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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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with the latest on the searchment good morning, justin. >> good morning, diane a and now, with the fbi officially on board expect search effort here for shane montgomery to expands significantly as well as the search area. folks cents you here in manayunk in this can a.m. >> twenty-one year old shane montgomery, still missing, after a night out in manayunk, on the date before thanksgiving. still no word. since 2:00 a.m. thursday, there has been no sign of shane, after he didn't come home, his dad kevin began making calls. >> see if he got arrested, see there were any john doe's. >> there were none, soon ground search was lawn. , manned by volunteers, whom didn't know shane. lots assisting, philadelphia police and the fbi. >> just hoping that he, if he can hear me, that he knows that we are looking for him.
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>> west chester university turning to the manion canal going step-by-step the philadelphia police marine aoun hit to feel for any signs of shane in those dark waters. he was not there. >> it is upsetting to know that this is what they have to do but also i can't express my gratitude to the police department. >> at kill dare public, right across from the canal, out with family and friend, celebrating just turning 21, but the group was broken up after a bouncer sent shane home after he knock over a bar stool. >> now the people who were to last see him, say he did not appear drunk to them. heist not been seen since, now $15,000 rewards for any information in this case. and the search this morning is set to include the schuylkill sl river. live in manayunk, justin finch "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i justin, thank you for. that will other news this morning, firebomb is thrown on
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the front doorstep after home in the germantown section of the city. it happened around 3:30 this morning, here on east coulter street. eight people were inside at the time. we're toll they got out out safely. now authorities tell "eyewitness news" they do not think this was a random incident. >> what's going on here, it has been investigated by the city arson task force. >> it is believed this particular incident stems from a dispute between a tune teenage girls over a boy. and this time, no arrests have been made. >> someone takes shot at police in chester township. >> this was the scene just after midnight, around west 12th and angle street. at least one round shot in their direction. no officers were hit despite extensive search. no sign after shooter. >> very quiet beginning to the week for us overall, ukee, but we going toned up with a couple of hiccups along the way here, series every fronts, actually, making for somewhat
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of an ac at this week of weather for our area, a lot of ups and downs what we find. >> sitting pretty at the cbs brought cast center taking this camera shot for you over the center city skyline. little blue sky, couple clouds will warmer than the typical daytime high on december 1st, we will take it. meanwhile, there are few choice locations, namely north and west >> clear sky almost everywhere, clouds starting to build to the west, obviously little bit of rain coming along with that quick shower, get away without umbrella and it is mild, the high hits 60 degrees, but not so fast, guys. no sooner do you bling than that warmth goes away and by tomorrow, yes, we are tracking
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some wintery weather in the form of some snow, or sleet. much more detail on what it is bringing us later in the show. >> unfortunate situation here on the schuylkill, around the b, both lanes here headed eastbound toward the city, and westbound toward the king of prussia area everything really just slow going and back up in both directions, same thing going over on the blue route just around route one, southbound, northbound lanes, looking identical here as well. the northbound where the tail litz are crawling slowly there, southbound lanes pretty much doing the same thing. now we check out some travel times here and see exactly what you're dealing w95 pretty bad all morning, headed southbound really still heavy shot there from woodhaven into the vine st. expressway way, 39 minutes, 13 minute eastbound, from oaks into 202. now, southbound f street accident there shall push over into the shoulder. so be prepared to squeeze on by to the right-hand side.
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hancock road at dekalb pike another accident push over into the right-hand lane. ukee being back over to you. >> teenagers attack south philly man outside grocery store. it is a "eyewitness news" exclusive. the man says he park his van near 20th and oregon saturday night. goat out, but forgot his wallet and then turned back. >> the group charged at him pink him down on the sidewalk and then start today beat him. now police hope surveillance video captured the attack and the suspects as well. >> just bumm rush me. hit me. stomped me. kicked me in my head. i was trying to protect myself. way cents trying to stay alive >> doing the best to protect myself. >> we under stands a passerby scared off the man. did he suffer minor injuries. diana? >> demonstrations continue to be held across the country in the wake of violence of ferguson missouri later today president owe boom a meeting with civil rights liters and law enforcement officials at
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the white house hoping to prevent similar problems in other countries. >> states across the country calls for just continues michael brown continue. even after ferguson police officer darren wilson resigned. >> the purpose for him resigning is not to bring peace. just did it because there was no way he can work as officer after what he had done. >> demonstrators in washington, did. c forced busy interstate to shut down. >> protesters in new york raised their voices as well. missouri grand jury decided not to indict him. solidarity, five st. louis, did the hands up don't shoot policy before the game, angering st. louis police who said through spokesperson it is unthinkable that hometown athletes would put a narrative disprove end over and over again.
