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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 7, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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spoke with the president of this cheryle. he tells me the victim, 51 year old man, was very nice, very quiet, he had been living here, at this shelter, for about a year when this fire broke out they say it appears he may have made a tragic mistake by smoking in bed. >> twenty-three displaced, one dead, fire erupts inside thirds floor bedroom, a boarding house on north 22nd street. >> at this time we still are trying to discern whether or not the alarm system was working. had mixed reports, some people say the alarm was working, some people say the alarm wasn't working. there is also reports that the alarm was turned off. >> officials say the male victim may have been disable, since a walker was found inside his bedroom. now, they're investigating, whether or not cigarettes sparked that fire. >> we don't have a cause or origin. it appears to be smoking fire, person was smoking. >> with 25 fire fatalities so far this year, fire commissioner, derrick sawyer,
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says fire is everyone's fight. he's urging the public to be cautious, as we approach winter. >> temperatures getting cooler, we want people to check their heaters, and furnaces to make sure they're safe and operable, do you smoke, take your smoking outside. >> we're told the two dozen other resident displaced taken to francis house, local shelter from here in the area f there the organization will have to determine where the folks will be placed but again about 23 of them altogether. so very sad day out here in north philadelphia. we send it back to you in the studio. >> that it has been, nicole, thank you. >> now new this morning, fire breaks out at west philadelphia highrise. smoke bill owed from the 18th floor, west park and the, on holden street. firefighters got the call shortly before 2:00 this morning, and had the flames under control, we're toll, about 30 minutes or so. it is not clear what cause that fire. good news, though, no injuries have been reported.
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also, new this morning, woman was hospitalized following this crash in southwest philly. police say the driver lost control and slammed into this building on 61st and osage in cobbs creek. she was taken to the hospital with a head injury. and police are still investigating whether alcohol may have played a role in that crash. >> also, new this morning, police are investigating a crash in fox chase. that sent a 36 year old man to the hospital. it happened about 5:00 o'clock this morning, at tai bore road rhawn street. the man is stable, we're told, at area torresdale. the crash has now been cleared. >> coming up on 8:03, your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i ukee there is actually ends up being much nicer day by comparison. weather factors you will notice when you walk out the door that might not be the most pleasant, but at least we have sunshine going for us, bright blue sky right here on the skydeck, and we're going to at least hole onto it for a few more hours before another little light rounds of showers comes through. that's because secondary cold front is basically riding on
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the heals of the retreating storm system from yesterday that brought all of the rain and the dreary conditions. but, at this point, storm scan3 is still pretty quietment it is later into the midday, generally, that you are just going see quick shower rolling through. courtesy of that secondary front. temperature readings cold, but look at the winds speeds, relatively mod owes breeze, but enough it is noticeable, i can tell that you from experience here on the skydeck, so 39 up at mount pocono won't feel like 39 degrees. you got to factor in the win. here is how it actually feels, more like 29. yes, feels like below freezing there. you're feeling more like the lower 40's, only knocking few degrees off from where the temperatures actually stand right now around philadelphia. quickly giving you a check on how the rest of the day un fowl, as i said, shower is likely for some of you. but it isn't enough to warrant an umbrella get away without it here today. 54 degrees at best for that daytime high. vet tore yack we send it into you. >> thank you being good morning, everyone, with some sunshine right now, dealing with sun glare, so if you are traveling on 95, and few other
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majors. that will definately affect your rush hour commute. that's what you are dealing with shall rush hour, traveling 95 southbound, out of the northeast, all the way down through to the vine st. expressway, slow go. specifically speaking it starts around academy, continues down through to the vine northbound approaching 32 it, southbound approaching 476, take a look at the schuylkill expressway, eastbound as well as westbound, you are jammed, entirely, around the roosevelt boulevard. and really anywhere you cut it, 16 your average throughout your western suburbs, lot of traffic around the area, the vine st. expressway, especially westbound approaching the vine. you drop down to 14 miles per hour on 95, 30 on the blue route, and do have delays on 422 eastbound out of oaks down to 202. still an accident, out there, westbound on the pa turnpike at virginia driver, around willow grove, also, an accident on the roosevelt boulevard northbound at rising sun avenue. also, pretty sticky intersection there, so give yourself more time. no delays for mass transit. and the airport looks great. erika. >> thank you, vet tore y the
