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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they're not in publicments to people. >> i'm here from channel 10.we wanted to ask you about the incident. with the herrada family. they whether hardly with child abuse and neglect ask given a combined $5,500 bond. the couple have bonded out of jail. they do have a stay-way away order from their seven-year-old son and he is safe and sound in dc f custody it. should be noted that the staff at the aftercare facility were the ones that did report this to the police and they are couldn't. in hialeah, todd tongen, local10 news. >> janine: more on this developing story that we've been monitoring for you, a brushfire in west miami-dade. these are live pictures that you're looking at. amy viteri is back in the newsroom with an update. >> amy: as you know we are still keeping an eye on that huge brushfire out of west miami-dade and you can see fire units on the scene. if you're in the area you may have noticed it because it's putting a lot of smoke out in
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these are live pictures from sky 10. i want to get a live look at this area. what we're seeing, just how widespread this is, the heavy smoke and you can see flames there on the ground as well. if you take a closer look, this is northwest 6th veet at 138th avenue and we just learned from the division of forestry a ranger is the one who spotted this fire around 1:00 this afternoon. we have seen several fire units out there but they sayayhe dry conditions are what's making it cuff to contain this blaze. reasonour-wheeler tracks are actually creating breaks in the fire for thehe an area that's around 175 areas, and they say at this point it is 30% contained. we'rey keeng an eye on for you and we will keep you posted. >> calvin: opa-locka now face can tush lentz times. deral agents raided city hall yesterday, and now the mayor of miami-dade county is sending a dire message with the city.y. local10 news reporter shyann malone live to explain for us.s. >> shyann: things air lot
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were yesterday in downtown opa-locka when the fbi agents were raiding this buildg, the mayor's office, but while all of that was going on, miami-dade county, they were making moves, too. while the city of opa-locka's municipalities complex was gettg raided on thursday, miami-dade county was putting on the pressure, too >> we're trying to correct all the issues that the city faces. >> shyann: mayor carl gimenez as office calling on the state to take control of the city. we have serious reservations about the financial health of the city of of opa-locka and ev believe it should be under the the state of florida's oversight. we are wend that the city will not bee able to function without assistance. the letter sent to the state chief inspector on thursday, the saue day the feds collected dozens of office collecting evidences they investigate mayor myra taylor for possible involvement in a kickback scheme. >> it was planned to work out that way. >> shyann: miami-dade spokesman ke fernandez highlighting the
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>> miami-dade county had identified possible misspending of transit funds and had realized that over the course of several months the water and sewer bills that the city owed, city of opa-locka owed miami-dade county had that the surpassed $3 million looping with others, and as of today the city of opa-locka owes miami-dade county roughly $4.4 million. >> shyann: pointing out the financial crisis has gotten out of hand under irrelevant mauer taylor's watch. >> it's serious business. you can't play games with public dollars. >> it's just crazy. you know, for someone who try to mastermind or manipulate any system. >> shyann: here's a live look outside now. we did go into the mayor's office. we were told we could not go inside the building. we made a phone call. we had no response there. we also stopped by her big, beautiful opa-locka home, but she did not answer. i should point out there, though, mayor taylor is only under investigation.
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against her as we continue to follow this story and get more details, we'll get them to you. reporting live in opa-locka, shyann malone, local10 news. >> janine: more to come. also tonight on the one and only what his brother charges are formalal filed against the broward sheriffs detention deputy allegedly caught on camera roughing up an ininnate. here's local10 investigator bob bob with the exclusive update. >> bob: the video those broward sheriffs detention deputy christen connelly grab an inmate with jerk her up and violently force her into a changing room where there was no video camera rolling. >> he punched me in the face several times. there were other in there that were king me. >> bob: the inmate audra west came out of room looking this. >> i had bruises all over my body. my face was swollen. my eyes swollen shut. >> bob: bso cleared connelly of all wrongdoing and sheriff scott israel issued a statement supporting that. >> it was frightening.
