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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 9AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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protestor and forced him to stop a rally. >> todd: one police officer was hit i the head with a bottle and will need stitches and will be okay. >> neki: the chicago clash is the latest in a string of break outs. >> reporter: another trump rally getting out of hand and donald trump putting the blame on protestors and hisivals say his rhetoric has something to do with the clashes. >> the protestors, some o o them are violent and i am not sure they can control himself. >> reporter: tensions flaring and supporters and protestors clashing with fists and forcing the campaign.
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and meeting with law enforcement. and determined for the safety of the tens of thousands of people will be postponed. >> we were informed that the event was being cancelled. the chicago police department had no role. >> i am not a person who wants to it see violence or people hurt. >> reporter: his gop rivals wasted no rival. >> the responsibility of that lies with protestors who took violence in tir own hands. but any campaign responsibility starts at the top. >> mr. trump needs to own up that rhetoric he used contributed to the climate in parts of other rallies. >> reporter: this is not the first time violence erupted in
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in st. louse one protestor was hurt and more inside. trump leaving them with parting words. >> go home to mommy. >> reporter: hillary clinton said no matte what party we are. violence has no place in politics and we should use our words to bring america together. and donald trump said organized group of people who shut down the rally energizes america. donald trump is considering rescheduling the rally. >> todd: a reporter alleges she was battered in a donald trump press conference.
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she filed report and trump said the allegations are not true. >> neki: you can vote early. today is the last day to cast your ballot in monroe county. more than 63000 voters cast ballots in miami-dade and just over 58,000 cast ballots in broward. we have everything you need to vote on breaking overnight. iraqi leaders said isis leaders launched two chemical attacks in a northern city. emergency responders said many
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from burns. >> todd: florida international university is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct from a coach. the sool has fired chen for another reason. the allegations made against chen will continue. the search for a now head coachch begins immediately. >> neki: the mayor of miami-dade county is asking the city for vestigation on opp a lacka. the couple is accused of taking 150,000 from the city to support their own finances. >> there is possible misspending of transit fds and over the
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city owes miami-dade 4.4 million. >> neki: the miami mayor's letter cam the same as the investigation. a crowd of a thousand gues attended mrs. reagan's funeral in simi valley. including michelle obama, hillary clinton and george a laura bush. diane sawyer read a passage from the gospel and a former freedom prime of canada read a letter. >> i love the whole gang of you.
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powerhouse you.% >> neki: she was laid to rest by her husband. >> todd: now one and only, a deputy facing charges after roughing up an inmate. the detective grabbed a udra west and violently forcing her in a changing room. west said it began when west refused to give her a tampon. >> they were kicking me a i had browses and my face is swollen and eye is swollen@ shut. >> todd: connelly is charged with misdemeanor battery. >> got busted. >> neki: that is joseph cruz laughing and joking as he was captured.
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from a prison transrt van. cruz' time on the lam ended after he was spotled by the university of new mexico. he said they didn't have help in the escape. the police are looking for who ever helped them on the run. >> for ride- sharing services. uber and lift failed. the state and house failed to agree on a bill. officials want more local regulations. and they could not find middle ground. in did youral, a driver was hospitalized after died after crash nothing a tro. the car went up the tree before p knocking it over.
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underneath the steering wheel. no word yet on how he is this morning. >> todd: the south is bracing for more rain in louisiana. >> meteorologist: we have dry conditions in store and looks like it is ending after today. today, enjoy the sunshine and gloud clouds mixing in. andd temperatures warming up to 83 for the high. we are hitting mid to upper 70s at this hour. >> neki: now see how her city celebrating a monumental birthday for her. >> celebrate daylight tasting time on soflo taste.e. >> todd: chef mushle is helping you get thehe hour back with
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with time-saving recipes to get
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that's next on soflo taste. . (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephansound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates enough talk.
