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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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with the leading edge of a front just north of us and another system behind it. i'll have all the details you don't want to miss. >> i-95 we're getting a better picture of what is happening out here. we now know only one lane of traffic is getting by after this fatal crash. this country reported about an hour and a half ago and with thisrash comes delays. we see some stop and go traffic here for anyone heading north, the speeds clocking in a a about ten miles per hour. i-95 southbound at miami gardens drive.. that accident scene is now clearing up. i-95 southbound, that exit ramp to the dolphin expressway an earlier crash, they are causing some minor issues for folks. also anotherrash in the palmetto northbound at atm miami trail. finallll a crash reported off of bird road west-bound at 87th avenue. there could be problems with this one. police on the scene there.
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at 30 miles per hour. we are following breaki news out of northwest miami-dade. >> we're getting reports a car has crashed right into an apartment building. layron livingsn is live at that scene with what we know so far. layron. >>reporter: good morning. i'm at northwest 17th avenue. i want to show you a picture her that car. we just got these texted to me from the landlord who owns this building. this is the car the person, the woman was driving that ran into this apartment building. interestingly enough this person walked away and what we're hearing, they ran away from this accident scene. actually two different accident scenes is whax we're hearing actually occurred here, one of them, four months ago where the damage to the staircase was done after another car early in the morning came careening across the railroad track, came across the front lawn of this apartment building and crashed into the stairs. the landlord tells me
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trying to get some permits, going back and forth to get the work permitted to repair this particular damage over here and then that repair work is supposed to probably get started today and then around 3:00 this morning another car came across the front of this lawn d crashed into almost the exact same spot. the drive we're hearing then cam off on foot. we're still working to get more information from miami-dade police about this. we're hearing three units here at this apartment building were vacated because of the damage here and the questionable structure of this particular building after these accidents here, both of them, so now they are working to repair this stuff and hopefully get the stuff back into their apartments, the return here to their homes. anything further we learn here from this scene, we'll bring it to you on local 10 and
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an nfl player fighting to recover from lightning injuries after a dangerous dirtike crash in northwest miami-dade happened last night. >> tray walker is his name. he plays for the babaimore ravens. he is in critical condition. that's what we're hearing and this is where we find erica rakow with the latest on the recovery. still in critical condition from what we know, erica? >> he was, kristi. he was rushed here to ryder trauma center around 8:00 last nightht suffering from head trauma after that dirt bike acciden here. right here is a picture of tray walker. he's 23 years old. he was drafted in 2015 by the baltimore ravens in the fourth round of th nfl draft. he's a corner back. he's from miami. he was a student athlete lead in miami senior high. walker was riding a dirt bike along northwest 75th street when he
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miami-dade police say he was wearing all black and that the dirt bike had in lights on it. you can see that bike on the ground. that's the same number walker wears on his team rsey. we spoke with walker's sister, one of many family members and friends and gathered outside praying good news about his condition would soon be coming. >> right now we need prayers. yes, he did get hit off a dirt bike. we ask people to leave us alone right now, and we're going to keep it public and find out the information what we have right now. >>reporter: and at this point it's still unclear who was at fault in this crash. we do have a source telling us that police are looking for somebody else they want too talk to, somebody who may have saw this crash ened and that may be a friend of walker's, a newngland patriots
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no where to be found. she's not sure w w. as soon as we get an update on his condition this morning, we'll of course bring that to you to you. erica rakow, local 10 newsws. >> we'll check with you later this m mning. two dead and two others hurt after a shoot-out in houston. police confronted them. officers say they were forced to fire when those crooks reached for weapons. the conditions of those injured still unknown this morning. no officers were hurt. a stunt gone terribly wrong at a high school pep rally. the company called inferno's challenge specializes in stunts like this involving fire and they say nothing like this has ever happened in 20 years of busy. they were performing when a stunt went wrong. one performer engulfed in flames. >> a huge mess. they are on the floor
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it was crazy. >> the face was the first thing that caught fire so he was trying to use his hands to put it out. >> he was rushed to the hospital along with seven students who explained of respiratory problems after the fire was put out. the school district is investigating how this stunt ever got approved in the first place. and two men are in custody today after a drive-by shooting in opa-locka. the video shows a black bmw riddled with bullets and bullet holes. the driver lost control of the truck c csing a three-car collision. they ended up pwing that right into a home in north miami and then they took off running. >> i think it was just one guy andomebody jumped out, ran around him, it was so dark. it all happened so quickly. >> i don't know if they are trying to hide.
