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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 2, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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s. jan carabeo joins us now outside the special victims unit with more information. jan, good morning. >> ukee, erika good morning sources tell "eyewitness news", that this suspect is 32 years old from pittsburgh, charged with rape, robbery and attempted murder, all crimes, police say unfolded in broad daylight, on new years morning. >> evidence of a sexual assault, in spring garden, philadelphia police spent the early hours of 2015 collecting every clue they could, here at this parking garage at 17th and callowhill street. investigators say a 33 year old woman was attacked by an unknown man on the second floor at 11:00 in the morning. >> i feel so in shock and very upset. i can't believe it. >> well, i'm completely surprised. >> alexis lives just across the street from the scene. the garage primarily serves resident of the one franklin town apartments, but also open to the public, police say the suspect somehow evaded security there, which is a shock to residents. >> i know that my building has 24 hour security both inside the building and in the parking garage, i know both of the rove heres walk up and down the island, i know they do ville jacket job. >> police reviewed surveillance video source now say they have 32 year old man from pittsburgh in custodiment still after hearing a woman asomugha walt dollars and sent to the hospital for attack in broad daylight, this community remains on edge. >> it is minds boggling. what a way to start the new year. >> now, police aren't officially identifying this suspect, until he's formally arraigned, in court later on today. they say you can still help if you have any information about
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this sexual assault, please call police. reporting live outside of the special victims unit that morning, jan carabeo "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> jan, thank you. new this morning police are investigating a home invasion in west oaklane. it happened on the 1800 block of 73rd avenue. police say the suspect entered the home with a gun and then stole about $1,700 in cash. it is not clear if there were any injuries. also, it new from overnight, fire fire rekindles and spreads from boarded up business into a cleaners, in west philly. firefighters returned to the 4,000 block of lancaster avenue to put out the hot spots. few hours earlier the firefighters had a difficult time battling the flames in the boarded up business. still, there is no word on a cause. >> and, an investigation is underway to determine what caused this overnight fire in north philly. "eyewitness news" on the 2900 block of north 21st street. officials say the fire started in a two story garage. neighboring homes were evaculated as a precaution, and no one was hurt. >> health off initials hamilton township mercer county are holding a news conference today on two new cases of hepatitis-a. both patient aid food from the same restaurant where worker was infected back in november. that was rosa's restaurant and catering on south broad street. one of the people infected with help tight a works at the air post salon on south broad street. the other works as a part time fitness instructor, at hamilton area ymca-jkr branch white horse mercerville road. health officials say if you have been to any of the three businesses contact your doctor or the health department.
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help tight a is a contagious liver disease, that in rare cases, can cause death. >> 803 we head out to the skydeck with katie and another colds january morning. >> it is a chilly start to the day for sure. you agree? it is january, it what is we would expect, so heavy coats required. the hat scarfs, gloves, obviously not the worse idea either. but it is a trans will day. while not going to see as much sun as what the last two days have produced, it is still a nice one overall. let's start things offer this with a look at storm scan3 see what i mean here, actually pretty thick vale of cloud cover here as we went through the last few hours over the southern tear of the delaware valley, also sunlight out there, currently with a very modest breeze, i can absolutely a test to this, feels colder than the thermometer reads. so feeling more like the 20's, the 30's, low 30's, at best, even into the teens in some spots, as well. now your eyewitness day planner features temperatures that will certainly rebound into the low 40's, at least here, but should end up with some sun along the way too. thing is this is the last completely dry day before our next storm arrives. it is the first storm obviously of the new year for us bringing with it a huge swing on the thermometer. we get little taste of may follow up by crashing temperatures and a dose of january here. so talk more about the temperature when they happen, how they evolve, but also, of course, the storm on the way and what that means for precipitation and your weekend, that's all coming up. vittoria? >> thank you so much. katie. if you're traveling on 95 right now let's take a look, you look great if you are traveling throughout the area of the northeast this shot
