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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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our breaking news, buildings torched and stores looted, violence erupts in ferguson, missouri, in the wake of the decision by the grand jury not to indict a police officer for an unarmed teenager's death. we'll have the very latest from the st. louis suburb, as well as protests here in philadelphia, coming up this morning. >> hello everyone, it is tuesday, november 25th. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erica von tiehl. we start things off right now with a check on your traffic and weather together. katie and torrey keeping an eye on things, oh, it will be busy tomorrow. >> yes, absolutely, true. busy for anybody trying to travel, certainly busy in the weather department as we track a very, very big storm system for one thing, but it has got very poor timing, as well. at the moment, though, things very quiet. we do have nothing more than some cloud cover out there you
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are finding granted some moisture, but isn't actual rain falling from the sky, just dealing with clouds right now, we look at your eyewitness day planner, and you can expect to see temperatures climb to the mid 50's here today with some sunshine eventually, but granted again, right now, we've got mainly cloudy skies out there. you know, today would be real good excuse, if you are able to adjust your travel plans, if you were planning to travel tomorrow, and you can go out today, it would be a real great idea. you would be getting well in advance of the storm system t does move in by tomorrow morning. and it will stick with us, all day, in philly, we've got rain changing over to snow it, will turn slick. further northwest you go, you're going to be dealing with predominantly just a snowstorm out of this. so there will be winter storm watch that take effect early tomorrow morning, and last us all day and all night. and then, thankfully, thanksgiving looking a lot quieter. but yes, we've got very busy travel day coming up. and major storm looks like to go right along with it,
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vittoria. >> you definitely have major delays, take a look at the schuylkill expressway, traveling on 76, if you are making your way approaching the area of montgomery drive. then all the way up through to gladwynn, slow go, the entire way. usually we hit that pocket at city avenue. this one, today, continues to grow. as we move to 422, seeing eastbound delays, approach the area of oaks, then make your way down toward 202. usual rush hour commute. speed censors are dropping. twenty-seven is your average on the schuylkill expressway. not only westbound that we're seeing delays, seeing it eastbound too. within your western suburbs, and around the vine st. vest way. on the vine finds westbound delays approaching the schuylkill. twelve your average on 95, delays out of the northeast down through to the area of the vine, watch for accident on the pa turnpike at bensalem, pushed to the shoulder but causing problems. no delays however for mass transit. ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank you. this was just one of many acts of violence displayed across ferguson missouri overnight.
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>> auto repair shot looted and goes up in flames you can see just m moments not to indict ferguson police officer in the death of michael brown. as danielle nodding -- nottingham reports, unrest continues as the national guard moves in. >> protesters marched into the early hours, demonstrations spiraled out of control and turned violent. at least a dozen buildings were set on fire. businesses looted. windows broken. and hundreds of gunshots were heard. >> what i've seen tonight is probably much worse than the worse night we ever had in august. >> police hurled tear gas into crowds. some demonstrators taunt add authorities and set fires to police cars. >> the police brought it on themselves. they have aggressive stance. >> so the rioting quickly spread, where protesters set businesses on fire. following the decision, prosecutors released documents reviewed by the 12 jurors. including images, and testimony by officer wilson.
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wilson says he shot series of rounds at round during the august 9th confrontation, which began while he was still in his squad car. wilson said his hands were insight on me. and he entered my vehicle with his hands, arms and his head assaulting me. police continue to urge protesters to demonstrate peacefully. >> brown's mother broke down among protesters following the decision, even in her anger, she urged protesters to not to combat violence with violence. >> danielle nottingham for "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> now the brown family has released a statement reading in part, we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions. while we understanded that many other share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. we need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen.
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>> developing right now, philadelphia police say protests here in the city were mostly peaceful. the night endued two arrests and no reported injuries. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo over at city hall right now where protesters began their march last night. january, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning. philadelphia police actually anticipate more protests today. overnight, overall, however, they say the protests here in philadelphia, as you mentioned, remain peaceful, yes, this was loud group, vocal group, very intense at times, but they say overall respectful, only two people had to be taken into custody, and "eyewitness news" has that exclusive video. >> the voices, of as many as 300 protesters, filled philadelphia streets overnight. after learning missouri grand jury decided not to indict a ferguson police officer for the shooting death of an un arm teenager. we need to fight against the systematic racism in our country.
