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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 21, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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tabernacle, burlington county. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at cooper hospital in camden with more. jan, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, i was just able to speak to a community, a cooper university hospital spokesperson, who tells us that the woman is still here in the hospital, in critical condition, they weren't able to give us a update on her son, because he's a minor. meanwhile, police still unavailable this morning, for update as well, but at last check, he was also here at the hospital in critical condition. this comes as police continue to investigate and continue to try to figure out why this happened. >> it is exclusive video, of investigators hard at work bags of evidence from burlington county home where unthinkable unfolded thursday morning. four people shot, two of them, two children, killed, it is a scene that's shocked this tight-knit community. >> i'm devastated and shocked. >> dozens came out to grieve
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last night. >> as they remember those lost, police try to determine what happened. >> right away at the front door. >> police first called holly drive, tabernacle, around 9:00. inside they found boy, and a girl dead. they also found 44 year old jennine, shot in the head, and another boy, seriously injured, they were taken to cooper hospital. now, police believe, la page is the children's mother, and while police say they aren't looking for any suspects, investigators aren't yet talking about a possible motive. >> at this point, i can tell you, we are far from making a determination if this is a you had america suicide. who the suspect s that's going to be something that we will wait to see where the evidence takes us. >> police do say all four shot with the same gun. >> children not yet identified but many say friends with the victims. >> she was very, very good friend. >> one my best friends. >> yes, just, i still don't
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really know what to think. >> now, nine members of the same family lived inside this tabernacle, new jersey home, they say that the members who called police were help yesterday, did not hear those gunshots. reporting live outside of cooper university hospital, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, thank you. new this morning, about 30 people in northampton country evacuated from their homes, over potential gas leak fears. chopper three over the hampton road in bethlehem township. utility crews were working on a broken water main when that sinkhole opened up and swallowed one of their trucks. that truck landed just above a gas line, but did not hit it. residents were evacuated as a precautionary measure. red cross is assisting seven people, and two dogs, at the bethlehem community center. >> coming up on 8:03, on another cold morning, katie, good morning. >> here we go again, no sooner do we rebound as of yesterday, this end we get knocked right back down here. courtesy of just the reinforcements coming in, in terms of the cold air. so, we had cold front
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yesterday. if you have been with us all week, we have epp been talking about it, didn't bring in anything other than some clouds but certainly left cold air in its wake here, although storm scan3, totally empty, your a not going to see barely cloud in the sky today. you're going to notice that chill when you walk out the door, go back to in the yesterday but the few days before. that will remember how cold that was? that's basically where we are right now. twenty-nine, your current at philly international, pretty much the general theme here, across most of the board little colder or smidge milder quote unquote further north or south go, but have to factor in the win. the xfactor as i like to say here when dealing with this kind of a pattern. but, you have that northwest breeze out there. and it is going to be pretty about relatively intermittent through the course of the day, but noticeable any time it does blow, and that does mean that it is not going to feel any better, than the 20's, as we go through the day, but 36 degrees, that's almost 20 below the seasonable average anyway. vittoria, we send it into you. >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, well, traffic also giving you the
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cold should they are morning, because anywhere that you would usually fine rush hour traffic, it will be there. and also, sun glare not helping us either. traveling 76 right around the roosevelt boulevard, definitely seeing delays both eastbound and westbound, pretty apparent here, but if you are traveling on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard, also, seeing a delay trying to get to the schuylkill. that would make sense. if you are traveling on 476, northbound, a bit slow between the area of 95 and route one, that's your northbound side approaching the area of route one, southbound not awful bye out of the area, trying to get to 76, does slow down. >> has to do with the volume on the schuylkill expressway, around that point, either direction. thirteen your average on 76, if you are traveling on nine the a, 11 is your average there, 24, on 476, and we have delays on 422 that's for sure, out of oaks down through to 202. in new jersey, northbound 42, 55, experiencing slow down, 295, in the clear. no delays for mass transit. probably your best bet. >> developing right now, rising tensions in ferguson, missouri once again as is
