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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 11, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> a red corvette, the casualty, in bitter divorce battle. now the search on for the angry husband accused of dumping his wife's car in the delaware river. >> good morning, everyone, it is veterans day, tuesday, november 1; i'm huge ukee washington. >> i'm erica von tiehl. quick check on the traffic and weather together. with katie and jessica good morning. >> morning, ladies, you know, not ladies, ukee, too. >> i know i like the cold, i always talk about it, but hear this is one of the last beautiful days. really mild day, jess, you we are going to get new above average territory on the thermometer today, i know it may not look all that bright and sunny just yet. do have low-lying cloud cover, actually limiting the amph cooling taking place this morning, not as hash as
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yesterday was, but storm scan3, not your satellite, rather, the visibility layer and the brighter the white, the more likely tour have some fog issues. so just watch for. that will we put storm scan3, into motion here, last three hour loop. not showing heck of a lot. nothing more than some clouds out here, so i expect that you are going to brighten up with sunshine as the day goes on, any fog, or low-lying cloud cover have, a chance to scour out. places like the shore, bright and sunny, why it is miler right now, in a place like beamed wood, up fourth's at the airport, but as the day progresses, looking at nice afternoon here, it will be nice and mild, no less, 67 degrees, our expected high in philly, generally that's the same story down toward the shore point, with moderation coming in off the open ocean water, then up in the poconos probably talking mid 50's, regardless, above average for the norm anyway, across the region as a whole. and as we've been saying, you are going to want to just get out and enjoy while you have the chance to. because we do start to see temperatures taking nose dive
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as early as tomorrow. seeing that drop on the thermometer. jess, we send it into you. >> thanks, katie. something to look forward to with beautiful day. currently don't have that much of beautiful conditions outside. you can see sole real low visibility here out in new jersey on four it, at creek road. so, all headlights are on headed northbound, not too much volume really starting to accumulate yet. little heavy, typical for this time of the morning. so, headed northbound toward 295 and the surrounding area bridge, it is looking okay so far. still little gloomy and foggy out on the ben franklin bring, so from the jersey side, toll plaza, and headed westbound, over the bridge, and into the sit you can see little bit of volume starting to accumulate there as they head toward the city. out in delaware accident on i59 southbound at route 141 been there for quite some time there. use caution traveling through for clean up there. route 202 an accident at smith bridge road. now another crash out in montgomery county germantown pike road, germantown pike at valley road, excuse me, and another one not too far away at old york road at willow avenue. ukee being back over to you. >> jess, thank you.
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the corvette made be worth saving. the marriage, apparently not. >> yes, philadelphia police say a man drove his estranged wife's car right into the delaware river now they are looking for him. >> joins us at northeast detective with the latest details on this,. >> good morning >> actually stunt they say that put police officers lives in danger. >> from the merky water of the delaware river, they pulled this, red corvette. police say driven by husband angry with his estranged wife. stunt unfolded below the talcony palmyra bridge on the pennsylvania side of the river in front of witnesses say they saw the man let the car go in the river. >> with no one in it, he threat go into the river. >> still, to be sure, the police marine unit and first
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responders were called in monday afternoon. and after about 30 minutes, divers found the car, which is registered to the woman, submerged in about 30 feet of frigid water. >> there was no visibility whatsoever. the divers just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle. they went inside the vehicle, which is extremely dangerous, because you can get trapped with all of the debris. they were able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> police say the man's wife has a restraining order against him. and the wife tells "eyewitness news" that he threatened to dump a car into the river if she didn't meet his demand. apparently he was upset she wouldn't let him drive the van the two owned. when this spat turned into case of revenge, police say it, put their people in danger. >> some of the charges he's face something wreckless endangerment, for putting the police officers and divers in harm way. >> again, no one was injured, in the meantime, arrest warrant has been issued for this man, he has been ordered to turn himself into police. reporting live outside northeast detective, this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> all right, jan, thank you.