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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 10, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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and at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. also breaking news this morning police say a man has just been robbed of thousands of dollars in oxford circle. it happened around 5:00 a.m. in the corner of large and saint vincent street. police have a vague description of the robbers. and, $7,000 on hand. good morning, everybody. she made ultimate sacrifice, and, job she loves fighting fires. >> joyce craig-lewis died in the line of duty i on tuesday battling a basement fire in west oak lane in the home. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us live at engine 54 in lawncrest where dozens gathered to honor her service, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, this morning we have heard, story after story of, joyce craig-lewis life where she was a fire fighter, and she loved saving peoples lives and she was devoted to making sure her entire community is smoke
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detectors, and, engine 64, reading have you check the battery in this smoke detector this week for your own safety? now this morning is mourning this loss and celebrating her life. engine 64, and joyce craig lewis home away, including the first day she does not stop by her locker. instead adorned by flowers and pictures in remembrance of the fallen fire fighters hard work and dedication. >> she loved doing the job. >> reporter: lose bennie hutchin ises is one of dozens of collogues, friend and community members to join in the candle light vigil for 36 year-old tuesday night. he was shocked to learn of his column lease's death. >> she continually always was outstanding and doing everything that she could to make sure that somebody was saved or property was saved. we miss her. >> reporter: craig lewis died early tuesday morning fighting a row home fire here in west oak lane. fire officials say that she was one of the first on the scene trying to control the fire in the basement.
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>> we are getting emergency activation, they are trapped in the basement. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" has learn that at some point the the commander told fire fighters to leave but craig lewis never made it out. >> we conducted first aid, cpr on the scene and in route to the hospital, upon arrival to the hospital, she was pronounced. >> reporter: there will be a full investigation into her death but family and friends say craig lewis knew risk, loved saving people lives and died just doing that. i'm sure she was aware of the danger of being a fire fighter and she took that job on. >> reporter: her service is a reminder to philadelphians why fire fighters are called this city's most brave. despite wind out here this morning those can also still burned brightly for craig lewis here at the the station, in lawncrest. she leaves behind two children, a 16 year-old son and 16 month-old daughter. she's first female fire fighter in philadelphia to lose her life while on a job.
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reporting live from lawncrest, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> thank you. bensalem township police hope you can help them catch two suspects in a robbery that was caught on camera. one of the alleged robbers smashed window cases at coins, stamps and sports cards in the bensalem plaza shopping center. police say they were armed with a knife and pipe. the owner who was tied up asked "eyewitness news" not to show his face. >> it turned out he had a hammer with him, and then he went down to another showcase and he was smashing glass there pushing things off of the glass in order to get at the coins that were in the showcase. >> reporter: one of the suspects faces was uncovered during a robbery, there it is. the other suspect, he is bald we're told apc wore black glasses. the men made off with about $5,000 in gold and silver coins. 8:03. that means it is time to get our traffic and weather
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together, katie. >> good morning, erika, good morning everybody. nor'easter pull as way very slowly and there will be lingering moisture on the back side of it. that means, some additional rain and or snow showers will likely fall and depending on your location you might see decent accumulation on the heels of this nor'easter. looking for snow accumulation you will have to go up to the pocono region, that is where you expect to see potentially a few additional inches. there are winter weather advisory posted up that way. in the advisory in carbon and monroe just pocono mountain range you can expect wet snow, sort of the heavier variety that could easily bring down a couple tree limbs or power lines to lead to outages. this is just something ills we are keeping an eye on for but that will be confined up to the north in the pocono mountain range. here's how it feels, more like around freezing in those spots so thermometer actually reads in the lower 40's for om have you. but we will stay steady here
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today as it says, despite sunlight right now there will be additional showers that fire up as the day progresses. that will be a running theme into tomorrow. vittoria. >> thank you very much, katie. i-95 has been the story all morning. we have had accident upon accident, and southbound i-95 is still trying to recover from two earlier accident. one which was cleared out of the way, and around the area of allegheny and now the other is still at bridge street compromising a lane or two and working to get that accident cleared out of the way. traveling southbound on i-95, this around cottman avenue, this is not even the tail even of the delay, the delay extend back towards woodhaven. fuzz are trying to head down in towards center city philadelphia, please give yourself some more time this morning. traveling on the schuylkill expressway also another area to give yourself some more time. that would be your eastbound delay making your way down the vine street expressway but that is not your only delay, west and eastbound around the area of city avenue completely jammed. that is also affecting the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. twenty-six is your average traveling on the blue route, watch out for delays on the pennsylvania turnpike as you
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make your way westbound out of will are willow grove down towards mid county no delays at the airport. mass transit looks just fine, ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. new this morning malala yousafzai of pakistan and a man from india have received their noble peace prizes for risking their lives to fight for the the rights have of children. seventeen year-old malala is youngest ever noble winner. later today the other prizes will be awarded. also new you this morning a south african judge ruled that prosecutors can appeal oscar pistorius conviction for killing his girlfriend reeva stein scam seven but cannot appeal his sentence. former olympic runner cannot appear for this morning's hearing. he is serving a five-year sentence on a culpable homicide conviction. the case will now move forward in south africa's supreme court though, although, no date has been set. the. well, back home shuttered atlantic city casino revel is months forward with a new buyer. yesterday, revel asked a judge to help terminate an offer from brookfield u.s. holdings.
