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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 11, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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him. jan joins us and bridges us up-to-date. >> good morning, fortunately, no one was injured here. police say this man, a husband, trying to get back at his estranged wife, so he drove her nice little red corvette right into the delaware river. but they say, in doing so, they possibly endangered the lives of police officers. >> from the merky water of the delaware river, investigators pulled this, a red corvette. >> police say, driven by a husband, and i are with his estranged wife, stunt that unfolded below the talcony palmyra bridge on the pennsylvania side of the river, in front of witnesses, police say, 50 year old man drove toward the water. >> then got out of the car, then let the car drive, with no one in it, into the river. >> still, to be sure, the police marine unit, and first responders, were called in monday afternoon. and after about 30 minutes, divers found the car, which is registered to the woman, submerged in about 30 feet of frigid water. >> there was no visibility
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whatsoever. the divers just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle. they went inside the vehicle, which is extremely dangerous, because you can get trapped with all of the debris, they were able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> police say the man's wife has a restraining order against him, and the wife tells "eyewitness news" that he threatened to dump a car into the river if she didn't meet his demand. apparently it was upset she wouldn't let him drive the van the two own. when this spat turned into case of revenge, police say it, put their people in danger. >> some of the charges he's facing is wreckless endangerment, for putting the police officers and divers in harm way. >> and this van is now -- has a warrant out for his arrest right now. and he's been ordered to turn himself into police. reporting live outside of northeast detective, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i january, thank you. right now i want to head outside to katie on the skydeck for the forecast. i love we are talking 60s. >> we are. i was able to lose the scarf for this skydeck hit. feel more comfortable now that
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the sun's been up for little bit of time. tell there is a haze behind me here, on the skydeck, and i can tell you this much, you can't see it in the camera view, but little patch of blue sky trying to peak through the clouds right now, so, it is just a matter of time, guys, before we start to see the clouds thin out across the board, what's funny looking at storm scan3, and it would appear that there is virtually no clouds cover at all. i mean, you have this little thin vale of gray over top. but, it is really not necessarily showing up that way when you look out the window, again, you will find some clouds, some spots actually already brought end up nicely however. but his is just sort of the combination of what's to come. high pressure giving way, for us, to warm up nicely here, but that's what some of the clouds are many coming, from then eventually storm system, more specifically the cold front, is what's going to sweep through and send us on a wintery nose dive. currently at ooh degrees, though, at the philly international airport. forty-seven up in trenton, analyst goes on where you will off to milder start than yesterday. but by comparison, looking what the cold front that i just showed you has done, to place like minneapolis, or des
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moines, currently you've been holding tough in the locations, we stayed into the low and mid 20's, all morning. now as we look forward in the forecast, sort of again sign of things to come for us, but today looks lovely. happy veterans day to you, despite clouds to start the day off you don't have to worry about wet weather through the entire day, later tonight, however, we may start to see enough moisture where some fog or mist starts to form. we'll get through this day at less with very nice weather. jess, we send it into you. >> thank you, good morning, 8: 03, we go out, check how things are doing in jersey, an accident, just beyond this camera, headed northbound the 42 freeway at creek road. see big jam up here. headed possibly toward the 295 interchange, surrounding bridges, see some back up, as they're almost pretty much at stand still here being at least from the depford point headed northbound and onward. over on the schuylkill expressway, stand still pretty much both directions here, at the boulevard, on the schuylkill, so westbound see major delays there, and no major delays headed eastbound toward the center city area.
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now an accident out on the roosevelt, southbound, at grant avenue. that's pushed over to the shoulder, be prepared to squeeze on by, an accident at knight road and gravel pike. rest of the majors slamming up on 422 headed eastbound, heavy trip there from oaks into 202 about 17 minutes and 20 minute headed eastbound on the schuylkill from the blue route into the vine st. expressway. currently no problems for septa, new jersey transit or dart. no problems even with the low visibility out in the philadelphia international airport. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, jess, happening today manna cured of snatching watch off the street of philadelphia, is coming back to pennsylvania. delvin barnes here from the state of virginia where he is jailed on unrelated charges. >> police say barnes and duct dollars carlesha freeman bather november 2nd in germantown. authorities rescued her three days later in maryland, a parking lot there. barnes will make his first appearance in philadelphia featural -- federal court tomorrow. >> scuffle in the philadelphia industrial correctional center has injured four inmates.
