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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 3, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> and down the stretch we come it is the last full day before pennsylvania goes to the tolls -- polls to vote for its next governor. coming up live report on the candidates message to voters after big day of campaigning in the philadelphia area. >> hi, good morning, everyone, it is monday the thirds of november. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we start things off with katie. oh, katie so happy to walk out the door, not be completely freezing this morning. >> temperatures still very wintery. still need the highs heavy jacket walking out the door but not as shall as yesterday was. that is going for us certainly. and we will keep the sunshine around, too. and high pressure starting to settle in, means we have chance to rebound on the thermometerment only get
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better from here, looking at storm scan three won't finds too much in the way of storm i necessary at least not today. the weaken certainly was different story outside, the shadows, sun up an extra hour early, 43 the current temperature, i can tell you there are a lot of 30's, that we're finding across the objection boards here, right now. as we go forward, you can expect the temperatures to at least flirt with 60, the normal daytime high on this day, 61, so just shy of that, but warmer by about 10 degrees, compared to yesterday. and no where near as winnie in short it is a better day. ukee, over to you. >> katie, thank youment checking roadways, we have an accident to tell but on 76 eastbound past conshohocken, see police lights off there in a distance, flashing the top of your screen, where this accident occurred, just heads up from you are head in the that direction. roost develop boulevard, experiencing some slow moving
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traffic and on map ongoing closure, been in effect since last week, de haven street, upper merion, still closed between baligamingo road, due to road clams. road will be closed until further notice. can use front street or gulph road as alternates in that the meantime, delaware, so far so good in new castle county by 495. erika? >> some bringing -- breaking news in germantown, search or for missing woman who may have been kidnapped. here is her picture, detectives tell "eyewitness news" that carlettera free lan gator since around 9:40, forges intoed dark colored car on west commenter street. police say the driver side window broken. we are work to go get better description of the car. and we will bring you any updates as soon as we get new information. >> breaking news, hawes man the the scene investigating at
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some sort of business, on the 2100 block of witch adder street. also told those two victims did lose consciousness. no word on their conditions as every yet. we'll stay on top, bring you any updates as soon as it comes into our news room. erika annually pass it on to you. now, new this morning, police are investigating this fire, in an industrial park on collideway drive bristol bucks county. at least three tractor-trailers caught fire, just after 5:00 this morning, and fire crews controlled the blaze in about 45 minutes. it is not clear if the trucks were loaded or not. we of course will get more information and let you know what we've learned from this scene. >> also, new this morning, a fire ripped through a row home in north philadelphia. broke out camac street after one is last night, crews quickly placed the fire under control. one resident returned to the hospital for minor injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation. ♪
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>> here we go, final push for campaign 2014. >> pennsylvania's candidates for governor are going from one end of the state to the other to get their message through before the voters decide. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, in the cbs-3 sat center to tell us more. january, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, very busy day ahead for both of the candidate here, for the governorship of pennsylvania. they're going to be going all over the state, tom corbett scheduled to have a meet and greet in west chester, his competitor, tom wolf, expected to be in pittsburgh, and lancaster today. all to get out the same message today. to get out the vote. >> tom corbett knows he has tough day on re-election day. >> my oponent want to be ed rendell. tax and spend tax and spend. he want to be barack obama. >> corbett's new jersey counterpart governor chris
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christie lent his voice to the cause, sunday night in bucks county. >> democrats are not coming out, they're not excited, in fact, they're not excited about their own candidate, and they shouldn't be. they're not excited about tom wolf here in pennsylvania. and let me tell you what's going to happen on tuesday night. four more years. >> democratic challenger tom wolf was out in full force sunday, as well, with the stop at temple university. he is hoping for big voter turn out in democrat rich philadelphia. and brought in president owe bamm a. >> unfortunately, because we have had a governor who doesn't always work with us, pennsylvania ranks second to last in the country in job growth. second to last. >> they attack corbett not only on jobs, but education, too. wolf promise to go fully and fairly funds pennsylvania schools. >> we're in philadelphia right now. that's not just true in philadelphia. that's true in york county. it is true in elk county. it is true in erie.