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here around cottman avenue, southbound traffic moving just fine, big huge amounts of spate inbetween the vehicles and that's what we just like to see. 8:00, right now and you will notice that there really is no rush to speak of. seventy-six, eastbound westbound, traveling around the area, king of prussia. doing just fine, not only around your western suburbs it is also around center city everywhere, speed censors beautiful can speeds high up into the 50's, 55, really, being your average all over, take a look into new jersey, at 62, just a loft green a lot of good news, and coming off holiday, do you have to go to work this morning at least you will have nice traffic before you get there. we do have an accident, however, pennsauken on 130 southbound at merchantville avenue. so traveling in this area, do you want to be minds full of. that will the broad street line experiencing some minor delays through the signal problems patco running on holiday schedule. ukee? >> thank you developing right now, italy is now towing a stranded cargo ship full of migrants. the develops he will had 450 people, and no crew. >> satisfaction most believed to be from sewer why. took rescue teams hours in rough sees to secure the ship. it is the second time this week. >> learned crews recovered 30 bodies from the airasia crash in the java sea indonesian official says some of the belted in their seats. hoping to retrieve the black boxes, but as tara mergener reports, the weather may get in the way. >> reporter: more victims every sunday's doomed airasia flight pulled from the java sea today. some have already been
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identified and returned to their families. indonesian investigators say they believe many may still be strapped in their seat in the plane's fuselage. searches also found more pieces of the airliner, several more ships and planes with metal detectors and sensitive listening equipment are helping in the recovery mission. >> scouring # 300 square mile area. >> the airasia flight 8501 flight crashed sunday with 162 people aboard. on two hour flight from indonesia to singapore, when it dis a periods from radar almost halfway into the trip. first identified victim, 49 year old woman burried in keeping with muslim tradition. 200 muslims led a prayer service, in this mosque near where the recovered bodies are being kept. friday is the holiest day of the week. drizzle, light clouds, cover the search area today but high waves strong winds are forecast through sunday. strong current, are moving the debris making the search difficult. investigators admit they're in a race against time. >> the longer the search take, the more the bodies will de compose and the more the debris will float away. >> no word yet on funeral plans for mario cuomo died hours after his son andrew cuomo, took the oath for his second term as new york's government nor. mario cuomo served three terms as governor from 1983 to 1995. cuomo died yesterday, from heart failure and he was 82. >> mask that makes it harder for to you breathe. >> more and more athletes are
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waning this strange looking mass being they train. i'm chris van cleve in new york we'll explain coming up. >> and, also ahead, new hope for survivor of the boston marathon bombing. up next, how she is get to go walk without pain for the first time since the attack. >> kately talk about what's coming up this weekend when we come back. >> ♪ ♪ >> the 20th century was to be mankind's greatest. >> and then one arch duke got shot in austria, and 20 million people died. >> two world wars changed the culture forever. >> when the government grows and steps into those roles then you don't have a free society anymore. >> and abortion, i would say, is the rock foundation of the culture of death. >> how do we save our centuryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryry >> researchers in indianna believe they've found a way to combat infections caused buoy cite russ 68. it now comes words drug used to combat asthma and cold sympms, stops the virus from spreing. researchers are working with pharmaceutical companies to make the drug effective against the current strain of virus. new reserve suck cancers the result of bad luck,
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according to johns hopkins university. researchers, say, two thirds of all adult cancers are due to random stem cell mutations and that bad lifestyle choice cans increase those mutations. new study shows fat not located right beneath the skin can pro tech from skin infections. california researchers say stem cells produced molecules that fight back tear crashes until white blood sells arrive from the immune system. >> also, on your health watch this morning, one of the hottest piece of sport equipment this year is a mask that actually makes it harder for to you breathe. designed to simulate at higher altitude. chris van cleve looks what's behind this mask. >> justin looks fun when working out uses a mass thank simulate tougher conditions at high altitude. >> you're sucking for air and it is just not coming in. because it is just holding back the glare high elevation training masks becoming more popular, many professional athletes are using them during training, to try to get an edge on the field. manufacturers, say the masks limit oxygen. strengthening lung capacity, and building the diaphragm. >> take less presents per minute but take breaths that count for more. >> control the intensity of the work out or elevation by swapping out these white discs. this one with four holes simulates 3,000 feet. lets in more oxygen, one hole simulate 9,000 feet. high elevation researchers doctor benjamin lavigne said altitude training may have advantage for athletes who sprint a lot. but for most people, he says, the mask like likely does not provide health benefits.