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a mid the tensions, president obama meets today with law enforcement and civil rights leaders, to discuss ways to build trust between police and communities they serve. brown family attorney says changes must begin immediately in ferguson. >> police officers not like the shooter of michael brown, but police officers who care about trying to have a relationship with the community. >> new incentives to bring more african-americans into the city's police force. >> we've also learned another protest is planned today in front of city hall organizers tell us they're gathering at 1:01 this afternoon which was the time of michael brown's death. >> a couple in in georgia behind bars, for holding 13 year old boy captive in their home for four years. judge denied them bail in court yesterday. man has been identified, as the boy's son. child visited his father in
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2010 but never allowed to lever. >> this past weekend finally got text message to his mother. soon after police found him inside the house hidden behind fake wall. neighbors were shocked to hear what was happening right next-door. >> is outside wins a week doing the yard work. he kept that yard immaculate there. was no evidence of distress, he didn't seem like he was reaching out, like oh, please help me. >> shows she did contact child services but never the police. tragic toned serve for missing ohio state football player. police found 22 year old kosta kara-george's offers, say it appears he shot himself. his mother said he had complains about concussions and he texted her just last week to say he was sorry, as he was an embarrassment. >> the time now 8:08. the bedding you put in your
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baby's crib could put them at risk for sids. >> three things you need to do when you put your little one to sleep. coming up in the health watch. >> and a man makes a valuable discovery after buying this desk at an auction. the hidden treasure he uncovered inside. that's also coming up. >> still looking festive this time of year. >> we'll show you the ugly christmas sweater coming up. >> christmas sweater suit? >> not just a christmas sweater. >> whole suit? >> the whole suit. >> i got to get me one. we'll be back. ♪
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>> this amazon warehouse in middletown, delaware. >> looks like it is just rolling off the belt. >> there will be millions of those today. >> oh, my goodness. >> i saw it, had your name on it, saw it. >> the little one, something shiny inside. right? >> very nice. that build something huge! >> busy day there. >> so, thanksgiving, and "black friday", weren't enough, or simply too much for some shoppers, retailers will continue to dish out deals on their websites today. >> karen kapa has tips for safe, happy secure on line shopping today, and throughout the remainder of the season. >> thanks to internet that's always open for business, cyber monday is a little easier on shoppers than "black friday". but that doesn't mean it is a breeze. >> there is so much noise
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around cyber monday, and of course we're sitting at home, but we have access to millions of websites, my advice would be find a couple of trusted resources and go from there. >> tray of retail me not. com recommend researching sales firstment be sure look for coupon codes, deeper discount, special sales may also be found in retailers twitter and facebook feeds. some of the best areas to snag cyber monday deals? >> lot of apparel providers, and then also, consumer look tron innings, and then, health and beauty. those are the three categories that i think will see the deepest discounts on cyber monday. >> more than 131 million on line shoppers were expected last cyber monday, a big day for retailers, and consumers, and for scammers, too. >> they know it is cyber monday. they know that people are out there shopping. and they're going to do what they can to try and lure you in. >> recent breaches have put data security in the spotlight for retailers. michael kieser of the national security alliance says still consumers must be pro-active,
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and take precautions. >> they take those common sense measures, they update their software, they put in things like two step verification, or multi factor authentication, those are things that are in their control. >> shoppers on mobile devices should consider using cellar data instead of public wyfi for more secure internet connection. in washington, i'm karen kafa. >> now before go on line or hit the malls, we will show you some high tech toys for children that are very hot items that year. that's coming in our next half hour. diana? >> before shoppers look at the great deals on line, many were looking for bargains at real stores. center city philadelphia was bustling with shoppers eager to check names off their holiday lists, there were deals, if were you willing to brave the crowds. >> i like to see what i am buying. i like like little old generation. >> i don't do on line. i don't trust credit cards on line. i would rather do everything through the store and cash it