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community awaits grand jury decision in the fatal police shooting of michael brown. >> correspondent palo has the latest from the st. louis county courthouse. >> march the end of nearly three month of reviewing evidence and hearing testimony. in the shooting of michael brown. a st. louis county grand jurily decide if ferguson police officer, darren wilson, will face charges for killing the un around teen in early august. the grand jury as process is fairly certainly, but could carry imagine or implications, at least nine of the 12 grand jury members would have to agree to move forward with a indictment. if wilson is indicted then comes the next question. what charges would he face? first, or second degree murder? manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, they can also decide there is no probable cause to charge wilson at all, and say the shooting that triggered months of sometimes violent protests was self-defense. >> prosecute remembers expected to provide law
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enforcement 48 hours advanced notice when a decision is reached. it is their time to prepare for what they fear could be another wave of unrest on the streets of ferguson. no matter what the grand jury decides, michael brown's father is calling for calm. >> no matter what the grand jury decides, dow not want my son's death to be in vein. i want to lead to incredible change, positive change. >> back on the streets, pictures show a city preparing for what may be ahead. i'm palo. >> two more women publicly accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. carla, lou ferigno's wife, said cosby grabbed her and forceably kissed her inside his home in 1967. she said she considered herself a quote lucky one because she fought back and got away. a florida woman also came forward claiming cosby drugged and raped her when she was a teen in 1976. theresa tells the handcuff inning ton post he attack her in a las vegas hotel green
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room, cosby that is not commented on these allegations. temple his alma matter where he remains a trustee, inducted into the university athletic hall of fame, two years ago. well, building comes crumbling down after suv slams right into it. we have that video to show when you we come back. >> also ahead, dating of course hard enough. now people people putting bags over their heads trying to find a mate. bizarre new dating trend coming up next. >> some people enjoy a glass of wine, and a bath. but this is taking it to the extreme. we'll show you more of the celebration that has people soaking up the vino. when we come back. >> ♪ >> blank space here when it comes to the snow, not so in buffalo. we have the latest for you, from up-state new york, and that's coming up. we'll be right back.
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>> caught on camera in can as city, miss you are i, woman slams into the corner of a downtown building, partially clams, raining bricks down onto her suv. the driver was taken to a hospital, and she is expected to be okay. >> following the latest developments in western new york, where more than 6 feet has fall glenn ten deaths being blamed on this historic storm. concerns now growing over rain, headed in this weekend. >> the snow may be easing in the buffalo area, but the threat not over.
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rain is expected this weekend, and all of the snow could act as a sponge, and could cause structural damage. joseph, working fast, before his warehouse gives. >> oh, it is bad. there is about six and half feet, packed real deep, and it is real heavy, and just trying to get it off, probably about another two days, to get this cleared off, and cleared out of here. >> emergency crews from all over the state have converged on the city, helping clear roads, rescue dozens of people from their homes. >> that means a lot the brotherhood of the fire department. >> goes a long way, new york governor toured the area thursday. meeting residents, and praising their resiliency. >> the people are rallying, they're tenacious, they're neighborly, they're kind, and in the face of all of this, they're still smiling and
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doing the responsible and right thing. >> in buffalo, ryan noble, reporting. >> and really cold for us? >> thankfully we don't have to deal with any wet weather here at least for the better part of the weekend or today for that matter. yip, we've dropped off into the chill yet again. we keck in with our eyewitness weather watcher network viewers here, and we start things off here smack dabbing in the center, 27 degrees, the temperature sent in over the course of the last hour from kevin wilson in havertown. pretty modest breeze, that he's reporting out, there and actually coming in from the southeast, but the predominant winds flow pretty much out of the northwest, it is pleasant, but chilly, and he's absolutely right outside. meanwhile, we take to you his picture real quickly. beautiful view for you here. nice bright blue sky, obviously all of the leaves are gone at this point, however.
