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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 23, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike overnight leaves one person dead, and send four others to the local hospital. we're live as officials piece together what happened. hello, it is thursday october 23rd aim ukee washington. i'm erika von will tiehl. we will go live to ottawa canada for report of the deadly shooting rampage as we work to learn more about the gunman. but first lets get a check of the traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. >> we have wet weather issues out there, guys, this morning it is all about what is left at this point of the area of lose pressure which continues to rotate and drift north east. so you can see where rain is coming from. it is moving in from new england, outer bands of the storm system. so today all we're left with is this, lingering showers and
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gradually with time we will start to dry out but we will keep gray skies around for better part of the day. that is definite a a good representation when we take you to the live neighborhood network to the beach patrol headquarters in margate a good representation of the kind of conditions you'll fine overhead here as a whole. it is damp, raw, breezy, it is chilly up in the poconos. don't expect anything better than mid 40's, that said extra layers required, sweat shirt or fleece and in the a worst idea to have that umbrella on stand by. it does get better with time, torey. good morning everyone. because of the slick spots that we're seeing all over the majors as a result of the weather things like this will happen. that is exactly what happened. on the northbound i-95 off ramp to woodhaven. you will notice we have someone directing traffic or potentially looking for help as well, as we see north bound off ramp to woodhaven road this accident here compromising left-hand lane, this will backup, i-95, itself, in the just the off
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ramp so you will need to give yourself more time. we will talk about delays on i-95 elsewhere but look at 42 freeway volume continues to build approaching 295, this shot here at creek. approaching this point all the way up through walt whitman bridge. six is the on the schuylkill. thirteen on i-95 out of the far northeast and down to the vine street expressway. we are seeing drops on 476 and 422 in the usual places n major delays for mass transit but would i check your airline for sure this morning, you you key and erika. developing right now pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county reopened following a deadly crash overnight. >> four other remaybe hospitalized after their car collides with the tractor trailer. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from pate state police barracks in king of prussia with more, jan. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. police are still trying to figure out how this all happen. what we know that is four people were injured, one person was killed, police say all five of them were in a car that got into an accident with
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a tractor trailer and all are young adults. if you look at the video you can see where this accident happened. "eyewitness news" was there as emergency personnel transported the injured to the nearby hospitals. the the accident happened on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between fort washington and norristown, in white marsh, montgomery county. police now say that five young adults were inside that car last night. somehow there was an accident involving a car and tractor trailer. a helicopter was requested but all were grounded due to the weather last night. four people were transported on the ground to abington hospital in serious condition. they remain there this morning. one person was taken to einstein, montgomery in critical condition and has, again, one person has died. police are not saying how this accident happened and they are not releasing the names of the person killed or people injured. the investigation, continues this morning. meanwhile as you mentioned erika and ukee that stretch of high waste on the pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county where this subsequent happened has reopened, and it had
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remain closed for hours overnight during this investigation, we are live outside state police barracks in king of prussia jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> meanwhile terror in can national's can toll gunman shoots and kills a solder inside parliament. >> u.s. is keeping a close eye on developments as counter terrorism officials look into possible ties to islamic extremist. cbs correspondent chris van cleve has latest details on the shooter from ottawa, chris, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and erika, good morning. sunnies gist starting to rise here in ottawa and people we have talk to have expressed a mix of sadness, and anger about what happened here yesterday, and some big questions remain like how did a gunman get inside parliament house when so many of canada's elect leaders were there including the prime minister. just hours after the attack on the solder standing guard at
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canada's a national war memorial will in ottawa the country's prime minister called it an act of terror. >> we will not be intimidated, canada will never be intimidated. if fact this with will lead us to strengthen our resolve. mask gun math shot a 24 year-old solder in close range. michael zehaf bibeau, storm parliament. politicians block themselves in meeting rooms. gunman was confronted and killed by sergeant of arms. president obama a spoke with the canadian prime minister last night. >> i pledged, as always, to make sure our national teams are coordinated closely. >> reporter: part of the parliament hill including war in memorial remains closed as investigation continues. it is second deadly attack begins military service in members in canada in just three days raising questions as the the violence is connect to canada joining the fight against islamic state in seer why counter terrorism officials are very worried
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that this movement, islamic state is really met straighting others in the only to come and fight in places like iraq and syria but echoing calls frommal cade to attack in place. >> reporter: officials say they will continue to work with allies around the world to fight terror. and kevin victors he was sergeant of arms that is being called a hero, for taking action, engaging the suspect and ultimately, killing the gun man. he is a former royal canadian mounted police, a mounty, spent 29 years, before becoming head of security at the parliament house, as a sergeant of arms. he is being called a hero, by many of of canada's heroes this morning. >> he really is quite a hero. do we know anything more about that suspect shooter, any new information.