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning, out of month montgomery county. early morning fire at the ymca in abington made drop services there. flames broke out around 4:00 a.m. in a heating and cooling unit in the child care center. we're told that part of the bill something closed for now. anyone planning on using abington's y should call ahead to make sure it is open. >> welshing happening today, the manna cured of snatching a woman off the street of philadelphia is coming back to the state of pennsylvania. the fbi is bringing determine vin barnes here from virginia where he is jailed on unrelated charges. police say barnes abducted carlesha in germantown. authority rescued her three days later in maryland in a parking lot there. barnes will make his first appearance in philadelphia federal court tomorrow. >> four inmates recovering from injuries they suffered in a prison dis push ands. chopper three over the philadelphia industrial correctional center where that scuffle happened late last night. there is no word on what spark the fight. spokesperson says it involved
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homemade weapons. however, none of those injuries were serious. >> chopper three also over six flags great adventure in jackson township, new jersey, where fire broke out last night. firefighters arrived on the scene around 10:30 to find flames burning inside after barn used as part of the safari. luckily, no animals were injured. fire investigators are now working to find the cause of that blaze. new this morning, prison time for the crews of a south korean fer that i sang and killed more than 300 people. a three judge panel has sentenced the captain to 36 years in prison blaming him for negligence and abandoning ship while passengers trapped inside. the chief engineer got 30 years, and 13 other crew members got up to 20 years behind bars. >> well, president obama says the us and china have reached understanding in talks to eliminate tarriffs on high tech goods. the president made the announcement tuesday in beijing, where essay tend ago asia pacific economic summit. us officials say the progress
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with china includes an agreement to eliminate the taxes on medical devices and other high tech instruments. just in time for veterans day, the va is streamlining its operation. secretary of veterans affairs, robert mcdonald, leading the charges here. he want to make it easier for vets to gain access to healthcare and other benefit. the va will hire achieve customer service officer. it will also cut red tape on how it delivers benefit. the reorganization project is called my va. it comes following revelations of long wait times for care and scheduling cover ups at many va hospitals. >> as americans honor their veterans, group philly veterans. com launching new job program. goal to find jobs for 2,015 low vet in 2015. they're hold virtual job fair this afternoon to kick start that effort. we have more information for you about how you can get involved on and, also, you can pay tribute to our troops today at the veterans day parade in
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media, delaware county. eighty-five world war two vet will march in that parade. it starts at state and edgemont street at 11:11 this morning. pennsylvania senator bob castly speak after the parade. >> ukee? >> our time now 7:08. and the eagles have quite a test on the way next week in greenbay. but this morning, we're enjoying a big birds victory over the carolina panthers. sport director beasley reese shows you the eagles didn't myths a -- miss a beat in quarterback mark sanchez first start in eagles green. >> it was a complete team effort by the eagles against carolina, on monday night football. all three unit scored eagles dominating. first quarter at the linc, e-a-g-l-e-s wells ten-seven lead punt return to daryl sproles, they kicked it straight to him watch were they thinking? he is gone six a yards for the touchdown. second touchdown of the game. that will made it 17 to seven. mark sanchez with his first start at quarterback, in almost two years, and kept the oven moving in the second quarter, he rolls left and found the rookie, jordan
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matthews, for the 13-yard score. the birds win up 24 to seven. later, cam newton, who the eagles defense punished all night long, through interception to bradley fletcher. he's gone. 34 yards to the house. the eagles remain in first place in the division with the 45-21 victory. >> he made some good decisions, he missed few down there, too, there is a couple there early we thought we had, especially the one we settle for field goal onment obviously first game, did a good job. >> i've been through some tough time. been through great time. so i just try to keep a level headment and stay calm, rely on the guys around me, and come through, big time. >> next up for the birds, trip to legendary lambeau field to face aaron rogers, and the packers, i'm beasley reese, eyewitness sport. >> and, fans of the eagles celebrating this morning after the birds come up huge in prime time in front of the national audience. most fans are impressed by mark sanchez. >> figure foles was playing all right, but sanchez got his