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>> only spending few minutes at altitude, not enough for productive changes. >> said he sees big difference after using the train mask, he's stronger and faster. >> i've shaved a minute off of my run time basically. former sold err also lost 08 pounds. chris van cleve, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i don't be surprised if see other nfl teams trying to keep up with chip kelly. >> traffic and weather together coming up. first check out spectacular pictures from the grand cam canyon here. south rim coated when snow to start the new year. staple storm even dumped snow in phoenix katie, moving this way? >> very same storm that brought that is, ukee, i would say we actually have good shot to at least initially, as the storm is arriving, see little snow at the onset. in some spots. >> generally speaking, this is rain producing storm. the thing is if this notches in early which would be lilt morning, midday it, could still be cold enough. we could draw a line here from chester, mopt gem are you, into bucks county points north, may end one snow at the onset. looking at future rain ability, that's because the warmfront lift through really sends these temperatures on huge. >> turns to rain, that's what we're left with all day sunday, snow is really good way to sort of breakdown what each region will see region by region, poconos may be starting off with snow. quickly changes to rain.
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lehigh valley may mix with sleet, perhaps freezing rain depending how colds. >> it is all just chilly rain, so while the temperatures are going to be surging here, by sunday specially, it is still damp dreary, and not shorts and t-shirt weather but noticeably milder. outside we go to pleasant vale valley starting off with clouds. expect to go see some sun as the day progresses. >> temperatures will actually climb, look how sort of just stays moderate. sunday back to the 60s and again, this is going to be open tire weekends event moving, in if we see any snow, hams early on, then the warmth will just take over. all rain for everybody even into sunday by monday heads up big crash on the thermometer reading, over to you. >> thanks, so much. good morning still same old news traffic wise. >> notice southbound, northbound looking great headed in the southbound direction, no problems there northbound the same story and really it is the same story no matter where you are traveling, even the schuylkill, which is very few and far between where the schuylkill looks this guide notice few vehicles, same situation eastbound. and really, everywhere, speed censors, are reflecting amazing speeds. not traveling 55 50, all the same right? sixty-two your average on 295 again, excellent news, not only in pa but jersey, delaware. >> if you are traveling route 130 southbound in new jersey do have an accident situation
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at the merchantville avenue area westville your best alternate. now, if you are traveling on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, just before you hit i195, another accident situation, soy give yourself little more time there. again, volume very minimal this morning erika? >> thank you vet tore y woman injured in a boston marathon bombing has a new prosthetic leg. >> re rebecca running when the bomb exploded just feet away from her. in november after 17 painful surgeries, she made the difficult decision to have her injured left leg amputated. now she's get to go walk without pain, for the first time since the attacks. she says the boston bomber's failed in everything they were trying to do. >> it is crazy they tried to destroy people and their spirit, but all it has done is make me want to change the word. >> her mother put this word blessed on the fabric to go on the outside of the new leg. she is going back in boston in april to finish the race. >> good for her. >> indeed. >> right now 8:18. and one family has more in common than just their love for one another. >> coming up next, why new years day holds a very special meaning for this mom dad, and newborn. >> first though, here's what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly". ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of.
