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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> constance: and i'm live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> the flames -- it light so fast, the flame came back and got my face. >> kristi: new at noon, the performer who caught on fire during a pep rally at a high school in delray beach is talking today. incident. eight other people were also hospital hadlized. >> constance: thank goodness. we heard from palm beach officials about this incident is. amy vitari is live in palm springs with their reaction.
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and kristi, that stunt performer is recovering from second-degree fwourns his face, head and leg. this is the type of stunt he performed hundreds of times in schools throughout south florida and we heard from the superintendent of palm beach schools said fire, pyrotechnics inside school buildings is clearly against school district policy. we want to get you to the video of 52-year-old video of rickey charles to show you how he is doing this morning. he spoke to reporters about those second-degree burns. doctors say go to various depth to his face, arm and leg. he asked the school atlantic community high school if they wanted the fire breathing as part of the performance and they said yes. we have cell phone video of that terrifying accident yesterday. charles' company infernos challenge was performing at a pep rally inside the gym when he did that fire breathing trick that led to him catching fire. for the first time he used coleman camper oil instead of lighter fluid but he did not
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prepared for the longer burn and everything that led to that fire then jumping back on to him and his clothing. he won't be doing that trick what that moment was like catching fire inside a gym filled with students. >> like being burned alive. with an audience watching. it happened so fast. i am just lucky to be here. the fire on my face and i am going, thiss new, what? and then what? and boom. oh, no. as soon as i saw my pants on fire i am like that's itj i am done. >> reporter: now back to that fire incident, school officials also gave us a list here within thth last half hour of four schools where thehave confirmed a this point that
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since 20111. right now they know of two those incidents involved the pyrotechnics. charles said today he has done that act hundreds of time in schools in broward, miami-dade and palm beach county and here is what the school's superintendent had to say about this taking place. >> i was shocked. i wasn't happy. and i was a little confused about who ad approved that kind of activity. to me it is common sense. you don't bring that kind of activity into a building anywhere let alone a school and a auditorium or a center or gym filled with children. >> reporter: and school administrators still looking into who approved this, who@ knew about it, and whether the principal was actually involved in@ this approval process. it is too earl to know. but at this time they are not clear what if any disciplinary action will be coming. as for the students treated or transported, none of them were
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sosoeter said it could have been released from the hospital within the next day or so. we are live in palm beach county, amy vitari, local 10 news. a man was shot and killed on south beach last weekend. >>onstance: police are looking to are a person of interest. glenna milberg is in our newsroom. >> reporter: pers of interest is not necessarily a suspect just someone they want to talk to, a witness. look at the person his name is christopher hough. if you know him or his whereabouts, miami-dade police would like to hear from you. what they call a person of interest in one of the two shotings on south beach on sunday. remember a crazy spring break weekend that totally overwhelmweekend that totally overwhelmed police and crowds. this particular shooting on 9th and ocean. a 20-year-old named antwan dea 20-year-old named awan decade was killed in that shooting.
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believe this christopher hough person knows antwan. they know each other. a lot of the people aparently fighting on south beach. they are looking for him at this point just for questioning and the factor this putting his name and picture out there mean they really do need help from the blic looking for this young man named christopher hough, a quote, unquote, person of interest inwhat could be a critical witness of one of two shoot information south beach on sunday. i am glenna milberg reporting in the newsroom, local 10 news. >> kristi: glenna, thank. a nfl player is in the hospital after a dirt bike accident in north miami dade. he may have been clipp by a suv. that player is corrback tray walker. he has major head trauma as a result of this crash. erika rakow is live at jackson memorial hospital where he is being treated. he surgery last night, is that right?
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i spoke with the nfl player's agent. he is inside the ryder trauma center visiting getting to see tray walker for the first time. he underwent surge last night, a long surgery that lasted all night, and right now he is unresponsive. >> i am hopeful. kind of leave it in god's hands and w atever will be will be. >> reporter: sports agent ronald butler heads into ryder trauma center praying for a miracle. he represents baltimore ravens quarterback tray walker in icu fighting for his life after a dirt bike accident in northwt miami-dade last night >> the family is here. the friends are here. we are all praying that he pulls through. >> reporter: after colliding with a suv around 8 p.m., the 23-year-old was rushed into surgery with severe head injuries. he is from miami. played football at miami northwestern senior high. was home working out during the off season and getting readto head back north.