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shot. he made the best of t i think it was good stuff. >> it looks like they got whole new attitude at home this year. you know? and it carried over from last year little bit, too. but they were fired up. they didn't stop playing really. >> another sports figure once said, let's eat. >> david bently sent us this picture of sanchez at geno's in south philly after the game wearing the hat there. thanks for the picture of the eagles quarterback working on, get this, his first cheese steak ever. >> ever? >> ever. >> wow. >> bet it won't be his last. >> i felt for sure, guess they don't search -- i thought they is her testified over there at the nova care sentiment i don't know. >> hey, big victory, big cheese steak. >> great big one. lava claims it first home in hawaii. also, show you what happened to that house when we come back. >> also, saved from his burning car in the nick of time. we hear from a philadelphia police officer rescued by good samaritans. how he plans to thank his
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heroes. >> and, many people wish for white christmas. not a white veterans day. but we'll tell you who is getting slammed by the snow on the other side. >> looking at the all wars memorial ... on this veterans day, 2014. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> this officer collided with a pick up caster avenue south philly. his cruiser burst into flames. trapping the officer inside. seventeen year old joe chambers, and dante johnson, sprang into action, pulling the officer from the wreckage. >> i'm just real thankful that they were there and they decided to act instead of watch. because it was, you know it, means a lot to me and my family. you know, like i said, i wouldn't be here if they wouldn't have pulled me out. >> officer suffered a leg injury and concussion. his doctors say, snow, he is expected to make a full recovery. >> time for traffic and weather together. first though, much of the country is getting an early taste of winter. the rockies and the upper midwest are getting the first icy touch of arctic air flowing south. it has caused hundreds of accident out there in minnesota, two fatal we're
7:15 am
told, looking at saint cloud, specking at least a foot of snow. that time of year kind of early. here's kate. >> i doesn't it just make you realize how much after glancing blow we'll end up with out of this? certainly going to see huge drop on the thermometer. abnormally huge drop on the thermometer, by the time this front comes through. but, this is not going to be a system that really bridges us much of anything in the way of precipitation. here's what's going on. if you recall from yesterday, this whole batch of precipitation, sort of lined up, more of horizontal fashion back into montana. now tilting little bit here, so starting to take the shape, as the trough addition in essentially, of our storm system, and it will be the cold front, as part of that larger system. that sweeps through our area. but it will be losing so much moisture by the time it reaps us, we'll see the breeze kick in, see the temperatures take a hit. but that will be essentially it. in terms of the main impact out of it, but look what it has done to the temperatures. oh, those poor people here across billings, rapid city, south dakota cheyenne, single
7:16 am
digits, not win chill, actual air temperatures. so while it is not going to be anywhere near that cold for our area in the wake of the front, just sort of taste of what's on the way, right? we take you out to live neighborhood network, sunshine filtered through the cloud cover, i think you are looking at more sun than anything, through the day, but currently the clouds are kind of winning the battle here. actually stuck in cloud cover depending on location. you actually aren't seeing much sun at all. just got to give it time. trust me. we end up with pretty nice weather later today. it will warm up nicely herement all sort of this high pressure starts to make its retreat. that's why it won't be as bright and sunny as yesterday. low 60s, still expected tomorrow. but this is our transition day. so again, the breeze is kicking in, we will probably have some fog or drizzle to start the day off. and then thursday, one every these days not like the other, am i right? it will be so much colder. will stay that way looks like for awhile. >> we're in it. >> we are in it. hey, young laidy? >> having pretty decent commute so far. maybe some people are oven joying the nice day, nice
7:17 am
weather. >> i know veterans day. >> i know i'm not off. i feel like i'm never offer. if you're not off, we'll show you what you will face headed out the door, 7:17, we check out the schuylkill expressway. you can see things moving along pretty nicely. generally at this time they would be little more stacked up, conshohocken, headed westbound, headlight eastbound, toward center city moving along great there, as well. the main problem that we seem to be having, real poor visibility all across the board, actually the ben franklin bridge, from the philly side, so all lanes are open fortunately, and headed westbound into the city, moving along great, there as well. now, an accident out in new jersey on 295, causing back up northbound at route 42. route 202, at smith bridge road. another accident in delaware county, couple of accident montgomery county, i list them for you, germantown pike at valley road. another one old york road, at willow avenue. now, mass transit is a great alternate so far today. no problems for septa, new jersey transit or dart. currently no problems at the
7:18 am