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>> let's look here, not sure what we're looking at here, you said the pond actually starting to freeze, out in exton, near his work location, so yes, oh, temperatures definitely cold enough for that. meanwhile, we take you little further out toward the shore points, 28, the temperature reported, just in the last five minutes from tim mitch nel atlantic city. look at the wind, 18 miles per hour, out of the northwest, so, that gives you a sense of where some of the strongest winds is coming from, generally, you'll find that down the shore today. >> lake enhanced snow still falling, as we just reported in the package, but none will be moving our way. rather, what we end one here, just bright blue skies, although, high pressure is starting to settle in. not quite here. not quite settled yet. so that does mean that that breeze is still of concern. if you are going to be traveling, getting a jump start on the holiday travel, you're not looking at any weather-related issues here,
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at least not generally locally unless running into or driving perhaps up to up-state new york, where they have all of that snow, and you're going to be trying to get through what they're still cleaning up from. >> we go almost 20 below average today, 40's today, mid 50's sunday, where we belong, we keep the trends headed into monday even though the clouds are billing, whole day dry. >> looks leak raindrops into monday morning at least, but we warm up substantially, that's good trade off. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, we do have sunshine out there as katie was mentioning, with that comes sun glare. so traveling on 422, in the eastbound direction, we're definitely seeing delays, out of the area of oaks then making your commute down toward 202. i want to mention there is i
8:15 am
double checked the traffic center, over to the wall here, if you are traveling on martin luther king drive, it is sweet briar, we have gotten reports of a downed tree, so, if that's where you're going right now, definitely want to be mindful of. that will try to avoid it if you k let's talk about the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, we're seeing delays approaching the vine st. expressway making your way out toward university, westbound approaching the vine, and definitely throughout your western suburbs. you're traveling about 13 miles per hour westbound, as you approach the boulevard, and then make your way out toward about the area of gladwynn. thirty-three your average on the blue route, traveling on 95, not great at 12 miles per hour, southbound delay out of the northeaster down through to the vine we see every single day, sun glare making it even little heavier. as we take a look now at new jersey, well, 42, 55, you have your usual northbound slow downs, no delays however for mass transit. ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank you. happening today philadelphia's first ever no tip restaurant opens its doors. >> fishtown's own girard bootery and brunchery started taking orders about 15 minutes ago at 8:00 a.m. the french style eatery sits on the corner of girard and
8:16 am
marlboro. its owners say servers won't need to rely on tips because they'll pay them up living wage. sim floor how restaurants operate in europe. so we want to know what do you any this? good new model for us here in the u.s.? sometimes servers make less than minimum wage. kinds of built into their pay. >> i bet they do nice business, i bet they will. no doubt about it. tweet us, facebook us, use the hashtag cbs-3 morning. >> right now 8:16. and, between match. com, okay cupid, you know, tinder, you may think they're already too many dating services. >> but as tracey shows you singles in new york have an unusual new way to meet that special someone. >> forget first love first site. >> paper bag speed date something blind date in the most literal sense. with custom decorated grocery bags over their heads, little awkward, but this is the newest way new york city singles are looking for love.
8:17 am
>> hard to find and meet people organically. >> covering up their faces, organizers hope the potential matches can focus on the person rather than what they look like. >> usually go looks first, then personality. this is kind of cool. mix it up. >> i think there is so much more to people than just what you see. oftentimes we don't allow ourselves to see the other side. and already judging the book by a cover. >> will go on several two minute speed dates, after. that will decide if they've made any connection. >> two, one, and de-bag! >> okay. (cheers). >> i had a good time. i enjoyed talking to every single one of the girls. >> after the big reveal, though some may not have hit it off. >> came here, put their heart out there. if you don't find love, might as well make a friends. >> certainly first days they'll never forget n flushing queens, tracey, cbs2 news. now the paper bag speed dating event was actually set
8:18 am
to up promote an app. >> now, that app is called love flute earn. slow cases verbal description of potential dates rather than pictures. so just different way, all looking for love. >> all the best to them. >> talk about jumping into a bottle of wine here, more than 100 wine lovers at this japanese spa are bail nag jaccuzzi full of vino. girls smartly had their hair up, too, all to celebrate this year vintage. twenty bottles poured into the tub, some mix it into glasses too as you might imagine. children get to celebrate with grape juice. the thirds year the hot springs resort has organized the bat. what does it do to your flynn. >> what's that like? nothing but smiles there. >> or if you walk out with purple toast. you know? kind of wine stained? >> exactly. >> hey, third year running, must work. >> look, oh, that's great. >> coming up next, suiting up inside giant bubbles to play soccer. >> oh, ya.
