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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

4:30 am's already 72 degrees in miami, 74 in key west. we're not only seeing the 70s across parts of the coastal areas, 71 in prokes. 72 hyles, 71 in marathon. the winds are calm again. we could see the possibility of patchy fog inland. again, highs today rapidly warming up to the upper 80s. very warm, well above average temperatures. in chances increase by the weekend. i'll have those details coming up. breaking news right now, two people hurt after a car plowed right into a pizza shop. that car right there, smashing right into downtown pizza grill. two people inside thehe store were hit, taken to the hospital. we do have a crew at the scene giving the latestdetails. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. we begin with this small, emergency in the everglades.
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safety, a tas it can made much more difficult by all of the smoke and flames. dries dries has all of the details. >>reporter: the fire could be seen just east of u.s.-27 in weston. no lightning or storm clouds to speak of: so officials quickly moved in. so did fire rescue, bso deputies. >> i woke up, it was day jet. it was very low, about 200 feett or less. a jet flying pretty low. authorities say it was forced to make an emergency landing on a levee out there. >> it was making a sound like a siren from a poce vehicle. i was wondering are they in trouble or just showing off. some people like to make a lot of noise. >>reporter: the pilot and the passenger were rescued and are
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still in their jumpsuits. forestry officials say they are working to determine if the emergency landing and the fire are conneneed in any way. just to be clear, this isn'n' just some plane that landed, this is a jet. from what i sawawhis is a jet that has been used as a military fighter jet trainer. it's become very popular among private pilots. the pilot saying that he experience engine trouble and that's what forced him to put it down on the l@vee. reporting in weston, i'm andrew p@rez, local 10 news. a ft. lauderdale police officer accused of crossing the line for slapping a homeless man has been found not guilty. victor ramirez relieved to hear the verdict come down in hisavor on wednesday night. >> i think this case was
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>>reporter: it was the cell one video that landed the ft. lauderdale police officer in thisosition in the first place. in it ramirez is seen pushing and slapping bruce mcclaire, a homicide man who was sleeping at the bus terminal. ramirez says he was trying to get him to leave but he became violent. >> i wanted him to stop. this is the second time he showed aggression towards me. he turned on me. >>reporter: joe lessen, the expert in training police cadets explained he was doing what he was trained to do. >> the danger zone where the officer has to make physical contact and touch the subject, it's necessary for him to be in harm's way. >>reporter: mcclaire didn't have much to say after the verdict. >> i'm a little susurised but shocked, no. >>reporter: he seems to be doing much better now and wants to put this incident behind him. >> it's been a long, interesting journey and
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>>reporter: since this incident ramirez has been suspended without pay. i did ask him outside of the courtroom if he had any intention of getting& his job back. he had no comment. shyann malone, local 10 news. a home break-in ends with the suspect shot dead after he came face to face with a homeowner who is also a police officer. >> officer tate thomas was i iide with his children when he opened fire. >> at least five or six shots. they were very fast, very consecutive. i saw a flash of light going around. less than five minutes later i saw police and emergency people show up. >> moments before mother attempted break in was also reported in that neighborhood.
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obama family will be traveling to cuba with the predent including his daughters and the first lady's mother. on monday the president will lay a reef at a memorial and meet with president raul castro. he will deliver a speech to the cuban people, meet with dissidents and attend a baseball game. the president will not be meeting with fidel castro. yesterday president obama met with 16 cuban american leaders at the white house, many of them from right here in miami including emilioest he have a a >> as long as we recognize freedom. i recognize againin something they want to have any way to believe in cuba. that's'shat i told him, it doesn't make sense. if you go and nothing happens in the end. i think cuban people
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they will have people deciding with the cuban people. that's what i personally would love to see. >> local 10 will be in cuba for local 10's historic visit. our live coverage from cuba, it begins tomorrow. we'll also have live coverage of the president's arrival in cuba sunday at 5:00 p.m. we can tell you about this. let's go ahead and show you the video right now. this is the surveillance video. see the gunman right at the register. as the clerk was about to ring them up, one of them pointed a gun at the woman and her baby. policeceay the clerk feared for her life and they handed over that cash. the mother and the baby were not hurt but those men are still on the run. just on the one and only, we caught up with senator marco rubio for the first time since he suspended the campaign.
