week's episode of clay's clowns. we'll see what happens.
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local10 news at 4:00. >> janine: all new at 4:30 with thieves pling off a skimming scheme at a gas station and it was caught on camera. >> calvin: and local10 investigates an employee complaining of racist signs at his workplace, and that company takes your tax dollars. >> janine: plus a fisherman with a morto catch monster catch c those stories coming up on local10 news at 4:30. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming throu. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. ok at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos anancoupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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crunching we're following breang news right now are learning about a bank robbery in fort lauderdale. >> reporter: this bber happened at the td bank branch on east sunrise boulevard and the fbi, as you to take a close lock at these are pictures. the robber demanded cash. the robber walk out without hurting min domin. the fbi believes he is the same guy who robbed this exact same bank branch on tuesday. tuesday was the exactame individual. and if you no anything about
4:30 pm
crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. amy viteri, local10 news. >> calvin: a skimming scheme onon miami beach. a pair of men caught on camera and installing this illegal device at a. the clerks distracting the clerk before getting to work. >> janine: local10 news reporter glenna milberg is live in miami beach with those sneaky thieves. glenna. >> glenna: not only sneaky but so cold. this was wednesday night 9:30, 15th and alton, a really busy chevron and you can s s and hear right now people around and they did it right in front of everybody. not a new crimem, this kind of skimmer thing but so perfectly caught on camera, and police are hoping that someone recognizes the people you're about to see. looks like they friend not to be together but they are. the guy in the light blue polo shirt and the man in tan behind him with the black shoulder strap bag. it's about 9:30 wednesday night.while the man with chips engages the clerkis cohort slips the skimmer on credit card machine
4:31 pm
fits look a glove, made for the machine all chevrons use, coping to police. the two of them pay cash but the credit card machine is trying to steal the information from whichever customers come next and swipe their cards there. this time the crooks won't get that information because the thursday morning clerk noticed the skimmer and called police.e. so in this particular case there probably will not be any victims, but police are thinking these guys, the one with the satchel probably had these skimmers, who knows where else these skirls be. something to look out for. also great tip from p/lice get those credit cards updated so they're the ones with the chip because tho sorts of credit cards than the aren't so readily readable pie these skimmers. if you know something call miami beach police department. i'm glenna milberg on miami beach reporting live, local10 news. >> janine: also right now a teenager accused of preaking into a home was killed by a homeowner in northwest miami-dade.
4:32 pm
alleged intruder as 17-year-old trayvon johnson.he was shot after a woman caught outside ofer home. local10 news reporter shyann malone has reaction from that teenager's family. >> shyann: the shooting is still under investigation.h i have learned, though, from the miami-dade police department the name of the homeowner, gwendolyn jenerette. this is video of the season when detectives were here last night. according to police the 54-year-old woman left her house around 5:30 thursday each. her alarm goes off so she returns. when she does she had met with an intruder. the two get into a scuffle and shots are fired. police arrive moments later but it was too late. the 17-year-old dieat the hospital. local10 news was there when his family arrived on the scene. >> the lady said she called the police. the police told her don't go in the house but she still go in the the house and searching. then the lady came out and shot one time and shot him in the chest. >> and who was trayvon to you? >> m m brother.
4:33 pm
he said, mommy, got money any said not right now, son. i got no job. when it get a job, i guarantee i give you some. the last time i talked to him. >> now you will notice an larm force sign on the property as well as several surveillance cameras around the home that likely contain footage that will help investigator in this case. reporting in northwest miami-dade, shyann malone, local10 news. >> calvin: a high school senior now facing new charges following morec races section extortion. 18-year-old terry fenelon returned to court today after a third alleged victim fame came forward. fenelon was charged wednesday is export ever torting sex for two girls allege will after he pressured them into sex with text messages. fenelon is a as a result homestead high school and he's currently being held without bond. >> janine: a dangerous drive in doral. sky 10 above the scene where a car plowed into a tree. this happened along northwest 52nd street and 87th avenue. here's a look from the ground.