philadelphia international airport. erika, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, happening today, new york city doctor inch expected -- infected with ebola declared virus free and coming out of the hospitalment doctor craig spencer diagnosed last month after returning patients in guinea. he is expected to return home in manhattan, where his fiancee remains un quarantine. doctor spencer is the last person to be treated for ebola in the u.s. >> moment on lava from hawaii mount reaches it first home on the big island. it slithered right underneath that home which was on blocks 2 feet off the gown before bursting into flames. the lava had threatened the small village for month now. the family who lived there, moved their belongings, and their horses from that lot. we're toll several weeks ago, their closest neighbor half mile away. >> we want to show this video from florida right there, that's car inside after sinkhole. officials say it started out just 4 feet deep. but just 15 minute later, it grew to 10 feet. forcing six families from
7:19 am
their home. luckily, no one was hurt. engineers looking into the hole to see what caused it, and if the families are safe to return to their homes. 7:19 right now. and a special veterans day celebration for two war heroes. >> coming up next, surprise meeting many years later among two marines who served in the same division. >> first though here's what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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>> fire at the abington township ymca un control now. now clear how the fire started. there were no injuries. but the y's childcare and pool are closed today. >> also, crews found a red corvette about 30 feet down after police say a man pulled up near the talcony palmyra bridge. and that his estranged wife convertible drive right into the river. he took off. police are looking for that man. >> eagles stand on tomorrow of the nfc east win, add a win to their resume. scored on offense, defense, special teams, won the game 45 to 21. they're seven and two on the season, neck week eagles and packers at lambeau field. >> well, party in south philadelphia. as the united states marine corpse celebrate its
7:23 am
230th birthday. health outside cookie's tavern for 40 years, where it all started world war ii veteran, nailon fink survived bottle of hiro jima. he bumped into louie, fellow member of the 28th regimen. even though both men served in the fifth division, this was the first time med met. >> when you came here today, did you think would you see another marine? >> never. i thought they were all dead but me. thank god for the beautiful man here. >> ninety-one year old veterans took pictures, traded stories, from world war ii. god bless them. all of our veterans, thank you, erika. >> ukee, all morning long, we've been asking to you send in your special veterans day pictures, and we have a bunch of them up here for you. this is a sampling, thank to you everyone who sent them n we have row here sent in picture of her father, come on, there we go. fantastic. so ro says hashtag cbs-3
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mornings, my dad world war ii, miss him, handsome guy there. next one up from rebecca, says, thank you, military veterans, and enlisted go army. couple more, let's see, jamie proud of my pal's johnny local and mad mark injury jays, god bless america. got couple more to get to before we have to go. billy haze says thank a vet my brother dan. three tours all after the age of 40. how about that? want to get to two more, marcella johnson says proud of my son, senior airman johnson, looking sharp there. and us air force cbs-3. last but not least steve lindsey, to throw this, with us here at cbs-3 honoring all veterans but specially my uncle harry. harry, jr. thank to you all of our vert rants, thank you, keep them comingment send them to us on twitter, facebook being instagram. just use this hashtag, you see on your screen, hashtag cbs-3 mornings. and you might see them right here on "eyewitness news" later on this morning.
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thank you again to all of our veterans. we'll be right back.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, let's get your veterans day forecast with katie in the weather center happy veterans dayment looking at pretty pleasant day, all things considered. yesterday perhaps maybe would have brought you more sunshine initially. we are going to eventually see any clouds currently out there break for sunshine, and looking at nice warm day. storm scan3, quiet, but again, still some clouds out there. depending on your location, already start to break. meanwhile through the rest of the day here, specking upper 60s later this afternoon, with sunshine, few more clouds, tomorrow, still technically mild, but his is our transition day. and we will see the temperatures begin to take a hit. so by thursday we will not be breaking out of the four's, will not be breaking out of the 40's for quite a while.
7:27 am
>> thank, katie. big jam up on 42 at creek road here, actually accident, the northbound lanes, actually an accident, just up ahead, approaching the walt whitman bridge, so, really really will set you back quite a bit. poor visibility there, as well on the 42 freeway headed northbound toward 295 and the surrounding area bridge. see some problems on the pa turnpike, some debris in the road near norristown eastbound, so use some caution while driving on through there. grant avenue roosevelt boulevard another accident. over there, ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. next update at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, 15 mike ers safe after a risky rescue in the mountains. we're keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly" on these channels.
