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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this week after was plead fingerprints were discovered in an apartment.federal prosecutors say he was able to escape, the raid allegedly happening blocks away from his childhood home. >> he's probablyy been in that community for a number of weeks or months, and it't' taken the authorities this long to figure out e ectly which location. >> reporter: the takedown violent as a barrage of bullets were fired during the raid. the capapre, a victory against isis, and a strong message to those who c cmit acts of terror. >> this capture sends a message to basically all extremist groups that the law enforcement and intelligence community will continue to look for you until they find you. >> that was p. the president of franceaid that this investigation not over. speaking today, he said he is working with b belgian authorities, and they say there are more arrests to come. we will be here to bring you more as this newscast continues.
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newsroom this afternoon, local10 news. >> it happened so fast. you got to take -- >> laurie: the performer at the center of a pep rally emergency speaking out today,, thanking god that his injuries weren't worse. that man was playing witit fire at a high school pep rally. >> janine: and today he gave new details about what went wrong. local10 news reporter amy viteri li in delray beach with more on what he had to say. amy. >> amy: janine and laurie, thatt stunt man is recovering from bad second degree burns to several parts of his body but most noticely his face, and at last check here he is still recovering adele ray medical center. we were hold. and he says all of this started because he switched to a new type of flammmmle liquid in his routine and failed to practice with it. >> boom, oh, no. as soon as saw my pants on fire, i was like, that's it, i'm done. >> amy: speaking with second degree burns covering his facestuntman ricky charles tells us about the moment fire covered
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>> i'm lucky. it's like being burned alive,and an audience is watching. it happened so fast. >> amy: charleston company inferno's challenge was performing in a pep rally in front of a huge crowd of students. we got a copy of ce phone video which captured the finale of charles doing a fire breathing frick. it quickly went wrong.n charles said he switched from abusing lighter fluid to a petroleum based camper fluid but failed to practice with it. >> this is my livelihood, you know, anright now i'm paying. palm beach principal is saying he is looking into whether the superintendent quested the show. >> the part we're investigating is who knew wha who approved
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>> amy: administrators say charles' cape has performed at least three times in theel school. >> this is what happens when you playith fire. >> amy: and charles says he is going to continue doing his parformances, which he depends on who make a living. he is just going to remove the fire which he says is just one component of what he does. of course, we also reported this were several stunts treated for inhalation issues and treated for those. today the school administration says luckily none of those students were hurt. >> janine: good news for them. a crash sending an nfl start to hospital. police say ravens quarterback tray walker was kindergartner a dirty bike and maybe -- was clipped riding a dirt bike. >> reporter: a lot of people waiting to see if trey walker will indeed pull thereon. right now he is in critical condition and in intensive care.
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earlier this morning as well as last night. he did suffer severe head injuries and earlier this morning tray received a visit from his nfl agent. >> i'm hopeful. i'm leave it in god's hands. and, you know, whatever it is, >> reporter: sports agent ronald butler h hds into ryder trauma he representnt baltimore reasons' cornerback tray walker. he's in intensive care right now fighting noirs life after a dirt bike accident in northwest miami-dade last night. >> right now we need prayer. that's all we need. we don't't need no bad vibe around us. >aurie: after being clipped by an suv around 8 p.m. 23-year-old was rush into surgery with severe heaea injuries. >> you think about a humanoid going up ainst a car -- human body going up against a carnd how serious that can be. >> reporter: he played football at miami northwestern st. senior
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out during the off-sent. his agent said he was getting ready to head back north. >> to be at t. my facility and work out with -- you know, just be around the building and let his fe be seen, and, you know, he's coming off his rookie year, there's a lot of things t`at he wanted to be able to accomplish. >> liane: miami-dade police are still investigating the cause of this crash but they say walker was wearing dark clothing and that his dirt bike did not hav lights on it. >> it could be a contributing factor to their investigation. >> liane: so there are several things that investigator are looking atm this point. they say there were seseral people around when this crash happened, in fact, sourcrc tell us that one of those possible witnesses is a new england patriots player.