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brookfield won the bid from the bankrupt hotel and casino but failed to close the deal. the property will now be purchased by florida businessman glenn straub, straub had been the second highest bidder at 95.4 million-dollar. a newly released cbs news pole found one in five americans say race relations are improving in the u.s. this comes as hundreds of more protesters take to the streets in berkley california in the fourth day of demonstrations, over the grand jury decisions. the cbs news poll also found that just 14 percent of whites and 3 percent of blacks that had police used justified force. two authorized of black and 38 percent of whites polled say, and the the force was not warranted. 8:07 there will not be a government shut down. congressional republicans and democrats after greed to a $1.1 trillion spending bill. it will fund most of the government through september, the end of this fiscal year. the the final approval is scheduled for some time this week, despite complaints from
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conservatives that it is too large. well, u.n. officials want cia and other u.s. officials, prosecuted for interrogation tactics, used after 9/11. a new report says cia routinely went beyond what was legally allowable. it calls the the enhanced interrogation method brutal and ineffective. arizona senator john mccain who was tortured during the the war in vietnam says it doesn't work. >> i necessity from personal experience that the a abuse of prisoner will produce more bad then good intelligence. >> cia maintains it operated within the law at the time carrying out a program authorized by the white house and the justice department. staying safe we are on your side with simple ways to protect yourself on public transportation. >> we're off to a quiet start this morning, thank goodness but most of the area still bracing for round two of wet weather. in this morning's
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healthwatch how sugar effects your brain from feeling hungry to feeling full, we will talk about the difference when we come back.
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we have breaking news just in from dallas, texas. two people are confirmed dead llowing a five alarm fire at a senior living apartment complex. officials say they found both deceased victims in an apartment where they believe that fire started. at least three others were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. crews did go door to door rescuing residents in the building that houses more than three hundred, many with maine built issues. the worst appears to be over for jersey shore as nor'easter heads up eastern seaboard. the coastal storm brought strong wind and heavy rain that flooded side streets. that storm caused scattered
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power outages. the last night strong wind were still whipping up the waves in atlantic city and surrounding communities. tidal flooding turned some roads into rivers. christine sloan from our sister station w cbs tv in new york shows us damage in sea bright. >> the river moved into streets in sea bright, new jersey. hard to tell where roadway begins or end. benches can be barely seen, trash cans in the middle of the road. pretty scary especially on the main thoroughfare where erin leach find herself trapped in the volkswagen bug as the water rises. >> i saw bunch of other cars going i thought mine could too. >> reporter: she can't. military style truck has to rescue the 20 year-old. >> i was just scared. nothing like that ever happened. >> you are in the car with the water moving up in your car. >> only when cars were passing, when it was just still it was fin but when big trucks were passing then it would move in my car a little bit. >> reporter: to the fire fighters who got her out.