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>> good morning, thanks for joining us, a marriage hits rock bottom. and so does the wife ' red core svelt. >> this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the husband who allegedly drove the war into the delaware river. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at northeast detective, right now, to tell
7:30 am
but this story. jan, good morning. >> ukee, erika, good morning. >> this one kind of makes you think only in philly, right? police say this stunt was done by a husker trying to get back at his estranged wife. so he drove her corvette into the river. now, a warrant is out for his arrest. while police say no one was injured, they do say that this possibly put their investigators in danger. if you take a look at the video, you can see where this all unfolded yesterday afternoon. this all happened, just below the talcony palmyra bridge, on the pennsylvania side of the delaware river, police say, a 50 year old man drove his wife's 1990 red corvette into the river there, as it turns out, investigators say, he got out of the car and let it roll into the water without anyone inside. but police had to make sure no one was trapped. so, the police marine unit at first responders called in, after about 30 minutes, divers found the car submerged in about 30 feet of frigid water. police say the man's wife has a restraining order against him. and the wife tells "eyewitness news", that he had threatened
7:31 am
to dump her car into the river if she didn't meet his demand, apparently he was upset. she wouldn't let him drive the van that the two own. it was a stunt that turned into a difficult search and police say it put their people in danger. >> there was no visibility whatsoever. the divers just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle, they went inside the vehicle, which is extremely dangerous, because you can get trapped with all of the debris. they were able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> again, no one was injured. arrest warrant has been issued for this man, he's been ordered to turn himself into police. he's facing number of charges, including wreckless endangerment. reporting live outside of northeast detective, this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> thank you, january. in other news this morning, philadelphia police need the public's help to identify suspect want in the connection with sexually assaulting a man in kensington. please take a look at this. police say this man followed the victim home from the golden dragon chinese restaurant, on the 3200 block of north second street. the hooded suspect reportedly forces his ways inside at
7:32 am
gunpoint. he got away with victim's cell phone, keys, and $120 cash. >> now, in new jersey, seven high school football players accused of sexual assault will not be charged as adult. last month, sayreville war memorial high school canceled the football season when the allegations came to light. in addition to the charges, the team's head coach and four assistants were suspended indefinately. the coatesville area school district said it staffers were not aware of any alleged abuse against scotty slobodan milosevic and's brother. three year old scotty was tortured by his mother and father. scotty's six year old brother ryan had been absent from school for two weeks. the district launched it own internal investigation following news of the abuse allegations. now the school district superintendent, doctor cathy, released statement reading in part: whenever a child is absent, staff tries to make contact with the parent, to determine the reason for the absence through phonecalls,
7:33 am
written communications, and eventually a home visit to the residence we have on record. all of those procedures were followed. >> 7:33, checking in with katie and jest, a getting our traffic and weather together. >> good morning there is will end up -- see it break through, give it time. we eventually are going to see more of it. not too much happening, but i do have the satelite layer over top here. if you look closely you can tell that there is sort of a bit of a thin gray layer over top of our area. and that's actually translating to more clouds than sun, for many of you this morning. we did have some fog issues, but now that the sun's up that should start to become a non-issue. meanwhile temperatures are because of the clouds a little bit milder than this morning by comparison to yesterday. wildwood over achieving at 55, 48 degrees at the airport, and still holding tough at 39 in allentown, but could be so much colder, look at the difference, coy tell you this much, st. louis check in with them early this morning,
7:34 am
combed front will eventually cross our paths here, actually starting to cross through that area. we were into the 60s early this morning, and you're currently in the 40's out that wayment so casino of just sign of things to come. i expect you're going to eventually seymour sunshine, again, some clouds out there now, but not bad day. you know, we just have few more clouds, that's real at this. sixty-seven is our expected high. happy veterans day to you. now, later tonight, we start to see the clouds thickening once again, some fog, some drizzle, so make the most of this while you have it. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. 7:34. headed to the schuylkill expressway, disable vehicle had just popped up in the camera right here. westbound lanes at conshohocken, you can see, taking out the left-hand lane here, people are squeezing on by, and headed out into the shoulder to get on through there. eastbound delay also headed toward center city. and on 422 at oaks this is eastbound delay, so headed toward king of prussia, where you will see most of the volume. and actually completely cars at complete stands still there. debris on the road on the pa
7:35 am
turnpike eastbound just around norristown, so you can use caution traveling through there. an accident out in northeast philly grant avenue and roosevelt boulevard. no problems currently for septa, new jersey transit, dart. no problems currently even with the low visible at the philadelphia international airport. erika, ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. time now 7:35, let's get check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, jill, new study we're hearing paints pretty bleak pictures when it comes it millennials, how much money they are saving or not saving. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, ukee, erika. millennials not saving for rainy day. according to new report, from moody's analytics, adult under the age of 35 have a sayings rate of negative 2%. that means, they're burning through money, and going into debt. and this comes despite recent growth in the economy, also lots of new hirings, lack of savings can really delay financial goals like home ownership. ukee, erika? >> jill there is veterans day, businesses are looking for ways to thank those who serve our country, and, i hear
7:36 am
they're doing it would some freebies? tell us about it? >> that's right, restaurant, retailers around the country are offering vets a lot of free food and other discount, for example, starbucks is offering a free tall brewed coffee, to all us military members and spouses, i hop serving up free red white and blue pancakes to all vet, crispy creep giving out free donut, and ones vet finish off all that food, they go work out for free the 24 hour fitness giving free pass to their gym. >> gold star day. >> giving out free hugs, too, god bless our vet, indeed. thank you, jill, appreciate it. >> for more money tips and information, head to our website >> on your side with a recall from mcdonald's to tell you b the company recalling 2.5 million hello kitty toys. that came with some of their happy meals because they pose a choking riskment company received two report of children who suck that red whistle there into their
7:37 am
mouths and coughed out pieces. customers can return the toy to any mcdonald's from free replacement toy. >> time right now 7:37. and hey, another big win for the eagles. >> got that rightment quarterback mark sanchez shines in his debut. breaking it all down when we come back. good morning. >> ♪ >> weather is mild for now. but watch out. we will have some very cool kids later in this week, the temperatures, colder temperatures, on their way. katie's tracking the latest, when you need to find the big puffy coat you've been putting off since last winter. >> i got puffy shirt. >> ya? >> just like seinfeld. >> oh, pirate shirt? >> no, puffy shirt. wasn't that the seinfeld episode? >> we'll discuss this over the commercial break. okay, it's confirmment we'll be right back.