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feds are pressing charges against alleged kidnapper, who we're told took his victim from philadelphia into maryland. >> how much, his first stop in court is the state of virginia. "eyewitness news" reporter january jan carabeo joins us from police headquarters, with that and more, jan? "eyewitness news" the suspect confess today kidnapping carlesha gate friedlander gator, this investigation continues. meanwhile facing number of additional charges, in another state, for a previous case. and now he sits behind bars in virginia. >> go home. only words, as delvin bars arrived in verge overnight. he is facing number of charges there, for allegedly kidnapping and raping a 16 year old girl last month. and because police say he told that girl he had kidnapped before, investigators now looking into whether he is connect today other cases. >> see if there is anything that even remotely fits as
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possible. >> we know one thing had we not rescued her the outcome may have been quite different. >> carlesha was found alive. three days after police say barnes kidnapped her, off a germantown street, spotted in jessup maryland after federal agents there tracked the suspect using gps in a car he had reese lengthly purchased. >> plastic bag placed over the rear passenger window, which we new matched the vehicle from philadelphia. >> obviously distraught, still found a way of identifying herself to police. many investigators say that moment is the highlight of their carreers. >> where are you from? she said philadelphia. >> is that the moment you knew. >> that was an incredible moment for all every us. >> investigate into car here's kidnapping continues. police say she fought even harder to get away than originally thought. investigators say, oncer she was thrown into that car, she found a hammer inside. smashed out a window and attack her abductor. she is now resting at home with her family, philadelphia police, making good on their
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word. >> i promised i was going to get her daughter back. >> now, barnes used to live in philadelphia, and was arrested and convicted on number of charges here including assault, supposed to be on active probation supervision in virginia, when he allegedly committed these crimes. so far, no explanation from officials. reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> all right, jan, thank you. new reaction this morning from devlin barnes former father-in-law. barnes served eight years in prison for 2005 assault on his estranged wife and her family in philadelphia. court records show barnes beat and choke his then wife, punched her mother in the face, then hit her father in the head with a glass bowl. >> you get this thing inside you when you meet somebody for the first time, and most of the time you can tell whether this person's okay or not okay. and that's what i got with him. something ain't right with him. >> the former father-in-law
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called the newest allegations haunting, but, said he knew it was only matter of time before barnes would strike again. >> follow "eyewitness news" as we follow this investigation into the abduction and rescue of carlesha freeland-gaither. our coverage continues on our website well, happening today, members of transport workers union local 234 are expected to approve a new two-year contract with septa. the deal would give workers a 5% wage increase over the life of the contract. now if the agreement is rejected for some reason, union work letters strike at 12:0 a. one monday morning, but the strikelily will not happen. president obama meets with congressional leads ers first time since the republicans won the senate in tuesday's midterms. correspondent susan macinnis reports in washington today's discussions could of the first real clues, as to whether the next two years will bring more gridlock, or compromise. >> bold by republican wins in the house and sent at, house
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speaker john boehner searched out republican agenda for the new congress. >> we can act on the keystone pipeline, restores the 40 hour work week. >> like the incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, boehner warned president obama not to use executive authority to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself, and he's going to burn himself if he continues to get down this path. >> the white house says if congress doesn't act on immigration this year, the president will. but says, he still hopes to find common ground. >> will be plenty of things for us to disagree about, but opportunity for us to finds common grounds, let's make sure our differences don't get in the way of us making progress of the american people. >> president and congressional leaders take their first steps towards working through the gridlock, when they meet today at the white house. >> the president is eager to talk about some of the things that are on his agenda. he is just as eager to hear from republicans and to hear what's on their an end judge did a. >> president has already outlined priorities he wants to tackle with the outgoing
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congress, including a 6 billion-dollar request for emergency funds to fight ebola in west africa and the us, at least one area where both sides may agree. susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> your time now 8:10. flu shot or flu spray? it turns out one of the vaccines doesn't work as well when it comes to fighting one strain of the flu. we'll have more in our health watch when we come back. >> also, a surge in operations to repair stretched out earlobes. why more and more people are seeking out this corrective surgery. >> ♪ >> a tv spin on tail tore shake it upment exercise video that matches upper expectly, with this song, you do not want to miss t i'll get your
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friday off to a great start. that's coming up. we'll be right back.