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>> todd: the people of louisiana d mississippi are keepingn eye out for rising water. it is not or yet. in louisiana more rain will be falling todayut not as bad as the delunge yesterday. and in mississippi there is a rising river in haittes burg. six texas from texas to tennessee have seen the flash flood warpnings. >> neki: crews are working to stop a brushfire northwest 6th street. the fire has burned 175 acres
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you ready to losee an hour of sleep? >> todd: no. >> neki: daylightt savings t time is tonight. anan only states that get a pass in all of this, hawaii and arizona. neither before the time change. daylight savings time ends on november 6th. >> todd: let's head to the beach in hollywood. it is windy and the palm trees kicking around pretty good. it is a fairly decent crowd and after spring break we'll see good crowds out ththe. >> you have to put the stones at the end of the towels. >> todd: not a bad idea. >> neki: it doesn't move. >> jennifer: or flip flops if
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>> neki: do a blog on that. >> jennifer: we should. the palm trees are swaying against the wind and the camera doesn't look like it is on too tight. its a beautiful view out there. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and we have clouds draping over the lower keys. temperatures are warming up quickly, the 70s for the most part. 77 in miami and 75 in fort lauderdale. south winds. but winds are breezy in fort lauderdale at 17 miles per hour. and it will continue with the breeze throughout the day. not as windy as yesterday. there is no rain on the radar to talk b. but rain is impacting areas of the gulf coast. this is a huge improvement compared to what the radar looked like yesterday. but there is a lot of moisture
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and rain will develop in the mississippi valley. flood threat is still in store for the deep south. high pressure in control for us by tomorrow. the high will cool away from the east and farther away from us. and that means a southerly flow will return by tomorrow and help a sea breeze. that will be the highest chance for showers. but for here in broward county and keys and miami, rain chances are up to 40 percent by tomorrow and best chance will be after 2:00. affect. our forecast for tomorrow calls for a gentle breeze. it is lighting up and warm and muggy conditions and southerly winds will help to enhance that humidity in south florida. it could be a shower in the evening hours and ten percent
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monday with a high in the mid 80s, todd? >> todd: if you want to celebrate smart and sexy day, there is a national career agency to host women's national month. that is on northeast 1 30th street. the event is meant to inspire women and girls of all ages to achieve permanent goals. the village of pine crest has a career and picnic. it will be along southwest 1 24th street. that will feature entertainment. the picnic will begin at 11:00 at the park near biechlt>> neki: you may remember the 106 woman. last month virginia's dreams
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obama and michelle obama. today she turns 107. she had a special surprise. it happen in washington d.c., they had a big dance party and look at her go. she got a full make over complete with new living room and dining room and bed room furniture. >> happy birthday to you. how are you feeling today? >> fine. you know i feel better since i see all of these nice people. >> neki: what a sweetheart. she moved to it dc in 1941. and lived through 18 presidents and she is a walking history lesson. >> todd: she has that little cane and barely uses it when
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>> neki: she's moving better. >> todd: two missing sisters that are thought to be run aways and they were found and they were taken against their will. >> neki: new medical break
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the >> neki: a mother behind bars after two teenage sisters reported missing for months were found safe. a phone tip helped to find them. amanda helman kidnapped the sisters on the way to school in april. the mother reported them as run aways. the mother and her sister are facing kidnapping charges.`. >> todd: the search for a pilot missing for decades heats up in main today. he went missing in 1972. it is believed he got lost.
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wreckage after getting lost hiking mount waldo. >> i wish i could have saved that family. >> i want to bring them home and put them to rest. >> todd: no one found the eckage or body of billy hog dhtan. >> neki: officials say the zika virus was found in canada. the mosquito- born virus is said to have a nnengz with microeoeephalitis in new borns. >> todd: scientist in can did found a way to grow human heart tissue. this tissue is beat like a real heart. the chip a hows blood flow in
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millions of human cells. researchers made heart and liver tissue and blood vessels the size of human hair. >> it allows us to watch that biological process happening in a realistic setting. >> todd: these chips could be used to test new drugs for dangerous si-effects. >> neki: if you are struggling to keep up with the new year's resolution to lose weight. two doughnuts m mns two. >> reporter: most of us know we@ need to eat fewer calories and exercise more. did you know that your body needs to shed 500 calories every day in order to lose one pound a week. and trying to cut out 500 calories may seem tough. but experts say it is not that
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>> cutting back on the calorie and portion sizes should be able to being for 2 or 300 calorie deficit and adding in activity and expenditure and walking a mile or ridingg a bike. >> reporter: dr. blackburn said burn 100 calories every day you can lose ten pounds a year. it is also aboutrelesing the endorphins and feel- good hormones. that helps us to feel better and that is important for people battling cancer. andy was diagned with kidney cancer and exercise helped him beat the disease. today he and his wife love