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>> thank you, i appreciate it, i'm sorry, i was crying the whole time. >> i don't think you'll make tonight those boots, do you? >> reporter: tough for residents on foot, too. >> it is cold and a it is hard to get out sometimes. >> emergency officials say they are prepared. >> we know it will come. we know that some people will be stuck in the flood area. >> reporter: rough surf, high wind, and some homes here are still empty i because of super storm sandy. residents are tired of this. >> it is unpassable. we had waiters on. we had stuff before. we moved our cars up here. >> reporter: that report was from christine sloan and sea bright, new jersey. right now 8:13. lets get the latest. we really hope that flooding subsides. how sit looking for folks down the shore. >> in worries in terms of flooding at this point, erika but our nor'easter is still churning a away. thankfully the brunt of it is well out of our hair this morning but is there still some snow rotating back on the back edge of the storm itself
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and especially threw up state new york and it is producing decent sized snow but we are going to see that extend further south as the day progresses here. again, just sort of the rotation around the storm, and this storm itself is actually closing itself off. it will lead to additional round of rain or snow showers for the next few days, in fact. we will go to future weather in a second but a quick live look at kutztown area middle school, 37 degrees is the the current temperature there. that wind is still cranking, generally out of the north/northeast at this observation site but for the most part it will be a northwesterly wind as the day goes on, which means anytime that wind blows, it will feel colder outside then the thermometer reads. taking you forward in future weather as we promised, it no is we're right on the edge here. there will be spots, would i say mostly of delaware and southern new jersey that don't see anything in the next few days, say for some clouds. but there will be sort of that mixed variety of a rain or a snow shower and if you are looking for accumulation you will wanting to to the poconos. that is where we have winter weather advisories posted for a few inches of snow to actually fall but even into tomorrow afternoon, late day, towards the evening rush are, there will be still a few
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flakes, or rain drops that are falling out there. now, with that said as i mentioned you are not going to see anything other than nuisance rain or snow showers across most of the delaware valley here. for the next two days. temperatures whoever right around 40 in fact though, right through the next three days and then by friday, i can finally guarantee, a dry day, for everybody. vittoria? thanks, very much katie. good morning, everyone. traveling on i-95 is still going to be a long, long, hall, and we have been dealing with the residual delays of earlier accident all morning long and if you are traveling southbound on i-95, this shot here is around woodhaven. the so i would say even back towards straight road all the way down through the the vine street expressway it is not easy heading in to downtown philadelphia this morning so please give yourself some more time. moving to 476, traveling northbound, we have a little bit of police activity right around the the area of route one. if you are traveling northbound on 476, we are seeing delays between 95 and media swarthmore. so with a lot of rush hour, lot of residual volume from earlier accident and we have sun glare out there to be
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mindful of as well. twenty-five is your average on the schuylkill. you are in the red, your entire commute throughout your western suburbs, and that delay starts as you approach the roosevelt boulevard, and southbound, boulevard, affect by that i delay as well. twenty-eight is your average on the blue route. fifteen is on i-95. than mindful of a accident on dekalb street at main street, pretty tricky intersection there. if you are traveling mass transit, no major problems, and no major delays at the the philadelphia international airport. now let's head back to the desk with ukee. thanks, variety tore y on the healthwatch this morning a smart phone app is opening up a world of new possibilities for the visually impaired take a picture of is what in front of you this is called tap tap see, ate allows users to tea a picture and then a few seconds later it verbally identifies what it is. the tap tap see app cost $25, for a three months of unlimited pictures, but it is not the only one available. there are other similar apps that can help people with limited vision. also on the healthwatch, new research find that the
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brain respond differently to two different kind of sugar. scientistness california found fructose, provokes hunger and strong motivation to eat, while glucose promotes feeling of being full. researchers say findings suggest consumption of fructose may promote over eating. dogs are helping college students relax, before college exams start. "eyewitness news" at st. joseph's university, and research studies have shown that petting dogs can help reduce blood pressure, and anxiety levels. st. joes offered the k-9 cure for that stress, before exams for the last two years, final exams we're told start today and anyone who has a dog, you know, instantly you feel your heartbeat slow down if they can figure out how to have the dogs take the test. good luck. >> in more test is talk about a baby on board, woman gives
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birth on board an airplane. >> this is nuts. we will hear from those passengers comoming up but first here's what is coming up tonight on the cw philly. this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day
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prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require regular blood monitoring. so jim's not tied to that monitoring routine. gps: proceed to the designated route. not today. for patients currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. xarelto® is just one pill a day taken with the evening meal. plus, with no known dietary restrictions, jim can eat the healthy foods he likes. don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to. while taking xarelto®, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding, and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding.
