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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 17, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> fast moving fire left one man dead, four police officers injured. >> take grab the umbrella, showing web start to the work week. it is monday, november 17th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> the latest on that rain, what you can imagine it is doing to the roads out there, too. katie, jest, a keeping an eye on things for us this morning. hey, ladies. >> good morning, the one day that traffic and weather together go together, help me out here, tell me what we're dogging. >> we have wet weather, jess, will affect bows of the typical commutes. so the morning and the afternoon, early evening commute, affected by what's going on with mother nature here today. but, the good news at least on that front, is that it is really just today.
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, clear clear out the better part of the week. not everyone is getting hit right now. the problem is even though it looks as though there is a little bit after lull here, it doesn't necessarily mean we're done. because i think the second round every rain comes in, with the colds front aspect of the latest storm system, that means heaviest yet to come. it likely comes when so many people are out on the roadways. rain and the, over the course of the next say 12-16 hours, top off no more than just over an inch. so we have a long window to pick that much up. that's yes don't think flood something necessarily a huge concern, but you have to keep in mind here, there are so many wet leaves on the roadways, so many of those leaves also clogging up the area storm drains. , could mean minor flooding issues. poconos 32 degrees. we do still have winter weather advisories posted carbon, monroe counties, if you are traveling towards the i80 corridor, rain freeze on
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contact until temperatures have a chance to climb. one extra piece of soft of moving piece of the puzzlement strictly rain for everybody else, but chilly rain. i can tell this much, i'm, you know, freezing out here on the skydeck, shivering, little bit, later today we expect seasonable daytime haim for 57 for a change. >> that's a big umbrella i don't envy you at all. clock 02, we go outside and check out situation here on 95, so this is northbound lanes, right here, this is the off ramp that we've been talking about toward the blue route northbound. where there is a car fire, has cleared out of the way, not reopened many ramp yet. still see police activity on the scene, folks here actually wait to go get on to the ramp for the time being you want to get forced off onto ridley park and you can see the southbound lanes some delays there, as well. now over on the schuylkill expressway, at the boulevard, eastbound lanes moving along, see breaks lights, westbound,
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now over on patco, some delays, up to about 20 minutes, no really explanation for that so far. but 20 minute delays at least on patco. lincoln drove southbound at result enhance street accident over in the right hand lane. >> breaking news comes from the vatican, first with the story, pope francis confirms he is coming to philadelphia. >> overnight we learned the leader of the roman catholic church will be here next fall, for the world meeting of families. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us in the archdioces billing with the latest information on that visit. good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, i've been speak to go members of the catholic community this morning, who are extremely excited, that the pope is finally confirmed that he will be coming to philadelphia, in september of 2015. so the world meeting of families, of course, that been long rumored, finally confirm, ablation, stay will re-energize this community and the nation after all this is the first trip to the united state, for pope francis, of
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course, we all had already looking forward to this announce, pope made it officially in rome, the bishop hear it along with the philadelphia delegation of the worlds meeting of families, some here. >> went there to try to persuade the pope to come to the event. details will be released. >> today it is likely the pope. >> on this event. >> saturday, september 26th, and then the papal mass the event will be huge, open to the public, will be held on the ben franklin parkway right here in the heart of philadelphia. >> in 1979, more than 1 million people, pope francis is expected to attract more than 2 million people. take a listen.
