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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 28, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> breaking right now at 10 o'clock. a child is rushed to the hospital after a hit and run on the streets of west philadelphia. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. this happened less than two hours ago. "eyewitness news" recorder noel mclaren is live at children's hospital where that little girl is in guarded condition right now. noelle. >> reporter: natasha i spoke with the little girl's family who as you can remember are very distraught. many are include the children's hospital of philadelphia where i'm told she's being cared for as police continue to search for the person they believe did this. police provided us with this photo of the car they believe struck her. it was taken from eyewitness video, it's described as a lime green mitsubishi outlander with pennsylvania
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license plate number jky7458 and if you do see this, police ask that you do call them. family tells us the seven-year-old girl's name is aurora mclean. she ran for a ball. the car drug her outside her home on 42nd street. then they say the driver took off. her grandfather now pleading with that person to turn themself in. >> i wish you would just turn yourself in. be man enough or woman enough whoever it is, the person that was driving that vehicle and take responsibility for your actions for what you did. >> reporter: now, fortunately her grandfather does say that she is now in stable condition but we are still waiting on an official update from doctors. we're live outside the children's hospital of philadelphia, noel mclaren for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly noel thank you very
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much. also developing right now the ceo of cooper health system and his wife are found dead in their bedroom. this happened early this morning following a fire on meadow run driver in montgomery township. that's in somerset county, new jersey. 72-year-old john sheridan, jr. and his wife joyce died at the scene. this photo taken this morning shows the investigation scene. funeral arrangements have not been set just yet. and authorities in philadelphia meantime, they're investigating a possible case of arson after two fires broke out inside the same apartment building. it all started early this morning at the chestnut terrace apartments on stenton avenue in mount airy. "eyewitness news" was on the scene as rescue crews evacuated everyone. investigators believe both fires were started in the hallways of the first and third floors and they also think gasoline was used. we spoke do one resident who got out just in the nick of time. >> i saw black smoke and within a minute it was just
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dark and everybody just started screaming, this is real, this is a fire, get out. >> reporter: well, two people were taken to the hospital. one of them was treated for second degree burns. some other residents were unable to return home and are getting some help right now from the red cross. well, it does appear they are not going to be four and zero this season. that's not the case. the eagles were handed their first loss of the season today. sports director beasley reece is live in the cbs3 sat center to break it all down for us. hey, beas. >> well, natasha, it's almost impossible to lose a game when you get two touchdowns from the special teams and one from the defense. the eagles did the near impossible today in san francisco. a great first half from the birds. special teams especially be and the defense. birds made nfl history becoming the first team to score on a blocked punter, a punt return and a malcolm jenkins 53-yard interception return for the score. they led it 21-13 at the half.
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in the second half the '9ers defense got tough after zach ertz fumble. and then at 26-21, '9ers in the fourth a critical drive for the birds am it was a great catch by jeremy maclin to keep the drive alive but on fourth down, on the san francisco one, he couldn't punch it in. foles was incomplete. eagles lost for the first time this season 26 to 21. >> you know, we get a blocked punter for a touch time and you score twice with the special times normally you come out on top. we got to get this straightened out on the offensive side. >> next up for the eagles the rams at lincoln financial field next sunday. lesley van arsdale will have full highlights later in sports. >> beas, thank you. >> all right, a good sunday
