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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 31, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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been watching pyrotechnic , tapped by a grand finally. the australia is in three time zones. there it is. >> right on schedule 8:00 o'clock our time straight up, midnight their. >> how about that. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> it is underway: they put on a great show year after year. >> they really do. i will enjoy this. this is all i will see. we won't see ours tonight. >> let's celebrate now, ukee. final preparations are underway in new york city for the famous new years eve ball drop. >> don champion takes you behind the scenes as police prepare to keep a watchful eye over a million revellers lets take a look. >> reporter: in aukland, new seal land revellers are already celebrating 2015. people there ushered in the new year this morning. hours before the big count down begins in new york city security is high in times square. >> brooklyn bridge, one next is williamsberg bridge. >> reporter: this is rare look inside new york city joint operation center. later today it will be manned by local state and federal authorities who will keep a close watch to the celebrations. on here cameras can scan every inch of times square. officers have already been out in full force in the area bomb sniffing dogs are also on patrol. >> we will pab trolling the city by air, by sea, on the
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ground, and in the subway system. >> three two, one... happy new year. >> reporter: tuesday producers of the count down show tested the world famous new years eve ball, they powered up 32,000-pound led lights and hoisted the ball into position. organizers expect a million people here to ring in the the new year in person and another 190 million around the u.s. will watch it all on tv. people from all over the world are already here to celebrate. >> we wanted it to be an amazing experience and we wanted to see the ball drop. >> reporter: are around the world a billion people will watch the times square celebration. don champion for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. chip down the shore for new years eve could cost you a little extra. travel magazine just public a survey that find atlantic city has second most expensive hotel rooms for the holidays. new or leaned came in first. the average room will run you $350 a night but that is only if you can find one. most hotels are already book up, and book solid. if you are looking for fun for the family you could head over to camden county from video of last years party. the celebration is now in the 17th year. it will include dozens of live performances and a activity for all ages. then the evening wraps up with you know it fire works and it all kicks off in downtown haddonfield at 6:00 p.m. speaking of new years eve we are looking live at penns landing where city of philadelphia where their new years fire works extravaganza will take place tonight. should be a spectacular show
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for 24 years now, believe it or not, two different shows one at 6:00 and one a at midnight. if you take it easy and stay home join sister station cbs-3 tonight. we will broadcast live from pens land to go bring you spectacular fire works show at the stroke of midnight. you can be part of the entire celebration by sending us your new years wishes. go to cbs offer use hash tag cbs-3 nye. lots of folks trying to celebrate tonight, katie how is the weather looking. >> looking good, nicole. we can expect to see full sunshine throughout the day, today and new years day itself but once the sun goes down and we will get closer to that stroke of midnight we will end up with nice viewing conditions for those fire works and anything else you might have going on. storm scan three does have a hint of cloud cover the to the northern most and west most sunshine. we have beautiful blue skies. the that is well represented here in one of our many live neighborhood network cameras at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth where temperatures are off to a chilly start. i have to tell you 28 degrees that is milder then a lot of you are finding right now. in philadelphia international airport currently reading in at 27 degrees but we have got that north westerly breeze. it the is just enough to make it feel that much colder. the be ready for wind chill values easily in the teens for rest of this morning. meanwhile we will take new to tonight. if this is not the the most festive graphic you have ever seen in your life. 28 degrees at the stroke of midnight. factor in that marylandes breeze. under a clear sky though. as long as you have heavy coat hat, gloves and scarves
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those fire works will be perfect as far ago viewing is concern, vittoria. >> it is. that is a fun cool graphic. i love that so much. >> hey. >> anyway traveling on our majors you'll love it as well. our majors as well bridges look just like this wide open, free and clear in worries, hassle free. ben franklin bridge heading in to new jersey and pennsylvania, no problems. if you are traveling elsewhere, it almost looks dessert on the schuylkill expressway. few and far between we see that at this time. seventy-six in either direction around 202 and really anywhere between your western suburbs in and around center city and south philadelphia, it is great. speed sensors high up in the 50's no matter how you cut it. we have about 47, on parts of the schuylkill but that is nothing. traveling on i-95 in delaware county, moving well, in delaware itself, traveling in the 60's in new jersey, and then again, just beautiful out there one problem we have in delaware 95 southbound at mlk boulevard, maryland avenue we have an accident there causing heavy delays. so give yourself some more time, mass transit is in the clear, ukee. in the news this morning just hours after a man unleashed a violent on line rant targeting law enforcement, he died in a hail of bullets in delaware county. >> he was shot by police after allegedly trying to run them over with his car. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at upper darby police headquarters with more on that jan. >> reporter: nicole and ukee, police say the suspect was shot and killed yesterday not only has a history of mental hill necessary but also has a history of making threats against police. they say that his last post was man made at 4c p.m.