4:34 pm
went up the trunk before knocking it down. it ended up on a tilt. the driver was alert but pinned underneath the steering wheel. crews had to go in through the back seat to pull him out. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. >> calvin: and your time is now 4. thief. let's get a check on rush hour traffic. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: were watching this accident i-95 northbound approaching the julia tuttle cause iowa. you can see that accident is blocking the right lane and o course we are seeing those delays as a result, and a lot of people are hitting i-95, and that's where we see all the red here with speeds clocking in at 11 miles per hour. and staying on i-95 northbound, this is actually in the express planes at left 79th street there's ra broken do you car with a left lane blocked, heavy delays there as well 12 miles per hour. checking out the palmetto expressway this is as you're heading east at northwest 17th avenue, reports of an accidental
4:35 pm
impacting your commute. speeds look great. as we are cruise can over to broward county we are watching this broken-down car on i-95 northbound at griffin road. that car is off to the shoulder. seeing some delays here with speeds right now at 29 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: a form worker complaining about what he calls hanging on the wales south florida towing company. >> calvin: what's more, that company is holding numerous government contracts take can your tax dollars. investigator bob norman has a story you'll see only on local10. >> there's a tine that has an baby. >> bob: and the baby is called a dainty morsel. it's a jim crow era add for something called lick african licorice drops another sign shows a an obscene act. >> he's screaming out for his ma'amy. >> bob: and there are more blatantly racist signs that have been hanging in this building,
4:36 pm
happening in a kkk meeting hall but this is sal's towing were a longstanding fort lauderdale business that boasts public contracts with the city's of coral springs, lauderdale by the sea, wiln marn successors the fire marshal among other governments. >> they're basically vulgar and flatout racist. >> bob: knight, an ex-employee recently quit said the signs on the walls aren't the only things racist at the business. he said the tow company senior driver who trained him referrere to him as the n-word and constantly complainedbout haitians. i tried to ask attorney sal bellasigh about it about. we soon spotted one of the offending signs and asked general manager leon strife about it. >> look, here's what i'm talking about. do you see this sign right here these signs are all over the office. canou see how somebody might
4:37 pm
>> these are antique signs all over the building. >> don't you think they're racist? >> if you think racist. we don't think racist here. >> bob: he asked me off the property. >> you do not think those are racist? >> no. i don't think racist. >> bob: that an employee named christopher smith came out to defend the owner. >> sal is not racist at all. >> bob: smith said he said been employed there six-month was i show him a photo of the offending signs. >> is that racist? >> you can -- you can say it's racist, yes. >> should they be uhl up on the wall at a respectable business? >> well, no, it shouldn't. >> bob: smith also acknowledges that the senior driver had used the racist termtology in his presence. >> i don't find it offensive, but if i know that's how that person is, then i laugh it off. >> so you accept his racist ways. >> that's him. that's just him.
4:38 pm
should accept that? >> no, i don't. >> i see discrimination. >> bob: when shown photos of signs, coral springs mayor skip campbell said he was, quote, horrified. he said he directed his city to review if sal's towing contract to determine if it violated any of the terms of the agreement. >> is that the kind of business you want your city to do business with? >> no, it's not. it's something that i don't think is p pmissible in today's society, and it's unacceptable. >> >> bob: the owner sal refused to go on camera but he told me he didn't view the signs as racist at all and didn't see how anyone would be offend by tem hanging his business. but he did say that in light of the concerns raised in this story, he was taking those signs down from the business. bob norman, local10 news. >> janine: and that owner also told bob that if his longest serving driver used racist terminology hoe was confident it was done in a joke can fashion and not meant not offend.
4:39 pm
encouraged by the removal of the signs. >> calvin: coming up, a chain reaction crash sends a car flying into the air and it was all caught on camera. >> janine: have you been struggling to keep the waitingsome ahead in your health cast tips on how to shed those extra pounds. >> calvin: plus, a long boarder falls and crashes off a cliff.