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it is true everywhere in pennsylvania. >> now, governor corbett has been trailing in the polls all year. but he says his internal polling shows this race much closer, and he believes it is going to come down to voter turn out, analysts, however, believe that voter turn out will be low this election day. reporting live in the sat sent, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i all right, january, thank you. and stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow the candidates through election day 2014. tomorrow our natasha brown heads to pittsburgh, todd quinones will be with the wolf campaign in new york, when not near a tv always hop on line, go to for the latest information. >> eagles back in first place in the nfc east. yesterday's win on road in houston could proof costly. sport director beasley reese with the injury report on pair of key eagles stars. >> the eagles are right on track, at six and two, and leading the nfc east because dallas fell hard to the cardinals. cowboys playing without their
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quarterback, tony romo, eagles will be without quarterback nick foles, for a few weeks. all right, the last play of the first quarter, foles under pressure, slammed down onto his left shoulder, left the game with a injured clavicle. mri to follow. demeco ryans made interception, came down, started his run back, turns out he has achilles heel injury, may be done for the season. >> enter mark sanchez, took over for nick, through couple of touchdowns, leading to the victory, helping, 31-21, in houston. >> injuries tough. i'll wait until it gets announced. demeco ryans, too, two guys, big time players on our team, stuff you never want to see happen. so that's tough. >> the extent of it, like i say, we got a guy in mark who can step up and you know win some games. so i'm excited about him being back there, and, you know, we will continue to move forward.
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>> next up, carolina panthers, at lincoln financial field monday night 8:30, november 10th. i'm beasley reese, let's go back to the studio. >> and, we will learn more today about foles' shoulder. didn't look good when the team got off the plane last night. these exclusive picks, showing foles with that sling over his arm. cbs sports says foles expected to miss four to six weeks. you can get better time line once against today after the mri. get well, big fellow. so between foles and ryans, who is the bigger lost for eagle nation? people on twitter and facebook are reacting to the injuries, let's take a look right here. bob says: losing demeco ryans really, really hurts. and that it does. rex chat man, three, i wonder if that's the rex chapman? matthews is his back up. matthews as in kacie matthews. we'll see about that one. and demeco ryans by far is most devastating says reds daddy, he was the leader of the entire team, the whole team. the engine to the d. join the conversation, let us know what you think by using
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hashtag mornings, you can post on facebook or twitter. we'll read more on the air a little later. >> thank you, ukee. the trial starts today for former chester county music teacher accused of inapropriate behavior with children. prosecutors say, antoine fomin touched three students who took piano lessons with him at the malvern school of music. several other student also say fomin showed them inapropriate pictures. the school fired fomin after he was arrested. >> happening today, a civil trial begins for raphael robb. the former university of pennsylvania economics professor pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the killing of his wife. ellen robb was bludgoned to death in their upper merion home in december 2006. now, ellen robb's estate seeks compensatory and punitive damages. >> the terminally ill woman who shocked the nation with a heartfelt youtube video last month has followed through on her promise. more on bring any maynard coming up. >> also ahead, basketball player scores a win against
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cancer. how she is living out her dream and inspiring millions. >> and daredevil nick wallenda's latest hoe wire stunt. not one but two skyscraper crossings. >> ♪ >> eagles nation, come with me now, first place, six and two, celebrating the win, but, once again, at a big cost. we'll talk more whether we come back. ♪
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♪ ♪ of hershey's chocolateste to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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>> poconos are test ago rival where erin frein was captured last thursday, look to go whether to see if it was the same used in the september
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ambush that killed corporal brian dixon and wounded trooper alex douglas, outside the blooming grover barracks. frein faces a first degree murder charge, and related offenses. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. >> and, quiet poconos area community looks forward to getting back to normal now that frein is behind bars. residents filled local businesses near the search zone over the weaken. it was a welcome site for business owners, who say, while police search for frein customers were afraid to shop. now that he's in custody, business is starting to pick up again. >> well, everybody was a little bit more chipper, upbeat, everybody talking about how he was caught, you know, just getting their life back to normal. >> it is a fell here now, of relaxation, you can tell, that people here don't have to worry. >> prosecutors have yet to set a trial date for frein. >> 7:13, let's get our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody, happy monday to you, i want to start things off with real pretty view of the skyline