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yesterday. he was dead by 5:00 o'clock. >> this is my coming out party, okay. so you want to try to bring me downey will bleep kill you and your whole bleep family all right. so go ahead and bleep report me. >> reporter: one clip in the series of rambling posts police say was made by five two-year old joseph pacini during which he threatens to kill police. the last video was posted just minutes before he was shot and killed in drexel hill tuesday afternoon. police pulled him over and said pacini tried to plow them down with his car. >> he went out of the car he puts the car in reverse. he runs into the police chief's car from clifton and almost struck several officers. the the police then opened fire on the vehicle. >> reporter: haverford police had an a arrest warrant for the suspect because of threats pennsylvania pacini had made begins one of its detective. officers went to pacini's clifton heights home and followed him as owe drove to drexel hill. that is where police back him in and shooting unfolded. >> he apparently used his vehicle as a weapon. >> reporter: pacini was shot bias many as five officers. in the meantime police say he had a history of mental illness. on his you tube channel he talks about his love for pop star sarah barilles. >> i'm sarah's, what we call, twin fling soul mate. >> reporter: five two-year old also had a police record. >> in 2005 he was a arrested for reckless liz endangering another person, false imprisonment terroristic threats. >> reporter: during this shooting, some of those bullets actually hit a nearby bank and medical office, however, in other people and
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no police officers were injured. reporting live from upper darby, jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. another police involved shooting this would one in cumberland county new jersey. bridgeton police say they pulled over a 36 year-old man on south avenue near henry street. police are not releasing any details but they say the man had a gun and they opened fire killing that man. investigators gathered evidence from that scene which remains very, very active into the early morning hours. >> just a couple miles from that shooting scene arson investigators are on the scene of the overnight house fire. "eyewitness news" at the scene where flames broke out around three credit 30 this morning. this is new video just into us. no word on this but arson investigators have been call to the scene. we will bring you an update as soon as it comes into our news room. rough weather is delighting search for victim and debris from air asia flight 5801. >> as crews in the region recovered more body, for the doomed flight. >> reporter: four days into the hunt indonesia search and rescue teams say they have found the may wreckage of era egypt tried 5801. cbs news has confirmed that officials now have a sonar image showing a large dark object upside down in the the bottom of the java sea. the break through comes as rescuers recovered more bodies from the water including a flight attendant in uniform. one day after picking up other bodies and debris from the plane. >> this really begins the the investigation in ernest by finding the remains that is floating on the water by
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bringing up the wreckage that in fact is floating. we know that we have evidence of this particular aircraft crash in the water. >> reporter: while heavy rain and cloud hampered efforts today investigators remain focused on locating the plane's so-called black box recorders to determine how the plane went down. they are getting help from the u.s. navy's u.s.s. samson which is especially east quipped to detect under water locate or beacons. >> side scan sonar is not very many navy has available to them. you had navy does. >> reporter: relatives of the victims are waiting in the air port as police collect samples and photographs that will help identify the bodies recovered n washington mark albert for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we are getting a look at surveillance video showing suspects behind a series of armed robberies targeting local hotels. that is ahead. plus police continue to search for hit and run driver who left a young woman dead. now hearing from the victim's family. a live look outside other center city studio katie has your new years forecast and a look ahead to a possible storm this weekend. >> ♪ a new year new attitude let's enjoy. philly's own patty labelle. >> love her good yes, indeed. she's the best. the the best in 2015, as well as you, we will be right back family good morning.