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investigation aired last june, the state attorney's office opened a new investigation. >> they saw the broadcast that you put on, thank goodness for the free press, and they chose to reinvestigate it. >> bob: and this week crimm far charges were filed against the deputy. >> they have charged country's ten connelly formally with the crime of battery, which is pun usualable up to a year in jail. >> bob: the incident began after connelly refused to give west a tampon and west cursed at her. this witness told local10 she was in shock at the deputy's actions. >> you could hear the screams. you could hear the thuds, the banging. i'm like, oh, my god, he's beating her up. >> bob: deputy connelly wasn't arrested so there is no mugshot. instead she received a summons to appear in court. the date ab april 28th and we'll be there. the in the video port, i'm bob norman, local10 news. >> janine: and connelly admitted
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twice in the space with a closed fist in order to restrain her in the room. bso said connelly will be suspended from duty with pay. >> calvin: a man caught robbing the same bank for a second time this week. the robber walked into the td bank branch. told the clerk he had a weapon and demanded cash. the teller handed over the money and the robber walked out. this fbi believes this same man same the same branch on tuesday. call 954-493-tips. six minutes after the top of the hour here, time now to get a check on the evening rush. let's see check in with traffic reporter jenise fernandez with a look. >> jenise: the weekend is finally here but we've got a few things out there. the let's start with the macarthur causeway. you can see there is a broken down tractor-trailer blocking two left leans. this is parrett jungle. this is a bit of a backup.
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around parrett junk el, speeds at 23 miles per hour. and as you cruise on to broward county wear also watching a broken-down car on i-95 northbound at sterling road. that broken-down car is off to the shoulders with speeds a 21 miles per hour. and an accident on the amount of 75 northbound at 595 but it looks like that accident is chairing up a bit. we're still seeing delays. >> janine: now to the historic changes in u.s.-cuba relations and the upcoming visit to the communist island by president obama. a top adviser to the president on cuba is spending the day in miami explaining what mr. obama hopes to achieve in cuba and listening to cuban americans. our senior political reporter michael molecule is at miami-dade college with the story. this be michael putney is has the story. >> meteorologist: we have spent the day at miami-dade downtown campus with ben rhodes. on cuba. he's here on a listening tour
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ben rhodes is the president's deputy national security adviser and architect of the historic change with cuba. >> how can we use this opening to mauk life better, to increase economic opportunity, to increase connectivity, whether that's online connectivity or simply sper action people-to-people engage with the the united states and the rest of the world mid rhodes came to miami to lay the groundwork for the president's visit, and to get reaction from our cuban community. >> when we speak to, obama has the opportunity to speak to the cuban people, to remember that we aren't only a free society of commerce and businesses but a expression. >> michael: the castro government has cracked down mercilessly on dissidents in the last year. more than 8600 political arrests in 2015, more than 2500 so far this year.
