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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 15, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> he just seemed like a normal average guy. >> but police say he is the man who went on a killing spree murdersrs his ex-wife and five members of her family in an early morning rampage in three different locations. >> i heard four gun shots and i heard the kids screaming mommy, no. >> tonight that young mother is dead and the search for her ex-husband has now spread to a second pennsylvania county. good evening to you, i'm jessica dean. chris may has the night off. the killing spree resulted in six people dead in less than two hours. and breaking right now, a possible suspect sighting prompts police to search in doylestown, bucks county. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at this very active scene right now. david. >> reporter:r: well, jessica, police want to reiterate the word we're talking about a possible sighting of brad stone in doylestown. they're taking this seriously. just a little while ago and we have helicopter video police
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went into the woods after learning that a man says that he was carjacked by someone that was dressed in military fatigues that looked like brad stone the suspect they were looking for. that's why police took this seriously. central bucks ymca is on lockdown. they close at 12:30. they're on lockdown just as a precaution and police searching the woods around this area. in pennsburg montgomery county police were looking at brad stone's home. now the swat team was out there for several hours from early afternoon just until about 30 minutes ago to try to make contact just in case he was inside. we spoke to a man who lives just a few doors down who said he saw stone many times sitting on his front pomp. >> i never spoke to him, he just kept to himself, just sat there and smoked his cigarettes. didn't really do much else. >> reporter: from what we gathered by neighbors jessica not many neighbors really knew brad stone that well but right now people here in doylestown,
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they are searching for a person that looks like brad stone. they're in about a two, three square mile radius is what we're being told by authorities. that is the latest from doylestown and any updates we'll bring them to you but still a very affect tiff scene jess today. we're live in doylestown, david spunt "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> thank you. all of this violence unfolded fast with many waking up to sirens and flashing lights in their neighborhoods. it started around 3:30 a.m. in souderton where stone allegedly shot and killed three people and injured one. less than an hour later he allegedly killed two more people in lansdale. stone then allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife in lower salford before the swat team was called out in pennsburg to search for him. again, it is unknown right now where he is tonight. our team coverage continues now with "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones who is live in lower salford. todd. >> reporter: and jessica, as some manhunt continues this evening investigators here
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continue to put together the parts of this deadly shooting rampage that left six people dead including a 14-year-old girl. this newly released pictures shows a clean shaven bradley william stone which represents what he looks like now an earlier photograph released by police showed him with a beard. there was a heavy police presence in three towns which included several homes that were evacuated and neighbors being told to shelter-in-place. >> we actually recovered his vehicle and his personal cell phone but we do not have information about how he might be traveling. >> reporter: stone police say shot and killed his recently engaged ex-wife nicole stone early monday morning. two bullet holes could be seen outside her pheasant run apartment complex in lower salford. resident told cbs3 steve patterson the couple had a bitter ongoing custody dispute. >> i heard four gun shots and i heard the can kids screaming mommy, no, we want my mom. i opened my window and i asked him was everything okay. he looked at me and just said
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she's hurt, she's hurt pretty bad. we got to go. >> when he was bringing the kids outside they were kicking and screaming. he had the oldest he was dragging her and he was pulling the youngest by her hand threw them in the car and took off. >> reporter: the children are safe. >> at approximately 5:00 in the morning shortly thereafter, mr. stone delivered his two daughters to a neighbor in pennsburg. >> reporter: at around 4:30 monday morning police in lansdale discovered the bodies of nicole stone's mother and grandmother inside a home on the 100 block of west fifth street. then just before 8:00 in the morning in souderton authorities went to the home of nicole's sister patricia flick. >> tragically miss flick her husband and 14-year-old daughter were killed at the residence. >> reporter: their 17-year-old son was flown to jefferson know philadelphia monday evening police surrounded william stone's home in pennsburg but after making entry they realized stone was not there. according to a marine spokesperson stone was a former marine who served in iraq in 2008 and was honorably
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discharged from the reserves in 2011. now, stone we're being told sometimes walks with the aid of a cane or a walker. he's described as being 5-foot 10-inches tall and weighing about 195 pounds. reporting live tonight in lower salford, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly. >> todd, thank you. our coverage of this still developing story continues online and for the latest developments around the clock you can always check out also breaking right now we're following reports of a triple shooting in glenolden delaware county. the extent of injuries is unclear and police are working to determine a suspect an motive. we'll have more at 11:00 on cbs3. a shocking announcement from former sportscaster don tollefson on what should have been his sentencing day. after pleading guilty in september to cheating charities out of more than $340,000 he asked a judge in
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bucks county today to withdraw his guilty plea and said he wanted to represent himself. tollefson says he has new information that could prove his innocence. >> withdrawing my plea and going to trial was the most appropriate and honest thing to do. i found some things that are very jermaine to this case which i didn't know about when i originally pled guilty. >> his defense attorney said he did not think this was a wise decision. prosecutors says they'll begin when the trial begins january 5th. camille cosby makes it clear she's standing by her husband. she and bill cosby have been married for more than 50 years, they have four daughters. their son was killed in 1997. cam mill cosby released a statement reading in part "the man i met and fell in love with and whom i continue to love is the man you all knew through his work. he's a kind man, a wonderful husband. a different man has been portrayed in the media over
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the last two months. it is a portrait of a man i do not know. she went tonton say they're their appears to be no vetting husband's accuseers before stories are published or aired. none of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. former coatesville school superintendent richard como and former athletic director tom donato is your lendered to police today. they left the district last year after racist and sexist messages were reportedly found on their cell phones. the d.a. says they stole from the poorest school district in chester county for years. >> that a superintendent and an athletic director who were running the school district like it was their own personal kingdom, mocking and you had a school board that was asleep
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at the switch. >> both suspects are now free on bail and their attorneys declined to comment. we are learning more tonight about the man at the center of a deadly hostage crisis in sydney, australia. cbs news correspondent craig boswell tells us before it was all over three people were dead including the gunman. >> reporter: a dramatic and deadly ending to a more than 16 hour hostage standoff in sydney, australia. heavily armed teams of police stormed the lindt clock late cafe in downtown sydney where a gunman had been holding 17 hostages. the police action came just moments after a group of hostages began running from the building. >> they made the call because they believed at that time if they didn't enter there would have been many more lives lost. >> reporter: seeks news confirms the suspect is a iranian born man mon this a self described cleric. one of the captives listed the gunman's demands.