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it happened around 10:30 last night. but it is unclear what started it. a spokesperson says it involved homemade weapons. we're told none of the injuries are serious. >> also, crews at six flags great adventure jackson township new jersey cleaning up after overnight fire in the parkment flames broke out inside barn used for the salve czar of safari. were able to quickly get the flames under chrome. thankfully no one or animals injured. the fire is still being investigated this morning. >> new this morning, prison time for crew of south korean fer that i sang and killed more than 300 people. a three judge panel has sentenced the captain to 36 years in prison, blaming him for negligence and abandoning ship while passengers were trapped inside. chief engineer got 30 years, and 13 other crew members got up to 20 years behind bars. >> welshing president obama says the us and china have reached an understanding, in talks to eliminate tariff's on
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high tech goods. the president made the announcement tuesday in beijing, where essay tend ago asia pacific economic summit. us officials say the progress with china includes an agreement to eliminate the taxes, on medical devices and other high tech instruments. just in time for veterans day, the va is streamlining its operations. secretary of veterans affairs, robert mcdonald; leading the changes. he want to make it easier for vets to gain access to healthcare and other benefit. the va will hire achieve customer service officer. it will cut red tape on how it delivers benefits. the reorganization project is called my va. it comes following revelations of long wait times for care and scheduling cover ups at many va hospitalization. and, as americans honor their veterans, the group philly veterans. com will launch new job program. it goal to fund jobs for 2,015 local vets in 2015. they're holding virtue job
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fair this afternoon to kick start that effort. we have more information for you about how you can get involved at also, pay truck youth to our vet today at the parade in media, delaware county. eight a world war ii vets will march in the parade. it starts at state and edgemont street at 11:11 this morning. pennsylvania senator bob castly speak after the parade. >> ukee? >> well, in sports, eagles now seven and two on the season, tie for the second best record in the ffc. last night birds just demolished the carolina panthers, 45-21. smallest man on the field darren sproles came up big time. scored two touchdowns, including this six a yard punt return. this man has been a great pick up. bradley fletch her a pick six, intercept the ball and particular it back to the house. and of course new starting quarterback mark sanchez in for nick foles you there for couple of touchdowns. leslie van arsdale was in the lockerroom after the game.
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>> the eagles demolished the panthers monday night so far so good for mark sanchez, and how about rookie jordan matthews? >> hey, i feel like jeremy maclin. but at the same time, you know, you got to put it behind youment like i said, avenue bunch of great guys, to show me how to be professional. you know, take too much times looking at the stats, drinking your own cool aid, you'll lose your appetite. try to put it behind me and move forward. >> taking his time, being leader in offense, directing the ball, and offense, you know, in the right direction. so, we really need him. you know, play big. lights out. >> a lot of good play action, so mark played re well. he commands the huddle. high energy. he played real good game. >> able to catch the ball, and just want to get it down the side lines as fast as i can. as far as defense, we always talk about great turnovers, able to do that today, front
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end -- >> great for the eagles to get a win, toughest test of the season coming sunday in greenbay. reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> those packers bet better be worried about us, that's all i'm saying. >> we caught up with some eagles fans celebrating prime time domination including few who like the birds new quarterback. >> oh, i think sanchez stepped up tonight. nick foles was playing all right. but sanchez got his shot. he made the best of t i think it was good stuff. it looks like they got a whole new attitude at home this year. you know? and it carried over from last year, too. but they were fired up. they didn't stop playing really. >> isn't that a song? new altitude ♪ >> how about this? that's marquis mark right there having his first cheese steak ever, we understand. >> wow, first one. we got picture from viewer david bently thank you, david, he caught the quarterback on camera at jean's after the game shake hands, saying high to folks, but first cheese