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>> reporter: we do have some new information, have we have learn his birth name, it is michael joseph hall. he was born in quebec in 1982. we have learn that he did have have issues with drug addiction and has previous run ins with law enforcement. what we don't know and thinks a big unknown, was he working alone or were there accomplices. the prime minister hinted that that was a possibility, but there was a ten hour plus lock down of the parliament house yesterday as police could not rule out a second suspect, so still some lingering questions as to whether he was work ago loan or if he had accomplices, that now one of the major focuses on the investigation moving forward. >> chris, thanks very much. back here in the states, a special moment to tell but. >> ♪ oh, canada flyers and penguins paid tribute last tonight before their game in pittsburgh. penguins anthem singer jeff
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jimmerson sang the canadian national anthem. we will have a recap of the game coming up in our newscast. happening today, camden county teaming up with cooper university hospital, to host an ebola awareness and safety training seminar. the the free session is available for first responders on how to deal with suspect cases of the virus. a a team of experts from cooper hospital will lead the discussion, and it all starts at 9:00 a.m. in camden county community college in blackwood. and, this morning, amber vinson the second dallas nurse infect with east bowl a, we're told she's on the men. her family says a blood test shows she's ebola free. we have also learn that starting in january, johnson and johnson will begin testing a vaccine to protect against a strain of the virus which triggered the out break in west africa. cdc increases its vigilance begins ebola, agency requires 21 days of monitoring for all travelers arriving the in the u.s. from ebola strict ebb nations and officials in philadelphia, held a summit to
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determine, how well the region is prepared for any possibly bowl a cases. your time 7:09. new jersey governor chris christie is expect to make an announcement later today about progress on a post sandy recovery program. the grant program has provided homeowners with up to $150,000 for rebuilding costs. rim stand for reconstruction rehabilitation, evaluation and mitigation. governor christie will be in toms river, later this morning. a former tinicum township police officer is facing up to 20 years in state prison. delaware county jury convicted jack parker yesterday of stalking his wife. parker was charged back in 2011 when he violated an order to stay away from his wife's job at the county dispatch center in lima. he told police attached a gps tracking device to her car to catch her cheating. the 69 year-old lost his police job in 96 when he was quick of holding two women hostage at gunpoint at
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interboro high school. atf has join investigation into a devastating building fire in reading. flames swept through the former reading outlet center at eighth and ollie, early saturday morning. developer was convert ago this building in to apartments. the atf says that the around 70 of those apartments were destroyed. damage is estimated at 12 million-dollar. well, it is bad news for many local high school students who have to least take a major test, they spent weeks, even months prepping for you feel for them. >> yes. >> now word comes the results were lost, what that test company is now saying. also ahead incredible video to see showing dirt bikers doing stunts in the streets, so how did this happen? the iteam has a full report. and a little bit later a company is catching flack for this outfit, it is a pot leaf costume, for babe toys wear. and that is not the the only controversial costume they are selling, we will show you other ones comingg up.
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and a investigators, walt hunter brings us up to date. >> reporter: fishtailing at high speed on busy streets, doing wheelies, inches from school buses, filled with children, scores of bikers raced through the city, for more than three hours, turning evening rush hour into a
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terrifying experience, for pedestrians who scrambled for safety including the the president of the philadelphia's fraternal order of police john mcnesby. >> we passed right at the time within of the high schools was getting out. people were dodging out of the way, motorcycles and four wheelers. >> reporter: those of these dirt bike and a tv's police say is illegal for street use, riders ignoring traffic laws, race ago cross sidewalks and roaring down the wrong lanes. yet, not a single traffic ticket was issued. >> we got through the night with no incident where they hit anyone but we understand the public's angst. >> reporter: kevin bethel says police carefully machine toward and controlled bikers through mid afternoon when they gathered for a funeral service for murdered fellow riders but he says following that service, group of 50 bikers took to the streets, police, ruling out, pursuing them, which could have push the drivers to act even more dangerously. >> video is disturbing when
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you see the video but imagine my officers engaging these individuals forcing them up on the sidewalk. >> reporter: but bethel says bikers, seen here in the you tube video honoring their fallen fellow riders may face a bumpy legal road ahead. commissioners saying video of the wild riding is being analyzed to term if there will be future legal action, including seizing their vehicles. commissioner bethel called what happened here on north broad street and other major area highway an a nom mily, pointing out that the department has been long active cracking down on illegal atv's and dirt bikes, seizing 83 so far this year, and surprise under cover operations. on north broad street walt hunter on the "eyewitness news" at cw philly. 7:15 right now. lets get traffic and weather together, good morning, katie. >> good morning. we will start off with a glimpse of what is to come in our forecast here and that will require me to show you a larger, wider zoom on storm scan three.
