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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tchy fog will continue until about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. we wilil stay dry. as the kids head to the bus stop make sure they have plenty of water. i'll have more on that and when rain chance wills return to our forecast coming up. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. i'm going to pinch you. i wore bluish green that could work on the green screen. good afternoon, everyone. hope you're having a faastic morning. if you're in your closet trying to figure out what to wear, go ahead and lay in the closet because you have extra time. we're accident-free in both counties. roadways looking fantastic. as you can see roadways arar nice and clear. folks traveling along without any issues, no build up at all. the only area again where we have some slight concerns is the turnrnke northbound on the approach to 55. reports of some police activity. those speeds clocking in at 59 miles per hour. ouoside of that this morning, let's quickly get to some drive times on the dolphin expressway. if you're traveling
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theurnpike heading over to i-95, this little white car's in the green, which is great not just for saint patty's day. if you're at lejeune road headed to the same spot only four minutes total drivee time. now back to that breaking news we've been telling you abobo, a driver in an s.u.v. slams inside an o oland park pizza place and that sends two people in the h hpital. >> erica rakow is there. you just spoke to one of the victims in this case. >>reporter: we did, eric, just moments ago. he came back to the scene here after being released from the hospital. he says he and his fiance were inside this pizza place here in oakland park waiting for food. they were sitting at the counter waiting for their food to come out when the ext thing you may know this car came crashing through. he was pinned between the car and the counter. that counter sitting right outside of the downtown pizza grill, you can see the place already shuttered up and
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this happened about 12:30 this morning. we're off 62nd street here in oakland park. they weren't the only people inside. there was at least one more customer and at leassix employees he tells us but they were the only two who were injured. they both since have been released. his chest is all bandaged up. she has several stitches and staples in her arm. the won driving the honda crv would see not injured. we saw h sitting in the back of the deputy's patrol car before or after she was being questioned. one of the delivery drivers saw the entire thing happen. he said heever saw the woman slow down or break. >> i was rightext to the door sitting on the stool waititi for our food and all i see is this car come at us and i just had to push her out of the way so she didn't get hit. >> so he is very shaken up, lucky to be alive. he says actually in his
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going to die, very scary situation, said it was long day at work, picked his fiance up to grab a bite to eat, next thing you know, they are sent to the hospital. erica rakow, local 10 news. also developing to morning, an emergency landing in the ever glades, the pilot in a small jet forced to touch down not far from a brush fire. about three miles west of the sawgrass expressway, two miles from where that fire was burning. officials say the pilot was headed to ft. lauderda executive airport when she experienced an engine-related problem. as the f.a.a. investigates, forestry officials working to determine if the landing and the fire are connected. two people on the jet, they were not hurt. we'll have much more ahead for you at 6:30. not guilty that's the verdict for a former ft. lauderdale police officer caught on camera doing this, slapping a homeless man. victor ramirez is now
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misdemeanor charges. ramsaroop claimed the homeless man was being belligerent and he had to use force in order to protect his gun. both men telling local 10 news they are glad it's over. >> this is the second time he showed aggression tards him. he tried to turn on me. i hado take action. i'm a little surprised but sho@ked. >> it's been a long, interesting journey. an i'm glad it's over. >> ramirez is no longer with the ft. lauderdale police department.a former miami-dade police officer sentenced who will spend more than a year in prison stealing from a crime scene. pleading guilty to stealing jewelry from a home while helping the dbaa a search warrant last year. > two teens arrested in the shooting death off king carter are pleading
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prprley an 18-year-old leonard adams are charged with attempted first-degree murder and second degree murder. police say she shot the first grade while going after another teen they were fighting with. we're now hearing from the ymca about an ongoing problem. since january pembroke pines police have investigated nearly half a dozen smash and grabs in the same ymca parking lot. members told us they haven't seen any notices until now. so over the past few months the y has been working with the pembroke pines police to help put a stop to theft in our parking lots through vawr youou needs and increase patrols and police visibility. they went onn to encourage all members not to leave any items in their cars. caught on camera. surveillance showing a seriri armed robbery. this is video from one of those robberies last month along north dixie highway in pompano beach. e thief using a machete to pull the
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he had an accomplice. three days earlier detectives believe the very same man robbing a 7-11. police tied them to four robberies in all. police are searching for a man they believe killed his estranged wife on sunday in southwest miami-dade. police say joe padjet confronted his estranged wife, then there was some sort of argument and pulled out a gun and shot her momt pal times. he fled the scene. police consider him armed and dangerous. the president's pick to become the next supreme court justice headingo capitol hill today. d.c. circuit judge merrick garland meeting with senate democrats. republicans have vowed to not confirm any judge the president nominates. singer frank
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the son of the famed musician of the same name passed away unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. sinatra, jr., was 72 years old. ultra music festival starts tomorrow b reroutes begin tonight in downtown miami. all southbound traffic along biscayne boulevard is going to be deterred west at northeast third street. northbound traffic going to be reduced two lanes. the electronic music festival starts on tuesday. spring break backlash. when florida city says it's been ditched for its busiest day o the year. i believe eric is going to be out there as well as constance jones. you might need your umbrellas, guys. bring that poncho as you're going to see a slight chance of showers. soggy evening expected as the cold front is going to move into south florida. lots to talk about.