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>> morning, everyone, check out this fire on the wat. six people pulled to safety after their boat goes up in flames, off the florida coast. now, the coast guard says the 40-foot cigar boat erupt intoed flames thursday afternoon, and another boater spotted the fire, and sprang into action. it was just in time as the rescued men say, they had just jumped overboard. >> i thought at any moment first thing the thing was just going to blow up. >> could have been obviously a lot worse, boats replaceable, we builds them, so, you know, we can build another one. >> now, the authorities believe the fire started from a break in the fuel tank. more than 400 gallons of fuel burned for hours. once again, no one was hurt. erika? >> wow, over to chicago now, where plane made attributing i landing at o'hare airport in some very high winds. check out your screen if you k
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see all of the planes angled. extreme weather grounded more than 50 flight yesterday. that plane descended toward the runway, appearing to be at an angle. winds in chicago reached 35 miles per hour yesterday afternoon. >> and, up in canada, another emergency landing, sparks fluid as it touched down at edmonton international airport. flight operated by jazz aviation, that's an air canada regional air carrier. airport spokesperson says the pilot reported a mechanical problem, and there are reports of blown tire or faulty landing gear, but they did land safely. >> just past 8:13, on your friday morning, let's get our forecast, katy? >> i got to say, beautiful start to the morning for many of you. many of you start off with bright blue skies, lots of sunshine to create sun glare of course, so with the sun rising over the horizon headed east, but do still have problems out there. very minor issues. we've got the secondary front that's since developed on the tail end of the story, the storm system that brought in the very dreary conditions
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obviously yesterday even still bringing in decent snowfall rates here across northeastern maine. but for us, what we are really left with here is the chill, the breeze, and very likely just left over shower, although not everyone's going to get hit by. that will so i don't think you reallied need the umbrella here today. generally midday seeing any showers that's about the time you will see them. now, through the course of this afternoon, only talking mid 50's, factor in the breeze, chilly breeze that's kicking in from canada, it will feel cooler, any time it blows. coming up for tomorrow, though, it is cool, i will give that you, low 50's at best, but the sun will shine, wind calms down, nice day generally speaking, come sunday hill pi cold front comes through, could see maybe very, veer isolated sprinkle, but it would be the exception rather than the norm, more of heads up on that, as well, generally just few more clouds for the second half of the weekends, and temperatures say mid 50's, now, currently, still into the mid or upper 40's, in most spots, few outline ers obviously on the northern-southern fringes here, but we are expecting to see those temperatures climb maybe another 6 degrees, that will be about it.
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meanwhile, you have got the core of the cold, back, pent up over the midwest specially where currently temperatures are below freezing in chicago. and it is still breezy out that way, too. meanwhile, back here at home, we call it sort of 51 degrees sandwich i guess with 54 on either ends here, friday, saturday, or rather sunday i should say, but your best shot for any wet weather comes today. that's meager chance at. that will otherwise, expect the chill, expect some sun, and specially today, the breeze. that will make it feel little cooler. vittoria? >> pack your shades, do have sun glare on this friday morning, traveling on the 42 freeway, northbound in new jersey, seeing delays turn down toward the walt whitman bridge, 676. traveling 422 eastbound definitely seeing the slow downs between 29 and 202. so out of the area of royersford, all the way down through to that area of valley forge, dealing with some, yes,
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it is out there. i mean, look at the schuylkill expressway. 16 miles per hour, both sides of the schuylkill jam packed there, lots of red headed eastbound into downtown, also around the curve. thirty-six your average on the blue route, 14 on 95, 95 southbound you're delayed out of the northeast through to the vine st. expressway. speaking of the northeast roost develop boulevard northbound, rising sun avenue, dealing with a accident there. also, not too far away. beach err avenue at elm also an accident situation to try to avoid this morning, and if you are traveling, in new jersey, 295 northbound, route one, an accident here. that is causing delays for sure. no delays however for mass transit. erika? >> thank you, vet tore y on your health watch this morning, some new research shows that a naval spray vaccine may not protect young children against the swine flu. the cdc says astro zeneca flu mist had little or no effect against swine flu last winter. spine flu the most common bug making people sick last year. but, because this year's version is the same, the agency says, it is possible the spray won't work.
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why it didn't remains unclear. but officials say the spray will still protect against other flu strains. >> and, the possible break through for those trying to quit smoking. taking owe mega three capsules significantly reduces craving for nicotine. that's according to new study by the university of halfa. forty-eight people who smoke at least ten cigarettes a day were part of the study. after taking five owe mega three capsule per day for 30 days, they reduce their smoking rate by average of two cigarettes a day. new study says think again, researchers at the fda's center for tobacco products found the level of toxic substances, and cancer-causing agents, it is about the same in cigars and cigarette. >> number of people who smoke cigars more than doubled in the last decade. >> common for people to have work done on their faces rise in surgeries on earlobes.