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notice in storms in sight across the deep south, that is because there is a large dome of high pressure that will move in our region and take place of the storm that continues to churn over new england. lets zoom in and see what the aftermath continues to be for us with the main core of this storm now out of here. you still got some showers but they will be tapering off south to north as this storm pull as way. we still have have have wet weather rolling through in the form of lingering showers and wind is more noticeable. check it out these are current sustain wind speeds, generally we're in the teens a few out liars, little lower or higher in the place like dover for example but more than anything look at the direction it is coming from. it is coming if canada on the heels of that rotation. so what that means is that it may feel cooler to you then the what the thermometer reads and it is already a chilly day. where is the sun? it has been stuck overtop, of the storm that has been trying to pull on through here. so by tomorrow when high
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pressure remains the lead we will see more breaks of sun. we will warm up more readily here to seasonal temperatures. don't worry about this cold front that shows up on the map by saturday. it looks like it comes through dry and it looks like it will come through saturday night. we will even up with really nice wet they are weekend. definitely better than today which is a raw, chilly, showery day. wet weather should be out by later on tonight and coming up for friday and weekend, unstarts to shine, so find an excuse to get outside. here's perfect one for it, mid to upper 60's both saturday and sunday and both days feature sunshine. looks good vittoria. >> looks really good, thanks, katie. good morning everyone. it doesn't look so great would be your commute this morning. first up lets address an incident we are talking about on the 422 off ramp to egypt road. egypt road, ramp just behind us. incident scene is on the shoulder so it is not blocking the off ramp here but it will cause just a bit of the le down because folks want to sees is what going on. if you are traveling 422 off
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ramp to egypt road you will be slow, and just necessity you will be slow on 422 itself eastbound making your commute around the area of oaks down to 202. new lets talk about the schuylkill expressway and look at these brake lights here. traveling on the westbound side of 76 you are jammed approaching roosevelt boulevard out to gladwynn. taking a look at our wide in the eastbound direction you are slow between 202 down towards center city philadelphia your average speed on 76 right around roosevelt boulevard is 6 miles an hour. we are seeing that volume backup and associated with that delay. ten on i-95 southbound out of the northeastern divide and watch out for blue route delays as well, 422 eastbound and north bound 42 approaching the walt, erika. >> thanks, torey. college application process gets more stressful for a group of local high school students. they took their act exams but now those scores vanish. on september 13th, 182 high school students took the act test in upper darby high
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school. according to an ac t official test made it from the high school to a local post office but from there it is anyone's guest. over a month later students are still waiting for their results. >> complicated process, they just didn't want to deal witt and where is me it might hinder my getting in. >> mistakes happen, but the cover up here which is what it has been is unforgivable. >> those affect students will have a chance to retake the test at no cost. the actual location of the missing test, act continues it investigation but just study for months and months. >> and to have something like that happen. >> yes. >> you feel sorry for them. >> you certainly do. >> it has happened again. another major security breach at the white house. >> we will tell you how far latest fence jumper got before the secret service got on him, as we go to break here's is what coming up tonight on the cw philly.