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for that w werness in that i deadly shooting. it happened the first weekend of spring break in south beach. they are looking for for this man, his name is christopher huff because 20-year-old antowain was killed during a fight in front of the breakwater hotel on ocean drive thisast weekend around 1:00 a.m. here's another look at the man police want to speak to as a wiess. this is huff. we have learned he has a criminal record at goes back to 2010 and includes armed robbery. if you hav any information or think you may know where he is please call miami-dade crimestopest, 305-471-tips. >> janine: two people are deferred a plane crashed at a tampa airport. authorities s the cessna 340 was headed for pensacola but crashed while taking off. the identities of victims not
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the faa and ntsb are investigating the crash. >> laurie: a nine-year-old girl was taken to the hospital. police say she injured a minor injury to her planned hand. police say she was playing with a irrelevant flare gun when it went of off. both see and e. shoe and a engineered sibling who was caring for her went to the hospital. >> janine: a man who posted his nude pictures of his girlfriend online, giansante garcia was charmed with video voyeurism after creating multiple social media accounts and a website to post videos of that victim. garcia will serve five years probation and donate 2500 dollars to a facility to help victims of human trafficking. >> laurie: cuba is preparing for president barack obama's historic visit. the capital building in havana getting all spruced up ahead of the president's arrival. local10 news is in havana with a preview of what's to come this weekend.
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>> calvin: good afternoon west nile calvin hughes along with victor oquendodo and hatzel vela and we're here to cover the presidt's visit on sunday at 3:00 and he will be here until tuesday. we have every angle of the story covered. i'll walk you through every single place that the president will be in a story coming up at 5:00. victor and hatzel also have stories at 5 5:00. >> victor: this is a full week. the rolling stones stage isp set for them to polar their first accident on the island. >> calvin: , there is a about very big meeting with the dissidents. >> hatzel: that's going to be a huge topic. we talked to antonio rues. he is going to talk to us about what the president is going to be talking about. >> calvin: the president is very popular here but a lot of folks are going to be watching that meeting with the dissidents and also the rolling stone concert, baseball, and once again i'll have every agency that he is going to b covering, in fact,
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be covering during his visitenent obama just days before his trip there. ileana yardsa wrote to the president back in february inviting him to have a strong cup of cuban coffee with him. here's the a picture of the letter. yardsa s`id she's thrilled he responded to her letter. you know they'll be havingg a lot of coach. our coverage of the president's historic visit will continue at 5:00. calvin hughes, victor and hatzel vela, they will have lives have live reports from havana and have coverage of the president's arrival in havana. look for that on sunday starting at 4:00 p.m. well, south florida is preparing to party. still ahead the at 4:30, ultra is on this weekend, and as you can see from these live pictures from sky 10, it's already packed. but track of, oh, yeah with, it's a mess.
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of ultra. >> janine: and facebook really wants you to get into the game. a look at its new virtual reality headset and what will be available when it ships. >> laurie: a car slams in an apartment building. the charges that driver now facing after police say she trtrd to walk away. >> janine: and all new at 5:00 a baby safed from a mother whoho collapsed were a seizure. this split-second decision that
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>> janine: a big announcement from facebook this week about its gaming platform. 30 virtual reality games will be available and use will also be able to connect to their facebook account. >> janine: oculus was demonstrated at the game developers conference in san francisco. here's how you the works. oculus can b b accessed with either the oculus headsds or the samsung gear. users can play games, watch 360-degree videos. virtual reality is an emerging sector of gaminin industry, and
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first time a section was dedicated just to virtual reality technology. 30 games will be released on oculus ranging from action games to solving pus else. a full list was posted on the oculus blog and the company posted that more than 100 gamers coming to oculus this year. it's got going to be cheap. the oculus is, hundred dollar and is available for pre-order. here's the thing. you're also going to need a high-end cutter computer to get it to work. fer samsung is headset is only about $100 put you will need a compatible samsung phone to go with it which is sold separately. playstation revealed its virtual reality headset. it works in tandem with the playstation 4. the vr headset will cost $100 which is not the cost of the samsung console. there will be 50 games