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4:42 pm
valuable lesson. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, bybygnoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealingwith social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> reporter: right now we want to take you to a developing story out of brazil. at las 15 people have been killed following mudslides across zoo paolo triggered pie torrential rains overnight.
4:43 pm
be missing, possibly swept away or trapped inside homes that collapsed in this mudslide. >> janine: no injuries reported after a los angeles building went up in flames. massive amounts of smoke poured out of that building last night. more than 100 firefighters werecalled to battle the fire. this cause of this fire, though, is still unknown. and a car going airborne after a crash in los angeles earlier this week. >> calvin: this was really some wild video here, several people were injured, the wild crash was all as you can see right behind us, caught on camera. a valentine crash caught on camera. watch in this dramatic video as sparks fly and twisted metal end up all overhe road. >> it was pretty horrific. it was pretty bad. >> calvin: a white car at a high rate of speed blows thereon a red light and slams in a white suv waing for that light to change. the lapd said the major crash at the intersection to tuesday morning seriously injured six people. the crash was recorded by a surveillance camera outside this computer shop.
4:44 pm
time and i've been here since 1993 and i don't sight every day. >> calvin: watch the moment of impact again. police say that chain reaction cacaed involved three other chars, a five-car crash that neighbors vaiis very unusual for this intersection. >> that suv, the guy was n doing nothing wrong. he was sitting there waiting to do his turnt the red light. this car comes and hits them. >> calvin: the six people involved in the crash are expected to mauk pay full recovery. >> janine: a texas long boarded said he has learned a valuable lesson after losing control and tumbling off a cliff. francisco said she was long board p down hills when he lost control. he then went slide p across the road and right off a slick. his friending pa i can when he saw t t fall but he said he'll be safer in the future. what could have been wrong with him.that's why i got down by the him he was even sliding and rolling.
4:45 pm
>> whatever you cano to be safe and whatever you can do to not stop doing what you love, it's definitely worth it to keep doing. >> janine: tobacco a negre walked away with serious scratches but he was otherwise okay. >> calvin: that dude should play the lottery. >> janine: let take a look at outside at you're fort lauderdale tower cam where it's been a beautiful weekend. betty says the weekend should be looking good. >> calvin:n:ix of sun and clouds but warming up next week. >> betty: it is in a bage, we're talking mid-80 but even today we made it into the low 80s but the temperatures have been tolerable, the humidity not terribly high so overall hates been a phenomenal week. if you're here onn vacation and your planey leaves tomorrow, i know you hate to leave all of this behind. it so beautiful out there. 80 degrees in miami. key west at 78. this is hollywood beach, and you can seed people out on the sand just enjoying the day.
4:46 pm
it is still on the breezyide, winds sustained 10 to 15 miles an hour flowing in from the east-southeast. winds will at least be s stain around 10 miles an hour through the evening, and temperatures will be in the mid-70s by 8:00 tonight and maybe the lower 70s around 10: tonight. we are noting some high clouds streaming in from the west while we have our surface winds from the east-southeast gettiti that wind direction around that area of happy offshore andnd we cannot help but put an eye on all this rainll we see this new orleans into pensacola. it is just pouring there this afternoon. fortunately for us, it does not apar that we're going to get torrential downpours in here any time soon. but we are going to see our shower chance creeping up just a little bit this weekend. i'll get to that. but first let's talk about tomorrow and what we're expecting from coast to coast as far as south florida is concerned, another nice day mainly dry, highs in the lower 80s. partly sunny skies. plook at that wall-to-wall
4:47 pm
we're expecting for tomorrow so if that's your destination 55 degrees the high temperature there. places like houston with around memphis stormy weather and even atlanta clouded over th a high of 80 degrees. if you're going to make tomorrow a beach day you can mauk that happen. the rip current risk risk high, though, keep that in mind. winds from east-southeast 10 to 15 miles an hour. if you're tacking the boats, seas running two to four feet off-mile and broward, a moderate chop on the bays. let's talk about that little better chance of showers we have in the forecast for sunday. this is when we want to keep an eye on the sky. at this pointt looks like the better chance for seeing those showers will be north of miami, so that's good news for the calle ocho festivaly. we're xm expecting a warm day, partly cloudy skies with temperatures getting into the lower 80s. we will keep an eye on things but right now it looks like rainfall may not show up in that particular area. so yay for that, right? tomorrow, though, mainly dry, highs in the lower 80s, and