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ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. well, a happening today franklin township school will hold grief counseling after dose of the student. ten year-old matthew mccloskey died sunday night when a police cruiser struck him. his funeral is friday. an autopsy was listed as accidental. the officer who was driving the cruiser is on paid leave. well, last day of business at the walter d palmer leadership learning partners charter school in northern liberties. the closing effects 700 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. the board says that it cannot afford the quarter million-dollar it need each month to stay in business. philadelphia school district is helping parents and guardians find other schools
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for their children. it has been more than a week since a hit and run driver killed a woman in northeast philadelphia and police have not made any arrests. yesterday friend and family laid three three-year old teresa pozto you. rest. she was hit last tuesday on state road in holmesberg. her family says the pain gets worse by the the day. >> it is not supposed to be this way. your children are supposed to bury you you are not supposed to bury them. >> police believe that the vehicle used in that hit and run, black peck up or a tow truck. it lost a headlight in that crash. police are reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses. >> police are on the hunt for a armed serial robbery suspect who targeted hotels in philadelphia and tinicum township. police say this man was captured on surveillance video knocking off seven hotels around philadelphia international a airport. in one incident a manager used a chair to chase him away even as the suspect fired two gunshots back in his direction. >> it the is justin stinks. i see something like this. i'm not happy with this. it is just my instincts, that is all. >> this guy is more and more dangerous, more brazen, we have already seen it. this is him that he is capable of firing a weapon. >> police are hoping that someone recognizes the the suspect. he was wearing a bright yellow vest with the letters w pwd during some of the robberies. lets get our traffic and weather to go. here's katie. >> we will start off here at jack frost big boulder where they have been making snow for basically the last two days. the conditions have been perfect for the the snow
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machines to get the job done here. we had a winter wonder land for every ski resort. if that is your thing you will go skiing for the new year you will have good wet tore energy for. that with that said you can see some glimmer of sunlight out there as crews are out doing their job and snow is made by machine. we will go next to storm scan three which is in the a heck of a lot overhead. we have bright sunshine every where. little hit have of cloud cover. you can see very spin strips here of lake effect snow, none of which will survive as it rolls our way. that is where you're fining a handful of cloud here and there nice wide zoom on storm scan shows a large area of high pressure generally dominating the scene east of the rockies. almost everyone east of the rockies will enjoy a very quiet the new years forecast. as we look at area temperatures right now though here's where we officially stand on the thermometer but you got to basically income five to 10 degrees off. anytime is there a breeze blowing in the wintertime it will feel colder. doesn't matter what location or what direction it is coming from but even though generally our wind flow will be westerly it is not enough that it does not feel cold outside. it the is just be sure thaw are ready with that with the heavier coat hat gloves. it could be colder in happy valley in pitberg. and it feels colder out there anytime the win blows. lets show you what the ski forecast looks like. it looks g wintry wind today. chilly day. highs of a pair of two's. up to 27 tomorrow. a as we go into january 2nd you can speckles some sunshine up in the mountains.
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we've got fire works going on here tonight. it is looking good. pretty much can't get better than this for new years eve. 32 degrees at 6:00 o'clock show. midnight show about 28. again it will feel chillier. but it looks good, variety the tore use. >> thanks very much, katie. it actually looks great on the road too. traffic and weather is going hand and hand this morning. traffic in either direction, the roosevelt boulevard, no delays, this shot here approaching the area of the schuylkill making your waste throughout bucks county using route one. it is fantastic. all majors are just beautiful. you you will solve sun glare. thinks i-95, moving beyond girard avenue off ramp here. sun glare will be out there put the shade down or put your shade on. maybe you got a new pair for christmas and hon contact we have no delays anywhere northeast, delaware county bucks county, all beautiful. speed sensors in the 50's, not only in pennsylvania but also in delaware. but however, if you are traveling not too far from lansdale we have an accident cowpath road and line lexington road. be mindful of. that patco is running on a holiday schedule and the broad industry line is running all night long for new years another and definitely the in most safe way to be traveling this evening. ukee. all right, thank you. it is call the worst mass murder in edmonton's history. nine people, including two children are killed in the murder suicide. police found victim yes, sir at three different crime scenes across the city. gunman was also found dead. detectives will only say that there was a domestic dispute and shooter's family feared he was suicidal. tragedy at a wal-mart in idaho.