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at least two on my property. >> well, at last check that victim was still in the hospital. police are still searching for two more men to believe were involved in the shooting. a teenager burglary suspect gunned down inside the home he was targeting and now a legal battle is brewing over his two siblings. that's the mother of the two children very distraught. you can see her there as she was escorted from theourtroom. the proximity to that home has family court i'm assisting on finding them a new place to live. >> i don't want the same thing happening to your brother. do you u uerstand? >> police are still investigating that shooting that left a 17-year-old would-be
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the judge says the siblings can remain with the foster family as they go through the grieving process. an s.u.v. crashing right into a restaurant. look at this terrifying scene from oakland park. in the surveillance video you see a couple sitting by the front window of downtown pizza grill. that s.u.v. crashes right into the glass window, slams into the counter right through those people. it happened east of i-95. the two people inside the restaurant who were hit were taken to the hospital. the driver was not injured. right now it's unclear if the driver faces any charges. the crews hard at work fixing the mess repairing the glass windows. late last night bernie sanders announcing hee is conceding missouri to hillary clinton and will not seek a recount. he suggests how close
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separate bid razor thin margin. bnd off the campaign trail back to capitol hill h@ goes. senator marco rubio receiving a standing ovation in the halls of the u.s. capital as he returned to his office. rubio stopped, he smiled and waved before heading into the suite. he finished second here in the florida primary. so what's next for him? >> i'm not going to be vice president. i'm not interested in being vice president. i don't mean that in a disrespectful way. i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to finish out my term in the senate over the next senate months. i'm going to work hard here, we have some things we want to achieve, and then i'll be a private citizen in january. >> he gave a lot of mixed mesesges here. first he said he thinks ted cruz is the only conservative and he says he does like john kasich. heays it's time for the g.o.p. to back one
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donald trump. and speaking of trump, sources telling cnn some conservative leaders met in washington to try to figure out if they still had a shot at preventing him from clinching the g.o.p. nomination. now to the latest on historic change, a 76-year-old cuban woman who invited president obama to her home in havana says she is thrilled he responded. she says she is thrilled the president responded and we're getting a look at that letter. it's one of the firstst letters sent directly from the u.s. to cuba in who are man half a century. mr. oboba says he will hopefully have time to enjoy a cub of cuban -- cup of cuban coffee while there. calvin hughes will be joined by victor oquendo and hatzel vela, our
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starts today at 5:00 p.m. and we'll also bring you liv special coverage of the president's arrival in cuba. that is sunday starting at 4:00 p.m. >> i could use a cup of coffee right now. >> send some my way as well. still to come check your kitchen cabinets, the recall alert you need to know about about canned tuna being recalled. we still have three lanes blocked onn 375 northbound at royal palm boulevard.
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alternate routes on the good morning. topping america's money. >> the dow opens in positive territory for the first time this
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at one point it was down 10%. naaq is down about 5% to date. amerans really really love their four-legged friends shelling out a record $60 billion a year to keep them well fed, well groomed and well trained. >> millennials and boomers cough up the biggest chunk. today and tomorrow bring any kind of container to 7-11 and fill up i i with a slurpee for $1.50. >> this woman used an empty bucket of kfc. the containers have to be leak-proof, can't be more than nine inches wide. >> i like the way the rolls. smart. if you have some canned tuna in the house, make sure you check out the upc codes before you eat it. bumble bee and tri- union seafoods are both recalling thousands of their chunk light cans.
