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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 5, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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grateful to the voters of pennsylvania, forgiving me this chance, to serve as governor of pennsylvania. >> and a win in pennsylvania apology tics, tom wolf cruises to a double digit victory over governor tom corbett but that is not the only race we are watching. we are waking up to a major shake up in washington. also developing this morning a possible break in the case in the search for a woman snatched off the street in germantown. the surveillance video here gives us our clearest look yet at the man police are looking for right now and we're also getting a new view of the kidnping. that new surveillance video gives investigators a break in the case of the woman snatched off the street in philadelphia a carlesha gaither's atm was used in the bank in aberdeen maryland just a couple hours from where she lived in california, maryland. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from northwest detectives with the closer look at police video they want to you see, jan, good morning . >> reporter: erika, good
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morning. police are trying to track down this person of interest. they are hoping this new surveillance video and images will help to do just that. this manhunt has gotten huge attention and it is as a result of the fbi, and it is the break in the case that they have been waiting for. it is latest look at a person of interest, wanted, here in connection with the kidnapping of carlesha freeland gaither. this late tuesday night comes from the gas station convenient store in aberdeen, maryland. investigators traced the 22-year old's atm card to that area police released these still images capturing that person of interest in the stand alone bank atm using her card. and, they are holding out hope that these developments mean investigators are closing in on the kidnapper. >> i'm happy that he showed his face because now he will put himself out there and that is good. and we're all devastated. >> we want carlesha returned to us safely. we love her. we all love her. >> reporter: gaither lived
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with her grand mother in california, maryland until she was 19, about two hours south of aberdeen. during her time there her grandmother say gaither had questionable boyfriend. >> did he come to my house. he wanted to take carlesha out on his own and i disapproved of that. >> reporter: meantime second camera angle from colt or street is providing details with how gaither was kidnaped sunday night in germantown. the suspect follows the nursing aid on her way home from her god son's birthday party and attack. he drags her one city block before throwing the woman in the back of the car and speed ago way. >> it is so important to me. you took my pride and my joy and you abused it. >> reporter: now police are working this case around the clock. they will be reviewing traffic camera video and i-95 corridor between philadelphia and maryland. if you have any information you should call police. the reward is sitting at $47,000. we're reporting live out identify northwest detectives, jan carabao for "eyewitness
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news" at cw philly. 80:00 36789 lets get traffic and weather together. good morning, katie. >> good morning, erika. we have a whimpy frontal boundary crossing through today. thats where the cloud cover is coming from this morning more than anything but we will see just a light will the sprinkle here as we go up towards the most extreme outskirts of our region here. we will look at storm scan three and it is mainly cloud cover. but when we zero in on carbon and monroe county and take a snapshot view around i80 corridor and interchange over the northeast extension, we've got very light precipitation there. we might to have flick wipers once or twice if that is where your travels take you here today but rest of us just expect some clouds. here we stand currently in the mid 50's, press i mild for standards and we will ease liz eke out another ten plus degrees on the thermometer readings here today. in fill we are a talking about a high of 67. normal high is 6o we're over achieving yet again for yet another day but just not as bright or sunny as yesterday was. we will see some sunshine but more of a premium today.
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tomorrow, get ready to dust off that umbrella we will talk more about the next system on tap, coming up, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. the bad news is that traffic and rush hour is still lingering out there. the got news is that some areas are starting to move around ever so slightly. lets talk about i-95 southbound still experiencing a slow down out of the north east down through the vine street expressway. northbound i-95 you are doing okay between the vine and northeast section of philadelphia it is not awful. through construction zone we will get tied up a bit. look at ben franklin bridge. it is not awful. we will usually see delays back into new jersey but we are only seeing that rush hour pocket approaching the area obviate and vine so right over mid span. it could be worth. 18 miles an hour on the schuylkill expressway. your highest pocket of traffic westbound approaching the area of the boulevard out through gladwynn and eastbound 422 in the red there as well approaching oaks and 202. twenty on 476, 14 traveling on i-95. traveling in new jersey we
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will find delays on the 42 northbound approaching area of 295 out of 55 and watch out for this accident in bucks county lincoln highway near i-95. ukee. well, voters in pennsylvania cast their ballots for a change in direction. democrat tom wolf and republican governor tom corbett a crushing defeat. it is first time in the state's modern day history a governor lost a bid for reelection. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in south philadelphia with reaction from both sides, nicole. >> reporter: that is right, ukee, it was a spirited campaign on both sides and both side agree it was well for the but this morning voter reaction is definitely split as you mentioned tom wolf takes on the governor's seat with tom corbett as the forty-seventh governor of pennsylvania. >> let us be the people to actually create this bright future we deserve and lets get started. thank you very much.
