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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 16, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> it's a drug bust gone bad. upper darby police open fire on a suspect who allegedly tried to run down an officer while trying to escape arrest but luckily no officers injured there tonight. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. this happened on 69th street earlier tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us live from upper darby with details. diana. >> reporter: a philadelphia man a has been s in jail after trying run down an upper darby police officer on 69th street friday afternoon. the female officer pulled her gun. >> she fires one shot at the vehicle. the shot enters through the window of the vehicle. the vehicle then knocks over two or three parking meters. we had him boxed in we thought but he drove right up onto the sidewalk. >> reporter: police were conducting a raid on the suspect. he got a way jumping in his car and ramming a front door of a furniture store and then gunning for the officer. police pulled him out of the car where the window was shot out. inside bundles of heroin and semi automatic weapons. on the suspect they found thousands in heroin and crack. >> we got load of dope, we got four buys off of him. we got a gun. he going to be in jail a long time. >> reporter: and so neither
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the suspect nor the officer were hurt this evening. the suspect in custody at this hour. he will likely be charged with attempted murder in addition to other drug related offenses. we're live in upper darby tonight. i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> diana thank you very much. "eyewitness news" learned tonight that a 14-year-old who was stabbed allegedly by a 16-year-old in west philadelphia today has died from his injuries. the stabbing happened at 46th and market this afternoon. police say that an argument that began during lunch at west philadelphia high school today spilled into the after school hours and then turned violent. that 16-year-old is now under arrest. >> it's another cold night around the region. "eyewitness news" on first street where people were out and about despite the chill out there. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking more cold and then some wet weather from the cbs3 sky deck. kate. >> thanks, jessica. well, out here on the sky deck i can tell you it is cold but the worst is when the wind picks up. the wind is making it feel pretty nasty outside if you're in the city and you have the tall buildings and that wind tunnel effect that propels you down the street. we're sweeping the area, not finding anything at all it's completely quiet. even as we zoom out the snow showers and flurries that came through along the front have moved out leaving behind just the cold and the wind. take a look at how the wind is fairing right now. we're seeing winds out of the north-northwest at about 15 miles an hour, 16 miles an hour right now in the city, 13 miles per hour in wilmington and 15 miles per hour down in dover. so what will you wake up to on your saturday morning?
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well, it's going to be cold outside, i don't have to tell that you. 18 will be the morning low in philadelphia, 15 in trenton five some mount pocono and it's still breezy even into the early hours tomorrow, so for a time it may feel like the single digits. so tomorrow morning 19 at 7:00 a.m., 21 by 9:00 a.m. and then it's still cold at 11:00 a.m. but if the wind does calm down we've got a lot of sunshine at 11:00 a.m. high pressure building in for one day tomorrow then watch this storm starts to sneak up the coast and will bring us some rain as we get into sunday before becoming a full blown snowstorm in new england. i'll have more on that storm when i join you inside with the seven-day forecast. >> wins restored. the late joe paterno once again finds himself atop the college football wins list after a deal is cut between the ncaa and penn state. in happy valley students have gathered in front of old main tonight this picture posted on twitter. it shows a crowd they're reportedly chanting 409 and joe paterno. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more on what led to today's decision. >> reporter: the agreement means 112 victories will be restored to the football program making joe paterno once again the winningest coach in major college football with 409 wins. the repealed couldn't is that the decree follows the yes in. caa decision last year to reinstate football scholarships and allow penn state to play in bowl games earlier. all night viewers have been commenting on our facebook page about this. michael hall writes if paterno and mcqueary had just called police in the first place the
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ncaa would not have been involved. susie says all said you shouldn't have punished the boy on the field who won those game. that's my opinion. ray stevens chimes in the ncaa is about fair competitiveness on the field and those wins were earned by people who had nothing to do with what happened. betty dart simply states about time. joe contends penn state and their fans are pathetic. the kids are the real victims here and not the football team. bill carmichael declares this is all about money. the sentiment stems from a lawsuit filed by a state senator and treasurer against penn state. the suit claims the ncca didn't have the right to punish penn state and penn state shouldn't have agreed. >> today is a victory for due process which was not afforded in this case. today is a victory for penn state nation. the ncaa has surrendered. the agreement that we have reached represents a complete victory of the issue at hand. >> the new deal directs a 60 million-dollar fine to address child abuse be spent within pennsylvania. the paterno family released a statement this afternoon which says in part the repeal of the consent decree and the return of the wins to the university and joe paterno confirm that the ncaa and the board of trustees acted prematurely and irresponsibly in the unprecedented sanctions the ncaa imposed on the university the players coaches and the community. and the proposed settlement that's expected to be fully accepted by all the parties involved ends all remaining sanctions against the university and all of this is now raising the question if joe paterno's statue will be put back and we're told