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thanks for coming out. >8 that was yesterday morning just hours after he suspended his campaign. congress woman debbie wasserman-schultz. >> voters see right througug that, the voters are smart >> scott living up to his promise to withhold his endorsementntil the state of florida had voted and decided. scot called for republicans to come together and support trump as the roon nominee. we will not get to see the republicans debate one last time before the convention. donald trump sayin he would not attend the fox news debate so he would cancel. john kasich and cruz dropped out after
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the decision to pull out after he once again trashed megyn kelly on twitter calling her crazy megyn. the senate has confirmed not to cfirm any judge the president nominates. >> to go down that path would be wrong. >> it's the president's constitutional right to nominate a supreme court justice and it's the senate's r rht to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. >> the senate says the power to nominate a replacement for the late justice antonin scalia should go to whoever wins the upcoming election. a yacht in paradise goes up in flames.
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a miami firefighter on leave for the fight. he allegedly choked the woman and then locked her in a room for two hours. a barn fire that killed a dozen horses has been rulele accidental. the flames broke out in lake worth earlywednesday. they were so intense at one point two firefighters had to be treated for exhaustion. barnes owner says he knew things were pretty bad when he spotted the flames from down the ad. i would be as strong -- my heart is broken. >> 11 horses were two are in critical condition this morning. it appears an electrical malfunction is to blame.
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a building in oakland park. this is yesterday. you see the windows at office plaza, they are shattered. the good news is the driver was not hurt. this hurts if you love a boat, an investigation into what cause aid luxury yacht to go up in flames. the investigation continues this morning. look at that thick smoke pouring out of the yacht. first responders eventually did arrive to battle t tt fire. they did put it out. no injuries were reported. that's the good news. to see the investigation go up in flames. >> heart breaking, southflorida, that's not heart breaking is the weather forecast. granted it is going to be a very warm saint patrick's day. currently temperature are in the lower 70s, still above average for this time of year. 72 miami, 74 key west. i know i sound lik a broken record. that will continue going into the weekend. but then we'll see a transition thanks to a
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to increase our rain chances and then bring us comfortable conditions by early next week. currently though it's all about the heat, 71 in pembroke pines. 72 hialeah. 73 in pompano beach. we do have the 60s reported down by homestead and we are noticing our winds calm this morning again and light in some spots in south florida. because of that there is plenty of low-level moisture. there will be that possibility of patchy fog again this morning. let's take a look at the satellite. over all our weather ttern still dominate bid high pressure. eventually this high is going to continue t t weaken. we are watching this front. this is the same front we've been talking about eventually thi will start to push towards it the east northeast, a reinforcing shot of cool air will sta in from south florida. it will happen over the weekend. the transition will be
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first. today a severe weather threat stayed dry across the south right on the edge of the basic frontal boundary towards houston and louisiana in towards mississippi. for us nothing in severe weather. it's going to be hot. it's going to be humid. we will see a slight chance of a shower as it develops. watch what's going to happen going into friday, that front starts to push towards the central portions of the state, could see a shower. so we're increasing the rain chances. really we're going to see that chance of storms going into the weekend. 40 to 50% chance of storm coverage saturday into sunday. comfortable conditions will be in the forecast by next week. a probation violation nearly lands a man in jail for 60 years. >> now he is getting a second chance to start over. it's a story you'll only
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a judge gave herbert smith a suspension after driving on a suspended license. i have been trying to save you recollect herbert smith, for the past three years. >>reporter: the judge was fed up with herbert smith who he cut a break in 2012 saying he was a youthful offender sentencing him to two years in prison for burglary. >> clearly you were still out there leaving a thug life. >>reporter: driving on a suspended license and the car he was in had stolen jewelry and a box of bullets in it. but the sentence for probation violation was shocking. 60 years in prison. 47 years more than even the prosecutor asked for. he wouldn't get out
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years old. >> it didn't feel real. i didn't speak for like six nights. all i can do is cry. it just is unbelievable. 60 years for driving with a spended license. >>reporter: but then he got some unexcted support from more than 25,000 people on an on-line petition and a hearing was held for him to reconside the sentence in december. >> i'm hear to say that 60 years just does not seem fair and reasonable. >>reporter: pastor alan jackson who never met smith promised to help the inmate if he was given a break. >> good people, they want to find you a job, herbert smith, they want to help you. >> i have decided to suspend your sentence for 60 years. he let him go.