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a two-year old boy accidentally shoots and kills his own mother, with her gun. police say boy found the gun in in his mother's purse and pulled a trigger shooting her at point blank rage. store was shut down the rest of the day but it is set to reopen sometime this morning. on the healthwatch this morning, a confirmed case of whooping cough in burlington county. the patient is a student at burlington township middle school. district officials are warning families to take precautions to prevent spread of disease. whooping cough is generally treated with ain't bite innings and can be prevented with a vaccine. former president george hw bushies waking up at home this morning after spending almost a week in the hospital. bush was released from the hospital in houston yesterday where doctors treated him for shortness of breath. the the 90 year-old bushies the the oldest living former president. well, lots of people will be making new years resolutions later tonight. if yours includes eating healthier or exercising more, you will want to see our next report. still ahead apps that help you stick tour goal. but first here's what is coming up tonight on the cw philly. thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. 2015, have you made your resolutions yet? more importantly can you keep them. >> that is get. c sarah a suboy
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reports on new app that can connect you to a personal coach so you have no excuses about in the following through. >> losing weight or eating better is your gel for 2015 get the the app rise a try. they call them self nutritionist in your pocket. start rise dot u.s. and fill up basic information burr self metvation for jim type of diet you follow with height and weight. select a licensed nutritionist. once you have your account and details and photos burr meals. for $10 a week they will give you daily personalized feedback on what you are eating. lift is another app that can offer one on one coaching to achieve your goals. choose from 200,000 different once from drinking more water stop smoking run faster and set priorities for the day. app will prompt remind you when it is time to work on a step larger community of users will motivate you by cheering on your accomplishment. for $15 a week users can communicate with their coach over chat. additional fees for phone calls. in san francisco i'm kara suboy for for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> do you have any resolutions do you make any new years resolutions. >> in the really. in the at all. you cannot keep them. you good are enough. >> it is tough to stick with them. funny though exercise resolutions because tomorrow the daze after you will see the gyms, they are packed. >> give it a couple weeks. >> i'm one of those people. >> yeah, i will start, it never last. >> please, you don't need to work out. >> we all need to be healthy. >> yes, we do good no matter what your resolution good
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luck hopefully you can stick to it and all of the best in 2015. we will be right back. good morning i'm ukee washington. in the news arson investigators are working to find out what caused an early morning house fire in bridgeton cumberland county. flames broke out on fairton millville road earlier this morning. fire fighters got it under control in about an hour an a half but as you you can see the home was completely destroyed no injuries were reported but we do know arson investigators are on the scene. lets get your new years eve forecast with katie. the she's in the weather center, good morning. >> pretty nice one overall. we have bright blue skies, to kick start your new users eve and once the sun goes down pretty great condition. so to use fire works. it is chilly. we will talk about temperatures in a second. storm scan three is quiet. we have nothing more than just bright clear skies right now but december spied that the sun will not. it is brisk with a marylandes breeze it will feel colder then them ter read. we are thinking 28 degrees as the stroke of midnight but tomorrow looks very much the
8:14 am
same. almost a copy. mid up toker 30's. sunshine expect. a rain storm head our way this weekend. vittoria, over to you. thanks katie, good morning. happy new years eve. if you are traveling will out and about you will be happy to know it is in the awful outside. it is really nice w that unis you will have sun glare so that may slow you down a tad but look at the 42, 42 northbound and southbound moving beautifully as we move our way into pennsylvania 422, also moving beautifully around the area of the pennsylvania turnpike and anywhere. speed sensors high up in the the 50's in matter how you cut it. it is pennsylvania, new jersey delaware, you just after lot of good news. we have an accident in hatfield, cow path road at line lexington road. be mindful of. that in delays for mass transit. ukee. our next update is 8:55. up next on cbs this morning a look back at the year 2014. for more lococal news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw philly on these ♪ at subway, we are seriously into veggies. that's why we get right to work, every morning. preparing 'em fresh, right in store. only thing better than creating this cool, crisp, colorful rainbow... watching you work your sandwich magic. making a one-of-a-kind creation bursting with flavor. we're all about finding unique veggies that give your sandwich even more life. like spinach, cucumber red onion... so come on in and get your veggie on. subway. eat fresh. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ you are looking live at penns landing where fire works will light up the skies tonight. katie will be along with your forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> traffic showing bennie, ben franklin bridge, vittoria joins with us a look at all of the road are. we do traffic and weather together in just a few minutes. >> right now though, more on that police involved shooting that left a man dead in delaware county. >> authorities say officer opened fire after a suspect tried to run them over with his car. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is at the upper darby police department to tell you more yan. >> reporter: ukee and nicole a scary situation for many people here yesterday. after all this shooting unfolded in broad daylight and by the end of it all one man was dead. police say a suspect who had a history of mental illness and a history of threatening police officer. lets look at the video this police involved shooting unfolding just after 4:30 tuesday afternoon near intersection of garrett road and shadeland avenue in drexel hill. police say five two-year old joseph pacini was fatally shot when he tried to run over officers with his car but this all started police say after the suspect posted videos on you tube threatening to kill police officers. haverford police. they had an rest out for one of their detectives. officers went to his clifton heights home on tuesday and followed pacini as he drove to drexel hill.