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32,000 cases may have been contaminated through the sterilization process. their chicken of the sea brand could alsoave been under cooked. you with find the code at i-75 northbound at royal palm boulevard. sky 100 above this scene. as you can see oneane crawling by here after this fatal crash, one car crash. we do suspect police will be out here until the sun comes up so they will continue to investigate. what this means for you, obviously delays for our northbound drivers. dn't look that bad about 40 minutes ago. we're seeing thosedelays in place. a lot of flashing lights and just that o o lane getting by. you can stick with i-75 and you're going to be a little bit of a crawl this morning. probably going to delay you about0 or 15 minutes. if you're saying i'm in
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i-75, i would take flamingo road. this crash clearing on i-95 southbound at miami gardens drive. also i-95 southbound at the dolphin expressway. an earlier crash here off to the exit ramp. those speeds at 43 miles per hour. also if you're traveling off the palmetto northbound at tamiami trial, this one causing issues for our drivers heading west-bound there. the speeds at 14 miles per hour right at southwes 87th avenue. >> constance jones, you're busy already. a very early morning traffic report. she's got you posted. she's s ways posting all the latest delays and traffic incidents. for us here in south florida you can't blame the weather for any of those incidents it. temperatures in the 70s. ft. lauderdale upper 60s with a northwest wind at five miles per hour. in key west the warmest spot 77 degrees this
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picking up. over miamiade and broward the winds are calm. patchy fog could be possibility if you're traveling over alligator alley or miccosukee. in towards those two areass where we could see the possibility of it. temperatures right now in the low 70s for you in pembroke pines as well as pompano beach. upper 60s kendall and homestead. with the winds calm, the relative humidity on the ininease, you're definitely going to feel it as you walk out the door. the one change we're going to have today and leading into the weeeend is rain chances do return to the forecast. currently we're dryven though you're seeing echo from our radar. we doave midand high level clouds around. due to a stalled-out front. this is the same fnt that brought all the severe weather over the lower mississippi valley yesterday. eventually the system will slowly slide to the south. that's going to increase the cloud cover today in our forecast and a slight chance of a shower increasing going into our saturday but it
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secondary front that moves in right now bringing snow over portions of the dakotas and up towardsed northeast. that's what's really going to impact our forecast going into sunday. that humidity and the heat could fuel for afternoon showers around but they will be isolated. going into tomorrow here comes the leading edge of the front. it will bring us a better chance of showers today and into the leading hours. we'll add that cooler moisture that's going to ride along the front from the gulf of mexico increasing the rain chances by sunday. we'll see the front clear by sunday night into monday morning. we're keeping a slight chance of a shower monday morning. once t t front does clear, it's also going to bring usinter-like attempt even though saturday we are going to see jazz in the gardens. we do have a slight risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. boaters, no advisories. the weekend though increasing chance of
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have the umbrellas and the ponchos, you're going to need them. >> thanks for that. a handful of students witit a special honor, reporting inappropriate posts on social media to helping classmates in need. it's been honoring exceptional students for more tan 20 years. >> i knew i was coming here today to receive an award and a plaque but i had no idea so much other things would happen like winning a trip to d.c. >> the do the right thing program recognizes ten outstanding students for a month. it has recognized more than,000 students from 40 schools across miami-dade county. >> good for them. >> good job. keep on doing the right thing. it seems one sister did not do the right thing and picked up a bad habit. >> she was shoplifting. find out what she took d we also want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day.
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three young boys in california facing charges today after they ransacked a global change in tir neighborhood. they broke in not once but twice in a couple days and just made a mix of things, dumping hot chocolate mix on the floor, breaking windows, each tearing up a bible. one of the boys' mothers recognized her son's shoe prints in all that
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turned him in. shocking act of shoplifting. the woman brought several grory bags with her. she filled them with stolen items to make sure they were paid for and then the store caught in. the car belongsgs to a local convent. the shoplifter, she's a number. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe anumber would do something like that. >> humanity has gone to hell. >> the convent declined to comment on the allegations. she says she has been charged but if she pleads guilty, they will only have to pay a fine. >> yll right. >> move on with that one. still to come this morning on local 10, the ultra music festival, it is in town. >> find out how police are preparing for the huge crowdwd and how you can avoid the traffic
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>> plus love reloaded.