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>> first visit to the u.s. by a pope, so keep in mind, much as blessing for us here, in the city and the region, real a visit to the whole nation. so it is a blessing for our country. >> now, this morning, archbishop chaput made this statement read untiling part i'm overwhelm, overjoyed, by pope francis announcement he will join us with for the world meeting of families in philadelphia next year. a hallmark of his papacy has been keen focus, for challenges that families face today globally, his charisma, presence, voice, will electrify, again, expected to participate in the closing events, two huge events on the ben franklin park way, of course, planning had already been in the work for this, but now that we know for sure, it is confirm the pope is coming, really ramps up today, told by board members they'll start planning, when he will come in, where he will stay, what stops he'll make, because the pope is the pope of the people. really never know where he
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might show up. he likes to keep his own schedule. we continue to follow this throughout the morning. for now liver in center city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i it will be exciting time. thanks so much. once again in print pope will visit for the worm meeting of families, target date friday september 25th. on saturday the 26th, the pope holding celebration of family life. then on sunday, september 27th, papal mass, both on ben franklin parkway and the public is welcome. >> more breaking news now. a deadly house fire overnight in philadelphia's germantown section, sends four people and police officers to the hospital. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch at the scene on east chelten avenue where the officers suffered minor injuries. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, yes, now daylight, the scene of the fire actually much easier to see. take a look upstairs that second floor area that casino every gold space there where the fire broke out, where officers race today douse the
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flames. >> from the outside, hard to see the damage the sunday fire left behind. but, on the second floor of 835 chelten avenue, firefighters found a fire, and a man dead. >> three others inside escaped. but four philadelphia police officers were sent to the hospital. fire commissioner derrick soar says the officer tried using extinguishers to put the fire out themselves. >> transported for minor injuries, trying to distinguish the fire prior to fire department arrival, but they're in stable condition. >> all four taken to einstein for treatment of smoke inhalation. back out live, looking again at where that fire broke out, l & i did investigate that and try to figure out if that's indeed an illegal conversion or subdivided space. the cause of this fire this
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morning remains under investigation. live in germantown, justin fitch, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i all right, justin, thank you. and firefighters rescued four people from the roof of this burning home, in north philadelphia overnight. it happened around 2:30 along the 3,000 block of north 17th street. three people were taken to the hospital to get checked out. no word on what sparked that fire. a local police officer credited when saving a boy's life over the weekend is speaking out. investigators say, the boy accidentally shot himself in the face outside after auto repair shot in sharon hill saturday night. officer steven mummo of the sharon hill police, and another from the fowl craft police department were first on the scene. they returned that boy to nearby hospital, while officer mummo perform cpr in the back seat. >> we deal with tragedy every day. when it is a child involved, it is hard, it extra hard. but fortunately your training kicks in, and you don't think about that, and you just do what you're supposed to do.
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>> now, that boy is in guarded condition at chop, but doctors are optimistic that he will pull through. the boy's father could face charges in this incident. >> your time is 7:09. eagles will get back to the practice field tomorrow trying to put yesterday's game behind them. way behind them. sports director beasley reese takes a look at what happened to the birds on the famous tundra of lambeau field. packers are the bert football team, difficult to hear, but proved it on the field, eagles were dominated from the opening kick to the final gun. aaron rogers, put on a show. eagles defense tried to pressure him in the second half, but he showcased his total game by running from trouble. the packers like the eagles last week against carolina scored touchdowns on offense, defense, and special teams. packers crushed the eagles 53 to 20. >> now we will find out who we are, what kind of team we have. easy win, here on the other ends of this thing, like we were last week.
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and, you know, you're on national tv. everything is going great. you can't miss. we score a loft point, defense, you know, special teams score, that's fun and it is easy. but now it is tough. and this is going to be a real good test for this team. >> all right, seven and three, the bad lost in greenbay, still good start. keeping the eagles on track foreplay off run. the game tells me the packers are trending toward elite status, while the birds have a good team, but with plenty of time to improve. i'm beasley reese, let's go back to the studio. >> they host the tennessee titans sunday, watch the game on sister station cbs-3. let's go birds. bounce back. >> here we go. >> coming up in the next half hour, we have on "eyewitness news", the us is ramming up efforts to destroy isis. >> isis militants execute another american in syria. i'm susan macinnis in washington, coming up the pentagon intensifies its effort to destroy the terror group. >> ♪
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>> got to have it, got to have it ♪ >> ya, that type of day. katie has your forecast, jessica looking at your traffic. we'll be right back. ♪