8:19 am
some patients who want purposely stretched their lobes, feel like it is now hindering their carreers. >> determine to be to become a soldier with the british army. but the military won't take him, because of the gaping holes in his ears lobes from years of wearing plugs to stretch them. >> it is just part of who i was. >> now growing number of brits getting plastic surgery. to fix what they once saw as fashionable. >> we seen really big increase in the last year. >> doctors numb the ear for the procedure, but patients stay awake, cosmetic surgeon adrian richard says once ears are stretched past havening diameter, they won't sling back. so cutting away the excess skin is the only fix. >> leave a wedge but also smaller wedges up on the natural fold of the ear to lift the ear up.
8:20 am
>> so these are deep stitches. >> earlobe repair surgery takes about 40 minutes, and it is not cheap t can cost up to $3,000. changing his appearance, he hopes it will pay off. >> this is it for the army, one step closer. >> his bandages will come off in about a week. then he says it is up to him to make the cut. >> in england, alphonso van marsh, for "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> time now 820:67:89 you're about to see what's believed to be the oldest surviving photograph of a person. now there is street team in paris was captured by photographer pioneer louie dagar in 1838. if you look in the left hand corn earn, see a manna peers to be getting his shoes or boots shined. older images exist i'm told, but show scenery, not people, because they took so long to develop. 1838. >> how about that? he must have been stand interesting a long time. >> yes, i remember him,
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because he was in front of me in line. >> oh, stop, ukee. >> i go back that far. >> ukee? >> that's a great photo. >> do you believe this guy? >> still ahead this morning, 80s -- taylor swift, shake it off. >> ♪ >> the exercise video somehow goes perfectly with today's pop tune. show you more when we come back, and erika -- >> oh, best thing i've seen all day. i love it. first, whahat's coming up tonight on the "cw philly". >> oh, that was good.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, investigators trying to pinpoint what spark a fire at west philadelphia highrise. smoke billeted from the 18th floor of the west park apartments, on holden street, the call came in, just before 2:00 this morning. firefighters got them under control in about a half hour. there are no reports of anyone being hurt. let's get your forecast now with katie in the weather center. good morning. >> ukee, looks like such a much nicer day by comparison to yesterday. beautiful views for you this morning, area cameras, we take you out to one of the particularly prettier shots here, at front and spruce, the veterans memorial, and you've got that pretty foliage off in the distance, bright but skies, so nice, problem is this won't be bright blue sky everywhere all day long, here is why, to storm scan3, there
8:26 am
is a couple of showers, or there are, several showers that have been rolling on through central pa being some will as they cross into the northwestern suburbs, and i would say in philadelphia, you've got a shot to see quick shower around midday, otherwise, though, it is just breezy, and chilly, i think that's the biggest weather feature that you'll notice here today. headed into the weaning ends low mid 50's, pretty quiet few clouds sunday maybe just short little sprinkle along the way, too. vittoria? >> thank you so much. katie. good morning, so, sun glare is what you'll have out and about, in a few different areas, so just be conscious of that, definately affecting already your rush that you're experiencing on almost all of the majors, as we take a look first at the roosevelt, southbound so down, just about ridge avenue through to the schuylkill expressway. once you get to the schuylkill, it doesn't look as light as this does delayed into the teens what your egg drafts, 17 miles per hour, high volume westbound eastbound around the boulevard itself. eleven on 95, southbound, out of the northeast, 55 on the blue route and watch out for this accident on the roosevelt, northbound rising
8:27 am
sun in the northeast, ukee? >> thank you, next update at 85:00, a up next, legendary guitarist, carlos santana.
