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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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wicked weather our meterologist is in weather have. but we start with derek shore live in fourth lauderdale with some of damage that was done@ there. dere[? >> >> it was turned into tornado when reached land here on beach in fort allured whatevert was certainly caused some damage take a look. at that le of debris over there. that was actually bunch sail fwheept were zat sterd across the sand here. one oicer spoi toke says they are lucky more people were only beach because they cleared out as rain moved in. >> take look at this incredible video of what beach goers describe a waterspout. tornado. churning away over water that mang lands fall off the beach in fort allured. >> i was squad in water tooth. and we seen just, whole bunch winds and everything boat just
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it looked like dark orb spinning and eventually hitting lands. tossing sail bolts into their snapping some of them like twigs and leaving them scattered across the sands. it was raining andt was like waterspout huge it looked like globe. like massive globe. only -- it was swirling around. it was really scary. fact this man says he was in the water when weather moved in. when funnel cloud came down and i couldn't see which way the shore was then way as little concerned. yes. >> and everybody on shore was making b l le trying to get into cement block building of rest room to stay safe. scarey site for knows just trying to hit the beach on saturday, instead, send running from wicked weather. >> if and good news tonight. according to lauderdale police no injuries to report here any extend the property damage seems to be the boats that were here on beach. that's about it. obviously the best case scenario which could have been a very different story had there been more people here on the beach in
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we are live. local 10news >> our team coverage moves meterologist. ahead. we know have soon rain coming our way. >> yes. the threat is still not over. and in fact broward still under severe thunderstorms watch and you can tell by this box highlighted orange covers broward does not cover miami today or the keys. so broward you do have to still keep an eye on radar even as we head into tonight. this watch box is in effect until 9:00 pm i do want mention knows heavy showers have pulled away is off shore but we still have one heavy shower looks small on radar but it is moving right over fort lauderdale this again could develop into a bigger thundetorms. and, also, has threat of producing water spouts so main threat definitely for boaters as we head into this evening. bunch of thunderstorms have been impacting central florida.
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now mor on way to come for here at home, even as we head into sunday iill have more on that. >> now presidential historic visit to cuba he lands island tomorrow. government there is making sure that every thing ready for moment president steps out air forces one and cement new u.s. policy of engagement with cuba. we have live team coverage from the island we begin o you are colleague calvin hughes. >> it you know expectations, are really high here in anticipation growing on evive president that's tp you know everybody been talking about the beast that's the president's limousine and today we were buy american embassy and we saw the beast, parked right behind the american emwas see the tatlest building in havana. overlooking. s there it was the president's limousine that will be transportation as he gets around the island. american embass is a one of several stops for the president
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officially reapeds embassy last year. in august. i mentioned expectations being very high for the president. we particularly for many cubans i spoke with today. who have very, very high hopes about chanae in the future. >> across from citol building downtown havana, people have lunch or relax and wait for city bus. we thought it was good place to get ne bans react to president obama's historic visit. several were no mood to talk >> you don't want to talk? / no. but some seemed hope expressing their views >> yes. >> he says that obama want come over here and get to know cuba then he has to right to? >> this wantays president obama has good intentions with our country because h h is a person who human before anything >> but most striking and honest comments may have come from 47 year old man,
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to you emotions i feel for obama' sit. i suffer daily he says when i cannot bring home food. sue have kids. our salaries are not enough o live or survive. and food is scarce. i ask daves if feared government's response for talking so candidly. >> no, no he said, i have never been afraid. i feel free. i am in the afraid of wha they can do or whether do. finally i wanted to know if he had message for cuban exiles in miami? >> the problem ishat they think. it is what we think esays. they have their situations, but we don't have anything. >> and he was very, very brave to talk with ustoday. you ow may for for tuesday baseball became between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays and, today w heard song that's always
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saying on cuban soil. take a listen. >> >> here song able sang here on cuban soil this all preparation over tuesday game. coming up on baseball game of diplomacy at the lay lat stadium some 50,000 people are expected to attend that game. at least case back in 1999. i am bringing now colleague. who actually had chance to talk some of baseball players for tampa bay rays and not to mention he heard from a miami column hoiment really had some harsh words about in game being played over here in american president cominghere. yes. are talking about dan. long time miami herald columnist now tv commandment commentator very well-known south florida can you back heritage who says this i not what major league
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but on the otherand you talk to players from tampa bay ray and players just excited so ex not because of come pech tid but historical any involved in this game. >> bringing two old foes together 1234678g9 >> we loving game it is at the core of what they have there. players from tam bay thrilled chance to see the legendary baseball culture here in cuba >> we feel pretty lucky that we got picked. same sun ontwo countries, by wave baseball, still pains some. >> and it just a hurt my feelings. usually funny but dan, is now tackling tough and personal subject. >> espn gave, this show me, my father the opportunity to go and it was just a heart breaking to my mother. couldn't even talk to her about it. and so i won't go. >> it was an esp promo he heard, that sparked him to lash out.