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here. almost like that wide-angle lens, as we take a different view from our very own rooftop here at our cbs-3 and cw studios. facing south still see few clouds out there, but that's generally what you will find out there today. some clouds, some sunshine, and it is starting to ease up. not just on the thermometer, but also in terms that far wind flow. let's take a look at storm scan3, next, where there is nothing to see here folks. once again, high pressure on your side. storm system rolled through over the weaken, man did that pacca punch for new england. still retreating at this point. but still you can see some of the snow left over across atlantic canada. for us more of glancing blow obviously, but did have very chilly weekends as a result of it. currently temperatures 40's, 30's, bulk every us are seeing the 30's, at this point. so you want to bundle up. this is a straight up wintery morning, you got to be ready for t colder right now even in raleigh, than it is in boston, as the real core of that cold is pent up here, essentially across the appalachian
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mountain range. meanwhile as we take you forward in the forecast, we can expect to see skies stay pretty bright, quiet, here, with high pressure on our side. so sunny day, not as harsh as yesterday, but still little chill in the air. so, still a reason i couldn't gave you a plus on that a grade. but by 3:00 p.m. flirting with 60 the best we can hope for. quick look at the evening already show day forecast, miler than we find today, smidge milder than average, too, sunshine projected until the forecast, no weather-related excuses to not hit the polls tomorrow. looks like real good day for all of the polls tomorrow. >> good stuff. >> thanks, katie, appreciate t checking traffic, and props to the folks at penndot. accident clear on 76 eastbound past conshohocken, things moving a little bit better, but meanwhile, ben franklin bridge, this is little jam, there ben franklin bridge light volume. not major problem at all. accident new jersey turnpike, past route 206. exit seven. the shoulder of inner roadway. so just a heads up if you are
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in that area. and disable vehicle, on i-95, southbound, walt whitman bridge, packer avenue, right shoulder, not causing many problems but heads up, delaware looking smooth and green, nice and smooth in new castle count. >> i our time now 7:16. terminally ill al california woman who moved to oregon to lender life did just that over the weekend? in the weeks before her death, 29 year old brittany maynard revived the national debate about the right-to-die on your own terms. cbs correspondent don champion has her story. >> reporter: diagnosissed when inch curable brain cancer being family members say brittany maynard wanted to leave this world on her own terms. in the end she did so. saturday, surrounded by family, she took a lethal medication, prescribed by a doctor, in her on line obituary, family members wrote: while she had longed for children of her own, she left this world with zero regrets on time spent, places been, or people she loved, in
7:17 am
her 29 years. >> i hope my family is stilt proud of me in the choices i made. >> last week in a video posted on line, it seemed maynard struck billion dollars her decision to die, before cancer destroyed her. >> i still laughed and smiled with my family and friends enough that it doesn't seem like the right time. >> she went public in october with her plans to end her life on november 1st. after doctors gave her only six months to live, she and her husband moved to oregon, it is one of five states where it is legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients take their lives. >> i don't want to die. >> in a interview with cbs's january crawford, three weeks ago, maynard defended her decision. >> no, cancer sending my life. i am choosing to end it a little sooner and in a lot less pain and suffering. >> before her death, maynard publicly crossed off items on her bucket list, her final one, visiting the grand canyon. >> don champion, "eyewitness
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news" on the "cw philly". your time now 7:17. nineteen year old basketball player with inoperable brain cancer fulfills life-long dream. lauryn hill hit the basketball court to make her college basketball debut in cincinnati. former high school star scored the first and last baskets in the ncaa division three game, pelting her schoolmate st. joseph college against tyrone college. >> i've never felt so good in my entire life. i've always had never give up attitude about everything. i've always liked to challenge myself. >> oh, hugs for all. blessings, young lady. to top it all off, lauren given not one but two awards for courage. good to see that you. still ahead this morning, search for answer asks on after that crash of a virgin galactic rocket over the week end. >> also ahead, halloween crews takes frightening turn. somemething goes terribly wrong, and chaos breaks out. when passengers are forced to evacuate the ship. >> first here's what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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make it progresso or make it yourself listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. a masterpiece of taste. now with more fruit. >> authorities are searching for carlsa so far ha, last seen when forced into a vehicle last night, on west colter street in germantown,
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police say, that vehicle had a broken driver side window, and they're working on getting a better description, as well. >> also, police are investigating a fire in the industrial park, in bristol bucks county. at least three tractor-trailers damaged. it is not clear if those trucks were loaded at the time. >> some high profile campaign nerves our area for the last weekend before tomorrow's election day. president obama stumped for democratic pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, tom wolf, and new jersey governor, chris christie, campaigned for republican incumbent, tom corbett. >> and, ntsb investigators say they found almost all of the parts of virgin galactic spaceship. spaceship two broke apart friday during testing over california's mojave dessert, crash killed co-pilot, and another pilot remains hospitalized. while an official cause of the crash is still month away, federal investigators say, the spaceship's defense system deployed too slowly.
