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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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between 11:00 a.m. and all rain to the north and west seeing the lehigh valley by two, and then scattered showers, in the evening after that. coming up, we will talk more about the storms, and the timing, also a huge temperature surge coming this
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weekend, before an arctic blast and another chance of snow in our forecast. i will see you later in the broadcast. >> all right kathy, thanks very much. well, this is chopper three over penndot headquarters in norristown tonight, trucks there loading up with salt, and hitting the roads, penndot, wants to make sure it stays ahead of any possible, winter weather. it is not going to be snow but there is a chance, that when the the temperatures still hovering around the freezing mark we may get a period of sleet or freezing rain. we see if that occurs we want to get salt down to keep roadways level. penndot the plans to have 150 salt trucks out as that system moves through. and stay one tell ahead of the weekend storm by down loading the weather app, track live radar and get live weather alerts. you can send us your pictures and videos. cbs philly weather app is available on google play and itune. tweet us your storm pictures and videos, just use the hash tag cbs-3. breaking news right now philadelphia police have just released new surveillance video from a deadly hit and run crash on state road. that video, just coming into our news room within the past hour. this happened on december 23rd, a aster risa po theze was crossing the street. family members are hoping this video will help find the person responsible. >> there is so many questions that go through your head you know, and you'll never have answers for it. >> coming up, at 11:00 on cbs-3 todd quinones will have a live report on this new clue
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and also more reaction from the victim's family. well, new at the 10:00 o'clock tonight there has been a big reorganization of the eagles front office and it gives head coach chip kelly a lot of power. leslie van arsdal is here now with more leslie. >> we have been hearing bit all will day, something big was happening, with the eagles, and it happened. it the looks like chip kelly won this one. the as of today howie roseman no longer the general manager and executive represent of football operations. chip kelly will run player personnel department and has power to hire any personnel chief. on wednesday eagles announced they parted ways with personnel vice-president tom gamble. he was really close friend of kelly's, and in the days that followed a very long sit down at novacare complex involving jeffery laurie, howie roseman and kelly. we will have more, from the eagles, and owner jeffery lurie in sports. it looks like chip kelly, won the power struggle today. >> it is a lot of power for one person to have in the nfl but it is not unprecedent. >> it is very similar to what happened with and read but that means let's say bradley fletcher is back next season that is entirely now on chip. so every call it is chip's call. >> win a super bowl and everything will be just fine good that is all you have to do leslie thanks, we'll you later on. man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in spring garden is behind bars tonight. steven woodson was arraigned earl willer today, charged with rape and attempted murder. he is accused of attacking a woman yesterday just before noon in this parking garage at
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17th and callowhill streets. we also learned today that another couple, happened to be nearby, and helped chase him down, until police arrived. >> it is a lot of courage to actually put yourself out there, actually chase somebody, after you just witnessed one of a are horrifying act. >> woodson is now being held without bail, victim was treated at the hospital for her injuries. she has since been released. also today police charged an eight year-old driver in connection to the crash that killed a fellow student in bensalem. she was trying to catch her school bus when she was hit by a suv. he is expected to peer in court again later this month. police are looking tonight for an armed robber who has hit several businessness southwest, and west philadelphia. the the robber hit multiple locations, on city avenue, baltimore avenue, and wood land avenue, in just the the past few months. our natasha brown has more now, new at 10:00 o'clock. >> police are in search of the bold suspect who has robbed this rite aide at 50th and city avenue not once but four times. this surveillance video shows the man in action back in march. that is when police say his crime spree began. he has also been caught on video at this same store in a august and now police say after a lull, he is re-surfaced praying on female store employees during the holiday season. >> coming in, and his hand in the pocket as if he a has a gun, tells people he would shoot him and one of the cases, one of the recent ones right ate at 52nd and baltimore did he pull out a
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gun and pointed it at the security guard. >> reporter: investigators believe the same man cartel wright is link to seven store robberies, five occurring from the december 18th to the most recent at this family dollar in the 5800 block of wood land avenue, on january the first. >> he seems desperate, obviously march and then again in august but five that occurred from the 18th of december until yesterday, it seems to be increasing. so he clearly is desperate. >> reporter: in most cases suspect darts in the business between midnight and 5:00 a.m., police hoping to nab him before he strikes again. >> we know that there are individuals who know this male and we're looking to have somebody tell us where he is at call 686-tips to get him off the street. >> reporter: natasha brown, "eyewitness news" at cw philly. well, a community says good bye today to a ten year-old boy who was hit and killed just a few days a after christmas. the hundreds of mourners gathered a at our lady of peace parish in williamstown to remember math the you mccloskey, the the fifth grader died sunday night after he was hit by a police cruz inner franklinville. he was walking with friends to a sleep over. >> whole town is shook up, i mean, up from this police officer on routine, you know, i mean the family of the little boy going to a sleep over. it is just sad. >> matthew hoped to be a police officer one day, the the officer who hit matthew is now on leave, while the incident is investigated. new information about a potential case of measles earlier this week the pennsylvania department of health, says that the patient does not have that virus.