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>> reporter: no soon her this group listen to the decision did they denounce it, hundreds walk miles up and down market street, broad street, south street, eventually ending at columbus boulevard. >> while intense, philadelphia police are calling the overnight protest respectful. >> there were, however, two people taken into custody, someone walked onto busy i-95 >> before we have a mike brown situation here, we need to address, if finds better ways to solve our issues here. >> but, again, only two people taken into custody, here in
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philadelphia, during these overnight protests, police says we can expect charges laters this morning. reporting outside city hall, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt. >> on the ben franklin parkway with more on mayor nutter's reaction from the decision. >> reporter: good morning, we know mayor nutter very upset about the grand jury decision, he announce that last night after that late decision, saying, it was botched from start to finish. as far as what could happen today, in philadelphia, he said that he appreciated the fact that there were no serious problems in philadelphia last night, obviously hoping the same today. but the video out of ferguson, milieus i, just touch tough to look at. some fires, buildings on fire, automotive shop, both of you mentioned, still on fire from what we understand, right now. now, the brown family has asked repeatedly for no violence, but that just did not stop people. now the mayor said several
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times, he wants people to exercise their right to protest, but, keep it peaceful. >> i'm really justice cussed by the whole thing. as i mentioned, from pretty much from start to finish. and it is sad that so many of us have had to anticipate not only this verdict, but also the aftermath of the verdict. >> mayor nutter said from the beginning, he's been watching this case closely, as far as what happens today, he said the police department and other people in his administration, will be ready to make sure people are peaceful and safe. we are live, on the parkway, david spunt, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i david, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the ferguson grand jury decision, much more on our website >> 7:08. also, coming up this morning, a look at rallies across the
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country in the wake of yesterday's decision. >> also, the latest on the search for missing woman from northampton. police say she went on her break from work, and just vanished in broad daylight. >> and, just in time for one of the busiest travel days of the year, we're bracing for snow. we'll show you how penndot is preparing the roads for all of those holiday travelers. >> ♪ >> a loft people concerned about their trip home for the thanksgiving holiday. the latest on the conditions headed our way after a short break. good morning, family, be right back. >> ♪
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>> tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year, keeping our eye on snowstorm that could impact holiday travel plans. already gearing up, transportation department's around the area doing the same thing, there is monitoring center there, cameras will help disperse crews where they are needed. right now penndot checking its salt supply, make shocking sure trucks are in good working condition, also trying out new truck with a winged plow, that is equipped with two salt spreaders. >> bayly, allowing one truck to cover almost as much as 11 truck and a half could two trucks can do. >> flights like american will allow flights departing
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tomorrow to change their fight to today or even thursday thanksgiving day without any additional fee. so, if you are headed out of town, you may want to see if you can alter your plans. just a heads up. >> heads up on the werth right now, here's kate. >> i absolutely. we start off with nice mild spring like weather news. go back in time. talk about where we ended up yesterday. i think interesting to look at where we ends the up, in fact, because we did hit couple of brand new records, all the numbers shaded in the orange with the asterisk, where you ended up with bran new record high, in philly we did it, 72 degrees, pretty clothes, even wilmington. meanwhile we take a look at the current temperatures, they steadily have been dropping through the course of the morning here. into the mid 60s even at the earliest part of the morning going on the air on sister station cbs-3, now at 59 degrees, sort of just going to level off as the day goes on. it is a dry day. we've got that going for us. now, see this little band of precipitation here, even clipping portions of sussex county, this is almost like the railroad tracks. that's going to send this
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storm system right up the east coast. okay, so frontal boundery stalling out. area of low pressure yet to even completely form. pent up moisture that you can find down toward southwestern georgia. that will eventually be sipping up the coast, and that's where we get this storm from. now, if you are traveling today, all good. smooth sailing guys. we get you through the entire day and night with nothing more than clouds. but, as we go on the air tomorrow morning, four, 5:00 a.m., start to see the first raindrops building in from the south. if you are trying to beat the storm, get your travel out of the way, i would say, by 10:00 a.m., and you will likely miss the brunt of this. but, notice, the missing already starting to take place here. up toward i80, northeast extension, and then it is straight up snow for basically all of southeastern pennsylvania, and northern portions of new jersey here, heavy rain otherwise, and eventually everybody will start to see this turn-over to at lows little bit of snow. so how much are we talking? that's the big question right? here's our exclusive snowfall map from the eyewitness weather team. we expect a sliver of