4:48 pm
about the rain chance getting a little higher but not necearily over investigate eighth street. we'll see. by monday slight chance for a storm the in the forecast. and then look at those temperatures, those mid-80s lined up monday, tuesday, wednesday, and by tuesday, wednesday we are expecting a lot of sunshine. calvin. >> calvin: betty, than a lot. if you've been struggling to keep that new year's resolution to lose weight, well, simple math may be to blame. local10 medical specialist kristi krueger explains in today's health cast. >> kristi: you know, most of us know that in order to lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories and exercise more. but did you know that your body needs to shed 500 calories every day in order to lose just one pound per week? i know that sounds like a lot. trying to cut out 500 calories at once may seem tough but experts say it's not that hard if you start off slolowly. >> cutting back on the calories coming in, the portion sizes should be automobile to account
4:49 pm
to 300 calories for most people and adding in 100 cal russ of act of expenditure which would be walking that one mile or riding a bicycle. >> kristi: dr.lackburn says if you just burn 100 crawls more per day every day without increasing your caloric intake you can lose ten pounds in one year. more intense the act of, the ster that burn is going to be. but exercise isn't just about burning calories. it's also about releasing all those endorphins or feel good hormonesesn our bodies. those thing help us mentally and emotionally feel better, and that's especially important for people battling cancer. andy kerns was diagnosed with kidndn cancer about nine years ago, and exercise is one of the things he believes helped him beat the disease. today he and his wife suzanne love biking which is one offastest growing sports in the country and studes show cancer patients to manage to walk are on bike or do yoga, doo exercise often handle they are treatments
4:50 pm
>> for years i did soccer. that takes its toll on your joints so i started cycling. cycling offered me fitness and exercise before my cancer. also provided me the opportunity to recover after my cancer, gave me the opportunity to become fit again and to feel normal again. >> kristi: well, this sunday morning join andy and me for the ride for relay as we raise money for the american cancer society. there's both a 30-le ride -- that's what i'm doing -- and a 45-mile raid from c.d. smith park in pembroke pines through ston and back again. lots of food and fun at the end of the race. for more information on how to register for ride for to relay go to >> janine: lots of stuff going on this week. >> calvin: and we're already thinking about the weekend. it's south florida's annual big block party and we're om two days away from coach. >> janine: come up on and join us. find at calle ochoing on southwest 8th street along
4:51 pm
from with you, to 3:00 meet me, carlos suarere and neki mohan. >> todd tongen will also join yeah, yeah, to greet you at the local10 booth at that same time. >> janine: and from 1:3 until 4:00 you can chat with glenna milberg, andrew perez, liane morejon, jennifer correand derek shore. >> calvin: also say-high the jasey birch, amy viteri, constance jones, hatzel vela and kristi krueger and a ain you will be able to find us along calle ochch southwest 8th street between 15th and 16th avenues. >> janine: and if you're going to come in the afternoon don't miss this. join the local10 conga crew from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. oh, yeah, you can dancehe day away with a million your closest friends. conga with us this sunday at calle ocho. >> calvin:nd if you can't make the out to out to 8th street for all the fun y/u can watch us on local10 for the special coach caring at 7:00 sunday night bringing you all of the excitement of south florida's biggest block party. cannot wait to be there. >> janine: there are so many people that come out.
4:52 pm
i've neverone out and had a little fun. >> calvin: the food, the everything, the music, the people. you're going to be sweating. >> janine: so bring a couple e us and mabel a change of shift. if you are a jan of jerry seinfeld you know his love of porsches. now the comedian is putting up most of his collection for sale. he's auctioning off 18 his luxury cars at an auction tomorrow right here in florida. one of the cars alone a rare 550 spider is expected to fetch more than $5 million. >> calvin:n:ll new at 5:00 now a father and daughter saved by a good samaritan after a van plunges into a canal and we're hearing from the hire today. >> janine: also at 5:00 you saw it first on 10 a woman beetley beaten allegedly by her roommate wakes up from her coma. >> calvin: and a fishinger man has quite the shark tale to tale. caught. >> janine: and a dramatic rescue waters.
