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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 21, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> developing news at 10 o'clock tonight, there's been a deadly tour bus crash in delaware. at least one person died here and dozens have been sent to the hospital. two of the injured are children. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. this crash happened around 4:20 this afternoon on the route 1 off-ramp heading toward route 13 north in new castle, delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at christiana hospital where the most seriously injured were taken. matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, up to five people remain in critical condition tonight at the hospital across the street behind me. this as police try and figure out what caused this crash. a crushed sign and smashed windows now draped in clothing belonging to those on board. this the aftermath of a crash that killed at least one
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person and injured 49 more including two children as the bus rolled over. >> everyone was crying and bleeding out and screaming for help. >> reporter: 19-year-old elvis cruz drove past the crash after it happened. he tried to help. the good samaritan met by a horrific scene. >> their wounds were just -- it was almost like from a war zone. everyone was so cut up missing bits and pieces of arm and face. there was no one on the scene without blood on them. >> reporter: as emergency personnel took over he snapped these pictures. with so many injured figuring out how the crash happened had to wait. >> the first priority at a scene like this is to triage those patients. that investigation starts later. >> reporter: each of the 50 people on board were taken to the hospital except for one, a woman was ejected from the bus as it rolled and it ended up on top of her. she died as the scene as five others were listed in critical condition. a terrible afternoon in new
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castle. >> everyone was in so much pain and they were crying outer for their loved ones and a lot of them -- it was so frantic. >> reporter: and according to records from the department of transportation, the bus in this crash is owned by a company called am u.s. express incorporated based out of new york city. we called the number listed with those records but were not able to get anyone on the phone. now moving forward here police say they'll continue their investigation and bring more information to us as soon as they can. for now we're live in newark, delaware, matt rivers, "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly matt thank you very much. there is new information tonight in this multi vehicle crash that killed five people in northeastern pennsylvania. authorities now say that the four children who were killed were not in booster seats or wearing seat belts at all. state police say the two adults in the car were buckled in. the accident happened saturday when a woman driving another car lost control. she was among those who died. >> officials in upstate
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pennsylvania believe they're closing in on the suspect wanted in connection with the deadly ambush on two state troopers. police released images of an ak-47 along with magazines an camouflage bag. they believe they were left in the woods by the suspect eric frein. they continue to focus their efforts on barrett and price townships in monroe township as well as the delaware state forest area. >> we know that frein has prepared and planned extensively for months and maybe years. he planned his attack and his retreat. until now his advantage has been that this is his backyard. he knows his rugged terrain. our tactical operations people now also know his backyard. >> frein is accused of murdering pennsylvania state police corporal bryon dixon and injuring trooper alex douglas. he is now on the fbi's 10 most wanted list. turning now to football. eagles fans flying high tonight. the birds are three and zero after an intense game at the linc.
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>> to say the least. our sports director beasley reece is live in the cbs3 sat center. beasley, this was an unbelievable game. >> it went right to the end for the third time the eagles fell behind and mounted a comeback. not textbook football but it is making for a pretty exciting season. fights, ejections and another heart pounding finish. here we go. you know desean jackson wanted to score against his former team and in the third quarter the defense let him do it. bad read by the safety and a missed tackle ended in an 81-yard touchdown. deshawn with five catches for 117 yards. in the fourth nick foles hit jeremy maclin for the score. three touchdowns beat washington 37-34. they are three and zero for the first time since 2004. >> i think a lot of our guys were 13 years old when that happened so i'm not really concerned with that. i think our whole motto when we talk is one down and one to
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go. we're fortunate to be three and zero. they're entitled to feel good about themselves tonight and tomorrow. but then back to work tomorrow. >> nick took brutal hits and kept getting up and maclin stepped into that number one go to receiver role with clutch catches. lesley van arsdale has more height lights and the day in philly sports in a few minutes. >> nick foles tough as nails today. beasley we'll see you later in sports. the last time desean jackson was in philadelphia he was an eagle. now he's in the nation's capital and everything has changed. steve patterson headed to the linc today to find out how fans really feel about the return of deshawn. >> reporter: what a game. >> exciting game back and forth all day. >> all through the game. >> three and zero, baby. >> reporter: eagles fans react to go arguably one of the most exciting nfl games this year a blood thirsty