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night. perfect timing forts weekend. hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. these numbers were high. this is more typical for middle of august but at least we didn't have the humidity. but check out reading, allentown, mid 80's for afternoon high temperatures. now, these weren't record highs. we still can get into the low 90's for this time of year. looks like we'll finish off the month of september above average. in philadelphia 70's degrees this hour, 63 in allentown. some of the suburbs will cool downton night. however, there are some clouds that will keep temps up a little bit. 61 in quakertown, 66 in doylestown this hour. high and mid level clouds moving through. notice the direction the clouds moving in from the south and west bringing in the warmer air. expect a warm start to the work week. so, early monday morning little bit on the cooler side. 60's for most spots, some of the cooler suburbs get into the upper 50's. so a comfortable start to our monday. during the afternoon we
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rebound temperature up around 80 degrees for the high in philadelphia, mid 70's at the shore, partly sunny skies. we'll keep it dry also in the mountains, temperatures there still very warm, also in the mid 70's. now, coming up in the seven-day forecast, let you know about a cooldown that's going to take place and next threat for rain. that's all coming up in a few minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin. 16 days into the manhunt for suspected trooper killer eric frein and officials change course a bit. pennsylvania state police have shifted the search a bit southeast but still believe frein is hiding out within five square miles of his parents' home in monroe county. they wouldn't elaborate, though, on what led them to this new search zone area. a death at a septa train station is under investigation tonight. police tell us a man fell on the tracks at the fern rock transportation center just as a train was coming through. it's unclear what caused him to fall. all rail service to and from the station was delayed temporarily. and take a look at this
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video from one of our traffic cameras earlier today. that's a tractor-trailer on the left side of your screen there overturned on 95. it caught fire. all northbound lanes were shut down near woodhaven road but fortunately no one was injured. the thick smoke and flames did cause quite a backup, though, for a few hours. and security, it was tight at this year's puerto rican day parade and the party that followed. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us how revelers reacted to the new security measures. >> ♪ >> reporter: anyone who knows was puerto rican day is like in philly knows there are two very different festivals. >> ♪ >> reporter: the family friendly traditional parade on the parkway and this,. >> ♪ >> reporter: a boisterous and sometimes rowdy celebration flooding the streets of north philly. >> it's an opportunity to come out and really celebrate our culture, our cultural values, our cultural norms. >> reporter: this year the parade featured 1500 marchers
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performing to a crowd of thousands with the theme of hebero. >> it is the pleasant humble worker from puerto rico where a lot of our core roots and principals derive from. >> reporter: anyone who knows part two says it can easily get out of hand but police say not this year. >> we have been enforcing the motor vehicle code. we won't let anyone hang on top or outside of a vehicle. we don't let them spin wheels. we've been ticketing them heavy for those types of things. >> reporter: and that's not just talk. our cameras were rolling when a burnout turned into a bad day for people in this ride. >> it's a little different this year. >> reporter: and just about everyone we spoke to says they can feel the difference. >> there's a lot more police, absolutely. >> more security personnel. a lot of police officers. >> telling everybody get in your car, turn your music down. >> it's safer but we want to have fun at the same time. >> reporter: so behind me you see this is where police are staging for this puerto rican festival. so far they say they've had no serious incidents but they do expect to write a lot of
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citations an lost tickets. it's the latest from north philly, i'm steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> well, some sad news this sunday for two churches forced to merge by the archdiocese of philadelphia. saint callistus parish in west philadelphia has mold that is too expensive for the our lady of lourdes parish to fix. saint laurentius is also closing because it would cost millions of dollars to repair. two celebrities riding in the same car are hit by a drunk driver. plus, our first look at mr. and mrs. clooney. we'll have those stories right after break for you. also an ocean rescue, all of it captured on tape. seven people including two children are stranded after their boat flips over. see more of this amazing rescue video coming up. justin. >> well, temperatures do stay warm to start off the week. we'll also talk about some shower chancesly i'll show you the seven-day coming up.
