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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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and, this is a live look at storm scan three, katie's tracking snow and it could a arrive in time to make the evening commute a rather tricky one. hi, good morning, it is wednesday, january 21st i'm ukee washington. i'm erika avon tiehl. the lets get to kada and vittoria with the the latest on the storm heading our way. good morning. >> that is absolutely right. i feel like we have easier end of the stick here because the the storm isn't here yet. it is just a clipper and we typically know clippers to move through, dump light snow reenforce snow and wipe your hand clean and then you're done. notice moving a across west virginia and appalachian is it has snow, mixing and rain and that is what we will fine in some spots here today too that is one strange characteristic. in addition it will try to intensify once it gets here. obviously nothing at local levels just yet, that will change winter weather advisory take effect late this morning and they will be in effect until 10:00 o'clock tonight for all of your counties shaded in the purple. so basically it is southern 23rd of the delaware valley philadelphia immediate the vicinity and all points south affected by this. it is backward that way too. you think of the the snow system coming in and bringing the heavier totals a. it will not happen that time. the on the road it is where it is most difficult i think here really leg ace that i this system will leave behind. one to 3 inches does not sound
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like a lot but trying to travel through that at the height of the rush hour that is bad news, right. so reduced visibility, big expectation out of this, we will need extra time, and it is not morning rush hour but it is evening rush hour that sees the big i am pack this time around. meanwhile in the meantime, we're just watching that window of dry weather opportunity, close, with time, so the temperatures are nice and chilly wind is nice and light sort of calm before the storm, you can feel the snow in the air but would i say it is not until right after the lunch hour we will see those first flakes flying, vittoria. >> well, traffic is a little bit of the different story this morning because it is definitely not calm and serene. rush hour is in fully affect and we have incidents to go with it. traveling on i-95 notice a big old delay southbound out of the area of would i say really approaching packer avenue and then all the way through to broad street. we are dealing with a hefty delay here this isal as a a result of the accident compromising the left-hand lane a approaching the area of broad. give yourself some more time. traveling in bucks county on route one southbound, had an earlier, there it is i could not see it. we have an accident compromising the right-hand lane a approaching 413, it is compromise ago this lane a allowing traffic to squeeze by so if you are traveling southbound on route one in bucks county you will note that is delay. atlantic city expressway westbound overturned vehicle just beyond the parkway it is blocking left-hand lane and even though we are in the seeing precipitation right now some roads are still very slick so just be careful and delays on schuykill expressway
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in the usual rush hour spots erika. ahead of the stormtrooper three capture salt trucks bringing brining the schuylkill expressway. all quiet right now inside penndot's command center but it won't be this afternoon. this is where workers will monitor network of traffic cameras around the region to keep a close eye on road conditions. >> the plan will be to position our trucks on the highways loaded with salt so when snow begins to fall, late morning or have afternoon they will salt the the roadways, keeping roadways wet, plow, as necessary, and then timing of the storm is obviously a concern because it is looking like it will a appear to be extending in the evening rush hour. >> penndot is urging drivers to slow down and give plows enough room to do their jobs. >> you reach for something you will be dead. he is reaching, he is reaching. >> this is your first look at first moments leading up to the deadly police shooting in new jersey. nj do cot posted that traffic cam video. office are shot and killed jeremy reid after they pull him over and found a gun in his glove compartment. both officers are on administrative leave, protesters plan a rally this afternoon asking for the case to be turned over to the new jersey attorney general's office. breaking news, from north philadelphia violent three car crash injuries two police officers in north philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao on the scene at 24th and lehigh to tell us all bit, j a an. >> reporter: ironically enough these police officers were trying to get someone else help when they got in the accident and found themselves