8:19 am
>> common! >> those ladies are serious, it is erika versus kate any bubble second err. taking bets on who has got more game. what do you think? team von tiehl or team k fell? battle coming up on the other side. >> we're all winners here, ukee. >> yes, we are. >> as mom would say. first though here's what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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>> new fad growing in popurity, called bubble soccer. and these two young ladies went at it. >> well, first found this at the union. >> i d i saw it out. you know i'm huge soccer fan for the philadelphia union. i saw it out there. i wonder if can you even do. >> this i actually kinds of wanted to rent one myself. i found t ever kay and i tried out this new sport that bubbles over with competitive spirit. if you ever ever wondered what it is like to live in a bubble there is comes pretty close. this being bubble second err. >> it is full contact soccer. really like a mix of like football, rugby and second err all in one. just fun. >> think of it as a regular old soccer game, while wearing a giant transparent beach ball, or a large inflatable suit of plastic wrap. you can only try it out locally at the buxmont indoor spoors center in hatfield. >> it is our most popular feature here. everyone keeps asking about it. >> and everyone can do it. >> for those every house are less athletic, it is just a
8:23 am
really fun time. you are protected, and half the fun is just trying to find the ball and bump into the other people. >> once you make that first contact, that first hit, you're addicted. go after people. >> okay, i have to try this. >> okay, to get into the ball, going to crawl in, and put your arms through the harnesses. >> these are close quarters. made it. but i have to face the competition. >> master of the single eyebrow raised, erika von tiehl. >> oh, ya. >> katie, are you ready? because i'm going to bring it. >> now just playing bumper cards, kate. >> i ball hides in plane site, our bubble cam girls awe inside view, come on, it is
8:24 am
like looking through a rainy windshield. manage con tack for run down the field, to score. >> this is very, very exhausting. >> later in the match, head on collision. >> von tiehl kicks her, and going back up field to score. >> sore loser afraid afraid knocks her over, and that's the match. >> all right, von tiehl, you win. >> truth? >> n nice. >> good g
8:25 am
>> updating breaking news, several in the care of the red cross homes evacuated earlier today. over bethlehem township, water main break being repaired, when a sinkhole opened underneath a ppl truck. that truck has been removed, but it was resting against a gas main, for few frightening hours. there was no leak, and crews are work to go get things back to normal, they're doing so right now. >> it will be beautiful looking day, and granted, it is a nice day, if you have got outdoor activities, but you have to be ready for them. because, the chill is back. storm scan3, empty, little bit every ground clutter here at the radar site central new
8:26 am
jersey but overall the rest of the day, and, you know, certainly even into the weaken, things going to stay dry. bright sunshine out, there but your temperature tells the story, doesn't it? thirty-six at best for the high, factor in the northwest breeze, which isn't too terrible, but enough to make it feel no better than the 20's, and then we drop back down to the 20's again, off officially tonight. less win tomorrow, beautiful day, bright, sunny, high starting to rebounds, and we actually rebound to the point that we flirt with 70 by monday. vittoria? >> thank you so much. katie, good morning, everyone, traveling on any of the majors finds little rush hour traffic. actually lighter than i'm used to seeing, which is good news, especially for a friday morning commute when you just want to wait and go celebrate your weekend. taking a look at 76, sun glare out and b notice eastbound and westbound commute something little slow. speed censors in the 20's, as well as 30's, within your western suburbs, but the heaviest delays will be around the roosevelt boulevard in either direction, the schuylkill expressway, definitely on 95, also watch out for downed tree on martin luther king drive-in bound at sweet briar, definitely causing a big delay, ukee?
8:27 am
>> thank you, let's do it again at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, a conversation with oscar winner, tom hanks. for more local news weather traffic and sports, we're on the "cw philly" on these chance merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet , so our uploads
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>> looking liver at center city, beautiful day if you don't minds the cold, bundle up before you head out. but we're going on roller coaster ride over the next couple of days, katie has the details coming up. >> traffic showing the ben franklin bridge, vittoria joins us with check of all of
8:30 am
the roads, we do traffic and weather together on your friday morning coming up in just a few minutes. only "eyewitness news", captured investigators collecting more evidence and family tragedy that shook south jersey community. >> quadruple shooting killed two children, and left their mother and brother clinging to life. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at cooper hospital right now, will tell you more about it, january, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, i was able to speak to spokesperson here at cooper university hospital, just a short time ago, who gave us a update on the mother's condition here, we're toll she is still at cooper university hospital, in critical condition. we did not get an update on her son's condition, because he's a miner. police weren't immediately available either for an update. but at last check, he, too, was at cooper university hospital in critical condition. >> if you take a look at the video, you can see the "eyewitness news" exclusive video, investigators on scene, collecting evidence to you last night at the home where this deadly shooting unfolded. on holly park drive, police
8:31 am
were if first called to the home by family member around 9:00 a.m. on thursday, and inside they found a boy and girl, dead. they also found 44 year old janine la page shot in the head and a boy seriously injured, both taken to cooper and in critical condition. police say all shot with the same gun. which was found at the scene. and all four victims were found in the same room. the news is shocking for this tight-knit community as dozens showed to up a vigil last night. now, police believe, la page is the mother of these three children, and investigators have not yet released their identities, while police are not discussing a motive for this shooting, at this time, they do say, they're not searching for a suspect. >> at this point, far from making a determination of this murder suicide, that is something we will wait to see where the evidence takes us. >> the kids called me their second mother. >> and i'm just devastated, and shocked.
