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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 6AM  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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10 news. >> live the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good morning. dark and rly, everyone. i'm neki mohan. >> todd had to take a break. i can't get used to it being dark at this hour, jen. >> jennifer: i can't get used to waiting for the sun to rise. but once the sunrises, things will heat up quickly. this morning it is quite mild. temperatures only dropping to 76 in miami. it's been like this the past two hours. 75 in fort lauderdale. it was 74. a slight warm up there. the winds are calm in fort lauderdale. no rain on the radar. but when you head up north over the gulf of mexico. lots of rain. this is associated with an upper
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that's going to bng cooler weather r, just not yet though. they have to have that cold front pass through across florida and that's going to bring up the rain chances. more on that coming up. >> andrew: now a tragic story. an nfl player is dead following a dirt bike crash. tray walker was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery but did not make it. familynd friends mourning the loss of the 23-year-old. the south florida nay tef killed after his dirt bike hut an suv thursday night. police say he was wearing all black, riding a back without headlights. the corner back suffered severe head trauma. >> he wasn't responding to nothing. they tried everything. >> i'm going to keep his spirit and dreams alive. something he wanted to do, ravens nation. >> andrew: the ravens express condolences through social media.
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want to speak to another nfl player who may have witnessed this crash. >> neki: a dangerous duo attacking a bank fired several shot before escaping. no injuries were reported. >> andrew: this morning polic have what they believe is a clear surveillance shot of at least one suspect as they continue their search. >> neki: erica hasas more. >> this attempted bank robbery deferent. these crooks using a bizarre m-o. police say one of the guys inside this enclosed atm area, and employees inside the bank realize what was going on because there was another guy out in the parking lot firing shots into the air. police say an employee inside realized what was going on,
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prevented it fromeing worse. this could have been a critical situation. fortunately, no one was hurt because one of those employees from inside the b bk was astute enough to lock the doors before any of these two men made entry. reporter: and so we have a couple of surveillance pictures of these guys. the first picture of the one guy that miami police say was inside the atm area. you see him wearing a white t-shirt and earring in his ear. police say he was the one driving this car. the second picture we have from police, from surveillance cameras at the bank is of the vehiclearked in front of the bank. you see the car doors open. a red nissan at ma. they are trying to find that and the picture and the driver. if you know anything abobout this
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live in miami, local 10 news. >> andrew: breaking overnight, a plane came crashing down mana southern russia killing all 62 people on board. look at this video believed to show the crash. the plane comes from the top of the reen. it explodes. the plane departed from due buy. authorities believe bad water is to blame. >> neki: two people seriously hurt after a motorcycle crash in southwt miami dade. a motorcycle slammed into a truck. no firefighters were hurt. two people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. 4> andrew: the man who caught on fire during a high school pep rally performance is out of the hospital. ricky charles suffered second-degree burns and spoke only to local 10 news.
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through his mind. >> i'm going to die in front of a live audience. it's like i'm being burned alive in front of a live audience >> how terrifying. >> yes. i'm almost cryino again. it's for fiing. i'm like somebody save me. this guy saved me. >> andrew: charles was performing in front of students at atlantic community high school when a fire breathing stunt went h hribly wrong. he said he used camper oil instead of lighter fluid without doing practice. he will not do that trick with fire anymore. >> neki: official says a suspect in the november ter or the attacks is in custody. the raid happened friday morning in brussels, salah abdesllam was taken into custody with four others. ofcials believe abdeslam drove three conspirators to one of the attack sites in paris. they found his fingerprints
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>> we've seen a lucky break when they went into this safe house on tuesday afternoon not expecting it to be a terrorist den and not expecting it to have abdeslam, one of the most wanted men in the world. >> neki: officials say abdeslam will facee trial for his alleged role in the attacks that killed 130 people and injured hundreds of others. >> andrew: out of 2016, hundreds of protestors stood outside a donald trump rally in utah chanting dump chump. >> there's a lot of love. even some for the protestors. protestors. you know what in they are doing their thing. i don't get the thing but whatever it is they are doing their thing. >> andrew: trump's son received
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suspicious powder inside. the handwritten letter was delivered to eric's manhattan home making threats if his father doesn't jump out of the race. it appears to be a lemonade mix. repubtican presidential candidate ted cruz campaigning in southern arizona ahead of next weeks primary there. during his trip he went to a border town to discuss how to deal with immigration. joined by former presidential candidate rick perry. >> andrew: president obama is just over a day away from departing for his trip to cuba. marking the first trip by a city u.s. president in almost ninety years. >> neki: local ten has team coverage ahead of the president's arrival. we begin with calvin hughes. reporr: in the area where the president will visit remember novations are taking place. president obama will try to
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it will be the first teem an american president has come to cuba since 1928. the president will make his nal day on the island all about the cuban people. at the national theater next to cuba's capitol building, obama will deliver a speech to several hundred people. the guests will include selected young people invited by the white house and dignitaries invited by the cuban government. the speech will be broadcast live on tv. something unthinkable several years ago, especially under the leadership of fidel castro. the last time an american president visited cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928 and he spoke at the national theater 88 years ago. i asked some cubans if the president's visitould lead to change? >> for the moment things changed. at least the image for the country and the people. >> i don't think there's much of a difference. things seem to be the seam. >> in the afternoon the president meets with a civil society.