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ones that are going to better than from this whole relationship are going to be the government. >> the cuban government. >> the cuban government, not the people. >> and when we see something that concerns us, we'll say it. >> michael: this afternoon rhodes heard from five cuban activists who were brought here by the cuban american national foundation. >> that's our message. we are one people. nothing separates the cuban people in havana or santiago from miami. >> michael: the president -- rather, ben rhodes said the presidt's trip to cuba is about the future, not the past, but for so many cans who live here, the presented is also about the past, and the pain of loss. they would like to heat the president acknowledge that pain. we are live in miami, michael putney, local10 news. >> calvin: more major developments are expected ahead of president obama's visit to cuba. the hotel chain starwood whose brands include sheridan and weston is expected to receive a license from the treasury department in the coming days to
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the president is also expected to announce a number of u.s. companies that plan to launch operations in c ca, particularly related to the internet and telecommunications. and the cuban national baseball team is getting ready. they were seen practicing at the stadium in havana for the exhibition match-up with the the tampa bay rays to be held the same week as president obama's visit. it is cuba's first match-up since playing the orioles in 1999. baseball legends derek jeter, louise and jose cardinal are all said to be traveling to cuba for that game. and next weekend i will be leading our news team to cover all of these historic events live from havana, including a free concert by the rolling stones. our coverage begins next week. >> janine: now to vote 2016, donald trump is celebrating a brand new endorsement ahead of tuesday's florida primary. trump was endorse dollars by former presidential candidate ben carson in pablo earlier today. the surprise endorsement comes after the two got personal
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questioning carson's faith and attacking carson over his, quote, many lies. marco rubio is hoping to challenge trump if his home state of florida. he candidate synagogue in west palm beach where he talked about his support for israel. rubio still has a lot of ground to make. you p he's trailing trump by double admission polls. and ted cruz continued to campaign in florida as well traveling up to ormond for a town hall. ted cruz is hoping to follow up a series of strong finishes in the past week with another good showing in tuesday's primaries. and for the democrats bernie sanders held a rally in raleigh, north carolina. earlier today sanders is looking touild on his unlikely victory in michigan tuesday. but he has a lot of ground to cover in north carolina. sanders is trailing clinton by double digits. >> calvin: and hillary clinton spent time off the campaign trail in california today attending the fewer than offending signs nancy reagan. >> janine: that service was full of dignitaries and celebrities
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friend. it's coming up on world news titan 6:30. >> betty: a beautiful day and now a beautiful evening unfolding out there. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know what changes are on the way for saturday and sunday. the forecast coming right at you. >> calvin: but first, a good samaritan takes on the role of first responder after witnessing a van career off the road and into a plantation canal.
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break. >> calvin: right now one man is beinhailed a hero for quicklium jing into action and saving two people from a plantation stanley canal. the van, a man and his deny-year-old daughter were riding in veered off the road and into the water. >> janine: and that man did not think twice about going in to save them. jeff weinsier has that very heaping gems of the good news, he was alert as he was head today work eastbound on sunrise boulevard. he looked to the right, noticed something was very wrong, and instead of kept going pulled oaf to the side, and this is when he saw a van submerged going down in the canal you see right there. in that van teophil omegat of lauderdale hill along with his
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>> thief they would have died. >> jeff: jephtah thomas was hoistway to look this morning when he looked oaf and thought he saw something unusual. it was a toyota minivan that had veered off the road. thomas had no idea inside was a ten-year-old girl and her father. he jumped in. >> i heard a knock on the back window. i said, thank god they are stillalive. boom. i bust the window open. >> and you pulled them out. >> with own wid butt the window open. the little girl just jumped on my neck. i held her. >> jeff: police say if driver teophil omegat lost control and headed straight for a canal. inside his ten-year-old daughter to school. >> i just jumped in. i just jumped in the watery. >> pulled out a block bag. from what i heard it was a air ten-year-old. >> i'm certain if i didn't stop, they would have died. >> you're a hero.
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i think so, yes. yes this emotional good samaritan. the good news here, father and daughter were released from plantation general earlier today but at this point they have not arrived back to their lauderhill apartment. we're live in plantation week i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> janine: a happy ending. >> calvin: let's turn now to our weather and betty davis we saw the white captains out there, betty, and spring breakers are wondering when this breeze is going to gift here. it's too nice outside to talk about the wind? >anine: organisms we've got to talk about the wind, betty, right? because if people are going to go for a swim. but i'm looki at that beautiful picture behind you. >> betty: this is our ah moment. but, yes, you're right. the rip current risk is high through if you are going to head to the beaches, just keep that in mind, just light sand with appreciate that southeast breeze, and, you know, soak in a few rays.