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to baltimore next week to be around the facility and work out -- you know, be around -- his face be seen. coming off his rookie year. a lot of things he wanted to be able to accomplish. >> reporter: the investigation into what caused this crash continues, but police say walker was wearing all black and his dirt bike did not have lights on it. >> we really try to keep those guys off of that so these types it is unfortunate that it happens a lot not just with nfl players but just with kids around the community. >> reporter: and that agent actually just walked out from getting to see tray walker for the first time. he say what is he can share is very, very limited. this is a very tough and go situation. he says what he can say that they need prayers. they need a miracle and this he is fighting for his life. we talked with his sister last night who told us that tray walker was ridewalker was riding with a group of friends. we got information that police were possibly looking for another nfnf player. a player for the new england
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happened and left before police got there. we will stay on top of this investigation as it is developing as well as tray walker's condition for you. live fromjackson memorial hospital, erika raw, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you so much. a woman is charged with crashing her car into an apartment buildingnd walking away from the scene. this is not the first car to hit the building local 10's layron livingston is live in northwest miami-dade with the details. >> reporter: that's right. the cleanup onn all of this continues. northwest 17th avenue. a set of railroad tracks behind me. the guardrails are going dodo now but you can track this drive's path through this busted fence, through you this yard, and into ultimately thi apartment building here. now one end of this structure is completely unsafe. for the second time, and three familyfamilies have been forced from their home. >>all i heard was a boom.
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if the tin itself barrelled through her front door. >>e was coming across the railroad tracks late at night. and it didn't stop. >> reporter: it was not the train that woke pearl dear from her street early this morning >> the car came across the rail>> the car came across the railroad track, hit the column. >> reporter: and dear's door trapping her inside her apartment. >> the policeman hadto kick the door in. >> i got the phone call at 3:00 in the morningn it was like what is the matter. the building. >> my dad works very hard for what he has, and -- this is a little overwhelming. >> reporter: the family is convinced lightning fast cars strike twice. sky 10 hovered over the same apartment ilding this past november after a red convertible went careeninginto the staircase. none of the renters were hurt. the driver there, though, and his passengers ended up in the hospital. we are told the permits to repair the tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage just
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>> so now we have to start all over again. >> reporter: miami-dade police say 27-year-old kiavana rolle was arrested while walking away from this crash. we are told a resident suffered cuts when debris went flying. those injuries thankfully just minor. >> this is material. it can be replaced. life can never be replaced. >> reporter: back here live as these miami-dade fire rescuecrewmembers continue to work to shore up the structure of this building t tat has now been deemed unsafe for those three apartments that d to be vacated as a result of all of this. as for the driver, she is last check in the miami-dade jail facing those charges for leaving the scene of this crimeleaving the scene of this crime, but thankfully, the landlord tells us that will help get all of this up sooner this time around. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 new. >> constance: thank you so much. expect large crowds in downtown miami.
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tens of thousands are expected to attend the three-day festival which means a lot of traffic delays. shyann malone is live with what you need to know, shyann. >> reporter: a lot of excitement surrounding ultra but with so many people flockbut with so many people flocking here, it will be quite the challenge to get here. inust a few hours, 55,000 fanin just a few hours, 55,000 fans will be indulgfans will be indulging in three days of the electronic dance music at ultra music festival. >> many acts. >> reporter: some-out event kicks off friday afternoon at 4:00. such a big draw that getting here will be a problem. >> if there will be several officers so if you need to be rerouted you will be rerouted in the right direction. >> reporter: they will be manning the roads and they want fans to have a good time. safety, though, is top priority. >> looking for people underage>> looking for people underaged, illegeg drinking, illegal narcotics being sold or
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>> reporter: fire rescue will also be on eck to help with any issues. >> we have all advanced life supprt equipment allowing us to do whatever we are capable of d dng on the rescue trucks that you see the streets. >> reporter: if you were heading down here, be prepared to be rerouted. this map gives you an idea what toxpect. traffic southbound on biscayne boulevard has be diverted into northeast 2nd avenue starting at 4th street. all northbound traffic on biscayne will be cut down to two lanes. here is a live look at some of the traffic being diverted by the cones you see there. a lot of foot traffic starting to pick up, and set-up crews are making their way in to get set up for the concert that starts at 4:00 today. if you plan on heading this way, i would advise getting here early to avoid some of this traffic troue and if you want another look of the detours, visit us at reportinlive in downtown miami, shyann malone, local 10 news.