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>> reporter: inside york's arena governor elect tom wolf steered his vision for pennsylvania, following a historic, decisive win over republican incumbent tom corbett, the first pennsylvania governor to go down in defeat while seeking a second term. >> i called tom wolf and i thanked him for a well for the fight. i congratulated him on his victory and i wished him well in the next four years. >> reporter: reflecting on the past, corbett thank his taff for energetic campaign and constituents for the opportunity. >> i'm techily proud of everything, and every office we have done, because we dit for the right reason, we did it for the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: an office in which wolf a businessman and first time candidate he hopes to create jobs, invest in the economy, take advantage of the state's natural resources and establish education, that is a priority in pennsylvania, without burden taxpayers. >> we have to make sure we have a level playing field this campaign has to be about
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resurrecting and restoring penn's promise of an inclusive, opened, and level playing field for everybody. >> reporter: wolf will have the opportunity to do make sure on those promises come january when he officially takes office as the forty-seventh governor of pennsylvania. once again we have been broadcasting live from geno's steaks here in south philadelphia with our sister radio station 98.1, wogl. we are tracking reaction to the election results, tom wolf, coming in as a winner, and, we are here live from south philadelphia. you said you are happy with the outcome, joe tell us why. >> we have the working man's guy in there with tom wolf and brady, and it depends how good he does. i think he will do great a as far as the working people of philadelphia and pennsylvania. >> reporter: did you get out there and vote. >> yes, i did, early yesterday morning at second and reid.
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>> reporter: there you have have it. folks happy with the outcome. some, not all of them i'm sure but that is politics as it goes. that is latest live from south philadelphia, we will send it back to you live in the studio. >> results are in and republican tom mcarthur, wins the race, and, mcarthur beat out democratic candidate amy belgard with 55 percent of the vote. he formally served as mayor of the randolph, new jersey. now mcarthur says he is looking forward to his new role in congress. >> i'm excited, i'm humled. i'm probably a little overwhelmed: i'm very grateful for voters for putting their faith in me. >> meantime new jersey's first district will remain democratic, donald norcross beat out republican garry cobb, a former philadelphia eagles linebacker, with 56 percent of the votes. in pennsylvania's use it congressional district representative mike fitzpatrick declared victory over democrat kevin strauss
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just after 10:00 last night. experts predict that race would be closer then it was. fitzpatrick took 62 percent of the votes. >> i think it is a pretty strong message being delivered back to the united states congress and of washington and i think they hear bucks county and eighth district loud and clear on what needs to happen here. so you have returned me for another two years for my final two years in the united states congress. >> get ready because there is a slew of races next year and we need to start preparing for them. so thank you so much for all of your support. i'm so proud to be here with you. i don't care what the results say. you guys work your tails off and appreciate it. >> democrats had wins in new jersey and delaware but overall night belong to republicans. the g.o.p. security control of the senate with wins in key battle ground states and kept control of the house of representatives. senator mitch mcconnell from kentucky could be the next majority leader. president obama will weigh in on the election results at a news conference at 2:50 this
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afternoon. coming up we will have a full report about ramifications of a republican house and senate. stay wi "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the election, you can see results of the race that he is matter most to you on our web site at cbs happening today a meeting for parents of students at recently closed philadelphia charter high school, administrators at walter palmer high school plan to answer questions and help find students placement a across the city. the school closed abruptly last month after its founder challenge the school district's enrollment cap in court and lost. also today driver accused of causing a deadly bus crash in delaware is due in court. the bus driver was driving the bus in september when it rolled over on the ramp from route one to route 13. three passengers were killed. dozens more were hurt. the judge will tea side if is there enough evidence to put him on trial. we are learning new details about eric frein's seven weeks on the run from
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the police, find out how he evaded the man hunt for so long. also no hoodies allowed, controversial clothing ban that is becoming more popular in some philadelphia stores. you know it is dangerous but you still do it. surprising number of people admit texting and driving. >> ♪ more than just stars in the sky we will show you mysterious green object caught on cam why flying across the sky, we will tell you what it was coming up.