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you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. >> oh, talking about babies this morning, this takes you way back, tlc? 8:21 right now speaking of babies, some local families saw their families expands earlier in the new year. marxist came into the world shortly after the fireworks. he was born 12:46 a.m. at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. mom right there kianna keys said she is happy to kick off the new year with her special little guy. >> now, another born at 3:04 this morning at temple university hospital. mom and dad say that the fact that she was born on new years day is just one of the reasons, one many many rears she so special. they've been waiting ten years for a babe. >> i congratulations. well, it is safe to say that the members of one ohio family, will never ever forget a birthday. >> impossible. >> that's because they're all into years day babies, paul with the store. >> i she is one in a million. >> rain was born now years day, 1978, his wife, kianna, was born new years day 1980. they always thought that was quite a coincidence. until now. the couple's first born, a baby girl, born on this day new years day 2015. >> to even share a birthday with somebody that you love, and then to have your daughter born on the same day like i
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say, unbelievable. that's a blessing. >> a mid all of the coating and kisses, dad can't believe the odds, the whole family now shares the same birthday on new years. >> for two people to be born and know each other and be in love is a stat itself on new years, then to have the same birthday and then to have a child on that day, a child together, that's another hot stall in itself. >> dad says to celebrate next year they'll each get their own birthday cake, however? >> somebody is going to have to celebrate theirs on the 31st somebody's going to have to go exactly on the first and maybe somebody might have to take the second. but all celebrating together. we chose the name autumn because that's one of our favorite seasons. >> and they're fine that autumn's birthday falls on new years day just like mom and dad. incredible story beautiful baby. >> and maybe celebrating the day before, the day avenue. >> that's one big party all on one day and new years too. >> the odds of that, just incredible. >> fantastic. we'll take a short break. you're watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". good morning family hammy knee your can be happy new year to you.
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>> good morning, i'm ukee washington trolley service has been restored, and near the scene of early morning fire in west philly, the fire broke out about 2:00 this morning near 40th and lancaster, crews had to get through boarded up windows to control the fire, and after firefighters doused the blaze they had to return when hot spots began to flare up. no injuries, and investigators still looking into how it all started. katie has your forecast. >> good morning, it is actually going to be pretty nice end to the week for us here, but the weekend well, things really start to shift in our weather pattern. that is pretty much an understatement. let's go ahead take you out there show you what's up. not much. more clouds out there than we saw yesterday. but still dry will stay that way all day. call it to partly mostly sunny day, scenes on recall chill low to mid four's, later tonight drop down to 29 under partly cloudy sky but by tomorrow clouds thicken quickly, even by midday already start to see the signs of life on radar from our next large storm. surge in place here for sunday but may start off with a little snow, or sleet in the northwest half of the delaware valley, before it all turns over to rain. for everybody through the weekend? thanks so much. good morning, everyone great way to start your friday morning commute is with good news, that's what we have for in you traffic land. if you are traveling right now on the ben franklin bridge, all of the bridges they're moving exceptionally well. very minor delays, really, if any, and the same thing goings
8:13 am
with the majors. take a look 202 not too far away from the area of frazier both sides looking fantastic. speed censors are fantastic. in pa, jersey, delaware, all good. if you are traveling patco they are still running on holiday schedule with mass transit is great. >> all good, woe love it. thanks vet tore y up next on 8:55. up next, how sales of music on vinyl are growing rapidly. for more local news traffic weather and sport on the "cw philly" on these ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ a live look right here from our roof camera, and a
