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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 18, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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just horrifying attack on jerusalem synogogue. at least four people dead. police are looking for suspects. >> also this morning, plane crashes right into the middle of a chicago neighborhood, and the pilot is still inside that plane. >> we also have -- >> i'm freezing right now. >> that's the seven men among many this morning, bundle up for bitter blast, not just the temperatures, but the wind chills making it feel even worse. it is tuesday, november 18th, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. right out to katie on the skydeck, before long we'll hear her teeth chattering. good morning. >> hey, good morning, i'm freezing in here, how are you doing out there? >> well, just as bad. certainly, it is a little bit worse, i would say, when you actually get out into the elements here, again, as ukee mentioned, it is the windchill that really does the number on you when you walk out the door. and we haven't seen these kinds of values on the
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thermometer or on the windchill for that matter since this past winter. so, definately a shock to the system the wind has helped us dry out for the most part here. if you just had damn road, basically dried out at this point. meanwhile, though, the temperatures are taking a serious hit. you're only into the 20's from fit i down to the shore, teens, out toward the mount pocono area. but where i want you to focus is the wind. it is cranking right now, and it will persist, all day today, so, any time that wind blows, this is more like what it will feel like. currently it feels like it is sub zero in the mount pocono area, feeling like single digits in lancaster, everybody else, though, stuck into the teens in terms of the feels-like values. now, your tuesday forecast, is at least nice looking one. but you have to be ready with the heaviest layers obviously, expect the winds, and expect around the region, or generally into the mid 30's, at best, and that, my friend, is a solid 20 plus degrees,
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below the norm for the day. jess, we send it into you. >> thanks, katie, 7:02, the cold weather actually affecting part of our commute here, as well. this is our camera at the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. see the back up and the traffic westbound heard dollars toward the king of prussia area, but also another problem there, some slippery patches, this is the off ramp to city avenue. so there is a loft ice and slippery patches developing on this off ramp. there is some crew there trying to get that cleaned up out of the way at least so people can use caution traveling by to the right-hand side, few people really speeding on through, and some people even crashed into the median. we want to urge to you slow down and use some caution, especially headed out on city avenue right there. over out in new jersey, 42 creek road, starting to accumulate some volume there. northbound lanes headed toward philadelphia surround hearing bridges. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. more now on that breaking news from jerusalem. two palestinian never stormed into synogogue killing four jewish worshiper. >> alphonso van marsh prince us up to date on the deadliest
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attack in jerusalem in years. >> reporter: witnesses say two attackers used axes, knives, and guns, to kill at least four jews who were praying at a jerusalem synogogue. we heard gunshots from downstairs. we heard one shot, two shots, then flurry of shots. >> israel ill authorities say the attackers were palestinians, from east jerusalem, and died in a shoot-out with police. the palestinian millitant group hamas praised the killings, but did not claim responsibility. us secretary of state, john kerrey, comdemn the attacks, one of the deadliest in jerusalem in years. >> people who had come to bore ship got -- god in the sanctuary of the sin god, were hatched, hacked, murdered in that holy place in a act of pure terror. >> palestinian president abas denouncing violence a mid palestinian tensions in the area over contested holy site.
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israels prime minister vowing respond harshly to what he calls quote cruel murder every jews who came to pray and were killed by despicable murderers. alfonso van march, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> following breaking news from chicago, crashed into a home. this is video of the aftermath, police say, no one in the house was hurt. but they still can't reach the pilot because of the house in its inch stableness. aren't sure if the pilot is alive or dead. it went down just before 3:00 this morning, shortly after take off from mid-way international airport, and that's about 8 miles southwest of downtown chicago. >> new this morning, carbon dioxide die tech tore, delaware county hotel. firefighters arrived at the best western plus in concordville around midnight. this is after a reported carbon monoxide leak in the
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laundry room. luckily, there were no injuries record, but, crews did have to evacuate more than 100 people from their rooms, in the middle of the night. >> we evacuated building with no incident, no injuries, so, you know, as far as we're concerned, it is a mechanical issue, been mitigate upped so no longer an issue, we put out service, and they can go about their business. >> firefighters contained that leak, and vented the hotel before letting about 110 guests return to their rooms around 2:30 this morning. hopefully sleeping in right now. no just in a early morning house fire. "eyewitness news" on ridge avenue near stanley street. that's where firefighter put out flames burning inside after vacant 3-story home. fire investigators are now working to determine the cause. well, hang today, we should learn where or whether philadelphia gets a second casino. >> pennsylvania's gaming control board is supposed to announce its decision. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the
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pennsylvania convention center where the board holds the meeting this afternoon. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, yes, under consideration today, philadelphia's second casino license. many people here in the city just don't think philadelphia needs another casino. other, disagree, still, if approved today there is casino would be able to operate up to 5,000 slot machines, and 250 table games. judgement day for gaming in philadelphia. the pennsylvania gaming control board holding a special meet to go decide philadelphia will get its second of two casino licenses, if so, where the casino would be locate. and recent days, the proposed site at packer and dare john in south philly has seen growing opposition. >> south philly has enough, enough is enough. we deal with sports complexes, and, you know, it is enough. we're not a dumping grounds. >> this was the crowd at a community meeting in the neighborhood just last week. many are concerned about quality of life, increased traffic, and possibly more crime should a casino move in.