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out. >> well, there are plenty of deals for everyone before you hit the malls visit click on top spots. we've post add list of the holiday hours. >> time now 8:15. let's take a look at the roads and let's get your weather. hi, kate. >> i diane, a yes, actually real pleasant start to the day for you out here. we start things off with beautiful view from our beach patrol headquarters shot in margate. and really very just light waves lapping up on the shore line right now, definitely still clear sky. but his will likely change. here's why. pretty obvious, isn't it? frontal boundery on the move here. just brinking in some showers, though, looks like it will be simply too warm for anything but plane old rain showers out of this. initially because what happens is this cold front crosses through, drops to the south, and then by tomorrow, it is actually lifting back north again, technically as a warmfront, but it will be cold by that point. so we will be dodging some wintery weather, as well. say that five times fast.
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let's start it off 3:00 p.m. today. we have some rain showers will cross through, not enough that you have to have an umbrella, but where you will find the wet weather looks like. now by tomorrow, this is tomorrow into the early afternoon, we start to see that next warmfront lifting in. but again, it is cold enough that we will get a mix, some rain, some snow, some sleet. but that rain-snow line continues to lift north with time. so, even if you saw accumulation, it will probably wash away through the day, and again, probably going to end up with some slick spots up toward the lehigh valley poconos with this system. maybe even some freezing rain as the temperatures drop again through the overnight. now, that said, future snow amounts, it is not impressive guys. you might be seeing coating to inch or two, van to go far north and west of the city to finds that, again, avenue feeling a lot of it just going to wash away, as soon as the rain takes over. so, the bottom line here, is that it is mild today, with just quick shower, then by midday, big drop on the thermometer tomorrow, and we've got big travel headache to come along with tomorrow's forecast, as well. jess, over to you. >> thank you, good morning,
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everybody, at 8:16. we start things offer on the ben franklin bridge, everything seems to be moving nicely from the jersey side, so from the jersey side from the toll plaza, headed westbound, into the city, you can see everything moving along great. and trying to get to new jersey, from the philadelphia side, you should have no problem doing so there either. over on the schuylkill expressway, city avenue, you can see everything, this is pretty much typical delay at this time. headed westbound, toward the king of prussia area, completely slow going right here. and the same thing really the same story that you can't see in this actual shot, but the same story headed eastbound toward the center city area. now 95, southbound, really heavy from woodhaven road into the vine st. expressway, going to take but 41 minute, 13 minute on 422 headed eastbound. really heavily from oaks into 202. now on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at f street, another accident pushed over into the shoulder there. and out in montgomery county hand cock road at dekalb pike. another accident pushed over into the right-hand side. mass transit great alternate. today there is no delays for
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septa, new jersey transit or dart. ukee, back over to you. >> new study warns paranicus end about the dangers of unsafe bedding foreign fans. almost 55% of american babies are at risk for sudden infant death syndrome. or sids, it is called, according to the new government study. researchers say more than 1,000 caregivers sampled used fluffy thick bedding despite recommendations against it. doctors say babies should sleep alone on their backs on affirm surface to reduce the risk of suffocation. >> massachusetts man looking for a missing piece from an old desk finds something else instead. but little more valuable than what was lookinger. >> bought the disc for just $40 at auction but found something inside worth a whole lot more. >> it is a governor win up thering. >> piece of furniture not hard to find at auction. >> the desk we took in, we see them every day practically. >> and these old secretary's