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steak. >> with or without? >> these are the questions. >> nova care and find out. >> hey, could be the beginning after nice tradition here, win a game, get a cheese steak. >> all right, nicely done. entire time -- team, nicely done. 8:10, slow motion disaster in hawaii. see what happens when this lava claimed it first home. that's coming up next. >> also, a pilot forced to make a delicate landing after having a problem with the plane. and we'll also have this. >> millions braze for a taste of winter, as arctic blast pushes across the country. i'm don champion. coming up what to expect and when. will be heavy, but we and our allies will go on fighting together to ultimate, total victory. >> i was up there to protect our people, to protect our country. >> we would either live or die together. >> veterans' day is just an
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autumn bitter blast. >> from south dakota, to michigan, the site and sounds of winter, are taking over. >> people are re-learning how to drive on snow. >> monday the rockies and upper midwest were hit with cold temperatures, and snow, today, northern wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan will feel and see the chill. >> big he snow totals for tuesday, in fact, lackey fence enhancing across the. p. >> taste of winter being pushed in by powerful storm that hit alaska, by the end of the week, will send temperatures diving. here in the east. >> in denver last night, wintery weather hit right as rush hour got underway. a state trooper was even hurt, when a 18 wheeler collided with his patrol car. this time lapse video shows how the day started when clear skies, then ended looking like winter. >> in minute society arc slick roads caused a 20-car pile up in duluth, minneapolis, some people left work early,
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because of the snow, many took public transportation. >> frig it temperatures will now settle in across the midwest, as the polar vortex continues its march, cold air will even sing into the deep south. don champion, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". those two words: polar vortex. here's katie. >> buzz words of all last winter, right? yes, well, here is where we stand, in terms of that plunging air mass, that's coming in, courtesy of canada, and the northern most latitude here. but, we start things off here with a live look out from one of the different cameras views on our very own rooftop here, center set i, you can see being some of the blue sky is starting to peak through the cloud cover. so it is going to continue to brighten up with time. we end up with nice not only mild but pleasant looking veterans day. i want to take to you storm scan three we got to talk about the storm, where it is right now, what i want you to notice here, we were look at
8:15 am
strictly snow with this. up until the last few hours, starting to see rain along with this, too, sign that you got obviously the rain-snow line here, but little too mild, in say, central missouri, central illinois, more specifically. for anything but plane old rain. color contour map, what you are seeing here, difference in air mass temperature. so way colder, when you are seeing the pink, magenta, darkest shades of blue, that's the trough, so here is the coal front then. that's what's going to sweep through the area in time. but what i want you to notice, how weak it is by the time it get here. so this afternoon, beautiful, bright sunshine, according to future weather, remember it is just model. but i love the way this initialize z, starting to see signs of green, clouds for sure, through the overnight, fog, mist, drizzle, lasting to tomorrow morning. here is your cold front. potent colds front looks awfully whimpy on future weather, in fact it will be when it comes it precipitation. we clear out for sunshine, but the breast will kick in for us, and that's just the beginning, folks, we start to see the thermometer dropping
8:16 am
off specially up toward the poconos, tomorrow afternoon, see temperatures falling with time, but by thursday all sort of settling into it here. so no better than the upper 40's by that point, and that, guys, upper four's, that's little more reminiscent of say the week before christmas, so, if something you need something to make you maybe want to go shopping, that will do it, right? everybody's ears pick up for that one, right? jess, over to you. >> we can't talk about christmas until thanksgiving at least happens. that's my only rule that i have. >> we check out jersey, everything starting to pick up on the 42 freeway, accident just up ahead, talking about little earlier has since cleared, for the bound lanes starting to open up, and headed toward surrounding area bridges, 295 interchange, should have no problem doing so. if you blue route at the schuylkill expressway, these are the southbound lanes, you see an accident over to the left hand shoulder right here. they are in the process of cleaning it up, getting out of the way. doesn't seem like it is really