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tonight by penn state officials that decision hasn't been made yet. reporting live tonight in the sat center, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly todd, thank you. police release surveillance video of the man they say shot and killed a woman waiting for a bus in north philadelphia. take a close look at this. you can see the still unidentified killer approaching and ambushing the victim, 56 year old kim jones on tuesday morning. after shooting jones once in the head he got onto a northbound subway train exiting at the hunting park station. investigators say the kill are carefully covered his face in all of the situations even lowering his head as he passed the cameras. all signs they say of a well planned hit. >> it's just incredible, that's something, you know, this insane could happen to such a good person. >> jones was a social worker who devoted her life to children. she was known as miss kim to boys and girls of the church of the advocate where she helped launch an after school meal program. >> well, we have learned much more today about the temple university student who fell from a window to her death yesterday. she is 18-year-old rebecca kim. rebecca was reportedly visit two male students at the art institute of philadelphia dorm near 16th and chestnut when she fell from an eighth floor window. friends say rebecca was a freshman studying pharmacy. >> she was nice, sweet very helpful, always smiling. >> she was a real positive person. i could see her having a real good future. she seemed like a smart girl, like overall nice persons. so sad to hear that happened. >> when kim fell she hit a 44-year-old woman who was
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walking on the sidewalk below. that woman suffered neck and back injuries. she also lost some teeth. but she is expected to recover. >> the 20-year-old man accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol with pipe bombs and guns has been order held without bond. the magistrate agreed with the federal prosecutor who called christopher cornelia public danger and a flight risk. cornell was arrested outside a gun range wednesday after reportedly buying 2m15 semi automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. >> the flu is making a big impact in delaware. there have been more deaths there from the virus this week. our natasha brown traveled to dover today and found why the flu has made such a big footprint in the first state. >> reporter: delaware may be a small state but it's being dealt a huge blow this flu season. the state is reporting its 16th flu fatality, all but one deaths has been linked to seniors over 65 years old. >> it's a very severe flu seasonnism paul silverman is deputy director of the delaware public health department he says although delaware's cases have risen significantly this year this flu epidemic knows no boundaries. >> we have good surveillance. we're more likely to be informed about cases perhaps than some other states but this is really an epidemic that's hitting the whole country. >> reporter: the state of delaware has been hit especially hard by this flu pandemic. this time last year they were dealing with about a hundred cases. so far this year they're already up to 1600 and flu season is far from over. health officials are urging the older population to seek treatment as soon as flu-like symptoms arrive. health officials also say this
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flu season struck early before the holiday season which may have spiked the number of cases. >> hitting the state before the holiday and after holidays makes a big difference it could be why we have so many cases and it also means that we're probably in for an extended flu season. >> i've never had a flu shot knock on wood. >> reporter: although russ perry isn't getting a flu shot his wife is a healthcare worker so it was a necessary is there. >> being able to help control part of the environment and the facility i work at is really important. >> reporter: as for the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. >> it's still the best protection that we have and we're still recommending it. >> reporter: in dover, delaware, natasha brown "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> we have much more information on the flu on our web site. all you have to do is check out you'll find more on symptoms, on risk factors and on how best to protect yourself from that virus. >> the supreme court will decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have the right to marry. the justices will take up same-sex marriage cases then ask them to overturn bans in four states and declare if people can marry partners of their choice regardless of gender. a decision is expected by june. oscar nominated actor bradley cooper speaks to "eyewitness news." still to come tonight how he transformed into his character as "american sniper" chris kyle. >> and hot, hot, hot. we'll tell you what scientists say about the year 2014 and its record setting temperature. kate. >> it's a clear quiet and very cold night and it will stay
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chilly into our saturday but we're tracking a storm this weekend. i'll let you know if we can expect rain, snow, when it's in, when it's out. all the details coming up. >> rhinos on the run. we'll tell you how they broke loose from a safari park in over 20 years 31 million students started college, but didn't complete a degree for lots of reasons. at devry university we believe there are also lots of reasons to finish. so we help you maximize qualifying credits you've already earned. so you can graduate sooner and get on to a great career. because whatever kept you from finishing before... all that matters is your reason to do it now. see more reasons to finish and get started at ♪watching everybody eating♪ ♪what they want all day♪ ♪oh this tasteless cardboard♪ ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away♪ >> well, back on "eyewitness news" was kind of an embarrassing day for a guard at an israeli safari park. that's the guy right there trailing three rhinos who escaped from the park because the guard was asleep on the job.