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>> in my hand, i have over 100 parents, in our schools, that are opposed to the casino. >> meanwhile, politicians have also joined the fight. in delaware county, the councils thrill is asking that the gaming control board not award philadelphia a second license. officials say they're not just trying to protect the county's own casino. harrah's in chester, but the entire region, they fear an over saturation. similar to what is happening in atlantic city. >> use their common sense. see that the world has changed, in gaming, since last december, and that they should not award a license at this time. >> for -- four sites are under consideration today. still other believe approval of anyone of them would simply mean more jobs. and, encourage atlantic city workers fresh out of work to cross state lines. >> specially with the economy, the way it is now, with the job force, i think it would be a great thing. >> now, this special meeting happens here at the convention center around 1:00 this afternoon, it is open to the public. we're reporting live in center city this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", on
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the "cw philly". >> jan, thank you for. that will other news this morning, former philadelphia traffic court judge tomorrow a seen tyney expected to plead guilty. prosecutors say tynes accepted $2,000 bracelet from undercover informant, in exchange for promising special access to a businessman. the plea deal calls for no prison time. now, tynes convicted of urgently in a unrelated ticket fixing case. >> well, the pennsylvania supreme court will bewaring in on historic church abuse case, prosecutors trying to reinstate child endangerment conviction against monsignor william lynn. he was the first catholic church official convicted for the way he handled sex abuse claims. but that conviction was thrown out last year. for now, lynn is on house arrest, could take months for the supreme court to rule on the case. 7:08 right now. and another woman has come forward, publicly accusing bill cosby of raping her. >> the accusation is the latest in series of allegation that is cosby assaulted several women in the past. "eyewitness news" reporter
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justin finch joins us now on saturday light center more on this story. justin, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, cosby refusing to discuss these allegations, but his accusers are, and now, a new one has come forward, almost five decades later. >> forty-five years later, another accuser has come forward. >> i didn't know his history. i assumed i was not the only girl that he was doing this with. but who is going to believe me? >> now, a hollywood publicist, says, cosby drugged and raped her, when she was a teen actress back in 1969. she appeared on cnn to tell her story. >> what i said to myself was: you old -- expletive. >> back in 2005, bruce castor looked into a rape claim against cosby, when he was a montgomery county d.a. the accuse here was a temple employee says cosby raped her, at his cheltenham home. >> i new if i arrested him i would become a very famous man, so i had a loft incentive
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to want to go ahead. >> but there were roadblocks. castor said the accuser came forward year later, hindering a criminal investigation, no charges were filed, but there was a civil suit. >> he put his forearm under my neck and he tried to disrobe himself. >> accuser barbara bowman sat down in 2006. said cosby a all the dollars her when she was a teen in the 19 80s. already more than dozen accuse verse come forward, the question now, will this affect cosby's upcoming ventures which include a nbc citcom and netflix movie? live in the sat center, justin finch, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> thank you for. that tensions are simmering in missouri. state of emergency is declared, as the community awaits a grand jury decision, in the michael brown case. >> also this morning, mass murderer getting married behind bars. more about the 26 year old about to marry charles manson.