7:23 am
>> happen zero -- hundreds of passengers, the cruise ship, bahama celebration, was leaving grand bahama island friday night. passenger say they heard large and felt a large jolt then the ship lost power. they say a hole in the boat sent water into the bottom two floors, and caused the boat to tilt dangerously to one side. >> i a felt a bang. >> big boom. we felt a hard jerk. stranded on the island for two case with no information, no food for 24 hours. >> we were stranded period. >> close to with you thousand passenger and kree, cruise line spokesperson said no passengers were ever in danger. >> i am area sure frightened. >> daredevil does it again, nick wallenda walks back into the record books for not one but two, death defying act. begat shaban more on the stunt that may be wallenda's craziest feat to date. >> all right, shy town, let's do this, baby.
7:24 am
>> nick wallenda worked without a net, or harness, 61 stories high. that's nearly 700 feet above the windy city sunday night. >> it is all about pushing myself and become better at what i do. homing to inspire other to become better at what they do. >> the 35 year old high wire daredevil kissed his wife and kids, before walking uphill on a wire the circumference of a penny. he carried 45 pawn balancing pole, with wind gusts hitting 22 miles per hour walking from the iconic marina twin towers to skyscraper on the other side of the chicago river. >> to god be the glory praise you jesus, what amazing opportunity. you guys watching think i'm crazy but this is what i was made for. >> six minutes, 522nd later, he finished his feat. >> i was following pretty good. >> then showing nerves of steel he raise the the steaks even higher. >> wear a blind folds, list
7:25 am
toned his father direct him to a walk between two marina towers. >> and then he arrived less than 90 seconds later. >> there is no time for fear to end near your mind. >> said he was a bit intimidated by the winds. >> that wire was shaking under me. >> set two world records sunday. and he's already planning his next tonight. >> "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> i'm shaking like a leaf just watching the individual glow no kidding. just doing alone is scary, let alone blind folded? >> in his blood.
7:26 am
>> and good morning, i'm ukee washington, search on for missing woman who may have been kidnapped. the detectives tell "eyewitness news", carlasha free lands gator seen 9:40 last night when forced into dark colored car on west colter street. police say the driver side window is broken, if you happen to see it, we're work to go get better description of the car and bring you updates as soon as we get any new information. >> checking forecast with katie over in the weather center overall actually looks like pleasant day for us, not as windy as yesterday, little warmer than yesterday was, but still keep the sun around, storm scan3, showing nothing more than some ground cloud err out there some of the area radar site. but temperatures still off to chilly start.
7:27 am
still just little breezy, so you'll notice, that but again no where near the wind issues we saw yesterday. so it is only getting better from here, little less harsh, mid 60s for reelection day, pleasant forecast, and actually flirting with 70 even as we approach wednesday. looking ahead to thursday, friday, though, temperatures do start to drop back off. ukee? >> katie, thanks so much. let's look at the roads, 76 westbound, approaching belmont avenue, experiencing some delays as commuters travel out bound from the city, our next shot roosevelt boulevard also backed up, traveling southbound toward i76. lansdale-doylestown septa regional rail line operating we're told with delays of 30 minutes due to wire problems. we'll do it again at 7:55, we're keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw
7:28 am
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>> in port richmond, two people have been sickened by mysterious odor. that we're now hearing may be cyanide. hazmat crew remains on the scene over at abbott's on the 2100 block of whooshadder street. both victims did loose consciousness, have been rushed to nearby hospitals.
7:30 am
jan carabeo headed to the scene for us, we'll bring you live report as soon as she arrives, and gets you more information. >> catch pain 2014, down to the final hours. >> gubernatorial election have brought in political power houses, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo picks up this story. >> spending his day stomping in the philadelphia suburbs, and incumbent governor tom corbett knows he has tough fight on election day, he and his republican supporters are rallying for every vote they they get get. >> myo end pent wants to be ed rendell. tax, and spend. tax and spend. he wants to be barack obama. >> corbett's new jersey counterpart governor chris christie, lent his voice to the cause, sunday night, in bucks county. >> democrats not coming out, knocks excited, and they shouldn't be.