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updating breaking news right now, one person has died in a fire at north philadelphia homeless shelter. >> now, there are con flicking reports, about whether the smoke detectors were working. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at the scene on the 3,000 block of 22nd street, with the latest, nicole? >> and, ukee, erika, yes, just sad morning out here, in north philadelphia. we're told the victim, 51 year
8:30 am
old man, was living here at this boarding house, for about a year, when that fire broke out. he's described as nice person, who officials say a periods to have made a tragic mistake by smoking in bed. now the details of the investigation still unfolding at this point. but officials tell us it appears cigarette may have started this fire, again, inside that victim's third floor bedroom, here on north 22nd street. we are told the male victim may have been disable since walker was in fact found in his bedroom. now, initially, as you mention, there was confusion whether or not the alarm sounded and it is still unclear if any were disable. >> we still are trying to discern whether or not the alarm system was working, had mixed reports, some say the alarm was working, some say it wasn't working so we'll have l & i come out and check the alarm system, also reports that the alarm was turned off. >> with 25 fire fatalities so far this year, we're told by the commissioner, that it is
8:31 am
important for the public to be extra cautious, especially, as we approach winter. meanwhile, again, the two dozen folks who were displaced by this fire there taken, they were taken, rather, to the francis house, and hopefully from there they will would be placed into other shelters. that's the very latest live here in north philadelphia. nicole brewer, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". okay, nicole, thank you for all of it this morning. let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i happen friday, everybody, we are looking ahead to much brighter day by comparison. it is a day of transition for our area, we watch the storm system that brought in all of the dreary weather yesterday. make its full retreat. still finding some areas of green firing up here. off across the northwest, extreme northwest suburbs outside of philadelphia here. and that's actually a secondary front that formed on the tail end of the system. essentially just sort of the wrap around moisture, still in place, and it is just enough that it likely survives as it crosses through our area. so just looking at residual shower here, nothing more than that. more than anything, though, you got to talk about that chilly breeze that is settling
8:32 am
in. so with that said. most of you still sitting pretty here basically mid 40's in terms of the actual air temperature factor in the breeze, no more than 49's most spots. how strong the breeze is, might feel below freezing, mount pocono, so, that said, you are going to have to dress for the feels like values as opposed to what you see on the thermometer, just going to feel little chillier, that's the bottom line. probably knock five or 10 degrees off, for feels like value as the day progresses, but at least it is brighter, just watch for that left over shower, here and there, and many of you might not even see one rain drop. just going to be that minor after problem. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, so we have rush hour delays to talk about, there is some sun glare, in the mix as well, and also, traveling on 476, take a look, our good samaritans, penndot out there who keep you moving every single day removing some debris in the roadway on 476 southbound, right as you make your way south of the schuylkill expressway. so, that is now being cleared out of the way right now
8:33 am
blocking that center lane. southbound on 476, already slow, from practically the schuylkill all the way down through to beyond saint david's villanova down towards route one. northbound slow approaching the area of route one, just minor traffic around the mid-county toll plaza. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, 15 miles per hour being look at all of the red, eastbound, westbound, around the roosevelt, in and out of the sit at this will be jammed. eastbound as well on the schuylkill at 476, 11 miles per hour, through the construction zone no picnic in either direction. both cottman avenue and girard. we have an accident on the roosevelt boulevard northbound at rising sun avenue. and the west trenton regional rail line experiencing 15 minute delays due to signal problems. ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank youment feds are pressing charges against accused kidnap here allegedly took his victim from philadelphia to maryland. >> however, his first stop in court will be in virginia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters, jan, good morning.
8:34 am
>> reporter: good morning, late last night, suspect taken to virginia where he is facing number of charges in a previous case, involving a 16 year old girl. >> accused of kidnapping her, raping her, also accused of attempted murder. if you take a look at the video, see first good look of the suspect, since he was arrested on wednesday, you see him right there arriving in virginia, in custody, that's 37 year old delvin barnes, and he was spotted with carlesha gator in jessup maryland three days after kidnapped, off the germantown street. police now say carlesha fought even harder to get away than originally thought. investigators say, once she was thrown into that car, she found a hammer inside, smashed out the window and attack her abductor, now resting at home with her family. meanwhile the investigation continues into her case, whether barnes could be connect today any other cases of course facing those charges again in virginia. police say in being zero, barnes hitman in the head and shovel in that state. then through her in the trunk of his car then eventually
8:35 am
made her strip make before terrorizing her. he also reportedly told that girl he had kidnapped before. and as we learn, more about his past, police are trying to -- police are recalling how they got him off the street, and how they rescued carlesha. >> at that time we said -- announce what, you're safe, you're safe, we're the police. who are you? and what is your name? and we couldn't really understand necessarily what she said. so then when we asked, where are you from, and she said philadelphia. >> is that the moment you knew. >> that was an incredible moment for all of us. so and we new that we had had -- we had her, we had the right guy. >> now, sources tell "eyewitness news", that this suspect has confessed to kidnapping carlesha, it is unknown when he'll return to philadelphia, to face those federal charges here. now, barnes had once lived in philadelphia. and was arrested and convicted on number of charges here, including assault. he was supposed to be on active probation, supervision in virginia, when he allegedly committed these crimes.