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and htc is also gettingn on the reality business. it's the headset available for pre-ord and it should start shipping in may. it costs $800 and you're going to need a high-end computer in order for it to work. by the way, hollywood keeping up on virtual technology as well assistance program you as a new way to show movies. an nated shorts and documentaries, they have been developed in fran and los angeles. moviemakers are figuring out ways to prevent motion sickness. so far a loaning studio has discovered that visual speeding up and slowing down,hose are the things that actually cause motion sickness, not camera movements. so there you go. >> laurie: our herds spinning after all that. and you know the kids can figure this out in a second. >> janine: jury boys are going to love it.@ >> laurie: they're going to be walking around with these things things, betty. >> betty: i think ere might be one of these in my house. >> laurie: betty, grab your microphone. i'm hearing some cringeling. >> betty: i'll start out by
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talking a little bit about the weather, and letting you know that it's really warm out there. 84 degrees right now in miami. it feels like 86. it is hot. 88 degrees in some of your neighborhoods such a a hialeah. we are finding some mid-80s down through the keys and dry conditions all around. the forecast for the rest the evening we're going to keep it mainly dry and warm. just a few clouds across our skies even around 8:00 tonight some of your neighborhoods may be at 80 degrees, so is on the hot one playing out right before our eyes. the breeze is going to be light and it's a warm breeze at that, winds generally flowing in from the south-southeast. doppler radar not active at all over broward, miami-dade and the keys. we'll keep watch to see if anything manages to pop up but far absolutely nothing happening as far as rainfall over s sth florida. there is act of weather up to the north. we're talking pensacola evidence to the big bend, rains going to be moving in there. this is associated with a really
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front that will eventually get a nudge do the peninsula as we're working our way through the weekend. and with that, we see our rain chances heading up, starting morrow. there will be a better chance for showers in the forecast. it will be another steamy day, by the way. winds from the south-west, temperatures really, really warm. these showers in the mix, and then on sunday as well there could be some rain at times as the cold front finally starts to slsl in on south florida. now, the pay off is going to come once we get the front through because cooler air is going to ride in on a northwest wind just in time for the first full day of the spring season. but first, we've got to get through tomorrow, and temperatures that will be very warm. highs in the mid-80. that chance for showers in the forecast during the afternoon. by sunday more mid-80s on the way, a 60% chance for rainfall. but by monday we're drying out and the cooldown is going to be dramatic considering just how warm it is right now.
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lows in the lower 60s, highs only getting up to near 70. and then tuesday morning there may be some areas in the upper 50s. so start dusting off those sweaters bececse you may be reaching for one early monday and tuesday. but it should be kind of beautiful out there. jamine. >> janine: right now rush hour is getting started. let's get a check on traffic. >> laurie: jenise fernandez is right here with the friday rush and ultra down. you've got a lot going on. >> jenise: there's a lot going on so you have to pack your patience if you are driving out and about. let's start with some accidents we see, though, this is i-95 northbound northwest 135th street where there are reports ofofn accident it. looks like traffic is moving which is some good news. as we zoom on in to our maps we are seeing delays about speedss clocking in on the 26 miles per hour. we do have this major accident on the turnpike northbound between us-27 and i-75. there is a left lane blocked with seeds speeds at 12 miles per hour. now, we also have an accident on the palmetto expressway southbound.
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8th street with speeds clocking in at 28 miles per hour. and, of course, we are seeing delays for anyone heading around bayfront park and the beach for ultra. i'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. >> laurie: thank you. and ahead at 4:30 miami gardens is getting ready to feel the groove. jazz in gardens is this weekendnd we have a preview of what thousands of people are expecting to see. >> janine: and in today's health cast, taking on the mafia you are the pep how one south florida author wants you to see the disease differently. >> hatzel: hatzel vela in havana where you can see a lot off work happening here at the latiamerican stadium where the tampa bay rays will play the cuban national team. we talked to folks about the anticipation of game. >> clay: and i'm clay ferrero. a huge week ahead in sports.