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thank you so much. one of the first pieces of u.s. mail to alive in havana was received by a 76-year-old woman. it was sent by president obama just days before the you trip. ileana wrote to the president inviting him to have a strong cup of cuban coffee with her. here is a picture of that letter. she is thrilled that the president actually responded. it is unclear if he will take her up on that cofofe and offer when he arrives in cuba. prprident obama arrives in cuba on sunday for that historic visit. one thing will look very familiar to him. the cuban capapitol building is nearly identical to the u.s.'s building in washshgton d.c. and actually getting restored right now because of the anti-ammican sentiment. the building was hardly ever used after the cuban revolution until five years ago when raul castro intended to move the island's national assembly back into the building. the building is set to be reopened just in time for mr. obama's visit there. and local 10 news, of course,
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calvin hughes, victor oquendo and hatzel vela will have live coverage from cuba starting later on today. we will hve live coverage of the president's visit to havana that happenssunday at 4:00 in the afternoon. police are investigating after a suspicious piece of mail containing white powder was sent to donald trump's son. a source said the letter was sent to eric trump's new york city's apartment and was removed and now being examined by law enforcement officials. meanwhile, federal investigators are looking into a possible cyber attack on eric trump's father, the gop front runner donald trump. kenneth mo uton has the latest for washington. >> reporter: a steady stream he attacks on gop front runner donald trump and his family. a suspicious package scare at the home of his son, eri. secret meetings to stop his 2016 run. and the hacker group anonymous. >> donald trump has set his
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they have trump's pr@vate information, his social security, cell phone and addres and the hits keep coming after the gop front runner predidcted riots if he loses the nomination. >> i think bad things would i really do. i believe that. i wouldn't lead it, but i think bad things will happen. >> nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or -- or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> you know he is not running for the presidency of the wwe. he is running for president of the united states. this kind of language is an outrage. >> reporter: the backlash came the same day that the top meeting of washington conservatives met to figure out how to stop trump. word that ted cruz may get an endorsement from former rival marco rubio that abc news spotted flying back to miami. >> i get to fly commercial again, it is so much fun. >> reporter: hillary clinton got official word of her m mini tuesday clean weep. she won missouri. another potentl boost, the "new york times" reports that president obama told a group of
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bernie sanders's campaign to end and for democrats to unite behind clinton. `the white house says that is not an endorsement. on the trail, the candidates are preparing for tuesday's utah. kevin mouton, abc news, washington. developing right now out of texas. three people are behind bars after a high-speed chase there involving a stoln car. police say when officers tried pull that driver over, that is when the driver took off and led them on a 45-minute pursuitled them on a 45-minute pursuit. the driver eventually pulled over and surrenders. she an two men were taken into custody. right now closing arguments have started in the ex-pro wrestler hulk hogan's lawsuit against gawker media over a sex video.they said the jury is not like a real celebrity sex tape anan urged them to watch the video themselves. hogan's attorney said he didn't consent to that video and he didn't want this to happen.