8:36 am
there is no explanation at this point from officials. reporting live outside of police headquarters, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, as you're wear, police got big break in the case when they used gps to track the skulls expect's car, but isn't the type of gps most drivers are familiar with. consumer reporter jim donovan explains how the technology led police to their man. >> and an estimated 2 million vehicles nationwide are equipped with what are known as starter interrupt devices. that was the type of device installed in delvin barnes' vehicle and law enforcement were able to track him down because of it. made by various manufacturers, the devices contract the vehicle location, and movements, and can also remotely disable the ignition, using a computer or mobile phone. the devices are used by car dealerships and lenders as way to prevent people with bad credit from buying a car and skipping out on payments. think of it as ritual repo man. >> a lot of the way for them with high risk customers keep
8:37 am
track of the vehicle, and access it remotely if they need to if someone is not paying their bills, a way for them to track it rather than have to track down a recall man every single time they need to get ahold eva car. >> majority every starter interrupt devices are installed in cars involving some prime loans. that is when your credit score is at or below 640. now, most cases, the driver is aware of the device before driving off the lot. and the dealer should disclose it, but in some cases they don't. reporting for three on your side, i am aim jim donovan. >> please stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up-to-date on the return of carlesha. >> time right now 8:37. apple's seri has some competition now, coming up we'll introduce to you al election a, how she list tens your family needs inside your home. >> the ad that caused outrage on the internet. now victoria's secret has quietly changed the perfect body campaign.
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see what they are calling it now. >> ♪ >> anaconda for reality t tv special? stunt eaten alive by critics. more on that coming up. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> in is oak owe, answers to voice responds. will even give you the news. right now amazon's only allowing people to buy the device by invitation. it retails for $200. or $100, if you already have an amazon prime sub is up skin
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sean. how about that? and more good news for prime members. amazon extending free two day shipping to websites. company's vp made announcement tuesday. first agreement is with all saints, british fashion retailer. amazon launched prime back in 2005. it costs $99 a year, and give you access to netflix style library, streaming music and movies. >> victoria secret makes changes to new ad campaign that recently spark social media uproar. the loungerie company authored the slogan on this photo to now read: a perfect body for every body. the previous ad that initiated the outrage featured those slim models with the tag line the perfect body. victoria secret has not commented on that change. >> mark sanchez will make first start in almost two years monday in prime time when the birds take on panthers at lincoln financial fieldment sanchez took, getting more comfortable with the offense. he threw two touchdowns, and
8:42 am
two interceptions, in relief of the injured nick foles from last week you may remember. panthers lost three state games, let's make it four. last night, first period, interception, browns quickly converted back into a touchdown. the browns intercepted dawson three times, and beat down the ohio rivals 24 to three. the browns had lost 17 straight division games on the road, that streak ended last night, and cleveland moves into a first place tie with the pittsburgh steelers in the nfc northern division. to the ice now, the flyers are going for their third win in a row when they welcome the colorado avalanch to the well tomorrow night. now the flyers got off to quick start against the florida panthers last night. sean hits in shot from braiden, and one-nothing flyers, in the first period. nicely done. voracek scored a goal last night as well, tied with syd the kid crosby. flyers beat the panthers your final score was four to one.
8:43 am
in nebraska, ya, produce, goes off the net, off corn huskers head, gets kick up in the air, then flips over the net. the corn huskers went up 15-13 on the play. and went onto win the match. i tell you what? with plays like that, no surprise. they won the game. that's a great sport i love to watch it. >> love to watch it. >> 8: 43, let's get your traffic and weather together. here's k fell. >> volleyball, no joke. it is no joke. those girls can hang. all right, we take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network, smack dab the sent of the screen temperature of 42 degrees being sent in in the last two minutes from kathy, naught winona, and she did say that it is a little breezy, little crisp but bright and sunny so dealing with 50-50 in terms that far here this morning, and we continue to see that chill setting in across most of the region. down toward atlantic city we go. tim mitchell meant 46 degrees, in the last 20 minute, or so, he is so good about sending us
8:44 am
sunrise pictures, love it, one of the best parts about waking up as earl a wees on the morning shift. we take wider zoom on. >> this see the sun just popping over the horizon here, just few clouds as well to go along with that. but, that said, you're going to see few clouds along the way a lot of times make for pretty sunrise, christine sent in this couple of hours ago, held pretty steady mid 40's in lansdale. said the skies have cleared, and she also sent us a picture, we'll take that out to you. beautiful colors here as we head out to lansdale. do want to show you what's coming up for us we go to storm scan3, we are thankfully watching the retreat now of our storm system which shower, mainly across the board. also a nice big old heads up for what's coming into next, talking generally wednesday, thursday, time frame, and then that will be another unleashing of cold air, we
8:45 am
heard so much last winter about that polar vortex, it is basically just core of really cold air s coldest air, looks like will be just lodged basically sort of slide off to the south here. and we end up with some cooler air as a result of that. nothing that is necessarily polar, in terms of the air temperature, but will knock the degrees back here, for us, as we look ahead to next week. so just again heads up on that. in the meantime, normal high this time of year is generally into the upper 50's, so just shy of that here for couple every days. your saturday, temperature, though, is the coolest of the next seven. fifty-one at best. but look where we are coming off f expect to go drop all the way to the mid 30's tonight, so just despite clear sky, it is going to be cold out there. if you have got a friday night football game perhaps, something like, that i would suggest a nice heavy blanket for your knees, cup of cocoa, little hat, might access over eyes. >> you don't have to twit my arm, katie, for sure. good morning, everyone, traveling out and about on the majors, going to run into rush hour traffic.