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a developing story starts our headlines anavenin investigation is waned in the deadly accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. one young person was killed, four others were injured when their car hit a tractor trailer westbound near norristown, just after in midnight. the canadian prime minister says that yesterday's deadly shooting near an ottawa, ontario war memorial
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is an act of terrorism. solder was gun down by a mask man and that gunman was then shot and killed, by ceremonial guard at canada's parliament. camden county and cooper university hospital host an ebola awareness and safety training seminar for first respond tours day. they will learn how to deal with suspect cases of the virus. a california company is creating controversy with some of its halloween costumes. >> they include within that can make small children will like a giant marijuana plant. crystal cruz from our sister station in l.a. has that story. >> reporter: thinks our baby marijuana path leaf costume. this years crop of baby halloween costumes isn't for everybody. and that is okay with the owner of brandon sale an on line costume retailer and manufacturer, and banding. >> halloween is one day of the the year. you can dress up anything you are not other 364 days. >> reporter: jonathan weeks says his business does millions in sales each year of
7:24 am
unique designs. >> tell us what it is right now. >> super busy. we are processing thousands of orders daily. >> reporter: some include marijuana leaf or cigarette baby costumes. >> we kind of know that some people are not going to be hundred percent thrilled witt but it is halloween. >> reporter: some parents say dressing up a child as a cigarette is all wrong. >> would i not want my grand kids in that. >> reporter: if the baby pot leaf costume has you fired up, is there more. >> right now we have the hottest costume, in the united states, this is the ebola hazmat containment costume. >> reporter: weeks says he does have costume boundaries, he won't cross. >> we have a round about discussion before we design them is this just too much or pushing envelope just too far. we do find ourselves sometimes saying wow but for the the most part it is halloween. >> wow, i don't know, that was crystal cruz reporting. >> company adds they are very busy processing thousands of orders, and the reporter says they do millions of dollars in
7:25 am
business each year. >> yes. >> someone is buying. >> yeah, but i don't like that. >> wonder how conversations go. we have had these conversation about should we make the costume or not, baby cigarettes. >> you don't have have to go there. >> i'm sure, other people feel the same way. you're watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we will see you in a bit.
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good morning, i'm ukee washington. let's kick it off with katie in the weather center with your forecast, good morning. >> it is a little bit on the act a i have side as we track retreat have our latest area of low pressure. today will feature some showers and feature a breeze and it will still feature more clouds then anything as well as a chill in the air. you can see there are obviously still some showers to track here on storm scan three. lets see how that sort of looks out side then when we go outside to the live neighborhood network. very damp start. sheen coming off parking lot and playground and roadway and a lot have gray skies for us out there, in reading, west lawn, as well as pretty much every where else. would i suggest you keep umbrella on stand by but we will be drying out from south
7:27 am
to north as we go through the day and then just looks nicer and nicer from here, torey. >> well as of right now weather ape those damp roadway are causing a big problem. but a few incidents. lets talk first at 422, 422 off ramp to egypt road right here, we have an accident situation, mess of it on the shoulder but bad news it is caughting a delay at 422, even trying to get on 422 from egypt road is causing a delay. this is look at the schuylkill anywhere you fine rush hour delays. ukee. our next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning a look at video radicalizing many teenagers. we are o ring ring! progresso!
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. still developing right now, a fatal accident investigation shuts down two lanes along the pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county for several hours overnight. >> good morning, "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao at state police barracks in king
7:30 am
of prussia with more, jan? >> reporter: erika and ukee, this story is still developing. we still don't know identities of the four people injured or one person who was killed but what we do know is police say all five were in a car that got in the accident with the tractor trailer late last night on the pennsylvania turnpike, in montgomery county, and police say all five are young adults. now if you take a look the at the the video you can see where this all happen. "eyewitness news" was there as emergency personnel transported injured to nesrby hospitals. the accident happened on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between fort washington and norristown in white marsh, montgomery county. police now say that five young adult were in side that car and 12:30 last night and there was an accident involving a car and tractor trailer. a helicopter was requested but all were grounded due to weather last night, four people were transport on the ground to abington hospital in serious condition. they remain there this morning. one person was taken to
7:31 am