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violation of his privacy. [inaudible] -- of private information that a personal person would find highly sensitive. >> kristi: hogan whose real name is terry bollea is suing gawker for $1 million for posting that video online. market. we are up 99 points to 17,581. nasdaq up 24 points. and snp 500 up about 8 points. >> kristi: ood to see that green. scary moments from above in california.>> constance: that's right. the latest after a construction worker fell 50 stories from a high-rise building coming up. an update on that dog rescued from a canal. what happened before an animal rescue group could find therescue group could find the petrescue group could find the pet's owner. good afternoon, south florida. it friday, yes, the weekend
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(instrumental) we have some breaking news right now. a plane trash in tampa. >> constance: back to glenna milberg in the newsroom. >> reporter: constance and kristi, this just happened a half an hour ago. we are getting details in. the pictures are pretty horrifying. this is not tamampa internationalthis is not tampa international, that airport, the bigger airport, it is peter o'knight. this plane not a commercial jet crashed right at the airport. rightow we are not getting too, too much informing on the background because it is a fullbackground because it is a full-on emergency situation and
12:21 pm
to deal with it now. not really clear at all how many people are involved in that airplane. how many people were on board. you know it was on fire just by what you are looking at. looks like the flames are out now. we hear this might have been on takeoff, and right now we don't know if it was just that one plane involved. perhaps another. peter o'knight airport. it is closed right now. tampa international is open and that is where we are getting details of what we are looking at right now. half an hour ago a plane crashhalf an hour ago a plane crashed. the preliminary reports on takeoff at peter o'knight airport in tampa on fire. crews working that rig now and we will bring you more details as we have it. constance, kristi, back to you. >> constance: thank you very much. sky 10 showing a deadly crash on i-95. only one lane of traffic was open in the lanes at royal
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the driver of a toyota corolla veered into the right lane before running into a cooncrete pillar. the driver was 58-year-old hernandez. he died at the scene and the other driver was not hurt. high school victims were victims of a crime that threatened their ability to go on a school activity took off on a field trip. from a presbyterian school@lere heading to a bible camp after receiving lots and lots of your donation. now earlier this week a man was captured on surveillance video breaking into their school and taking more than $5,000. police say that money was being kept for the students who paid for their field trips and other activities. school staff are thankful for those donations. >> the community ame together and we were able to get the money back. the kids are excited and we just want to thank the community for the outreach they have given us, all the support they have given us for the school. he ally appreciate it. >> jose gomez was arrested and facing a number of charges.
12:23 pm
a second school rglary back in february where he allegedly stole several tablets from lincoln marti schools. sad sad news this afternoon. a golden retriever who was rescued from a canal has died. you may have heard this story. lily found paddlili in a canal northwest 44th street. fire rescue dove in and fished her out. lily was taken in by a animal rescue group and working to find her owner but unfortunately she passed away at the age of 10. people living in texas were fourthed out of their home after a whole lot of severe weather brought in rain and lots of flood. look at this river filled with water. even after the water recedes, they will have to evaluate all that damag to the roads and home before residents are allowed to go back in. and strong storms bringing heavy hail and heavy winds across the region. people living in the area say the hail was the size of golf
12:24 pm
no reports of any damage out there, but also in texas, more golf ball-sized hail. look at this photo. the hail made it difficult for fire fighters to rescue a woman whose car got stuck in waistwhose car got stuck in waist-high waters. crews had to work to remove the ice that was clogging up the storm train. the hail was so fierce it actually killed seven animals at the frorts zoo. several other animals were also injured and taken into animal hospital. wow. >> kristi: we had a lot of nice, sunny weather for the last several weeks but rain is on the way, right, jen? >> jennifer: that's right, kristi and constance, i don't like to bring the bad news but we have a change and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. today don't take the umbrellas with you, no rain on radar. gorgus view out of mount sinai medical center tower cam. nice and sunny with a couple of clouds mixing in across south florida. temperatures warming up to the low 80s at this hoyer. ft. lauderdale still hanging continue to 80 degrees. 79 in key west.
12:25 pm
feels warm. down into the lower keys. here is a look at the wind speeds. very light out there. almost variable. we see winds out of the southeast and the keys up into homestead up to the south. in miami, over the water, the windare mainly out of the south by the way. that southerly flow is pumping in a little bit of moisture. we will start to feel a little more mugginess in the air, especially by tomorrow, but starting tonight, we will definitely feel more humid. now on the radar i mentioned no rain. just a few clouds out there but definitely plenty of rainfall to talk about just trailing right along the gulf coast. fromew orleans and inching a little close near pensacola and still offshore over thth gulf waters. this associated with a stall front appear boundary, but notice there is a -- there are a few cold fronts through th north. now this cold front that is cutting across t central portion of the u.s. is actually going to bring the threat of, ain, severe weather across texas into louisiana for today.