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>>reporter: he made it clear if he violated his probation again, that 60 year sentence will be reinstated. >> which path will you chose? >>reporter: one of his top nditions was that smith needed to get a job. here is smith today working as a full-time fertilizer for cutting edge industries in pompano beach. >> i'm actually working now. i can't believe it. i'm living a regular life like everyone else. and i actually feel like, you know, it feels good. >>reporter: this is a new life. he needs to move war ward and -- move forward past. >> there's no programs when they get out. hand. he spent two years in prison on a burglary 20-something. >> what happens when he comes out?
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anybody the guidance. >>reporter: when he got out, he started mowing lawns in a business that now has about 30 employees including smith. >> her ert is like a sponge. you show him what to do once and he picks it up. very smart man. and he has unlimited potentia >>reporter: smith is embracing the chance but he also knows the incredible stakes. >> if you make a small mistake,e,ust like that. i think of that every day. every morning i get up, 60 years at my head. >>reporter: does that help you stay on the straight and narrow? >> yes, it does and god does also. >>reporter: in pompano beach, bob norman, local 10 news. >> the sentence will be looming over smith for the next 50 years when the probation is schedulele to end.
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your brackett? >> yeah. >> i'm still calculating. >> you need to get i i done. the president is way above you. he's already done with his. the miami hurricanes
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next. >>reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm clay ferraro with yourocal 10 morning sports wrap. and march madness is finally here. yeah, we had those first four games over the last couple of days but today the action really heats up with 32 ges including the hurricanes taking on buffalo. now president barack obama fills out a bracket every year and this yeare's picking the canes to go to the sweet 16. has the kansas jay
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the third seeded hurricanes taking on the bulls who are the 13th seed at 6:50 tonight. don't forget to enter the local 10 bracket challenge. you could win a 65 inch tv from brandsmart usa and have a chance to g go up against local 10 anchors and reporters. chris bosh posting is picture yesterday with the names of his two boys phoenix and lenox. dwayne wade told us he smoked to bosh and joked that since he has five kids, cb could host a team of boshes. >> chris now has his own team at home. it's great. his legacy continues to live on. he has three boys now and two girls, you know. i told him hopefully one will become a hooper. >>reporter: you'd think about the genes that would indeed happen. hassan whiteside
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practice with soreness but he is expected to play in that game tonight. to football where the dolls keep looking for an answer at running back. bringing in chris johnson for a visit. johnson most famous for 2009. signing defensive end andre branch and they needed a third defensive end along with the line they have right now. the derby featuring their heavy-hitters, most notably $300 million man giancarlo stanton. you want to know who won that derby, barry bonds. yeah, the 51-year-old hitting coach barry bonds. >> barry bonds? >> yeah, hitting coach. >> ateast he has the record. we've s@en some really interesting things out of these here in southflorida. >> no, no. odds things in south florida?
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the water waves in ft. lauderdale is certainly turning heads. drawing attention risht on the new river. the hut/boat hybrid is the brain child of greg car valley who got the idea when his boat was stolen three years ago. it comes with a wet bar. that's pretty cool. >> that is pretty cool. you can't go to hawaii or tahiti or something like that, head on down there. >> does it drop you off at your car? >> everything you need tiki. all right. we are following breaking news this morning that you need to know about, two people have been hurt after a driver plows right into a pizza shop.
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a car plowing into a driver. the officer who island a homicide man found not guilty. what the man on the end of tha smack had to say after the verdict. the search on to find a cyril 7-11 robber. he was caught on camera more than once. doou know him? surveillance video straight ahead. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> happy saint patrick's day. i'm jacey birchch we're hoping to get a little luck of the irish with theeather. that's what i would like. >> cool and just a little cooler this morning. what do you want? >> if we'r'r making wishes. if julie can bring an irish miraclele >> that's the point. can you? >> i can but it's not gog to happen today. we'll see what jacey wants by early next week which i think all of us want as well because it's been warm.
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definitely feeling like spring even though spring doesn't officially begin until monday. we'll see 72 degreesuntil 7:00. 74 as the kids are heading to the bus stop. 73, 74 degrees. another warm, muggy start. make sure they have plenty of water. they are going to need it. wee continue the warm, humid conditions, mostly dry. we're going to notice that the atmospheric moistureres down by the surface. at least w w won't see a lot in the way of rainfall. pembroke pines, hialeah, down by the keys, low to mid 70s. we are seeing upper 60s in kendall and homestead. i'll have more on when we're going to r rurn to the forecast. >> good morningng everyone. roadways are looking good. we are accident-free in both counties but our express lanes are still closed this morning our northbound express lanes. southbound lanes getting by just fine. here's a live look at


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