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quarterback showdown with little to no running or defense in the eagles -- and the eagles out on top. >> of course we was on the edge of our seats. that's what they do to us. they treat us like we the cardiac kids. >> reporter: eagles fans happy with the final score but there was a whole lot more to this game including a bench clearing fight and somebody back in town you may remember. >> i think that the biggest difference is just playing against him. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview before the game beasley reece asked shady mccoy what having desean jackson back in town his response measured, clever. >> i hope everything goes well for them. >> reporter: after the game we asked eagles fans what they think. >> did you see that coming from the redskins, jackson. >> reporter: their response a little bit different. >> i like the look on his face after the end of the game. that's what counts. >> reporter: in one game, eagles fans fall in love again, officially breaking up with their former star believing they have the right quarterback and coach and new hope for an even better year. >> at the end of the day it's
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37-34 eagles. >> reporter: at the linc, steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> we're now countering down the very last hours of summer 2014. "eyewitness news" at the water works on this mild night. fall begins in about 24 hours. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking a few showers and he joins us now with the first forecast. justin. >> hi, jessica. that's right, it's kind of working out perfectly, last full official day of summer, felt like summer today with so much humidity around. changes are in the way in the form of a cold front. you can see a batch of showers breaking out to the north and west. heavier showers around the allentown area moving off to the east and northeast so watch out. eventually northampton county even in the city we could run into light showers in the next couple hours. fast moving cluster of showers, nothing too heavy. you might just get a brief downpour in some spots. skies will clear out once again through the overnight but high temperatures today check it out, certainly not late september. we were in the low 80's especially north and west, 81
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for the high in allentown, 82 in reading. here we are right now low 70's for philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, some 60's showing up in reading, that's probably some rain cooled air but the numbers will be dropping through the overnight hours once we get the front through. 68 in mount holly, northeast philly can checking in at 74 degrees. here's what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning, low 60's and 50's in the suburbs. we're bringing in fall it officially arrives 10:29 tomorrow night and it's a fall forecast in the seven day. details in a few minutes. jessica. >> justin thanks. a shooting at an unlicensed bar in philadelphia ends with two men dead and two others critically injured. that bar was operating inside the former day-care center on the 5600 block of north park avenue. shell casings littered the ground, nearby cars were also shot out. police say this started with an argument. so far no arrests. >> hundreds of nurses at crozer chester medical center in delaware county walked off the job today.
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"eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhury tells us what it means for patients. >> reporter: when the sun came up the picket signs came out. 600 nurses at crozer chester medical center went on strike protesting what they say is the company's unfair labor practices and ongoing bad faith bargaining. the nurses have been working without a contract since june. the key issues include pay cuts, pensions and staffing. they say not enough nurses can affect patient care. bobby mcclay represents the union and says staffing is so low that one nurse has to tend to several patients at once. >> normally you would have a nurse-patient ratio and that nurse-patient ratio is different for different units. critical care it's usually two to one, sometimes one to one. >> reporter: the nurses say they're not asking for more money but that crozer chester is looking to cut hourly wages and take away some benefits. >> they have 15 different issues that they say are must
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haves back. >> reporter: crozer chester phils say the strike is hurting the bargaining process. >> we're disappointed that our nurses have chosen to strike and walk out on their patients. i can tell you we have had a contingency plan in place for several months. >> reporter: that plan includes hiring temporary nurses. >> we have licensed well trained experienced nurses ready to pair for our patients. >> reporter: the strike will last for two days. both sides will meet again for contract talks on tuesday. in chester, syma chowdhury, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> the nfl loses one of its own. coming up next a former professional football player is killed when he loses control of his car. >> plus, we have some new video tonight of that security breach at the white house. a fence jumper rushing up to the doors as secret service agents race behind him. justin. >> well, the end of summer has arrived. now we're talking about fall temperatures ahead in the seven day and a dry stretch of weather. details coming up. >> and a pumpkin patch with a
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>> the plan who was last seen with a university of virginia student before she disappeared has been charged with reckless driving. 18-year-old hannah graham was last seen on september 13th.