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chilly 37 degrees right now, will it be another bright day? katie let you know coming up. >> the ben franklin bridge on your right vittoria joins because look at all of the roads, we traffic and weather together. that's coming up? just a few minutes. good morning everyone. >> man suspected of robbing and raping a woman in spring garden awaits a rain. >> this morning. >> police say, the vicious attack happened inside a parking garage in broad daylight. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now from outside special victims unit, with more, on this investigation. jan? sources tell "eyewitness news" this suspect is 32 year olds man from pit burying, police aren't officially identifying him, until he's formally arraigned in court later today. but he is facing charges of rape robbery and attempted murder. if you take a look at the video, you can see the scene yesterday there is alleged assault happened new years morning, broad daylight, at the parking garage at 17th and callowhill streets in spring garden. for hours yesterday police combed the scene for clues and reviewed surveillance video. police say a manna tack and sexually assaulted a 33 year old woman at 11:00 a.m. on the second floor of the four story garage. the victim suffered multiple injuries and was taken to hahnemann hospital. now the garage primarily serves residents of the one franklin town ants but also open to the public. somehow evaded security there shock to those who regularly use the garage and say the garage is secure. >> i'm very surprised, i know billing has 24 hour security if the billing and in the parking garage. i know both of roves who walk
8:15 am
up and down the aisle the two my building hired. i know they do real dill dent job ensuring the safety of myself and the people that live in my apartment building. and monthly rent tears this parking garage. >> now, this suspect is set for arraignment, later on today, and even though he's now behind bars police say you can still help. if you have any information about this sexual assault they want to hear from you. live outside the special victims unit, jan carabeo "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i thank you happening today, funeral for the boy had was struck and kill by township police cruiser. matthew on his way to friend's house sunday night when that cruiser hit him. last night friends family, held a candlelight vigil at the franklin township sports complex. people who knew him shared their memories. >> he was funny smart always wanted to go places. >> coming to the to celebrate matthew's life. >> comforting my sister, comforting us, just so concerned, and making sure we have everything we need. and it is un believable. >> police officers came to pay their respects, as well. the office here drove the cruiser is on leave while authorities investigate. >> hundreds turn out in baltimore to monday or a bicyclist from our area, who was hit and killed by a car. friends, family and fellow cyclists pay respect toss thomas palermo yachted was a 3-mile ride followed by vigil. palermo hit saturday by heather cook, first female bishop at the episcopal church. maryland.
8:16 am
diocese says cook initially left the scene but returned 20 minute after the crash to take responsibility. palermo was a graduate of st. joe's prep. 8:33. >> very quiet end to the week for us, still as such quiet start to the year 2015. that doesn't last for very long, how much. we are tracking pretty large storm system for the weaken. and it is going to create what we would call a wash out. find few breaks inbetween but for now outside whitfield elementary certainly very long shadows being cast here over the playground. 36 degrees here even though school is not in session, we have bright sunshine out in the area. but not everyone has bright sunshine just yet. still see thin vale of clouds, seymour after mix as opposed to what recent days have brought basically just been gorgeous blue skies all day. >> again, spec seasonable conditions in the poconos into the 30's, more like low and mid four's for the city down toward the shore points, but weekend all just completely changes here. >> chester to bucks couldn't, point northwest, could you see this start with some snow or maybe some sleet if not freezing rain before it turns over to rain. so little more details on time willing of that, break everything down little more, before the show is all said and done but for now torrey we end sends it over to you. >> if you ma'am to travel the patco line, now experiencing up to ten minute delays, note that this morning. but talk about the majors some of the bridges. not dealing with a rush, no
8:17 am
volume to spear of. birds eye view of the vine street expressway, around eighth street, notice you are free and clear only few vehicles to count out there. mayer traveling the schuylkill, the shot here, eastbound heading toward, no delays in either direction and really that's the case everywhere not only the vine, nine, a the turnpike, extension, 202 422, i could keep going down the list if you would like, but if you are traveling in new jersey, the same story as well, speed censors high up into the 50's, 06, a unfortunately one determine spot merchanted ville avenue 130, westville your best alternate at this time. >> thank you he grew up behind his parent grocery store in queens. >> this morning mario cuomo being remembered as the most influencial liberal voice every his generation, died at 82 from heart fail europement looking back on cuomo's life and career. >> he was new york's liberal lion longest serving democratic governor in modern history, but mario cuomo came from humble combination the son every poor italian immigrant, had hopes of baseball career but gave it up after one season in the minor leagues. he headed instead to saint john's law school where he graduated at the top of his class. >> and i will faithfully perform the duties of the office -- >> he was elected governor 1982 serve three terms leading new york through two recessions, cuomo emerged on the national stage in 1984, at the democratic convention in san francisco delivering