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bike or do yogan or exercise handle their treatment better. >> for many ars, i played soccer and that activity takes a toll. i started to cycle and that provided me with fitness. and that gave me an opportunity to recover after my cancer and gave me an opportunity to come fit again and normal again. join us for the ride for relay as we raise money for the american cancer society. there is a 45 mile ride in pembroke pines p through weston and back again. lots of food and fun back after the rara. for more and how to register go to i hope to see you there.e. >> todd: more news ahead of you
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>> neki: yes, the problem for parents to face, after a video
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>> todd: and a south f >> jenfer: looking at mallory cloud cover. and it is the keys bad day in the keys? >> todd: no, i don't think so. >> jennifer: never a bad day in key west. sure there is a t- shirt. neverr pad day. cloudy or showers in key west. it is breezy winds out of the east at 16 miles per hour and 16 miles per hour winds in homestead and 17 in fort lauderdale. a breezy saturday morning. and current temperature 75 degrees in key we. and we are in the upper 70s. i want to point out just to the south of key and south of key
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up with clouds t t t are right over here. so maybe a shower or two could be hit the lower keys otherwise it will be cloudy for the rest of the morning. you can see on the satellite lots of sunshine over miami-dade and broward. and small craft operators, exercise with caution the base with a moderate chop. >> [inaudible] >> neki: a 10-year-old girl shares t the faith she held on after her and her father crashed inin a canal. they were saved by total strangers. >> todd: they shared their story with local ten. what an amazing, story. >> reporter: indeed, todd and
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the crews that came to ress cue these folks. they pulled the van up the wall. and once you got it out of the water. a little girl's doll and women's shoes on the scene. the water is not very dope. but it was submerged quickly and they could not get out. help was not too far behind them. it was a close call if not for a perfect stranger. thanks to that man, the 10-year-old is alive. she had a garb to the head and busted leg after the family v van [inaudible]. >> reporter: they were on the
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got stuck and splashed in the canal in plantation. and water@ rising. dad and daughter were trapped. the dad held her up in thehe water. he said don't worry god will come our way. don't worry god willl come our way. three times and the good samarit an got us out. >> reporter: the family thankful for the stranger who turn it lifelong friend. we are trying to learn how they ended up in the water. the man we talked to said he was not a hero, he was on the way to work and parked his car and didn't think twicecebout jumping
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and daughter. [inaudible] % >> todd: one and only exclusive, disturng video of a father disciplining a terrified little boy and the mother did nothing about it. witnessese said the parents were angry when the son didn't do the home work. the father whipped the boy withh a ka rate belt and the mother. we went by the trailer to get their side of the story. the couple are out on bond. >> neki: surveillance video from november showing a man in a black shirt scoping out the home. and police say he proved open a side door and snatching power tools and took off in a white van with 9000 worth of stolen
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if you have information call miami-dade crimestoppers. and we are waiting to it learn if a homeowner will be charged. we are told gwendolyn shot trevor johnson after she saw him leaving in the back door. there was an altercation and shots werer fired. >> todd: today is your chance to turn inn unwanted guns. and you can get gift cards in exchange. it is it an effort to make our streets safer. turning over a working gun will get youa i gift card and adding to jordan grow baptist church. this is a chance to safely get rid of any guns off of our streets. >> neki: now a safety alert.
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florida. he was spotted stealing from target store in miami. the 45-year-old who good by ls is wanted for skipping out on a ten year prison sentence for meth trafficking. a $10,000 reward is offered for information heading to his arrest. >> todd: a robber walked in a td bank branch in fort had laud and told the clerk that he had a weapon and demande cash. the fbi believes he robbe the same bank branch on tuesday. if you know anything about the robberies call. wait until you see how quickly guys can hook up card readers. surveillance video s sws a man talking to the clerk in an attetet to tis tract her while the man behind him reaches in a bag and places a skimmer on
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if you know either of those men, call police. >> neki: star authority wood, whose brands are sher at an and weston is expected to receive a license to operate hotels on the island. there wille a number of u.s. cocoanies that plan to launch operations in cuba cuba signed an agreement with the eurupean union normalizing relations between the iland nation and the european block. it comes after two years negotiations and addresses a wide range of politicaling issues. the union said it was an effort to help reform cuba's struggling economy. calvin hughes will cover all of the historic event in havana, including a concert by the rolling stones.
