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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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bubu it's definitely going to be a warm, humid day. miami. 75 degrees key west. the winds are calm and with the southerly wind flow, the national weather service has indicated there are some spots over inland broward and miami-dade. that has produced the possibility of patchy fog, so please be careful out there. around the 6:00 hour he'll have to deal with it. rapidly warming up to the mid to upper 80s. again warmer today than yesterday. i'll have more coming up. fight for florida, it is here. we're less than three hours now from polls opening all across t state. voters chimes in on which presidential candidate they want to represent their party in july. >> last night senator marco rubio was at a rally and today could make our break his campaign. >> senator rubaie countingng on hometown support. >> the campaign does have some momentum,
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glenna millberg has our story. >>reporter: marcr rubio learned you can go home again. what did you learn today? >> we're going to win.thank you. >>reporter: a campaign down i-95 fin ins in rubio's neighborhood. lots from his home and where he started his career as a west miami commissioner not quite 18 years a a. as a commissioner who shares the language, shared his roots and his dreams. >> he stands up for what he believes in, and i will definitely give himmy vote for that. >>reporter: the speakers didn't work and the pick-up truck stage wasn't high enough but rubio persevered, the metaphor of his campaigngn. >> i tell the story of the campaign. >>reporter: a final push to prove wrong what other predict will be a home state loss.
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say it's against the political establishment. the anger, in honestly should be, not against you, glenna, but the media establishmenthat have been driving the narrative. >> over the coursef his entire career marco has been under estimated. >>reporter: miami-dade county of course the biggest county in florida, but marco rubio will need to win many more ler today to cement a win against donald trump or any of the other candidates. there are actually signs of drought, especially from the super pac that has been funding rubio's air time. it's called conservative solutions, $10 million, that has been spenthelping rubio in ads in florida. but past today that super pac has none preserved dny air time at all. i'm glenna millberg, west miami, local 10 news. rubio is campaigned
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trump received an endorsement from florida attorney general pam bondi. trump had an event but haha to cancel it due to his campaigning in ohio. ted cruz took to the stage in illinois. he's fighting to catch trump in that state after two recent polls showed him within single digit. cruz is making a few stops in north carolina along with carly fiorina. kasich trying to grab all 66 delegates up for grabs there. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton speaking to supporters in north carolina. mrs. clinton up by 20 points over bernie sanders in recent polls. she holds a similar lead here in florida. polls only mean so much. even when polls show she had a wide lead. that is where the race is consider to be very tight. polls there show a lead
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still one poll that shows sanders ahead. he's hoping for a winin in illinois where another poll shows him possibly in a tie with hillary clinton. man, it's all over the place. we've got you covered today into the evening led by michael putney and glenna millberg. as results start to come in, turn to us here on local 10. we'll have a special one hour news cast starting tonight at 11:00 p.m. in an exclusive interview with cnn the president responded to those who disagree with his trip. >> this is not about providing concessions to the cuban government. this is a matter of engaging directly with the cuban people and being able to have candid, tough conversations directly with the cuban government, the same way we do with the chinese government, the same way do with the
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the same way we do with the rusussian government with whom we recognize we will have more influence and have greater capacity to advocate on behalf of the values we care about when we're actually talking to them. >> of course we'll be there for that historic visit. calvin hughes will be looking for their news team continue havana. the search intensifying for the gunman who shot and killed a man all for his wallet. local 108 spoke with his family in miami gardens. >> everybody hurting so please just stop. >>reporter: the angernd frustration making way for tears. >>reporter: lily johnson holds his belongings. the two starting a whole new life together, a life cut short of milton
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walking to a bus stop. he was shot, his wallet taken. >> a man walking to wk killed. >>reporter: less than a block from his house near northwest 17th avenue and 173rd street in miami gardens. he was dressed in uniform according to neighbors. and after he was shot, he actually ran b bk home comforted by his friends and his wife who ran outside. >> he put me on my side and everything he asked me to do. i can't. i'm sorry. >>repoer: the 42-year-old wouldn't make it though. friends say they don't understand how a man whose never been in trouble beforcould be gunned down in the street just like that. >>reporter: relatives tell us this man was a local security guard and that his unifofo may have made him a target. we know there were at least two men. they were wearing masksks he said that before he
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in ahite van. anyone with information encouraged to call police. the rip tip could land you a cash rewd. for now reporting in miami gardens, i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. by sunday night two people were shot, one of them died. as janine stanwoododells us, the city's police department is detailing a new plan they hope will stop that violence. >>reportererafter seeing huge crowds on the sand,d, a sardine-packed ocean drive and responding to fatal shooting over the weekend, miami police laying out new rules to deal with spring break crowds. we learned the department is adding more cops on bicycles, atvs and on foot, especially on weekends. there will be nightly closures on ocean drive between 7th and 11th streets over the weekend and officers will be clearing out crowds on the sand at sunset could countyrews could clean