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>> and, it is cold in philly. but miserable storm is bringing feet of snow in some parts of the country. >> ♪ oh, come on, just slack it off. whatever you can, to warm up today, just go ahead and do it. >> oh, easier said than done. >> i know. running around your block in a winter coat could do it. >> shake it off. look that the sun, just think, that's a shot from the summer. >> nice warm thoughts, okay. that's like 80 degrees, that won't work, all right. we'll be back. >> ♪
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>> digging out of more than 50 inches of snow in wisconsin. highway department used more than 400 tons of salt, 1800 gallons every brine. if that's not bad enough, windchills were below zero. wow. >> buffalo used to harsh winter, but not more than a month ahead of schedule. lake effect snow and blowing snow, making travel big time hazardous. by the time the snow stopped falling, forecasters expect some two-3 feet on the ground. >> it is out there. it is out there. here we go. traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i certainly is out there. even at this point, still got lake effect snow barreling down, great lakes reek on, some survived into central pennsylvania, just light flurries, but you can see that here at home, things have actually cleared out. what's interesting, is that about half the us actually has some way, shape or form, a little snow cover out there, so, this is a very, very coal air mass, not just for us, but
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for everybody. we will talk little bit more about the national temperatures, in a second, but here is just one example of what the forecast looks like. you can see, if you look real closely, little shaking going on with our neighborhood network camera here middletown shin high school. big old ball every sunday shine, beautiful looking day, but you have the chill and you have got the winds to boot to make it feel that much colder. let's talk a little bit more about these temperatures, though, into the 20's, most locations, little warmer or colder, but keeping in mind, wind making it feel more like the teens in shows spots. but could actually be worse. in little rock, arkansas, only 20 right now, st. louis only 15. so the core of the cold has just dived south here, into the this deep south, but for us, you know, starting to pick up on some of it, as well. so what do you need to know about the day ahead? bright sunshine expected. you want to have the sunglasses but blustery any time today, keeping our windchills any time today, into the teens, and it will turn even colder tonight. how cold are we talking? well, we look ahead to
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tomorrow, early morning, and we expect that low to bottom taught to 20 degrees, and as long as we hit 20 in fill, that would tie the record last set in 1936 on that day, for the coldest morning we've ever seen since records began. that's one example of where records will be flirted with here tonight. really, really cold air, looks like the winds at least going to start easing up little bit. but it is still with us tomorrow, somewhat, so, it is just brutal for the standards here, at least 20 below. >> living alone, check on your pets. if you keep them outside, indeed. >> no joke this cold, but we'll get through it. >> no joke, actually even affecting g our commute. few icy patches i pick up, even saw accidents live in camera. i'll show you guys what we are talking b going outside check out the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. this is the off ramp from the schuylkill westbound where they are actually a pretty big yam headed to the king of prussia area. icy patch on this off ramp right here where there is crews on the scene, trying to actually just stay into the
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left-hand lane so people cannot really fly around this bends right here and possibly salting the area because there is a big icy patch. i saw few accidents even hit into here. a bunch. people skidded off to the right-hand side. be careful specially when getting off a lot of the majors and exiting off for the off-ramps in case you hit any icy patches, as well. over on 422 at trooper road, trooper road starting stack up, little bit, and wraps around there headed eastbound toward the king of prussia area. you can see some slow going there, and also, losing out that right-hand lane due to ongoing construction. over on the northeast extension southbound past lansdale, an accident there. another one, out in montgomery county bergey road clothing it -- closing that at penn street, alternate take 309. out in new jersey, on the a.c. expressway eastbound, at winslow, an accident there pushed over into the side. and everything out in jersey flowing in the typical spots. forty-two, 55, northbound, starting to slow up just a little bit. no problems currently on 295. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. missouri governor jay dixon
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declares state of emergency as an an anticipation gross ahead of grand jury decision, no one knows when the grand jurily announce whether officer darren wilson will be charged in shooting death of michael brown, but police officers will take a different approach to keep protests under control. >> our police officers in the city of saint louis will be wearing their police officer uniforms, won't be having the riot gear on, things like that, unless of course situation would occur which would require them to do that to have to protect themselves. >> governor dixon activated the national guard to assist local and state police, as needed, grand jury decision is expected to come by the ends of the month. >> one of the most notorious last murders ers behind bars is getting married. currently serving life in prison, applied for marriage license. and is getting ready for his big day. peter doubt with more.