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7:40 am
>> prime time audience shore saw a show by the philadelphia eagles. scored on offense, defense, and special teams. >> right by him. that was sweet. six a yards on the punt return, for the touch. back up quarterback mark sanchez through two touchdown passes first start since 2012. he look good. offense, defense, special teams, it all came together. the final score convincing 45 to 21 victory for your philadelphia eagles. the birds showing some domination, good team win indeed. >> oh, yes. >> got that right. >> we're joined by paul jolovitz from sister radio station sports radio 94wip. jolly, how about sanchez? what a game for him? >> how about it.
7:41 am
in the end zone a lot last night. sanchez, hasn't started a game in two years, new leader on offense, new leaders on defense with nick, jordan matthews, scores twice, coming out, second game, two touchdowns, but sanchez didn't throw a pick only got sacked once, scores plus five in tufts over, here comes matthews again, we call this yack. >> yards after the catch. >> he was good. march sanchez, you don't miss a beat with him. you see this. great celebration. great anthem, veterans day, phenominal crowd on a monday nightment and sanchez his first start delivered here, he's going to throw it to brent celekment eagles low point of the night. this was actually reversed, and not called a touchdown. that's the worse that can happen. shady ran out from one, but sanchez over 300 yards was terrific. fans thinking -- >> i was just going to say, jets fans, but he didn't have it kind of team around him.
7:42 am
>> or this casino of coach or this kind of system, these kind of weapons. it came together last night. next man up, i mean, he shows that, see this with the sack. cam newton spent the night thinking he was wearing an egg he will helmet. he wore barwin three times. vinny playing great. stuck in the pocket. nine sacks, two short. team records. eight against the giants. guys, they have 32, second in the league. and they're terrific. atkins the last three night games, 126 to 32 regular season. >> how about that? >> i all of those games at night, quarterbacks, endangered species, what happened here? >> capitalizing on turnovers, that's always key. >> only had two on the game's first three plays. >> how about that? >> five overall. minus ten in this game, guys. five plus five here, ahead ten-nothing after 92nd. turnovers. you get to sanchez, then here is bradley fletcher. call this a pick six before half time. stretch that lead out. all three member of the
7:43 am
secondary didn't have a pick. got one to keep onto everything else. nine defensive and special teams touchdowns. unbelievable. >> here is your god son nate. he'll say thank you. >> he got up for that one. >> he did. >> indeed, indeed. sprolesy played well too. >> yes, sprolesy has been a god-send this year. saint trade him for fifth rounds pick, thinking ah, here, he walks in with one. and that is assisted with chip. he walks in with this one. this one, as you said before, second punt return of the season special teams, unbelievable. leaves the punter, see ya, hello end zone, hello 45-21. hello greenbay. 24 degrees. >> they're concerned bus, too, they saw that last night. >> they are. this will be very good gay. gwen bay six-point favorites. >> all because they're at lambeau. >> lambeau field, frozen tundra. not that cold. go out there and playment play like they did last night, hedge after football game. matthews brother also, casey. >> oh, yes.