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'canes >> clay: it is always a big event and the heat take on the cavaliers, especially here in south florida,ut this weekend's show do you know the american airlines arena just got a little bit more interesting. that tops our 4:00 sports shot with the heat l ling a heart breaker last night against the hortons. their hornets. their margin for error close to zero. the cavs do plan to playing lebron james. and dwyane wade knows just how big this game is going to be. >> you know, obviously we love to compete against him, i love to compete against him. yeah, it will be good for us tomorrow. the best team in the eastern conference. >> clay: meanwhile the rricanes look to dance their way into the sweet sixteen. um holding o bowl of in their tournament opener on thursday night. nono they've got to regroup to take on a tough wichita state team that blut arizona last night. that one will tip off tomorrow at2:15. >> it's an exciting time in their lives, and they want to
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you do not enjoy wn you're putting stress on yourself. so we've tried to make practice enjoyable, the guys have been smiling a lot and laughing a lot, and that's a good sign. l and finally, on the ice the panthers keep right on rolling. the cats winning at toronto 4 to 1 for their fourth win in five games of on thursday night. this next up a tough home game against the red wings tomorrow night. coming up at 5:00 it's clay's clowns, including what happens when a super star rapper m kes himself a part of the game. >> janine: lovclay's clowns. thank you. >> laurie: best part of friday. right? >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:00. >> laurie: here's what's on the rundown. ultra weekend is here and traffic is already jammed. what you can expect to encounter if you're going to be a awhere near bayfront this weekend. >> janine: and a crash and dash in northwest miami-dade.
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african police say she crashed into a apartment building and tried to walk away. >> laurie: donald trump making an appearanc the first since hackett vis group anonymous declared wort presidential frontrunner. the personal information that's been released so far. >> janine: and miami gardens is feeling the groove this weekend.
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that's ahead. >> janine: rightow 4:30, partiers are flooding miami's bayfront. ultra is this weekend and it's already tying up traffic. we'll show you how to get around that in a minute. >> laurie: first let's take a look at what's attracting thousands. local10 news reporter shyann malone is live in miami in the thick of it. you got the glasses and everything. >> shyann: yeah, i'm all decked out. watch. i got symptom swag. plenty of people having fun. it's in full swing. let me show you, droves of people are piling in. gates just opened half an hour ago but i caught up with a few fans here to that got their
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getting hyped early friday afternoon. it's miami's 17th annual ultra music festival. >> who's ready for ultra? [ cheers and applause ] show me somee dance moves. >> shyann: 55,000 team people are expected to show up for the three-day concert. fans from all over the world ready to jam to electronic dance musicy. >> say elbows up, we but elbows up hands up with be we put hands up. >> shyann: these guys were here last year. >> whatever the dj wants us to do we'll do it. >> everybody from across the world and country come here for three days out of the year. >> shyann: 300 police officers will be manning the streets. law enforcement wants fans to have a good time, but safety is top priority. >> looking for people underage, illegal drinking, illegal narcotics being sold or done, and they'll also be looking for&
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>> shyann: i just got an update from miami police department. so far no arrests have been made. that's a the good news this all this. another live look, you can see the crowds of people coming out juststo enjoyy themselves and have a good time. the concece sold out but if you are only a few blocks', you can hear the sounds of this festival. reporting live from downtown miami, ultra, shyann malone, local10 news. >> janine: shyan, thank you. >> laurie: ready for the action, and those big crowdss causing traffic issues. >> janine:e:o doubt. jenise fernandez ask here with how to get around those crowds. >> jenise: you saw that video from shyann's story, there's a lot of people out there so let's show you how traffic is being diverted let's talk about biscayne, the sound lanes. starting at southeast 4th treat traffic is being diverted to northeast 2nd avenue. that's your southbound traffic. northbound you've only got two lanes open in your northbound lanes so that's really where we are seeing those delays, and i