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the leaders of the ladies in white who want more democratic reform like free speech and the right to assemble without getting arrested and more human rights. this man told me he's with the ladies in white and obama's visit won't change much. >> at this moment in t te the political police and government agencies there's no change. there's always repression and a march of bad things. the change is for them not for the people. reporter: before leaving cuba mid tuesday afternoon, president obama will attend a baseball game between the cuban national tam and the tampa bay the first time an american league team played in cuba since 1999. michelle obama will be active ton island. she's planning to meet with young girls with her, let's go learn initiative. that's about education and educating young girls about self-esteem. the president will be accompanied by congressional delegation along with secretary of state, john kerry.
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every step of the way. i'm calvin hughes, in havana. >> neki: stay with local ten news with live coverage from cuba with more reports starting at 9:00 this morning. also live coverage of the president's arrival in havana. join us sunday starting at 4:00. >> andrew: 18 cuban migrants rescued at sea. the migrants were spotted by a royal caribbean ship west of marco island. they told coast guard officials nine others had already died during their 22 days at sea. the coast guard had seen a steady increase in cuban migrants heads to the u.s. since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations. >> a mother in hot water after posting a controversial picture of hr children on facebook. >> what the picture showed that has the internet up in arms. >> neki: a young woman less than a year ago running for her
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olympic games. her story after the break. >> jennifer: it is the weekend. still dark. the sun won't rise for another hour and 15 minutes.s. 75 degrees right new. a calm wind. it's muggy out there and it'll be more humid later on this afternoon with the temperatures
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all the details on a tennessee mother's facebook photo has gone viral and has a lot of people outraged. >> neki: it shows her two young children with duct tape over hr hands and mouth. the caption reads kids for sale. 45% off because they bad. police say they have opened an investigation and the tennessee department of children services say they are now investigating. the woman's cousin says it was just a joke. his message in part reads, basically a joke at the moment that people went overboard about. people make mistakes and that what this situation is about. a lessonlearned. they are safe, unharmed and loved. that's all there is to it. they have to investigate. things happen. >> andrew: they bad. >> neki: every parent thought about doing that. my grandmother threatened all the time. just didn't have facebook.
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>> neki: we do not condone duct taping your kids. jennifer they are going to duct tape me in a moment. >> jennifer: i have the weather and i onlyave a little bit of time. a minute and 45 seconds. less now. we're waking up to the 70s. 76 in miami. mid 70s fort lauderdale. a calm breeze. elsewhere a light breeze and wipds out of the south. we have a lot of clouds over us. no rain. you head to the southwest coast and there's one heavy downpour over fort meyers. most of this is staying offshore but as you can see, it's impacting the coastline. this is associated with a cold front at the surface. if you head up to the higher levels there's a short wave moving through. that's going to bring the rain chance today. it's not a complete washout.