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couple's mission to get they are on a mission to renew their vows in all 50 statete the most recent had a lot of flavor. >> it's the weenie chair. the bride walked down the aisle of a hot dog joint in west virginia yesterday. the venue may not have been all that romantic but the groom's words were very sweet. >> i love you. morere every day. i appreciate you more every day. and that's going to keep on going. >> that is so set. and that is a ring pop. >> that is not a blowpop. that's a ring pop.
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thinking. >> perfect day. >> they have exchanged vows in 11 states thus far. very sweet. good luck to them. i just see a mess, you guys. this is i-95 northbound at royal palm boulevard. we still have heavy delays in place. one lane crawling by so viououy a big traffic alert. flamingo road your best alternate. i'll volume details as far as the lanan stretch in a few minutes. a car smashingg into an apartment there.
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a dirt bike crash sent a nfl player to the
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what police say this man did to her woman and her 91-year-old mother. new banking lawss being considered in cuba. what they could mean for you if you visit the island nation. >> how police are tryingto keep it from getting ultra hectic. good friday morning, south florida. i'm eric y yzy. >> hi, everybody. i'm kristi krueger in for jacey. let's get over to constance. >> i-75 has turned into a parking lot. northbound only one lane getting by after a fatal crash this morning. delays here between royal palm and griffin road. the picture tells i all you guys. i wouldldvoid this. at first it wasn't that bad but now it isith a lot more people on the roadways. there's the flashing lights that tells the story of police out there investigating this e.
6:31 am
with the one lane getting by experiencing those speeds at about five miles per hour. your best alternate route going ahehe, tracking a little further east and taking flamingo road northbound this morning. i-75 down to o lane after that fatal crash at royal palm. this one affecting our west-bound lanes right off of bird road and 87th avenue. expect this minor delays here but in miami-dade county, rdways are nice and clear. happy friday, south florida. we're wing up warm and humid. we're ending the workweek the same way we began with. it's warm. it's humid. there is that possibility of patchy fofo we're talking alligator alley, your travelsafety there. temperatures right new in the low 70s. 66 degrees above where we should be miami. 69 ft. lauderdale. 77 our warm spot. key west.
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up throughout the morning with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will be in the upper 80s and we are noticing today unlike the last few days, there is that chance of showers in the forecast. the heat and humidity will help heal for some afternoon storms and then we're expecting wide-spread showers and storms for the weekend. i've got it all coming up after the break. breaking this morning a car crashing into a building. it is the second time this happened in just four months. >> this all happened this morning. this is northwest 74t avenue. witnesses say that car crashed and them t`e driver just took off running. they tell us police got up with her and that car has since been towed. >> this morning the family of baltimore ravens are praying for the best for him to recover from serious head trauma after his bike collided with an s.u.v. erica rakow live now. how's he doing this morning?
6:33 am
that tray walker was going through surgery overnight. he was rushed here in serious condition last night with head trauma following this dir bike accident. his head coach, family, friends, fans, everyone shocked and now praying for a miracle. >> right n we need prayer. that's all we need. we don't need no bad vibe around us. yes, he did get hit off a dirt bike. we ask people to leave us alone right now. we're going to leave it public. >>reporter: his sister rushed to the hospital after hearing the 23-year-old was involved in a crash. walker was a c corner back drafted to the baltimore ravens. police say walkeras riding a dirt bike along northwest 75th street and 21st avenue when he collided with and s.u.v. >> dirt bike travelingwest-bound on our streets and dressed in
6:34 am
could be a couldn't beautying factor. >>reporter: at the scene the dirt bike on theround, the number 25 on the front, the number walker wears on his team jersey. he's from miami and was a student athlete. >> he's looking at the bike and saying how messed up it is. you hear a bike going by now. you think about a human body going up against a car and how serious that can be. >> this morning it is still unclear at this point in the investigation who was at fault for this crash. we also have a course telling local 10 that police are looki for a possible witness, a new england patriots player who may have bn with tray walker when this crash happened. right now we're told he's no where to be found. walker's sister told us that he was riding with a group off friends but at this point she is not sure who he was with.