8:16 am
that is where police boxed him in. that is where the shooting unfolded. take a listen. >> he put the the car in reverse, he runs in the police chief's car from clifton. almost struck several officers, the police then opened fire on the vehicle. >> this is my coming out party, okay. so, you want to try to bring me down? i will bleep kill you and your whole bleep family all right. so go ahead and bleep stop me. >> reporter: that was one of pacini's last facebook or actually last you tube posts rather. police said he made it minutes before he was kill. in the meantime during the the shooting, some of those bullets hit a nearby bank and medical office. no other people ape no others police officers were injury. the reporting live jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. this one involved in couple der land county new jersey. bridge tomorrow police pulled over a 36 year-old man at south avenue and henry street. police are in the releasing details but they say the suspect had a gun and they opened fire killing that man. investigators spent early morning hours gathering evidence from that scene. police tell us further updates will come through the cumberland county prosecutor's office. philadelphia police are looking for a man wanted for a vicious attack on a pregnant woman. look at this surveillance video here. you can see would the man walking down manton street last week when a man runs up behind her and punches her in the head. he took her purse and a bag of food before driving away in a gray suv. surveillance video helps catch three men stole an
8:17 am
iphone from the woman on the market frankford line. >> take a good look here. theft happens just as eastbound train enters milbourne station last night. septa police dispatcher saw the is suspects on the surveillance camera. then she recognized them when they walk inside the 13th street station. that is where we're told they were arrested. developing right now bad weather is temporarily halting efforts to find victims of air asia flight 8501. storm currents are sending the plane wreckage miles from the the crash site. 162 people were on the the jet liner when it took off sunday. it plunge in the java sea before it could reach singapore. so far recovery teams have found ten bodies. right now 8:33. lets check that forecast, katie. >> good morning, nicole. we have a very nice forecast coming our way today. chilly granted but you don't get much better then this for, the end of the december and the beginning of a bland new year. since it is wintertime, it is time for, temperatures to be a little bit colder is certainly and storm scan three is showing some very clear skies, right now. you can see a little hint of moisture off to the north and off to the west especially but it is tough to usher in a couple of cloud in a few spots but generally as we will take to you end to end here at area shore points outside beach patrol headquarters for example, 1lone person walking out the door beautiful chilly start but beautiful beginning to the day n margate, as well as inland even here outside, of reading pennsylvania, and west lawn at whitefield elementary school. long shadows being cast. any cloud you may have had early on had begun to thin out
8:18 am
w that said it is a cold day but brightening up. you to dress for these values when you walk out the door. that would warrant a nice heavy coat. hats gloves scarves, good idea. we will find it is modest but a bit of the breeze out there anytime today. so while we officially should hit mid 30's from philadelphia to the shore points, only 20's in the poconos. you have to factor in what will be a little hint of that wintry wind. that will definitely make it feel colder, as you might imagine. expect that the sun will shine right through tomorrow and in between later tonight pretty nice conditions for those fire works, vittoria. >> thanks, so much katie. good morning everyone. the good news is for later on this evening when you are trying to catch these fire works the broad street line is running all night long. patco is running on a holiday schedule so just note. that let's talk about the ben franklin bridge, not too far from those fire works, actually. the both side of the roadway is doing really well. well, no delays heading in to new jersey or philadelphia. really that is the case no matter which bridge you are traveling on and, no matter which roadway you are traveling on. and lets take a look here traveling on the schuylkill expressway both side, not too far from girard avenue moving great. it is in the only around center city, philadelphia but in your western suburbs and really folks, it is every where right now. lets look at our speed sensors high up in the 50's and 60's. sixty-two on 295, traveling in new jersey again, 55 on 95 schuylkill, 59 in delaware county, the extension, the turnpike, so on and so forth it is all great. however, traffic not too far
8:19 am