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>> a boat capsizes 5 miles south of santa bell elfland florida sending seven people into the water. among them one four year old
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and two five year old children. you can see them huddled on top of the boat. rescuers threw them a line and plucked them out of the water one by one. officials say rough waves caused that boat to take on water and the engine began to stall. we've got shocking video coming out of the netherlands are a monster truck slammed into a crowd of. this is video taken by a spectator who was standing in its path. the driver lost control after rolling over several smaller cars. three people were killed and at least a dozen others were injured. a police officer is shot in the same missouri town where michael brown was killed. the unidentified officer was shot in the arm last night when he encountered two men outside of a closed community center. the officer returned fire but they got away. the officer is expected to be okay. the chief of police does not believe the officer's shooting was in any way related to the ongoing protests in ferguson. and today, airstrikes
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carried out by the u.s. led coalition hit an oil refinery in northern syria held by islamic state militants. meantime the al-qaeda affiliate in syria is warning that jihadists around the world will strike back at the coalition. along with isis, the nusra front is also a target of the air raids. in an interview that aired on 60 minutes earlier tonight president barack obama smoke candidly about isis. >> isil represents a hybrid of not just a terrorist network, the strategy and tactics of an army. this is not america against isil. this is america leading the international community. >> the president contends his first priority is degrading the extremist who's are threatening iraq and the west. a recent investigation by the washington post details a lapse in security by the secret service. you might remember in 2011 oscar ortega hernandez shot a
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high powered rifle at the white house. it president's daughter was due to return home within minutes of the first shots that were fired. according to this new report the secret service did not realize the gunfire was directed at the white house until days later. and largely ignored the potential danger to the first family. now the world is getting its first look at mr. and mrs. george clooney. cameras caught them leaving the venice hotel a day after exchanging vows in a lavish ceremony. human rights lawyer amal alamuddin did what many thought was impossible and she got oscar winning actor george clooney to put a ring on it ladies. a civil ceremony is expected to take place at venice's town hall tomorrow. j-lo and her best tea leah remini say they were rear-ended by a drunk driver while stopped at a traffic light in malibu last last night. the singer's two kids were in the back seat when this accident happened. lopez told police he ran away before they could exchange information.
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officers caught up with him just a few blocks away and he was arrested. luckily no one was injured. lopez's suv wasn't seriously damaged, either. den sez washington is the king of the box office. his new film the equalizer nabbed the top spot this weekend. >> it's about a guy who is a knight in shining armor except he lives in a world where knights don't exist anymore. >> washington plays a retired intelligence officer who goes up against russian gangsters. the equalizer did better than many analysts expected this weekend. it took in $35 million in the opening weekend. the maze runner dropped to second place, to 17 and a half million. box trolls was third followed by this is where i leave you and dolphin tale coming in at number two. >> powerful thunderstorms brought heavy rain, strong wind and hail to parts of the southwest. there was some serious damage at sky harbor international
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airport in phoenix. caught on tape at the airport, part of the roof blowing off. some residents became stranded due to flooding roads. no one was injured. we're seeing the activity out in the southwest but not much to talk about here. the exception is the warm air. again, temperatures 10 degrees above average today. philadelphia high of 83. 91, that's the record high temperature for this date set back in 1886. not looking at any 90's coming up in the forecast but still our temperatures stay above average. and we're coming off that cool 64-degree last thursday. yesterday 84. 83 today. looks like tomorrow we could make day number three of reaching at least 80 degrees. this all depends on how much sunshine we see. we have some clouds moving in. no threat of any rain but that's going to keep temperatures milder tonight. still at 70 at the airport, 63 in allentown. a cool comfortable 59 in mount pocono. clouds streaming in the from the south and west, they're the mid to high level clouds so they don't really produce any precipitation so we'll keep things dry overnight. monday also looks good.