12:26 pm
florida, we remain hot. winds turning out of the south and southwest by tomorrow as the cold front approaches. the sunshine state over north florida. some time later saturday night out ahead of this, our moisture is creasing and so are those rain chances for -- so for saturday, we do have a good chance of a few showers out there. also, if it is not raining, it is -- it will be uncomfortable because of the high level of humidi. if you look at the jazz in the gardens for saturday, steamy and soggy for saturday afternoon. i would say take the umbrellas are you, keep them handy and have a great time. don't let the rain stop you. not a complete washout. we are expecting potty showers and they could become scattered late neither nighttime. today beachgoers. moderate rip current risk out there and for boaters no advisory.beautiful day to head out on the waters. the bays with a light chop. temperaturescan warm up.
12:27 pm
very warm for news time of year and guess what, remember that cold front approaching through the weekend, it is passing through by sunday. sunday we still have a 60% chance for showers. a storm cannot be ruled thought weekend and then monday, check out these temperatures. we are dropping below average. waking up to the low 60s, maybe 50sinland. so who will have more on that? well, our weather authority, chief meteorologist betty davischief meteorologisx betty davis. she will be talking about the weekend forecast plus that cooldown early next week. constance. >> constance: all right, jennifer, thank you so much. jazz in the garden starts this weekend with big acts coming right here to south florida. >> kristi: an event in conjunction with that festival is being held right now where women are being honored. ben kennedy is live at the conference and the luncheon with details. ben? >> reporter: good afternoon, constance an kristi, this weekend is filled with food, fun and music as you guys were talking about. here in aventura a goman's
12:28 pm
take you inside the turnbury aisle where speakers and life coaches are inpiring teaching and sparking discussion of taking advantage of life's endless possibilities. they will be joined by successful business leaders, lebrity guests that have powerful tips and tools inspire women which will be followed by a power networking session. >> to come and get empowered, enriched, nourished, their souls, their minds teacing them anything from finance to anything. >> this is it. the panel i am on game changer. we change the game in miami, and we haave jazz in the garden, phenomenal talent. >> reporter: this is a part of the 11th annual jazz in the gardens festival. the event draws thousands of people to listen to some of the biggest names music like usher, monet and fred hammond just to name a fe the stage is set up at sun life stadium. took crews five days to get things ready for the festival.
12:29 pm
afternoon. 80,000 people are expected to attend jazz in the garden. local 10 will be ththe and you can find our own constance jones on saturday. ititill run until sunday. reporting live in aventura, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: all right, ben. you just mentioned it, local 10 will be there from 5 to 8 p.m. saysay hi to me, neki mohan, laurie jennings and betty davislaurie jennings and betty davis. then 5 to 8, eric yutzy, shyann malone and terrell forney. time play a game, can you spot kristi krueger in thihi picture. kristi -- can you see her. in the back. she had the suit on in the back. she was at hallandale beach elementary school and told the girls from the globe group to think big and to follow their dream. she said she had a great time. >> kristi: i had a great time. a good group of girls that asked a lot of intelligent questions about this business and life after high school and moving forward. so really they are going to
12:30 pm
>> constance: a big group of girls too. 40 or 50 girls. >> kristi: a lot of girl power in that room. a major recall we need to tell you about as well. >> constance: popular tuna brand is being pulled off of store shelves why and after the break. wenter is over and time to bring on spring. two simple fab russ crafts. mario and michael are making a meal with seasonal ingredients
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look under our top story section. you may want to listen more closely to the weather forecastclosely to the weather forecast. dr. oz tells us how it could predict your pain. >> hi, i am dr. oz. can your pain predict the weather? over 60% of americans with arthritis say yes. according to one study. thconnection may be real. researchers found a slight increase ofd aches on days with high humidity. one day to get relief where the forecast calls for pain, try tropical cream. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon right here on local 10. more health problems and controversy for a councilmembercontrovey for a councilmember. >> constance: update on former
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councilmember rob fo a robber is dead and two others are hurt after a shootout with police in houston. five people in total were allegedly robbing a local furniture store there when police confronted them.