7:31 am
>> not excited about tom wolf in pennsylvanian what will happen on tuesday night, four more years. >> he is hoping for big voter turn out in democrat rich philadelphia, brought in president owe bamm, a unfortunately, because we have had a governor who doesn't always work with us, ranks second to last in the country job growth. >> attack corbett not only on jobs, but education too, wolf promise to go fully and fairly funds pennsylvania schools. >> we're in philadelphia right now, not just true in philadelphia, that's true in york county. true in elk county. >> true in err ear. >> i governor tom corbett traveling in the polls all year, but internal polling shows much closer race. he believes that this is going to come down to voter turn out. analysts, however, believe this will be low voter turn
7:32 am
thought election day. reporting in the sat center, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> well, president obama left for washington on different plane, that brought him to philadelphia. there was some mechanical problem in the flap of the c32, came in on prompting officials to bring in back up, the white house describes it as a minor problem. >> today will ends up being a nicer day than yesterday. man was it cold outside. way colder than average, we know that much. also those winds, that just would not let up. personal story, avenue grill outside, and the grill was being shoved across the patio, it was so windy. how about that? that said, we do at least have sunshine out there yet again today. it is going to certainly brighten up niceliment now you're basically looking at half and half view right here on "skycam 3", a live look from our own station headquarters here, in center city, but we continue to see some sunshine at least, that's really a norm across the board here, so yes, i think you'll
7:33 am
see some clouds along the way, overall ends up being real nice day. just shy of seasonable, though, storm scan3, keeping high pressure on our side, and we are seeing temperatures start off on very cool note. so they'll have hard time get to go seasonable today. closer than they were yesterday. thirty-nine the current temperature at the airport, the wind is slackening up little bit. also notice it is starting to turn a bit more westerly, which means, just not as harsh outside. but it does still feel cold. twenty-two is how it feels right now, mount pocono, 32, how it feels right now, atlantic city, and you're flirting with freezing levels here, even along i-95, so just make sure to bundle up walking out the door. you'll want the sunglasses, too shooting for 58 degrees in philadelphia, later on today. ukee, over to you. >> katie, thanks so much. let's check some traffic. and the rush is kicking in now. yes indeed. traffic on the benny is moving slowly, on both sides of the bridge. i95 southbound, going toward the betsy ross bridge, also backed up, you see it there on the right-hand side of your screen, back up significantly.
7:34 am
they are creeping. >> southbound past pennypack circle, out err drive, i'm told, also an accident in cheltenham on limekiln pike at greenwood ask, thank you traffic producer tim. also 495 delaware new castle county so far so good. >> happening today, workers from the trump taj mahal casino will march on the atlantic city mayor's offers. they want mayor don guardian to reconsider a decision that can force the casino to close. dodge threatened to close in december if it doesn't get $175 million aid package, from atlantic set i and the state. so far, guardian has refused that request four other atlantic city casinos have closed this year. our time now 7:34. let's get a check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, the market opens in record territory today, nice on a monday watch are investor
7:35 am
watching? good economic data, the dow jumped 195 points, on friday, that means, it is now at a new record high. the nasdaq is also at 14 and a half year hi, want to keep this momentum going, november and december are traditionally two of the best months of the year for the market. there is a lot on at jen did a, most important, on friday, the government will release its jobs report for october. that always can move the market. ukee, err dismay. >> jill, 13 years after the attacks on america, one world trade center opens for business today. what can you tell us about it? an important emotional milestone for new york and the country. publishing giant, will start moving employees in this morning, the company's ceo calls one world trade the tallest, 06% of the office space is leased. ukee, erika. >> jill, thanks so much. and for more money tips and information from money
7:36 am