einstein montgomery in critical condition and again one person has died. now police are in the saying how this accident happened and they are in the releasing the names of the person killed or the the people injured. the investigation continues this morning, in the meantime, that stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike, had remain closed for hours overnight as police conduct their investigation and recreated the accident scene, that stretch of highway has reopen. reporting live outside state police barracks in king of prussia, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. now lets get our traffic and weather together and we will watch out for that wind today, katie, right. >> it will be a noticeable feature on the forecast today. while we are still dealing with wet weather as well it is not as widespread and won't be falling quite as heavily. we will start off with jack frost big boulder with the different view here. you can see over the tree line there, it is generally just i gray sky for us here. we are not going to see very much sunshine here and pretty obvious, right. main energy main circulation
7:32 am
with our area of low pressure has started to drift off to the north east but it is a larger system that will spin back these band have of rain but heavier is very obviously pummeling massachusetts but in the just rain but gusty wind. we did dodge the bullet on this one turf say. currently temperatures in the lower 50's in philadelphia, in atlantic city, chillier by comparison up in the poconos where we did just show you camera views, 43 degrees in pound pocono, but notice the win. it is persistent and pretty stiff breeze out there coming from the cooler spot, the the northwest. so that breeze is going to make it feel chillier too. make sure you are red which an extra layer walking out the door. it wouldn't be the worst idea just to keep that umbrella on stand by even though our wet weather chances diminish through the the second half of the day. if you are going to be out for first half of the day, again, umbrella, this is not worst idea for a day like this, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. katie was talking to me about the umbrella, i think dampness
7:33 am
on the roads was always one of the worst case scenarios that we can deal with because folks underestimate how dangerous that is. a lot of it causes accidents like what we are dealing with now on the roosevelt boulevard commuting southbound approaching fox street we have an accident blocking the the left-hand lane. this delay stemming back toward ninth and only going to continue to grow because we are at beginning of the rush hour. we are not even into the end of it, we have just got started. we are seeing northbound gaper delay. as we go to egypt road we have an accident situation right at the 422 off ramp to egypt road. that is the accident right here. take a look at the slow down it takes to get to 422 from east wind road. so just note anywhere you are traveling right new will be slower than usual. it is weather. when we have incidents on top of it, it is not great. eleven is your average on i-95. six on the schuylkill delayed out sound bout, and mass
7:34 am
transit, and, at the the airport. and, security scare at the white house land ape maryland man at the the white house. >> intruder jumps the fence, an did in the get very far. >> the the streets around the the white house are quiet this morning, a lock down was lifted at 9:30 last night, and a couple hours after 23 year-old dominic, of bellaire, maryland, jumped the north fence line at the white house. and, quickly apprehended, and, secret service. >> and a they say he was in the armed when he jumped in fence. unlike another incident here last month. omar gonzales jumped fence arm with the knife, and made it much farther. and army vet made it through the front door of the white house and all the way in the east room, before being apprehended. it was the latest in a string of embarrassing incident for secret service, including a
7:35 am
security lapse, days earlier, when a contractor with prior conditions, reportedly rode a elevator with the president during a trip to atlanta arm with the gun. events led to congressional hearings and resignation of secret service director julia pierson. >> it is clear our security plan was not properly executed. >> reporter: agency is now being run by joe clancy, who came out of retirement to become active director. unlike gonzales incident in september, the president was at the white house when the fence was breached last night n washington susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. school officials say three teenage girls from suburban denver are victims of an on line predator, not jihad radicals. last weekend authorities obtain an airport in german bring turning them to their parents. the fbi is investigating whether they were attempting to make their way to syria to join isis fighters. protest turn tense again in ferguson missouri after autopsy report is leak in the death of michael brown.
7:36 am
unarm teen was shot to death by a police officer in august. roughly 150 protesters gathered outside ferguson police department, met by police in riot gear. at least two people were detain after demonstrators threw water bottles at officers. both the official autopsy, and a private autopsy conduct by brown's family, shows that the teenager was shot at least six times. results of a third autopsy ordered by federal officials have not been revealed. a grand jury is considering whether officer darren wilson should be charged. jeffery fall on is waking up in his ohio home after being held in north korea for five months. >> north korea accused him of leaving a bible at a club for foreign sailors violating the the law. but he was released this week after kim jong unissued special dispensation. the city terminated his position with the streets department last month have after his leave, expired. >> he is deciding whether he is ready to come back to work for the city. it is certainly his decision.