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th he says especially with small pocket of old exiled cubans in we were chased through streets with chains by the police. for having different political views. my mother uncle was in jailed for decade 1234i6789 he worries new relations the president's very represent had the cuban people. >> miami understands. budget i don't think anyone else understands. it would be really hard tore understand. >> but game goes on. literally and figuratively. and players on both sides of the floor straits ready. >> personnel and let me tell you there so ready, but so excited not just for the game but the possibility calvin of seeing the president of the united states. back in 1999, balance more beal cuban national baseball team here in 3-22. and then, five weeks later, cuban national team went to baltimore and won that game. >> it is on >> it is on! in this rubber mooch will win this game. coming up on actuals day we do want to mention here breaking news too sadly nine cuban pry grants died sea.
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ship 130 miles off the florida coast. we know story all too well. since last october, more than 2400 have tried to reach u.s. soil. >> and soveriegn border we have seen same thing. 40,000 to want migrants coming thugh mexico. in 2015 >> issue migration story would cover all too well. we will have lot more coming up testify the. >> >> we see you guys about half an hour. great work. stay local ten fins nor live coverage of from cuba at 6s also have live coverage of the president arrival in ashav tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. >> also, at 5:00, remembering life of tray walker fans morning the dead of nfl star. who was involved crash thursday night. local 10news reporter somebody live in northwest miami today with more. >> it has been really tough couple of days for family andnd friends of the trey walker he was involved that crash on thursday night.
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news that he would not livee threw his injuries. ep was pronounced dead yesterday. righgh behind me, is intersection where the this crash took place. you can still see some of of the crime scene tape that was set up, laying on the floor. today, just moments, family members and friends wilil gather to pay their respects. >> tonight those whooved trey walker will gather in prayer. at this spot. northwest miami-dade where walker crashed on i had dirt bike an accident that resulted in his death. >> i told him that many i love them. 23 year old bath more raven corner back crashed just a before 8:00 pm thursday. a. northwest 257th street and 21s avenue miami-dade police say walker was wearing black clothes. and riding i had dirt bike without headlights. when he collided with an s.u.v. walker was rushed too emergency surge will see at jackson memberial hospital, but it seems
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he was pronounced dead freed an i true and tried. >> pen walker has roots here south florida growing up miami. attend north went senior high. and becoming sand out football player. his effort talent lended him spot in the nfl. with the baltimore ravens and achievement his fally, could not be prouder of >> we have so many dreams and he came too far. too far, too, too, too far, in his own. >> that cnedville expected to begin at any moment as soon as does, we will bring knows images to you. for now live floor northwest miami-dade. local 10news. >> we just getting started i mast mind paris terrorist attack says he fly extradition to france coming up we charges facing and what intel against officials say, he originally
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. atanning. form international manhunt led to capture of the man. during raid in brils yesterday, the 29 year old has now been charged with participating terrorist murder and taking part in terrorist organization. paris prosecutor want him extradited to france for the trial. >>ecause it is under european law. it will take less titi. . which is good. not only families, but victims themselves, thehe want and need as they will ask to him an answer they have a lot of questions. >> and investigator say. to be. one of suicide bombers near the stadium but later backed out. they believe he had been hiding ussel since that november attack happened. that killed 130 people. now right vote 2016 donald
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dozens propose tester hit streets in fountianhills. blocked traffic going into event some of this even has beening >> at least three people were arrested and two cars had to be towed >> it was a similar sceneew york city where demonstrators also turned out have to test g.o.p. front runner. hundreds march down streets manhattan all of way up to trump tower. and at one point the protests took violent turn when people in crowd jesper parnevickly started throwing water bottles as police ynypd was forced move in and use pepper stray. >> miami guard ern feeling groove tonight inn live look at of jazz in guard coming take you
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baching right now. now jazz gatheren event getting underway miami garden live look at the hundreds on hand for all of music local ten is there too. plenty big nes will take to stage. one of our sewn there right now. she sdwroins us live with how everybody having so much fun. >> well welcome to the 11th annual jazz eventbvious big event today. my girls are out bause our meterologist says going rain today.