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tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once-a-day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring, no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit live look inside our control room all of the those great folks behind the scenes making it happen this morning. 8:20 right now here on the cw philly. how about this baby on board,
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but this was in an unforgettable journey for passengers on a southwest airlines flight. that plane was divert todd lax after one of the passengers gives birth. serene branson from our sister station in los angeles has reaction from passengers. >> everything was going great. about 15 minutes prior to touchdown we got a call from flight attendant in the back. >> reporter: captain john gordie was piloting 623 from san francisco to phoenix, but half an hour in the flight passengers noticed a nurse and doctor on board heading to the back of the plane. >> we had no clue what was going on. in the back apparently this woman was giving birth. >> she didn't make any noise. >> i hear a baby crying, i said that baby had too much milk or whatever. i a said there is no babies on this flight. then this woman sitting there, she said she just gave birth. >> it was amazing. everybody was all of the passengers were awesome. everybody was clapping.
8:22 am
>> reporter: passengers said the mother remained in her window seat in the back the whole time. goredie rerouted in to lax. >> it was like all of the traffic out of the way, gave us direct air, speed no concern, we got straight down in the runway. >> the captain announced congratulations to the arrival of the this new baby boy. >> the lady next to me and said lets get even with the kardashians and call her southwest. >> call her southwest. >> i love that. >> that was serene branson reporting. the remaining passengers were put on another flight that landed in phoenix. >> mom and babe write taken to the local hospital and they are doing well. in word on how far would the man was but once again this is what surprised me southwest recommend against air travel after 38 weeks of pregnancy. is there a certain point you are not the supposed to fly anymore. the most shocking thing, no one heard this with man giving
8:23 am
birth. i mean you are on a airplane you don't have an epidural or anything, she's not screaming her mind out. good for her. >> huggie bear the the producer just told us, something. he is nuts. >> producer hug gie bear. happy holiday for one family in nebraska. >> pet sheep spent sometime on the lamb, spreading holiday gear. this is gauge, a sheep wearing a holiday sweater. we are told gauge was wearing it when he escaped his enclosure at family farm near omaha monday but gauge was return after a day outside in the wild. he is still rocking his christmas sweater and in fact, needed time for who will will day fun. that is probably the the best, we are missing a lamb, any marks. >> that sweater. >> okay, got it. >> i like that. >> kind of of cute. >> so how would you like this to be the view from your front yard. all right. that is what one family in texas is dealing with after
8:24 am
the neighbors decided to build the house a little too close for comfort. it is close to the property line but local officials say it does not violate any city codes. neighbors say developers originally told them that lot would be kept as green space. >> what will you do. >> when you have a big beautiful house aim's in the feeling that bad. >> that house is nice. >> big lawn. >> look out the other window. >> we will take a small break. we will be right back.
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good morning, i'm ukee washington. updating our breaking news. philadelphia police are questioning two drexel university students, after a stabbing outside of a campus residents hall. another student is in the hospital, at the university of pennsylvania. he was stabbed during a fight about 3:00 o'clock this morning outside myers hall on the 33 hundred block of race street. so far there have been no arrests. katie has your forecast from the weather center, good morning. >> overall it is quiet to start the daze off but problem is our nor'easter from yesterday having completely made it whole retreat. we will be left with rain and snow showers and you might see accumulation out there farther north is best prospects for that. you can already see speckles of purple firing up across portions of the lehigh valley
8:26 am
and poconos. there are winter weather advisories posted until early tomorrow morning for carbon and monroe counties specifically but everybody else, as we see these showers at all, they will have a very hard time accumulating out there 32 degrees the the night time low with the snow shower around and very similar forecast tomorrow. by wait it stays breezy for next few days too. lead nothing to friday and weekend much quieter weather taking back control here with high pressure in place and we will warm up too. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. if you are traveling right now on our majors anyplace that you would find rush hour traffic is what you are seeing this morning. look at 422. 422 eastbound we are seeing delays from oaks down to 202, averaging speed sensors in the the 30's and it is not only on 422, but it will be on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike out of willow grove. on the westbound side of the schuylkill where you are traveling even lower than 25, 33 is your average on the blue route, 14 on i-95 your southbound delay out of the north east is not fun at all. watch out for an accident
8:27 am
dekalb pike and main street, ukee. >> next update 85:00 56789 up next on cbs this morning a look back at gone with the wind which p premiered 75 years ago. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on traffic and sports we're on the cw p okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite...
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but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking?