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it is the weekend to dance in the streets and we are one day from miami's biggest block part that is tomorrow. >> todd: 11 to 1:30 come out and hang o with us between 15 and 16th avenue. kristina and carlos and ben kennedy will be there, to. >> and angie and jennifer and derek take over from 1:30 to 4. and jc and constance and christie winding it up. she will be there, too. and if you can't make it to eighth street tune in tomorr, it starts at 7:00. >> todd: there are hundreds of great p%ts waiting to be adopted in south florida. >> neki: we'll introduce you.
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we couldn't get him on the desk..
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yorkers are signg up to walk? >> neki: a water warning to tell you about before going to the beach. rip current warning in affect for all over the atlantic coast. look at fort lauderdale yesterday. high winds caused life guards to pull several swimmers caught up in the rip current. >> we have had five today and five yesterday and back to last wednesday, i think we are looking at a dozen or so. >> neki: remember to be cautious and those red flags are a clue they are not safe. live look at fort lauderdale tower cam. hazy in the shot at nine:froochlt sfech degrees and warm and windy day, jen? >> jennifer: yeah, it is windy
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this is it a look at the medical center. there is a few showers impacting the lower keys. either way if you don't have showers or have is the clouds, we are warming things up with or without the clouds and temperatures are hitting the upper 70s. and 17 is the wind speed out of fort lauderdale and east breeze at key west. here is a look at radar and satellite. the cloud cover draping over in the lower to middle keys and i put it in motion and it is hard to see that they are lifting to the north. the track looks to the north and west and this is lifting to the north and that is about to get showers already. and k key west, a band of showers
9:43 am
through the keys and sunnier in broward and miami-dade. rain chances are slim for the rest of the day. they are going up especially since the high is breaking apart and pulling away from the central atlantic ocean and a stalled boundary helped to pump it out in the gulf of mexico. and that will bring back a a southerly breeze for morrow. go ahead and use the sun screen and uv index is high. and seas 2- 4 feet. and boaters and small craft operators exercise caution. 83 degrees is the high for today. and head out and meet us and keep an umbrella handy in case see a shower tomorrow
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>> todd: we are out on the patio with sherry. this is mumu. she's blind, right? >> she is blind. we believe she was born that way. she came to us from ather shelter are and she was limping and we did an x-ray and she just had surgery. she had been shot. she doesn't put the leg down on her to the. we hope as she heals she will use it. she is 67 pounds and three years old and she needs a diet to take weight off. >> todd: how well when dogs get around? when you walker she stays
9:45 am
she would benefit with another dog. she is potty trained and sweet and likes children. one thing you have to know. a pool has to have a baby fence around it. >> tod: we don't know. >> she was transferred from another shelter. she is a staff favorite and she gets excited when you go to her kennal. she doesn't pull you down the street. >> todd: if you are an animal lover this is one for you. head out to it the shelter and bring mumu home. you will do all of the work? >> absolutely. >> todd: if you want to look a pet on line it is easy.
9:46 am
there is all kinds of animals up for adoption, neki? >> neki: i i would take her but i am not home to walk them. a strange craig's list adgets the attention of hundreds of new yorkers. ashley green was on the alert to find someone to walker tortes. she was shocked how many people a loyed. more >> this is totally a side, side, side gig. and higher than minimum wage and paid more if i could. >> neki: green will look carefully at all of the applicant and only one person will get the job. good luck to them. fort lauderde seeing green.
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all of e fun. and check this out. bam.
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getting a win >> sports anchor: i am clay with the morning sports s wrap.
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heat is watching new stars emerge and playing at a high level as they mak a playoff push. last night in chicago. dwayne wade played despite deep thigh bruise. he was not himself and the young guys step up. josh takes it all the way counsel. richardson and the young guys lead them back. and richardson knocks down a three for 22 poiois and then the heat win 118- 96. and the break out performance tricks. >> being a contractor is big. and the coaches tell me you are in confidence. you are in the gym too much not to play with confnfence. i came out and let it show. spotspotthe heat have no time
9:51 am
he hoped to play this season. the head coach said right now, happy. mii. he will do some. and more than anything else he's in a good place mentally and we don't have any kind of time table orr anything like that. >> sports anchor: canes trailed most of the day. and rodriguez cuts the lead. and then they pull away. hushing canes fall on this one. 73- 68. game of the day. uconn and cincinnati. kevin johnson of the bearcs knocks down a throw. this game is over, righf? keep watching. less than a second to go.