6:35 am
trauma center this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. safety alert to let you ow about, investigators want to you keep an eye out for a robber who looks like this. take a look at your screen right now. they release aid sketch after a woman reported she and her mother were held up at gunpoint right outside of their own home. that daughter was just sitting in her backyard of she said the young man wearing a hoodie opened up a side gate and pointed a gun at her. the robber took off running withoth a purse as well as a cell phone. >> i wasooking at a cooking video on youtube and i looked up and there was a kid with a gun in place. i'm hype vilant in public. i know how to approach an atm, i don't sit with my back to restaurant doors. inow where i am in a parking lot at all times. i refuse to be afraid to have a cup of coffee in my backyard. >> broward sheriff's deputies were able to
6:36 am
they have not found the suspect. multiple charges after police say a man stole federal a middle school in little havana. he is accucud of stealing from the presbyterian school on uthwest 7th street near 27th avenue. this happened on monday. police uay he took $5,000 that was set to be used for field trips to be used for students. appearing in bond court yesterday. he confessed from a second school burglary in february. there's a new top cop in t city of miramar. interim chief dexter williams has been reported by police. chief willilis has served the people of miramar for a number of years. he served as chief before worki his way up to that top cop job. one of the biggest tropic music dance parties crashing bayfront park this weekend.
6:37 am
soon. dropping the beat. >> that's what i'm krueger. >> he just wants to make me look silly, know. ben kennedy is telling us how that city@ is preparing for the big crowd. >>reporter: it's a beat heard at bayfront park as ultra musus festival, a three-day tropic music concert kicks off in downtown miami. >> largest edm event on the planet. >>reporter: 55,000 people will pack the magic city as roads like biscayne boulevard shut down over night. >> there will be several officers to ensure you need to be rerouted, you will be rerouted to the right direction. >> fire rescue will move in with small mobile units to help in any event someone gets hurt. >> we have 70 to probably 100 firefighters that are staffed out here plus the stations that have been safe as well as transport units that ke i very easy for us
6:38 am
of this area to the hospitals. >> all right. take a look at this map on traffic southbound is going to be moved over to northeast second avue starting at fourth street. all northbound traffic oniscayne will be limited to only two lanes. it will be chaotic. more historic change. cuba could be ready to do away with a 10% penalty on money exchanged at cuban banks. officials say cuba'sgoing to try and make a series of transactions in the coming days. if they work, they will remove the p palty making it easier for tourists to exchange money inside of cuba. calvin hughes, victor oquendo, hatzel vela will have live coverage from cuba that starts today. we'll also have live coverage in the president's arrival in havana. that is sunday. our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. sad news overnight, a golden retriever
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month from a canal has died. you may remember we brought you this story. fire rescue dove in fishing h h out. she was taken in by an animal rescue group. they were working on tracking down her owner but unfortunately, she did pass away at the age of ten. what struck a plane that left passengers shaken up. details on the canes' first win i the ncaa tournaments. a w wkend of music continues. we're going to look at some of the big acts hitting the stage and what it took to get everything built in time. speaking of time, you're going to be out of time if you're stuck in this. down to one lane of traffic after a fatal crash this morning.