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the suspected case potentially exposed people at please touch museum, a farme in wayne and an urgent care center in villanova but late today health officials told "eyewitness news" that the patient tested negative for measles and there is no danger to the public. well, a graffiti message has septa police on alert tonight. it was found by a pass evening inner i bathroom stall at the frankford transportation center and it read, quote, shoot septa cops. septa a's police chief posted that picture on twitter in hopes of finding the person who is responsible for it. along with the caption trying to make light of the statement that was made. >> we are serious about our safety and safety of everybody, every day. i try to use humor to reach out to folks and not to be sounding, an alarm on every single thing that occurs. >> authorities tell us that they are now reviewing surveillance video hoping to identify the person who is responsible. well, still ahead at 10:00 a candidate for mayor of philadelphia is dropping out of the race. plus blame it on the weather, some incredible picture from a pile up in new a hampshire. if you drive the pennsylvania turnpike get ready to spend more money kathy? the storm brewing to the south, first of 2015 a mainly rain event but for some it will start off as sleet and freezing rain, ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and
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today. he said she could not raise enough money to effectively communicate her message before the primary in may. philadelphians will elect a new mayor later this year to replace two term incumbent michael nutter. well, new the at 10:00 o'clock tonight warm welcome home for a local solder and it is all courtesy of very proud family and friend. >> air force captain joseph halpearn spent his third deployment in the middle east originally from collinswood. tonight many of those familiar faces he grew up with gathered to thank him for his service. >> they are blowing me away with all of the people that are here. they are fantastic. >> after a few hugs, probably a lot of hugs she was also presented with a proclamation declaring this day captain joseph halpearn day in camden county. >> welcome back. welshing a swim in the netherland this time of the year is not the for a faint of heart. 10,000 people, took a new years day dive, in the north sea. the the water temperature there was 7 degrees which we're told is actually warmer then usual. more than 50,000 people took part, throughout the netherland and that is setting a record. chris may that was like something would you do back in the day. all right. eyewitness weather watchers are talking about the cold that is here, and the rain that is coming. lets take a look at these temperatures, around the dell will wear valley. right now on the new jersey side we're looking at a temperature of 27 degrees ron is in riverside, where he says relative humidity sits at 72 percent. wind light at 2 miles an hour
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he says i can feel the the rain coming. it will be here knocking on our door steps tomorrow morning. in pennsylvania, chris is reporting a temperature of 26 degrees. already in berwyn with a clear sky. the light wind. we will take to it one of the coldest temperatures i have found this evening 20 degrees in perkasie already, chuck pressler is reporting a clear sky, barometric pressure rising at the moment. if you would like to be an eyewitness weather watcher and be featured in the one of the newscast it is very easy to sign up. go to cbs we have a variety of weather expected tomorrow, all hand are on deck. take a look at our live skies cam three we are taking you to the poconos where winter weather advisory will go into effect tomorrow for some snow sleet and freezing rain before a change over to rain. jack frost big boulder looking good tonight. we don't want rain, good news is a after we see this change over to rain over the weekend it will be getting cold again for the slopes. right now in philadelphia 37. twenty-six in millville. twenty in the poconosment to the west we have a lot of cold, an unusual places, look at this abilene texas 32 degrees. dallas 40. houston 54. so a big temperature differential from north to south here, in the lone star state and abilene we are seeing sleet, freezing rain. that is where center of our storm is on the back side pulling down that colder air and seeing wintry precipitation. dallas houston on the east side seeing the rain, we will be caught up in a similar scenario with this low pressure riding to the north and east. we will stay on the warm side of the storm but warm air
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riding up and over cold air in place creates a windry mix as it starts far to the north and west to the lehigh rally and poconos. then by sunday it is all rain, cold front moves through late sunday and look what is behind, some snow for the great lakes, some cold for us. lets take a closer look on our future weather. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. just cloud. the by 11:00 we are seeing snow moving in reading, some sleet, some rain in philadelphia. you can see right here right along that i-95 corridor to the north and west dry toward doylestown but we are near rain and media, malvern, wintry mix possible in phoenixville and limerick but it changes over to rain by early afternoon. poconos change over to rain by about five or 6:00 o'clock hour and then we will be seeing the it slowly but surely moving out with lingering showers expected sunday morning. as far as ice is concerned for that advisory area a tenth of an inch of accumulation before that change over to rain. we do expect up to an inch of rain when all is said and done on sunday, all rain by the afternoon, southeasterly wind kick nothing and by sunday temperatures making it in the 60's as jet stream lifts well to the north but here is the the cold behind it. by monday, in the wake of the coal front it will be cold, but we really bottom out on thursday. temperatures will be in the 20's wind chill in the teens. it will be very very cold. overnight, skies will be partly cloudy, low 30. tomorrow 42 degrees with the wintry in mix, to the north and west. farther north and west we will go better chance you have of seeing that icy mix. on the exclusive eye bitterness weather seven day forecast the warm air really