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world meeting of families, holy father expected to arrive september 25th. making two public appearances on the ben franklin parkway, celebration of family life on september 26th, and a papal mass on the 27th. only can hope for good weather those couple of days. september katie was saying you never know. but today we know we have rain. >> at least what's typical on those couple of days is mid 70s, late september. so it would be very comfortable respect as long as we evening out average. let's play guess the camera. where are we, anybody? >> atlantic city? >> nice try. but everywhere. >> actually jack frost big boulder. look real closely off in the distance, just below the lettering there, actually some light snow on the grounds, from recent systems moving on through. but yes, this is basically what your windshield will look like when you step into the car, and you get ready to get going here. so windshield wiper alerts, slow travel alert of course. we go next to the live neighborhood network, where actually there is no rain
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falling at this hour. outside beach patrol headquarters, but we have very damp sands, already some rain moving through, and far from done. this system, has yet to completely cross through, and it has some umf to t very large storm. basically dealing with the warmfront having lifted through, continuing to lift north as we speak. your cold front, i don't think snow is a issue. mainly chilly rainmaker for us, however, you go up to mount pocono, right now, temperatures just marginal enough through carbon, monroe counties, that there is a winter weather advisory posted. any rain could freeze on contact perhaps if it is still out there. so just watch for that, look at the contrast that takes place here, you can understand why there is snow falling back through some of the mid mississippi valley, right? stark contrast, means, there is potential for severe werth. not worried about set -- severe weather, but how potent the system s already tornado watches and, issues for the deep south. not our concern. mainly chilly rainmaker for
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us, get little lull through mid-morning, there is more on the way. look at this. heavy rain starting to pick up generally the afternoon though that it looks like heaviest starts to move through for us, and then we hit say prime time tv, and we start see that wet weather diminish here. by 8:00 p.m., we should start to clear out nicely, and then those temperatures just plummetment look at tomorrow early morning low, 29 degrees, and we only hit 3033, and here is the insult to injury. it probably won't feel any better than the teens. >> oh, really? >> better part of the day because the winds starts to whip. looks very persistent. >> wind no joke. >> which is worse to you, cold, dreary, rainy, cold with sunshine and the bitter wind. >> tomorrow feeling so freezing. >> i can't decide. kind of on the fence right now. >> we love you. >> yes indeed. >> that's right. say it with a smile like you always do. >> exactly. >> hey, young laidy? >> we do love her. we hope we love me. i don't have anything good to say either. every time it pops up,
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clearings away, another one comes along, on in. we will get through t i'll get you through it. 7:17. we go outside, start things off on the schuylkill expressway, where there is a little incident right there, actually, an accident over into the right hand side right there. headed westbound, this is at south street, headed westbound toward the king of prussia area, see some slow going, as they're taking out the shoulder, police activity on the scene trying to get that out of the way. so you can get to where you got to go on time. now over on 95, this is actually some delay, this is near 322, headed northbound, toward where that ramp closure earlier today, really causing some major back up headed northbound toward the blue route area. and then an accident out in delaware, nine the a northbound, route 273, push over into the right hand side there. and some problems on patco, so some 20 minute delays there, for no real explained reason yet. but we know at least 20 minutes, we want to give yourself extra time headed out the door. accident still on lincoln drive southbound at rittenhouse street. over to you. >> thank you, isis terrorists have beheaded another
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american, that prince the total to five westerners the militants have murdered. susan macinnis reports the us is accelerating its efforts to destroy the group. >> ♪ >> the 15 minute video purportedly shows isis militants, their faces exposed, decapitating syrian soldiers. at the end, a mask man with a british accent stands over the severed head of peter kassig, us soldier turned aid worker kidnapped in syria last year. he is the third american, and the fifth western hostage, killed by isis. >> the fork has been lit. >> unlike previous videos, doesn't show kassig alive before the beheading. the group does identify its location as the beak, a town in northern syria, and threatens us military personnel. >> slaughter your solder. >> resident every kassig's home state of indianna remember the sacrifices he made to help syrians in need. >> he chose to go back, to help with all the suffering in syria caused by the civil war.
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>> sunday the what house confirmed the video is authentic, and president obama called the murder act of pure evil. the us is pressing forward with its effort to ultimately destroy the terror group. defense secretary chuck hagel said sunday the us military is speeding up its training, and advising iraqi force who is are fighting isis. >> we're in the process now of opening four training centers in iraq. >> hagel says americans should prepare for a long and difficult struggle. susan motorcycle gig guiness, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i grand jury in ferguson, missouri expected to decide soon on whether or not to indict a white police officer for shooting an unarmed black teenager. >> activists took to the streets, in the st. louis area. demonstrators braved freezing temperatures to march and protest against police violence. in the nearby town of berkley, businesses are boarding up windows, bracing for that grand jury's decision. one protester worries about
7:20 am
police reaction to the protest. >> want the police to let us alone, let us protest peacefully like we have been protesting peacefully, son em gauging on us to react to the action. >> the american civil liberties union of missouri also calling for restraint by law enforcement. >> your time coming up on 7:21, heart-warming story, just ahead of the holidays. >> coming up next, three year old does something un expected when she sees a stranger, a special stranger, eating alone. >> but first, here's what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing on the "cw philly".