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on our maps because our track of data is showing these delays. right now not too many delays around bayfront park. speeds there are at 11 mile\ per hour so nothing too alarming there but i have seen that change throughout the day. i saw speeds as slow as 5 miles per hour. now, mac arthur causeway for you heading to the beach we also have events going there. speeds right now are at 13 miles per hour and the julia tuttle causeway also slow-moving with our your eastbound traffic moving at 13 miles per hour, and queer seeing delays fororhose of you trying to leave the beach with speeds at 26 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: and staying on the roadways, a car slams into an apartmtmt building in northwest miami-dade, and police say the driver tried to walk away from the scene. local10 news reporter layron livingston has the story from northwest dated. >> the cleanup clearly underway pipe just off you of northwest 17th avenue. there's a set of railroad tracks as you can see behind me. you can also track the path of this driver through this fence
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ultimately into this building. now, one end of the structure is unsafe for the second time time and three families have been forced from their home. >> all i just hear was a boom. >> layron: almost as loud as if the train itself barreled through her front door. >> people come across that railroad track late at night. they don't stop. they don't pay any a aention. >> reporter: a but it was not the train that woke pearl from her sleep this morning. >> the car hit the column. >> layron: and adore's apartment. >> i got the phone all call the 3:00 this morning, i'm like, what's the matter? >> layron: her parents own the building. >> my daddy hasas worked very hard for what he has, and it's -- it is a little overwhelming. >> layron: the families convind lightning-fast cars strike 10 hovered above the same apartment building just this
4:33 pm
convertible went careening into the staircase.none of the renters were hurt. the driver there, though, and his passenger ended up in the hospital. we're told the permits to repair the tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage just came through this week. >> so now we have to con all over again. >> layron: miami-dade police say 27-year-old key vaughn role was arrested while walking away from this crash. we're told a resident suffered cuts when debris wentlying. those injuries thankfully just minor. >> this is material. it can be replaced. a life can never be well placed. >> layron: miami-dade fire recue crews still work tock shore up the end of this apartment building and these apartments nine dollars underneath here are not safe to be in. as for the driver, at last check she was still in the miami county jaill facing these charges for leaving the scene, and the landlords tell us thankfully they are insured so hopefully they will be able to get this situation taken care of even faster this time around.
4:34 pm
>> janinin kay deadly crash on i-75, sky 10 over that scene shortly after the crash at 6 60 this morning. only one lane was open in the northbound lanes near griffin road. police say that driver in the toilet corolla veered into the right lane before running not haakon crete millar. the driver that of 58 year died at the scene. and high schools students hoe were victims of a crime that talented their chance of going high school acts of took off today. students from littlee havana's progressia everv. earlier this week a man was ptured on surveillance video breaking into the school and taking more than $5,000. police say that money wase being kept for students who paid for field trips and other activities. school staff are thankful for those donations. >> luckily the community came together and qe were able to get the money back, the kids are excited, and we just want to
4:35 pm
outreach they have e. they've given n and the support they've given the school. he realllly appreciate it. >> janine: hoe assistance program del gams is facing charges. he allegedly sle several tablets from lincoln marty school. >> laurie: now not vote 2016. donald trump plans to hold a town hall since his first public appearance since the hacking group anonymous declared war on the republican frontrunner if hacktivist group anonymous most well-known for their support of occupy wall street and wikileaks took on frump. >> donald trump has set his ambitions the white house in order to promote an agenda of fascismm and xenophobia. >> laurie: releasing trump's social security number,r,ell phone and address with this charge. >> nine dollarsly investigating this would-be dictator. >> laurie: t campaign put out a statement but on twitter. the candidate focused his attacks on cruz wright "lying ted cruz lost all five races on
4:36 pm
while on the democratic side, bernie sanders is pledging to stay in the race. >> we have a path toward victory that goes right through idaho. >> laurie: claiming he represents the future of the nation. >> we have received more votes from people under 30 that hillary clinton and donald trump combined. >> laurie: continuing to deny reports that the president was urging democrats to unite behind hillary clinton. in the white house briefing, press secretary josh ernest was careful to mention both democratic candidates when discussing supportrtor the president's supreme court nominee. >> i'm gratified that we have seen elizabeth hillary clinton and rnie sanders acknowledge that chief judge garland is eminently professed. >> laurie: although sanders has said she is 100% prepared to support t judge garland's nomination, he also said if he wont the election he would want appoint someone more
4:37 pm