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pretty much the same story. we'll call it partly sunny through the day. notice the wind direction. coming out of the south. so, southerly wind means warmer air and that south wind sticks around during the day on monday so expect another warm day for this time of year. as we head towards tuesday, little bit of a change develops. we get more of an easterly wind or even southeast so that slowly brings the temperatures back closer to where they should be by the middle of the week. so a-dry day on monday, partly sunny skies. upper 70's to around 80 for the afternoon high. two things to talk about on tuesday. little cold front comes in from the north, a storm system will move in from the south, stay off shore. that could bring a couple of scattered showers in here tuesday afternoon. temperature still warm in the upper 70's. that storm kind of lingers off the coast wednesday keeping some clouds. still the threat for a couple can of scattered showers wednesday afternoon. so, tuesday, webs wednesday not all day washouts but a threat for showers will be there. overnight clouds moving in. good start to the day on monday through the afternoon partial sunshine. that will be the trend into
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tuesday as well. tuesday afternoon we start to see the chance for showers to break out especially during the afternoon hours. same deal on wednesday. afternoon shower threat across parts of the delaware valley. all right. temperatures tonight, milder, 50's and 60's. we rebound nicely into the afternoon, upper 70's to around 80 degrees again for the inland areas, cooler near the water, mid 70's along the jersey shore and delaware beaches. tuesday slightly cooler. again we get that flow off the water, mid 70's, maybe some upper 70's for the inland areas. not much happening overnight. it's mild, partly cloudy. we drop to about 62 for center city, some 50's suburbs. monday about 80 degrees for the afternoon temperature. check out the extended forecast. a little bit of a change in the numbers. nothing too drastic. we go from 80 on monday, 78 tuesday with a shower threat. still shower chances wednesday, 74. and again through the end of the week, mid 70's. that's still a couple can of degrees above average. we'll keep you dry thursday and friday. saturday better chance of some showers at 72.
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then behind that system, we do see a shot of some cooler air. looks like some 60's return for the high next sunday. >> saw that 69. >> yeah, it's going to happen. we're getting deeper and deeper. >> i don't mind, though. if it could just stay there. >> that is a good number. >> don't go any further. >> i'll see what i can do. >> thanks justin. >> lesley lee we're talking about the eagles. we still got to talk about the phillies, too. >> the sea season is finally over. eagles offense sputters against san francisco thank you, cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for fewer video on demand titles. for taking longer to upload our movies. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums.
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>> the bird dropped their punt in the end zone. brad smith with a recovery. in the end zone. '9ers come back and take a 10 to seven lead in the second quarter. birds defense make a play. collin kaepernick pass picked off. he would go 53 yards for the score. eagles regain the lead. that's jenkins third pick of the season. birds force another san francisco punt. darren sproles doing his thing up the side line for an 82-yard touchdown. the fifth longest punt return in eagles history and it is now 21-10.
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third quarter san francisco cam back after a zach ertz fumble. kaepernick finds johnson for the score. san francisco would kick two field goals to give them a five-point lead in the fourth quarter and the eagles tried to make a comeback late in the fourth. the eagles had four attempts to score inside the san francisco 10-yard line. the '9ers defense kept them out of the end zone. eagles drop their first game of the season 26 to 21. >> we just didn't execute simple as that. i'm not going to try to break it down we didn't execute the play in that situation am i got to give the guys an opportunity to make a play and i didn't do that and we'll work -- in those situations we got to capitalize and get the ball in the end zone. >> man, i feel real bad right now. can't really describe the feeling. 2 yards away from a win and they stopped us. it hurt. >> to baseball the phillies closing out their season with a series against the braves. cole hamels got the start today. and he had a tough first
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inning. he was greeted with a leadoff homer and that will give the braves a one-nothing lead. later in the inning we have freddie freeman with the braves third hit of the inning, that will drive in phil gosselin. it is now two-nothing. cole would settle down. he went eight innings striking out seven in his final start of the season but the phils bats cold today, just one run on six hits. the braves beat the fightans two to one. they finish the season 73 and 89, second straight losing season, they finish in the nl east basement for the first time since 2000 so yes we can expect some changes. >> things are going to be different and, you know, who we don't know that. can't even try to answer that question but they'll find a way. they've been pretty good at that. >> all right, can coming up tonight in the sports zone with sports director beasley reece we'll break down the birds loss by the bay and recap the phillies season with
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the professor glen macnow from 94 wip o o. that's coming up after the station cbs3. kind of a downer day. >> i know. nothing good to talk about. >> i wish i had something. >> thank you. we're back in just a m
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