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>> philadelphia getting ready for turn for the inch nash nash spotlight. next september world meeting of families, pope will make several stops in our area and celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway. >> also, one man was killed, and four philadelphia police officers injured, in a fire on chelten avenue in germantown. that fire broke out around 2:30, but so far it is not clear what started the fire. >> and, in sports, the greenbay packers just beat up the eagles, at lambeau field yesterday. final score 53 to 20. eagles fall into first place tie with the cowboys, in the nfc east, will play the tightens next sunday sister station cbs-3.
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well, this is just great. toddler in indianna pulls spots or spots santa claus, eating alone, at a restaurant. so, what does she do? she grabs a seat and joins him. >> three year old grace on wilson out to breakfast with her family, when the man who looked just like chris kringle walked in. she said one of her five are you hot dale is christmas, and she just could not bear to see santa sitting by himself. >> oh,. >> the whole time ago. >> ya? >> and i was eating. >> she pulled p the chair, they just started having a conversation like they new each other for years. >> that's great. santa says gracie is a special little girl, and that he might have some surprises for her come christmas morning. >> hey, she has known him for years. but never hurts to be nice to, you know, the big guy in red with a month until -- >> would pull up a chair and sit next to him, too. >> so sweet. the natural, oh, santa's by
7:25 am
himself. >> and who knew santa went to bob evans. >> fun facts about saint a he likes pancakes, too. >> he does. my man. give me that g.i. joe kung fu grip and we're cool. he owes me. something like 40 something years. >> hang onto that one? >> i am. >> that wounds runs deep? >> i get it, until i get it. we'll take short break. watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". we'll be right back.
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cbs3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, we kick it off with katie and get that forecast. >> not the nicest one, ukee, let's be honest. starting off on very soggy note here. very chilly rain, just dreary, and cloudy outside, if it is not raining right now, but most of the day is going to feature potential for some rain at times it, could be pretty heavy for this afternoon. here's how we stand, obviously not everybody getting hit, but not to say you won't at some point later today. quiet view for us right now outside middle township high school in cape may courthouse, where you can tell it is damp, and obviously cloudy but it isn't raining at the moment. again, that's going to change with time. if you're not seeing rain right now, you will again, and it looks like it will be heaviest this afternoon, in toward the evening. by tomorrow, temperatures take a very significant hit.
7:27 am
jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, taking a significant hit on 95, around 322, this is headed northbound, toward the blue route, where earlier we did have ramp closure headed toward the blue route northbound t has since reopened. but you can see, everybody really slow going, a lot of brake lights headed down toward the blue route. over on 95, out in delaware, a crash out, to advance the maps, 95 northbound route 273, ukee, over to you. >> next update at 7:25:35 -- 755:67:89 wrong place, wrong time, american woman behind bars in southeaster asia says she was mistakenly caught up in a drug raid. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are
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>> jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, erika, good morning, huge news, in philadelphia this morning. generating a whole lot of excitement, you may remember, in 1979, when pope john pam the second visited philadelphia he attracted more than million people to the ben franklin parkway, well, officials here this morning, say, pope francis is expected to attract more than 2 million people, so whole lot of planning underway this morning, as well as that excitement. now the official details aren't yet available exactly where the pope will be visiting, we're told he is pope of the people e likes to make his own schedule, own stop, likely he will be visiting from september 25th to the 27th, for closing events. one, a huge event, the papal mass on the ben franklin parkway now. this announcement, was made, earlier this morning, in rome, area bishop charles chaput to hear it along with philadelphia delegation of the worlds meeting of families, of course an event he will be attending in 2015. you see, some of the delegation here in our video in rome earlier this year. details of the papal visit will officially be released,
7:31 am
in the spring or summer of next year. but the archdioces again has announce that it will likely be the pope visiting in that closing event, one of the events, the festival of families, on saturday, september 26th, and then the papal mass on sunday the 27th. both of events are open to the public, and both will be held on the ben franklin parkway in the heart of philadelphia, as you can imagine, so many people, huge event, if you remember, the big event in 1979, pope john paul ii, and everyone is getting he can cited about it, take a listen. >> the fact it will be here in the cradle of liberty, the city of brotherly love, and sisterly affection, is wonderful. we're really getting somebody said a rock star, and when you look at the influence, that he has on the world stage, it is just incredible. >> so a lot of excitement, bishop also calling this a blessing for not only philadelphia, but for the entire region, and the entire