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after the break. still ahead a lens crafters looted. watch as the burglgl steals frames right from the shelves. what's replacing this wood roller-coaster that sits right along i-95. we are following breaking news right now. sky 10 over the scene of some police activity in opa-locka. this is northwest 135th street at 22nd avenue. we have a crew on their way to the scene right now. we'll update it. monitor it and bring you
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right here on local south florida, happy thursday. we like to call it our friday eve. it's not just our friday eve. saint patrick's day, yes, the luck of the irish is on our side. we are are seeing dry conditions this morning. with that said. rain for the heat and humidity. i think it's leadership cons enjoying our warm weather. a lot of you are enjoying the beautiful beaches we have here over south florida. temperatures in the upper 60s and ft. lauderdale. 71 miami, setting the sage for another warm, humid day. with the winds calm and relative humidity basically stagnant and increasing as we speak. it feels muggy, pretty uncomfortable. just how we started the workweek. not much of a change i i expected in our forecast until the weekend but pay attention. degrees inn pembroke pines. good morning to you. 70 pompano beach. hey, hialeah, i see you. upper 60s homeowner stead down by kendall.
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anywhere between two and three miles per hour. patchy fog is definitely a possibility and we've heard of reports of some visibility issues over southern miami-dade. limited throughout much of the southern half of south florida and in towards parts of homestead is where we're going to deal with the patchy fog for the most part. otherwise we do have clouds moving in from the gulf of mexico. don't worry the clouds are not producing precipitation. most of it all associated with the leading edge of the stalled-out front over the southeast. switching all the way up towards the northeast. we'll continue to watch this. eventually it will slide towards the south increasing our rain chances slightly going into friday. going into saturday we have a reinforcing shot of cooler, wet weather that will eventually be pushing into south florida and bringing us a good chance of storms. today severe weather threats from texas and louisiana staying well to the north of us. we'll be hot, humid, highs rapidly warming up to the upper 80s. there will be a
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to develop but i don't think it will be wide-spread. maybe a shower around bute will see the chance of showers increasing until the weekend. check out your weekend forecast. temperatures will start to drop down because of the cloud cover. increasing that chance of showers that we're seeing somewhere from the heat saturday and sunday. we do begin spring on sunday. believe it or not going into next weekend will will be officially spring. lows will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. >> that's cold. not really but sort of. hey, good morning, everyone. still accident-free in both counties. can you believe it? we've been accident-free all morning long. obviously since i've mentioned it, i probably jinxed it, right. slight congestion if you're heading into miami. taking a look at our photographics here, we were seeing slowdowns right at the airport expressway. it looks like things are beginning to clear up.
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seeing some issues. a lot of green is a good thing, especially on saint patriotie's day. we're seeing traffic flowing at posted speeds. where we are seeing delays no surprise here right off the turnpike northbound. if you're headed north this morning. we're seeing a lot of red and that shows us that we've got some slowdowns in place. typical for this time of the morning, especially on the turnpike. let's quickly check to see what those travel speeds are. if you are traveling north this morning, those speeds clocking in between 1 and 15 miles per hour. >> a landmark that you spot on your drive every day on 9 995,t's coming down. >> we're seeing this roller-coaster's final ride plus what is taking its place. it's almost 6:18 right now. it's the time of day we would say good morning to our facebook face of the day, sandy. also happy st. patrick's day. we do continue also following breaking news this morning. two people hospitalized after a driver plowed
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we're live at the scene.