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a student who tipped off officials to threats at radnor
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high school is talking only to "eyewitness news". senior zachary taylor says when a 17 year-old classmate shared her class notes with him he suddenly found himself looking at a page, and then another page, page after page of alleged threats to kill fellow students and a teacher. the 17 year-old was arrested monday and is undergoing a mental evaluation. taylor says when he saw notes he immediately took pictures, and then took them to school administrators who called the police. >> one of my friends actually said like don't worry about this dude, this is nothing. i said no, this is definitely something. if i had not done something or if had done unseen then we can down the line we could have a completely different story that is much more terrible. >> the the 17 year-old female student is charged with making terroristic threats. we have new information this morning about how murder suspect eric frein was able to allude police for so long. according to court documents frein admitted using a lap top during the 48 day manhunt to
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track search efforts. he reportedly accessed interest net through opened wifi accounts. police took a lap top and two storage drives into evidence at the abandoned airport hanger where he was captured. 8:15. lets get traffic and weather to go. good morning. >> lots of moving pieces here,er contact good morning everybody. storm scan three showing signs of life but we are seeing this frontal boundary this latest cold front fist welling time. other than a sprinkle up toward poconos. we will expect to see cloud around the region here today. more clouds than sunshine. two pieces of the puzzle. we have a clip dropping from the northern plains and we are drawing in moisture from the south here. those two pieces combined bring us next threat for more substantial weather. it starts as early as late tonight as showers begin to move in, pockets of steady rain, generally overnight, this evening looks fine and this will last us throughout especially throughout the morning commute and then it looks like we will might catch a break if you believe this,
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we might catch a break in the action but we will see another round of showers or steady rain pick up later into the night. we have a warm front and then cold front crossing through and that cold front is picking up potential for maybe some flurries well off to the northwest. it is sign of the cooler a air moving in. with that said it is just one example of the pulses of cool air expect to move way here through mid-november. we are expecting that temperatures will generally be below average through the next couple of weeks here as we see a few additional pulses of colder air coming in with these same kind of systems. more canadian cold air will help these temperatures drop off but we will see ebb and flow along the way. much like all week. yesterday was mile to call was mild with more clouds than anything. tomorrow watch for those round of rain, but overall seasonal with that temperature. meanwhile friday, chillier, breezy and brightening up for more sunshine, vittoria.
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>> and it will be friday. >> exactly. >> we will need to get through this rush hour traveling on the schuykill expressway we will hit a wednesday hump. in the eastbound direction making your way dn towards center city that is this volume you see here, westbound off ramps, montgomery drive, going to notice delays there at girard. then further west in your western suburbs, you will run in the another delay. lets talk about 422 and talk about a delay here eastbound 422 jammed approaching oaks down to 202 and that is where we are seeing the red on 422, red as well on the northbound side of 476 between i-95 and would i say media swarthmore, red on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching the a area of the roosevelt boulevard toward gladwynn but we have yellow out there and red traveling on i-95 out of the northeast down to the vine. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport looking better, ukee. racial profiling or just a way to deter crime that is debate that is raging surrounding some signs in store windows they read do not
8:18 am
hunter with hoodie or mask. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is in south philadelphia with a look a who is behind the signs. >> reporter: signs like this one are popping up on many corner store doors in south philadelphia. customers are being asked to take off their hoodies or masks before entering. store owners say it is a way to protect themselves. >> robbers, they wear hoodies and masks, and that is why we don't want them. >> doctor as sanity i says banning hoodies out of fear is a form of racial profiling. >> what you are essentlly saying is people who have certain characteristics shouldn't come in here. >> reporter: asante is share of temple university's african-american studies. >> the idea, coming up with the trayvon martin situation is coming up and i think that is the target and that is where the targeting comes in. >> reporter: trayvon martin was an unarmed teen gunned down while he was wearing a hoodie which became a symbol of his story. many store owners we spoke
8:19 am
with are minorities themselves and say this isn't meant to be about race. >> that is what it is, nothing else. >> again, against african people perpretrated by african people. >> reporter: community organizer nate chapman says signs have been effective and not intended to profile. >> i can understand maybe some perspectives but hoodies are worn by everyone all over the world. >> reporter: cuss in mers we spoke with say they are not offend need sign and they are more tn happy to take off their hood before entering. >> you know, bring your hoodie down and come in the store, put it back in on the waste out. >> reporter: sign of respect for a sign that mayo fend others n south philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitnes news". still to come fight to go get back on the field what ray rice is doing today as he tries to return to the nfl. also unearthing history thanks to super storm sandy, secrets hid men that pile of metal down the shore. but first here's is what coming up tonight on the cw
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well, a landslide in southwest china is caught on camera. dirt and rocks tumbled on to a stretch of the highway there are in reports of the yours but that landslide trapped over 1,000 vehicles. blink and you missed it, dash cam video from a police sergeant's patrol car in west virginia captured a mysterious green object flashing through the sky monday night.