7:32 am
nation after all. this is the first trip to the united state for pope francis, and this is the first time the world meeting of families will be held in the u.s. as well. really whole lot of people converging for this one big event next year september 2015. reporting live in center city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> seventy-nine was amazing, i can't imagine. >> 2 million people! pope francis once again confirming his visit to philadelphia, expected friday september 25th. once again he does have at least two public events scheduled, both set for the ben franklin parkway. on saturday, september 26th, the holy father will hold celebration of family. then on sunday the 27th, he will celebrate a papal mass. >> right now coming up on 7:33, coming one our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, we do have little bit of a lull right now, in terms of the worse of what the rain had brought through the overnight hours, and we are, in fact, going to
7:33 am
see another round sort of roll through here as the day goes on. so this is essentially wash out after day for you, even if you don't have the rain currently falling, for example, across much of the state of delaware, most of south new jersey, right now, not seeing anything fall from the sky. but the problem is that the damage is essentially already done here from last night, and where you have the spray still coming up off the vehicles, the damp roads, obviously, and the damp leaves now matted down and creating even slicker conditions. also want to point out to you in knowledge -- mount pocono, 32, have not budgeted all morning, even though isn't necessarily rain falling right now, could still be some puddles have had a chance to slick over up that way, so just be extra cautious as you travel. but his is generally just chilly start to the day, and dreary day as a whole. so, down the shore even though it is a little bit milder, it is still very dreary outside. and it stays that way across the board, this is just a rain making event for philadelphia, but again, it is with us, pretty much all day today. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie, that rain really affecting our commute
7:34 am
as you can see outside on 95 at 322, this is headed northbound toward the blue route, all brake lights just complete slow going, almost the entire way there. over on the ben franklin bridge, everything moving along, from the jersey side, from the toll plaza you can see some volume starting to accumulate as they head westbound up over the bridge and into the city. you can see little brake lights about to hit the mid-span of the bridge there, as well. but that's pretty much typical volume. delaware 95 northbound at route 273 a crash there, 20 minute delays on patco, for the predominant part of this morning, so we update you on that if anything does in fact change. now, on the rest of the majors, 422 eastbound from oaks into 202 eastbound, really heavy about 17 minute trip there. thirty-one minutes on the schuylkill expressway headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway. currently no problems for the rest of mass transit, no delays at the philadelphia international airport. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. updating breaking news this morning, four philadelphia
7:35 am
police officers were hurt while trying to battle a deadly house fire in germantown overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at the scene with more on how the officers are doing, justin, good morning. >> good morning, erika, told both officers should recover, as you mention, they went inside of the binger house sunday night to douse the flames. suffered smoke inhalation, but again, a man did die. that fire broke out just after 11:00 on sunday night, at 8:35, chelten avenue, we do know that alarms did go off. three people did manage to escape, man was found in a second floor unit of this apartment by firefighters, he was found there dead inside, we do know that l & i is investigating this situation here, trying to figure out if this home here is illegal conversion, perhaps illegal boarding house. and back out live, we can tell you the red cross is assisting three people, after this fire here, overnight, and that the cause of this fire remains
7:36 am
under investigation. again, l and e trying to figure out if this home was illegally converted. we are live in germantown. justin finch, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". justin, we'll get back to you, thanks so much. >> time 7:36. check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. jill, hearing that general motors, will text ends the deadline for victims of the faulty ignition switches to file for compensation. give them more time. what have you learned? >> well, that's right. good morning, ukee, erika. gm just came under new scrutiny because the auto maker didn't tell the family after woman who died in the car crash back in 2003 that it was actually linked to that switch problem until last week. now, kenny fine berg who overseas the funds said ex extending the deadline out of abundance every caution. those faulty ignition switches had been linked to 32 deaths, the new deadline is january 31st. ukee, erika. >> jill, many people try to stay off facebook while at
7:37 am