watch. com head to our website >> let's talk sports now, the eagles are in the top spot in the ffc east big win on the road. birds have at least two injuries that could be troubled down the line. >> we're joined now by paul jolovitz from sister station, sports radio, 94wip. jolly, always great to have you. >> good to be here. >> good to see you. >> we start with nick foles that first quarter how about? >> first quarter good. unfortunately all there was for nick struggling with turnovers. eagles came in struggling with turnovers, which they struggled again, struggling in the red zone, but they got off to big start. nick foles. >> jeremy maclin, great first half, and he stretches defense, hard to put him in the box. nick to jeremy, had huge day, but here is the mr. hyde kind of the back foot being pressured, tackling drill doesn't exactly work here guys. >> not at all. >> and a pick turns into a pick six. and it is seven-seven, and you
7:37 am
think well nick up and down day, but didn't think it was pretty much done. but you talk about names in sports, linebackers name merciless, that's what he was going to be with nick foles. got him in the back, end of the first quarter, drove them down, that collarbone, looks like four weeks. maybe four to six weeks. and. >> brought in mark sanchez, started, back up to steve. >> gentlemen, general steve, indeed. >> absolutely. >> but 'd great pro season. >> great pre-season. >> and he came prepared. >> easy to slide into it. mark sanchez, little more mobile. he came in, he sort of hit the grounds running. i mean, there are some passes would you like to have back. >> sure. >> the first play you figure will ease him in. right? >> goes deep. i was hollering when i that you. >> deep to jeremy, 52 yards down to the six. welcome to the eagles mark. first pass, and, you know, you get iron feet wet quick with
7:38 am
chip. but sanchez, you know, this is a play, you like to have back, through two picks, not the world most active passer. i think better in the system. i think more confident. i was happen width way he played yesterday. hits mobility in the pocket. decision-making, decisive. this one would you like to have back. he wasn't really anchoring the stepping in the throw there anyway. >> see like to part like a v instead of in front. >> will be here for the next month at least. so we'll see it, obviously quarterback controversy down the road. >> how about shady, man? >> shady, over 6,000 running book, three headed attack got going yesterday, in the thirds quarter you see there is offensive line, you know, jason kelce back big deal. and mathis comes back with four plus 70 yards. get a team tide. get them with tempo. then throw the punches. you didn't hear jj watt at all in the second half. >> at all. and damico made that interception. i knew something was wrong, i
7:39 am
didn't know what, whether he dropped the ball. >> guys, that's a shame, dropped the ball without anything, you think this is a play that could be so many different things. he makes the pick in the road zone, you're thinking good thing, thens goes to the turf. former captain of the texas ands, revered down there, and both teams, see the respect for demeco ryans. >> even the fans, yes. >> both teams. that's a big, big lost, that's a leered, nick foles leaders of the offense, damico, can kendricks step in, matthews, this is the biggest lost for the day, because of the opportunity cost, because of what's behind him. >> sanchez i think can hold the fort. and damico will be tough to replace in the defense. one big play, we'll see how that is handled as they start with carolina but out for the year, second achilles tendon problem, good luck to hip. >> chip has depth on the roster. >> next man up. >> next man up. >> next man up. >> how we do it. >> thank you.
7:40 am
>> t-shirt with that on it, next man up. >> thanks, buddy. right now 7:40, and it is a movie likely to send chills down your spine. >> foxcatcher is based on true events in highly publicized local murder case. it is set to hit theatres soon. i acclaimed director is here with just studio to talk more about it, coming up next. >> and a wedding at 35,000 feet, love is fake tone new heights, in the first ever in-flight marriage ceremony. more on this couple why they want the ceremony in the air. >> ♪ >> you better know what time it is. did you move your clocks. >> wasn't it wonderful waking up yesterday morning? >> i'm telling you. >> extra hour. >> the chicago transit authority. the original name, by the way. >> really? look at youment fun fact monday. >> but the transit authority in chicago says no, that's our
7:41 am
name, so they just made it chicago. >> history was made. we'll be back.