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>> couple raising a lot of eyebrows, charles manson at 80 years old now plans to marry someone 54 years his junior. the marriage license was issued november 7th in verified by cbs news. twenty-six year old aston elaine burton goes by the name star told cnn in 2009 why she is attract today manson. >> he is the one that knows what's going on. he is the one that is in the truth whenever nobody else is. >> the california department of corrections says a wedding coordinator now assigned to handle the prison ceremony. prison officials say manson and burton can invite to up ten guests not inmates. but manson is not entitled to congical visits, and is no possibility of parole until 2027. well ' be 92. manson and his followers were convicted in at least seven murders including actress sharon tate. tate's sister spoke with us by phone and said she cannot comprehends why anyone would want a relationship with manson.
7:20 am
>> he is extremely dangerous, and i just can't imagine what kind of person would want to interact with him. >> said she plans to marry manson because she interested on working on his case and getting information not available to non-relatives. tate's sister said that's ludacrous. >> she is not in her right mind. she can't be. it is very disturbing that he still has this kind of a following. >> that was peter doubt reporting. now the lead prosecutor for that case says the fact that manson is still alive and getting married is assault on justice. manson has 90 days to marry burton or they'll have to reply for another license. the search continues in south america for a missing beauty queen. nineteen year old maura jose won the miss world honduras contest last april. she was supposed to represent her country in the miss world pageant just days after she went missing. she and her sister have not been seen since last week, their family reported the two girls missing over the weekend.
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your time coming up on 7:21, it looks a little bit like these people were about to show you are waiting in line for the newest gadget or game. >> but not so. coming up next why some people are camping out in the snow and cold and they're staying out there for days. we'll tell you why. >> but first a look at what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing. on the "cw philly".
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>> four worshippers killed, in jerusalem, several injured, police shot and killed the two suspect. >> also, breaking a single engine plane has crashed into a house in the sit of chicago. no one in that home was hurt, and crews say they're still searching for the pilot. an f.a.a. spokesperson says that plane was traveling from mid-way airport to an airport in the suburban community of wheeling, illinois. >> and it is a cold one around the region this morning, please, make sure to bundle up if you have to go out. our high temperature to be will be right around the freezing mark, hear that, that wind blowing, too, so please, take care of you and yours. >> time to get out that big puffy winter coat. >> indeed. speaking every cold werth, some ohio parents are so into their kids schools, camping out for their future. >> german language school,
7:25 am
among the cincinnati public schools offering open enrollment. parent hoping to register their children for limited number of spots, have set up camp in the snow. some waiting in shifts for more than two weeks nowment the open registration finally, finally, begins tomorrow. >> this serious. >> dedicated parent? they are serious. looking out for the future. >> next time kid complains about home what's this they get in? >> i walk uphill in the snow for you. we'll take a short break.
7:26 am
>> yesterday was raw, and chilly with the rain, what not, but now we've really seen, the effect, that this storm has had on our pattern here. so while it is a quiet pattern, we are specking clear skies, for really the next, say, five days, none of those days actually achieved a seasonable level. so, clear sky for you right now, and that's well represented as we go out to the live neighborhood network, outside whitfield elementary school, one of the classic cameras will always shake if there is wind out, there see it right on cue, 24 degrees the current temperature there, feeling more like the teens, though, when you factor in the wind. at best, no less, here for the better part of the day, low 30's expected even tomorrow,
7:27 am
the winds easing up a little bit, and then we do climb to the mid 40's, by tomorrow. jess? >> thank, and good morning, going outside, check how things are looking on 59 at girard, where you can see most of the southbound traffic, where the headlights are headed towards center city typical delay though, and over on the schuylkill expressway, everything really starting to slow up eastbound headed toward conshohocken. >> next update at 7:00 #, a up next on cbs this morning, toyota unveils hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. for news traffic weather and sport keeping it local on the "cw philly" on these channels. make meyer nutter will join usus, too, hope you can, as
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>> officials say two palestinian men attacker worshippers with knives, ac cents, and guns, before they were killed in a shoot-out with police. so far, no one has claimed responsibility.
