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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 11, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> high alert in philadelphia
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after a string of assaults targeting women. breaking right now police have a person in can custody after an attack that happened tonight. good evening, i'm jessica dean. chris may is off. the attacks are happening in the university city area and there are new developments tonight we go right now natasha brown live at southwest detectives with breaking information. natasha. >> reporter: yes, we are now just also learning that there were two indecent assaults on drexel university's campus earlier today at 35th and powelton. that is now bringing the total to five of these cases just in the past week or so. as you mentioned there is a person of 90 custody at this hour, a 55-year-old man here at southwest detectives. he is being linked to another case at 41st and pine tonight. now they're trying to figure out if he is linked to all of these assaults. another woman attacked this time at 41st and pioneer the campus of the university of pennsylvania. another case that's striking fear in the hearts of
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students. >> it's terrifying. it's not a great feeling knowing you cannot be safe in your own neighborhood. >> it's definitely scary and i mean i would advise caution. >> reporter: there have been several attacks near university of pennsylvania's campus just in the past week. the latest assault happened at 6:30 thursday evening. a woman walking along pine street is hit from behind with a bicycle lock. >> strikes her in the back of the headway bicycle lock and demands her purse. there's nine uniformed officers in the area because of the recent rash of robberies that have been occurring. they see the offender dragging the victim about 50 yards. they immediately jump out of their car and they're eighth to rescue here. philadelphia and university of pennsylvania police have saturated the area stepping up patrols in light of the recent assaults. a woman is attacked and escaped her attacker saturday at 41st and sansom and a 23-year-old woman is sexually assaulted at 47th and chestnut on monday. police believe the 55-year-old man in custody may be linked
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to all of these cases. >> we believe through video surveillance from the incident on saturday that the offender because of the clothing he's wearing tonight may be the same offender. tonight he'll be charged with the robbery that he committed this evening. >> reporter: while this most recent victim the 38-year-old u penn grad student from the incident at 41st and pine did have lacerations to her head she's still hospitalized at this hour. meantime members of the special victims unit will be coming here to southwest detectives at any moment to question this person of interest this suspect who is in custody. warm front learned this has become a joint investigation involving philadelphia police, drexel police as well as police on the university of pennsylvania's campus. that's the very late of the from now, reporting live at southwest detectives tonight, natasha brown, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> natasha thanks for the upday. breaking news out of northeast
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philadelphia where a 13-year-old was shot. police say he was inside his home sitting at the dining room table when this happened. that teenager was taken from the scene in wissinoming to saint christopher's hospital in stable condition. we know two male suspects are still at large. tonight we are also watching a developing weather situation. more snow moving through the area right now and kathy orr is here with more. kathy. >> we hope this is the last band of snow. it appears to be. we have a large circumstance lakes -- circulation around our nor'easter that's moving through maine. this patch of snow shifting toward the north and east filling in on our radar. one burst of snowly in montgomery county and you can see it from reading berks county into northern montgomery moving to the south at 20 miles an hour dumping light accumulation where you see that dark purple between pats town and upper salford. this is stretching down towards norristown, 202,
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glenside and into places like mount airy. if you live in this area, montgomery county even northern parts of chester please take it easy. area roads untreated will be snow covered and slick. right now temperatures below freezing so it is sticking to the ground where we have those untreated surfaces on the streets as well. in the poconos the feel-like reading is at 15. for the rest of the night and overnight areas of light snow reduced visibility at times with sub freezing temperatures we will be seeing some icy spots. come tomorrow temperatures will be rising through the 30's but it will be a cold day. look at those wind chills, staying in the 20's. we'll talk about a warmup in the seven day and more sunshine in the forecast as well a little bit later on in the broadcast. for now, jess, we'll send it back to you. >> kathy thank you. drivers in the area are watching the snowflakes and the temperatures tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in feasterville with a look at road condition there is in bucks county. david. >> reporter: jessica, it has been hit or miss tonight with the snow. right now we're starting to see some flurries in