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all morning long. right now live pictures from washington, d.c. that's where the commute is back on track after more than a day of no metro service. can you imagine? the city subway system mainlily reopened at 5:00 a.m. despite all the predictions of just a metro apocalypse, it turns out traffic wasn't so bad. extra buses were provided and ride sharing services offer deals to get people through the predicted chaos. officials have closed l coast lines of service. miami's metrorail station, the same train cars very much still in
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much longer. new cars featuring wi-fi, led lighting and bike tracks as well. new technology include sensors that will be able to tell if mething is wrong. >> 32 years old, it's about time. speaking of change and modernizing, the final plunge for this well-known roller-coaster in dania beach. >> it's a landmark, you know where you are when you pass it. the coaster has stood as a landmarar for 16 years. financial struggles close their ride at 2011 so that coaster is coming downn piece by piece. the complex will be full of shops, residencies, hotels and office space. many say they are sad to see it go including a familiar face. >> you know that
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firsrs to arrive in the coaster, todd tonge rode the coaster. >> can we put a few pieces of it when the& coppertone baby, it ended up in lima. so i still get to see it all the time. >> let's just -- like a little arch. like the modern age archch something, something. i like miami landmarks. south florida. >> four-legged friends. you love them. >> offer. a dog found weeks after she fell off of a boat and into the open ocean. >> look at those eyes. we're going to tell you whwhe she ended up and a reunion with her ownerer emergency landing in the everglades. a pilot forced to touch down not far from a brush fire.
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for you coming up. check out this lucky dog. >> 18onth old leupa fell overboard about five weeks ago. found by members of the u.s. navy. >> i'm just speechless. there's not really any words that can explain it. this is not a day that we thought would ever happen. >> everyone on the land wanted to see her, have a picture with her. everyone fell in love with her. >> the island where she was found not a great place to wind up. there's usually no freshwater anybefore but thanks to el nino storms she was able to survive on the puddles that formed. >> sometimes it all comes together. >> wow, that's impressive. >> hey, constanan, good
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everyone. a live look here at themacarthur causeway where things are nice and quiet this morning. the ride to miami is good for now. things are going to change obviously as the day progresses. no accidents reported in th counties but we have some congestion out& there. details on that after the break. and i thought i was going to die, that's what a man who was inside this oakland park pizza place early this morning of an s.u.v. came crashing through tells local 10. coming up in jt a couple more minutes all hear more from him and see the injuries plus whether or not this
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charges. . >> i didn't care if i had to put my life in danger. i ended up taking, instead of her getting hit, i got hit. >> and he says he pushed her out of the way. he came back here with his dad who teared up when we tried to
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receiving a call from the hospital that h h son had been injured in an accident like this. we are still waiting toear from police whether or not this woman will be facing any charges. that victim says he wants this woman to be held accountable. we are live in oakland park this morning, local 10 news. more news developing, a brush fire burning in west broward after a verybusy night for first responders. two miles from that scene a pilot forced to make an emergency landing right here in the everglades. the jet touched down east of u.s.7. we are told there was an engine issue as the plane h headed toward ft. lauderdale. >> it was a jet, it was very low, 200 feet or less. >> it was making a sound like a a siren from a police vehicle. i was wondering are they were
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>> forestry officials are working to determimi if they are connected. we have surveillance video of the car police believe was used during a spree of crimes in miami dade county. it rolled into the u gas on northwest 27thh avenue and a suspect burst out with a gun. police believe they are the same suspects involved in four other robberies and two shootings that took place on sunday. detectives found that pickup truck hours later and are looking for a silver nissan rogue. police believe they killed a man on his way to work on sunday. if you have any information about the identities of the culprits please call crimestoppers. >> now to a story you saw first right here on 10:00, a home break in ending with a suspect being shot dead after coming face-to-face with the home owner who is also a police officerer. it happened in davey. investigators say the officer was i iide his home with his children when he saw the alleged intruder. that forcece him to open fire. another attempted break-in
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neighborhood minute hits earlier. police are investigating if these two are connected. two armed men holding a gun on a woman holding a baby while robbing a miami convenience store. this whole thing was caught onn camera. surveillance video shows a gunman at t register. detectives wanted to buy a bag of chips. as the clerk was about to ring them up, one poinxed a handgun at the woman and her baby. the clerk feared for her life and did hand them that money. this happened along northwest second avenue. the mother and baby were not hurt but the men are still on the loose . you may remember this video from last week, a man being escorted out of a rally in n rth carolina was atacted as he was leaving. the man who pununed him was arrested and the officers are suspended.three were even demoted. all five are on probation as well. we will not get to see the republicans debate one last time before the convention.