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routes in a few minutes. a plane hit by lightning. the american airlines flight carrying 59 people from raleigh to laguardiahen it was forced to make an emergency landing in jfk. new this morning singing frogs are invading southern california and neighbors say this is not music to their ears. they say at first they thought there were birds out there, radios, maybe even a house alarm. but it's something called the kocui frog. they are surviving the dry climate by finding place was sprinklers. speaking of singing, jazz in the gardens kicks off today with concert acts hitting the stage tomorrow. >> should be a great weekend. preparings wrapping up. crews had just a handful of days turning into an
6:43 am
crews working all week long. among the performers, usher, cool in the gang. we'll be out there from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on sunday. from sunday 5:00-8:00 i'll be there along with shyann malone and terrell forney. traffic this morning you guys a mess on i-75 northbound. only one lane getting by between royal palm boulevard and griffin road. a fatal crash. as i mentioned about an hour and a half ago it will likely be this way for quite some time because it is a death investigation. they are going to wait for the sun to come up to do everything they need to do. if you're coming out here this morning, you're going to face major traffic trouble. those speeds are extremely slow at four miles per hour. so you know what i would do? just truck it a little further east into flamingo road.
6:44 am
as you can see, all that green meaning no delays expected there but i-75 is a mess. those delays expected for quite some time. this one in miami-dade county not affecting our major roadways. if you're traveling off of bird road west-bound, we have reports of a hit and run crash. we are seeing slight delays in that location. busy on the roadys. i just want to remind everyone because we are expect something showers from jazz in the gardens this weekend, we have eric out there, constance out there. don't be shy, get out there and enjoy. make sure you grab a poncho or umbrella. temperatures in the lower 80s. that will give way to some showers moving around 4:00. we could see some showers throughout the evening hours all because o o a front. we'll talk about it right new in the forecast. currently it's not affecting us. very similar forecast is
6:45 am
workweek with. temperatures above average in the low 7070 69 right now in ft. lauderdale. for you in pompano beach, you're making up to temperatures in the 70s. hialeah 71. winds calm it does feel pretty uncouncil out there. the patchy fog we are expecting to possibly develop today will be far over interior parts of broward and miami-dade. use caution if you're headed towards michael jackson. otherwise mid and high level clouds will continue to stream in, the atmosphere showing most of the precipitation well to the north husband. the chance of showers and storms located over northern florida into parts of the lower mississippi valley where they could see severe weather from mexico in towards the pananndle. this front is going to keep us with some cloudy skies going into saturday and introducing that chance of showers. more increasing throughout the afternoon saturday but it's this second front that's
6:46 am
south florida by sunday bringing us a better chance of stotos and some cooler, drier their going into early next week. today, hot, humid. can't rule out a chance of an afternoon shower. tomorrow rain chances do increase. going into sunday the leading edge of the front moves in. that's going to bring us a chance of shower and thunderstorm activity. we will see stormy conditions, not just rain. so be prepared for that. continuing your spring break and you want to head to the beach, enjoy. boaters no advisories. jazz in the gardens could be wet at times. we do officially bring spring on sunday, the vernal equinoh. our lows will be in the upper 50s and 60s. speaking of nexteek, i will not be here in the morning. don't worry, baby d is not going to be born quite yet. i will be filling in for chief meteorologist
6:47 am
to go to the hurricane conference in island as we all are learningabout new technology as we approach the hurricane sean. don't worry, i'll keep you posted all week long. there's nothing quite like the festival of the ncaa tournament. my brackett loo pretty good except for perdue. >> what? >> good news for hurricane fans. they are moving on up after they beat beautiful. major rodriguez tossing it up to shelleden mcclellen. they were on the run. canes trailed later on in the end of the first half newton tying things up. automaticallyie audio -- alley-oop, they advance to the second round does to play wichita state. >> perdue, yale, i'm a mess. now to the heat we go. we're looking to light it up. they were against the
6:48 am
just couldn't get it done. goran dragic ends up with 16. on to the second quarter we're going to head. hassan whiteside with a 15 point lead, 15 points. they blew it in the verysame quarter. kendall walker had a trqple. that gave the hornets a two-point lead in the fourth quarter. the heat were finally down byhree. dwyane wade trade b b no. heat lose this one 106-109. the heat, hornets and celtics all tied for the fourth seed. the hulk hogan sex tape trial continues and picks up today. >> there's been a ruling connected to the case. find out what the media is winning due to this trial. a mother has a seizure square. she was holding a baby. we'll show you who
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
that was a court has ruled in favor of media all wanting seal the court ruled the sealed documents should be able available to both the public as well as the press. hulk hogan has until 4:00 today to remove anything like bank account numbers, and other numbers from the accounts. a former toronto mayor rob ford in the hospital thiss morning continues his cancer treatment. a spokesperson would not give anymore information on his condition but he was diagnosed with arare and fast growing cancer in 2014. he had surgery to remove a tumor last year before gaining international notoriety when he finally acknowledged thatate had smoked crack cocaine while drunk and then refused to resign from office. a terrifying moment
6:52 am
a mother with epilepsy collapses from a seizure. the clerk across the counter notices that something isn't right and reaches for the baby in the nick of time. a move possibly preventing that child from being seriously hurt. the mom says she was glad that she took that hit and not her little rl. >> that is terrifying but for that clerk to be able to recognize something was wrong. >> and act so quickly, that's important. this morning we continue to follow a developing story, an nfl player hurt in a crash.