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beautiful, beautiful to look at town from mallory square as the people are gathering, the sun is going to set, it's going to be awesome there. fort lauderdale not too bad, either. we see a few clouds out there but nothing threatening about those skies. we'll definitely take it. temperatures now in the mid-70s. marathon 77 degrees there. we s the 75 in fort lauderdale and also the 77 in hialeah. the forecast for the evening pretty benign. winds right now from the east just 11 miles an hour. we'll have a few clouds out there in some of your neighborhoods but dry conditions will continue to rule for the rest of tonight. and by 10:00 p.m. we'll see some lower 70s on the temperature map. so the breeze not quite as stiff as it was this time yesterday. but you definitely notice it if you are out near the beaches. winds sustained 10 to 15 miles an hour. we're getting that flow around is area of high pressure just off the southeast coast. our weather story has not really changed all week long. our weather has just been
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elsewhere, espially through the south-central u.s. we now see a good bit of rainfall starting to work in around portions of mississippi, alabama and the florida panhandle. all associated with this front system. and this frontal system will make a bit more progress toward the east come saturday, but it still looks as though we're going to be under the influence of that high pressure offshore, which means manuel dry weather and a southeast breeze. by sunday, though, whatever is left of that system may try to amp up our rain potential but i think the b%st news right now is that this forecast model painting the balance of any rainfall that does get going, more north of us, especially more north of a place like, say, southwest 8th street where calle ocho is going to go down on sunday. so we don't want the rain threat to keep you away. come on out and join us. tomorrow just a 10% chance for a shower, pretty low, right? temperatures rise can into the lower 80s. lower 80s sunday as well with a 50% chance for rainfall.
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widespread rbinfall into the in the forecast for monday. dry, sunshine, and getting very warm come notion week. spring forward don't forget saturday night set that clock
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might be late for >> clay: the big story before tonight's heat-bulls gamis injuries to all stars. on the bulls i'd you've got jimmy butler who is out and derek rose who is questionable for the game. as fore the heat it's a little more complicated. chris bosh, head coach erik spoelstra saying they aren't making nis guesses as to when
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return this year, after bosh returned a statement saying she hoped to return some time this season. spo says they're just happy that bosh is happy. >> he's working out routine in miami. when we get back we will be able to do some workouts with him but more than anything else he's in a good place mentallll and we don't have any kind of timetable or anything look that chief justices the heat are hoping to have dwyane wade in the line-up for that ballgame tonight. wade missed the act of part of shoot-around. he's got a thigh bruise. he will be reevaluated before tip off. game of the day in college basketball. you con and cincinnati. kevin johnson steps up, hit what you think is going to be the game-winning three be, right? bearcats probably going to the ncaa with that. but wai jalen adams from three-quarters court. can you believe it? that forces a fourth overtime, and you con would go to on win it thanks to that shot 104-nevin.
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the on the ice what a night for jaromir jagr of the panthers. first a stick to the mouth, chips a tooth. he would come back in the game and score his second goal, and then after the game he shows off the partial tooth and gives a little wink. turns out jagr had four teeth knocked out by this same team back in december. >> just got to check the schedule and play against them. >> two against one. >> this one is kind of tough to. make a dental appointment when you play that team. >> janine: he still (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and makingnsense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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st text1 italics cc1 test messagency reagan breaking news this friday night. the new fights breaking out at a trump p lly. both outside, and inside. the clashes captured on video. >> get them out of here. >> the new security concerns after the assault earlier this week. as trump's republican rivals mount a last-ditch effort to stop him tuesday night. celebrating nancy reagan. the former presidents. he first ladies sitting beside one another. the laughter among them. the candor from nancy reagan's children. and diane sawyer among those remembering mrs. reagan. the deadly flooding. hundreds of rescues. states of emergency. and the two storms hitting this weekend. now. a brazen escape. an american city.
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two violent prisoners. one accused of murder, breaking free. and the alarming new headline about the zika virus. new cases expected in the u.s., not from travelers coming back, instead breaking out right here. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with breaking news on the race for the white house. tensions boiling over at another donald trump rally. both inside and outside the event. protesters, linking arms, police trying to pull them apart. after the scene in north carolina this week, a trump supporter punching a protester as he was led away.


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