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we can't rule out a few storms. it's going to be steamy with the daytime heating. the cold front arrives later sunday. . cool air behind this. spring starts tomorrow and when we head into monday we're talking about cooler temperatures. not today though. heading out to jazz in the gardens that i can the umbllas with you. keep them handy but enjoy it out there. if it's not raining it'll be humid. still headed to the beach use thesunscreen. a beautiful day to head out just keep an eye on the sky. once the showers, possible thunderstorms could develop offshore. seas two to three feet. jazz in the gardens today. 50% chance o oshower and a few storms. again tomorrow ass spring starts. by monday we cool things down and dry out. monday tuesday morning include temperatures could get in the 50s during the early part of the
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>> andrew: an incredible and inspiratnal story surrounding the syrian migrant crisis. scombln this 18-year-old syrian refugee swimming forer life off the coast of greece is look to swim at the olympic games. e left with her sdr last august and now hoping to be selected for a small group of refugees hoping to compete under the olympic flag. >> i think the number one that had me to do that. i want to rf gees, not just refugees, all the people, to motivate for their dreams. . >> neki: she's among 43 refugees from diffent countries in contention for the international olympic committees refugee athletes team. likely to consist of five to ten members. some refugees have been taken on by their countries to compete. they were training back in their own country. >> andrew: that's an
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if you've got nothing on your radar today don't worry. neki knows where your party is at. >> we'll show you a slew of options. jazz in the gardens is where i'll be later today. it returns for its 11thear this morning. up close and personal with a local artist that will take the stage. first here a look at the lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> neki: it's spring break for public schools. what are you going to do? here are some ideas. go to pine crest gardens 13th annual eggstravaganza. kids c hunt for more than fifty thousand eggs throughout the day. there will be prizes, face painting and music. from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. $5 online or $7 at the gate. the 52nd annual arts festival. you and your family can brows works of art. the event starts at 10:00 and ends at 5:00. it's free for all ages. you have an opportunity to give back. you need community service hours? the spring break beach clean up happening today in miami
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hundreds expected to rid the beach of debris and garbage. free drengs and four hours of community service offered. it is free for all ages. sign up at volunteer clean get your community hours. >> andrew: the famous jazz in the gardens music festival is here. super stars like usher. >> neki: charlie wilson. >> andrew: headlining the 11th festival starting today. >> neki: the big draw on the ticket, local artists get the chance on the big stage, as well. heres a look. >> among the headliner at jazz in the garden, local stars get to shine. [singing] >> neki: krystal renee an up
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>> it's incredible. i feel like this is an affirmation of the work i've been putting in. it's surreal and i feel blessed totoe here. [singing] >> neki: this is not the first time she's been on local 10. in 2004, she was a finalist on give me the mike. >> it was so cool. >> neki: the local performer have a task to warm up the crowd of thousands. sharinghe ticket with big time stars means big expectation from the crowd. >> this is going to be a surreal opportunity to be on this kind of stage to make my family proud. >april ra kel grew up in westalm. >> i'm urban, rock and soul. there's a lot to blend into. but it's the style that's mine. [singing]
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hails for north miami. the mother of threeesang backup at jazz in the gardens a few years ago and s now on the sunday line up. she is well known around town. now people who come from all over the c country will know her name. >> it says my hard work is paying off. it does. that's what it says to me. >> neki: all three ladies are ready for their moment. [singing]>> neki: local 10 will be there today. i'll be there 5-8:00 with betty davis, constance jones. >> andrew: tomorrow 5-8:00 se eric and more. >> neki: we have a good time. >> andrew: i can't wait to see those guys. still to come. an nfl player tragically passed away overnight involved in a deadly wreck we've been telling you about earlier this week.
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family of tray walker. >> neki: the alleged master mind behind the terror attacks in paris in custody this morning. more coming up. take local 10 online with you. like us on facebook and follow
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local 10 news starts rightht now. >> andrew: we have spring, right?
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>> andrew: it already felt like summer. >> neki: take it one day at a time. >> jennifer: yes. spring does start tomorrow. tomorrow is the vernal equinox. we'll have theheame amount of daylight equal to the same amount of hours during the nighttime. that begins tomorrow. it's been feeling like summer. no change for that today and tomorrow. no rain on the radar as we head into this afternoon. temperatures wililbe in the mid 80s with the humidity picking up a notch. feels like temperatures will be closer to the 90s. right now we're waking up to the mid 70s with a light breeze. breezier in key west with winds out of the souou at 13 miles per hour. if you want to head to the beach it won't be a complete beach day but head out earlier. the earlier the better. later on in the afternoon we have the best chance for showers.