4:53 pm
woman to safety. ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will.
4:54 pm
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>> janine: we've been showing you some of the severe weather in the south. now take a look at this ininedible video out of mississippi. even though people there have been told totay off the streets, here you can see a woman trying to drive past high water. she then turns around only to end up any day of. her car starts the sink. a good samaritan jumps in to rescue her. she's visibly shaken but is said to be okay. a day on the water turning into quite the fish tale for two men in south carolina. >> calvin: their catch wasn' just big, it was a great white shark, a submarine with a tail they're calling it. pair was fishing off the coast of hilton head island when they snagged a 14-foot 2500-pound shark.
4:57 pm
>> we were both campus ped the.i thibaut it for a while. we just went back and forth. the i don't know. i can't really feel the left side of my body today but it was worth it. >> i sent some pics to my dad. he said, opponent you try to catch something bigger. i sent it back that night, we did. >> calvin: four hours later and with some extra help they finally reeled in that big shark. the guys tagged the great wte and released it back into the water. and that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. and right now on local10 news at 5:00 we are hearing from a good samaritan overcome with emotion after saving a father and daughter. >> janine: republican frontrunner donald trump picking up ap endorsesent from one of his former riflesoday in palm beach. >> calvin: former first lady laid t# rest today beside her beloved ronnie. >> janine: plus, the ax fell today a fiu where the head coach
4:58 pm
was fired following allegations of sexual misconduct. >> calvin: good evening everyone. i'm calvin hughes. >> janine: i'm janine stanwood in for laurie today. local10 news at 5:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company off the top at five this canal in plantation was the site of a dramatic rescue, a man pulling two people out before it was too late. the driver and his ten-year-old daughter were trapped in that van. >> janine: but they were saved by that good samaritan who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. local10's jeff weinsier is live with more. jeff. >> jeff: that good samaritan was headed to work 7:00 this morning heading eastbound on sunrise boulevard when he looked to his right and saw something very unusual.the good news, he stopped. he didn't keep going. and whate saw was a minivan sinking.
4:59 pm
toilings and his ten-year-old daughter.. jep jephtah thomas was on his way to work and he lookedd over, going on. it was a toyota zina minivan that had veered off the road. thomas had no idea inside there was a ten-year-old girl and her he jumped in. >> and i heard a knock on the back window. i said, thank god they're still alive. boom. and bust thend with open. >> and you pulled them out. >> and one side bust thend with open, the little girl just jumped is on my neck. i held her. >> jeff: police say the driver teophil omegat lost control and headed straight foror the canal. inside his ten-year-old daughter slashi, he was likely tank her >> i just jumped in. i just jumped in water. >> they lled out a book bag. from what i heard it was a father and daughter, a ten-year-old. >> i'm certain if i didn't stop they would have died. >> you're a hero.
5:00 pm
i think so, yes. i'm a person, too >> jeff: a very emotional good samaritan, the good news again he stopped. also some good news, the injuries to thoho two that were in the minivan not life-threatening. they areot yet home from the hospital, but we hope to hearfrom them later on this evening. we'll keep posted. live inh plantation, i'm jeff weinsier. >> calvin: turning now to vote 2016, the republican presidential candidates getting back on the campaign t til today after a surprisingly civil debate last night at the university of miami. frontrunner donald trump picked you an endorsement from dr. ben carson today on theame day when one of remains supporters was arrested. local10's amy viteri has more now from our newsroom. amy. >> amy: violence at trump campaign events is a tic that came up at last night's debate. meanwhile, donald trump started hiss day in pablo but he and governorring john kasich rallying in the midwest when i will marco rubio and ted cruz


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