work or at least not get caught anyway for some. now, we have to do it. >> some people, you know, not cool. >> yes, well, that actually could be changing. there is word facebook is secretly working on new website, designed for the office. it is called facebook at work. according to the financial time it, would compete with microsoft office and linked in, tan would let workers connect with column eggs -- colleagues and professional contact. but i'm predicting nothing is going to get done at work. i think productivity is going down. >> look out. i know it. that's the danger. >> but your friends across the country, you'll know what they had for breakfast. >> that's right. >> yes. >> for more money tips and information from money watch. com go to our website >> all right, now, 7:37. bill cosby finally breaks his silence after weeks of renewed scrutiny, over past sexual assault allegations. these accusations have
7:38 am
returned to the media spotlight after a comedian called cosby a rapinis his stands up routine last month. at don champion reports, despite the growing fire storm, cosby maintains his innocence. >> reporter: comedian bill cosby got plenty of laughing during the show in erie pennsylvania sunday night. the 77 year old, took the stage a mid growing pressure to answer allegations of sexual assault. fans were cautious about passing judgement. >> innocent until prove end guilty i understand. so hopefully doesn't come to prius. he is pretty large icon. >> allegations cosby assaulted several women decades ago have gotten renewed attention in recent weeks. he was asked about it during a interview with national public radio on saturday. >> i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. >> the allegations date back to a 2005 civil lawsuit that claimed cosby drugged and raped a woman in his home,
7:39 am
more than dozen other women with similar stories were prepared to testify but cosby settled the case. in a statement sunday, his attorney discredited the allegations saying, quote, the fact that they're being repeated does not make them true. cosby has never been charged with sexual assault. don champion, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> our time now 7:39. and we all know the eagles got smoke yesterday. but, what really went wrong? we'll break it all down with wip paul jolovitz. >> police looking for this person right there, after an innocent man is shoved off subway platform to his death. we have more on the investigation, coming up next.
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>> vatican planes to biff new of the pope's visit, festival of families, papal mass, and the pope reportedly set to arrive on the 25th of september. police in new york city are on the hunt for a man who killed a stranger, by shoving him in front after subway train. now, this is a man that police are looking for this morning. they say, he pushed the victim off the platform as the train pulled into a station in the bronx. the attack happened right in front of the victim's horrified wife. detective are still looking for a motive. the united states latest ebola patient is fighting for his life right now. doctors at nebraska hospital say martin celia is in extremely critical condition. they call it an hour by hour situation. he arrived in the u.s. over the weekends, after he got infected while working as a surgeon in sierra leone. well, this cruise ship in california is back at sea after almost 200 passengers got ill on vacation.
7:43 am
the norovirus outbreak sickened 158 passenger and 14 crew members on the crown princess. crews cleaned the ship when it returned to port yesterday morning, and left for its next trip last night. the second viewer owe virus outbreak on that ship just this year. >> 7:43, and here's your traffic and weather together. katy? >> we check in with the eyewitness weather watcher. start off with map mode here, against sense of the kind of temperatures our weather watch remembers finding, at least the ones that sent in most update to date information for you. mainly talking low 40's, as low as the upper 30's, almost every location, little miler as you get toward the moderating influence of the open ocean water. but, the rain has been falling pretty steadily across much of the board here this morning. so couple of rain and the that came in, mark sent in from chads worth, pa, rather, new jersey, just over a .10 of an inch or so in tuckerton, tim sent in .72 inches, and the list goes on, hatboro, kyle
7:44 am
sent in just over half inch, depends on what you have seen, but everybody dealt with rain at this point, even if you got bit of a lull, i can't promise you it is over yet. storm scan3, explain, why. so this storm system, it is a doozy, big one, and it has got a lot of different impacts. down across the deep south, in fact, already seen numerous tornados watches, even tornado warning go into effect down south. severe weather not our concern, just rainmaker, obviously also enough cold air to produce quite a swab of snow here on the back edge of the cold front. now looks as though the storm actually will pull away too quickly for any snow here. we do not have to worry about. that will but i want to walk you through what will happen in future weather. i like the way this has initialize dollars. yes even if you don't have any rain right now, somewhat of a brief break. because eventually, the cold front has to cross. that's what's going to usher in the heaviest of the rain for the areas. so by the noon lunch hour headed outdoors maybe taking drive to go do somer and you will hit this.