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a light chop. >> andrew: a tragic ending to a dangerous crash involvenning nfl player. 23-year-old florida native tray walker died after riding a dirt bike. >> neki: this morning we hear from loved ones. michael is live with more. reporter: good morning. when first responders rushed out here to this neighborhood, they found a young man who had collided with an suv. you see the crime tape. we learned that was a 23-year-old nfl player who was in a fight for his life this morning. he has been pronounced dead. only 23 years old, tray walker hadn't even come close to fulfilling his potential. the south florida native earned a spot on an nfl roster. a defensive back for the baltimore ravens. is morning his family and friends are heartbroken. late friy family members
6:31 am
walker lost his life one day after being critically injured in a dt bike accident in northwest miami dade. >> we need prayers venlt >> it's heartbreaking to see my family go through this and me feel like this. reporter: walker was headed west on northwest 75th street whenpolice say he collided with ford escape. authorities calling this an ongoing investigation. they did confirm walker was wearing dark clothes, riding on a dirt bike without headlights and did not have a helmet on. >> i told him i love him. i'm going to always love him. reporter: the former north western senior high football standout played ball at texas southern before drafted in the fourth roundnd of the 2015 nfl draft. this morning ravens tweeting out their condolences. this morning there are reports that tray may have been with a
6:32 am
right now police trying to get in contact with him. they believe he witnessed this collision. we are live in northwest miami dade. local 10 news. >> andrew: a shocking development in the terror attacks that rocked paris last year. the alleged master mind behind bars this morning after being captured in brussels. >> neki: his name isalah abdesllam and he's been on the run since the attacks november of last year. more. reporter: there have been more than one hundred raids across belgium. antiter or the suspect says for weeks they've been combi this area and watching this community where the suspect was captured and now they want to know who's been helping him hide. the french president says prosecutors will ask salah abdesllam be sent back to france.
6:33 am
of the bombings and shootings across paris. >> the cooperation since these attempts, even before these attempt, has always been intense and important. >> abdeslam was shot in the leg and taken into custody friday just yards from his family's home. four otherwere arrested during a daring morning raid in brussels. authorities say abdeslam rented the car that dropped off the suicide bombers that attacked the soccer stadium during a match between germany and france inovember m they believe he was wearing a suicide belt planning to carry out an attack himsele. the belt was found undetonated after the attacks. >> what we've seen is this lucky break in the investigation when they went into this safe house on tuesday afternoon, not expecting it to be a terrorist den and not expecting it to have
6:34 am
men in the world. >> authority says the capture should service notice to other potential terrorists. the antiterrorist operation continins in belgium and other parts of europe. soon. reporting in the news room, local 10 news. >> andrew: eight sailors are e coverink after an sdept on board an aircraft carrier in northern virginia. this happened while sailors were rking on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. officialalsay an aircraft arresting gear parted during a routine landing. all the sailors we're told are in stable condition and the investigation just getting started. >> neki: two people dead after a plane came crashing down and caught fire in tampa. the plane was headed to pensacola and the crash shortly after take off. the pilot and one passenger on board. responders put out the flames. >> it was not a large fire.
6:35 am
we searched for victims in the surrounding areas. tft confirmed we had two people deceased within the reckage of the aircraft. >> neki: the names of the victims have not been released. authorities are investigating d the cause unknown. >> andrew: three teens facing charges after allegedly recording themselves sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl and posting it on snap chch. officials say the victim and her yucker sister were hanging out with three teenage boys. some were drinking alcohol. at one point the victim lost consciousness and the suspects alleged will i assaulted her in a shed behind the home. >> parents need to be aware of ap will i cases and apps that do this thing. teenagers are good at hiding text, pictures and video. >> andrew: police say the boys use the victim's sister es cell phone to record and share
6:36 am
assault on the social media app. >> neki: still to come this morning. hope you haven't had breakfast. is this one of the most disgusting dirty dinings we've done. a popular south florida hotel plagued by nasty violations. >> andrew: plus a crazy day in sports. possibly a crazy one on the way today.