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those rhinos rumbled their way to the parking lot before they were eventually rounded up. no one was hurt. sad to say the guard did lose his job. >> jenkintown native bradley cooper finds himself in familiar territory. for a third year in row he's nominated for an oscar. he spoke to our ukee washington about getting ready for that role especially physically. >> it wasn't, you know cheesesteaks and pizza no, i wish it was. no, it was this woman kristen conor was a great chef and i ate 6,000 calories a day of pure protein complex carbohydrates 'cause i'm 40 my man and to gain 35 pounds in three months naturally i wanted to make sure it wasn't going to kill my organ. >> you don't want to kill any organ. >> no. >> cooper is also nominated for best picture as one of the film's producers. civil rights drama "selma" also nominated for best picture. >> there is a nationwide campaign to get more students to see that film. hundreds of philadelphia middle school students will see "selma" for free at the pearl theater tomorrow. business leaders have raised about $44,000 to purchase the tickets. "selma," of course, is the story of an historic civil rights march led by the late dr. martin luther king jr. some emotional moments in horsham tonight as families of service members get quite a surprise. [laughter] >> six families turned out for what they thought was an information session. well, they were expecting to learn about the return of their loved ones from afghanistan. little did they know those people would come walking right into the room right then
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and there. >> i was very surprised. i'm still shaking. it's incredible. it is an incredible feeling to have my wife home again. >> this homecoming event was organized by the liberty uso dietz & watson and our sister radio station 92.5xtu. 300 students are dancing the night away for a great cause in montgomery county. >> mount saint joseph academy is hosting a 12 hour dance-a-thon to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. "eyewitness news" in flourtown tonight, the all girls prep school kicking off that fundraiser around 8 o'clock. they're going until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. hang in there girls. they raised more than $30,000. you may not believe it after the brutal winter we had last year but 2014 was actually the hottest year on record. >> scientists from noaa and nasa say that the worldwide average temperature for 2014 was 58.24 degrees. now that beat records set in 2005 and 2010 and was more than a degree hotter than the 20th century average. experts say it's a reminder that climate change is an issue. >> of course this weekend 58 degrees sounds pretty great, kate but i guess, you know, it's the middle of january so what are you going to o do. >> right. this weekend we'll be pretty seasonable at least if you average it together, we've got one cold day and one mild day but they're going to look a little different. let's take a look at what we're seeing outside right now. the one spot in our area that does have snow on the ground for snow lovers, this is where you have to head most of it is man-made snow up in carbon county at jack frost/big boulder. slopes look pretty good. don't see anybody coming down
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at the moment. they'll be making snow tomorrow because it's another cold day with temperatures across the region staying below the freezing mark and certainly in the poconos it will be in the 20's all day long. let's check in with some of our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they are seeing on this cold friday night. we've seen these numbers really drop in the past few hours. looking at 22 degrees thanks to starks he's in lansdale. 22 with a clear sky he says another beautiful cold night. i like the way he thinks, starks it is a beautiful night, it's winter. this is why we live in place with four seasons we enjoy wind time. doug in southampton reporting 26 degrees with a clear sky there. 30's bear in delaware. john in glasgow delaware reporting clear skies and 30 degrees and one more spot, we'll take a look at a cold spot 24 pete in lawrenceville new jersey reporting a cold start to the night. take a look at what we're dealing with on storm scan3. you can see not a whole lot. everything is pretty quiet right now across our area. as we zoom out across the northeast things are also quiet. we had a few snow squalls and flurries come through this afternoon. those have moved out. now we're seeing the winds continue could be strong and that cold air moving in from the north and the west. the temperature dropping very steadily on this clear cold night. temperatures right now down into the 20's. 28 in philadelphia, 21 in allentown. 10 in mount pocono. and 24 degrees if you are in reading this evening. so, we've got some rain to talk about as we head into the weekend but first let's talk about what it feels like outside. look at that. fels-like temperature mount pocono, feels like minus eight, philadelphia feeling