6:53 am
about tray (vo) making the most out of every mile.
6:54 am
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i-75 northbound royal palm boulevard down to one lane of traffic after these fatal crashes. you can see there are heavy delays. if you're traveling in this st, you see that one lane of traffic. those delays still
6:55 am
i would opt to avoid taking this location. instead flamingo road is really your best bet. if you are going to take i-75 northbound expept those spds to be at a crawl. we're seeing those speeds at four miles per hour. >> you can't blame t t weather for any of the accidents you see on your map. temperatures areren the low 70s above average in miami and ft. laerdale. 77 key west. we are dry, we'll wake up to some cloud cover by t afternoon. very warm. we'll introduce that chance of showers in the forecast today. maybe grab that poncho, grab the umbrella. better chance of storms all morning long. a car crash news an apartment building. witnesses say the car crashed and the driver took off running. eventually police did catch up with him. an nfl player in critical condition this morning after a dirt bike crash last night. baltimore ravens corner back tray walker who played high school ball here in south florida,
6:56 am
hit by an s.u.v. a source tells us he was with another nfl player at the time. a search for a robber continues at this time. a woman says she was sitting in the backyard and a gunman approached her. he went inside and threatened the woman's 91-year-old mother, stole a purse and a cell phone. 55,000 people expected to attend the three-day ultra music festival. the festival already has traffic in t area rerouted. hundreds of police officers and fire rescue are expected to be out there to keep everybody safe. >> check local 10 for the traffic rererte details. the president hding to cuba this morning. we are there. live reports today starting at 5:00 p.m. we'll send you to "good morning america" next. >> have a great day, everybody. happy friday. >> don't be mad when it rains this weekend. >> for jazz in the gardens. >> it's going to be wet. you're going to need a poncho and umbrella.
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> have a cc1 test message spring on hold.
6:59 am
in the northeast after record-breaking heat asore violent storms slam the south. two reported tornadoes touching down and blinding hail putting drivers in danger. donald trump under attack. hackers reveal his personal information in an attempt to take down the gop front-runner. >> we are serious about stopping any proposed forthright fascist donald trump. >> new attack ads. >> the woman who found the world's most wanted man. how mexican actress kate del castillo tracked down the drug lord authorities h hted for years now speaking out in an abc news exclusive aut what drove her to find el chapo. >> i love adrenaline. i like to dare. >> march mayhem. millions of brackets busted after a night off stunning upsets
7:00 am
we do say, good morning, america. i don't know about y'all. i was up late. oh, some great games last night. great night of upsets, the big dance went wild. only -- are you ready for this -- 0.1% of those 13 million brackets are still unbroken. >> you got it. >> no, i'm one of the -- i'm not one of the 0.13. >> i think some of the coaches can breathe some relief, as well. hopefully sean miller brought a backup shirt. a little tense out there and virginia coach tony bennett, he actually passed out on the sidelines but he did make it back to the court and even better, his team won the game. >> a scare there. >> the pressure is mounting. >> it is. >> we'll have all the highlights coming up. we begin with extreme weather.


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