8:19 am
are often hiding treasures from the past. >> this desk is notorious for hidden compartment. >> one of the more likely hiding spots for value nabs piece of furniture like these little compartment, but these were empty. >> phil's winning bid of $40 at kelly auctions at whole brook last week made him the proud new owner after piece that needed some work. >> had a broken foot. this was missing which i found no drawer. >> when he when he rat philadelphia around a bit, it was absolutely amazing, envelope dropped down out of narrow opening. >> we found 50's, then we found hundred's, 200's, 500's, found stack of six, $10,000 bonds. all mature saving bonds. >> ten years ago we opened. >> phil went back to the auction house to track down the own here needed the money from the auction to help his 94 year old father. >> this man was getting his dad's house ready for sale, so co-pay for his care. it is a loft money. i mean, it will change their
8:20 am
lives. >> you know, completely change their lives. >> and this surprise could not have come at a better time. >> that's why i say happy thanksgiving. he said oh, it will be now. >> and that was john atwater reporting. by the way the man who bought that desk never did finds that missing knob. >> i think he was happen which what he found instead, right? >> just a bit. >> our time now 8: 20, move over ugly sweaters. >> that's right. would you wear this? coming up next, the holiday inn spired suit for the festive man in your life. >> he's got the jacket, tie and pants. >> you could rock that. >> youy? >> could you do it. for sure. >> i need a pocket, need something in the pocket. got to roll with. that will first though a look at what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing on the "cw philly". be right back.
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>> i like them. every year. >> it is part of the festivities, ump the christmas tree, with all pompom's on them, that sort of thing? >> pompom's? i wear them on cool day in july, too.
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ya. >> break it out. >> the perfect suit for to you wear to the holiday party. it is an ugly sweater suit. >> a suit? the whole suit? >> suit. >> whole thing? >> maybe you can even try it on air. >> oh, oh! >> what do you think? >> this line inspired by ugly christmas sweaters of the past, i'm toll. there are three options, holiday tree, the rudolph, and the more traditional ugly christmas sweater, each outfit costs about $100. and they're available on line. >> i l
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breaking news, home in the germantown section of the city was the target every suspected firebombing, eight people were inside at the time, but they all got out safely. the flames were put out before the fire had a chance to spread to the rest of the house. it is believed this all stems from a dispute between a few teenage girls over a boy. let's get your forecast, warm one, too, on this day. here's kate. >> i very mild for the standards, even as we kick off meteorological winter on this day, we're experiencing temperatures, that will be more reminiscent of say early april. so you can't get too used to it, but great day to get out and enjoy. currently few clouds beginning to build n will eventually see shower roll through as well. courtesy of another cold front
8:26 am
which really lives to up its name. so, again, enjoy this 60 degrees high while you can. by tonight, back down to near freezing, and it looks like we can easily shave 20 degrees off tomorrow's highs. now as we see another warmfront lift in tomorrow. it will bring a wintery mix of some rain, some snow, and some sleet, but thankfully, i don't anticipate much of anything accumulation out of t it is more after travel headache more than anything. then we just go on roller coaster ride temperatures pretty much for the rest of the week. jess? >> thanks, good morning, everybody. we head outside and check out how 95 is doing at girard. the southbound delay toward the city there, is where you can see most of the volume. northbound lanes moving along, seeming to be little better than. that will and over to our maps here, we can check out our travel times, schuylkill expressway, really heavy from the blue route into the vine. but 28 minute trip there. and 422 doing little better eastbound, pretty slow, though, from oaks into 202, it will take you about 13 minute there. ukee, back over to you. >> and our next update at 85:00, a up next on c.