8:23 am
it turns out that the object was a meet oro id, a small stone or piece of debris traveling through space. hundreds of people across eastern u.s. from pennsylvania to georgia reported seeing that greenish fireball. in the wake of super storm sandy, work crews may have uncovered a 19th century ship wreck. workers are building a a pro protective sea wall and while drilling they struck a steel beam some 25 feet underground and unearthed these pieces. experts say that these remnants could blank to a ship that wreck during a storm back in 1850. now a key piece of the evidence, is what is called a winless used on sailing vessels for some 300 years. >> that is an object, a device that is located on the bow of the boat and used to raise the anchor or to pull in heavy lines. >> it is absolutely fascinate to go find something like this
8:24 am
department of environmental protection will visit the site and determined whether or not to excavate and see how much more they can bring up. >> just looking at all that wood, metal, it has been down there for hundreds of years. >> that is a great find i can imagine everybody there just going nuts. >> no question bit. imagine if you were happening to be near the beach when that happened, seeing all that stuff coming up. >> makes you wonder what else is under note there. >> we will take a short break. you're watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we will see new a little bit.
8:25 am
hi, good morning i'm ukee washington. new surveillance video shows a person of interest wanted in connection to carlesha gaither's abduction caught on camera. please look at these imag. this were taken from the store in aberdeen maryland in the far from where her atm card was used tuesday morning. police are still searching around the clock. their manhunt is now gone into two states, the reward in this case stands a at $47,000. we will keep y updated. lets get your forecast with katie in the weather center, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we have a lot of cloud cover this morning but we are still regardless expecting a mild day. milder day then average at least. but you can see still is what left of the fizzling frontal boundary bringing in more
8:26 am
clouds. a few sprinkles near poconos and might have a quick shower, if you are traveling westbound perhaps on the pennsylvania turnpike out of the city. i expect around in philadelphia and better pennsylvania part of the delaware valley a dry day with more clouds than sunshine but still again chance to warm up here in the 60's. fifty is our expected low with cloudy skies and showers that will move in late tonight, a and that is from the next system when waits in the wings bringing in periods of rain tomorrow. warm and cold front duo in short over a 24 hour period and out of here, at least clearing out of here by friday, vittoria. >> good morning, everybody. less talk about 202 traveling around 401, it is not awful but on the northbound side you are experiencing lingering delays, from 401 down toward malvern. we are still experiencing lingering delays on the schuylkill, 476, 422, on i-95 and on the 42 freeway as well as 55 leading to the 42. in delays however for mass transit. ukee. >> lets do it again at 8:55.