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coming up >> neki: from the hotels kitchen to the t i ki bar by the pool, health violations that will turn your stomach. >> andrew: hot dogs with slime and that's at a resort that southeast its share of problems. >> neki: local 10 has your dirty dining report. >> this is the back o the all inclusive resort in lauder hill. it looks more like a dump. and hotel guests claim things are no better inside. is the hotel clean? >> no. >> if somebody asked you the condition of this hotel what would you say? >> horrible.
6:40 am
floors are dirty. >> state inspectors recent ordered the kitchens shut. among the 28 violations found a stop sale order after the inspector found raw chicken and cooked chicken stored in the same container. fresh rodent droppings on foil and the foil had holes in it. at the bar next to the pool, the inspector found spoiled hot dogs with slimy and objectionable odor in the cooler. rodent droppings on the cook lean. rodent droppings on clean plates and in several other places. many violations here were repeat violations. anybody home? inside the kitchen there was no one to talk to. ironically we passed the exterminator on his way out. what's going on? >> awesome.
6:41 am
>> you shouldn't be here. leave immediately. >> evtually the hotels manager shows up. are you ms. manza? >> you have to leave. >> we're walking. i want to talk about the violations. hot dogs in slime? >> anyone who looks up this place on trip advisor would see over 250 terrible guest reviews. and many of those guests were posting pictures. why does your hotel have so many violations? what's going on here? >> please, out. out. please don't film. >> this is the third time since 2014 the kitchens have been ordered shut and they were eventually allowed to reopen following two reinspections. but you may want to let out of towner know to check the place
6:42 am
we're in lauder hill, local 10 news. >> andrew: remember local 10 made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection statewide on your smartphone. download the free restaurant inspection app. search restaurants florida in the app store. >> neki: now that that's out of the way. where will you dine for brunch. made me hungry. forecast. how does it look now? >> jennifer: right now it's warm, mostly cloudy. no rain just yet. that's good news. starting off quiet on the radar. let's talk about the temperatures. it's been pretty mild temperatures. not changing much through the morning hours. the main reason why is we have a loof cloud cover out there. 78 in the keys and mid 70s across miami dade. winds calm for fort lauderdale and homestead. a light breeze out of the south. breezy for key west at 13 miles per hour wind speed. as far as the winds go today
6:43 am
it could go up to 15 but not expected to do that in inland areas. as far as rainfall goes we could have a shower, at least early this morning. a light shower. but the best chance for more rain, as far as the coverage and a chance for thunderstorms will be later this afternoon. it looks like there's a shower developing over the everglades on the southern end of broward county. we'll see how that holds together. other than that, the big heavy downpours occurring are over the northern gulf of mexico moving toward the east. it will continue to impact the gulf coast and the panhandle and eventually north an central florida. ahead of this cold front we're seeing the rainment for us we needaytime heating. that will happen later on. steamy, temperatures in the mid 80s with higher levels of humidity. that's going to help develop showers. not everybody is going to get the rain. it's not a washout but you need
6:44 am
keep it with you just in case. heading out to jazz in the guard ps, do so. enjoy the day but keep in mind, dress accordingly. it will be uncomfortable with the high humidity and temperatures warming into the mid 80s. you want to head to the beach use the sunscreen. modern rip current risk. boaters no advisories. 85 tomorrow, 50% chanc for showers and a if u storms. we cool down starting on monday. >> ni: thank you. >> andrew: you're pumped up about this. the biggest sports day on tap in south florida. >> neki: my terps won. starting with lebron and the cavs coming to south beach. sfwla there could be a specific guest on his way to florida.