8:32 am
>> now police tell us, all nine people who were inside of this home during the time of the shooting, all part of the same family. they tell us the family members who called 911 did not hear these gunshots. reporting live outside of cooper university hospital this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> all right, jan, thank you. security guard opens fire, on a would-be robber at a ride at in mt. airy 33 year old man shot with a knife shot monal recall times as he tried to rob the story. in einstein, and authority say, they received a knife, recovered a knife, rather, at the scene. coming up on 8:33, traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i this will be real nice looking day, the problem; that breeze has kickback in. >> out of the northwest, temperatures taken not solid hit. back in a hole that we have to dig out of on the thermometer, storm scan3, clear as a bell, looking good here, so nice
8:33 am
bright sunshine, but in turn with, that of course, i'm sure vittoria would be talking about there is the sun glare traveling eastbound. but that said, you've got some pretty colds air, cranking the heat in the karim ' afraid. temperatures currently in the 20's, bensalem, cinnaminson, new castle, girard only, the list goes on, do you have factor in the breeze, other sort of xfactor here, where that breeze is generally not strong enough, erika, loved when i said this last time, to maybe send your pump kin flying off your porch. not enough for that. that's the one she lovers. at least that you will notice it. it will make it feel colder, maybe no better than the 20's as the day progresses, but at least we have the sunshine and dow think you'll keep it around here through the better part of the weekend. look ahead what's to come then for saturday, sunday, marathon weekend of course. we keep it dry. by late sunday night, however, the rain looks like it is going to make a return appearance to our area along with the rain nice warming trends. >> good morning, traveling on the schuylkill expressway,
8:34 am
still, sun glare going to be a problem, katie mention, i would be talking about it, and that's what you've got outside. traveling on 76 again, notice that hazy sun glare even in the lens of the camera. but as you look at traffic, not awful. it is slow. speed censors are down into the teens, 20's, parts of the schuylkill expressway, but the majority around the area of the roosevelt boulevard. conshohocken loosen up ever so slightly. traveling 22 -- 422, delay not lies end up, still pretty slow out of the area approaching oaks then down to 202. you're in the yellow, not the red. basically a lot more yellow on the board than we do have red. red again 76 either direction around the roosevelt boulevard. eleven traveling 95, red out of the gate of the northeast, then down through to the vine, traveling on the vine st. expressway in the westbound direction, that would be another patch of red approaching the schuylkill. martin luther king drive also red inbound at sweet briar drive. do have down tree, and definitely causing delays in that area. speaking of delays, into new jersey, north on the 42, 55, we are experiencing slow
8:35 am
downs, 295, in the clear, and also in the clear for mass transit. ukee? >> thank you, vet tore y president obama heads to las vegas today to push his plan for overhauling the s. immigration system. now as susan macinnis reports the plan getting chilly reception from republicans. >> as supporter of immigration reform rallied outside the white house thursday night, inside, the president announced some of the most sweeping policy changes, in decades. >> are we a nation that values family a and works together to keep them together. >> undock the dollars adults, and children, in the country for at least five years, could stay, many would become eligible for work permits >> their moves president obama says are legal and not
8:36 am
unprecedented. >> the actions i'm take rag not only lawful, they're the kinds of actions taken by every single republican president, and every single democratic president, for the past half century. >> but many republicans disagree, calling the plan unconstitutional, and presidential over reach. >> he does not have the authority, and the power, to do what he is doing. >> make no mistake. when the newly elected representatives of people take their seats, they will act. >> republicans are divided, some want to sue the president, others want to try to cut off funding for agencies that will implement the president's plan. >> no doubt promising a showdown. susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i it is back to work for baggage handlers at philadelphia international airport. >> prime flight employees returning to their jobs this morning, it is a show of solidarity for workers pushing for higher wages, better working conditions and bigger health benefits.