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like 16, 18 in wilmington, feels like 11 degrees inned reading. tomorrow is a dry day. we start the morning with feels-like temperatures in the single digits and actual temperatures in the teens. in the afternoon we'll get right up to around freezing so it's cold butter the wind is less than today so it's actually going to feel pretty nice out there. if you bundle up you can get outside and enjoy some sunshine. it's sunday that our storm starts to work its way up the coast. the latest runs of our computer models have shifted the precipitation a little further to the east which is good news. let's set this into motion and you can see anyone a.m. it's raining everywhere. same with the midday hours. watch how this scoots off shore sunday afternoon. we need to plan for rain across the area on sunday because this track can still change but if it moves closer to the coast that means lesser amounts to our west and the heavier amounts will be limited to portions of eastern new jersey. we'll keep you posted on that. sunday rain, some heavy, about a half an inch to the north and west up to an inch at the coast. temperatures in the 40's though. watch pour -- for ponding and slow travel. i wouldn't be surprised to see a few snowflakes on sunday. the rest of tonight mainly clear breezy and frigid. saturday 32 degrees, it is cold with lots of sunshine. your seven-day forecast rain on zip windy for martin luther king jr. day and pretty seasonable with sunshine returning into the middle of next week. >> sixers taking on a short-handed pelicans team at home without jrue holiday or anthony davis which helped them get their biggest win of the season. for the first basket of the
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game mcw with the miss but nerlens noel with the follow slam an early lead for the sixers right there. to the third quarter watch mcw and noel work together. mcw with the pass for the noel slam. noel with 17 points 11 rebounds and five blocks and little bit later watch the ball's movement here from the sixers. they get the ball to mcw who hit the three. he had 22 points to lead the sixers to win 96 to 81. after the game some high praise for nerlens noel from head coach brett brown. >> his presence influenced a lot because what the stats don't show is people, you know not going to the rim to mean it, having to alter their shots. he was really very very good tonight. by far an weigh his best game as a 76er. >> the phillies with a few moves today. first they claimed outfielder jordan danks off waivers from the white sox. the 28-year-old can play all three outfield spots. they came to terms with ben revere and domonic brown. lesean mccoy will not play in the pro bowl this year. according to reports he'll skip the game due to an undisclosed injury. not considered serious. shady is still expected to be at the pro bowl. he's hosting a party the night before the event. shady may not play in the game but two eagles have been added to the list. first long snapper john dorenbos added to fill a needed position for the squad and the second, jeremy maclin. he'll replace thomas. he had a great year for the eagles, 85 catches for over 1300 yards and 10 touchdowns this season all career highs. and the greatest soccer
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player of all time visits philadelphia, pay lay was at the pennsylvania convention center today and capturing "eyewitness news" video of the legendary brazilian. he's in town for the federation of the national soccer coaches of america which continues through the weekend. >> one of the greatest athletes of all time, no doubt about it. lesl new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in. >> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> well, the two days during the weekend tomorrow's probably the day.
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just bundle up right. >> yeah. tomorrow you can get outside. it's cold but it's dry sunny less wind, a nice day. sunday is when it just rains pretty much from start to finish and then windy to start next week but next week looks pretty seasonable upper 30's. >> okay. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> for kate lesley and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. have a good night. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs3. >> ♪
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