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in need of assistance. it looks like a very serious crash here with this destruction left behind, fortunately there were no serious injuries. the most severe injury was cut on the head and possible concussion, for the officer driving that cruiser. a bad looking crash at 25th and lehigh wednesday morning a police cruz are and two other cars totaled as officers rush a shooting victim to the hospital. >> whenever we're rushing someone to the hospital we activate our light we activate our sirens. we try to drive there as quickly and safely as possible. but in this situation for some reason and accident investigation officers will determine how and why this accident occurred. >> reporter: the accident happened around 3:00 a.m. in north philadelphia. police were taking a 24 year-old man had been shot three times in the leg on north hollywood street to temple university as they drove east on lehigh avenue they were hit wye this lexus at the 25th street. two cars then crashed in the camaro, five people in total including two police officers were taken to the hospital. as it turns out the the drivers of the other two vehicles were not supposed to be behind the wheel. >> within of the most dangerous parts of this job is emergency driving. the interesting to know that both civilian vehicles are operated by non-license drivers. that is something we are to look into. >> reporter: back out here on the scene at lehigh valley and 25th street you can see accident reconstruction crews are on the scene four hours after this accident. we don't have much movement. this street is still shut down. we do have more information about the two drivers of these
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vehicles that got in the accident with the police officer, it is two men, 29 years old again who do not have licenses. that will be looked at by police later today. we are hoping to get the more information and bring it to you as soon as we get it. we are live from north philadelphia, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. now new this morning a driver is charge with driving under the influence for a deadly crash in the holmesberg section. investigators tell us that this suv was speeding when it crash head on into concrete stairs on the 7300 block of milnor street around 1:30. the one passenger was killed and another suffered a broken leg and arm. happening today, jury deliberations resume in the fraud trial of the former tv sportscaster don tollefson. the jury deliberated lit into the the night after getting the case late yesterday. prosecutors a say that tollefson used his winning ways charity to cheat the people out of more than $300,000 selling them bogus sports and travel packages. tollefson acted as his own attorney during the trial. new jersey mother accused of murdering her new one baby did not have much to say during her first appearance in court yesterday. police say hyphernkemberly dorvilier, set the baby on fire on the side of a tell ber ton road shortly after giving birth. a vigil will be held at the browns mills united methodist church, that will be tonight at 7:30, ukee. erika, president obama says the state of the union is strong and is setting a new agenda to help the middle class. the susan mcginnes reports from our nation's capitol that
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the president is taking his proposals on the road amid growing dissension in washington. >> but tonight, we will turn the page. >> reporter: in his sixth state of the union address president owe bam a called on the new republican led congress to help the middle class with proposals that they are sure to vote down including tax hikes for the wealthy, free college tuition, and raising the minimum wage. >> if you truly believe you can work full-time and support a family on less than 15 you this dollars a year, try it. >> reporter: he asked congress to authorize the use of military force against isis in iraq and syria and pass laws to protect americans from cyber terror. >> no hacker should be able to shut down our networks steel our trade secret or invade privacy of american families. >> reporter: while promised to go work with republicans he threatened to stop any attempts to unravel his actions on health care immigration, and financial reform. >> if a bill comes to my december thank tries to do any of these things i will veto it. >> reporter: republicans criticized the president's proposals before he even gave the speech and continue afterwards. >> he is squandering the last opportunity to set things right with the american people. >> reporter: in the official republican response, newly elect senator joni earnst of iowa hinted new congress will be different. >> congress is back to work on your behalf ready to make washington focus on your concerns again. >> reporter: the president heads to idaho to push his proposal. susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" at the cw philly. for the very first time the white house released speech to the public before