from hatfield cow path road at line lexington roads, we have an accident here. be mindful of. that watch out for an accident not too far from flourtown east mermaid lane at queen street and in delays from mass transit, nicole. a suspect in three rapes in philadelphia's penny pack park are in yale on ten million-dollar bail. robert palin was a arrested madison wisconsin for sexual assault and battery. philadelphia police got a hit on his dna in the national database. palin was extradited to philadelphia he is charged in attacks on two women in penny pack park, dating back to 2010. his dna was up loaded, matched ours, and we started this investigation all over again in march. we were able to track down all of our victims except for one. photo spread were done. all positively identified him. >> palin was the the suspect in the third attack since then, that victim has died. gloucester township police after rested this man suspect of secretly video taping women. one woman told police that karl camp junior to her apartment several times set up a cell phone to record her. officers investigated and they found another woman who made similar claims. camp is facing several counts of invasion of privacy. fur carries running low on gas, to i days the day to fill up. price necessary pennsylvania are expected to jump tomorrow, when the states gas tax, increases. the gas tax jumps another 10 cents per gallon in the new year making it one of the most expensive gas taxes in the entire country. how much of the tax gas stations pass on to you. that extra money will pay for
8:20 am
transportation projects. well, pennsylvania drivers are paying the most for gas in our area a gallon of regular cost an average of $2.58 a gallon. in new jersey it is 30 cents cheaper at $2.27 a gallon and, drivers in delaware pay an average of 2.4 $2. here we go, they are putting final touches on the convention center performances. >> kyw news radios mike dinardo has a look behind the the scenes. >> reporter: it is a last minute flurry on have feathers and stapeling, gluing drilling as 11 fancy brigades complete the extravagant broadway style backdrops and back piece that he is will adorn their indoor performances. >> today is the dress up day where we put up all of the pretty stuff on, the the glitter, jewels, mirrors, stuff like that. >> reporter: the downtowners are preparing a theme titled more lynn's mystical rel that many might feature a fire breathing dragon. frank devito says his crew will be working right up to the first show at noon on new years day. >> we have one game a year. it is like the super bowl. >> reporter: next to a big magic lamp jean acosta of the golden crown club was dressing a huge aladan. >> i sewed material at home. we are putting it together piece by piece sleeves, vest and hopefully will look its best for new years day. >> reporter: for fancy brigade preparing for this day is a labor of love there is in longer any prize money involved. for these mummers it is all about entertaining people that will fill these stand and maintaining a true philadelphia tradition. at the convention center, mike dinardo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we showed you sidney
8:21 am
australia's fire works in the beginning of the show two. hours before new seal land celebrated this was the scene over the the the skies of aukland. they rang in the new year at 6:00 a.m. our time. >> game on around the world. >> that is right. if you are staying home be sure to stay with cb is s3 tonight. we will broadcast live to bring you spectacular fire works show at the stroke of midnight. you can be part of the special by sending us your wishes. go to cbs or use the the hash tag cbs-3 nye. this years, we have a last minute entry in the this years dumbest criminal. >> man find a burglar in his home sleeping in his bed but that is not all, we will tell you about it just ahead. also check out this adorable baby grill a this is a little adorable baby grill a just four days old and already he is on display. we will tell you where. then out running an avalanche, meet the couple who did just that, and hear their amazing story of survival well, in houston finding an allege burglar was easy. >> yeah, the home owner said he found him asleep downstairs. kevin connolly woke up in his home to find the suspect thief catching some z's in his guest bedroom. connolly snapped these photos and then called the police. i came around the corner and a he was passed out sleeping right there i tried to verbally wake him up nothing. >> wow, can you imagine. i will rob your house but let me take a cat nap. take me a few minutes. christopher is the guy all curled up there and comfortable. now he is waking up behind
8:22 am
bars. burglary charges are pending. wow. check out this would be bank robber, as he is blown across the pavement while trying to rob a atm in australia. this video is unbelievable. he was caught on camera putting explosives around that machine, lighting them and then getting blown up, as you saw there he survived and ran away and police are still looking for him. >> that was 15 feet. >> it looks like a movie something out of the movie. >> like a stunt. >> oh, my. >> another survival story, a couple lived through an avalanche. >> my heart was beating and my mind was racing if it was going to cover us. >> column bye dot sop and his girl friend were hiking near big four ice skates in the the county washington, over the weekend when they heard the noise. this is actually video of a second avalanche. they were too busy running for their lives to shoot the the first one. >> wow. >> it was a huge cloud of dust coming down. i turn around. >> i was gone. >> she was maybe 30 feet down. >> i was gone. >> i bet she was. luckily they were not hurt n2010 a falling chunk of ice by the way killed an 11 year-old girl at the big four ice caves. they are now posted signs there, warning hikers not to get too close. 8:44. here's traffic and weather together katie. >> certainly ukee, we have seen our fair share of some quiet weather here so far this week. we will continue to do so. i want to draw your attention all the way out west to the desert southwest and portions of southern california where