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build in, late saturday night into sunday. sunday 63. morning showers afternoon cold front moving through with rain and then monday cold tuesday cold, chance of the snow shower wednesday 29, and thursday, i just don't wanting to outside. >> oh, yeah. >> stay inside day. >> yeah. >> and then friday look for a high around freezing that will feel relatively good. >> yeah. >> after 25, yeah. >> twenty-five is your high, you are in for some trouble. >> um-hmm. >> welcome to 2015 right. >> that is right. >> the kathy thanks very much. >> leslie is here now. eagles thinking about 2015 and beyond. >> yes, quite a busy day, eagles front office shuffle, chip kelly wins power play from how i roseman and claude giroux hurt and leaving the game. it was well, we heard rumors and a major shake up was expect concerning the eagles and it happened. team owner jeffery laurie announced howie roseman was promoted to executive vice-president of football operations and given a contract extension roseman will handle contract negotiations manage the salary cap and oversee medical and equipment staff but had has no say, in player personnel matters. >> okay. chip kelly will run the player personnel department. he will hire a gm that will answer directly to him. he will be in charge of the draft. so why the changes at the top? eagles owner jeffery laurie released this statement. in the normal process of evaluating the end of the season i meet with key executive for discussions and evaluations of all as pecks
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of football operations. during those meetings we discussed a comprehensive approach on how to seem leslie interface face the personnel and coaching departments to maximize every section of the process. working with chip, howie and don we came up with what we believe is a more thorough, thoughtful mod that he will would best be over seen by chip. it is most important that we find players what our coaches are seeking. the flyers in action tonight, playing one of the worst teams in the nhl, carolina orange and black trying to stop a three game skid, first period no score, hurricanes on the the attack after flyers turn over brad skating in, his shot beats steve mason. carolina has a one to nothing advantage. moving to the second just a shoot, mason makes that savement eric stall knocks in the rebound. two to nothing. then things got worse, claude giroux battling on the board, it cuts his leg right there in the back of his left leg, wow leave the game but good news flyers say he is probable for tomorrow's game against the devils but tonight they did drop their fourth straight two -one the the final there. sixers continue the road trip taking on the suns in phoenix. they too trying to stop a three game skid. we will pick up the action late in the second quarter, pass to mcw as he drains the three pointer from the top there, and innings isers trailing by a point. final seconds of the first half, toby wroten drives hits the basket, is fouled sixers lead 59-57 at the half. we also wish a speedy recovery to long time sixers stat man harvey pollack he was seriously hurt in the one car
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crash, the nine two-year old is in critical but stable condition. he suffered numerous injuries and including broken ribs hip, pelvis and jaw injuries. he underwent surgery on his hip this afternoon, he has work with the nba since league was founded founded in 1946. >> wow, get better soon. >> okay, thanks leslie. ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. the zodiac symbol for 2015 is the sheep you can imagine this is appropriate way to ring in the new year. japanese farm invited visitors to see flock of 80 sheep, fun for kid and adults you can also pet the sheep, take a sheep, selfie, it is hard to
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say. >> selfie. >> people born on the side of the sheep are said to be tender polite, clever and kind hearted. >> like a sheep. >> like a sheep. >> just don't want to be a rat. >> i'm in trouble you are the rat, so it goes. >> what will we do. >> well, what will dedo about the weather. >> it is rainy and, stay indoors. >> and here's the the eyewitness weather forecast we will see some rain north and west, wintry mix, before the change over but temperatures will be warming and by sunday, 63, morning showers, and a line of afternoon rain with the cold front. that cold front lead news to blustery weather. monday, 37 tuesday 32. chance of few snow showers and that reenforcees cold and we are talking about frigid by even of the week. >> back to school machine will be tough for the kid out there. >> all right kathy thanks. >> thank for watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> for kathy leslie, all of us here i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we will see you at 11:00 on cbs-3.
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