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feasterville. behind me you can see the temperature at 36 degrees. right now we're going to take a look at the roads. you can see some salt on the roads. that has been pretty standard all night with penndot trucks. a little bit earlier we were in warminster where people say the roads up there are pretty slick. snow continued to fall in warminster and the surrounding areas as temperatures dipped near the freezing mark. residents say crews spent the day clearing the roads. >> they do a good job up here. >> reporter: chris tells "eyewitness news" she's used to the snow. slick roads have her paying extra close attention. >> this morning it was only a small coating of snow which is sometimes worse than app couple inches of snow. >> reporter: we checked. no issues on the main roads but eric says he drove over some side roads that are problem spots. >> we were slipping and sliding a little this morning. >> first thing not morning was slick but they cleaned them up. you could see the salt they spread down street road. >> reporter: you can see the salt on the roads in
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feasterville. we've seen salt really all over since we've been driving around tonight. we spoke to penndot officials. they say they'll have between 20 and 22 trucks out overnight until the morning making sure everybody stays safe. we're live in feasterville, david spunt "eyewitness news" after 10 on the cw philly thanks so much. mayor michael nutter films a message to the philadelphia police officers that the police commissioner has ordered be played at every roll call. >> absolutely necessary. don't abuse your authority. smartly try to deescalate or calm down dangerous situations and protect yourself and our citizens at all times. >> nutter also expressed gratitude for the officers' service and said he felt it was necessary to remind them about the value of the community and police relationships in light of what's happened in ferguson and new york city. the police commissioner says he approves. >> it's an important message that at this point in history
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they need to hear. well, he came to me with the idea and we talked about it and the next day eases filming it. >> we're told the message will be played for the next few days and will also be posted on the department's internet. meanwhile the philadelphia police department has start add body camera pilot program in the 22nd district. 37 officers have volunteered to test several different models for six months. officers must notify the public they're being recorded. the department sees them as a tool to build trust in the community there hasn't been any problems. it's just getting started. pretty much once we tell somebody they're being recorded everything has been going as normal and for us we don't do anything different other than say that they're being recorded. >> after six months commissioner ramsey will evaluate the program and determine the best way to implement it. the first of two viewings for fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig will take place tomorrow.
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investigators are working to determine the cause of tuesday's fire on middleton street in west oak lane. craig died after becoming trapped in the basement after fighting the flames. she's the first female philadelphia firefighter to die in the line of duty. it's been two weeks since shane montgomery disappeared. the west chester university student vanished thanksgiving morning after leaving kildare's pub on main street in manayunk. the new round of searching comes one day after investigators discover new surveillance video that reportedly shows montgomery walking across the bridge over the manayunk canal toward a parking lot near the river. >> this is the last place we know he came. this is why we're starting here. this is why the focus of the investigation is at this location. >> investigators tell us the video picks up montgomery immediately after he left the bar but doesn't show him leaving the area. reward for information in this case now stand after $65,000. police looking for two armed suspects wanted for a
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robbery caught on tape in oxford circle. two men were on the steps when the suspect approached them from behind on the 7100 block of large street on monday morning. if you can identify these suspects call philadelphia police. a judge finds rafael jones guilty of murdering philadelphia police officer moses walker jr. this was not a jury trial. the judge did make the decision. prosecutors say officer walker was approached by two men after leaving his shift at 22nd police district in north philadelphia in august 2012. this all happened so fast they say he didn't have time to pull out his gun. the debate rages on. should philadelphia business owners be required to give paid sick days to employees? still ahead, why a new bill introduced today could mean some big changes. plus, how a simple stair is replacing the old fashioned way that we protect ourselves with passwords. kathy.