12:38 pm
to open fire when crooks reached for their weapons. the conditions unknown and no officers were hurt. new at noon an american capture by isis earlier this week is speaking out for the first me. muhammed kwasi made a bad decision to follow a young woman to raq. his journey to mosul began in december. he traveled to europe and headed to turkey where he met that iraqi girl before arriving in iraq in january. he spoke about his experience about it last time last month when he spent time in -- witith -- under isis control. >> i wasn't thinking straight and on the way there, i regret it.we got to another house. a lot of foreigners were there. all the foreigns had to give their ids and passports. >> constance: at this point it is not clear if he will be returned to the u.s. or prosecuted. the fingerprints of one of the suspects from one of the deadly terrorist attack was found in a belgium apartment
12:39 pm
the prints belonging to a man was found tuesday in an apartment in brussels. he is still at large. more than 100 houses have been searched and 8 people have been arrested in the investigation of the paris attacks that left 30 people dead. a former new hampshire student who was convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate is back in court. owen labrie is facing a hearing whether his bail will be revokeded for allegedly missing his curfew several times. the 20-year-old was found guilty of using a computer to lure a underaged girl into an encounter. he was accused of rapehe was accused of raping the 15-year-old girl in 2014. former toronto mayor rob ford is in the hospital as he continues to fight his cancer. a spokesperson would not give any more information on exactly what his condition is right now. he was diagnosed with a veryrare and a very fast growing form of cancer in 2014. he had surgery to remove a tumor last year. ford gained international note
12:40 pm
after months of denial he acknowledged that he had smoked crack cocaine while drunk but then refused to resign. an unholy act by three children all underthe age, get this, of 10 years old >> the charges they are cing
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mmmm, yoplait. breaking now bring you. an accident involving a dmild lauderhill. glenna milberg in the newsroom. >> reporter: what a busy day on breaking news desk to lauder hills this afternoon. a 9-year-old girl in this home apparently injujud while playing with a flare gun? you don't really hear much of that. a flare gun that is used for emergencies and attention getter maybe on a boat. this flare gun was in the house.
12:44 pm
17-year-old sibling. it is spring break. they were home together. she was playing according to authorities there -- playing with thiis flare gun and something went wrong. her hand is burned. thi does not sound life-threatening at all. that is the good news. this hme -- you see people walking around the home. we haven't seen any emergency crews. we do know she went to the hospital. 9-year-old hurt playing with a flare gun. and she wilbe okay right now except for a burned hand. want to tatae you now back to tampa. peter oknight airport. we had spoken about this plane crash earlier that happened around 11:30. we know now apparently only this one plane was involved. you are looking at the remains of that one plane. and reports now that two people are dead. you can tell by the charred land around it this plane caught fire right there next to the tarmac. it does not look like anyone was able to survive that. the two people apparently on board that small plane that crashed. right now the airport s still
12:45 pm
peter o'knght wanted to make sure to tell that you tampa internaonal was not involved and still open and we are still getting details on how this tragedy happened at peter otragedy happened at peter o'knight airport in tampa. that is the upddte from the breaking news desk. kristi, constance, back to youu. >> constance: thank you so much, glenna. constructioi worker in los angeles was killed while falling from a high-rise building under construction. witnesses say the man fell 50 stories and landed on top of a car. a woman was actually in thatt car when it happened. she was not hurt. but was taken to the hospital anyway for evaluation. the construction worker was pronounced dead at the scene. three young boys in california are facing chchges after police say they ransacked a chuurch. those boys range frfr age 7 to 9 years old. church leaders say they broke in twice within a matter of days and made a mess dumping hot chocolate mix on the floor.
12:46 pm
up a bible. oneof the boy's mother recognized her son's shoe rint and turned them in. charges were vandalism and burglary. >> as soon as i found out my son had did that, i marched them over there and told them he is going to help rebuild -- or clean up that church. >> constance: the church wants to give those buys chance to learn from their mistakes and invited the three to attend sunday service. they face charges of burglary and vandalism. and case of shoplifting caught on camera from pennsylvania. take a look, that woman brought in several grocery bags with her. right there. she filled them up with stolen items to make it look like they were paid for. the store caught all of this and took down her license plate and that is when things got surprising. it belongs to a local convent. and the shoplifter a nun. >> i was shocked to say thth least. i was shocked. i couudn't believe it that a nun would do something like that.