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s this morning, bravo andy cohen dishes all of the details every his new book, for more news, weather and traffic, keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly" on these channels. i'm ukee washington,
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>> felt more like march, not the beginning of december, but don't get used to it, katie says little snow may be on the way this work week. her forecast, up in just a couple every minutes. >> oh, a little, just a little. >> traffic on the schuylkill,
8:30 am
at the boulevard, folks on the move, jessica joins us, with a look at all of the roads. we do traffic and weather together. that's coming up in just a few moments. right now in the news, good morning, everyone, parents every missing west chester university student, are holding onto hope their son shane montgomery will be found alive. >> justin finch live in manayunk where the is her love resume for fifth day. good morning, justin. good morning, diane. that is her love now resume with resources of the fbi, this morning. that means, the search area will likely expand to yesterday on day four, the effort was here, focused on the manayunk canal, as well as downtown manayunk. but going step-by-step, in the waters yesterday, members of philadelphia's marine unit had to scan by feel any signs of shane montgomery, the 21 year old west chester university senior, who went missing around thanksgiving, with the fbi, now assisting, that effort, should be strengthened by an effort that was launched
8:31 am
by family and friends, back on thanksgiving. now, shane was last seen around thanksgiving morning, at killdare's irish pub. family, friend, were there with him, celebrating just turning 21 years old. but he was told to leave by a bouncer after shane reportedly knock over some barstools inside the bar. now friend say that shane did not look drunk when he left the bar. but they have not seen him since he left early thanksgiving morning. shane's mother, karen, watched for hours here on the canal banks for any signs of her son, as police searched the waters, she said that search was very hard to watch. >> it is upset to go know that this is what they have to do, but it is also, i can't express my gratitude, to the police department, and anybody that's been helped they had this search. >> and the search this morning could also include the schuylkill river.
8:32 am
there is $15,000 reward for any information in this case. shane is five-11, 140-pound, with a keltic cross that tune owes his back. live in manayunk, justin fin. , "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i thanks, justin. three people recovering this morning, following a shooting in the city's frankford section. it happened sunday night in the 4700 block of penn street. police say a man wearing dark colored clothing shot three men there, critically wounding them. the gunman fired at least seven shot. no word this morning on suspect, or a motive. >> and elderly man duck taped and robbed during home invasion in fairhill. police say seven year old man was forced back into his home, on the 3,000 block of north howard street sunday night when the victim answered the front door, a young man wearing a mask pushed him inside. a bike was taken from the house, no arrests have been made. >> coming up on 8:33, your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, ukee. good morning, everybody, off to nice mild start for the standards every early
8:33 am
december. can you believe this year is almost over already? but that said, you know this is technically when we start to see the climate trends a little more winter like as we kick off meteorological winter on this day. we take you out to "skycam 3", beautiful view here, actually casino every mild even in atlantic city, with some blue skies, couple of clouds, and the clouds coming courtesy of the next thing, which is the next cold front. that will be rolling through, as the day progresses, so, while starting off with more sun and blue sky than anything, you can already see some signs of life back over, say, the central pa turnpike there. and that will eventually bring us a shower as well by midday. currently at 52 degrees at the airport, in atlantic city, a two, as well, nice and mild, normal high in philadelphia, on this day, is 50 degrees. so we're clearly already above that. and it is going to be nice warm day for everybody. as we hit 606 degrees, in philadelphia, and now again, those clouds will start to build as the day goes on, eventually you'll be dodging shower along the way, but his is your one and only chance to enjoy the nice mild air of the
8:34 am
because take a look at the headlines. not only are we going to see a week's worth of swings on the thermometer, but also, wintery weather returns to the forecast by tomorrow already. so once this cold front that i just showed you on the radar passes through it, really knocks the temperatures back, the good news is that even though most of the week features potential for little bit of wet weather, i'm not tracking any major storms, so that is definitely some good news for us, here, in the long-term. but as far as that wintery weather goes, we have more detail on exactly what we're talking about and how much we're talking becomes as well, coming up. jess, over you. >> good morning, and we will check things out on the schuylkill expressway. where it is pretty much stop and go at the boulevard, headed westbound, and eastbound, you can see, all lanes really just crawling or moving at the same time added volume all lanes pretty much open but jammed packed there, over on 95, at girard, most of the delay, headed southbound toward center city,
8:35 am