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up next this morning a teenage technology sensation, now the head of a silicone valley start up, john blackstone shows you how the 13 year-old invention
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make it progresso or make it yourself listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. a masterpiece of taste. now with more fruit. taking a live look outside, sunny and clear, rain is on the way this week, let us know if you need that umbrella today, coming up in just a few minutes. >> traffic is moving fairly well, over on 202 near 401 in
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malvern, vittoria has a check of the roads, doing traffic and weather together in just a few minutes. developing right now a possible break in the case of a woman abduct off the streets in germantown. investigators released, this surveillance video, and. northwest detectives with the are latest. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police have now released that new surveillance video and new images of a person of interest in this case and with every new development the family is hanging on to hope to get one step closer to bringing this loved one home. this is the the latest ape best look at the man police are searching for this morning this manhunt is spanning two states, including the fbi. police have traced carlesha free land gaither's atm card to aberdeen maryland. this surveillance video comes from the gas station convenient store there, released late last night and earlier in the day police had
8:31 am
released still images that show this person of interest in the stand alone bank also in aberdeen using victim's car. finally we will have a second angle of that video from colter street in germantown that shows a suspect stalking gaither out on unday night, he grabs her and drags her nearly one city block before throwing her in the back of the car, seeing all of this gaither's family is still trying to remain positive. >> i'm happy, i'm happy that he showed his face because now he will put himself out there and that is good, i'm happy but devastated. >> now we're told gaither, a nursing assistant was coming home from her god son's birthday party when she was kidnaped. police are work thong case around the clock but investigators will look at traffic cameras on the i-95 corridor from philadelphia to maryland trying to get more clues there, if you have any information you're asked to call police, reward for this case now sits at $47,000. we're reporting live outside
8:32 am
northwest detective, jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> coming up, all right, they are asking me for a rain today what do you think. >> we could see sprinkles in the poconos but that is it for us. so don't worry about the umbrella in most spots here. we can handle a sprinkle in the poconos, no big deal. you might to have flick windshield wipers once or twice up that way but over last few hours over carbon and monroe county things have fizzled and we have a shower creeping in here across portions of the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, well out of the city but that is really it. more than anything, the clouds are what you will net is first, at storm scan three. that is what you will notice looking at gray skies here outside whitefield he will meantry school. 58 degrees just next door to reading. while it may be dreary looking we are looking at a mild start for the standards. 55 degrees even in mount pocono at this hour, 53 at trenton. fifty-seven in wildwood. list goes on. we should add another
8:33 am
10 degrees to this daze time high. with that said it went be prettiest day we have ever seen. yesterday was prettier and milder for that matter but 67 degrees on november 5th that is in the too shabby. we are used to hitting 60 at best. up in the poconos we have a hard time hitting 60 up that way but your average are cooler hitting higher terrain. 67 degrees, also the expected high and there may be, you know, certainly some sunshine out there but it will be more premium for everybody here today. to the weekend we have another pulse of cold air bringing in wet wet's long the way in between now and the weekend but right now it looks like a tranquil weekend overall but we expect however the the chill to be with us low to mid 50's at best for both saturday and sunday. vittoria. >> and good morning everybody. traveling on our majors we are still dealing with the usual rush hour delays. so schuylkill expressway, i-95, looking at 202 right around the the area not too far from malvern between 401 and 29, northbound side is still slow.
8:34 am
now schuylkill expressway, yeah, that is really slow. in either direction if you are traveling east or westbound thinks where you will get tied up around the roosevelt boulevard but note that is we will show you it is indicating slow downs note only around the the boulevard but in your western suburbs coming from the eastbound direction, heading out of the area of king of prussia and traveling on the eastbound side of 422, delays out of the area of oaks down to 202, is 20 your average on the blue route, 11 on i-95, heavy traffic southbound still commuting from academy down through the vine. traveling throughout the the northeast, on the boulevard, southbound devereaux avenue watch out for an accident there, definitely aiding to just that morning hecticness if you will, traveling a bucks county lincoln highway at 95 still dealing with the remnant of the accident so avoid that if you can. mass transit looks great, ukee. pennsylvania governor, tom
8:35 am
corbett, lost to a man who never before held office. "eyewitness news", reporter, at headquarters in pitberg to tell you what the rivals had had to say after the roads were in. >> it is a energetic campaign hard for the fight according to governor tom corbett. he consistently had an uphill battle against his democratic challenger, tom wolf, he consistently trailed wolf in the polls the entire election by double digit. wolf ultimately won by double digits and while the governor concedes defeat, tom wolf is saying, he is excited about getting the next four years going. >> i'm particularly proud of everything in every office we have done because we did it for the right reason. we dit for the people of the coming wealth of pennsylvania. i called tom wolf, and i thank him for a well for the fight. >> i wish him well in the next
8:36 am
four years. >> i'm so grateful for voters of the pennsylvania to give me this chance to serve as governor of pennsylvania. >> reporter: governor corbett making unwanted history becoming first pennsylvania governor to not win reelection. he said he wishes tom wolf the best but he will continue to fight for the the commonwealth of pennsylvania. at the omni william penn pen in pittsburgh natasha brown, "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> the g.o.p. expanded their majority in the house of representatives. cbs news correspondent susan mcginnes tells us how the shift in power will affect president obama's final two years in office. >> vote are sent a strong message to washington. republican sweep hands over control to the g.o.p. mitch mcconnell defeeded allison grimes and is now ready to achieve his long time goal, senate majority leader.