7:45 am
slug of moisture, that moves through, and then by the time we hit 5:00 p.m., still dealing with some pretty heavy rain specially going down toward the garden state parkway at least according to this particular model. 8:00 p.m., prime time tv starts and the rainout of here. so things going to clear out quickly, and that allows the thermometer to just take a little nose dive through the overnight actually big nose dive, which we will talk b currently outside cut town area middle school one loan rain drop on the camera lens here, but, it is definitely causing visibility issues out here. see some of the fog off in the distance, a chilly 34 degrees, and again, despite brief lull here, you are going to eventually seymour rain picking up everywhere here in the delaware vale. but it is a strictly rain making storm for the delaware valley, up in the poconos, carbon, monroe county maybe little freeze on contact until the temperatures climb. otherwise looking at just rain. gross day. i mean, just not pretty one. do you have bundle up. feels awfully chilly outside speaking of bundling up, look at the plunge that we take on the thermometer. it is no better than just shy
7:46 am
of freezing tomorrow. but factor in the wind, which will be blowing anywhere from say ten to 15 to 20 miles per hour persistently, oh, jess, it won't feel any better than the teens as we go through the day. rough stuff. >> can't -- just oh, can't wait for tomorrow morning. it will be a great one. we go outside on 95, you can see shiny roadways here, northbound, toward the blue route, really just jam solid. the same story almost identical on the southbound side approaching the commodore barry bridge, give yourself extra time headed out on 95. over on 422, at 29, eastbound, where you can see most of this delays all lanes completely jam packed, slow going, as they head eastbound toward the king of prussia area. over delaware, 95 northbound, accident at route 273. pushed over into the right-hand side. the blue route starting to slow up just little bit. from the schuylkill expressway into 95, about 30 minute trip. we know the schuylkill expressway heavy eastbound from the blue route into the vine, 33 minute trip there. now patco has 20 minute
7:47 am
delays, that definitely will keep you update philadelphia anything changes. turnpike eastbound downingtown accident pushed over to the right-hand side. >> thanks so much. quite a day at lambeau field yesterday. packers man hands the builds (532)020-6789 and the eagle drop to first place tie with the cowboys in the ffc east. paul jolovitz from sister radio station sports radio 94wip here now to talk about the game and the eagles future. paul, we were saying before it came out to us, beautiful day in the neighborhood for mr. rogers, just not for the eagles? >> mr. rogers neighborhood, mr. sanchez, or any of the eagles yesterday. one of those days. listen, i thought the eagles would win this game. i accept full responsibility. >> did you. >> i thought they would get to oh. i thought blitz against rogers, eagles would get rolling, but when you get rolling in a place like that, get out of the way, and unfortunately the eagles yesterday, you see the first, fletcher, giving receivers room all day, get to aaron rogers pitch and catch, easy
7:48 am
touchdown there. and here again, this is aaron rogers, beautiful pass to injured i nelson, who along, terrorized the eagles all day, lambeau lead, there too many lambeau leaps in which a day offense, defense, special teams, all there. here is a third and ten, third down killed the eagles. lazy, ukee, nate will miss right here, jim brown impersination. >> just kept going. couldn't bring him down. >> then got pushed n still, all part of the game. >> six points, and then too many of those. i like the packers throw back uniforms. i thought maybe the eagles could keep the packers out of the lambeau leap. >> shouldn't that be penalized, too shall isn't that excess sniff. >> part of football. >> what? >> the lambeau leap. like one of those grandfather things. but look at this here, this missile shot, attempt. then you just got to wrap up. that's the thing about yesterday's game. every phase offense, defense, special teams, both lines, got beat. and, you know, went to the line of scrimmage.