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♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ philadelphia says good bye, dozens gathered to remember her call to duty. >> good morning, joyce craig-lewis died yesterday fighting a fire this west oak lane. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us live at
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engine 64 in lawncrest where this vigil was held last night, jan. >> reporter: a lot is still unknown this morning, the funeral arrangements are still being made, a fundraiser for her family still being set up and this investigation into exactly what happened yesterday is just now getting underway but here's what we know. we have heard story after story about this 11 year veteran joyce craig lou-is. she lived by this message. she wanted to make sure her entire community had working smoke detectors, echoed in that message on engine 64's front right by that black bunting having tested your battery in your smoke detector this week for your own safety. many people last night came out to the station to grief her loss and to celebrate her life. this was a vigil held in her honor where collogues spoke of the fire fighters dedication and complete strangers prayed for her family. craig lewis died tuesday morning in a row house fire in
8:31 am
west oak lane. fire officials say she was one of the first on the scene trying to control that fire in the basement. now "eyewitness news" has learned that at some point the commander on the scene told fire fighters to leave but craig-lewis never made it out. her family and her friends now recall how much she loved her job, and saving people, and she died, they say doing just that. >> well, i worked here the last three years, and she loved doing the job. she continually, always was outstanding and doing everything that they could to make sure somebody was saved and property was saved and we miss her. >> reporter: craig lewis leaves behind two children a 16 year-old son and a 16 month-old daughter, again she's the first female philadelphia fire fighter to lose her job in the line of duty. reporting live, i'm jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the tragic story, death of fire fighters joyce
8:32 am
craig-lewis. we will have the latest on air and on line at cbs reward for information in the disappearance of west chester university student shane montgomery is now $65,000. montgomery's family says that new money came from private donations. the 21 year-old was last seen leaving kildares irish pub in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. fbi is assisting philadelphia police in that investigation. right now coming up at 8:33. we will get traffic ape weather together. >> our nor'easter is pulling away very slow liz but surely. it is another two days, of a additional showers on the back edge of this system before we're completely done with the storm itself. you can see here that generalry speaking we have a very quiet morning but there is some moisture and if you track just the bands of that snow, they are basically moving from north to south. we have been seeing decent snow falling around syracuse,al pan i but thinks all going to eventually sort of just clip our region as
8:33 am
well, and we will end up with a few rain or snow showers as a result. meanwhile as we take a look at middletown ship high school, just clouds at the moment, 39 degrees, we are general liz hovering around 40, in most locations, but these values thaw are looking at right here, factor in the winds. so it feels more like it is flirting with freezing right now, if not a lot colder say up in the poconos, as you factor in that northwesterly component to the wind flow. the as the day goes on we're generally looking at p.m. time frame for any rain or snow showers, through today, and if you are looking for accumulation you have to go north. go up to the poconos and for the best chance of accumulation where winter weather advisories are posted until early tomorrow morning. we may see a few inches of snow before that is all said and done. vittoria. >> thank you, so much katie. good morning, everyone. still you will fine rush hour delays sprinkled all over your commute, all in the usual places. 422, schuylkill expressway, i-95. 422 right here not too far from that trooper road actually.