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mon this could be seen in grainy video pacing back and forth. the 50-year-old had a lengthy criminal record and was already known to authorities. he had asked for an isis flag to be delivered to the cafe. >> it is an isolate the incident. do in the let this incident bring about any loss of confidence about working or visiting in our city. with the act of an individualism a handful of hostages escaped the cafe earlier in the standoff. after it was over others were carried out on stretchers. two died along with the gunman. police are counseling family members not far from the crime scene. craig boswell for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> a football rivalry turns into political theater. a philadelphia councilman lashes out at new jersey governor chris christie after he was spotted sitting with the owner of the dallas cowboys last night. that's coming up. plus a local visit from president obama. kathy. >> in weather we're talking about mild temperatures but rain will be moving in. then looking ahead to the
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weekend, a chance of snow. we'll b
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>> last night's loss to the cowboys isn't the only thing that had some eagles fans upset. take a close look at who is sitting next to dallas owner jerry jones. that would be new jersey governor chris christie. christie is a long time dallas fan much to the dismay of birds fans.
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many chimed in on facebook. jim writes yes it bothers me very much so. i will nerve vote for him if he does run for president but steve didn't seem to mind. he wrote why would it bother anyone yes? last i heard new jersey doesn't have a pro football team unless you counts the giants and jets. a lot of people are talking about what philadelphia city councilman jim kinney said. he tweet: kinney is not backing down from those comments. this morning he told our sister station kyw news radio "i have a big nose he's got a flat blank. it's what life dials. when you're across from philadelphia as a neighbor you should have a little more common sense and a little more respect for the rest of us. so we'll see how that plays out. in the meantime philadelphia police investigating a deadly shooting by an officer after a traffic stop in mayfair. investigator its tell us two
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officers pulled over brandon tate brown on frankford avenue and will they ordered brown out of the car authorities say they noticed what turned out to be a stolen gun next to the center console. the 26-year-old allegedly reached for it and that's when the situation escalated. >> individual broke away went around to the passenger side of the car tried to go in the car to get the firearm and that's the time that the officer discharged striking the individual. >> one shot was fired hitting brown in the head. reports later showed he has a criminal record. that incident is still being investigated. president obama visits our area to pay tribute to troops for their service. the commander-in-chief thanked troops at joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst and the president also acknowledged the sacrifice of military families. this trip comes two weeks prior to the completion of america's 13-year combat mission in afghanistan. >> we can gather with family and friends because you're
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willing to hug yours goodbye and step forward to serve. >> governor christie was among those in attendance. today is the last day to enroll or renew an insurance plan under the affordable care act. open enrollment ends at midnight if you haven't already renew youred plan you will be reenrolled but you could pay more because of rising fees. to be covered on january 1st you must complete the sign-up process tonight. >> with partly cloudy skies we have temperatures falling fast in some spots especially as you head down the shore. let's start off in upper township. greg wood is saying in marmora the temperature is 40 degrees, clear skies fill the sky, calm winds in upper township tonight. so, they will be falling fast but the ocean water keeping you a little bit warmer down the shore. much different as you move into delaware. places like newark delaware and middletown at freezing with those clear skies. jason said the barometric pressure is steady there and to the north and west of
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philadelphia the temperature is 29 degrees in glenmoore and robert reporting in a high of 45 trees with bright sun. now the clear skies are keeping them cool. if you would like to be an eyewitness weather watcher please join the team. it's very easy. go to outside it is a pleasant evening with a partly cloudy sky in philadelphia, had some sunshine late this afternoon. you may be surprised or maybe not that we have not had a full sunny day this entire month. we're halfway through the month. no sunny days. as a matter of fact, those partly sunny days have been a little skimpy. the last partly sunny day was december 7th and we've only had two during the month. and today was not one of them. most of the days obviously have been cloud deal. we're going to try to break out of that rut sometime this week. right now in philadelphia it's 37, partly cloudy skies in allentown at 34. the poconos 27. trenton 33. only 31 in pottstown and doylestown. northeast philadelphia at 35 and mount holly home of our