8:37 am
>> we got your backs the whole way through. >> yesterday, workers held a one day walk out. the airport said there was no disruption in service. we're on your side with an important recall alert for parent. >> major us stroller brands is issuing a warning after more than a dozen finger related injuries. now, this affect nearly 5 million strollers. >> those models, aspen, breeze, cap re, sewer us, glider and kite. >> the company says the strollers sides can pinch, injury, and even amputate a child's finger. >> new product called a twheel, no air, never goes flat. right now only on vehicles approved for low speeds, commercial use.
8:38 am
mitch lynn also says, production of the twheel will create about 100 jobs at their new south carolina facility. how about that? >> last night was not the night you wanted to spends outside in the coal. but that's exactly what some people were doing. >> coming up our nicole brewer is live with them. nicole, good morning. >> yes, ukee, erika, with nothing but cardboards box, and a sleeping bag, local business leaders slept out for a very good cause. coming up: we'll tell you what they're aim to go end. that's next. >> and many of you are probably planning on a big meal this thanksgiving. but, coming up, we'll have the video gone viral of turkey day, the hamster way.. we'll be back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> imagine waking up in a eeping bag and cardboard box. >> some traded their warm bed for the pull down doors to raise money and awareness, for
8:41 am
homeless youth. eyewitness reporter, to tell you thousand went down. nicole, good morning. >> yes, good morning, ukee, erika, really was, a cold night, at one point, 29 degrees, but felt like it was in the teens, so, a rough night for sleep-out. but it was a national effort again to support homeless youth and raise awareness of the usual you, of course nationwide 1 million teens, in this country. >> 2,000 in new jersey alone. talk to us about the work that golf if meant house does. >> provides young people in need, with everything from basic needs, such as shelter, clothing, food, hygiene products, even something as easy as a bert certificate, more complex in terms of getting their own place, education, vocation, legal, so we offer a wide variety of service toss help our young people. >> last night raising lots of money, $114,000.
8:42 am
>> yes. >> 115, excuse me, to be exact. so, what took place? because seeing video of folks sleeping out, in cardboard boxes, sleeping bags, i mean, crazy. >> works like runner or marathon. so we had 505 professionals from the south jersey area, including western new jersey, camden area. and atlantic city, agree to spend the night in a box in a sleeping bag just to raise monetary support, but also, awareness, and to put a face to homelessness, that some people may not always think of. >> okay, and they're helping out folks age 18 to 201. -- 216789 you've been held by this excellent organization. thanks for being with us this morning. talk to us little bit, what led you here, how they helped? >> i was homeless in camden, and they had a site, and they were like helping me a lot. gave my job interviews, clothes, stuff like. that will i didn't really want to come back to the atlantic city site, but they kept telling me, like, you
8:43 am
should do it, you should do it. >> so then i tried, i got back on the waiting list, within two weeks, they had called me back and told me i was ready, so i was like pretty happy with that. >> i'm sure. you know, it is so cold in these late fall, and then into the winter months. it must have been nice to be able to go someplace and get the help you needed. >> i've been here through three times, first time i had left rop, and the rop was best for me, because like they only take like give you the opportunity to do the stuff you really night to do. they help you with a lot of stuff, i.d.'s, stuff like that. >> help you get back on your feet, that sort every thing, cory, thanks for being with us, jen of course thanks for the work that do you here at the covenant house, great event, again, raising $115,000 to help homeless youth here in the area. send it back to you in the
8:44 am
studio. >> nicole, jen, cory, thank you so much. >> it is that time again. next question, my friend, we turn gears over to the lake effect snow that we've been covering now all week. since january 1st, buffalo, we're going all the way back to january 1st now, so keep that in mine, buffalo accumulated 104 inches of snow. what is their all time record foreign tire year? is it, a, 101.9 inches, b, 113.4 inches, c, 130.9, or d, 152.7? now, who want to go first? >> erika used took work in buffalo. >> i go ding. >> 152.7. >> okay too much. >> hey, i say that's not a bad thing. right? >> i was thinking either c or d. so i'll go with c then. >> all right, 130. that is wrong. >> really? >> how about that.