8:18 am
the keynote address, he highlighted the failures of the reagan presidency. >> there is dis pair, mr. president, in the places you don't see, in the faces you don't see in your shining sit. >> i after leaving the governor's mansion he headed into private practice. but 16 years later he was back in al ban toy see his son andrew, sworn in as governor. >> he look frail at the 2014 election, days later entered with a heart condition. first celebrated his son's re-election where the younger cuomo declared him the father of the modern democratic party. in new york, marlie hall, for "eyewitness news" on the "cw" philly. your time now 8:37. and a father of three is in big trouble this morning, accused of driving drunk more than 100 miles per hour with his children in the car. it happened new years eve sped down in dodge ram pick-up truck, his three children, who were in the back seat, are six, nine and 11 luckily no one was hurt. he failed a sobriety test. this fight caught on camera. >> chuck satchel was celebrating cowboys win sunday, got in a argument with a group of redskins fans. now it got violent. police say ronnie sisco killed satchel, then stepped over his body on his way out the door. satchel's fiancee saw it all happen. >> they walked out like they did nothing. like it was just like okay, we're done drinking, good times, we're out the door. >> the medical examiner said
8:19 am
satchel died from torn artery in his any neck. police are still investigating the case. >> just horrible. >> that is horrible, just awful. >> right now 8: 38. still ahead this morning how some quick thinking police officers saved a local family of three from a fire. >> also ahead popular fast-food chain may be the next victim of a credit card data breach. we'll have the details on the other side. also this: >> the best site in a animal shelter, a dog getting a new home. we'll have that story coming up. >> ♪ ♪ >> loose like dream of quiet dry weather is coming to an end. katie has the details katie looking at your traffic coming up. good morning, check your credit cards statements it morning, because chick-fil-a says hackers may have stolen some customer credit card information. the fast-food chain will not say how many customers are affected or even which restaurants are affected, only say they learned about it last
8:20 am
month, and it happened at a few of the restaurants chick-fil-a promises to let customers know more details as they continue to work it out. they'll let you noah little later. >> meanwhile, investigators in burlington country trying to figure out what spark this huge warehouse fire, the fire at the arrow building took them almost five hours to put out the flame. damaged two neighbors homes nearby church, but firefighters saved those buildings. a mother and her two children escape a house fire thanks to the quick thinking and strong hands of some camden county police officers, who refuse to give up on their rescue, our own jessica dean has that story. >> a jump saved their lives. initial report indicate christmas tree caused the home to catch on fire, leaving woman, her four year old son and seven year old daughter, trapped inside. neighbors tracked down sean mcmahon and his daughter in smoke was extremely thick and it was overwhelming. >> that's when instinct told them what to do. linking arms, like this, with other officers, who arrived at the scene they caught the children and their mother who gunnel upped. >> love to hell out the community in anyway. >> neighbors greatful for the help in saving the one man family, as good people. >> hopefully -- >> at last check the mother and children were list in the critical condition the one office here was treated for smoke inhalation was released thursday, jest did a dean, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> 8:43, let's check in with
8:21 am
kate. >> i we will check in with eyewitness watcher, a beautiful day down the shore we start things off for you here at atlantic city, tim mitchell sent us great picture of the sun coming up. very vibrant. sliver of sunshine, coming through the lower cloud deck, couple of seagulls there relatively light wavesment looking at the temperatures readings, 37 degrees with again at least some sunshine out there. we move it little further inland here, take you just north of philadelphia, where jonathan block one of the new bee's to the program 32 degrees, more sunshine where he is situated, we show you that generally upcoming storm scan view. go to one more for you,. >> through and through been bugging me on facebook,. >> finally get real snow, we're finally snow, let's go next to what we're looking at. see real snow, see real snowflakes, doesn't mean -- but looking at what the storm is doing right now not all that organized but you have got whole mix here, of some rain over the mississippi valley. some icing for the second morning in a row over texas, some snow, still back across the eastern edge of the rockies, and this is all going to eventually take shape into much more well defined storm system. and head our way tomorrow. so time stamp 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning good excuse to get your errands out of the way if you can do it eloign. eventually when the wet weather moves in, it could as early as mid-morning, we are going to see this basically take over the rest of the day. so, what you're looking at