8:23 am
our latest storm system is underway. a couple reasons i want to show this to you. a, this will be our next storm system as it crosses the country but b it has got very rare weather associated witt. specifically because las vegas, and just outside of the the hills here in los angeles are picking up some snow and significant snow no less. it is a typical. if i a storm is just right as this one is you can find it buzz you don't see it all that often. it is a big deal for those areas just given the fact that it is new years eve and festivities are trying to continue out there meanwhile we are sitting pretty generally. this is high pressure in place. a large dome of it no less generally taking up the the eastern 23rd of the you had. that is is what keeping us under that full sunshine today and even into tomorrow to kick start the new year. meanwhile at the local level we will zoom in one more time and you are still finding little trails of very light lake enhanced snow. if you follow those trails we will put them with arrow it is westerly component to the wind flow. that means coming from the west and that is you why are seeing some of that lake effect snow kicking in, down wind, in the westerly fashion here on those screens. you might see a couple cloud in inland suburbs and up in the poconos. that is it. but what are we looking at right here. generally speaking we will kick start the brand new year and we are looking at an overall colder pattern, across the better part of the you had. i just showed thaw storm system. january 3rd. notice time stamp. it is pulling in the plains. but look at what happens, you basically have the coldest air up here across, portions of canada and arctic.
8:24 am
but then as a trough digs in the the colder air will come with it. what that means for us is the opposite effect. we're warming up significantly. and into the second half of the weekend. we will show thaw down the road here. but eventually the cold air will catch up. it is a brief respite from the chill but it will return once again, for us, as we look forward in the forecast. beautiful start the two day otherwise. as we will take you out to sky cam three. we are looking live here facing south and full sunshine in effect here. a little northwest breeze is all it takes to feel more like the teens even though temperatures are certainly still cold but they are at least above that right now. at the airport. we will take you to our new years planner. when are out during the evening or heading staying up late here through the stroke of midnight it is cold regardless. we will drop a few degrees every passing hour but we expect nice clear skies for you, about 28 as we just showed through for your new years eve. stroke of midnight. tomorrow, new years day 38 degrees with sunshine. another bright graphic for you, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. you will not be hit with much rush hour. i don't know where i was going with this. i was riding with it. any how traveling right now you look great out there on the roosevelt boulevard no delays heading toward the area of the schuylkill. in delays leaving 76 making your way in the northeast, into bucks county. it is all gravy. traveling on i-95 looks wonderful as well. maybe heading out of town this new years eve at philadelphia international airport. in delays in getting there. in delays as well on i-95 and rest of the surrounding
8:25 am
majors, speed sensors high up in the 50's. fifty-five is your average on i-95 schuylkill turnpike, maybe poconos northeast extension, also beautiful and traveling in new jersey, average speed of 59 on 295 and however in hatfield we have an accident cow path road at line lexington road. be mine full of an accident there. no delays for mass transit. note for your new years eve commute, broad street line is running all night long. good idea to stay off the the road are. ukee. >> would receive new information on late night shooting in cumberland county. police in bridgeton shot and killed a 36 year-old man on south avenue around 9:30 last night. authorities say that the 36 year-old had a handgun when he was pulled over but so far there is no word on what caused that deadly confrontation. another police involved shooting this one at drexel hill, up investigators say five two-year old joseph pacini posted threats begins law enforcement on line and tried to run down officers with his car. officers opened fire. pennsylvania seep he has an arrest record and history of mental illness. search teams recovered items and remains of victims but right now the search for a down asia airplane has been suspended due to bad weather. the the plane went down in the storm over the java sea on sunday. 162 people were on board. our time 8:48. every year we will tell you the word of the year and some of them are good ones. >> but today we've got the ones that are in the so good, at least according to the folks at lake superior university to have say. they want these word banned. take a lot at your screen. one is bae, which is term of affection, not infection.