8:37 am
>> i have heard your concerns, and i have made them my own. you will be heard in washington. >> colorado. >> tonight. >> we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. >> reporter: and iowa, where joni became the the first women every electric to congress from the state. republicans here on capitol hill called tuesday's results a rejection of, president obama's policies and a direction of the democratic party. ,. >> i will work with anyone in the senate, democrat, republican, independent, to get things done. >> reporter: senator harry reid, current majority leader said in the statement message from voters is clear, they want tuesday work together. republicans also expanded their majority in the house, and held on to important governorships in a win that
8:38 am
will redraw the political map for the president's final two years in office. susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> democrats came out vittoria in new jersey and delaware. in the garden state corry booker won his first full term as senator beating out jeff bell. booker previously won a special election for the the seat the of the late frank lautenberg. in his victory speech booker said that theation is tired of partisan bickering. >> now in another democrat, delaware chris coons returns to washington for his first full term, he will beat republican businessman ken wade. four years ago coons won a special election to fill vice-president joe biden's old seat. we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the election, we will have the results at the bottom of our screen and our web site at cbs we're on your side with news about general motors latest push about drivers to fix faulty ignitions. gm is offering a $25 gift card
8:39 am
to drivers who fix the ignition switches by december 1st. they recalled millions of cars all over the but half of the half of the reek also still have not been repaired. they have been tied to at least 29 deaths. well, most of us know it is wrong, but do it anyway. the new pole pole released by at&t show 75 percent of motorist, and text regularly and, texting and driving don't affect their habit. one in four are capable of multi tasking behind the wheel and every day wee cases of this where that one second you need that second. >> let me tell you something, coming into work today on i-95 by airport pitch black. you know what time i come n and, i-95, missed me by that much, if i have been down there. >> it happens a lot. >> just happened this morning.
8:40 am
>> before you walk out the door we are updating the top stories including latest developments on the kidnaped germantown woman. >> kay uses on the soccer field, players fighting fans, see more of this wild video we will tell what you spark that ugly brawl. also this morning, this hippo was expecting, but the staff at the zoo wasn't. how the zoo's surprise addition caught everyone off guard. we will be right back. sometimes, caring for your neighbors
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they identified a person of interest and they have released new, surveillance of her abduction. democrat tom wolf is pennsylvania's new governor elect. he defeated tom corbett, first incumbent pennsylvania governor to lose a reelection
8:43 am
bid in the state's modern history. >> republicans control the both house of representatives and u.s. senate. >> mitch mcconnell is in position, to be the new senate majority leader. >> later today, ray rice and his wife janet a and nfl officials will meet in a new york courtroom for rice appeal of his nfl suspension. league suspended former ravens star after video shows him hitting his then fee an a in an atlantic city fiance. rice was married a in month have after that assault. rice is seeking reen inn statement to the nfl and filed a wrongful termination grievance against the the ravens. vikings running back adrian pete are son will not be going to jail. pete are son reached a deal with texas prosecutors pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault. the all pro running back was indicted in september for using a wooden switch to discipline his four year-old son. he was facing up to two years in prison. >> take a look at monday's soccer match in tel aviv, a
8:44 am
fan tried to kick within of the players and rest of the players dashed a across the the pitch to get involved. one player was kick out and 12 people were arrested. and they got into another brawl. a coach said it is not soccer when they meet, it is war. >> this three hour loop firing up here, just west of, even the outlying suburbs outside of philadelphia you have to go far west on the pennsylvania turnpike to, and, this will continue to fizzle with time. a couple things they point out. and, storm scan three, we have
8:45 am