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the fox news debate so they canceled it. it was scheduleedfor monday. trump says he h a scheduling conflict. john kasich and ted cruz also backed out after hearing the trump news and the decision t to pull out comes after he called the commentator crazy megan. scott lived up to his promise saying he would with hold his endorsement after the state of florida voted. scott called for republilins to come together and support trump as the nominee. marco rubio spending his first day off the campaign trail like many of us spend o mornings. spotted outside of his west miami home after dropping off his kids at skull. >> good morning, marco. >> good evening. i'm not doing any tv tonight. >> he called off his campaign tuesday night an hour after polls closed in florida showing that he had lost his home state to donald trump by more than 18 points. turning to historic change in cuba ahead of president
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have learned it's family trip. the first lady, her mother, as well as the obama daughters will all be there, as well. they arrive on sunday. they will make a stop at the cathedral to meet with a c can cardinal, then visit jose march teen memorial and then he will meet with president castro. it will not include a meeting with fidel castro. tuesday the president will make a speech to people and attend a baseball game. look at the final touches being put on the stadium. bases down, dugouts swept clean as construction crews make repairs. major league baseball shipped over 60 ton of clay, equipment and bases and much more the stadium can fit 55,000 people. >> it appears cube answer are excited about the president's trip. all sorts of items are popping up all over the place for sale.
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americans not so much. >> well people have different opinions but think at the end, opening this door i think will be great for the future of cuba as long as we recognize, you know, freedom and recognize something, that they are going to have a new way, anyway to leave in cuba. >> local 10 1ill be in cuba for the president's historic visit. cain hughes will be joined and our live coverag starts tomorrow. we'll have live coverage of the president's arrival on sunday at 5:00 p.m. >> the woman at the center of the hulk hogan sex tape takes the stand. what her testimony could mean for the wrestlers' $100 million trial. >> andnd how you can win an hdtv. >> think i'm goioi to win. my bracket's good this year. last year not so much. join our brackets and join us for a warm humid day, st. patrick's day.
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i have it after the break. >> we are on the ground and also above the scene. a perimeter has been set up. police are definitely working there and we are working for you to get information on what's going on. as soon as we do, we will bring it straight to you. >> police are looking for a man they believe broke into a school in little havana. detectives searching for jose galdemez. they think he may have suffered a hand injury after breaking into a school monday. lice say a safe with more than $5,000 was taken. if you see him, give police a call. the search continues for two crook was pricey taste. the two caught on camera
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of sunglasses. surveillance f fm last thursday shows one of the men sitting near the lens crafter's s sry the westfield broward mall, the other seen picking up fraras from the display taking them to the other man. that's where they get out withh them. if you think you know who they are, give broward crimestoppers a call. this just in. sea world has announced that killer whales have now been ended as far as the breeding goes. this will be their last. the theme park says they will no longer breed the orcas. the park has come under fire for keeping the whales in captivity after that documentary blackfish. >> the announcement was just made a shirt time ago. we will keep watching the story for u uates and bring them to you all morning long. spring break backlash for panama city beach. the crack down on college tourists taking a toll on businesses who depend on large crowds in march. alcohol is banned on the beach following an alleged sexual assault and shooting that injured seven people. many students said it's been