8:22 am
here, the rain-snow line very evident f it is cold enough to see snow, i wouldn't be surprised, could you even pick up an accumulation. here is the thing warm air invading, even if you saw accumulation it, will melt quickly and will get washed by the rain and rain. pockets of steady rain throughout saturday, into sunday, and you might get woken up by heavy rain tapping on europe top. it will be somewhat hit and miss throughout the day stuck between front but eventually the cold front crosses through on sunday, coming through strictly as rain maybe even rumble every thunder but then will clear out sunday night. how much rain are we talking? since not talking much snow out of this, we are definitely talking more about rain with this storm system. and we could actually be picking up over an inch in some locations especially, if you see some of the heavier pockets of rain move through. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast starting off innocent enough with the temperatures, but once the warmth moving, in look at the surge, we hit the low 60s and we crash right into the 30's, and it probably feels more like the two's monday, so this storm, is definitely potent, when it comes to the clash of air masses, it will provide by tuesday reinforcements come in, look at this, only hit 31 degrees, that's because there is new clipper system. that will will move through pretty weak. >> vet tore crashes over to you. >> katie, right now traffic wise moving beautifully on our majors, and everyone, in fact, if you are traveling on the roosevelt this shot here right around the schuylkill, it doesn't matter where you are headed, maybe if you are headed southbound toward 76, northbound away from the
8:23 am
schuylkill making your way out toward broad street. just great out there. as you continue on route one throughout bucks county just great ride out there. as you'll notice, 95, delays nonexistent this morning sort of to be expected, with yesterday being a holiday and today ac friday. a lot of folks took the day off. no signs for rush hour. speed censors still up in the 50's, 55 your average on 95, same thing on the schuylkill, the turnpike, all good. traveling patco one operating on holiday schedule, westbound, ten minute delays. so if that's where you are headed be minds full of. that will headed around the pottstown area, we do have accident there try to avoid it if you can. no delays at the airport ukee? >> vittoria, thank youment manna cues in the sexual assault in the spring garden parking garage faces a rain. >> this morning, attack happened about 11:00 yesterday morning near 17th and callowhill. suspect is in custody faces rape and attempted murder charges. victim is in hahnemann hospital. >> going to learn more from health officials afternoon about new hepatitis-a diagnosis. authority say the two latest victims ate at rosa's in hamilton township. the worker had the virus in november. >> first funeral for victim of the airasia crash already taken place but the search continues for more than 150 victims, still missing. the jetliner crashed in the java sea sunday, so far more than 20 bodies have been recovered. >> "eyewitness news" reporter carol err son shows us, it wasn't just people looking for
8:24 am
the right match. >> happy wagging tail, former dog thumb per with pajamas on the other one to know thumb per at home is to know something is missing in his life. >> loves the boot camp. our friend here, thumb per lost his best friends so we're just trying to find him a new one. >> so, three legged thumb per and his marine corps owner came running back to the delaware county spca, to find that new friends on new years day. big adopted sister, they needed third dog face at home, to make it really home. >> looking to rescue another one, give him a good home. >> just past the season of giving, the giving of second chances to animals for special new years price $20.15. but for new owners, had i new dog, ryan, worth a million. >> we took him out to the kennel and walk him. just fell in love with him. >> knows to knows, where they come to meet their few family member first, two nose to nose in the cat room where kittens get chosen, get snuggled, get to go home to sleep on family beds. >> our hope is just to find them ultimate forever homes. >> now, thumb per has his new forever friends maholly, who has a home, and uconn will join delila's and diesel's family, as sunsets women new homecomings, reflect on others that so many more need that chance to get out of that cage and into homes. carol erickson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> finding ultimate forever homes, come on, family, we can do it, we can do it, i know, we know.