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local national weather service sitting at 30. for your tuesday we'll watch this area of low pressure over michigan move to the north and to the west of our region, staying to the west so we stay on the warm side of this particular storm ahead of that warm front so we're looking at temperatures in the 50's, above average with showers moving in during the afternoon even after this cold front moves tomorrow night wednesday is still mild. so there's a lag of that cold air. so, it stays mild even though the front has passed, the cooler air moves in on thursday and temperatures will fall 10 degrees between wednesday and thursday with this cold area of high pressure building on in. after that, it stays a little cool into the weekend. here's the time line for our rain. between noon and 2:00 p.m. rain moves in west to east. temperatures mild. between two and 3 o'clock a line of steadier precipitation moves through, ponding on roads where we have heavier downpours. then becoming scattered showers after 3 o'clock and that goes into the evening hours so the peak time to have
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the umbrella is early afternoon. watching sunday. a couple scenarios. we have our american model taking a westerly track with this developing coastal system for sunday, mainly rain for philadelphia south and east, maybe a little wet snow north and west of the city and our european model is saying, oh, we're going to be seeing something a little bit different. the storm will be more like missing us. cloudy and cold. so, we're going keep an eye on this and see what develops over the next couple days and if these scenarios come together but there will be a developing low pressure system off the coast of the midatlantic by sunday. you have to just determine that track. overnight the low temperature 38 degrees. during the day tomorrow the high 50 with some rain moving in and as we look ahead, tomorrow evening we have the beginning of hanukkah at sundown. sunset at 4:37. happy hanukkah if you're celebrating. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast we'll look ahead to that cooling trend. it comes in thursday and it sticks around. sunday chance of rain and or snow and then monday
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38 degrees. be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. katie will track any changes. she'll have new computer models to analyze. the team starts at 4:30 on our sister station cbs3 and then continues right here at the cw beginning at 7:00. >> all right it will be interesting to see what happens on sunday. >> it sure will. >> all right, kathy. and this last sunday didn't really go like we wanted to. >> the eagles are in league with the indianapolis colts so they need some help. they need them to beat the cowboys. it helped that the eagles need to get back in the playoff. we'll hear from the eagles.
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>> eagles fans don't like this. it's up to the cowboys, they can keep them out of the playoffs with a wip over indy sunday in dallas and then a victory over washington. the birds can only blame themselves. the home games were losses. four more turnovers sunday night and the familiar results that accompanies giving the ball to the opponent. the eagles have to win and hope for help. >> i think they know what the task is at hand i mean, we got no wiggle room in one direction or another.
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and to your focus slob on washington. >> i don't know what the scenario is. obviously we wanted to get the win today to control our destiny but i don't know all we can do is win next week and we have to find a way to do that. >> trent cole has a fractured bone in his hand. it's unlikely he'll play saturday against washington. broken in the cowboys contest. he may need surgery. look for brandon graham and brian vertebrae man to get his minutes. nick foles was examined today and was not cleared to return to action. still recovering from that broke can ken collarbone. you'll see mark sanchez taking on the redskins. rg iii will start against the bird. griffin took over for the injured colt mccoy in the first quarter yesterday against the giants. he threw 236 yards and a touchdown in the loss to the g men. you'll see the game over on cbs3. the action starts at 3:30. we'll have a saturday edition of sunday kickoff. at 4:00 p.m. the nfl network
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pregame show can kicks off followed by the eagles and the redskins then at 8:30 chargers take on the 49ers. sixers played host to the celtics tonight at the wells fargo center. phillies ace not worried about any trade rumors sitting next to josh harris the owner. cole saw nerlens noel. 19 points grabbed eight points it wasn't enough. celtics beat the 76ers 105 to 87. congratulations to villanova quarterback john robertson and he's the walter peyton award winner. that goes to the best player in the fsc. john follows john finner ran and brian westbrook as winners of the award. got to play good to get that one.
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>> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> check out this display of holiday lights. it is a bird's eye view using a drone. this display at the thompson house in richmond, virginia. this family has been lighting up their home since 1999. and this year they used more than 170,000 lights, 800 homemade decorations, 50 breakers and 100 outlets. it took about 537 hours to get that all put up longing good out there. i think clark griswold would be proud of that and a good shot from the drones. >> love the drones. >> love the drones. >> the drone makes it spectacular. >> that's incredible. >> that's a nice display that. >> would never get that bird's eye view unless you're a bird. i'm feeling very festive tonight. eyewitness weather seven-day forecast tuesday 50 degrees. hanukkah begins at sundown.
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happy hanukkah if you're celebrate,. wednesday 52. the cold air waits until thursday and then it sticks around. friday 42. saturday clouds. sunday a chance of rain or snow. a developing coastal storm will be our focus after we get past the rain tomorrow. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the yes. w philly. for kathy beasley and all of us here, i'm jessica dean. have a good flight. we will see you at 11:00 on cbs3
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