discoveries and fbi have joined after the sub pictures substance was sent to donald trump's son eric. the package was sent to a building owned butrum and reportedly contained a white powder. preliminary testing of that powder did not appear hazardous. the source says the handwritten note read, "if youou father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won't be a fake." >> laurie: we have breaking traffic news right now, a car slamming into a fence in north miami. track of reporter jenise fernandez right here with the details. >> jenise: that's right. you can see it t tre. it looks like an suv hit a fence, it looks like we've got police on seen there, and traffic is getting by. looks like just one lane now. this is the 1100 block of northeast 6th anue. that is where this car crashed into that fence. and as we're zoomingout it looks like one lane is getting by right now and we do see policic on scene hopefully able to clean up that accident. we haven't got any reports on injuries but the big traffic
4:38 pm
northeast 6th avenue. you are going to see those delays. >> janine: keep us posted. a texas itch cho leader is behind bars after allegedly inviting teenage boys to his home for what's being described as sex parties. authorities believe injure jered anderson invited boys to his home to strip and perform sexual acts. seven to twelve have 12 boys ranging in age from 15 to 17 may have been involved. one neighbor says he was shocked. >> i've never seen teenager boys running aroundhe neighborhood or heard anything like that, and we're ho quite a bit. >> janine: nd yas was arrested thursday and charged with sexual performance by a child and indeans with a child. >> laurie: explosion of a barn s caught on camera. take a look at the flames bursting into the air. issues officials believe asset lien and oxygen tanks inside the barn may have cause this had explosion. a potbeied pig and goat were rescued from the barn just before the explosion. the o owners of the barn say
4:39 pm
a seattle man has agreed to pay back millions of dollars after allegedly ripping people off in aun online pay to pray scam. bench ragovi offered people a chance to pray with religious figure in exchange for cash but those offers tided oat website christian prayer center were oche made without the religious leaders' consent. one of those pastors is speaking ut. >> people are really upset and angry at pastor john carlson, and i'm pastor john carlson. people are thinking that their problems are going to be solved. >> in the work that i do as attorney general, i really see the lowest of low when it comes to scams. this one ranans of right up there. >> laurie: that webebte is now. ragovi has agreed to pay more than $7 millioto thousands of people across the country. >> janine: the groove is back. coming back to miami gardens this weekend. que that music. jazz in gardens is returning this year and 11 ben kennedy shows you what's in store.
4:40 pm
filled with nukes music weeks food and fun if it and it kic off at aventura at a women's impact conference let's take you inside turnberry isle, miami where motivational teacherss are teaching and sparking discussion about taking advantage of life's& endless possibilities. they will be joined by successful business leaders, celebrity guests to deliver powerful tips and tools to inspire women being powered forte network can session. >> we're inviting women to get empowered, enriched, nourish their soul, their mind. we're teaching them anything from finance to it's a man's world. >> this is it. and even the panel i'm on this afternoon, game changer, we change the game in miami. when we have jazz in the gardens, phenomenal talent. >> ben: this is a part of the 11th annuals ja in gardens festival. the event draws thousands of people to listen to some of the biggest names in music like usual wesh janelle monet and
4:41 pm
the sage is set up at susulife stadium took crews five days to get things ready for that festival. back to aventura, 80,000 people are expxcted to attend jazz in gardens. local10 will be there. it will run until sunday. reporting in aventura, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> laurie: and you're right, local10 will be there in force saturday. come out and say hi to me along wiwh constance jones, neki mohan and betty davis. and then on sunday from 5:00 to 8:00 come by to meet eric yutzy, shyann malone, and terrell forney. >> janane: still ahead, a sanitary air when lightning hits a play. i. plane forcing to it land. >> laurie: also how a local author is trying to break the stigma surrounding you are the et cetera syndrome.
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healthcast. the air for some travelers. their plane was struck by lightning. >> janine: can you mack? that plane was on its way to new yo. passengers. good. >> janine: a startle scare for airlines flight. >> out of nowhere. >> janine: the flight from rail durham originally headed not new york's laguardia on thursday with 55 passeers onboard hit turbulence and was truck by planning it was rerouted to make an emergency landing at nearby jfk. these photos obtained by wabc showing burn marks with damage done to the wings, tail and body. >> everything okay? >> yeah. n't send us through there again. it's pretty bad. let's go to jfk. >> janine: for the passenger onboard a frightening flight. >> it's the first time for me.