8:34 am
eastbound 422 we are seeing delays at oaks and 202 where speed sensors are still down in the 30's and some areas down in the 20's. as we take a look at ben franklin bridgette is a nice ride on the ben, if you are however traveling into new jersey, construction is compromising the right-hand lane but we have gotten used to that construction, over these past couple of months. sixteen is your average on i-95. ninety-five southbound is not great. i will step out so you can see the length of the delay. it stems back to street road. take a look at a traveling on the schuylkill westbound. you are jammed approaching city avenue out through to 476. eastbound is a slow go, all the way from 476, down towards city avenue. and then again approaching the vine street expressway. the also watch out for an accident on dekalb street at main street but no delays for mass transit, ukee. well, center city will be hopping over the next few weeks, with holiday festivities, but if you are not careful the the holidays are a real headache. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer shows you how to stay safe when you are out and about. >> reporter: from ice skating in dilworth park to shopping
8:35 am
for gifts at the christmas village this time of the year many use public and septa police want to you do so safely. >> we have great transit police department. they have had a tremendous effect honorary duesing crime. >> reporter: 217 transit the police officers patrol while 13,000 cameras keep a digital eye out for crime. septa transit police chief tom nestle said riders can do their part by observing and i am traiting his transit cop. >> that police officer has their head on the swivel. they are looking around, their eyes are always moving, they are looking at people, and while they are doing it they smile. >> reporter: as i learned it is in the just to be scary. >> if you scare them a away and you gain an alley in a fellow rider. >> reporter: i caught up with captain darryl jones who says you have to stay alert and safe guard your packages. >> laying them down is not a good idea. that is mainly because it only takes a thief for a thief to come up behind you, and take your bags and then just walk
8:36 am
away. >> reporter: if you are carrying a purse keep in front of you and put that wallet in the front inside coat pocket. willsome davis was doing all of the right things. >> just keep it close to me. i make sure that my phone, or whatever i have, i keep ate way. i don't have it the out in public , so people are not aware of the things i have. >> reporter: chief nestle says it is okay to use your phone, but. >> but as a train or a busies coming to a stop, you stop. stop for that 15 or 202nd and look around. >> reporter: if an incident does occur not only will a police officer be sent but dispatcher will bring up real time surveillance video that helps police identify, and track down suspects. >> as soon as that picture is obtained up here it is put out to every officer on the system. so there those officers are then using their phones, their smart phones, to bring up the picture and then check every train and every platform looking for the the suspect. >> but they are not taking all
8:37 am
the credit. >> people have become more savvy and more leather around the holiday season then they are in the middle of july. >> reporter: smarter, safer, and more able to enjoy the spirit of the season. nicole brewer, "eyewitness news". and this is just in, time magazine announced its 2014 person of the year and this year it turns out several people are getting honored. they chose the ebola fighters. this is a look at their five different covers that features doctors and nurses from around the world battling the deadly virus that has ravaged west africa. they beat out seven other finalists who had a great impact on news this year. a bucks county man is praying for a christmas miracle. mike phillips has no kidneys after cancer forced doctors to remove them. he gets dialysis every week. now his wife she will ace also in renal failure. mike is trying to find a living donor who is a match, for his wife. has created a web night
8:38 am >> i learned through the the course of mize life that you deal with things that come your waste and nobody gets through this life without having some ducis dealt in their hands. >> the couple is working with animal hospital, to make sure that the cost of the surgery, hospital stay and travel plans for two are free, for the donors. >> police officers used sheer might to rescue a pair of men trapped under a car this happened in wisconsin. police looked for a jack when they got to the scene but when they could not find one, they lifted the car up themselves. both men were told survived but one was badly burned by the engine. investigators say they are not sure how those men got under the the vehicle. there were no signs of a crash. incredible story of survival out of hawaii where missing boater was found 12 days after he disappeared. coastguard says that it received a distress call from
8:39 am
67 year-old ron ingram yesterday morning after the the coast. he started to take on water. 12,000 square mile search was suspended. coastguard officers a say ingram made it back using an auxiliary sail have after both of his masks snapped. that is incredible. two weeks at sea. >> see that in a book or film soon, that is unbelievable. if you planned to send photo holiday cards this season we will tell you some of the best on line companies to do it work that is coming up. also ahead royal couple wraps up their visit to america, we will look at their trip which happens to coincide with the big nor'easter in the big apple. maybe this weekend you will head out and do holiday shopping but we want to remind you to make holidays bright for under privileged children. our joy of sharing campaign is now underway, and just buy a new unwrapped toy and bring to it a drop off a location. for a list of locations go to cbs or call
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215-977-joys. you can also text the the donations if you text the word joy to 41444. you'll make a $10 donation. we will be right back.
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my man phils hanging out by the poinsettia. >> you only say the word once a year. >> yes. >> he is planted in there don't you think. >> he has the flowers there. >> what is your elf up to. pose yourselfe to twitter, facebook or instant gram using hash tag cbs-3 and hash tag early selfie and we may show it on television. >> the ninja selfie was pretty cool. >> yes. sending holiday photo cards is a annual tradition of
8:43 am
the holiday season. >> it is easier then ever to mail a card thanks to the abundance of on line stationary sites. sarah k have suboy reports on the best one, in this text minute. so many stationary sites, so hard to choose. what distinguishes one from the another is variety of design templates, print, quality and ease of use. is stylish site that offers wye range of personallable gifts. what impressed me is find it fast. up load photo you want to use in your card and this feature will print your picture into the template as you scroll through the options. you can really see what it will look like if printed. running a bit behind on sending out this years holiday cards try paper this is the original design and choose to print your return address and recipient address for free. an additional 30 cents get all that and service will mail them directly to your friend.