8:45 am
>> vittoria what do you think? >> getting nervous now. >> fifty-50? >> b. >> oh, it has to be. yes. >> well done, you, 113.4 inches. their all time record snow for a year. and where they already have 104. crazy stuff. all right, so let's take a look what's going on out there. yep, still ville some of the lake effect bands coming in. they are beginning to fizzle little bit here. generally that's the story. you can also see that the wind is coming in from the northwest just following the trails of the snow, right? so very cold. when you factor in that breeze out there, feeling more like the teens and in philly and basically everywhere else, say, for mount pocono or wildwood. just sort of your out lie ers there, through the next couple of days, very obvious trend taking place, temperatures climbing, so this is our normal high. we should be at 54. we don't finally get there until sunday, but even by tomorrow, it will start to feel a lot better to you, back to the 40's, and we do stay dry most of the weaken, talking late sunday night, we start to see some rain moving in, and it does appear as
8:46 am
though it may be sticking with us, at least for the first part of monday, but monday, it will be a really warm day. upper 60s, vittoria, over to you. >> look forward to. that will good morning, katie, good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, you're going to have slight volume around the area of the vine. but once you get to the vine st. expressway, it is not awful. headed eastbound, or westbound, around 76, it is pretty wide open for you. i would say the heaviest delays you'll have associated with the vine would probably be the ramps, traveling from 95, or traveling from the schuylkill expressway itself. if you are traveling on 95, well, southbound you're still delayed approaching the areas of betsy ross bridge, down through to the vine street expressway, some of this volume is even back around cottman avenue. but it does break before you get to the betsy ross. only for just a little while. you know that trip is only so short. if you are traveling on the schuylkill, average speed censors, 25 miles per hour, your heaviest delay would be westbound and eastbound around the roosevelt boulevard. twelve your average on 95 southbound. just talk about. that will 422 eastbound seeing delays still out of
8:47 am
oaks down to 202, westbound on the pa turnpike, then turning southbound side of 476 down through to the schuylkill expressway also slow go. new jersey, 42, 55, both seeing northbound slow downs, and no delays for mass transit. erika? >> thank you, breaking news for this morning, from the university of -- from the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. a patient at the hospital is being evaluated for possible ebola. at this point we do want to point out it is considered a very low level risk. we have a statement from the hospital. preparations for the possibility of caring for a patient with the ebola virus has been underway for several month at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. a patient who recently returned from west africa is currently being evaluated in a special eye lakes room at h.u.p. so once again, authorities at the hospital tell cbs-3 that patient is stable and they believe the risk of ebola is quite low. but they are a designated hospital to treat possible ebola patient, that staff has
8:48 am
been specially train. our health reporter stephanie stahl is staying on top of this, lan have any updates for you as soon as we learn more. >> and more breaking news from northampton county right now. chopper three, over bethlehem township northampton county, sinkhole open up under repair truck after water main break. now, the truck has been removed. but for awhile it was resting against a gas main. there was no gas leak, and repair crews are still on the scene right now. >> also, a vigil in tabernacle burlington county remembered two children found shot to death inside their home yesterday. another child and their mother are in critical condition. police are investigating the circumstances. >> baggage handlers from the company prime flight are back at work at philadelphia international airport. more than 100 workers walk off the job yesterday over wages, and working conditions. well, the philadelphia marathon kicks off race weekend today. >> the three day event offers competitors and fans alike a host of activities, like free health and fitness expo and a fun run for the kids.
8:49 am
the marathon itself will run on sunday, the philadelphia marathon was first taught in the 1954, features more than 30,000 runners. for complete race coverage guide, including a list of the event, of course the road closures around town, head to our website welcome to all the visitors in the area right now. right now 8:49. imagine a turkey smaller than a man's thumb. >> enough to feed four. because the diners are tiny little crittersment jeannie moos with the story of the gobble gobble that became nibble nibble. >> base the turkey, prepare the pie, when you sit down to thanksgiving dinner, give thanks your portions aren't hamster size. tiny hamsters, tiny thanksgiving, actually dinner for four, two hamsters, a rat, then a rabbit. which made it -- >> extremely chaotic. >> and long. not quite two minute video took 12 hours to shoot.