8:26 am
>> no problem with that. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> it is in the ferrell song. >> they have had enough have of polar vortex. >> so have i. >> we all have, yes. >> and the word foodiey don't mind foodie. >> lake superior critics want to end use the of this term cra-cra. >> that is cute, cute. >> yes. >> let's keep it. >> we will keep that one. >> all right. well, crowd are gathering at san diego zoo this new year to see a new baby. >> it is a big day for conservation efforts a as well. gorilla mom jessica is getting a lot of attention as she cares for her four day old son, four days old. baby gorilla coy does not have have a name as of yet, mom and dad have had eight babies but zoo keepers say there are never enough off spring. >> how cute. >> this baby is really important, as gorillas are endangered in the wild. every gorilla birth is perfect to the collection. due to habitat loss in the wild, the species is endangered in africa. >> mom and baby are a huge hit with the visitors at san diego zoo zoo keepers say they will have free run of the outdoor habitat a as long as weather permits which in san diego could be a long time. >> they are so cute. >> just rolling, having fun, look at that, everybody is loving it. >> loving it. >> so, so sweet. >> nothing bet he than a little baby and 4-inch glass in between. >> yes baby gorilla. >> you will want that. >> that is right. >> we will be right back. >> look a that the face.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
valley. >> yes. >> little stretch. >> yes, two hearst makes the trip though. >> road trip. >> yes. >> spreading it on. >> that is true. >> 8:53. >> traffic and weather before we go. >> you are making us all hungry now. >> yes. >> we have things to discuss my friend. mummers parade big parade day and it looks like you cannot get better than this on new years day. it is chilly out there for fancy brigade but we have lots of sunshine. wall to wall today and tomorrow, and you know it is a nice way to wrap up one year but kick start a new one wouldn't you say. >> would i concur, katie. >> good morning, everyone. traveling on our road, traffic and weather going hand a hand this morning. roadways look great. we have sun glare out there. thinks schuylkill expressway traveling throughout western suburbs, no problems or delays. and really beautiful sun glare again make sure you put shade down and put shade on but no rush hour to speak of and for mass transit broad street line is running all night long. >> all night long. >> i necessity good all night. >> you did. >> i thought of it last time. >> we could go on and on but we won't let it. reminder to join us tonight to celebrate 2015, our sister station cbs-3 will broadcast live from penns landing. great show. it happens at stroke of midnight. be part of the special night sending us your wishes go to cbs or use hash tag cbs-3 nye. >> folks will be partying. >> all night. >> thanks for watching all night on the cw philly. we will be back with more with
8:29 am
when i woke up in the hospital i didn't realize where i was. seven out of ten people who contract bacterial die within 24 hours. i had a small still voice that told me to proclaim the blood of jesus. out there there are people who need to know the healing power of god. you truly want to know god heals? try him for yourself. see him show up and do great things for you. good morning, everyone i'm nicole brewer. we are hoping to learn more about a failed police involved shooting in cumberland county new jersey. police say the incident began with the traffic stop on south avenue near henry street last night. police have in the released many details at this point but they say a 36 year-old man had a gun inside of the car. the officers opened fire, killing that man. investigators collected evidence from that scene, for much of the overnight hours. now lets check that forecast, fire works, katie, how sit looking. >> looking good in matter what your plans entail here today when staying up late for late show of the fire works or out and about just here today you have to work, whatever it is, it looks g storm scan three totally empty. we will really are not seeing much in the way of cloud cover at this point. we have had a hint of it earlier this morning but generally skies are clearing in our field cams. mostly sunny skies, it is brisk and cold but still a nice day all things considered. 22 degrees. we will be at 28 at the stroke of midnight. that is where we will bottom out officially. we have 38 with sunshine
8:30 am
tomorrow happy new year. not too bad. it is cold but it is january after all. we will look ahead to the weekend for nice warm up but comes with the trade off of another storm system. just rain this time though. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. traffic and weather going hand a hand this morning. no problems, no delays. we have some of that sunshine we will have some sun glare so be careful of. that take a look at schuylkill expressway beautiful this morning. we never had a problem on 76. we never had a problem on i-95. just good news for you. take a look at 95 through cottman construction zone. it the is just so nice outside, finally, a great way to start your new years eve morning. if you are heading out keep in mind broad street line later tonight will have an all night schedule. definitely good idea to stay off road this evening catching fire works. i'll leave with you this good news speed sensors great every where, nicole. >> that is "eyewitness news" for new join us for talk philly at noon. i'm nicole brewer. wishing you a happy, healthy new year. he watched his father murder his daughter and then he wanted to die. see the miracle that gave him the reason to live. plus her life taken by bacteria and her soul to live. her final option today on "700 club". >> welcome to the "700 club".
8:31 am
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