8:44 am
one final tip always shop around for discount codes. almost lulls a way to get free shipping, or at the very least 10 percent off n san francisco i'm kara suboy for c for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. philly's own sketch hart returns to the big screen next month in the wedding ringer and he came home for premiere of the movie last night. >> just in case you missed it pride of george washington high stopped by our studios and i asked him about his non-stop schedule. >> i just don't sit downy don't sit down. >> i'm in love with my job. i'm in love with my profession. i love the fact that i'm setting goals and i'm accomplishing them. i love the fact that i have a support group of fan base that is loyal, that is holding me down, and appreciates my hard work. >> telling it like it is. he is hilarious and helping socially challenged guys become rock stars. don't miss wedding ringer when it hits theaters january the 16th. welcome home. >> he reminds me of i love you
8:45 am
man. do you remember that one when he needed a best man. i'm sure it was hilarious. >> and josh right there in the car he is amazing too. >> yes. >> lets get a check of the forecast right now. katie has a pretty picture behind here. >> yes, we he will go through a couple differentpy tours from our eyewitness whether either watcher network this one came there delaware from jason. you cannot sees too much of it. it is out there but it is hiding behind a lot of clouds. meanwhile, this is actually the the moon setting. if you look closely here in atlantic city this came in earlier from tim mitchell. the he sent in the second one to us, with some of the choppy waves, that are still rolling on n it is calmer then it was yesterday. and absolutely, true. meanwhile we will take you inland to the millersville sunrise in millersville pennsylvania. some of you have even some sunlight here this morning but it is somewhat few and far between, where we have had a a lot of those clouds out there one more check for you just over the last hour michael mayber man sent this from bellmawr, new jersey. up load your picture. we'd love to see it, michael.
8:46 am
40 degrees was the temperature over the last hour. he has seen at least a little will bit of sunshine. here's is what going on. why are we seeing clouds and the sun. judge are we eventually going to see more rain and snow in this forecast today. you need a lot of weather accessories for a forecast like this. because we're still track the same old storm, but that was from yesterday. granted the bulk of the moisture is well off in the northeast but we have a count are clockwise rotation kicking in. the snow showers thaw are find ago cross upstate new york right now, those will eventually dive south of here as well andes specially for poconos. you will end up with some additional a accumulation. there are winter weather advisories from now until very early tomorrow morning for very likely a few additional inches of snow. if you see rain or snow flakes any where else it will have a hard time accumulating but you might see it anyway. that will be the the story even into tomorrow. by friday, finally a guarantied dry day as that same storm finally decides to pull away, vittoria, over to you. thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. if you are traveling in
8:47 am
kensington we have word of a water main break at germantown avenue and jefferson. you may notice evacuationness that area, if you can, try to avoid that intersection at all costs, again, thinks a water main break. as we continue to take a look at your rush hour 95 southbound is just not good. it hasn't been moving all morning long. i'm saying witt a bit of a smirk here but it is not funny. southbound i-95 out of the northeast down through the the vine is a squeeze. give yourself more time. this shot here approaching area of the betsy ross bridge. i believe, right now, that if you are traveling, there we go in kensington we have chopper three, live chopper three over the scene of this water main break. as you will notice, it looks like a still picture but this is not. this is all of the water leaking through, flooding this intersection, if you are traveling, germantown avenue at jefferson. notice these vehicles right here that are just engulfed in all of this water. notice some of it is free flowing still coming up from the road. again this is in kensington live chopper three over the
8:48 am
scene of the water main break, traveling at germantown and jefferson. they will evacuate part of the area to get this under control. you will notice commute nothing this area is just impossible at this point. police are on the scene to regulate the the situation and as more news comes in the news room we will continue, to keep you updated, of course, as of right now lets head back to the desk. actually, we will go to break. we will see you in a second.
8:49 am
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8:50 am
jeanie moo explains. >> reporter: don't you hate to wake up to this on the last day of a trip. well, mere north aals battled with their umbrellas and lost their hats, the duchess showed up in bright pink, wearing a pony tail and a bad hair day, the kind of day even a prince trips on a rain the math. they laid flowers at one of the 9/11 reflecting pools and then later. >> you got problems. >> just inch's way from a performance by a youth group. but mostly they acted cheerful and were cheered, despite the miserable weather. but don't feel bad for the slightly soggy royals.