>> rest of the majors, blue route sound bound pretty heavy the schuylkill expressway into 99a will take but 36 minute there. 422, doing little bit better. headed eastbound from oaks into 202. still slow, though, will take but 12 minute. now an accident out on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at f street. so use some caution there, some residual delays. back to you. >> consumers turn to smart phone tablet and couch peer ers in search of the bells deals looking live, inside warehouse delaware, busy day, there workers getting ready for holiday shopping orders, and for shipping. last year was sold 37 million items on that day nearly 500 per second. >> new tool to get your package to you even faster this holiday season. meet the kiva robot right there. those bright orange pucks picked stacked of item,
8:36 am
delivered them to the worker for packing. before these robot retrievers, workers had to walk up and down the aisles to get your merchandise. new system reduces time and makes the warehouse more efficient. >> goes out and brings it back just at the right time, so the person to pick the item out to go in that customer shipment. >> focus on automation is about helping people do their job. not replacing people. >> so far, ten of amazon's 50 warehouses have new automation systems, location in delaware doesn't right now. they don't use the new technology, but it is out there making things faster and smoother. >> no matter what age tech is always a good gift, and this year, high-tech fun for kids isn't limited to games on a smart phone or a tablet. >> some kid-tested tech toys, sure to please in this holiday
8:37 am
gift guide. >> worried it won't be holiday lit? the coolest kid tested tech we could find. >> mind crafter like touch, use your ipad to scan your leggo creations, and add them to your virtual world. then complete missions to keep your leggo citizens happy. >> kids pick up coating skills as they play. the 50-dollar petite booth skoots along pre made tracks or draw it on paper. serve as command, green red green red to make o so spin. $55 moth band use it to recognize your movement. choose activity pretend you're swashbuckler or tennis pro. >> smart watch for kids, they can play games, shoot videos.
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>> our only gripe, the camera position makes it tough to take selfies. the $50 power up 3.0 kit adds extra zip to paper planes, with rutter and propellers. smart module clips on to the knows lengths you control the throttle. and pretty rugged. >> $40 cyber boxings robots from radio shack, re booth of rock em sock em robots. have version, punch the chest, the head pops off. that will never get old. find more holiday gift ideas at "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> i used to make those in class. >> there go. your classic paper -- >> before you walk out the door, another check of traffic and weather together. katie talking about little snow this week. see what's up. >> also ahead, many of the images we've seen from various ferguson protest haves been ugly. and then there is this.
8:39 am
huge hug that went viral. now hearing from the police offers here held that crying boy in his arms. >> and pretty big scare for a driver and his passenger after the earth opens upright in the middle of the traffic. we'll show you what happens when we come back. >> ♪ >> this is warehouse in middletown. ever heard of sang rodge fresh back in the day? never heard? oh, amy, crank it up. see as we go to break! >> ♪
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spell in california. >> there are communities that are out of portable drinking water. >> it is hurting the economy.ç >> it has definitely been a difficult year. >> and creating a political firestorm. >> there is no more balance, as far as weighing the needs of fish against the needs of food and farmers and jobs.ç >> battling the drought in cali
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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>> the hardest question ... >> sean's camera crew, rolling as multiple shots narrowly missed him and the woman he was interviewing. they were working on a follow up story to another shooting, that happened last week. delancey said he could make out three to four young men in the distance, but he couldn't clearly see who had the gun. >> when i heard the first shotty new what it was. it was only when i got behind the car that i realized how close it was, because you could hear that zip. >> by the way delancey and the woman he was interviewing were not injured in that shooting. >> narrow escape for two men in china their car gets stuck in a sinkhole. >> see it dipped into the hole
8:43 am
in the middle of a pretty busy intersection. the driver and passenger got out of that quickly, see the door opened on the left. situation got scarier, yep, when the dangling car rolled into the hole. amazingly, no one was hurt. >> slowly but surely lava flow pushing closer to residential areas in hawaii. at this time officials say there is no immediate danger to any communities, but the smoke is getting worse moving about 275 yards per day, theologies cents plan to do more aerial surveys later today weather permitting. part of the pacific coast highway will be closed. this mud slide, now the road covered in several inches of mud, rocks and a lot of debris outside of malibu. about dozen cars got stranded. hope to reopen that part of the highway sometime tomorrow. >> let's get our wet n and our
8:44 am
traffic together now stay confined to southeastern pennsylvania here, basically seeing little mixed bag. some finding temperatures in the three, a other nice and mild, 54 degrees the temperature set in over the last half hour blue bell, with full sunshine, at least initially, that's coming into us from jerry, beautiful november, he meant december, now that it is december. but i tell you what, this actually feels little more like april, as we move forward, in the forecast here today. we will check in on one more location, kevin wilson, meant generally sunny sky this morning, 48 degrees, in havertown, pa. let's go ahead, take a look what the pattern has up its sleeve for us here. generally going to be a week dictated by fronts. one messing with us for the next two days, here's the beginning of it, i would say not messing with us so much. shower later today of rain, just rain showers, currently still clear skies here, but eventually the clouds will build, and we actually warm up nicely in advance of this.