9:52 am
a fourth overtime and the huskies winn it. football now. dolphins keep looking to add to the roster. hosted robinson on a fro agent visit yesterday. and multiple reports said they are hosting brandon wheaton. brent groims signed on with the tampa bay buccaneers. his wife who stirred up controversy on social media stopped her twitter account. >> and a win over the senators on thursday. ja showed off the partial tooth. and turns out. he had four teeth knocked out in december by the same team. >> yeah, i got to check the schedule to be played against them. yeah.
9:53 am
chip the fake tooth. this is mine. >> that is your local ten morning sports wrap. >> neki: a strip of the boulevard going green in honor of saint patrick's day. the festival is taking pce and the mayor was out helping the city get in the spirit. the festival kicked off this morning and going on at t t plaza. and the parade starting at noon on 5th to river front. the event is free.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (eleant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> new this morning, a washington girl who may be too sick to travel the world but not
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>> todd: friends arere sending her post card. she was four months old had been diagnosed with brain cancer. the mother put out a call for are most cards. >> the world has so much to offer. there is it always in thehe back of your mind that she may notum, yeah. so. >> todd: the family received 500 alone. >> neki: what a cutie pie. >odd: when we come back, beach brawls on spring break. we'll give you the latest. tensions rise between trump's supporters and protestors.
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protest, that's ahead at ten. >> todd: welcome back. beach brawl. spring breakers forced vakz vabz in miami beach. >> neki: donald trump's supporters and protestors clash and forcing a cancellation of
9:59 am
what he issaying. >> todd: dance nothing a new era. how hundreds of people helped the video too viral. >> neki: the weather authority is keeping an eye on the forecast. what you neeee to know before you get out and about. >> todd: good morning, it is saturday march th. i am todd tongun. >> neki: i am neki mohan. we have what is going on with gen der. >> jennifer: good morning, todd and neki and south florida. it is windy. the current wind speed at 14 miles per hour. and ft. lauderdale it is a wind speed of 17 miles per hour. and temperatures areitting 77 degrees in ft. lauderdale. and 81 in hialeah and 71 in key
10:00 am
radar in the lower keys, howers are offshore but closer to key west. the lower keys, you you have a best chancnc of showers for the rest of the morning, otherwise, we are nice and quiet. changes are coming our way and i will have the details on that coming up. todd? >> todd: a tug boat over turned in new york. it appears that the tug boat hit a barge causing it to sink. >> neki: several spring breakers behind bars after getting out of control. the videos were taken from instagram and showed hundreds on the beach dancing and singing and then police cars evacuating people. and the crowds surrounding police officers and a woman who was angry, all of that going
10:01 am
police are on staying on high alert. in chicago fights broke out between the supporters and protestors in chicago and forcing donald trump to cancel an event there last night. >> todd: one police was injured and hit in the head with a bottle and needed stitches and should be okay. >> neki: that is the latest in heated confrontions that played out in the trump campaigns. >> todd: how are his rivals reacting and trump himself. jushgs donald trump putting blame on protestors forhe latest round of violence and his arrivals said his rhetoric has something to do with the clashes. >> the protestors, some of them are very violent. and i am not even sure they can control thememlves. >> reporter: utter chaos and
10:02 am
clashing with their fist, forcing the trump campaign to cancel the rally in chicago. >> mr. trump arrived in chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all of the tens of this happeneds of people who dpatherred in the arena, tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> reporter: police said they had adequate resources to calm the crowds. >> we were informed that thehe event was cancelled and the chicago police department had no roll. joishgs the man himself speaking to cnn. >> i am not a person who wants to see violence or people hurt. >> reporter: gop rivals weighed in? >> responsibility loys with protestors that took violence in l own hands. and in any campaign it starts at the top. >> mr. trump needs to own up
10:03 am
the climate that have seen. >> reporter: thiss is not the first time violence erupted. in st. louis, a protestor outside were hurt and more inside were thrown out and trump leaving them with partying words. >> go home to mommy and get them out. >> reporter: hillary clinton said all of us no matter what party or vows we hold, should not only say l loudly and clearly that violence has no place in our politics. we should use your words to bring america together. donald trump taking to twitter saying organized group of people who shut t wn our first amendment rights in chicago totally energized america. five people were arrested including a cps reporter. donald trump will consider
10:04 am
>> todd:d:eanwhile a reporter filed a suit saying she was battered in norred. she was forcibly grabbed by the arm and yanked by a manager. trump said the allegations are just not true. >> neki: rememberr you can vote early. today is the last day to cast your vote in monrope cooperate. early ving locations will be open today and tomorrow in palm beach. more than 63,00 voters cast ballots in miami-dade. ballots. iraqi leaders said isis launched two chemical attacks. it has killed a three-year-old and wounded 600 people.