8:17 am
involving any of the normal commute too much. an accident now in delaware, 95 southbound, just past naman's road, and another crash on the roosevelt boulevard, been out there for quite some time, southbound at grant avenue. but all of the rest of the majors, schuylkill clearing eastbound, but the 422 still little slow headed eastbound from oaks into 202, 12 minute trip there. great alternate today. currently no problems. >> scary moment after small plane makes an emergency landing in texas. take a look at this single engine cessna landing safely in houston now it wasn't your typical landing, but this skilled pilot managed with only part of his landing gear down. that can't be easy to do. federal aviation investigators are looking into what caused it to malfunction. no one was hurt. >> molten lava from the volcano swallowed up a house on hawaii's big island. the first home claimed by the lava flow that threatened that area for months now. as sewn as macinnis tells us, many other homes may still be
8:18 am
in danger. >> after month of the lava creeping closer and closer, it took less than an hour for fire to engulf john bird's former home. >> our wait is over. like okay, we can close the book on, that because the house burned finally. you know, so it is like okay, so we're onto our news story. but will affect a lot of people for a long, long time. >> bird had evacuated when the lava arrived here around noon on monday, becoming the first home destroyed. but it may not be the last. the main flow almost came to a stand still near the road that runs right through town, but it was a flow reached the how the, could endanger dozens more, lava bubbling from this erruption since late june, flowing forward for more than 13 miles, during previous, it ate up hundreds of homes. so far, it is only one, but birds next closest neighbor is only about half mile away. >> this is going to be
8:19 am
agonizing for a lot of folks. you know, i wish everybody the best, you know everybody stay safe. that's the main hinge. >> too late for this house, not yet for other. susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> 8:19. new program helping veterans get new lease on life. coming up next war heroes blazing new trail with their newcomb manion. >> but first here is a look at what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing here on the "cw philly".
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>> honoring our hero today, tweet us pictures, stories, of the vets closest to you, with the hashtag cbs-3 morning. >> we'll show you some more of our favorite photos, little later on in our newscast. >> it turns out something special happens, when you get a soldier together, with a wild mustang. the story of program that's helping vet gather back on their feet. >> hard to tell mo is more scared at this oklahoma ranch, the wild mustangs being rounded up and loaded in a trailer, or the would be cowboys, now in charge of dom he is dating the horses. >> they've seen human before until now. and it is just all new. >> the goal of the non-profit program, mustang mentors tore veterans, to teach veterans new skills.
8:23 am
>> veterans only have 100 days to train the horses, laura, admit, it is not easy. >> i knew days like this. >> spent ten days until the army flying apache helicopter, deployed twice to iraq. her new mission, gaining ross co-'s trust. just being around the mustang helping laura rebuild her life. >> i don't know that i could ever continue my life without some exposure to horses. >> larry spent 17 years in the army. he's now teaching the mustangs some basic commands, and learning a few things himself. >> it teaches you patience. >> at the end of the program, the horses are put up for adoption. >> laura tried to buy hers, but was quickly out bid. then, a long time supporter of the program, stepped up. >> and they said we want to buy your who are horse for a thousand dollars and give it back. >> he did the same for larry.
8:24 am
now, two veterans of the program, are blazing a trail with their newcomb pan john. omar villafranca, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> blazing a trail indeed. >> that's just wonderful. >> it is. feel good. >> stepping up, buying the horses for them, such a big part of their live. >> that's great. short break. you're watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". good morning.