8:50 am
the pilgrim hats are taped on, and the human pilgrims serving the feast is actually an la food critic. amp stir thanksgiving was brought to you by the same folks who created tiny hamster eating tiny burr ito's. and tiny birthday cake, and tiny hamster versus the former nathan's hotdog eating champ. the amp stir won. a viral ad agency called danson dreamed up tiny amp stir eating tiny food to show off their creative chops. >> are those actually dental instruments you're using? >> yes. >> that's a dental mirror, inspect ago burito. that's a scale pell carving the turk. >> i no amp stir suffered indy gesture in the making of the videos. >> with every shoot we hire a food stylist who casino of design and work with the animal train tears find out what each animal's die set.
8:51 am
>> then they turn amp stir friendly ingredients into human looking food. the videos were so popular, they inspired imitate ers, who paid homage by using pet hamsters to suck up spaghetti, and nibble pizza. as is often the case with thanksgiving dinners, there was friction between the tiny diners. >> one ham many stir was caught in the act of stealing a drum stick, from the other hamster's plate. but at least there were no peace in the face. jeannie moos, new york. >> that's while. into a nimble goes a tiny alka sells err. they'll need that. >> that's hilarious. >> it is. >> and it just keeps grogan growing. >> they d thanksgiving lets us think about everything we're thankful for in our lives. >> including tiny hamsters. >> indeed. >> tiny thanksgiving dinner. we want to know what you're thankful for. tweet or pot it on your facebook wall. use the hashtag cbs-3 so we can fine. it might even use your comet
8:52 am
and show your pictures here on "eyewitntness news" on the "cw philly".
8:53 am
ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. a masterpiece of taste. now with more fruit. >> will he's gave you a look at the headlines, reinforcing colds shot now, keep things awfully chilly for the standards, warm up, though, comes over the course of the weaken, so finally back to seasonable by sunday, then approaching records on monday, tore. >> i thank you, good morning, traveling on the schuylkill expressway, still trying to wrap up the rush.
8:54 am
>> seventy-six eastbound, westbound, heaviest around the boulevard, 95 headed into the city, still slow commute. mass transit looking pretty good. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". don't forget more local news weather traffic and sports, always on at cbs philly .com. check out faulk talk philly at noon on cbs-3. one more check on your traffic and weather together. we'll be right back.
8:55 am
>> following breaking news at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. authorities insist the risk is very low, but patient at the hospital being evaluated for posse bowl a we have statement from the hospital, here. preparations for the possibility of caring for a patient with the ebola virus have been underway for several months, at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. a patient, who recently returned from west africa, currently being evaluated dollars in a special isolation room at h.u.p. so, once again, hospital officials telling "eyewitness news", that patient is stable, and they believe the risk of ebola is quite low. our health reporter stephanie stahl will bring you updates throughout the day, and of course, any time for update just go to the latest on the forecast, another cold morning. >> another cold one, right
8:56 am
back to the worse that far chill. today, you do need to make sure you have the extra heavy layer on, and the way after heavy winter coat. but storm scan3, currently empty. expecting those temperatures to climb no higher than the mid 30's, about 20 degrees or so, below the norm. it won't feel any better than the 20's. looking ahead to the weekend, we warm it up, every passing day, to the point that we peak, with that warmth by monday. although that comes in tandem with the next storm system. rain begins overnight sunday, into monday morning, especially. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone. southbound, making your way, expressway, beyond the be is he, seeing that delay back toward cottman. can't say the same for the schuylkill expressway. westbound, eastbound, around the roosevelt boulevard, that's your heaviest delay. so watch out for that pocket that we're used to seeing every morning. we also have an accident on the eastbound side of the pa turnpike at willow grove. involving an overturned
8:57 am
tractor-trailer, spilled loads of paper on the roadway, try to avoid it if you k mass transit looks great. erika. >> thank you will, that "eyewitness news" for now, talk philly coming up at noon on cbs36789 i'm erika von tiehl. have a great day.
8:58 am
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>> the motor just quit. >> wendy: trapped in a burning plane. >> there was now a hole in the side of the fuselage. >> wendy: and hurtling towards the ground, a sky driver with seconds to live. >> i could feel life leaking out of me. i want to live. i want to be alive. >> wendy: on today's "700 club." >> gordon: well, welcome to "700 club interactive." the reaction has been swift to president obama's executive order on illegal immigration. supporters are cheering it, while critics say he is going beyond his constitutional authority and he is acting like a king. >> terry: the debate is far from over because the issue is likely to end up in court. jennifer wishon has that story from washington. >> reporter: with the stroke of his pen


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