10:05 am
suffering from burns a dehydration. last month there was a capture of an isis leader responsible for developin chemical weapons. >> todd: there are allegations of sexual miscocained against the woman's basketball coach. the school fired chen for other reason. the allegations made by a student athlete will continue. >> neki: mayor of miami-dade is asking the state to intervene in a city financial operation. the opa lacka are accused of taking 150,000 from the city to support their own finances. >>iami-dade county identified possible misspending of transit funds and reazed over the
10:06 am
that city owes miami-dade county 4.4 are million. >> neki: the letter came the city day there was a search warpt in the complex. the fbi said no arrests have been made. family and friends celebrating the life of nancyreagan. 1000 guests attended mrs. reagan's funeral in the presidential library in friday. the guests including first lady michelle obama and hillary clinton and george w. and laura sh. diane read a passage from the spel. and former canadian prime minister read a love letter thaha he wrote to his wife. i love the whole gang of you. mummy, first lady, sentimental you, fun you. and the pee wee powerhouse you. >> neki: after the funeral mrs. reagan was laid to rest
10:07 am
she died at her home at age of 94. >> todd: a bso deputy is facing charges after caught on camera roughing up up a inmate. she grabbedhe inmate and jerking her up out of the chair and forced her in a changing room. >> she punched m in the face. and there were guards that kicked me and bruises all over my body and my eye was basically swollen shut. >> todd: she was not arrested but expected to be in court and charged with misdemeanor battery. >> if i had help. >> todd: that is joseph cruz laughing and joking. he escaped from a prison transport van along with another inmate.
10:08 am
ded after being spotted by the university of new mexico. the other inmate is still on the run. they are looking in to who ever helped him go on the run. >> neki: ride sharing services such as ubesh and lift, that failed. state and house failed to agree on bill. officials want stronger insurance requirements andocal regulations and negotiators for the ride shehearing and taxi companies could not find middle ground. this driver hospitalized after crash nothing a istry in did youral yesterday on northwest 52nd street. the view from the ground shows that the car went up the tree before knocking it down. the driver was alert andnd penned underneath the steering wheel. theyeyad to go in through the back seat to pull him out.
10:09 am
a new year's resolution. tips on how to get back in fighting shape. >> jennifer: tempepetures are heating up in the low 80s and we are tracking few showers on the radar.
10:10 am
when we return. life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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>> todd: time now 10:12 and nice dadaso far. >> neki: what are you doing today? >> todd: probably take them out. i know we have to spring forward. >> neki: how bad p will we hurt >> todd: worst day of the year for the people who work morning television. >> jennifer: and i goo to bed an hour earlier it doesn't happpp. what is going to happen people heading out to the beach. a lot of you out there. and please be careful and go to a beach with a life guard on duty. and meanwhile temperatures are heating up to the low 80s in northwest miami-dade in hialeah. and we are in the upppp 70s. it is warm and breezy.
10:13 am
miami and key west at 17. and we'll continue with a flow for the rest of the day. i have to show you the radar and getting rain right now due to a stream of showers and pulling north and at the same time track to the north and west. and as this continues to lift, it will impact the lower keys d middle keys. and so marathon, keep your eye on the sky. high pressure for broward and miami-dade. and we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine. and enough to heat things up by tomorrow and high pushes away in the central atlantic. that will allow for sea breeze showers to develop in the afternoon after 2:00. that is the best chance for the showers and it will not be
10:14 am
don't think of it as a wash out. high rip current in effect and seas 2- 4 feet. and highs today 83 degrees and hit that in the middle of the afternoon and by tomorrow 83 again with a southerly wind and that will pump up the humidity and we'll feel it by tomorrow. rain chances go down to 0 on tuesday. todd and neki. >> neki: it is that time of year for the biggest partyty are to hit the streets. >> todd:ome on out and enjoy the local ten crew and we'll be out there. and see ja nine and kristina and ben kennedy. and neki and i and eric will greet you in the local ten booth. 1:30.