8:45 am
now, what happens is once this front crosses through will dip to the south, nudge back tomorrow, will lift back in as warmfront, but by that point, the temperatures have been dropped back. so actually going toned one wintery mix because of it, tomorrow, if you can believe it, 60 degrees today, and then this mess, by tomorrow. now, i don't want you to get nervous when you see this map. owning? even though we've got the pinks, yes, going to be seeing a little bit of snow, mixing with some sleet, eventually turns to rain, mainly a travel headache, with wet roads. if you want snow accumulation, you are going to have to head pretty far north. i would say the lehigh valley, poconos, that's your best shot to see anything stick to the grounds so we have our eye on that. meanwhile, if you bling, you might have mess dollars we had hurricane season, average for the atlantic basin would have been 11 named storms, only ended up with eight. yesterday we find, wrapped up the season, we have the
8:46 am
average six hurricanes, two of which became major hurricanes, but second half real quiet. no more issues with the tropics, now we turn to winter weather and again it will make return appearance to the forecast tomorrow. temperatures take a significant plunge. >> out in new jersey, 42 at creek road. northbound lanes headed toward 295, possibly headed to the city and surrounding area bridge, there, looking great. moving along real smoothly. southbound lanes headed toward the a.c. expressway moving great there, as well. and over on the roosevelt boulevard, the typical delays here on the southbound lanes of the bottom headed toward the schuylkill, northbound lanes moving along great so far. blue route southbound from the schuylkill, into 95, just little bit slow, will take you about 33 minute, 42 it, still doing pretty poorly headed eastbound, heavy trip there from oaks into 202, about 14 minute trip. >> montgomery county accident at ridge pike, eagleville road pushed over into the side there. out in new jersey, crash on
8:47 am
route 73 northbound, just at route four; ukee, back over to you. >> thanks so. here is a look at today's headlines on the "cw philly". fbi joins in the search for missing west chester university student. police comb through the manayunk canal in the search for shane montgomery. he vanished early thursday, after leaving a bar. >> we're following breaking news, philadelphia firefighters are investigating a suspected firebombing after house in germantown. authorities are investigating if it stemmed from a dispute between teenage girls over a boy. eight people escaped. >> president obama will discuss the situation in ferguson, miss your which his cabinet, civil right lead earth, law enforcement officials and many other. the white house says the cabinet meeting will focus on the administration's review of programs. well, today marks one week since grand jury decided not town diet officer darren wilson, since then plenty of ugly protests in ferguson and across the country.
8:48 am
also picture every police officer hug ago young boy at a protest that's gone viral. carter evans talked to the offers bertha moving moment. >> as ferguson erupt intoed violence this week, the bitterness flowed nationwide. in clash after clash between protesters, and then there was this. on patrol, with his partner -- >> i look over, i said is that kid crying? he said yes, he is. >> he had come with a sign saying: free hugs. soon after, came there is indelible image. captured by freelance photographer. >> as a photographer, you look at that scene. it is powerful. specially with what's going on now. a white american cop speaking to a young black american boy. >> and then when the tears started going away, and they started drying up, i realize we had made a connection. >> they aren't the only ones who felt the connection.