8:25 am
good morning, following breaking news, fire at the ymca in abington, montgomery county flames broke out about 4:00 at the corner every old york, susquehanna roads. fire crews controlled that blaze, in a little more than a half hour, or there were no injuries, but the pool and child care area will be closed today. >> katie has your veterans day forecast, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, really starting to see skies brighten up nicely as we speak. we had some low-lying cloud cover, some fog issues, a lot of locations, but that sun definately penetrating through the cloud cover. we lend up with beautiful day. storm scan3, quiet, for one little blotch, call it, of ground clutter here at the area radar site in central new jersey. that said, see any clouds out there sort of mix with more sunshine, it will be as a result of high pressure
8:26 am
lifting away. unseasonably warm this afternoon, to the upper 60s easily, at least flirting with 70, in a couple of spots. fifty-two our expected low tonight. so again, that's still mild. but by this point, weaver blanket of cloud cover. we will also seymour moisture allowing for some fog, or some mist to develop. that will linger into tomorrow morning. before we end up clearing out. we clear out because of the passage of our polar front. that sends temperatures on pretty significant nose dive by thursday. jess, over to you. >> at least we have today. we go outside, check out how the blue route is doing at route one, the southbound lanes moving along nicely, most of that delay, headed on the northbound lanes where tail litz are moving. ninety-five southbound, just past naman's road, another crash on the boulevard, roosevelt boulevard, southbound, at grant avenue. 422 eastbound oaks into 22, the schuylkill expressway on the westbound from the vine street vest way, about 37 minute trip there. over to you.
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>> next update at 8:00 a five, and up next on cbs this morning, bill the science by. for more traffic weather and sports, we're on the "cw" caring for you ... just got a little easier.
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>> and looking live right now, at center city, already, warming up to 53 degrees. and just going up from here. but big changes coming our way. katie has your forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >> traffic showing the ben franklin bridge, jessica in
8:30 am
the house, he will join us with all of the roads and the traffic, we'll do traffic and weather together coming up in just a few minute. hope you can stay with us. first, bizarre fishing expedition on delaware river here. >> divers pulled up red corvette. become part of bitter divorce. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at northeast detectives right now it tell you all about this story. good morning. >> good morning, costly spat between husband and wife. they say, this husband, wanted to get back at his estranged wife. so we drove her corvette, into the delaware river. now, no one was injured, but police say it did put their police officers lives in danger. if you take a look at the video, you can see, where this all unfolded yesterday afternoon, this happened just below the talcony palmyra bridge on the pennsylvania side of the delaware river. police say ooh year old man, drove his wife's 1990 red corvette into the river there. as it turns out, got out of the car, threat roll in the water without anyone inside.
8:31 am
police had to make sure no one was tram so the police marine unit and first responders were called in, and after about 30 minutes, divers found a car submerge in the about 30 feet of frigid water. police say this man's wife does have a restraining order against him. and the wife tells "eyewitness news", that he had threatened to dump her car into the river if she didn't meet his demands. >> turned into difficult is her: police say it put their people in danger. >> diver just had to go by feel. found the vehicle, went inside the vehicle, extremely dangerous, so they can get trapped with all of the debris. able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> again no one injured, now police have issued arrest warrant for this man, ordered to turn himself in, will face number of charges including wreckless endanger: northeast detective, jan carabeo,
8:32 am
"eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i thank you. surveillance video shows suspect wanted by police in connection with sexual assault of another man in north philadelphia. take a look at this, police say there is man, followed the victim home from golden dragon chinese restaurant on the 3300 block of north second street. suspect forced his way inside at gun point, got away with the victim's cell phone, keys, and $120 cash. # new jersey high school feud ball players will not be tried as adult. the sayreville war memorial players were arrested last month on charges including hazing, criminal restraint, and aggravated sexual assault. in response, the school district canceled the football season. the teams coach staff suspended indefinately pending an investigation. the coat ville area school district has completed its internal investigation spark by news a kent err gartner had survived abuse that allegedly killed his little brother. investigators say, three year old scotty mcmillan was murdered by his mother, and her boyfriend, in a trailer in
8:33 am
west caln township. scotty's brother, ryan, had been absent from school for two weeks. the school district maintains that staffers were not aware of any abuse. coatesville area school district superintendent, doctor cathy, released statement that reads in part: whenever a child is absent, our staff tries to make contact with the parents, to determine the reason for the absence through phonecalls, written communication, and eventually, a home visit to the residence we have on record. all of these procedures were followed. >> 8:33, we want to check in with katie and get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, actually very nice day underway here. even though we are starting the morning off with granted quite a bit of fog, that we had earlier, through the morning, and still some cloud cover, in couple of choice locations, that cloud cover actually going to thin out. we end up with more sunshine, and real nice day. nice mild day no less. we start things off just by going out to the live neighborhood network, 47 degrees currently outside whitt fields elementary school. do still have some clouds,
8:34 am
generally what i am finds something i look around at the area field cameras, the closer you are to the shore, more likely tour seymour sunshine at this hour. but, it is interesting, when you look at storm scan3, you can't really tell. it almost looks like opposite from what i just said here. you do have very thin vale of cloud cover, though, spreading out across the entire region here, so, we are area going to be looking at mixed generally of sun and clouds as the day goes on at 50 degrees at this airport, warm start evening else nice warm afternoon, for the standards every mid november. sixty-seven greets almost ten above the norm for us with sun and clouds, any veterans day festivities, ceremonies, are looking lovely. so, a real nice tribute certainly to all of the men and women that have served our country, of course we salute you. over to you. >> good morning, 8:34, we go outside, check out the schuylkill expressway, has pretty heavy westbound back up, this is schuylkill at the boulevard. eastbound lanes moving along nicely, but pretty much stack
8:35 am
up from the boulevard to belmont all the way headed westbound toward the king of prussia area, over on the 30 bypass, we can see at route 113, most of that is eastbound delay, still moving great, westbound lanes moving perfectly fine. delaware an accident on 95 southbound, past naman's road, use some caution when traveling on through there. montgomery county, lancaster avenue, at lankenau drive. another accident there. and our major 422, headed eastbound, still slow trip from oaks into to two -- 202. and 11 minutes on the turnpike headed westbound, real slow from bensalem into valley forge. no problems for septa, new jersey transit and dart. currently no problems for the philadelphia international airport. erika, back to you. >> no coincidence that the va is making a overhaul in time for veterans day. robert mcdonald calling the restructuring the largest in the department history. reorganization project called my va. changes rod supposed to make he is year to gain access, and its websites.
8:36 am
it follows revelations of long wait times for care and scheduling cover runs for many va hospitals. >> serves 22 mill veterans. >> re acting to the va's changes "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown spoke to few my staff here to listen -- >> an open forum for veterans, to voice their concerns, to a panel of veterans affairs officials, who can transform questions into actions. >> it comes on the heals of major reorganization, plan, designed to make it easier for veterans to navigate an off ten convoluted system. >> we recognize we couldn't continue to go forward with processing claims the way we were. >> moved deliberate are thely to engage in over arching transformation within the vba.