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>> in weather we're talking about another round of snow moving across part of the delaware valley and it is sticking to area roads as temperatures fall below freezing in many locations. i'll show you what to expect tomorrow and when the sun
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>> a high speed chase for a california man wanted in connection with the disappearance his family ends
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in arrest. officers surrounded daniel perez's car with his four children looking on he was shot with a been bag while he tried to climb the overpass. his children were not hurt. his wife's body was found in the trunk of another car and perez is being questioned about her death. philadelphia city council is once again debating the merits of paid sick leave. councilman bill greenly proposed the bill today. companies with less than 10 employees would be required to provide sick days. >> across the country this has been a growing movement to provide workers with just a minimal amount of paid sick days. we're not talking about a lot. >> green lee says the bill is close to what the mayor's task force recommended. opponents say many small businesses can't afford to offer that many sick canes it could drive potential new business away from philadelphia. the director of the cia is
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defending his agency claiming it produced useful intelligence. however, john brennan did admit in a limited number of cases agencies officers used interrogation techniques that had not been authorized. he called the message abhuer rant but he never used the word torture isn't was useful intelligence that was obtained individuals who had been at some point subjected to dit's. whether that could have been obtained without the use of those eit is something that is unno, sir want. >> eit is enhanced interrogation techniques. he says he's working dianne feinstein tweeted a rebuttal to his statements using the hashtag read the report. if you have trouble logging into all the web sites you use, help is on the way.
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new products are using iris and facial recognition technology to replace user names and passwords for computers. many believe this technology is the wave of the future and not just for computers. it's already in development for atm's and security check points. >> we look into the mirror it turns blue because it recognizes a live person green because it authenticates. no two people on the planet have the same eyes. >> the eye opening technology also allows users to create long and complicated passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack. a layaway angel is responsible for bringing holiday cheer to dozens of families. managers at the toys are us in massachusetts say a woman walked in recently and paid for $20,000 worth of layaway items clearing the store's entire layaway balance. employees then called 154 customers to tell them their bills were paid in full. the balances ranged from a few dollars to a few hundred
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dollars. very cool. and you can celebrate the holidays with our joy of sharing campaign. buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop-off locations. for a list of those locations go to or call us 215977 joys. you can text a donation text word joy to 41444. >> it looking like our last round snow is moving through the delaware valley, that last band of snow associate wade nor'easter that is still lingering over new england. right now we're seeing it mainly through the northern and western suburbs, places like montgomery county and even into philadelphia. phil in chestnut hill says it has been snowing and we've been seeing windy conditions. you can see the streets are wet and real pretty there but we do have some snow showers o going on there so thanks phil for that photo.
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to the north and west temperatures have been cold all day. robert is saying there is some snow isn't glenmoore and he shows us a snowy picker. a bird feeder covered with snow this afternoon. some places in chester county picking up 2-inches of snow over the past couple days. if you would like to be an eyewitness weather watcher we would love you to join our team. just sign up by going to outside our cbs3 studios here in center city philadelphia we are seeing a few snow showers, nothing sticking to the ground but on those grassy surfaces. on storm scan3 you can see this last band moving through. it is pretty vigorous, it is relentless and it is not really letting go. you can see right here in reading through places like montgomery county, a snow burst of sorts that's leaving some accumulation through pottstown. less than a half inch expected with this and it's moving towards the southeast through norristown and even into places like chestnut hill,
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glenside and it should be out of here within the next couple of hours and then we'll be drying out finally. you can see some of our snow amounts. in hamburg 4-inches furlong 1.3, pittsgrove half an inch, ewing new jersey .10 and in philadelphia a tenth of an inch of snow reported this evening at international airport and you know what that means. that means today is the day that we received our first measurable snow of the season finally and we're late in doing so because the average first snowfall is november 14. so, not too eventful but today was the day. right now in philadelphia 34. 32 in allentown, 25 in the poconos. in reading we are sitting at 30. you can see those temperatures below freezing in doylestown and willow grove so watch for those icy spots. in pottstown 30 degrees. and some of those back roads are snow covered and slippery. i just had a report from twitter so please be careful in pottstown even in quakertown temperatures going below freezing very soon.