8:51 am
save you pity for the press. following the royals, doesn't exactly mean they get the royal treatment. >> backup, backup, backup. >> faster. >> you have to get your shot. >> reporter: weather had improved slightly by the time prince william arrived atop of the empire state building, no relations with the press. ouch. but they were still stormy. >> kate, five months pregnant skipped the empire state building stop. anyway who wants to smell like wet wool in the 2,300-dollar coat. everything she wears seems to sellout, the goat coat that she wore monday from the fashion house goat has sold out. same for torey birch coat she wore to the basketball game where she and prince met jay-z and beyonce. but leave to it king james to inquire about the prince's
8:52 am
fashion. >> delivered with an arm, swung around duchess, the breach of protocol, the royal spokesperson told nba but if we swung our arm around her we would end up in a sling. >> keep moving. >> reporter: jeanie moos, new york. >> i will not tell you again. >> that is a process. >> yes. >> reporters on the beat man. >> just trying to do your job and security jobs trying to do their job. >> everybody is just trying to get a piece. >> that is right. >> not a happy medium there. coming up on 8:53. lets get traffic and weather before we go. >> especially when it is raining. we want to give you an idea what you can expect when looking at the worst of what we have got left of this nor'easter. there is a winter weather advisory through poconos, carbon monroe counties looking for wet snow and icy patches on roadways and sidewalks, that kind of thing. ski lift will love it but it can make for tricky travel. how about good news. the the weekend looks better. still chilly but you way more
8:53 am
sunshine, vittoria. >> i necessity there wasn't a segway to me. we have breaking news if you are traveling in kensington, germantown avenue at jefferson street we have a water main break. you can see that water puddling from the road. we have closures in this area they are doing some evacuations again in kensington, a water main break, live chopper three over the scene of. that we will continue to provide you with more details as soon as we get more details in the news room of course. through have it, germantown avenue at jefferson watch for evacuations and we have rush hour 95, schuylkill and vine still have not wrapped that up either. >> appreciate it. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at cw phphilly. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are always on for you, at cbs and check out talk philly at noon at cbs-3, we are back in 30 seconds with one more check of your traffic and weather together. we will be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i' erika von tiehl. we have some breaking news for you right now, a major water main break at germantown and jefferson in north philadelphia. it has you can see right here water, every where. this is the fire department and water crews begin to get a handle on this. you can see it still pumping out. we do know there are evacuations taking place and that includes a nearby day care center. you can get latest information on talk philly at noon and anytime at cbs and vittoria will have have an update in one minute. but first lets check with katie and we don't see any rain right new, right. >> at least in the right now, for sure but we are still dealing with the back edge of the large nor'easter starting to close itself off but as a result of that you can see it
8:56 am
up threw up state insuring additional moisture funneling in. you can see it is moving from north to south slowly but surely. eventually and even already we have seen a few flakes flying, a few rain drops falling, portions of the lehigh valley and poconos and that will drop south with time here. in philadelphia it is a rain or snow shower. don't expect much, if any, accumulation around the city but you may see coating or a few inches in the poconos. snow shower also on tap here for tonight, again not accumulating, and still breezy so knock a few degrees off the thermometer at anytime for a fels like value, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. if you are traveling in the kensington section, we were talking about this earlier when we came this with this breaking news situation, traveling in north philadelphia, this is in germantown, between germantown and jefferson street. you will notice some water popping up from the roadway here this will be affecting any local bus routes in this area and also they're vac waited some folks in this section, so germantown and
8:57 am
jefferson north philadelphia, water main break, it will be setting you back this morning on top of rush hour delays that you will's have on i-95 and skew you kill expressway, quarter. thanks, variety tore y that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up
8:58 am
8:59 am
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>> wendy: knocked out by flu season. >> there was a lot of congestion in my chest. >> wendy: and it only got worse. >> i would take a deep breath and i would only hear whistling. >> wendy: and then...after decades of war, a country sees glimmers of peace. plus...destress your holidays. camille styles reveals how you can entertain on a budget, on today's "700 club." ♪ >> pat: well, welcome to this edition of "the 700 club." the hearings got ugly. are you stupid? the man called an architect of obamacare said over and over again the american voters were stupid. now he is backing up. he is apologizing. i'm so sorry. my comments were thoughtless and on and on. but it is just


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