7:37 am
we have a position opened. >> he is looking forward to getting back to his normal routine. >> your time 7:37. lets check business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. apple pay launched a couple days ago but we are learning it already has a glitch, what is the problem here. >> reporter: yeah, rocky start, good morning. apple pay users will definitely want to check their bank statements. bank of america accidentally double charged some customers who made purchases with apple's new mobile payment service. that glitch involves 1,000 transactions, bank of america has apologized and said it will refund the customers. would i hope so. >> yes. hey jill, everyone is looking to book a plane ticket these days. we understand you have the details about the best day in which to do it, um. >> reporter: yeah, you may want to wait until the weekend, according to the wall street journal an analysis of average ticket prices over 19 months, found that tickets purchased on sunday are the least expensive, averaging
7:38 am
$432, saturday wasn't too far behind and the the most expensive day is monday, with tickets averaging $503. so just another reason to love the weekend, ukee and erika. >> yes. >> counties down. >> thanks, jill. >> for more money tips and information from money just head to cbs philly to the come. we are on your side, this morning with an update on a widespread air bag recall. the feds are now urging owners of nearly 8 million cars and trucks to have the the air bags repaired because of danger to the driver, and passengers. the government says that the inflation mechanism in the air bags can explode hurling metal fragments when bags deployed. safety advocates at least four people died. to find out fur vehicle has those air bags check with your manufacturer, they have also posted a complete list of the vehicles affect on our web site at cbs, just click on consumer.
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trump entertainment says it will keep taj mahal contact a scene owe, opened in through november. it was scheduled to close november 13th. company says it cannot guarantee that the taj will in the close by the even of the year. trump entertainment is seeking 175 million-dollar in state assistance and give backs from unionized workers to keep the casino opened. well, happening today the philadelphia police department and fraternal order of police partnered to collect cell phones. they will be refurbished and given to victims of the domestic violence. event begins at 11:00 in the lobby of police headquarters in seventh and race in center city. there will be collection boxes at every police district, detectives division and special victims unit. verizon is providing the refurbishments. well, game two of the world series last night and royals hoping to tie up the series and in sports we are doing it next. also ahead could a new treatment help thousands suffering from a deadly disease? details for you coming up in the healthwatch, plus this.
7:40 am
the health benefits of yoga for children, i'm paula reid in washington with more on that story, coming u
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it has been said that stress can make you go gray but can it also cause to you lose your hair? experts say that is there a growing number of women suffering from the devastation of stress-related hair loss. the first vital step try to reduce stress. then improve your diet and get more sleep. there are also some over the the counter options, to regrow hair and f.d.a. approved later treatments that can help stimulate dormant hair follicles. also a new drug is showing promise in the fight against cancer. researchers at the university of chicago says an experimental drug was able to completely destroy human lung tumors that were transplanted in to mice.
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drug targets a pre teen known to promote tumor growth. and, also on your healthwatch yoga for kids, it is a popularity that prompted first ever national kids yoga conference in washington d.c. >> event focused on ways for instructors to gear the anxious practice specifically to children. correspondent paula reid reports. >> three-year old ruby jackson to yoga once a week. >> i think that yoga does give her some tools to help her relax and feel confident. >> reporter: anxious practice has been so popular with little ones, first ever national kids yoga conference was held recently in washington d.c. presence, helped organize the event. >> we want to give them tools to function in this stressed out world we are living in. >> reporter: studies have show yoga can berth manage their emotions. some benefit children with
7:44 am
adhd and other behavioral problems. >> yoga might be helpful for attention. there is also some preliminary research that yoga might be helpful for mood in children, so helping with stress, anxiety, and depression. >> reporter: teaching yoga to young children who lack focus and discipline is different from teaching adults. but kids yoga class has more playfulness, more laughter, maybe we're shaking our sillies out before we start, before we can get to the breathing. >> reporter: ruby's mom says there are other benefits at well. >> she loves it. she looks forward to it. it is fun for her. >> reporter: they are learning skills they can use throughout their life time. paula read for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. a quick heads up for you doctors say children with chronic medical conditions should be careful, before they start any kind of exercise, like questioning a. >> right now just at 7:44, kate, can we shake your sillies out before do you this forecast. >> i will do that once we get here, but we do want to show you a live picture of newburyport massachusetts where we are seeing the worst of what this storm system has