7:44 am
eagles bring the heat, thank you, sir. >> appreciate you. you got it. right now, just past 7:43, traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i we will need to have them bring the heat. it will be freezing, frozen tundra, i can tell you that much. guys we check in with the eyewitness weather weather watcher. john sent in over the last hour new report, 36 degrees, still dealing with some fog out there in vincentown, new jersey, that's because the humidity so high. it is almost saturated air mass. but, no wind, or rainfall, for our veterans day. which is definitely calling the entire region. little further, further inch lan, toward the delaware river, where hal sent in # 4 degrees, also -- 44 degrees, fog in moorestown, new jersey, but said it is starting to burn off, or thin out. you will find that if you still have the low-lying cloud cover, this is not a cloudy day, mort of partly to mostly sunny day as soon as these clouds thin out. he of course says thank to you all of the veterans for their service. getting a lot that far kind of gratitude showing up in the eyewitness weather watcher network this morning which is
7:45 am
awesome to see. 44 degrees, another temperature, from ron russell here in riverside, new jersey, so these are, again, all from the last hour or so. and we will eventually see any clouds we're finding in the icons, thing out for some sun. ends up being beautiful day. dow want to show you what's coming down the pike though. so we head out next to storm scan3, good place to go. when you are tracking stormy weather, right? and we are beginning now to seymour that far tilt take place. if you recall yesterday, the snow line, was essentially just all strung out horizontally. now we've got more of the tilt taking place. so here is your cold front draped back here. that's allowing that trough to dig in. so, eventually, the cold front is what's going to slice through, any warmth that we've had a chance to bill up here in our atmosphere. that's when we start to see those temperatures dropping off. look at what this cold air meant. we have huge slew of winter warnings, freeze warnings, all sort of different alerts
7:46 am
through portions of the great lakes region even as far south as central texas. you're finding freeze warnings this morning. so, it is essentially little bit of sign of things that are to come for our area, down the road. meanwhile, our temperatures are a little too warm to, you know, feature any kind of frost or freeze advisories or warnings here. but we did get couple of reports from you our weather watcher network we had little frost out, there due on the win shields this morning, but, there you have t we start off into the 40's, 30's, if you have clear enough sky, we eventually end up here into the 60s. so today, really the mildest of the next seven, it may be the mildest day that we have for the rest of the year, yep. now, by tomorrow, 63 degrees, granted, but this is our transition day. so the breeze starts to kick in. probably fog, drizzle at least to kick start the day. and then very evidently, the temperatures take big old plunge, let's just draw nice bigar owe. going on nose dive here, headed into thursday. jess, we send it into you. >> so unfortunate, thank you,
7:47 am
katie, 7:46. speaking of unfortunate, how things are looking out in new jersey, traffic at complete stant still at creek road. so this is the northbound lanes here. there is an accident just up ahead approaching the walt whitman bridge, so if you are headed to the city, headed to the 295 interchange, you're stuck in this jam, backed up at least to depford for quite some time now. over on the ben franklin bridge, low visibility, from the philly side, too. see a loft fog. all lanes open fortunately. so headed westbound, into the city, everything moving along just little bit slowly but not looking too bad. some debris out in norristown, on the road there, the pa turnpike eastbound, so you can use some crawlings while traveling on through, accident southbound at grant avenue. travel times here everything just little bit slow today. not too sticky situation out there. ninety-five south from woodhaven to the vine st. expressway about 18 minute trip, 20 minute on the schuylkill headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. vest way. ukee? >> if you saw giant duck crossing the road, would you
7:48 am
stop? police in fort lee, new jersey, bet some drivers would not, and handed out dozens of tickets, when they were proven right. that's actually the police officer wearing that donald duck suit in the crosswalk. they set this trap up on halloween. now, fort lee's police chief says it was all in the name of safety, as you might imagine, some drivers are crying foul. >> it scared me. it was a huge duck f it was a normal person or cop dressed as normal person i would have stopped. >> karen said she was pulled over right after passing the uncover officer and given $230 ticket. and she plans to fight that citation in court. stay tuned. >> ♪ >> the word is ten. how many days they have to wait for the newest hunger gay install. >> seeing london last night.
7:49 am
jennifer laurence and co-stars say they're greatful and sometimes surprised by their dedicated fans. >> would you ever get used to that? >> no, it is, i mean, unbelievable. >> it is exciting, you know? a lot of energy. people are very excited about the movie and the chargers. you know? it is quite rewarding. >> also someone else, someone else. yes. >> oh, the hunger games mocking jay part one. the first of two films, from the final book of the triligy, they broke it up into two parts. can't wait for this. part two, we're told, due out sometime next year. but, ten days.