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two-4 inches to fall around philadelphia, again, because it starts as rain, you won't get as much. but it is that heavy sloppy slushy snow, great for snowmen, in a zero snowball making but slick mess out there. we are expecting four-8 inches to fall meanwhile. even as you go just up toward western chester, western montgomery, upper bucks county, and all point north. now, we are generally just looking at modest coating to inch or two southeast of the jersey turnpike probably nothing at all, probably get gipped from the snow at the shore. but everybody is in the clear, thank goodness, in time to give our thanks for turkey day here. so, it is looking better by the holiday, man, rough. >> hey being young laidy? >> not looking forward to that traffic wise. >> no kidding. >> well, good morning, everyone, if you are traveling, on any of the majors right now, specifically the schuylkill expressway, 95, vine street expressway, you will not be looking forward to. that will 95 southbound will be delayed out of the northeast, all the way down through to the vine street expressway. we're seeing this delay stem
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back toward academy. now, every day, we usually don't see it stem back quite that much. but well that's the hand we were dealt today. traveling again 95 southbound out of the northeast down through to the vine street expressway, expect high volume. northbound 95 traveling approaching 322, we also have little bit of traffic out there. as we continue, we're taking you now to 476, not too far away from the area of route one. if you are traveling in the northbound direction, expect delays from 95 moving beyond the area of lime springfield. southbound also find delays around the area of media specifically. twenty-one your average on the schuylkill expressway, pockets of volume westbound at city avenue, eastbound approaching 476, big time delays on 422, if you are headed out of the oaks down toward 202. fifteen your average traveling on 95, also watch out for delays on the southbound side of the boulevard trying to get to the schuylkill expressway. and we have an accident traveling in new jersey, northbound on the turnpike at james berg. no delays for mass transit. erika. >> thank you, vet tore y updating breaking news right
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now, gunshots kept firefighters from doing their job for a time in ferguson, missouri. at least dozen businesses went up in flames during protests of a grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting death of unarmed 18 year old. dozen businesses in ferguson were looted. protesters smashed windows out of police cars and buildings. there were rallies across the country, in the wake of the grand jury decision. as don champion reports, most gathers were peaceful. >> outside the white house in the nation's capitol, through the streets of chicago, and in the heart of south central los angeles, people by the thousands demanded justice monday night. >> shut it down, man, if we can have justice, and no peace. >> peaceful protests took part across the country after the announcement of ferguson police offers letter not face charges in the shooting death of michael brown.
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at new york city people filled street of manhattan, at one point people even splattered fake blood on the city police commissioner. >> i think we need some changes in the system. because obviously, cops are killing people, abusing their powers, and the system is entirely corrupt. >> in downtown denver, people sat in the middle of the street blocking traffic, in oakland, and los angeles, protesters walk onto highways, stops cars. and in seattle, police used pepper spray in a brief clash with protesters. some say brown's case has reignited racial tensions. >> it seems like our judicial system is sending a message to our, you know, the young people, that we're -- that minorities are not going to see justice actual eyes in their lifetime. just real a sad -- >> dozen of rallies scheduled for later today across the country. don champion, cbs news, new york. community activists have organized more than 100 rallies over the next few days, in the u.s. and canada
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in response to the grand jury's decision. right now, clock 19. and secretary of defense chuck haague sell stepping down. president obama praised hagel for his service and called it a mutual decision. but, sources say, there was tension between the white house and the 68 year old, particularly over the rise of isis. hagel will stay on until his successor is confirmed by the senate. >> well, comment about women and sexual assault have caused the president of lincoln university his job. the university's board of trustees has accepted the resignation of robert jennings, in september, he told a group of female students that false rape allegations can ruin a young man's life. jennings later apologized. now the school's general council, harrison, is acting president. well, philadelphia is one of three finalists, being considered to host the next democratic national convention. it is down to three now, brooklyn, new york, columbus, ohio and philadelphia. the dnc did not give reason for recently eliminating phoenix, arizona and
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birmingham, alabama from the list. a final decision by the way on the location and dates for the convention is expected early 2015. authorities in pennsylvania continue to search for missing mother of three last seen on friday. thirty-three year old jessica pageant told co-workers at the duck duck goose childcare in that she would run ever errands. left for her lunch break but never returned. police later found her suv in a parking lot about half mile away. her cell phone was still inside. >> i just want my sister found. that's all we ask at this time. >> anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to call pennsylvania state police. our time now 7:20. president obama presents the presidential metal of freedom to 19 people. >> one of them was oscar winner meryl streep. coming up next, hear the president who has a confession to make, about the legendary actress. >> but first, here's a look at what's coming un tonight on the "cw philly".