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jessie matthew is said to be a person of interest in the case. he came to the charlottesville police station yesterday and then left in his car according to police at a high rate of speed endangering other drivers. hannah's parents meantime held a news conference today thanking the public for its support. >> i'm certain that everybody in this room and those watching knows that what happened to hannah could happen to their child. we need to find out what happened to hannah and make sure that it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> over the course of the weekend more than a thousand volunteers helped search for hannah. well, this has been a sad day for the nfl. the former tennessee titans kicker rob baronas was killed in a car crash last night near his home. police believe he lost control of an suv on a curve and hit several trees before the suv flipped upside down. police say there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol
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involved in the crash. bironas was married to rachel bradshaw daughter of the nfl hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw. >> new video and details about the man accused of scaling a fence at the white house. you can see a man running across the lawn there in that circle and up to the doors of the white house as secret service agents chase him. police say the suspect, 42-year-old omar gonzalez of text was carrying a knife. he served in the iraq war and was awarded a medal for his as much. he retired in december of 2012 due to a disability. >> honey boo-boo's parents are calling it quits. month ma june and sugar bear whose real names are june shannon and mike thompson have revealed that they are separating. now momma june and sugar bear were never officially married but the star of the hit tlc series here comes honey boo-boo did exchange vows in a commitment ceremony back in may. >> yet another honor tonight
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for moan may davis, the girl who made little league baseball the sport to watch this summer. still clad in her uniform the pitcher was given the davis award of excellence. there was even a portrait to commemorate that occasion. >> three, two, one, engines ignited. >> this cargo ship is now rocketing toward the international space station. the space-x dragon blasted off from kennedy space center early this morning. it's carrying more than 5,000 pounds of supply for nasa among them a 3-d printer. dragon should reach the space station on tuesday. certainly felt like summer, the last official full day of the summer season, maybe had beach plans but let's see what happened down in the delaware beaches. we'll take a time lapse from rehoboth beach from boardwalk plaza. woke up this morning a lot of low clouds, fog, mist, not the best beach day.
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broke out to a little sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures right now comfortable though in the low 70's with some humidity but this all comes to an end. the reason is a cold front moving in from the west and ahead of it we have a line of some light showers breaking out from the poconos extending down into northern delaware. one shower developing over the eastern shore of maryland that could impact central kent county. this is all moving eastward so look out central southern new jersey over the next couple hours. this is some light rain activity it continues to weaken as it moves eastward. big changes as far as the temperatures and humidity levels go. still we're out ahead of the front so we're mild, in the low 70's in most spots, 69 in allentown, 68 in reading where we did have some rain earlier this evening but it doesn't take a meteorologist to pick out where that cold front is. just go to the other side of the front. 60 in pittsburgh, 56 in cleveland. so we know that cooler drier air will start to build in and that's what we can expect through the upcoming work week. winds are out of the southwest so it's warm, it's muggy outside now but through the
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overnight hours that wind will switch out of the northwest bringing in the cooler and drier air. here's the set upthis week. high pressure will be large and in charge and sets here for several canes we're talking about sunny and dry conditions for the upcoming week so a good week to have outdoor plans. front comes through our region overnight tomorrow, northwest winds kick in, temperatures struggle to get into the low 70's with plenty of sun. there's that area of high pressure that's just going to set up shop over the midatlantic and northeast. again low 70's on tuesday into wednesday, more of the same, high pressure over new england and a northeasterly wind flow keeps our high temperatures below average a couple showers roll through the region over the next few hours, they'll move off shore by about midnight or so. tomorrow morning's commute looks good, plenty of sunshine. that's the trend into the afternoon. same deal on tuesday. mostly sunny skies, pleasant conditions and guess what? more of the same on wednesday. not much happening on this model, maybe a few clouds try to move in but they're just going to be the fair weather