a clipper system, nice solid moisture source setting up here in the lone star state. they create our next cold front duo that moves through tomorrow and that 24 hour time period, may end up being, for lack of of a better phrase, on the wet site. let me walk you flaw what will happen here. you will see heavier rain coming through, and, moving forward, the the rounds of rain, periods of rain coming through almost at anytime. by friday, we could be left with lingering shower but skies will begin to clear up at this point. then temperatures will tart to drop off. lets go ahead and even moving forward here looking at current conditions on the live neighborhood network outside bensalem, cinnaminson, new castle, philly, girard college specifically where we get observation station there. temperatures are in the low to mid upper 50's. it will actually still feel relatively mild, it is, just breezy, enough however that i suggest you walk out the door with the jacket on. even with this on the sky deck
8:46 am
this morning, this modest hint of the breeze is just enough for to it make a a little chilly outside side. wind are calm, but all they need that is five to 10-mile per hour range even they it is southeasterly flow to make it feel chillier. expect that you do need extra layers but we will eke out an above average day, daytime high in philadelphia expected to hit 67. more like the upper 50's at best towards mountains and somewhere in between then for the rest of the suburbs. low 60's by tomorrow, seasonal for the normal but there will be periods have rain to dodge and then come friday, cooling it down, the chilly breeze returns and then overall while weekend looking forward does stay relatively tranquil i think you'l be stuck in the chill yet again. vittoria. >> lets see first, three eastbound, and, 202. its traveling on, i-95, as you make your way out toward
8:47 am
skudder falls bridge, newtown area, in delays in either direction, if you are traveling in i-95, out of the northeast down to the vine street expressway, and totally different story. we have 18 miles an hour being your average right now. just about the stretch of cottman down to the vine. we went, and red and yellow, so that is a good news we have to pick up. and, east and westbound around the roosevelt boulevard, 26 is your average on 476, you have delays north bound specifically between 95 and media. even around route one. we have an accident on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound at devereaux avenue. that will be definitely tricky in that area. but no delays for mass transit. erika and ukee. >> when you think of s. >> group of researchers in antarctica found an adorable new way to spy on shy penguins. jeanie moos shows you what they are learning from the robot. >> how do you fake out a bunch
8:48 am
of penguins? with this. oh, sure you may think the adult is saying, that is not one of mine but researchers writing in the journal nature methods report that penguins are a lot less stressed by rovers then humans, so they peck and attack this undisguised rover, hardly but still with the rover and human researcher enter the colony to collect data but making the rover look like one of them. >> we call it a cam. >> really made a difference. >> first chick rover let the the wheels exposed, even he was loud in the penguin huddle. new and improved version was introduced by film makers doing a mini series called penguins. >> yes,. >> all terrain penguin. >> yeah. >> chick cam was such a hit it
8:49 am
had an adult taking the fake under its wings. >> how fooled were they in. >> fooled enough to sing to the pretend penguins. >> no, communicate, we had to have have have a penguin good no, a real chick answered. >> but researchers a say the next generation of fakes, may fake penguin calls. one web poster wondered but can't they smell it is not a real penguin. it turns out they don't use local smell as much as vocal says to relate. >> you think penguins are fooled they think it is a living creature. >> well, in wonder. >> the most sophisticated fake so far actually, lays eggs, eggs with camera in them. >> the egg would come out to the bottom here. >> giving a low angle view as it gets. >> kick around the colony. >> you could almost imagine the penguin's even mortal words from happy feet.
8:50 am
>> but it just ain't penguin okay. >> reporter: one robotic fake capable of raising wind was so alluring that a male started region it, that is when two timers real mate returned, you call it research, and they call it having a rove eye for a rover. talk about a chick magnet, jeanie moos, new york. >> noting it, not up in here. >> no. >> that was great. >> i love that. >> tre is a new audition, surprise new addition at los angeles zoo a very big surprise, that baby hippo, snug welling his momma there. made his arrival last week but zoo officials didn't even know the mom was pregnant and they add, the mom was on birth control too. >> um-hmm. >> they are in the sure if that baby is a a boy or girl but this is great news for this zoo, thinks first hippo calf born in the l.a. zoo in 26 years. >> how about that. >> can you imagine keeper going wait a minute.