7:30 am
>> and more breaking news from the city of chicago where small plane has crashed, into a home, this is video of the aftermath, police say no one in the house was hurt, but they still can't reach the pilot because of all of the debris. the single engine aircraft went down before 3:00 this morning, shortly after take off from mid-way international airport about 8 miles southwest of downtown chicago. >> pope francis will visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families. >> first papal visit to the u.s. also becomes the second raining pontiff to visit the city since pope john paul ii 35 years ago, three day visit will include sunday mass, september 27th, on the parkway. >> for him to come here, ride septa down, you know, just once in a lifetime experience. >> here if philadelphia, our church has struggled, our church has been through a lot in the last 15 years, and i think this will assure us, that he's there, and he's with
7:31 am
us. >> hotel rooms along the park wiseass you can imagine are filling up fast. manager at the embassy suites tells us they're already book up for that week. >> can you imagine why? >> lou did it. >> mayor michael nutter part of the grip that made the big announce: >> the mayor as you can see, joins us liver in the studio it tell us more about the news and preparations, congrats again. i remember back in 79, when everything was going on, i was at university of richmond watching all of the news reports, seeing all of the excitement. talk about the excitement now. what do you expect? it will be un believable. >> it is going to be spectacular. >> orthopedics ores as a city to host the pope, first time world meeting. families will have been in the u.s.a. chosen by pope benedict, reaffirm by pope francis, and of course we were there earlier in march of this year. we didn't really expect any of announcement until sometime next year, had been saying
7:32 am
four-six of months, all the sudden over the weekend everything changed. and so, you know, the great folks at the world meeting of families, which is the organization, here in philadelphia, responsible, for the event, and responsible to raise all of the money, necessary, to host this event, but this casino of announcement, i think, takes it clearly to a new level, pope francis, coming to philadelphia, we're excited about it, we will be ready, and we expect a few people to show up. >> look at you. >> few dozen maybe? >> you mentioned delegation to rome. did you have a feeling during that trip at all that this was going to all work out? any indication? >> as first lady susan corbett said in exchange between governor core bert and the pope actually had the same exchange, when i invited him on behalf of million and a half people and my mother, to philadelphia, and he did indicate at that time that he expected to be in
7:33 am
philadelphia, but we are not allowed to say anything until it was made official by either the pope or the vatican. >> sure. >> we've been hopeful since that time. so we've been meeting, been preparing as if he were coming, because we would rather obviously be over prepared, and as was mentioned yesterday, the world meeting of families, philadelphia organization, under great later ship of donna pharrell, arch bishop chaput, already raised as announced yesterday little more than half of the funds that are necessary, we expect that now with this announcement other donors, corporations, and others, will step up toll plate. our role and responsibility as a city is over on the logistics side, security side, and to coordinate with the many entities that will be involved from a law enforcement stands point all for us, in coordination with the worlds meeting of families, then they have the responsibility to raise the
7:34 am
dollars. i expect i'll be on the phone calling few folks, but the city side is all about logistics, security, transportation, and that. >> let's take about the logistics. i would imagine this is huge undertaking. >> this will be largest in philadelphia in modern history. and so, we have to be prepared. we have of course philadelphia police department, police commissioner ramsey, who is no stranger to big events, having been the police chief in washington, d.c., chief inspector sullivan, and whole host of folks on the police side. we have to coordinate with the state police, the fbi, secret service, us capitol police, if there are members of congress, significant number of members of congress here, in the city, as well as the italian government, vatican police, and the swiss guard who personally protect the pope. there may be few other agencies with other symbols and acronyms, not aware of at this moment, but there is a lot of. that will we talked about of course septa, transportation
7:35 am
accommodations, i heard, many hotels will be sold out, certainly, the world meeting of families organization will be talking with folks about possibly hosting people in their homes, there are number of events, the various workshops taking place at the convention center, but there are other large public events that will take place as well. so, over time, schedule will come out. but we will be prepared. we're very excited. >> now, he is such a popular pope too. >> he is very popular. >> can you anticipate how many? i mean, talking 2 million maybe on the parkway? >> the estimates are somewhere between a million and two. whether it is for the mass, or for other major public events, and so, you know, those are some pretty significant logistics. this is a city, people already live here. >> right. >> so i think the word of the day is patience, and work with us, to try to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, you may not be able to get everywhere you want to get to, as quickly as would you like, but i think as we all work with each other and have a family environment, everything