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restaurants, bars and other tourist attractions have taken up to a 75% hit. >> that's not the case here in south florida. miami beach no shortage of crowds. police called in to break up large crowds several times last weekend that led to at least seven arrests. they do plala to increase staffing this weekend including check points to preveve alcohol from entering those beaches. >> ok. well julie has a lot of people loving this spring break weather here in south florida. >> mix up st. patrick's day and hot temperatures. wh are we looking at today? >> every day this week our beaches have been packed at the noon show. christine and i always comment wow we wish we could be there. but there's been no room onhe beach. if you are heading to the beach to celebrate st. patrick's day or one of the many things you could be doing, give yourself plenty of time, pack your patience, and have plenty of water. it will be a very warm, humid day. if you don't get to enjoy spring break, you got to go to work and get the kids to school, don't worry. we are with you. we have been here since 3:00
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i got your back. temperatures in the lower 70s. it's a warm, humid day. focused on yet another day with above-average temperatures. make sure the kids have a bottle of water, if they have outdoor activities today it will be a muggy one. temperatures in the upper 60s. key@ west 69 in pembroke pines. 70 in pompano beach. winds are calm, all the ingredients are there. fog is developing over southern miami dade. we expect that possibility of some fog again this morning. i don't think it will be ass thick as what we have seen the last few days but just ke that in mind. clouds are moving in from the gulf of mexico not producing any precipitation. no green on our radar here in south florida. it it's all staying to t north basically with the leading edge of a stalled-out front over the south southeast up toward the northeast. we will watch this system because it will bring us a slight chance of a shower in the forecast tomorrow. but, a better chance of storms will start to increase due to the secondary front that will be a reinforcing shot of not only rain but also coolerr weather by next week.
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combined over portions of texas, louisiana, and mississippi. for us,s, it will be hot, humid, this front will stay to the north over northern florida and southeast keeping showers and storms away fm us. we will see the front spike to the south tomorrow. it will fizzle out but an increasing chance of showers will be possible due to the sea breeze. a better chance of storms will move in as the secondary front moves into south florida, increasing the rain chances saturday and into sunday and then cooler comfortable weather will be in the forecast for the weekend. headed to the beach, slight risk of ripurrent. here you go. here's your seven days. we will see that chance of storms going into spring. the first day of spring is sunday butou won't notice it because come monday it will still feelike winter. we expect overnight lows to drop to the upper 50s and low 60s both monday and tuesday. >> thanks so much. i-95 northbound a little bit of a traffic alert. if you areraveling north off of 95th street, reports of two lanes shut down right to the distance. again, it's super dark so kind
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but what you can see from our traffic da, we are obviously seeing delays. orange and red never theolors you want to see when it shows our roadways. nine to 288 miles per hour. obviously it speeds right back ups soon as you pass that spot. the dolphin expressway, we have reports of a crash, speeds also pretty slow. and about 12 miles per hour. then also that police activity that we haveeen talking about all morning long, we still have closures in place on 22nd avenue northbound and southbound at 135th street. take 27th a anue. in broward county, accident free but a broken d dn car on 75 northbound and griffen road. well the fair, be there today. get elephant ears and corn on the cob at the miami dade county fair. it's at. it amamimi park. if you go to the sodono
6:47 am
an admission pass costs $25. a p p card for unlimited rides is $28. march madness is here. big dance begins today. man, you are runningngut of time to pick that winning start at 12:15. miami dolphins in providence ahead of the game with buffalo they tip off at 6:50 p.m. president obama thinks miami will make it into the sweet 16. he released his bracket picking kansas to win the whole thing. don't forget to fill out your challenge. you have until noon today to make your picks for a chance to win a free 65-inch hdtv. you can compare your bracket to ours. congratulations. it's actually a double congratulations for the bosch family. >> bosch's wife adrian giving birth to twin boys.