8:46 am
some areas loosening up, other not quite. like the schuylkill expressway, traveling 76 the eastbound direction, seeing delays still out of the western suburbs everything moving eight way down through to the vine. westbound on the schuylkill approaching the vine, delayed, again approaching the reese develop boulevard out toward gladwynn, even beyond that, i would say. forty-two freeway, that's where we're loosening up little bit northbound. that's some good news, southbound 42, a breeze, but, 15 on the schuylkill, 12 on 95, 95 still delayed, as you approach the area of the betsy ross bridge, down through to the vine. also still some slow going around cottman avenue. the west trenton regional rail line still 15 minute delays due to cyst until problems, but no delays at the airport. ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank you, we've been following breaking news all morning long, the investigation after deadly fire this morning, on "eyewitness news", the third floor of a homeless shelter, caught fire, about 3:00 this morning along north 22 street. investigators want to know if fire alarms were turned off, if something like careless smoking sparked the fire. that fire claimed the life after man on the third floor. >> closer look now at delvin barnes. that's the man police say
8:47 am
kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither from germantown street earlier this week. freeland-gaither rescued wednesday, in maryland, and barnes was arrested. he's now being held on unrelated attempted murder charges in virginia. septa workers are expected to ratify new contract today, they'll get 5% raise over the life of their new deal. ♪ >> the force is strong, with this next stormy, words latest chapter in the star wars saga finally gets a name. >> the force awakens. pretty good, right? that sent fans buzzing on line yesterday. disney tweeted the title along with news that principal photography is complete. fans still have a long wait ahead of them for the seventh film of the sci-fi sequel. not due in theatres until next december. but you know it will be good. >> oh, it is. >> disney caught a loft fans off guard by announcing toy story four.
8:48 am
>> look for toy story four to hit theatres this june 2017. >> hey, speaking of toys there is year's inductions into the national toy hall of fame are out and they include the rubic's cube, bubble, always fun, and little greene army men. american girl dolls has truck, the slip and slide, paper airplanes, and pots and pans also inducted. anyone can nominate toy for the honor, but the final decision, that's made by panel of historians, and educators. >> i had those little green army men. >> i think every kid did. somebody in your neighborhood had that. >> oh, sure. >> and you get to the point where you start peeling it off? >> breaking it, i know. that's good. hey one of philadelphia's favorite sons -- >> part of bill cosby's collection headed to the smithsonian. joined the collection from the national museum of african art for exhibition called conversations, african and african-american artworks in die lowering.
8:49 am
exhibit contain painting, sculpture, and other work. that show opens this sunday and runs through 2016. >> thank you, doctor cosby. and camille. and camille. we'll be right looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
8:50 am
ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. a masterpiece of taste. now with more fruit. >> family in florida gets surprise right there in her backyard. >> oh, check that guy out. rita sanchez saw this monster alligator walking through a field, in cape coral. was in the safety of her car
8:51 am
thank goodness, wildlife officer estimates the full gator that just had a big meal, and says gators are known to walk through neighborhoods in search of food. he adds that a male gator can grow up to 15 feet and female can get to up 10 feet. >> that's kinds of scary. looks lik prehistoric times. >> i'm surprised she pulled up, stopped the car, and took that. >> hopefully the phone was on zoom. >> how about giant snake swallowing you? >> not good idea. unless of course it is for a reality show. jeannie moos reports the premise little too much for most people to swallow. >> not since the movie anaconda, have we had to imagine what it is like to be swallowed alive, by the massive snake. but will this guy actually get an inside view? >> i'm about to be the first person that will be eaten alive by an anna con did a. >> promos for the discovery
8:52 am
channel special show wildlife expert paul rosalie wearing a supposedly snake proof suit. complete with helmet, what seems to be an oxygen supply. he says he's smeared pig blood on himself to smell appetizing, and the tether implied that if he were swallowed, he would be pulled back out, but tell this to a snake expert. >> this actually taking place -- >> you can't even keep a straight face. >> i really can't. i really can't. >> terry phillips says an anaconda simply wouldn't ida man as a food item. >> i don't know about this story. sounds like a stretch to me. >> and if he watch your that the geo, you know? >> they literally squeeze pray to death. >> they only consume a food item after it is dead. the special so has already been shot, and its hero still very much alive. >> ill absolutely steak my reputation, that this guy is not going to be swallowed by an anaconda.