7:36 am
will be fine. >> one thing i've noticed specially over the last couple of days there is will be huge for catholics and non-catholics. >> yes, yes. >> this is for everyone. >> archbishop chaput has laid out, and i'm sure will try to car that i message, this is about families, family life, fate, fate comes in variety of denominations and capacities, but how we interact with each other as people, how we strengthen families which ultimately strengthens communities, how we look after children, pope francis has been very, very focused on issues of the poor, low income folks, people have been left out, locked out of opportunities, in life, all around the world. so, it is a wonderful moment for the city of philadelphia, city founded by william penn on the fundamental issues on tolerance and openess, first major city in american, that really focused on open nest with regard to religious worship and to have two popes basically choose philadelphia of all place that is they
7:37 am
could be is incredible honor >> wyche a working on it, different kind of process, pope chose us, number of issues, rounds of competition, but we've put in incredible application. >> con vincent err double the size it was when we hosed national convention in 2,000. we have the fundraiser capacity, again, if we're able to put on an event to host the world meeting of families, the pope, i think we can handle certainly the democratic national convention. so we're in the hunt. i think weaver good chance. taking nothing for granted, major meeting yesterday with bunch of donors who are committed, to this effort, fantastic leadership by governor rendell, and the phl, dnc committee, again over on the city side myself, chief of
7:38 am
staff, test way, sit rep, guess he will jones on special event, we're for logistics and all of the other elements that go with putting on spec tar lar can be spectacular democratic convene none in philadelphia in 2016. haven't hosed since 1948. i think we're due. >> i like our chances. thank you, sir. i like our chances. congratulations. >> and put on that puffy coat. >> oh, say, glad you were listening. katie's forecast, and we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of pope francis' fall visit to philadelphia. we will of course have the latest for you on tv and on line at cbs tell us what think cbs-3 pope. 7:38. let's get a check on business. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock ex change, records day for the s&p 500. what's going on for the markets? >> good morning, again, ukee, erika. all about mergers here on wall street yesterday we learned about two more mega deals in both the innocent and
7:39 am
healthcare industries. >> big companies are still i can to make investments. ukee, err dismay. >> jill, we hear snap chat, popular messaging service; making it easier to send money. >> yes, that's right. social met working service has team up with square, payment processor, so users can save their mastercard or advice a, debit cards information, and then this is really simple, all they have to do is type in a dollar amount into a text message, then the money is transferred over. , so it doesn't disappear. >> no kidding. >> i know, it was there, thanks, jill. >> what? >> i know. oops. more money tips and information, head to our website
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>> hatching today fate of the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline could come down to single vote. one that could give hope to louisianna senator marry political future. susan macinnis reports, it is a pass, what does the president do? >> moves to the gulf coast, for now, every senate republican supports it, as do 14 democrats, but the hunt is on, for a key 60th vote. senator angus king, independent from maine, left the possibility open, he could move in favor of it. louisianna senator marry landreaux, bill's chief sponsor; confident the votes are there. >> both parties for different political reasons in the senate of the united states, was blocking a vote on keystone. but when the elections were over, the politics cleared up. >> in louisianna pipeline is popular, senator landreaux
7:41 am
faces republican congress plan bill cassidy in run offer election next month. both support t. >> if this is what it takes, the fact that s tore landreaux feels threatened may not get re-elected, then take up this bill, i am all for it. >> the house already passed its version of the bill, but, even if the senate gives the green light, president obama could veto it. >> one major determinant, does it crib to the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change? >> the president insists, the project should await an environmental review by the state department. >> also today, officials at the king every prussia mall will unveil plans for a major expansion project, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. and in addition, 155,000 square feet will connect the plaza and the court, the mall's main shopping areas. shoppers will fine more shore, more restaurants, one the
7:42 am