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>> not to indict a first son police officer in the shooting death of their son. >> demonstrations turned violent in ferguson, as police cars were overturned, and
7:24 am
fires set. flights canceled, and diverted from st. louis after reports of gunshots being fired into the sky. >> reactions in several large cities including philadelphia about 300 people demonstrated in center city. there were two arrests, but philadelphia police say the city's response to the verdict was mainly peaceful. >> more than dozen trailblazers from the worlds of sports, the arts, and politics, have received america's highest civilian honor. eighteen people were given the presidential metal of freedom by president obama in washington. now, during the ceremony, the president revealed a not so secret crush. >> i love meryl streep. i love her. her husband knows i love her. michelle knows i love her. there is nothing either of them can do about it. but, she's done it all for a craft. she sung abba which, you know,
7:25 am
that's something. >> yes, it is. also receiving award, stevie wonder and marlo thomas, stevie of course was in town, not too long ago, and march low was on our show not too long ago. >> that's right. >> on talk philly. congratulations to them all. >> that's fun. >> i that's great. nothing either one of them can do about it. >> and really when you think of women, in the film industry, think she just stands out as standard. >> her range is unbelievable. >> like you said, from abba to -- >> everything. no doubt about it, we'll take short break. good morning, family,
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm ukee washington, the holiday is upon us, and some snow may be very shortly. here's kate. >> i absolutely will be, ukee, thankfully not dealing with any of that here today. it is quiet day. we have some clouds granted, even little activity over my should you are err. looking at the moisture off shore, the frontal boundery that's going to be stalling out, and setting up, essentially, the track for tomorrow's storm. so, here's our exclusive snowfall map. generally further northwest you travel, the more snow uma fine in philly, it is a heavy rain, turning over to snow, so we see lesser amounts, but still, two-four slushy inches of heavy wet snow. by thursday, and even beyond that point, all out of here. so the weekend for the holiday looks good, monday next chance for wet weather.
7:27 am
vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, it is definitely full swing rush hour, let's start with the vine st. expressway, traveling on the vine, westbound direction, approaching the area of the schuylkill, definitely delayed. i would say this delay stemming back toward broad street, now, once you get to the schuylkill expressway, that is where you drop down even more. 20 miles per hour your average, westbound, you have that same old pocket, approaching city avenue out through to gladwynn, eastbound making your way around the curve. eastbound 422 expect delays, 24 your average on the blue route, 14 on 95, big delays southbound out of the northeast, and watch out for this accident on the turnpike in jersey, ukee? >> thank you, we do it again at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, latest reaction from ferguson on the grand jury decision on how their decision was reached.