12:47 pm
humanity has gone to hell. to put it bluntly. it is not good anymore. >> kristi: the convent decline>> kristi: the convent declined to comment. 78-year-old agnes denino and now has been charged. if she dud plead guilty, she will only end up paying a fine. the big question of your day, how is your bracket looking so far? >> constance: mine not too good. some updates -- upsets on day one but the miami hurricanes are moving forward. a look at their win and the big
12:48 pm
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nothing quite like the first full day of the ncaa tournamentfull day of the ncaa tournament. several big upsets taking place on day number one. good news for hurricane fans. they are movining on after they beat up on buffalo. the 'canes took the lead in thee first half against buffalo and never looked back. they win is one nice 79-72
12:51 pm
and play on saturday playing wichita state. to vote 2016. some are saying that a singer has a striking resemblance to republican candidate ted cru. jeannie moos tells bus this heavy etal band twin. >> reporter: don't have much in common. the lead sinr for a heavy metal band orted cruz or do they? >> i don't really see the resemblance. >> reporter: but the internet sure does michael sweets, front man for the band stryker surrdered and tweet, i guess my doppelganger is ted cruz? i guess i better cancel the stryper tour to focus on my campaign. who cruz resembles is michael back when he was 22. the two do share the same religion. stryker is a christian heavy metal bandnd >> that i am really ted cruz and i have very big hands.
12:52 pm
people m irk stook him for boy george, but now they ask. >> if i am billy ray cyrus. i get that all the t te. never ted cruz. >> reporter: he says he plans to ve republican but still undecided. not the first time cruz has been@ accused of being a twin. opponents jok that cruz is actually the zodiac killer or even grandpa munster. cruz a aits he can't sing but he calls his wife ander is tornadoes her anyway i just called to say i love you >>reporter: michael suggests one of the band's classics to serve as the cruz's campaign ng. rival donald trump in mid! the devil! >>reporter: for the debatuble doppelgangers. we suggest -- we will be together >>reporter: jeannie moos, cnn, new york. >> krrti: they do kind of look alike. >> constance: they do a little bi
12:53 pm
>> constance: we look alike. my twin. a look outside from our mount sinaimount sinai medical center camerara the calm before the ultra fest. >> kristi: the chaos in south
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
a big ol' weekend with a hey, there, south florida. all right, jazz in the gardens. enjoy it. it will be steamy. keep the umbrellas handy. 60% chance of showers. cooler by monday.
12:56 pm
cooler. that does it for now. thank you for watching "the chew" is next.>> constance: see you back at 4:00. you can always check out the latest news andweather by going to have a great day. >> kristi thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place.
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that.
12:58 pm
see you later, winter weather. it's time to bust out the deliciousness of the season and bring on spring. mario and michael are bringing
12:59 pm
market to whip up a duo of fresh flavors you won't want to miss. then it's "clinton's craft corner," and he's got two fabulous crafts that will brighten up your home in an instant. plus, i'm in the kitchen with the incredibly talented seal, and we're making a spicy dish so good it's like a kiss from a rose. it's time to get your spring on, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody, welcome to "the chew." you know, gugu, winter is so over. we had a long cold couple of months, so i think it's time to thaw out and warm up. don't you guys agree? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> good. then everyone say it with me. >> bring on spring. [ cheers and applause ]
1:00 pm
right? it should say let's. t's is in the script, isn't it? i was with you, i said let's. all hour long, we're showing you our favorite springtime specialties. what -- what are you laughing at? >> throw your coat over there. >> what's your favorite thing about spring, go. >> peas, green. >> the smell. >> asparagus. >> i like the whole place rotting turns green at one time. >> agreed. you know what i like? i like the first eggs from the chickens of spring. they're called pullet eggs, did you know that? the first eggs are smaller. they're from chickens who might and they're delicious. >> they don't have the hang of it yet? i'm making a dish today with the eggs. >> really? >> oh, yes. >> you mean a chicken's first egg might beben plate? >> you know, they might -- my chickens might not have -- maybe i might have got some that had the hang -- >> we'll s%e about that. so just so you know, the first day of spring is this sunday, march 20th. [ cheers and applause ] the first daffodils that come


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