construction is complete. king of prussia mall is already one of the largest malls in copt are you. john bon jovi honored today in philadelphia. not for his music, but very for his humanitarian work. will receiver the prestigious marion anderson award. jon bon jovi soul foundation has hemmed homeless people in philadelphia, and camden. tickets are still all scrabble for tonight's award ceremony at the kim kimmel center. in case you are looking for something to do tonight. >> that will be a very nice event. katie and jess with traffic and weather together on the other side. >> also, little league star, now author, still ahead on the "cw philly", what's next for phenom mo'ne ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology,
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>> i'm sure some folks are
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wishing they could pull the covers up and stay there all day. >> i would be surprised if there is not one person feeling that way. we talked to one man, taking it in stride, because he is getting away for awhile. >> the fun thing sim ' on my way to disney world, to the airport right now, but p it is coal, almost like last year, but being the warm weather, enjoying disney world. >> rub it in why don't you? come on, guyment john was even sporting his disney shirt under his jacket there. i think he's pumped, definitely pick the right weekends to get down and enjoy some of the florida sunshine. >> oh, can we all get in his bags? my goodness. >> disney world, too, how fun. >> we check in with the eyewitness weathernet watcher, have slew of observation sent in over the last hour and a half or so. and almost everyone in the
7:46 am
20's, according to you our weather watchers, down towards the shore points, that's strictly because you have got the moderating influence, off the open ocean water. we go around the board here little bit. 22 degrees, name from donna taylor. had excellent picture that she sent in just about an hour ago. , no frost on the gown, don't, a thank you for that one. we head little further east here, 26 degrees, coming in from john sand man, bright sunshine, in vincentown, but, ya, it is definitely a very chilly start to the morning humidity dropped off. down the shore, give you within more view, 31 degrees sent in from term mitch he will, sending in great sunrise photos. just in the last half hour or so he sent in beautiful view, but the wind blowing the waves, he said, during that sunrise in atlantic city which again happened over the last hour or so. we go ahead, take you out to nationwide map. remember it could be worse. this is your current snow cover. look at this. about 50% of the united states
7:47 am
is covered, with at least a little bit of snow showing you temperatures, you'll understand why. snow coverage does extend, it is very, very light coverage, granted, but does extends into the northeastern pennsylvania, portions of central pa so still dodging, that you can still see little light snow falling courtesy of lake effect here down wind of the great lakes, even extending into central pa. but the core of this cold is still con find off to the west, so when you factor that in, you know, what our forecast has in store, it could be worse, pretty brutal out, there face it, currently in the 20's across the board on the werth watcher map, as well. we zero out though, zoom it out, actually coal nerve tennessee, in george, a in birmingham, alabama, little rock, so that's where the core of this cold is really confined. tonight, we could be dealing with some new records out, there expecting to at least tie the record tonight in philadelphia, modest increase
7:48 am
on thermometer, but still, below average. so winter sure feels like it is here. and we want you to make cbs-3 the "cw philly" your winter weather station. compiled winter weather survival guide. full of useful health advice, all sorts of links to resources, so you can help deal with the cold. cents here, jess, over to you. >> it is here. good morning, everybody, 7:48. we go outside and check out how things are doing on 309, with a accident that just happened 20 minutes ago, was in the center lane, few moment ago, we have it pushed over into the shoulder right here with police activity on the scene. they had all lanes block off. they just reopened it. so now we can probably see riz i had all delays, 309 north town. still headed southbound toward the pa turnpike see small delays there due to the accident. over the schuylkill, things jammed either side of the boulevard. eastbound toward center city see slow going, almost not
7:49 am
even moving on the westbound lanes headed toward the king of prussia area. market frankford line, having no express service only local trains, so far, for the rest of the morning. bergey road closed still at penn street. alternate to get around that area, to be directed around the accident scene, you just want to take 309. now over on the northeast extension southbound past lansdale, 8-mile back up due to the accident that's been out there for quite some time this morning, erika, back over to you. >> her great pitching took the taney dragons to the little league world series. now, we'll see if the penn. is mightier than the fastballment mo'ne davis releasing her memoires this march. her publishers say mo'ne's book is about her inspiring national success story and what it is like to be a nationwide sensation after -- at 13 years old, mo'ne says the experience has been quite pretty fun. >> mo'ne davis, remember my name, comes out in burglar.