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the the president spoke and made it interactive. for those who followed on line the speech was complicated with graphics and statistics relating to the president's remarks. they could also tweet favorite lines, erika. a businessman from york county officially becomes pennsylvania's forty-seventh governor. >> i thomas westerman wolf. >> reporter: with his hand on the family bible that date back to the 19th century governor tom wolf took the oath of office, that his wife daughters and crowd of thousands looked on n his inaugural addressee laid out framework for his first term better schools jobs and government that works. >> we need to work together and we need to get started. we have to respect each others eye tease. we have to respect each others values. we have to believe that none of us alone has all of the answers but together we can find an approach that works. >> in one of his first actions as governor wolf sign two executive order on ethics issues. developing right now israelis calling a stabbing on a bus in tel aviv a terror attack. a a man stab nine people seriously wounding at least four. police chased the suspect and then shot and arrested him. investigators say the attacker was a a palestinian from the west bank who enter israeli legally. hamas did not claim responsibility for the at attack but they have praised it. french prosecutors are charging four men in connection with three days of terror in paris. the suspects allegedly helped one of the allege gunman who killed a police officer before murdering four his stagees inside of a kosher super
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market. at tax started with the january 7th massacre at a satyrical magazine charlie hebdo. well, we have an eye on the storm katie is tracking snow heading our way. >> just the first of several chances of snow for the week she has details for you. also gunfire breaks out inside of the crowded hospital, one of the victims is a surgeon. we have new details about how police get closer to figuring out a motive here. turning trash into treasure find out how a company is using old airplane seats to create new fashions, we will show you on the other side. good morning storm scan three is showing us a live look at the the system expected here by this have afternoon. katie's forecast is coming up in two minutes. good morning, stay with us. doctor is fatally shot inside a massachusetts hospital and police say shooter turn the gun on himself. >> authorities are working piece together why it all happen. kate merrill from our sister station wbz has latest from boston. >> we need to get out right now. >> reporter: chaos and pan nick a place already vulnerable with the sick and their families. >> right now they have announced that there was a deadly security threat on the second floor. >> reporter: shots fired in the had shapiro building at
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brigham and woman as hospital, cardiac surgeon doctor michael davidson was shot twice in the chest. >> i have never seen that many police officers, responding with their weapons drawn, to be like within feet of it. we were within ten or 20 feet of the incident. >> reporter: police lock down the building searching for shooter, patients and staff raced to safety but just 16 minutes later a discovery in the exam room, suspect shooter found dead. police say he shot himself. police suspect that the doctor, was not an accidental victim. >> he was, targeted and that, reason, right now is in the clear. >> reporter: police are looking at death of this would map as a possible connection margaret, who died in november police say it was her son steven who shot the doctor. >> it is leading to us believe that something in the past that upset this guy to come in looking for this particular doctor. >> at the home in million bring, not many answers just a steady stream of upset friend, family and church members, comforting his wife and kid. a note on the door asks for privacy. >> at this time they are in shock right now. >> reporter: people who knew steven including local police lieutenant say there was never any trouble, in of it makes any sense. >> very good feeling, very good feeling and no issues at all with them. >> reporter: that was kate morel reporting. meanwhile destroyed windsor tunnel has reopened after canadian border agents found a suspicious package, it turns out it was just a expect bomb but police have detain two men in the the car for having, brass knuckles, those are banned in canada. all right.
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7:16. lets get traffic and weather together. morning commute is easy but this afternoon. >> things do starting to downhill for us out there, later in the day as we start off, we are looking at broadheadville, lehigh valley region, this isn't going to be where you end up with the most accumulation rather you will see least amount of snow which we will talk about but beautiful sunlight trying to peak through and it will be a window of bright spots in our forecast that starts to close down however, but we are expecting to see eventually some snow there and every where else. storm scan three all is calm and collect for now with some cloud beginning to thicken up here in advance of the leading edge of the moisture. would i say generally it is just after we have hit lunch hour that we will start to see things getting underway here locally, very likely it will start off across western most counties and then slowly glides east. it looks like we will start to see, the snow accumulating in the early afternoon and as it does so, look at the little bulls eye that starts to set up here. this model of interpretation that you might see sweet spot of snow in south central, new jersey in the form of up to 4 inches of snow, a swat of one to three for everyone else generally speaking and in terms of timing as we mentioned shortly after lunchtime when first flakes fly for western most suburbs it is into new jersey by 3:00 p.m. and then just stuck with you for the entire evening rush. typical evening rush hour. five to 8:00 before it begins to taper off late their night. at the moment, these are temperatures that are ripe for it. it is cold enough, dry enough