7:45 am
to offer. churned up surf. look at those waves coming in. it is clearly a wind blowing very heavily and listen, that rain is pounding down right now. we're going to take you on a tour here across new england and show you just how bass the conditions are across that particular area we are getting in on the remnants of the round of rain, spinning back around the core of this circulation. this is obviously very heavy rain, currently falling across massachusetts, and across borders into new hampshire and vermont. but lets zero in on the the location we just showed you newburyport about 40 miles north of boston, here it is, and they are experiencing very heavy rain. it is in the just heavy rain across this area but wave action, the strong wind, the coastal flood concern that continues to go on and right now precipitation rates falling in that location. they are a couple of a inches an hour. this is a spot that is getting pounded with rain over and over. we have kind of dodged the bullet on this one but the storm continues to just roll
7:46 am
off to the north east, send nothing a chilly wind, out of the north/northwest through the day, keeping the temperatures held back. we will have some clouds and still have some showers like we are seeing out there right now. but by tomorrow, glimmer at the end of the tunnel as high pressure takes back the league. we will get more sunshine. we will warm backup in the mid 60's. there is a whimpy little front crossing through here saturday night into sunday. it does not do much other than knock temperatures back a couple of degrees. i think the weekend looks fantastic right now with sunshine expect if you have got outdoor plans, definitely keep them. if you don't have any, make some. as we go out to the field, it feels like right new we have a breeze kicking in. so a couple of choice locations. definitely feeling cooler then the thermometer reads. feeling like 30's in mount pocono. feeling like four's in millville. a and we are generally reading in to the low to mid 50's across the rest of the board. so what you see is more so what you get on the thermometer and some of those locations. we've got thursday night football. we will take you out all the way out to column rag owed where clear skies will be, in place, for the chargers to take on the broncos.
7:47 am
52 degrees at kick off. generally clear. weather playing no real role here in terms of that football game. lets take you forward in the forecast thousand. back here, on our side of the country, we will end up with really nice weather, once we get past today, high pressure regains control and it looks like it will set up shop for a while despite that weak front that comes through that i mentioned saturday into sunday. monday and tuesday, check this out, we are forecasting a night little will warming trend. lower 70's return to the forecast into next week. not shabby, vittoria, over to you. >> not too shabby at all. >> i cannot say the same for the commute, it will bum you out. you're delayed every where you usually find rush hour traffic, that is what you are dealing with today and then it is even slower than that, because of the weather and a few incidents that we had. what we are looking at is a disable vehicle not too far from broad street but you good news on the shoulder, good traveling on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard we had an earlier accident approaching fox street that has been cleared. we have residual volume.
7:48 am
southbound you're jammed from ninth street to the schuylkill. you're delays once you get to 76. ninety-five is same story out of the far northeast philadelphia, all the way down to the vine, slow go. speed sensors are really in the teens and even dropping, more so. eleven is your average on 95. six on the schuylkill look at that red on the roosevelt boulevard. on 76 itself from the western suburbs down to the city in either direction you are just slow. same thing on traveling, 476, northbound between 95 and route one, and really continuing out to saint david, would i say you have a problem, take a look at path turnpike area westbound coming out of the stretch of willow grove through to mid county and definitely on 422, we are seeing delays in the eastbound direction approaching oaks down to 202, erika. >> joyce, thank you. some dramatic video out of germany of a cable car rescue, right there, just tough to watch this a young family of four and two american tourist, they were all lowered on to a boat when their car got stuck over the ryan river. they were dank untiling that car for several hours before they were rescued.
7:49 am
this were two years old and three months old. it is unclear why that car got stuck but everyone is out and everyone is safe. fly guys are back on the winning track, and we are happy to report, with a win over their pennsylvania rivals, the pittsburgh penguins. the flyers, broke a two-two tie, and captain claude girl road, find rj umberger with the nice pass. three-two flyers. umberger and matt reid get the shot and he find the back of the net. flyers beat pittsburgh five- 36789 flyers host red wings in south philadelphia saturday night. eagles are in arizona, sunday afternoon. it is 4:00 o'clock kick off in the desert. for us in the east coast. it is also a match up of two, five and one teams. bird could be getting their offensive line back very soon. evan martis work out for the first time since week one. he has been out with the mcl sprain. he will be back when birds play panthers next month.