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>> i've been here my whole life. >>reporter: miami beach commissioner says he's never seen spring@break like this. >> we were ready for the deluge of folks tcome in on saturday, as kids will do, they started a day early. >> they planned for spring break crowds months in advance but now they say they are being more strategic about where their efforts go. >>reporter: as for that fatal ooting over the weekend that killed 20-year-old antione decade, police are still searching for the shooter. they doo believe, however, the people involvedre local from miami-dade county and not tourists just here to have a good time. i'm janine stanwood, local 10 news. we now know the identity of a driver who slammed right into the driver -- publix. e driver lost control of the car, hit a median
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and slamming right in that store. he died there at the scene. his girlfriend was taken to the hospital in critical condition. her sister says she is expected to recover. >> she's doing good. >> police say the driver was not wearing his seatbelt but the passenger was. the body of the hialeah man who disappeared while test-driving a perernal water craft was found. he disappeared on sasarday night. his jet ski was found but he was n n where to be found. his father said he had a heart transplant and feared he may have h a criminal episode out on the water. tectives say the burglar crawled through a ceiling at the presbyterian school in little havana. the video shows a man trying to break a surveillance camera as well. he made off with a safe with more than $5,000 stolen. cruiseships give the
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new and exotiti places. >> now cuba cocod be added to that list of ports you could sail to. south florida we have spring sizzle as we go into your afternoon. highs tod rapidly warming up to the upper 80s, well above average but not talking records.
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this warm, humidtt2w`t3n
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they say the man was in custody as he was taken to the police station. souehow he got to the gas station and took off and an ef-1 tornado blowing through ohio yesterday. look at this. it tore the roof off of a home and tore down barns as welel it had winds of about 105 miles per hour. thunderstorms and damaging winds f fecast through tuesday. as they go to the polls, they are facing real drama. >> our weather will cooperate withny outdoor activities. with that said you're going to need that extra bottle of water. it's going to be a warm one. already seeing temperatures in the lower 70s, ft. lauderdale, miami and key west. we should be waking up to the mid 60s. the winds are calm. all the ingredients are there for patchy fog. that's what the national weather service is forecasting.
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low-lying fog which could affect your traffic. as we're seeing temperatures in the 70s in pembroke pines as well as hialeah,2 degrees. we warm and muggy out ere in pompano beach. the windsalm. we have plenty of atmosphere, moisture in place. you'll notice it because of the actual humidity you're feeling as you're walking out the door. with that said we're expecting it to be another warm, humid day. temperatures are going to rapidly warm up to the mid 80s, 90 degrees. clear skies providing for the possibility of patchy fog. there is some showers starting to develop by the florida straits. not expecting much in the w w for rainfall for us. shower and thunderstorm activity will continue towards parts of chicago, up towards the northeast today due to this very strong frontal boundary, it's stretching&from the northeast all the way towards the great lakes and as far west as mexico. we have an area of high pressure providing for cold air to move into
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them some snow. you see where our area of high pressu is. for the last two days, it's been over the western atlantic. this morning and into the afternoon it's been just to the south of us. not only heating us up but heating up the whole gulf coast states. they are going to be talking possibly r rord heat. we are expecting high today in the upper 80s. we will feel like the 90s once we get into the afternoon. this very warm, humid conditions will continue through the part of the workweek. the change will come as one more cold front moves into south florida increasing the rain chances through spring. increasing to cuba from the u.s. could be up and running. >> so it makes sense as the topic of conversation this week. here's hatzel vela. >>reporter: at the broward county convention center, it's all about cruising right now. said to be the largest cruiui shipping show inin the world, sea trade
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11,000 people from 93 countries. think of this as a shopping center for the cruise ship industry, anything from designing and building a ship to putting it out to sea. >>his is their place to show off. >>reporter: all types of coanies selling their services. >> really they are showcasing the best of what they have to offer. >>reporter: this year cuba is a hot topic which is why we're talking to tara russell, the president of fathom, the newest cruise ship line for carnival. it might be the first american ship to dock in havana's port. and it will be quite a dierent experience she says, fought your typical cruise. it's what they call impact cruising. >> w@ really combine people's love of travel with the desire too deep. >>reporter: it's those travelers who really want to impurse
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pending final approval, 700 people will be traveling in the small ship on may first. >> it's about unpacking once and seeing more andgetting to experience all those places with no infrastructure challenges. >>reporter: the ship which would leave miami offers travelers the ability to see several different cuban cities in a week. hatzel vela, local 10 news. >> it's the first time it's bean held in ft. lauderdale. last year when it was held in miami, it's economic impact was more than $9 million. usher andretha franklin, they are all head lineing jazz over the weekend.