8:49 am
since the photo first appeared friday, in the newspaper now shared more than 150,000 times on facebook. >> i didn't realize it would have this casino of impact. but it is a pretty special thing. >> a moment, between a 21 year police veteran, and a 12 year old kid. his mother wrote on facebook page that he struggles with living fearlessly when it comes to the police, and people that don't understand the complexity of racism that is prevalent in our society. >> we're humans. and that's he can actually what this was, on that day, was i'm human. and i want to reach out to a child and just say, hey, are you okay? >> the other, aftermath, of ferguson. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> a hero welcome foreman who service to his country is unmatched. the warriors watch riders join philadelphia police to escort doctor george bikehill to the german society on spring garden street. he received tokens of appreciation, before a concert was held in his honor.
8:50 am
doctor bikehill was a prisoner of war during world war ii. that's just part of his story. >> declared killed in action, and eight month later, they showed up, he showed up at his parent home, said i'm still alive. and he got the purple heart, and he was not finished with serving. he went back and he work on the manhattan project. he helped develop the ad a.m. bomb. >> after the war, doctor bikehill taught chemistry at st. joe's for 50 years. it wasn't until he reached his 90's that his daughter contacted veterans groups to ensure they new about her father's story. >> our time 8: 50. and the official him for next year's world meeting of families was sung for the first time last night at a mass celebrated by archbishop charles chaput. >> ♪ >> sounds the bell of holy freedom. sung during the procession at
8:51 am
the cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul, first mass celebrated by the arch bishop since pope francis confirmed he will attend the philadelphia meeting next september. >> that's going to be happening before we know. >> oh, i know. >> before we knonow it, wonderful time. short break. watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". good morning, be right
8:52 am
8:53 am
853 almost time to go, but before we do, katy? >> let's check out the temperatures one more time, nice and mild, remember, we normally hit only 50, on this day of the year. and obviously already exceed that in philadelphia. and, when you look off to the west, sign of things to come. much, much colder air await in the wings here. so by tomorrow, we take about 20 degrees plunge jess? >> thanks, interesting morning so far. it is every time something clears up, something else pops up somewhere else. out in montgomery county germantown pike aldan road an accident push over into the right hand shoulder there, as i head over to the maps here, push my button, there goes, 95 southbound, woodhaven road into the vine st. expressway. southbound pretty heavy about 35 minute trip in the schuylkill expressway doing little bit better as now it is only slow about 27 minutes on the blue route into the vine. >> all right, thanks, jess.
8:54 am
appreciate t thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill i am. for more local news weather traffic and sports, we're use on at >> check us out, talk philly, at noon, cbs-3, we will be back in 32nd with one more check of your news traffic and weather together.
8:55 am
>> good morning, federal investigators will join philadelphia police in their search for missing west chester university student shane montgomery. authorities search for clues in the manayunk canal sunday, that search will expand to the schuylkill river today. the 21 year old was last seen leaving a bar, early thanksgiving morning. there is a $15,000 reward offered in the case. >> diana, we ends up with real pleasant day overall. there is a frontal boundery that's going to be rolling on through, but we started the day off with nice, bright sunlight, and some blue skies. you can see there are some clouds cover working its way east here, on our three-hour loop obviously some wet weather, as well, i don't think it will be too bad for you, guys, probably end one shower along the way, but, you
8:56 am
know, really more about timing. if you don't mind running maybe from the office to the car, and you're not standing outside for awhile, that shower shouldn't bug you too much. otherwise it is nice and mild, 60 degrees, enjoy this while you can, because, we bottom out already by tonight. sale don't front bridges north, brinking in slot joust little rain here but light snow some sleet i don't spec more than major travel headache out of it. so don't worry about accumulation. jess? >> at the schuylkill at the boulevard, then actually accident, just popped upright here, just happened just a moment ago, involving a truck, a vehicle behind this tractor-trailer right here, and these are the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. so headed toward the king every prussia area where you can see everyone kind of trying to deal with this as it really just happened. split into the center so everybody splitting over to the side. also police activity on the eastbound lanes, causing some
8:57 am
delays. everyone kind of is trying to get out of the way there use caution on both sides of the boulevard. >> thanks, jess, that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us at noon for talk philly. have a great morning.
8:58 am
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