10:15 am
derek. and also come say high to jc and constance and christie. all of your favorites. and you will fin out pie 15- 16 avenue >> todd: if you come in the afternoon, join the local ten congo ew. and they are playing the music. they will do it this sunday and maybe set a record. if youave been struggling to keep that new year's resolution to lose weight you are not the only one. what is to blame is simple math. christie explains. >> reporter: in order to lose weight we need fewerical rows and exercise more. but your body needs to shed 500 calories every day to lose one pound a week. and that sounds like a lot. and that may seem tgh.
10:16 am
if you start off slowly. >> cutting back on the calories coming in and portion sizes. and should be able to account for 2- 300 calorie deficit and adding in 100 calories of expenditures and riding a bike. if you burn 100ical rows without increasing yourical row intake. you can lose ten pounds the year. the more intense the activity the faster the burnn will be. it is not only exercise. but releasing the endorphins. they help uso mentally and emotionally feel better and that is important for people battling cancer. andy was diagnosed with kidney cancer and exercise is one of the things to help him beat the disease.
10:17 am
and cancer patients who managed to bike or walk or do yoyoga handle those conditions better. >> i played soccece and so i started cycling and that provided me opportunity for fitness and exercise before my cancer and provided me with the opportunity to recover after my cancer and gave me the opportunity to become fit again and to feel normal again. >> this sunday morning, joinandy and me for the ride to relay. it is a a30 mile ride. that's what i i am doing. through pembroke pines and weston and lots of food and fun at the end of the race. for more information, go to local1com and i hope to see you there. >> she has certainly put smiles on the faces and showing off the
10:18 am
all of that moving and grooving and how the home city returned
10:20 am
birthday. >> neki: this 106 year old woman dance width first family.
10:21 am
met president obama and first lady obama in her visit to the white house. >> todd:s turns out her are birthday is this week. she made it to 107. the community celebrated with a dance party and as a gift, she got a full make over on her home. living room set and bed room set and dining room furniture. >> happy birthday to you. god bless you. how are you feeling today. >> i feel better since i see the nice people. >> todd: she was born in south carolina and lived through 18 different u.s. presidents. >> neki: what a live she has seen. i asked one what was the amazing invention in their life.
10:22 am
our kids commrin with the wi- fi goes out. looking live out in the miami tower cam. you can see the cloud cover.
10:23 am
(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tappi sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. ouounext president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> neki: taking a look at our top stories. spring breakers out of control yesterday. these video show hundreds on the beach dancing and singing and another video shows police cars on t beach trying to control the crowd and another one shows the crowd, look at these police officers and a woman that wangry there. and we'll have it local teb be news. >> todd: donald trump postponed
10:26 am
out. >> neki: florida international university investigating allegations against the coach. the schoolired him for unrelated issues and a nationwide search for a new coach is underway. >> jennifer: saturday's weather is mostly cloudy and there are showers that are streaming through key west. and 83 degrees. and don't forget, tonight we spring forward. and we'll be out there and we have a slight chance for are showers. and we upon want to thank you for joining us. and urge you to tune in tomorrow. so flo test is next.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> todd: never i i am shift tonight. it is time to set your clocks ahead tonight. today, i show you recipes for roasted chicken, and banana split so quick it will help you get the air back. sprinkle ahead with me here on south florida taste. >> this is south florida. where i live and work. i am just totonight. south florida is more than some, sand, and see. it's a lifestyle of fashion, sound,culture, and of course food. food with taste from all over the world. join me as we celebrate the food of southlorida and the people who love it. join me to experience so flo taste. hello, i am sure michelle
10:30 am
culinary institute on the wilson campus of the miami dade college. welcome to so flo taste. tomorrow morning at 2 am, we will all be losing a precious hour of time. it is the spring he had part, the bad part, of daylight savings time. so, to help you get over the loss, i thought it would be fun to make recipes that might help you get the hour back. fast recipes. let's hurry up and get cooking. i thought the best one to start off with would be a whole chicken. there's nothing better than cooking a whole chicken at home. a couple of weeks ago, i only had 30 minutes to serve dinner, but i had a whole chicken. it was really all i had. so i came up with a way to make it faster, so i thought it would be fun to teach you how i did that. so, the plain old kitchen scissor, poultry shears, i will break through the back of the chicken. so what this does is allows me to cook everythihg on the bone


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