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it provides lightweight oxygen--fused moisture for the moisture you need and the volume you want. so you can enjoy moisture with 95% more volume. dove oxygen moisture. >> check out, nearly white out conditions in maine over the weekend. more than a foot of snow fell, all across the state, blanketing roadways, and also pulling down power lines, too. just look at all of that. this is the same storm system that also brought earliest recorded snowfall in part of south carolina. way far away. where days earlier they had temperatures in the 80s. strange system. maine and south carolina, katie, but no snow here. that's what matters. >> he can actually, just sort of the way the storm system formed really. we ended up seeing some snow to the south, and snow to the north, because it was too pieces of energy coming
7:44 am
together. what we ended up with more than anything was just chill in the air. obviously the rain on saturday. now that's long gone. sunday's high ended up topping off at 49 degrees. obviously far cry from the norm. which at this point of the year is still into the 60s. and we are going to start it rebound here today. here's what's going on the area of low pressure still brinking in some snow, if you can believe it here, across atlantic canada. that continues to pull away. high pressure taking its place, which does bode well for our forecast for the next couple every days. but we've got more wet weather already waiting in the wings, front range of the rockies, already starting to see some signs of life here. some snow, some rain, and eventually, that becomes the next system to affect our area. it looks like specifically, thursday, is the timing on that. so, temperatures have chance to rebounds in the meantime, high pressure taking the place of low. and that means, we are warming up here, up aerials, i know that's not warm, but warmer than it was yesterday. and we're closer to seasonable. by tuesday, mid 60s, looks likes pleasant election day for us. next front starting to move n but here is the thing. that front likely fizzles with
7:45 am
time. so probably just going to end up with a lot of clouds out of this. and then, new area of low pressure will likely develop along that, so thursday, looks like our wet day. meanwhile we take you out to beach patrol headquarters in margate. all calm. couple of white wimpy waves. very tranquil start to the day here, but looks are very deceiving, guys, it is chilly outside. i layered on the heavy winter coat, probably want to do the same. bottoming out in the 30's many locations this morning, but we rebound later today. mid 60s expected thomas we mentioned there is lends up being the mildest day of the pack. sixty-eight on wednesday. but expect more clouds out there, courtesy of that weakening cold front. that is on the move. ukee, we send it over to you. >> i'll take it, thank you, katie. want to be to -- to go to camera one, eastbound of route 29, experiencing mild delays, you can see right there on your screen during the morning commute, through the suburbs. our camera two right there i95 moving slowly on the northbound side approaching
7:46 am
highland. checking out the maps, lansdale doylestown septa regional rail line operating with delays, and up to 30 minutes, that's because of wire problems we're toll. so want to play your commute accordingly. again, 30 minute delays. then map two, an accident, on the roosevelt boulevard, this is southbound just past pennypack circle, it is on the outer drive. so taking roosevelt boulevard southbound, heads up for that. and a quick note for you, if you are in delaware, we're toll traffic on i495 in delaware, southbound and northbound, it is moving quite nicely. ukee, over to you. >> opening soon at theater near you, story many in this area will remember like it happened yesterday. a true live account of dominance as well as submission between three men, all in pursuit of their version of success and the american dream. the story of foxcatcher. >> do you have any idea who i am? some rich guy, calls you on the phone, i want to speak with you about what you hope to achieve.
7:47 am
what do you hope to achieve, mark? >> i want to be the best in the world. >> good. >> steve correll is johnny dupont. foxcatcher comes to the world by way of academy award nominated direct or bennett mill here brought you the film's money ball and capote. bennett miller joins thus morning to preview his latest project, foxcatcher. niles to see you. >> women come. >> i remember thinking back in 96, while working here, that one day this film will probably be on the big screen. that day has come. what were your immediate thoughts when you first heard the storey? >> well, i didn't learn about the story until about eight years ago. and i was curious, i was fascinated, it just seemed bizarre, and it is the casino
7:48 am
every thing that could have been a comedy if it hadn't ended horribly. >> dave schultz being shot. >> and i was curious about the transaction, like what -- what did one of the wealthiest men in the world want with his wrestling team, and, you know, what was the understanding between them? >> was it difficult to bring to the big screen? >> yes. it took, you know, eight years, for it to happen, mostly because the support, the financial support to get the film made. >> odd story. speak speaking of the story for new generation, can you explain the try angular dynamic of the three main characters, and of course, tragically ending in the killing of dave schultz? >> well, you have very wealthy men, john dupont, who has a vision, and ambition about being the leader of an olympic wrestling team, which --
7:49 am
>> looking at some of the pictures now, go ahead. >> which is going to in his minds, you know, bring glory to the u.s., you know, vis-a-vis soviet relationship, then you have got two brothers, who are olympic gold medalists, and unsupported, not like, you know, the soviet are very supported, and you've got these two brothers have got their own issues. and they ends up down at the farm with this coach who whose interests are not what they seem. >> unbelievable. i mean i was taken back to when it all happened, when it went down. i'm curious, nanny shut, was she all in at the start? because the story would be told over and over again, now it is on the big screen, tell us about nancy. dave's wife. >> well, the widow of dave schultz, nancy shouldn't, could have received me and the notion after film in many different ways. and i believe she is one of