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>> at least dozen buildings burned and others looted in ferguson, missouri where the
7:30 am
18 year old was shot. now, including testimony from the grand jury, and testimony from the officer cleared every any wrong-doing. andrew spencer reports. >> reporter: a mid chance of no justice, no peace, over the last several months, grand jury met 23 times starting in late august, eventually finding no probable cause to charge officer darren wilson with a crime. >> decisions on matter as serious as charge ago individual with a crime simply cannot be decided on anything less than complete critical examination of all available evidence. anything less is not justice. >> newly-released photos of wilson part of the evidence made public after the decision, they show him in a medical examination, after he shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown. >> describes public chipping him after he did, that wilson says, next thing i remember, is how do i get this guy away from me, what do i do, to not get beaten inside my car, while most of the witnesses
7:31 am
corroborated at least some sort of altercation of the car, the description they gave of the shooting it self varied quite a bit. >> of the same witnesses, acknowledged that they didn't actually see the shooting. some were running for cover. some were relate wag they heard from others. as far as i said what they assumed happened. >> prosecuting attorney robert mccullough said the grand jury couldn't rely solely on wilson's testimony either. >> like in any case, the target or the suspect is -- heist the most interest in the case. >> according to mccullough, those witnesses whose stories stayed consistent were consistent with each other, consistent with the physical evidence, where all african-american, mccullough says most of the witnesses agreed brown was moving toward wilson when the officer kill him, although one witness said that brown was standing still. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. and more coverage is coming up in just a moment. but first, let's get a look at traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i yes, ukee, today very quiet day generally speaking,
7:32 am
and certainly if you have got your holiday travel plans ready to go here today, you will be just fine, you can see, that there is a little bit every moisture out there looking off shore on storm scan three don't worry about that, what that is is actually retreating frontal boundery, actually will stall out nearby. and almost act as a railroad track for this storm system that we're tracking for tomorrow, and that will basically mean it will move right up the coast and mess with us for anybody that's got holiday travel around our area, not even just us, millions of people that will be affected from i95 up in through new england, and obviously, when you have got winter storm watches in effect for the northwestern half of the delaware valley it means business. now, that said, just because you don't see your county shade in the blue doesn't mean that you're not going to have impact. everybody gets something out of this. it is just a different casino of impact as the day goes on. generally, the worst in terms of travel, will be coming through the midday toward evening, that's not only when the heaviest moisture will be moving in, but it also when we start to see the rain-snow
7:33 am
line start to dig little further south. so not dealing with just rain at that point. more snow taking over the map and the radar as we go forward in time. through the midday. now, as for today, it is pretty quiet. notice still little breeze out, there certainly cooler by comparison after hitting a record high yesterday in philly. the high hits just 56. that even still is smidge above average. we'll take it. flirting with ooh in the poconos where we do expect more sun to break through the clouds currently up there. and generally it is just a quiet day. so, you know, it is a very nice calm before the storm, because tomorrow, it will be a travel nightmare, i think, vittoria? >> thank you, definitely not looking forward to that at all. traveling right now, you will notice that you are not going to look forward to traveling on the schuylkill expressway, and the rest of the majors trying to get into center city. seventy-six eastbound, if you are making your way from approaching montgomery drive, down through to the vine street expressway, you're going to be slow even before you get there. you're delayed eastbound throughout your western suburbs, westbound dealing with pocket of traffic approaching city avenue, i would really say approaching
7:34 am
the roosevelt boulevard, out through to gladwynn. traveling on 95, this is in delaware county, approaching the area of the commodore barry bridge. doesn't look awful at all. however, looking at the wide, you will notice it is awful. traveling 95, out of the northeast, down through to the vine. academy through to the vine street expressway, you're traveling speed censors of about 11 miles per hour, you also find northbound and southbound, scows me, northbound delays rather, through the construction zones, around girard avenue and cottman. just watch out for that lingering traffic there. this volume on the schuylkill expressway affecting the southbound side of the boulevard, 26 your average on the blue route, traveling 422 eastbound we do have delays out of the area of oaks down to 202. watch out for this accident here, joshua road at ridge pike. no delays however for mass transit. erika? >> thanks, vet tore y developing right now, hundreds of protesters take to the street of philadelphia calling for justice, in ferguson. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at city hall right now with protesters gathering after the grounds jury announce the last night. jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, philadelphia police are calling the protests that