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we will watch as our storm finally let's go of its icy grip over us for friday with increasing sunshine. during the day saturday the same thing, high pressure really takes over and then by sunday that's really my pick of the weekend. temperatures will be seasonable in the upper 40's and that will be our first sunny day of december. we haven't had one yet. i'm sure you're not surprised. overnight mostly cloudy with a few snow showers, the low 30. tomorrow the high 42 but breezy and if you're lucky enough to go to the eagles game it's going to be cold but no snow, no rain. game time temperatures sunday night will be 40 with winds out of the northwest. on the eyewitness weather seven-day forecast warming up. sunday 48, monday and tuesday at 50. wednesday 48 degrees and a shower, cooler but comfortable still on thursday with a temperature of 46 degrees. so, if i was a golfer -- >> uh-huh. >> -- i may consider getting out that it is weekend. >> i know a golfer. >> i already went. >> uh-huh. >> let's talk about the eagles defense.
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they are licking their chops like i am and a chance to get back atone roam. linebacker trent cole will talk about the pressure they'll bring. flyers face off against their rivals from across the
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>> the flyers kicked off a four game stretch at home starting first with the new jersey devils. philadelphia jumped out to an early lead in the first period. matt read got the puck to sean
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couture and he slams it home. put the flyers on the board. a few minutes later the same line back on the ice, this time it's its other way around couture ray to read. a quick shot in front of the net. flyers go up two-nothing. skip ahead to the second period devils on the power play and scott gomez rips one that is deflected in. flyers up by one and that is as close as it would get. the flyers seal the deal with two more goals of the third. final score four to one. philadelphia fans this sunday's game against the cowboys can't come soon enough. so much at stake. this is what december football is all about. on thanksgiving the birds defense held dallas to just 267 total yards. they hope to bring the same pressure to tony romo for the rematch. >> we want to let him know that we're here, we're coming and we're going to be all over him and like i say it's not going to stop until the end of the game. >> football has a way of
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picking out who you are over the course of the game and we're just excited about having another opportunity to play better than we did last time. >> and the eagles also hope to get the run game going against the dallas d earlier today. lesley van arsdale sat down with cbs3 contributor lesean mccoy who talked about the hype going into the game. >> it's big time. the stakes are high. this game is so important to both teams. and it's sunday night. everybody will be home watching us play and big time players always make big time plays in big games and that's always been a big motto that i've followed. we'll see this weekend. >> you can catch lesley's entire interview with shady this sunday on our sister station cbs3 during the toyota sunday kickoff show at 11:30. elsewhere in the league cardinals are taking on the rams on thursday night football. arizona still trying to hold onto first place in the nfc west. right now the cardinals are up six to three.
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to the phillies now, they picked up two players in the rule v draft today. that's the draft for players left off the 40 man roster of other teams. they got oudbel farrell from the rangers. might see some outfield play. they also got lefty pitcher enediol river from the pirates. but still no confirmation on the big trade everyone is talking about jimmy rollins to the dodgers. reports say the phils could get two pitching prospects in return including righty zach epland from the san diego padres farm system. for now we'll wait and see. >> probably a lot of that for awhile. >> probably a lot of that for awhile. >> for a few more days here.
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all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast bringing media and technology together for you. >> parents out there, you know what it's like to have a child
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clinging to your leg and not wanting to let go. well, this behavior extends to their animal kingdom as well. this panda did not want to let go of its caretaker here and the worker at this facility in china was finally able to pry the leg away and kind of get the panda to back off but the little panda is very sad. you can see he tries to stick his nose out again. >> go in with the panda. >> go give the panda a hug. >> well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. for kathy, beasley and all of us here's, i'm jessica dee. have a good night. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs3.
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