7:50 am
>> ♪ >> classic charity single getting another star studded make over. some big names are set to record a fourth version of do they know it is christmas. this is happening this weekend. that will includes bono, one direction, and sam smith. the latest edition we're toll will focus on fighting the ebola epiderm glike can't wait to hear that. >> i can't believe we're talking christmas carols already. >> hey, taylor swift has a lot tore thankful for, success of new number one pop albumn 1989, superstar will perform live at this year's thanksgiving day parade. tv special also features floats from the 88th annual macy ' thanksgiving day parade in new york city. you can catch taylor and the parade thanksgiving morning on our sister station cbs-3. hey, speaking of taylor, country singer, jason al dean, is following her lead. he just pulled his new albumn off a spotify. swiss made the same move last week, except yanked the entire catalogue. for now fans can still listen to his through the digital
7:51 am
music streaming service. >> katie, i know will love this. are you ready? there is going to be a cat fight at wwe raw, world wrestling entertainment announced grumpy cat will host monday night project. the frown face kitty currently on a media blitz promoting upcoming lifetime movie. grumpy cat's worse christmas ever. premiers november 29th. i'm just curious how the cat will host wwe raw. >> i know, very interesting, i have no identify glee a lot of -- throw out the first pitch, too? serious. >> she made it work. >> grumpy has some skills. wheal her real name? >> tartar sauce. >> tartar sauce. >> her real name. >> tartar sauce. >> heit hurts. you doin'? this is what it can be like to have shingles.
7:52 am
a painful blistering rash. if you had chicken pox, the shingles virus is already inside you. as you get older your immune system weakens and it loses its ability to keep the shingles virus in check. i just can't stand seeing him like this. he's in pain. one in three people will get shingles in their lifetime. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. i wish that there was something i could do to help. some people with shingles will have long term nerve pain which can last for a few months to a few years. don't wait until someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
7:53 am
we are honk or our heroes today, tweet us pictures, stories. vets closest to you, with hashtag cbs-3 morning. >> more of our favorite, little later in our newscast. >> ♪ >> for one camden county police officer, halloween was not a normal day on the job. >> not by any stretch.
7:54 am
otherwise routine shift that night, told sergeant terrell watkins helped deliver a baby. a woman at a park had gone into labor. sergeant watkins, who was also a trained emt, directed two other officers as well as the mother and the father, and together, they delivered a healthy baby girl. >> it was a little surreal. you know, we're not used to -- just seeing various different thing in the city but not like an actual woman giving birth like in the middle of the street. that's casino of -- even myself in my 23 years of e in. s experience, 17 years of police experience, never experienced anything like that. >> well for his effort sergeant watkins was named the department's officer of the week. >> and we salute him indeed. thank you, sergeant. >> i can't fathom what that must be like. normal day, then delivering a babe. >> i wow, unbelievable. >> well done. >> we'll take a short break. you're watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly" on this veterans day 2014. >> ♪
7:55 am
try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
7:56 am
>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we get right to katie. because we have to enjoy these 60s while we have them, right? >> we slutly should. today will actually be pretty much the nicest day we have for the rest of not just this week but maybe even the rest of the year, if you like warmth, that is. i know we're going to have more nice days, but may not get quite as warm as today l storm scan3 quiet, clouds, starting to thin for more sunshine, so it will continue to brighten up. that's very well represented here on the shore shop. very quiet, very light waves lapping up on the shore line here outside beach patrol headquarters in margate after what was only little foggy start for some us. but again going to see the clouds thin out for some sunshine, we warm all the way up to the upper 60s, almost 10 degrees above the norm. we will take it. tomorrow transition day, though, so, despite the
7:57 am
temperatures again in the 60s, chilly breeze starts to kick in, and then we just bottom out, jess? >> not looking forward to that, though. good morning, everybody, we go outside, we will see lingering fog here on the 42 freeway, creek road, all traffic completely at stand still in the northbound lanes, due to accident, just up ahead approaching the walt whitman bridge. so, we can see that at least back up from that point, little bit past and beyond to depford. on the roosevelt boulevard southbound an accident at grant avenue just use some caution when traveling through. erika, back to you. >> thank you, next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning, major make over for the world's largest pizza company. your local news weather and traffic continues with us, on the "cw philly".
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, thanks for joining us, in the news, it is the story of a man scorned. >> police say he sent his estranged wife's corvette into the liver as part of a divorce spat. now the police are looking for
8:00 am
him. jan joins us and bridges us up-to-date. >> good morning, fortunately, no one was injured here. police say this man, a husband, trying to get back at his estranged wife, so he drove her nice little red corvette right into the delaware river. but they say, in doing so, they possibly endangered the lives of police officers. >> from the merky water of the delaware river, investigators pulled this, a red corvette. >> police say, driven by a husband, and i are with his estranged wife, stunt that unfolded below the talcony palmyra bridge on the pennsylvania side of the river, in front of witnesses, police say, 50 year old man drove toward the water. >> then got out of the car, then let the car drive, with no one in it, into the river. >> still, to be sure, the police marine unit, and first responders, were called in monday afternoon. and after about 30 minutes, divers found the car, which is registered to the woman, submerged in about 30 feet of frigid water. >> there was no


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