8:37 am
>> wearing their service as badge of honor, took to the mike, many with mounting frustration, on what they describe as lengthy claims processing procedures, army veteran, left the military in 2005. plagued with injuries. a decade later, he says, he still is waiting on resolution to claim he's filed. >> i have the actual paperwork proving i have these different things that's going on. >> judges stone woman, or stone ball approach. >> concerns like this, are spear heading effort by the va to make maze like websites and processes through the department a lot more customer service driven. it is welcome news to bob, who works with veterans services in new jersey, and says he's seen too many senior citizens, waiting on benefits, they never lived to see. >> takes forever, ridiculous, typical claimant for attendance as senior citizens. a loft them very ill. so by the time the claims settled either in the hospital, or they pass away
8:38 am
>> calls the it the largest in the had i trist, with veterans dough pending on it, regional va offers, in northeast philadelphia natasha brown. >> our veterans have sack advertised so much for our country, today many restaurants and stores are giving back to the vets, with some special deals. >> eat for free today, veterans, and start your day off with free cup of coffee at with a washings good for vets, active military and their families. we put more freebies on our home page >> ukee, all morning long, we've been asking for your special veterans day pictures, and you have been sending them in. thank you so much. >> sentenced on twitter, facebook, also on instagram. starting things off with jeff. he says happy veterans day to all those served in great nation, including my grandfather. next up, we have one from
8:39 am
nancy, here 3bs3. >> next from nicole, happy veterans day for my father for 20 years of service. we love you. daughter send that one in. nicole, thanks. stephanie phillips, says, to my very special and love hero, we love you, avd. >> try to get to couple more, i love seeing these pictures, garnet says my dad jim world war 2mp. thank you dad. miss you very much. xo love diane and one more before we go here, from ashley wolf, even though you are not here with us this year year, thanks for all you it, pop pop parker, hashtag cbs-3 mornings. thank to you everyone for sending these pictures, please keep them coming. you can send them to us on twitter, facebook, instagram. use the hashtag cbs-3 mornings, might see them right here on "eyewitness news" later on this morning. to all of the vets, thank you for your service this veterans
8:40 am
day and every day. you're looking live right now at the tomb of the unknown soldier, and arlington, virginia. of course this stands on top a hill overlooking washington dc. guard changed every hour on the hour, just amazing experience if you can get down thereto visit. wonderful way to honor our vets on this veterans day 2014. we'll be right back. merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast.
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>> good morning, out to some of the newest observations here on the eyewitness weather watcher network. actually starting to see a nice little rebound on the they are mom term. 47 degrees, sent in byron russell, just within the last 20, 25 minutes. he's in riverside. and he is starting to see some of that cloud cover left out for some sunshine t lends up being noise day, what i love so much about our weather watcher network this
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. later today the manna cured in the abduction of philadelphia woman last week, returns to the state of pennsylvania. the fbi is bringing delvin barnes to philadelphia, from a jail in virginia, on charges he abducted carlesha free lands gate fresh germantown street. she is back home now, safe and sound. barnes is being held in a virginia on unrelated other attempted murder charges. >> all right, your forecast now with katie. and pretty nice day, right? >> absolutely, we had cloud cover to start things off. it may have scared you off initially. but trust me on this one, already in fact, starting to see the clouds thin out for more blue sky, more sunshine, and already warming up nicely even at this hour. mid november this will be very nice day, and perfect timing
8:56 am
for veterans day. if you have got a ceremony that perhaps you're attending as the day goes on, just looking at few clouds here and, there and unseasonable warmth, up to 67 degrees, nearly ten above the the average. fifty-two the expected low tonight. yes, actually still mild. but the moisture content in the atmosphere is building so there will be some fog, or mist, or fine drizzle, that picks up for us, into tomorrow morning. before skies quickly clear out. that will be the sign that our frontal boundery is passing through, more than anything, though, you start to notice the breeze kicking in, and temperatures plummeting by thursday. jess? >> thanks, coming up on 9:00 a.m. we check out the schuylkill expressway 202. an accident taking out the right hand shoulder there, so headed westbound toward the king of prussia area, where you will see most of the volume and back up for right now, eastbound lanes, so, looking okay. then an accident out in pennsauken, new jersey, route 38 westbound, involving overturned tractor-trailer and a fuel spill just near route 130. use some caution when traveling on through there. out in delaware, an accident, been out there for predominant part of the morning, nine at
8:57 am
southbound just past naman's road, pushed over over for a clean up. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now. talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have great morning.
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>> coming up on today's "700 club"... >> a faith walk. >> two heros. >> i remember how scared i was. >> two generations apart. >> i volunteered before my mother and daddy even knew it. >> it seems like it was yesterday. >> we say thank you to our veterans. >> to protect our people. >> i had nobody else to rely on but him. >> on today's show. ♪ >> pat: well, today we salute our veterans, of which i am delighted to say i am one, in the korean war, some from vietnam, some from world war ii. i don't know if any world war i veterans are still here, and if they are, theye


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