6:48 am
their names. phoenix and lennox. the boschs have three other children as well. congratulations. >> five now. >> full five. starting five. get 'em on the court. a crucial witness in hulk hogan's legal btle the woman seen in the sex tape he's suing over. how it could help the case, straight ahead. two people are hurt after a driver plowed into a pizza place. bringing you updates as we get
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on local 10. welcome back. in the back of this school bus, crushed after being hit by a semi track. it happened in jackson county. that's in the panhandle on wednesday morning. the bus was stopped letting students on when another bus rammed behind it. the semi hit the bus sending it right into the other. more than 30 students were hurt in the crash. some even had to be extracted
6:51 am
none of the injuries, though, were life teatening. the allegedded kalamazoo uber driver said the app made him shoot a written targets. dalton says uber discriminates against his mental health.police say he killed six people and injuring two others all while picking up far for the online ride-sharing site. the hulk hogan sex tape trial continues a day after the jurors heard taped testimony from the woman in the tape. heather cole talked about the embarrassment of having the tape released and how she had no knowledge of it even being taped. when her ex-husband admitted he taped it she was upsetet and thought it had been destroyed. it wasn't until their divorce that she found out had still existed. we have tw emergencies in
6:52 am
brush fire breaking out. >> and a pilot forced to land his jet not far from that scene. >> we have just gotten an update about this opalaka scene. it started as a crash and turned
6:53 am
details are next. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at hi, good morning, south florida. we starting off with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s in miami, f ft lauderdale. 75 degrees in key west.
6:54 am
we do have reports of patchy fog across in miami dade, broward visibility so far is not limited. we expect highs to reach upper 80s. warm and humid today. it is st. patrick's day. get out and enjoy. we don't expect to see much in the way of green in our r rar. good morning south florida. i-95 still aittle bit of a mess. i-95 northbound at 95th street. there are still slow downs in place.also the dolphin expressway eastbound an earlier crash blocking two lanes of traffic. a look here, we are still seeing delays just south of the airport. speeds at seven miles per hour. now to our top stories on this thursday morning. let's startrtith the breaking news we have been telling you about. police just told us they are looking for four men who took off after a crash and a shting. this all happening in opalaka in northwest 135th at 22nd avenue.
6:55 am
another driver. that driver was sent to the trauma center at jackson memorial hospital. they took off and another crash took place when they lele the scene. man and his fiancee injured after a car crashed into a pizza place along northeast 62 street east of i-95 last night. they were injured but are out of the hospital. one of them spoke to erika rayco. meanwhile investigators trying to figure out how the driver lost control. now an investigation is also underway aboututhy a pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in the everglades not far from a brush fire that was burning. the jet landed just et of u.s. 27. that's north of i-75 about two miles from the fire. the two people on board were not hurt. cuba is preparing for president obama's visit. the first family will arrive in havana on sunday. the first visit by a u.s. president since calvin coolidge about 90 years ago. the president will meet with castro while he is there.
6:56 am
we will bring you his arrival live. stick with us here at local 10. it is st. patrick's day. check it out my friends. we are going toee highs today in the upper 80s. again, that warm, humid condition will continue but check out the weekend forecast. all right, guys. pay attention. a better chance of storms this weekend due to a strong cold front. i know we start spring. we will flip flop because it'sbeen feeling like spring but believe it or not, even though we will officially begin spring on sunday, we will be feeling like winter come mony and tuesday. >> sounds good to me. >> interesting. right? >> and before we go. constance has one more look at the opalaka scene. closures 22 avenue northbound and southbound right at 135 street. major traffic troubles. instead, take 27th avenue if you are traveling in this spot. >> we have you covered right here also online. today not only st. patck's day but also the beginning of the ncaa tournament. the unofficial pretend-to-to workday.
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everybody enjoy your avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert e second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at cc1 test message
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hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton wants to face i i me and i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival says he'sp ducking him and the president prepares for an epic showdow over his supupme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca shows. the park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell wking away from his team and $13 million afteranagement stopped him from taking his son to work. did the team go too far? a royal exclusive. prince harry one-on-one revealing the mission t tt's changing his life. >> i'm new luckynough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 meters. you want a definition of inspiration, that's probably it.. the moment he says almost
7:00 am
called air legend this morning. and good morning, america. you really enjoyed your time with the prince, didn't you? >> i certainly did. was there last week, spent time with him at his childhood home which is also his current home kensgton palace but why he's so passionate about the invictus games coming up. where are our manners. top of the morning to you. happy st. patrick's day and a great crowd with us decked out in green getting in the spirit. >> wow, they are not kidding around. factoid americans are expected to spent $4.4 billion to celebrate. >> is that all in beer or -- >> that's a lot of green beer. >> exactly. >> corned beef, too. >> true. that is all coming up. we begin with the race for the white house and donald trump focusing on hillary clinton. she's fighting back and abc's cecilia vega is here with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning tooyou. with hillary clinton and donald trump inching closer to those


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