7:35 am
unfolded here last night in philadelphia respectful. overall, they say, they remained peaceful, only two people had to be taken into custody, it was a large crowd, it was an impassioned crowd, again everyone seemed to behave themselves. see some of the action that unfolded last night, out before 300 protesters again only two people had to be taken into custody. protesters spilled into center city streets overnight after learning about that grand jury decision. those protesters started here at city hall, and then walked several miles, they walk up and down market street, up and down broad, and south street, they made their way all the way to columbus boulevard. now along that route, police tell us, cup couple of people tried to hop onto busy i95. that's when bike police were forced to intervene. but overall, again, a peaceful demonstration. >> we need to get organized, we need to fight against systematic ricinism our country. >> it is a night the city of philadelphia can be proud of. police department can be proud
7:36 am
of it, the protesters can be proud of it. >> reporter: we'll hear more from the protesters coming up in the next half hour. again, two people taken into custody. but there were no reported injuries. and no damage to personal and private property. again, something philadelphia police say this city can be proud of. reporting live outside of city hall, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, thank you. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments right here on "eyewitness news". you can also finds more information on our website. check it out. clock 36. let's get a check on business. >> jill wagner joins us from new york, jill, hearing there is more fall out from the botched gm recall over faulty ignition switches? texas woman has been cleared in the fatal car crash after more than a decade now. what have you learned? >> reporter: that's right. good morning again, ukee, erika. general motors now admits that a fatal crash from 2,004 was linked to faulty ignition
7:37 am
switch. candice anderson was driving a saturn ion, lost control of the car, the airbags didn't deploy, her fiancee was killed. she pleaded guilty to criminal neglect homicide five month before her trial. gm new the car was to blame for the accident. the auto maker never told anderson or law enforcement officials. now, texas prosecutors say that they'll pursue criminal charges against gm. but just an incredible, incredible story, ukee, erika? >> for sure. so the fda is announcing sweeping new rules whether it comes to restaurants, and calories. tell us about it. so. >> reporter: soon we'll all know exactly what is in the food we're eating, how many calories are in that movie theater popcorn, not sure if we really want to know, but today the fda will announce new rules, require that movie theatres, chain restaurants, super markets, others, post calorie counts on their menus, the regulations will apply to businesses, with 20 or more locations, and the f d.a. says
7:38 am
those new requirements will help americans combat obesity. so certainly important, but, might be little depressing, as well. ukee, erika? >> i know, so much for popcorn. >> go and have to ask for one goober, one goober. >> one colonel of popcorn. >> thanks, jill. appreciate t for more money tips and information from money watch. com let's head to our website >> police in new jersey arrest so-called grinch in gloucester township. a passerby noticed the woman identified as 47 year old jennette monday continue owes stealing lawn decorations from several homes. that person was able to get a partial license plate. and then notify police. authorities say when they caught to up her in washington township, the stolen degras cents were already hidden in the woods. >> everybody wants their homes festive for the holidays, but people pray on innocent citizens out, there all i can say, just, you know, if you see something, say something, call police.
7:39 am
>> reportedly targeted four homes, released until court date. the stolen items have been returned. >> this is for real for real. some residents in reds g called for officials to replace this 50-foot pine complete with pretzel topper there, some call the tree ugly, and said it is ruining their holiday spirit. reversed orders to replace the tree which will now stay in its current location, in downtown reading. >> who can hate on a christmas tree? it is a christmas tree for pete's sake. >> the spirit of the season. >> i know, lights on it, you know, throw little ornament on there. looking nice. >> who can hate on a christmas tree. >> of all of the things throughout. >> i know t i hear you. still ahead, high tech help for "black friday" shoppers before headed out to the malls. this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still.
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>>residents in buffalo, new york dodge major flooding as nearly 7 feet of snow begins to melt. temperatures reach close to 60 yesterday. causing some creeks and rivers to overflow. so far, though, only minor to moderate flooding has been reported. the national guard is ready, there with pumps, generators, rescue teams and sands bags, good planning. wind create trouble in northwest ohio, winds strong enough to push tractor-trailer on its sides. happened along route 99 in wood county. firefighters on the scene wrestled to get that wreckage upright so they can move it. the winds also knocked out power to at least 2500 customers. wow. well, pretty calm today, katie, right? >> absolutely. i think still have breeze to work with out there today. but today would be the best day for to you travel. if you are trying to beat the storm obviously, we'll check in with eyewitness weather watcher, ed heat on over the