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chem the have feel. seats here. looking did he main stage. few locals art tim are take to stage first. but on sus >> also, we will just pan and show you guys that we are also here local ten we have a vender tentst the time accept you the and but of course. some video from this mororng this set up actually taken week to get everything set up for event. 11 annual jazz garden kicked off friday nightith opening party. followed by of course weekend music here at sun life said yum in miami garden opinion popular cool@gang. charlie wilson many more will take the stage today. d tomorrow. for over decade jazz has attracted local and out of towners too nieminen garden. in fact last year, over 727,000 people i attended the event and broke records. and of course, there are expect this same thing to happen today.
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sale but local ten, at that fact. few minutes, i will on stage helping introduce some acts. nikko know man also here and non terrell erik. and of course . take to stage as well. live miami garden. constance jones local 10news >> all right fun stiff. more any been all over place but at least wet weather stayed to north and south ateast that's big cloudy theje. >> why around noon and there were few showers over miami dade but luckily severe threat again been north of us and that's exactly have still that severe thunderstorm. watch. the watch is covering brow brard also, up across the best. southwest of florida. and unto north. so we are talking about lots of county here from collier all of way up to indiana river county. but yes main reat.
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again miami today and main lands monroe not ihincluded under this, watch box you see right here. by the way, the watch is until ties better conditions. it has been improving on the rain and radar across spoerlgs of the southeast broward county mainly in >> knows group thunderstorms that water spouts have pooled and east. few showers. did push across miami dade the past hour. these were quick movers and they have disaspate so yes there improve here but we cannot just a put our umbrella rank koits way keep that with you. we still lot of minute sure in atmosphere all ahead of this told front that's headeded our way by sunday evening. now this what looks like out
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now winds have bicced up. by the way highs today did reach mid 80 s for the lauderdale. upper 80 in miami-dade. right now it is 58 degrees miami. 79 in fort lauderdale winds speeds >> by tomorrow. would could have few showers. then front passing through. possiblywith some heavier rain. for us. acrosss the keys. now, for as far seven day forecast. be do expect cooler temperature
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to keep it pumping. a drone captures riders curving along the famous
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see why the view fromm a helicam is not always so scenic. a parched elephant guzzlels water as villagers try to get it -- >> out of this sticky situation. >> see what it takes to pull off one herculean rescue. cameras show a woman walking down the street.. see this vicious sneak attack. >> no! and -- >> how many people were in the family? >> blonde brit baffled. >> oh. >> figures --ot working it out. >> see if you can solve the riddle that has her stumped. >> oh! many motorcyclists are out in search of that perfect road. and there is one road in california called mulholland highghy that attracts so many motor vehicles because it seems to have been engineered for
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we are out there week after week getting incredible video, just like this. with the help of a drone above, and multipleifferent camera angles provided by his buddies, this group tightly packed together as they make their way through the different corners. followed by a sport bike. >> he has become so notorious for his videosn youtube. you'll see why this footage is getting so much attention. >> ooh! >> no! >> at the exact spot where he could go over the canyon. >> right. now that left-hander is the reason why so many guys go out there. it's that particular corner, just the radius of it, the way it curves around and goes uphill. it just feels so good to get around that corner. >> he didn't slow down? what happened? >> it's hard to tell. we can watch it from a lot of different angles. you guys go down -- >> oh, and he's on the other


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