8:53 am
>> though hypothetically, said could you pull something back out if it were tethered. the experts say anaconda's can die from stress and animal activists started a petition to boycott the discovery channel. peta called this swail so alive guy this fool. though he tweeted, if you know me, i would never hurt a living thing. so it seems the snakes survived too. the story had al roker slithering. >> ♪ my anaconda don't. >> wrong and con a, al. >> ♪ >> when it comes to it is being eaten alive by critics. >> the very first thing this morning, when you saw this, what did you do? >> jeannie moos. new york. >> for all of us doing like oh, come on. un believable. >> really? >> everybody knows if it doesn't taste good, it is is probably good for you. >> this video will make up for
8:54 am
that. okay, everyone knows, medicine tastes bad, right? >> ♪ >> zoo kiefer from china, with a panda's that don't want to take their medicine, sugar or not. they resist the best efforts, and when he tries to pin them down. the pandas may have been wrestling, think that's fun. that's what they do. >> that's great. > hey, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". have a great friday and a wonderful weeke
8:55 am
ybs3, "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. kidnapping suspect, delvin barnes, is being held in a virginia jail after a judge denies bail. >> new video from over flight of barges, in charles city county facing attempting murder charges for case involving 16 year old. meantime court documents confess from germantown street last weekend. >> all right, it is your friday, looking forward to this weekend, how are we looking? >> cool weaken, pretty quiet one. if you have outdoor plans scheduled, start thinking about grabbing extra layers, when you are ready to walk out the door. storm scan3, generally still pretty quiet. you can see the little trail of green, that starts to fire up here, back through southwestern berks county, a sign of things to come. starting to seymour clouds funnel from northwest to
8:56 am
southeast, but down the shore here, in cape may courthouse, specifically. you are still bright, sunny, so you will eventually start to see few clouds, and some of you are also going to be picking up on just quick shower, by midday. mid 50's at best today. it won't feel that warm when you're factoring in the wind, though, so again bundled up with the heavier coat. same story for the weekends, although high pressure trying regain control. make quick sprinkle sunday, mo n day, tuesday, will have a chance to pull out of the hole we dug for ourselves here. by tuesday, we are talking low 60s at least for one day of the forecast. vittoria have. >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, i know the camera shaky behind me, excuse the shakiness. do have activity, southbound 95 approaching girard avenue. an accident, for the most part, on the shoulder. police are assisting on the opposite side of the roadway as well. but 95 itself will be delayed approaching the betsy ross bridge. all the way down through the vine st. expressway, so with that accident, out there, i would still expect that rush hour today to continue to linger. speaking of 95 southbound, at the betsy ross bridge between
8:57 am
ten a.m. and 2:00 p.m. expect lane closures because of construction, and also watch out for delays on the west trenton line about 15 minutes, because of signal problems. erika? >> vet tore crashes thank you, that's eyewitness fuse from now, talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl. have a great weekend. merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half-fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speed match. uploads as fast as downloads. why have a half-fast holiday, when you can get more guaranteed with speedmatch-only from verizon fios.
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>> wendy: on land... >> i was literally on fire at that point. >> wendy: and feet, from burning cars to sinking ships. >> some of the students have it, and some don't. >> wendy: stories of two very different type of rescuers. >> he just lifted me up and i went with him. >> god has a higher calling for me. and for me, it is jumping out of helicopters. >> wendy: on today's "700 club." ♪ >> pat: well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of "the 700 club." it's after the election, and so the president wanted to be relevant, so he scheduled a luncheon, a power lunch, at the white house. and they've got on the menu a delicious dish called lame-duck. we'll see how that


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