7:50 am
speaking of football we have something in prime time tonight, it is denver broncos against the san diego chargers. and sports authority field formally known as mile high stadium. and payton manning and philip rivers. catch all of the action with pregame coverage beginning at 7:30 tonight, only on our sister station, cbs-3. well, two run home run by kansas city omar infant was just part of the five run, sixth inning last night, in world series action, game number two. royals beat giants seven-two to earn the series at a win appease. after that long ball both sides started pushing and shoving. things got intense. the umpire settled things down and they did so in a hurry. game three tomorrow night in san francisco. william shatner, may be repricing a popular role. >> also bill murray and melissa mccarthey partner for a new movie. those stories and more in this
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
well, you may remember this little guy, he was in our studio right here. bill murray's new co-star has something to say about his agoing. >> original captain kirk may be returning to the big screen franchise. susan marquez has those stories and more eye on entertainment. >> bill murray is a cranky war veteran down on his luck in the new movie, saint vincent. >> you work, you get paid, you drink. >> are you drinking alcohol. >> melissa mccarthey plays his neighbor and says watching murray at work was like taking an agoing class. >> it is so easy to try and push and do all this stuff and he just sits, he sits back and justice the character. >> reporter: saint vincent a arrives in theaters tomorrow. stargtrek's next frontier may include a role for william shatner. original captain kirk says he is meeting soon with the director of the upcoming star
7:54 am
trek three. the eight three-year old shatner says there is an idea to bring him back to the franchise even though his character died 20 years ago. movie 23 blast tells the true story of high school football star travis freeman and how a rare infection left him blind. dill on baker played father and direct the the film, shooting in freeman's kentucky hometown he knew the community was watching. >> every single person we would encounter they would have have have a personal relationship with the story and they wanted it to be told right. >> reporter: real travis freeman is ready to share his journey. >> it was hum blink that people feel that my story is worth telling report report 23 blast opens up on friday. >> that is your eye on entertainment, susan marquez for cbs news, los angeles. and this is something we have to share with you, my partner ukee with cbs news correspondent bill whittaker celebrated 70th anniversary of the media fill owe ship
7:55 am
council. whittaker became a 60 minutes correspondent earlier this year. media fellowship house promotes fellowship and understanding between diverse cultures and generations. you were there to mc. special night. >> definitely was. whittaker family and james family got together and they have been doing it for years. zero seven years. they started this wonderful organization bringing people together, and community together, all races, cultures. that is what it is all b you can see the venue last night, drexelbrook, fabulous venue indeed. we had a great time. keep up the great work.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm quarter von tiehl. lets get right over to katie for the forecast, some wind today. >> definitely still some wind out there and wet weather issue we have to dodge, with really just some lingering showers on the heels of the storm system that continues to pull off to the north east. wet weather is moving from the north as owe pose todd where we would typically find it. just a different direction. but yeah, this is a storm that continues to make its retreat. today a transition day, i would keep your umbrella on stand by heading out soon. just a few showers. it does look like it will be tapering south to north as day goes on and storm continues its retreat to the northeast. 46 degrees is expect low tonight. by tomorrow high pressure moving back in. so still breezy, i think but you'll see more sunshine and
7:57 am
that helps us rebound nicely on the thermometer. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning. everyone. if you are traveling the on the majors you'll fine rush hour traffic and it will be in all of the usual spots but it is slower because of the weather, take a look at the vine street expressway. commuting on the vine more so in the westbound direction you're delayed between 95 and 76. heading in the eastbound direction around broad street is where we are seeing a pocket . 422 slow go approaching oaks down to 202. speed sensor in the looking great. twelve on i-95. eight on the schuylkill. twelve on 476. kail a head at the airport. >> next update 8:25. and next up on cbs this morning, we are in volatile times on the stock market.
7:58 am
7:59 am
hi, good morning everyone. developing right now, tragedy on the turnpike. >> one person is killed overnight and four others are injured when a car and tractor trailer collide on the pennsylvania turnpike, in montgomery county. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao has been tracking the the developments for us
8:00 am
and she joins us now at state police barracks in king of prussia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are awaiting an update from police and more information from them surrounding the circumstances, in this accident that happened early this morning on the pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county. four people were injured, one person was killed, police are saying they were all young adults and all in the car that got in the accident with a tractor trailer. as we look at this video you can see the scene where this happen. "eyewitness news" was there as emergency personnel transported injured to nearby hospitals, the the accident happened on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound , between fort washington and norristown in white marsh montgomery county. police say five young adults were in that car around 12:30 last night and somehow there was an accident involving a car and that tractor trailer. a helicopter was requested but all were grounded due to the weather late last night, four people were transport ed on the ground to abington hospital in serious condit