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music super stars likee usher and aretha franklin hit the big stage. >> this year's deserving talent. >>reporter: among the head liners at jazz in the gardens, local stars get to shine. >>reporter: an up and coming r&b artist from miami. >> it is incredible. i feel like this is an affirmation of all of the work that i've been putting in as an artist. so it is very surreal and i feel very blessed to be here. >> and let me tell you about >>reporter: this is not the first time crystal has been on local 10. in 2004 she was a finalist on "give me the mic."
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have a task of warming up the crowd. sharing the ticket with local stars means big expectations from the crowd. >> a surreal opportunity to be on this kind of stage to make my family proud. >>reporter: april raquel grew up here. >> to link into the style, but it's the style that's mine. i wear my clothes like this because i can >>reporter: she hails from north miami. the haitian born mother of three sang back up at jazz in the gardens a few years ago and is now on the sunday lineup. she is well known around town. now p pple who come from all over the country will know her name. >> it says that my hard work is paying off. it does. that's what it says to me. >>reporter: all three ladies are
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american boy >>reporter: neki mohan, low 10 news. >> the smooth sounds. i can't wait to see them and all the smooth acts this sunday. >> maybe i will dance. >> it's on video. >> we're watching it. all right, we'll check it out a familiar face on the sidelines of the heat game last night. >> the heat taking on the nuggets with looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\. the new pedi perfect wet & dry. now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin. plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my n!w shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. amop\. love every step.
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good tuesday morning, i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. what a show last night by the nuggets and the heat. chris bosh was on the bench watching the team. that was good to see, great to see. justise winslow the rookie with the coast to coast layup. he had 20. the other rookie, big throw down. he had 17. heat up fourth.
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in the fourth and then d-wade. heat win 124-11. richardson and the young bench guys, lovin' it. >> he just come out and make it ugly. you know, try to make it not fun to play against us. >> you can win an hd tv, 65 inch. our local 10 brackett challenge and giving away that tv thanks to brandsmart usa. you'll get to face off with me and allll our other reporters and anchors. entering the big dance, the women's team at the university of miami got the news last night. they will be a five seed. they will play in stanford, california where they will play south carolina state. scheduled tipi time saturday night. cats had a 2-0 lead last
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islanders but they blew it up roberto luongo, come back to win, 3-2 the final. i'm will manso, that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. a town changing their name from london to ireland. an impromptu parade has become one of the biggest saint patrick's state. >> you know i'm irish, right? >> i did know that. >> that's why i'm off on friday. friday. >> honorary, but i'm really. votets all across the sunshine state heading g the polls now. >> it's a make or break day for many of thoso remaining candidates. local 10 news has all your team coverage the
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you only uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not goioi to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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local 10 news at 5:00, the polls just hours away from opening the final pitches from the candidates on this big day. danger on duty, three officers are wounded in chicago. we have the moments leading up to shots fired. grabd, thrown to the ground, the action being taken by an officer as one woman is accuses of force. we'll let you know what he has to say of his critics of that landmark trip. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we do have live team coverage for you on the florida primary. that's just a few minutes away. but first we have to talk about this weather. a lot of people heading to the polls. >> they are going to
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water. it's going to be a warm one. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. we should be waking up to the mid 60s. good tuesday morning, south florida. we are approaching spring. 79 degrees will be the teerature at 9:00, warm and muggy throughout the morning. into the afternoon highs rapidly warming up to the 80s, very warm, well above average. this will be seven degrees above where we should be this time of year. there's plenty atmospheric moisture in place. you're going to feel it as you walk out the door. currently we have temperatures in the low 80s. 70 degrees in key west with the winds calm. so far we're waking up to dry conditions and clear skies. that moisture you're feeling, the national weather service has indicated there is an area of patchy fog. i'll have more coming up. good morning, south florida. i-95 northbound at oakland park boulevard. we have reports of a crash. that light's obviously stationary. we had one lane of


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