4:46 pm
big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet. >> janine: but experts say there's nothing to fear. lightning striking a plane is relatively common. and as these videos show, jets are designed to sustain the shock of a lightning strike so that electricity never penetrates the interior. in this boeing lab with engineers show how they make lightning to test the dura built of aircraft when it's struck. >> whoa! >> janine: it's several safe, experts say, duty that doesn't mean it can't be scary. >> it's pretty terrifying. i'm not going to lie. >> janine: and that plane land safely, no injuries were reported. the faa says it's investigating what happened. >> laurie: strong storms bringing in heavy hail and high winds across socom parts of the country. people living in mississippi, for example, look at this, hail the size of golf balls. it was wild. but they say no reports of damage. and then in parts of texas people were forced out of their homes after severe weather brought in lots of flooding. take a look at this street.
4:47 pm
crews say even after the water recedes they're going to evaluate all the damage to waters and homes before residents are allowed back to their homes. >> janine: here in south florida it's spring south florida style, hot and sticky and you know taught spring breakers ever loving it on the the beach. >> laurie: you know for ultra they wear half a outfit. >> betty: i thought it was a quarter. you won't believe how hot it got out there today. 89 was the high. the record for this day is 90. we came close to that, so just sweating it out including along the beaches where we're heading out and there it is, about a quarter of an inch of clothing. i was right, laurie. 84 degrees right now in miami, winds from the southeast at 15 miles an hour. that's a warm breeze and the breeze stays warm through the rest of the evening. it's going to tend to be on the lighter side, winds southerly sustained 5 to 10 miles an hour. temperatures warm, and our sky cast model showing a few clouds
4:48 pm
painting rainfall for tonight. all the rain at this point is over toward the panhandle. lower mississippi river valley. and then an area of where there could be some severe storms in western mississippi, back over toward northern louisiana and southern arkansas. now, the one thing we are also noting on this radar picture, do you see those shades of blue? that is actually snow r the high plains, no showers, too, for parts of the central plains, so that lets us know there is some colder air marching across the nation, and in fact the jet stream that northern branch is going toke to a little dip and push a cold front down through our area as well early next week, but for now it's all about the warmth for south florida. shades of blue on our temperature map for the plains. we see the 30s, the 40s, tulsa at 56 degrees. so a last gasp of issued winter, if you will, before we finally bring spring in officially so that by monday morning that cold sarah going to take ahold of the
4:49 pm
chattanooga, tennessee will have a morning low of 29 and it's going to get cool here as well. monday morning we're talking 62 in miami. that's about 3 degrees below normal for this time of the ye. and then check it out tuesday. we're forecasting morning low of 60, and some of you may see some upper 50s out there tuesday morning. so a north wind is going to make all the difference for us early nene week. before tomorrow it's all about a south wind and still warm temperatures that send you running toward the beaches. the rip current risk moderate, by the way. we'll start the day with 70s. we'll end in the mid to upper 80s again, and we could have some showers out there, too, chance for rain also on sunday as the cold front moves through, and then behind the front here come our changes. the high on monday only gets up to about 70 degrees. so a big temperature turnaround laurie. >> laurie: thank you, betty. and in our health cast today shedding light a medical condition that's often whys mississippi understood. you are the et cetera syndrome is found in one out of 360 kids
4:50 pm
that number could be even greater. our medical specialist kristi krueger is here wit news of a local author trying to break the stigma of you are theets. >> kristi: that stigma exists because this neurologic disore has such public symptoms, involuntariy ticks and sometimes they blurt out inappropriate words. but this man wants to borrego the stigma. he has written a book exploring the tests of growing up with this syndrome. anthony hopes reading about his journey will increase tolerance and uerstanding. >> it's a very public disorder. it's very easy to spot. when you hear somebody screaming at the top of their lungs in a restaurantnt it's very, very easy to put a bull's-eye on the back of that individual. so a lot of how i was able to escape that stig mata of being weird or off orifferent was to be open about it. >> kristi: anthony graduated from florida gulf coast and is concentrating on his first
4:51 pm
his first booked called "mental anarchy" is available on amazon. in other methyl news an estimated 2.8 million children living with disabilities that require special approaches to education and care. the our pride academyn miami is taking that effort a step furthecreating businesses and jobs at they are school fore their students. and through there program called open works the academy is helping students create products for personal use and it provides surfs fors thing like lawn entry care for local businesses. >> we hope that the model thatwe have created here with oprah works is a model that can be replicated not only here in miami-dade but in the state of florida and throughout the united states. >> theymy fends had to work quick. yes. >> kristi: the progr at the school was started just this`past year, and employs about 45 former and current students. the school, though, is working