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>> good saturday morning. i'm ie clay ferraro with your local so sports wrap. lebron left to go backk home to cleveland but he's great friends with number of heat players including wade. he won two championships in miami and got to two other finals. to make things more complicated there was this. lebron coming to south fl flo to hang out with wade. the picture caused a stir on social media. but as lebron takes on the heat in south florida again. wade says that was no big deal. >> will e -- lebron don't tare. i don't care either. you do what you want to do. >> lebron is living his life the way he wants to live it. coming to miami is a part of it, it's a part of it. >> before coming to miami on saturday night, how about slam dunk contest gordon off a half
6:49 am
lebron and company too strong taking this the other way. cavs winning 109-103. hurricanes look loose as that he get rid e ready for their second game. they were laughing during a news conference. that's what the coach says he wants out overtheir guys as they are ready to take on wichita state. he knows all the games are tough. >> i think, you know, e especially in march when you play teams you've never faced and probably you've never seen them on tv. it's a challenge at first. i think we've had a great season. we have an opportunity to do a lo of bigger things now in march. but overall, everybody was focused an aware that anything can happen in the tournament. >> what a finish on the diamond last night?
6:50 am
with louisville until stepping up and doing that. a gaem winning grand slam. he new it and so did the crowow hurricanes win 8-4. check out this videoe of kevin spacey, the actor, packing his bags. it seems he's hinting onwitter haysoing to come to south florida. multiple reports say he's expected to be at the panthers game against the red wings tonight. the team rallied around spacey and space shirts. it's going to be interesting to see if that happens tine. i'm clay ferraro and that's is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: i love kevin spacey. a picture of her grandfather went viral. it shows him looking sad when his kids did not show up for a dinner he made. >> andrer: it's sad. this morning the internet is doing its bt to make thing right for him.
6:51 am
a picture showing what one state trooper did to help out a young
6:52 am
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your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> neki: one college student tweet about a grandpa has gone viral. papa cooked dinner for six granld children and she was the only one who showed up. the grandpa eating one of the 12 burgers he prepared. the sad grandpa has been re-tweeted 140 thousand sometimes. the girl said she received hundreds of messages saying her tweet encouraged them to visit their own grandparents. the grandchildren did eventually go. >> andrew: they got death threats.
6:55 am
this photo is in thth day of a local tennessee highway patrol trooper. a video showing an officer comforting a three-year-old girl. >> andndw: a woman crashed her car while running from police. the officer held that girl almost an hour comforting her after a accident. >> if that was my kid i would want somebody to hold oo it and let her know it's okay. that wld help hr her. it was helping me. >> andrew: what the officer did for the child is getting tangs. she says it's all just part of wearing the badge. we're just getting started on local 10 news. >> neki: an nfl player tragically dies after a dangerous wreck on a dirtbike. we hear from family and friends. >> andrew: a dangerous duo holding up a bank even fire several shots.
6:56 am
>> neki: they've tracked down the alled master mind beheend year. how authorities c strength is an addiction.
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cc1 test message >> neki: an nfl player killed. loved ones and the raven nation morning. as police investigate the crash that killed tray walker. >> andrew: robbers on the run. the srj onto trackown the men who robbed a bank a at gunpoint. >> neki: we are just one day away from president obama's visit to cuba. local 10 news is on the island as they prepare. >> andrew: rain on the radar. your weather authority is here to let you know when to pull out the umbrellas for saturday's showers. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: i'm in denial.
6:59 am
good saturday morning. i'm neki mohan. >> thank you for waking us with us this saturday. >> neki: you're pumped. every spring b bak i get a yupger man. i love it. he's my spring fling. >> jennifer: welcome, andrew. todd, who is skiing. he's out in the cold. but it's been warming up in south florida. lots of spring breakers, especially thi weekend with a lot going on out there. it is warm, dark out there, butut warm. temperatures are in the upper 70s. 77 degrees in miami. we were a tad cooler at 76 the past hour. now we're seeing a warm up. this is due to cloud cover but also the flow coming in from the south. we're tracaing a few showers developing in south eastern broward county. this is s ickly tracking towards the northeast.
7:00 am
it's still to the west of hollywood. hollywood you're getting a little bit of rain now. you'll probably get heavier showers moving over you. those shouldn't last long. if you're not getting the rain it's warm. mostly cloudy for the rest of the morning. more showers are expected later this afternoon. >> neki: thahas a lot. right now a tragic story. an nfl player dead following a dirt bike crash in northwest miami dade. tray walker rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery but did not make i. family and friending mourning the loss of this 23-year-old. he was wearing all black and riding a bike without headlights. official says the baltimore ravens corner back suffered severe head trauma. >> he wasn't responding to nothing they do. i'm going to keep his spirit and


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