8:51 am
>> one, two, three, four. >> where did that come up. >> welcome to the world stay with us we will take a short break and be right back.
8:52 am
# # #.
8:53 am
her work as a humanitarian made her conscious of the fact that politics has to be considered as an option. outside of her film career, jolie is a u.n. goodwill ambassador and name an honorary, britain's queen elizabeth. forbes magazine say beyonce is top earner in her feel. queen b earned 115 million-dollar, more than double what she pulled in the year before. >> taylor swift comes in second with 64 million-dollar, doylestown native pick climbs up a few spots from last year to number three. earning about, 52 million-dollar, and rihanna and katie perry round out top five highest paid women in music. >> that is impressive math. >> do you like that. >> yes. >> all right, how sit looking. >> nicely done. >> we are looking ahead to tomorrow here. one more quick synopsis of the day tomorrow. periods of rain, basically anytime. there may be a midday break. would i say of the two, typical commutes, morning drive is probably going to end
8:54 am
up being the wetest of the two, vittoria. >> thanks so much. looking at our map this gives you the the best idea that rush hour is still lingering, 95, average speed sensors 12, 27 on the schuylkill, 23 on 476, and just plan accordingly for usual, still slow out there. >> you got it, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. for more more local muse weather traffic and supports we are always on cbs >> talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. we will be right back with one more check of traffic and wet are together. we will be righ >> i'm doing time. i'm not going home for a while. this is the crazy thing: i felt better in jail than i did on the street. a guy started visiting me once a week, sharing his faith with me. you know, he listened to me. he really set me in a different direction. god loves me. that's what i've been looking for the whole time. i needed somebody to just put me straight.
8:55 am
>> on "the 700 clu" good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. pennsylvania, has a new governor elect, voters chose york county businessman, tom wolf as the commonwealth's new leader. he defeated incumbent republican tom corbett in his first ever political campaign. corbett became the first governor to lose a reelection bid in pennsylvania's modern history, governor elect wolf will be inaugurated january 20th. lets get your forecast, katie, i'm hoping for another nice day like yesterday. >> we cannot guarantee the very same as we saw yesterday but still can offer up mild air for you here, much of what we saw yesterday, we will take what we can get. storm scan three shows more than clouds out there, you can see one pocket of hours that survives over portions of berks county.
8:56 am
don't be surprised but generally speaking we are looking at more clouds then sun and that is it. 67 degrees is our high, it will drop down # to 50. wet weather tarts to move in overnight. so the evening is fine, it is dry in other words but by tomorrow, and again, the overnight is where we will start to see first rain drops. we are dealing with periods of rain and knocks temperatures back to more seasonal territory. friday is chilly as is saturday. friday we are in transition mode with the breeze kick nothing but we are clearing out. saturday, sunny, but just actually pretty cold out there, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie, it is pretty slow out there, go on top of what we are dealing with for rush hour. traveling on the schuylkill expressway you still are dealing with the usual delays, eastbound out of the area of i would say belmont down to the vine street expressway, westbound approaching roosevelt boulevard and out through to gladwynn you will have a sticky situation on i-95 as well, southbound out of the northeast down through the vine. lingering traffic around broad street 476 you are still averaging 21 miles an hour. big delays on the eastbound side of 422, out of oaks to
8:57 am
202. also we have an accident in the northeast section have of philadelphia, southbound of the boulevard at devereaux, in delays for mass transit, erika. >> thanks variety tore y that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl i hope you have a great morning.
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>> the votes have been counted, and the people have been heard. stay tuned for cbn's coverage of election 2014. explosive temper. >> i'm going to never be a victim again. >> wendy: lands him behind bars. >> i'm not going home for a while. >> wendy: and that's exactly where he wanted to be. >> i felt better in jail than i did on the streets. >> wendy: hear why on today's "700 club." ♪ >> pat: welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of "the 700 club." the president said his policies were on the ballot. well, the people didn't like those policies. they didn't like benghazi. they didn't like what happened in libya. they didn't like what is going on with isis. they don't like the response to the ebola.


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