7:50 am
the most extraordinary women. >> sure. >> i've ever met. she received us with an openess, open mind he had necessary, and trust, and she became one of the -- along with mark shultz, became, you know, the biggest supporters of film. she here in philadelphia tonight for the screening, yes. >> we'll talk to her later. i didn't know john dupont. as i said, i was here, i saw video of him. you heard people talk about him. when i saw steve correll for john dupont i went wow, right on point. talk about that man's talents? he is the guy that does comedy. >> yes. you know, nobody expected john dupont to do what he did. there is a lot of signs there. but when it happened, it really shock everybody. and so part of the idea of casting steve correll, put somebody in there who you did not expect can do what he does. and, as it happens, he's an
7:51 am
enormously talented actor. >> no question. >> with abilities beyond what he might have ever had the opportunity to exhibit. and he's -- he really, destroys it. >> what would you like to, audiences to get out of this, when it comes to any type of messages about education, awareness every mental illness. is it about brotherly love, is it about spirit of competition? >> there are a loft themes in there. but i'm a film maker. it is not about a message. i know it is political season, but his is a film, a movie, and hopefully something that end grosses you n and provocative, and it is a little bit after hard ride sometimes. >> oh, yes, no question. >> dark story. but i mean i hope people become absorbed in it. >> i certainly was, no doubt about that. thank you, sir. i appreciate you coming by. continued success. foxcatcher opens nationwide in our area november 21st, at the ritz east, in center city, then all over the area on the
7:52 am
26. dave schultz widow will join me on talk philly at noon on cbs-3. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> indianna couple takes their day to new heights. >> for the first time ever, southwest airlines, they held an in-flight wedding on the flight from nashville to dallas. check it out. the bride and groom dancing down the aisles, to the flight on the plane. they travel about five days out of the week, for work, so getting married in flight, just seemed like a good idea. >> amazing, so fun. >> yes. >> everyone. >> we thought why not get marinade airplane? we're in a airplane most of our time. >> too much. well, thanks to all of their frequent-flier miles, get there is able to purchase 30 tickets on that flight for their family and friend. so, 30 of those tickets, were
7:55 am
able to take care every, since mr. and mrs. stewart chose southwest, the airline agreed sends the honeymoon in puerto rico. >> look closely in the back of the plane, see the ban for the reception, guy with symbols, high hats. >> peanuts for everyone, enjoy your dinner. imagine if you were just on that plane and not part of the wedding party. >> what's going on smear. >> that was funny hey we'll take short break, you're watching "eyewitness news" on the c billion if i i. we'll right back.
7:56 am
>> good morning, updating -- updating breaking news, two people sickens by mysterious odor. hazmat crew remains on the scene of the 2100 block of wishart street. we're told both victims lost consciousness, and they've been rushed to nearby hospitals. this is happening at abbott's plating. officials now say, that they believe the odor was likely coming from cyanide. our jan carabeo heading to that scene and will bring you a live report as soon as we have more information for you. right now back to work back to school for a loft folks. looking little chilly, kate. >> i actually off to a quite chilly start here this morning. but it is getting better with time here. storm scan3, showing couple of clouds, that have started to roll in for you.
7:57 am
so at the moment, you have got some blue skies, filtered some cloud cover, but real pleasant day, that said, and just not as harsh as yesterday was. we week out almost ten more degrees than we did yesterday. more sunshine for you, less wind. tonight we drop it down to 43, real quick check on the eyewitness weather seven day, seeing the warm up continue through wednesday. erika? >> all right, thank you. take a look at the roads right now, check that out. route 422 eastbound, east of route 29, experiencing some mild delays, during the morning commute through the suburbs. next camera, see, 95, moving slowly on the northbound side of the high lan area there. we will be right back in a couple of minutes. see you on the "cw philly".
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> last day of campaign 2014, tom wore bet continuing his re-election campaign through the philadelphia suburb. >> he shook hands at bucks,
8:00 am
delaware, montgomery counties. corbett got help from a fellow republican governor, new jersey chris christie. corbett says he'll hold the line on taxes. >> he wants to spend more money, tax more money, tax people more. and i want to try to keep our taxes reasonable for the people of pennsylvania. >> the polls show corbett trailing in double digits behind democratic challenger tom wolf. wolf headed to lancaster, pittsburgh everything last night got help from president obama in north philadelphia. the two appeared before several thousand people at the liacouras center, in his speech, president touted national economic growth, while criticizing governor corbett on job growth in pennsylvania. >> because we have had a governor who doesn't always work with us, pennsylvania ranks second to last in the country in job growth. if we want this election to actually deliver on the promise of those three things, education, jobs, and fairness, guess what we got to


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