7:50 am
>> eagles will be getting back to the practice field today they gear up for this sunday match up with the tennessee titans. they've lot four straight. make it five. that includes last night's game in nashville against the steelers. when it tooth and blew 11th quarter lead. ran for 204 yards and touchdown, ben roll list beg err put the steelers ahead to stay. pittsburgh wins this one. final score, 27 to 24. >> well last night against the defending nba champion spurs, in san antonio, michael carter williams led the sixers with 16 points, he and new orleans didn't start. put up fight but lost the last game of their texas wing, ten straight lost toss start the season. oh, boy. >> get the first win, let it be against the celtic, tomorrow night in south fill. >> i hey it is basketball season, so beginning this year's selection of long distance shop. >> we take to you -- take to
7:51 am
you spokane washington, has a chance to win 500 bucks for hitting half court shot. wow. hit the backboard, popped straight up. >> is he the one who made the shot? i can't tell? >> boom. top of the backboard, and in. >> what a shot. >> no word if contest rules the backboard out every bound or not, but you got to give it time h you got to. little long, hits the top. and he got the roll. >> made it in the end. >> nothing but net. >> all that matters,. >> hit the backboard up to the lights, nothing but net. >> that was pretty high. well done. >> coming up this morning, word is taylor swift has good news, for her philadelphia fans. details coming up for you. we'll be right back. >> big show, big show.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> news to make t swift fans very happen. >> i swift will take the stage june 12th, and 13th, right here in philadelphia. she is already performed three sold out shows at the linc in 2011 and 2013. the berks county native holds the title of youngest grammy winner for albumn of the year. that will be great. >> fantastic. >> okay, now, together: all right, all right, all right. now, you hear that, you know what you're talking b actor
7:54 am
matthew mcconaughey receives a special honor in hollywood. the 45 year old actor brought his family along to celebrate his new star on the walk of fame, along hollywood boulevard. the academy award winner got his start 21 years ago, in first film, cult favorite here, dazed and confused. motorcycle hon hey said he never thought that mover i would lawn every his career. >> and the latest rocking. >> and just coming off the for academy awards, really done so much. >> i'll tell you more about that, went to see it with derek pit at the franklin institute. >> got to see it in i mack. >> huge. >> thanksgiving right around the corner, one family really i mean really getting into the spirit. >> i'm all about that baste. more butter, i'm all about that baste, about that baste, more butter. >> okay, ukee says the carlton is coming up. >> he does the carlton, i'm telling you, he is trying to dot carlton. >> thanksgiving theme parody, all about that baste.
7:55 am
there we go. >> very nice. >> has been shoving holidays since last year when they went viral with christmas theme video, and this just cracks me up. >> i wonder if we have enough time to let us take this through the break? here we go. >> ♪
7:56 am
ing. >> good morning, it is time to finds that winter coat again, right, katy? >> absolutely true. yes, if you haven't broke ten out yet, i'm impressed. but today will be the day where i would say pretty much everybody's got to go there. because it will be a really cold one. not just for the standards, but it, actually feels more like a mid-january day. so, everybody's got their winter coats on in the middle of january, right? storm scan3, nice and clear at this point, beautiful sunlight out there. but it is frigid. the windchill values, no better than the teens for most of you here today. we drop it down to just 20 tonight. that would officially tie the record, in philadelphia, last in 1936. some of the records may fall, and at least going to be challenged, most of this forecast, stays well below average, but at least it is
7:57 am
generally a quiet one. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, coming up on 8:00 a.m. we head outside to 309, where an accident is causing some small delays, around norristown, headed southbound, toward the pa turnpike, where you will see some small delays there. you can see some crew on the scene trying to get that accident moved out of the way. thankfully we do have it pushed over into the shoulder. and there is also some delays, on septa market frankford line. no express service local trains only. so just be sure to see if you're affected. back to you. >> thank you, jessica next update at 8: 25. next on cbs this morning, the als ice bucket challenge six months later. your local news weather and traffic continues on the "cw philly". i'm erika von tiehl. have a g it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg.
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my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions. not this time. while i was taking xarelto®, i still had to stop racing, but i didn't have to deal with that blood monitoring routine. >>don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to. while taking xarelto®, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding, and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical
7:59 am
or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. we start with breaking news from jerusalem. just learned three americans were killed in a vicious attack, inside jerusalem synogogue. >> fourth person also died, six more are wounded, alfonso san marsh has the latest. >> two attacker used axes, knives, guns, to kill at lee
8:00 am
four jews praying at a jerusalem synogogue. >> we heard gunshots from downstairs, and heard one shot, two shots, flurry of shots. >> authorities say attackers atk where palestine johns from east jerusalem, died in shoot-out with police. >> the palestinian millitant group hamas praised the killings, but did not claim responsibility. >> us secretary every state, john kerrey, condemned the attacks, one of the deadly necessary jew use almost in jeers. >> people had come to worry god in the sanctuary of the synogogue, were hatched and hacked and murdered in the holy place, in a act of pure terror. >> palestinian president, abas, also denouncing the violence, a mid spail continue yan and israeli tensions in the area, over a contested holy site. >> israel's prime minister is vowing to respond harshly to what he calls quota cruel murder of jews who came


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