7:49 am
>> talk to me about the offense. sanchez, and even shady, because i though they play on the same type of field that we do. >> yes, yes. >> but that's the oldest subject to the element, more than hours is. and shady makes his game on -- he just couldn't. both teams had to play on this. >> i don't think it was a colds necessarily, but you saw slip orthopedics open kick off. guy slips here and there. shady upset going tonight the end zone. >> right. >> a casey think of extra drink on the titanic. got the drink, but would it really matter? just one of those days you want to forget. good thing in football, lose one game, come against against tennessee, but yesterday was not the day. >> sanchez even said good teams bounce back. >> it is. >> i mean, he threw for a lot of yards, true, but it was like junk yards. >> a lot of yards, garbage time. but it is, for him, second start, turnovers revert little bit. you see this, with pick six, julius peppers, and it is
7:50 am
going to test the resiliency of this team. chip kelly will be put to a test. punt return, and these two, and one test after team's character is how do you bounce back, see next man up as far as players, also them man up as far as teams. see how you hand the l titans, packers, p cowboys. i this thill role handle them okay. we'll zoom. here again just some of the inaccuracies with sanchez. >> but you believe in keeping him in so he can get the reps? >> i think left him in little too long. i don't want to take a risk with my starting quarterback in the fourth quarter, but it is okay, i understanded why chip did it. trying to get some sharpness. because your grasping for straws, guys, at some point. none of the straws seemed to work. >> next, the tight glans they play the short week, they play monday night. eagles should take care of business. we'll see about the bounce back. >> thank you, always a pleasure. still ahead this morning, the
7:51 am
comedy laughing its way to the top of the box office. it is. the weekends numbers for you. >> we'll be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> bono fell off his bike while riding around central park. >> hurt his arm so badly he had to have surgery. do you believe it? u2 was supposed to be the house band on the tonight show this week. now they have to cancel. news of the fall comes just days after the rear hatch flew off an aircraft taking the singer from dublin to berlin. >> hey, speaking of bono, we are getting a glimpse at the new star studded music video classic. ♪
7:54 am
>> returned for the 30th anniversary of the charity song, other big names, in music, to lend their vocals, include, seal, and even the boy band, one direction, proceeds from the song will go toward the fight against ebola in west africa. >> well, the race for first place at the box office just got dumb and dumber. yes, comedy starring jim carrey, the sequel catches one lloyd and hair any middle age two decades after the 1994 original. dumb and dumber two edged out last weaning's winner with $38.1 million in sales, big hero six earned 36 million for second place. inter stellar was strong third, still doing welshing followed by beyond the lights and gone girl. >> apparently there was a chance for dumb and dumber. >> a chance. >> saying there is a chance. >> very good. taking it. you going to go see it? >> i think i will ' watch the first one again and then -- >> yes, i will probably check it out. short break. watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". good morning, family, see you in a bit.
7:55 am
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>> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. want to get right over to katie because i'm sure a lot of people know by now, got some rain to talk about. >> we absolutely do. good morning, essentially all day event for our area. in fact, with a warmfront, followed up by a cold front, making for just a soggy and very dreary and chilly day. as we kick start the work week where we stand, not everyone getting hit, but i can tell this much, we had rain through any of the counties not seeing the green overlapping your area here there will be eventual periods of more rain that follow up, what we had through the overnight, milder day granted but this is actually where we should be with temperatures. and it does still feel chilly outside. so, be ready for. that will later tonight, as
7:57 am
skies clear, we bottom out. dropping to 29, and we only recover about four of the degrees by tomorrow. so very cold day when you tack tore in the win it, will feel even colder, jess? >> thanks, how quickly things can change. just look at the ben franklin bridge few moments ago, now completely jam solid from the jersey side, from the toll plaza headed westbound into the city. see all lanes open fortunately, but completely slammed the entire lent of the bridge headed into philadelphia. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, next update at 8:25. next on cbs this morning, how gender impacts a person's ability to get a good night's sleep. your local news weather and traffic, "cw philly". i'm erika von tiehl. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> thanks for joining us, we begin with breaking news, pope francis confirms plans to visit philadelphia next fall. >> he will take part in the world meeting of families. jan carabeo joins us now at the archdioces offerses in center city with the breaking
8:00 am
details for us. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, huge news for philadelphia. now, finally the pope confirming that, yes, he will be in philadelphia, for the 2015 world meeting of families. of course, thisthere is has log been a rumor. finally we hear it from the man himself making that announce n rome. you may remember back in 1979, pope john paul ii visit visited fill any his papal mass, more than a million people to the ben franklin parkway. we are told by officials here this morning, that pope francis' papal mass will a track more than 2 million people. huge news this morning. again coming from rome there is morning, the archbishop charles chaput was thereto hear it along with the philadelphia delegation of the world meeting of families, see some of them here in the video from rome earlier this year, now those exact details of the papal visit will be released in the spring or summer of creeks year, but archdioces did announce likely the pope that will visit in the closing events of this whole


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