4:52 pm
scholarships and its programs through an event that happens tomorrow night saturday night called an evening of possibilities. the goal this year to raise $100,000 to help buy supplies and equipment to support the program. with your health news, i'm kristi krueger, local10 news. >> janine: coming up at 5:00, new details about a raid in belgium that led to the arrest of a terror suspect and who else police are looking for. >> laurie: a baby badly eaglebaby bald eagle is born. >> the sta is almost set here for the rolling stoners. they'l'lbe plague in havana on march 25th. i'm victor oquendo. i'll have a preview of all the
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
ooh js as live look right now at t`e eagle. i love that there's an eagle cam. here's mom as we understand. here's warming baby eagle l we haven't the on the ground police department i don't think she's going to let us. >> janine: maybing into a litt something there. >> laurie: as soon as we see the eaglet we will bring that to you on another afternoon. nice to see. >> janine: right now on local10 news at 5:00, an nfl star fightiti nours life after a dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. >> laurie: we're hearing from the performer who was seriously injured when he accidental set
4:57 pm
high school pep rally yesterday. >> janine: and the the masterernd behind the pairs attacks is captured live during a raid in belgium. >> laurie: and shong you how everybody is getting ready for president barack obama's from it in cuba. i'm laurie jennings. thanks, for being with us. local10 news a 5:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: off the top at 5:00 a baltimore ravens player in critical condition after a motorcycle crash last night. 23-year-old tray walker suffered serious head trauma in the crash. he has jund undergone two surgeon russ. >> janine: we are hearing from his agent and worried family members. liane morejon hashe latest. >> liane: just a short time ago i community waited witone of tray walker a sisters by text message. she declined to go into much detail as far as how tray is doing but she did say that he is, quote, doing a little better.
4:58 pm
do not know but we do k kw that tray walker is still in intensive care fighting for his life after you dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. ravens cornerback tray walker is in the fight of his life. the 23-year-old miami native suffered head injuries and trauma after crashing his dirt bike last night. his family, fririds and agent all rushing to his side. >> we're here. the family's here. the friends are here. we're all praying that he can pull through. >> right now we need prayer. that's all we need. we don't need no vibe around us. >> liane: it was just before 8:00 p.m. thursday when the crash happened in northwest miami-dade. police say walker was riding his dirt bikehen he was clipped or collided with an suv. >> you think aut a human body, you know, going up against a car and how serious that can be. >> liane: we're told walker was in town for the off-season getting workouts in before heading back to baltimore.
4:59 pm
him for a couple weeks to be down herey training and preparing to go back. he was scheduled to go back to baltimore next week. >> liane: police say walker was wearing dark clothing and riding that bike without headlights. the search for witnesses is still ongoing. >> as far as the determination exactly how the accident happened, we're tryingo determine that. >> liane: as walker recovers from his injuries, loved ones now praying for a miracle. and sources tell local10 news that investigators are still looking to speak with witnesses who may have seen how thisrash unfolded. one of those witnesses they're interested in speaking with, we're told, is a member of the new england patriots. we are told that they have not been able to fin this person, that they've been looking to speak with him since yesterday, as well as other witnesses who may have been there but they haven't had any luck, they've sort of disappeared and haven't been able to find them. they are thought bowing looked at for any sort of long doing, only as witnesses, so anyone
5:00 pm
come forward to miami-dade police. we are live in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: liane, thank you. >> janine: president obama is getting ready to make his historic visit to cuba this weekend and local10 news is already in havana ahahd of his arrival. >> laurie: our team is showing you how they're getting the cuban capital ready for its big moment on the wld stage. our colleague calvin hughes joins you live now jrom havana to kick off our team coverage. calvin. >> calvin: laurie, it's been nearly 90 years since an american president has stepped foot on cuban soil, and in the areas where president obama will visit, cuba is getting to a major makeover. in fact, much like what we saw from september when the president came -- rather, when the pope came here for his visit. let's take a look at some of the video of what we saw today from front lawnsf buildings and in neighborhoods, the grass is getting a manicure, old building are getting a fresh coat of paint, and downtown streets and those around old havana are


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