7:43 am
next 40 minute or so sent in temperature of 41 degrees from at glenn. he said the barometer rising usually indicates fair weather at least for today, lol, yes, very apro po, tracking new storm. head little further off to the northeast, budd sent in 55 degrees in collegeville, so nice and mild for us there. we start to get ready for the snow, one more, snack dab in the center, kevin over the last hour, up load your profile picture, kevin. 57 degrees what he sent in for us out there. and we generally have clouds, should ends one some sun, talk about this storm system head next to storm scan3, we are basically the wide zoom at this point not really seeing too much of a formation of this storm. but you can see, that there is combination of some very heavy moisture, starting to get fed in this trailing frontal boundary act almost like railroad track. so once this storm finally develops, it is just going to
7:44 am
zip right up the front. and that's why we're going to be in the bull's eye right on the northwest side of the storm track to end up with some snow. time stamp, 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, just getting ready to go on the air on sister station cbs-3, first raindrops falling, notice it over spreads, starting as rain in most spots. but, as soon as we start to see the cold air wrap in, will generate cold air. rain-snow line. this will be shifting generally from north to south, as the day goes on, so eventually what started as rain in philly does turn to snow going to see the change overtake place as far as southeast toward the shore point, but gipped on any accumulation there. so generally talking, higher and the on the orders of four-8 inches or more, going up toward the lehigh valley pocono region. and then, heading farther enough south, primarily rain,
7:45 am
gusty winds, pronounced out towards the area shore point. that said for your eyewitness three day forecast, smack dab in the certain nasty storm, quiet on either side. turkey day, chilly, 41 degrees, we can expect sunshine because because we start off chilly might still be icy out there. today is the best day to travel vittoria. traveling now, actually lighter than what we're used to seeing in areas. i think a loft heavier traffic occurred on the eastbound side of 422 even earlier on, so i think folks got early head start. traveling on the eastbound side 422 still slow approaching the area of oaks down through to 202. look at the pockets of space. that's indicating it is not that bad out there. which is good news for us. even taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, it is not awful. usually at this time delayed all the way back into new jersey, traveling on the westbound side of the ben, not the case today. approaching the vine, down through to the or mid-span, delays on the westbound side,
7:46 am
but again could be worse. take the map, seeing a lot of yellow. around the western suburbs, not too much red. red is going to be 95 southbound, into the northeast, and then westbound, traveling on the schuylkill expressway, approaching the roosevelt boulevard out through to gladwynn. but all-in-all, could be a lot worse. little red traveling on the westbound side of the pa turnpike approaching 309. in montgomery county, dealing with this accident, fitzwatertown road, at moreland road. no major delays with mass transit. >> in sports, flyers will try to fire up the offense when face red wins in detroit tomorrow nightment last night long island, out shot the flyers, flyers goalie steve mason kept them in the game big time. turned away 46 shots. the flyers just couldn't score. and the game went to shoot-out tied at zero team captain john won it for the islanders
7:47 am
one-nothing the final, the sixers got off to good start last night against the portland trailblazer at the well, tony roden was one of four sixers in double, and led by two, 52-50. but then the trailblazers, aldridge, got hot. scored 15 of his game high 33, in the third quarter. portland beat the home team 114 to 104. yep,. >> villanova wildcats, virginia commonwealth, at the barclay center in brooklyn. the walk had pulled away in the second half, with 14 points, from darien hilliard, and 15 from jay von pinkston. , p seven-53, to reach the final of the classic. get number 19, michigan tonight, in the championship game. >> drew brees had great game last night, three touchdown
7:48 am
passes, 420 yards, but this throw that felt the difference in prime time. baltimore ravens will hill returned the pick six, 44 yards, and the ravens never trailed after that baltimore wins, final last night, 34 to 27. >> road game last night, playing in detroit because of the weather trouble in buffalo, the bills blocked the punt, jump on it in the end zone. that was just part of the trouble for the jets. the bills beat new york, your final was 38 to three. we are enjoying shortened dallas week, yes, but the birds are ready for a thank giving day battle for first place in the nfc east, eagles and dallas, both eight and three. eagles fans know what dallas week, but new to the net are learning on the job. >> coming back in june, hey, man, you know, we got to get dallas. like what? we haven't even played the game yet.