8:25 am
>> we're so tempted now to go there and adopt another dog. >> i wanted to jump right in the television screen, just snatch them all up. >> so wonderful. so many animals just want a home for the holidays. >> indeed. >> a long time k9 in burlington county retiring. >> nico spent years on the police force specialized in drug detection also trained in handler detection apprehension of suspect. that's a bad man nico and his partner have received several commondations, van made many cigar he is cents. nicko will spends his life with the officer and his family. >> gold watch? >> maybe so. job well done. we'll be right b >> the 20th century was to be mankind's greatest. >> and then one arch duke got shot in austria, and 20 million people died. >> two world wars changed the culture forever. >> when the government grows and steps into those roles then you don't have a free society anymore. >> and abortion, i would say, is the rock foundation of the culture of death. >> how do we save our century as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance to get $300 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $300 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today.
8:26 am
well, another mummers celebration ends, not on broad street, but two street. >> another chance to strut their stuff and show off the costumes late into the night. after the parade, the fancy brigades put on their show at the pennsylvania convention center in front of hundreds of people. the mummers performed down broad street, and noticeable changes, of course, that parade route. it all started at city hall, ended on washington avenue, about 2 miles shorter. now the reason they were attempt to go draw more crowds. >> and, as the party ended the clean up began. crews took down bleachers and swept city street. >> judges also scored every group and congratulations going out to the fralinger string band for it division. for complete list every winners in this mummers parade, head to our website, and also all of the festivities. >> bright and sunny perfect for a parade. thank goodness it rent happening tomorrow. because we will start to see the next storm move in, generally, around midday. >> by region, start withing snow turns to rain for everyone vittoria? >> thank you katie traveling our majors, it is fantastic out there. you may have some sun glare but, really that may be the only thing setting you back. no rush hour to speak of, looking just fine, 95, traveling 422, all good. >> it is all good. great. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly" for more local news weather traffic and sports always on at cbs philly. com.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. a man, accused in a broad daylight rape in center city waiting for an arraignment right now. police say the assault took place in a parking garage, at 17th and callowhill streets around 11:00 yesterday morning. the victim suffered serious injuries, and is now being treated at hahnemann hospital. >> right now your forecast, beautiful new years day what can we expect today? >> the same here, erika, won't be quite as bright and sunny as we experienced but it is dry, looking at nothing more than hands full of additional clouds out there today. overall nice finish to the week. >> looking good here, storm scan3 quiet with again few more clouds out there but we are expect to go see sun along the way as well, seasonable chill with temperatures back to the 30 -- four's, we drop to 29 tonight. last full dry day before the first big storm of the year comes our way by tomorrow we start to see the precipitation moving in generally around midday. if you reside north and west of philadelphia, from chester to bucks county, and points northwest, it may start as snow or sleet for you but everybody eventually sees it turn over to plane rain and we surge on the thermometer by sunday come monday temperatures are crashing again though. vittoria? >> not looking forward to. that will so if you are traveling right now you have a lot to look forward on the roads because there is real now delays no problems, all of the majors look like this, this is 95 right around cottman avenue. southbound-northbound, not a problem. and not only around northeast philly, it is everywhere,
8:28 am
center city, delaware county, even take a look at the schuylkill expressway, your western suburbs not going to find any delays today. i think a loft folks took the day off. as you should. but there you g speed censors high up in the 50's, not only pa delaware, jersey, everywhere. traveling the patco line, still running a holiday schedule but no majors delays for mass transit. erika? >> thank you vittoria. that's eyewitness fuse for now, talk philly coming up at noon on cbs36789 i'm deer erika von tiehl. have a great day. >> coming up...he partied hard. >> we were hanging out with these people. >> and barely leased to tell about it. >> it was like a living hell. >> all of a sudden i just felt alone. >> on today's "700 club." ♪ >> pat: well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen. my wife is a graduate of ohio state. >> terry: she is rejoicing today, i know. >> pat: and she got up
8:29 am
late, and i went to bed. i knew it was going to be a good game. >> terry: i don't know what wisconsin did. i was watching the oregon game. >> pat: that was just one of many. >> terry: that was one of many. but it was a
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