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clouds, just excellent conditions to be outdoors. overnight a chance for showers in some spots over the next couple hours. otherwise partly cloudy, low of 61 for center city, visits in the suburbs. the humidity levels drop through the nighttime hours. sun and clouds for monday, breezy and cooler as we bring in the fall season. 71 for the high temperature, so that's well below average for this time of year and check out the extended forecast. a lot of sunshine this week. low 70's for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, overnight low temperatures will be in the 50's, low 50's for the city and 40's in the suburbs. now, by the end of the week if you're looking for warmer weather wait until saturday, sunday. looks like we get back to around 80 degrees, so that's back above average. for your fall weather fans looks like we flipped the switch right on time. >> right on time. >> that's how it should be. >> justin thanks. >> well, halloween is fast approaching we know and if you love scary pumpkins but don't like the mess it takes to carve them out, a farmer in
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ventura county, california has the perfect solution. he says these are 100 percent natural pumpkins that look just like frankenstein. they're grown in a mold then come out looking pretty scary. they do sell for $75 each, though. >> $75? >> maybe you would rather carve your on. >> for a pumpkin? wow. >> that's pretty cool. >> they look nice. >> what a sports weekend and today was a game. >> what game. wild and crazy game at the linc between the eagles and redskins. a high scoring gain. mixed with
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>> the eagles and redskins in a shootout at the linc. 71 points scored, almost 900 yards in offense. the eagles come away with a victory. desean jackson returned back to the linc, the fans booed him every time he touched the ball, to be expected after the redskins scored on the first drive, eagles special team gave them a boost. chris polk takes it deep, runs up the middle find gets a couple blocks. he's gone 102 yards returned for the score. after a darren sproles fumble the skins cashed in. kirk cousins to pierre garcon. what are the regains the lead. in the second quarter nick foles to jordan matthews for their second touchdown of the game and the birds led 21-20 at the half. to the third birds up 27-20,
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redskins respond, kirk cousins threw to you know who, deshawn. beats williams, allen. check out that celebration. all right. to the fourth. things are getting chippy. chris baker blind sides nick foles during an interception return. foles goes to the turf and jason peters does not like it, punches him. a classic breaks out at the linc. baker and peters both ejected and that fires up the birds. foles off the deck, led the birds outfield. jeremy maclin with a 27-yard touchdown. eagles beat the redskins 37-34. >> there were fights during the game it was a hard fought game. washington came out fighting, we thought right back and i'm glad we ended up on top. guys kept fighting until the ends. >> it was an ugly game. could have went either way. i think we just find ways to win and we did. >> it's encouraging to have
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three wins but it's a little frustrating to not perform the way that we know we're capable of. >> now to the phillies looking to win the series against oakland. six inning, phillies down a run, ben revere with the single to left field, freddie galvez scores to tie up the game and the contest went into extra innings. in the tenth josh crushes this pitch. the a's take that series from the phillies, eight-six the final. coming up to the sports sewn, more on the unbeaten eagles with former eagle hollis thomas and 94 wip's rob cherry. late news over on our sister station cbs3. lots to talk about. >> you'll have a thing or two to dig into. all right, lesley, thanks. >> we'll be ri
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>> check out this little cutie here.
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>> oh. >> the one month old elephant made her debut at the read park zoo in tucson arizona. care team says she's doing very well. no name. there is an on line vote under way. for now you can just call her adorable, precious. >> cutie. >> you want one for a pet? not for long. >> they'll out grow their space. >> i bet they do. let's get one last check of the weather. >> fall arriving officially tomorrow. here you go fall weather fans enjoy. low 70's this week, no rain in the seven-day forecast. a lot of sunshine. overnight low temperatures in the 40's, 50's, great sleeping weather. open up the windows. >> uh-huh. >> enjoy the nice air. by the end of the week approaching 80 next weekend. >> looking good. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly for justin, lesley, beasley and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. have a good night. we'll see you over on cbs3 after the good trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle
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