7:49 am
just sign here. what are you talking about? start to see how important that rivalry is. >> that's it only win two games a year, those are the important ones, those cows boy. >> so it is a big rival rye. cowboys and eagles. >> this is rivalry that extend over generations, too. >> this is jim and granddaughter avenue an arguing over the teams. he said she is just teasing her, no way she a cowboys fan, or hopefully she'll grow out of t apparently his daughter her mother taught her to say cowboys. just to egg him on. >> that's right. >> that's fun. >> i she is doing great job of it, too. >> holding her grounds, leaning into it. i say cowboys. >> she put on her eagle green right after the video was shot. for sure. you are know it. >> real go getters often up at the crack of dawn the day after the holiday to take
7:50 am
advantage of those supposed steels and deals of "black friday". >> this tech minute, kara tsuboi, reports on some tech tips, and tricks, to get you through all of the madness . >> any serious "black friday" shopper must download the pre tgi "black friday" app. before the big day even begins, thousands of deals from hundreds every major retailers, price compare items, then create shopping list. the apple alert prices drop where new items are released shop savvy a so an app for comparison shopping. in a store, scan bar code to see if the item can be found elsewhere for less. if it consideration you can purchase it directly through the app. free shop kick rewards frequent shoppers with points, just for stepping through the door. rack up more by scanning various items shall or filling out surveys. redeem the points, for gift cards. and, finally, check to see if store's connect today social media. sometimes teeth, tag, check in, will unlock additional
7:51 am
deals, discounts, freebies. in san francisco, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> and time is 7:51. what do you do when you're stuck in traffic. >> one comedian impersonates celebrities. and those impression also spot on, too. miley cyrus, kim kardashian, couple of the stars, seymour coming up ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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>> smith snow san said it is keeping cosby's art collection despite allegations against him. calls it one of the distinguished collections of african-american art. smithsonian officials released statement that says displaying the artwork does not imply a position on the allegations made, but, some critics disagree. >> they want the prestige of cosby's name, they wanted a celebrity, and so they really built it around him, as a public figure, and now, they're seeing that public figure potentially really sort of collapsing around them. >> the smithsonian will display cosby collection in the national museum of african-american art until february of 2016. >> well, it takes a brave man, to bid millions on a movie prepare. >> but then, courage is what this prepare is all about. it is the cowardly lion costume from the 1939 movie, the wizards of oz. authentic, and last night in
7:54 am
new york sit, it was sold for $3 million. the bidder is unknown, but wow. what a classic what a moment i read made in the day, but from real lion skin. >> really? >> yes. >> i read that somewhere. >> ♪ >> such a great move. >> i love it. >> 7:54, hey, just like us, celebrities get stuck in traffic sometimes. so, have you ever wonder what do they do to pass the time? >> check out lauren o'brien who does some amazing impersinations. >> maybe people coming taught see my new adam sandler movie? >> (movie clip)
7:55 am
>> i'm really glad we did this. >> spot on impersinations of drew barrimore, the olson twins. >> this video has gone viral on the internet. racking up more than 3 million views. >> okay, i'll zip it so we can listen.
7:56 am
>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. want to get right over to katie. today we have the calm before the storm, you're saying? >> very much so. yes, you know, if you have any outdoor plans, any kind of travel plans, just any plan at all, the weather will holdup for you here. we do have little bit of activity, generally just on the southeastern corner of the screen there. and that's actually the frontal boundery that's going to be stalling out, sort of acting as final track. looks like railroad track for our next storm system to move in. so how much snow are we talking? okay, generally, looks like, you're going have to go far north and west to see heaviest stuff, lehigh valley will likely pick up four-8 inches, philadelphia, heavy ran, then turning over to snow, why the lesser totals, that also is true as you head even further south and east. quick check on the seven day, in the clear, by thursday.
7:57 am
but tomorrow, it is an all day event. the storm pulls away late wednesday night. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, you will definitely find rush hour delays, this morning, however, it is a little bit lighter than we're used to seeing. start with 95, 95 southbound, usually, every single lane is just not even moving at this point. but notice that we do have few pockets of space in there, which is indicating it is not awful. it is awful however, on part of the schuylkill westbound making your way in toward the western suburbs, 11 average 95 into the sit. twenty on the blue route. no delays for mass trans. >> i thank you, vet tore y next update at 8: 25, next on cbs this morning, tis the season for celebrating shopping and also stress, right? a look at the stores, holiday tension, we'e'll see
7:58 am
skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking?
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♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ >> grays yourself for early taste every winter, what we're seeing tomorrow, ready or not, snow on the way. might want to get the shovels and the ice and the salt readiment penndot is preparing as well. katie has your forecast coming
8:00 am
up in just a few minutes. first breaking news, violence erupts in ferguson, missouri overnight after demonstrators learn there would be no criminal indictment against city police officer who shot an unarmed teenager. >> and that unrest continues this morning, as more fires burn all across ferguson. >> this auto repair shop just one of more than dozen business police businesses police say were vandalized, and looted by angry protesters overnight. >> officials in the st. louis suburb all the way up to the white house are plead for calm. police officers are reportedly hit with rocks, bottles, and batteries. groups of people swarmed around the police car, you can see the video right there. authority use tear gas, to help disperse those crowds, without force, we're told. >> danielle nottingham joins just ferguson where the national guard has boot on the ground


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