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so when snow gets here it will come down, as all snow. there will be a little hint of the mix so with chilly rain initially at the coast possible on saturday, we are looking at another storm there is a storm that is just will it a affect us? right new we have a good shot for that and even early next week. there is another shot for snow, snow lovers are totally, digging this. so vittoria. >> how many snow lovers are there. >> you are not one of them. >> wait a minute good morning, everyone. traveling out and about right now you'll fine rush hour delays, there is no doubt about that but you'll find some incidents related volume as well. we are taking to you 309 montgomery county, 309 southbound at five-point we are dealing with the accident situation in this area. it looks like it may have cleared out regardless it will still fine lingering delays in the stretch so give yourself mere time. we will talk about pa in a second but lets talk about the 42 freeway north bound approaching the area of 295 and beyond that point. we are dealing with the tractor trail are accident blocking # lanes. anticipate volume on the 42 freeway from approaching 55 all the way through you to that incident scene and two right lanes are block, so know that this morning. the as we continue to the atlantic city expressway westbound we have an overturn vehicle just beyond garden state parkway. the that is blocking the left-hand lane. an accident northbound on the roosevelt boulevard approaching woodward in the outer drive, so stick to the inner drive if you can. watch out for rush hour on i-95 and schuylkill expressway for sure, ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. disturbing allegations against a bucks county father
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7:12 am
highway. penndot teams laid down special brine on all road yesterday. jury returns to the bucks county courthouse to continue deliberation ares in the fraud trial of sportscaster done ton tollefson. he defended himself begins charges he scammed hundreds of people with bogus, sports trips. well, we know airline seats can be used a as floattation devices but an oregon company is giving them yet another use. >> pretty creative. they have partnered with a design tore turn 80,000 seats into something unique. jennifer huff shows us limited addition hand bags. >> airplanes carry a lot of people to a lot of different places. some west airline seats though have one more journey; we transform these materials into a apparel bags and accessories. >> reporter: meet jennifer, with loop works who showed me how portland company turned 40 acres of let inner to limited addition bags. >> the weekender duffle bag the tote bag and backpack. >> reporter: a hand number products cost $250 wok started on them in october when southwest replaced leather seat covers with a lighter material, to save on fuel. it contacted loop works to ensure that the material didn't go in a landfill. >> we are using excess that is already out there and there is a lot of excess that is either reject because of imperfections or markings that we fine boot any. >> reporter: self proclaimed environmentally company says reusing leather saves thousands of gallons of water and cuts carbon emissions as leather prices climb because of the cattle shortage across the country.
7:13 am
look around a loop works original and company hopes it can inspire to you take even more trips. >> we are really proud to be part of that movement and to simply helping create more awareness on using excess materials and reducing consumer waste. >> who knew, what do you think. >> always nice to repurpose something. >> sure. >> do you want to carry around something had who knows how many people have satan before i mean that is my first thought. >> you have to put that out of your mind. >> it is a neat they are toy reuse it. >> it looked style establish. >> yes, remind me of a bowling bag a little bit. >> free to use the handbag. >> does it come with free peanuts. >> we will take a short break. you're watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we will be right back. hi, good morning are one i'm ukee washington. it looks like we have snow moving in the region later this afternoon here's katie with the details. >> that is right ukee mainly a p.m. event for us but would i say those first flakes could start to fall shortly after lunchtime in the western most suburbs. lets go out there and you can see the leading edge of is what on the way what is interesting is this isn't just snow, you see that mix uptaking shape through west virginia and southwestern pennsylvania. we are generally looking at a swab of one to 3 inches here but in cape may courthouse it could start off with a little bit of the mix of chillier rain and eventually turn over
7:14 am
to snow. as we mentioned the general expectation is one to 3 inches of snow the timing is the problem here because it comes at the the height of the evening rush hour but for now weather-wise at least, all is calm vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. >> all is not calm traffic wise, traveling out and about you'll fine rush hour delays on i-95, schuylkill vine 422, 202 and,. >> but lets talk about the 42 freeway, traveling north bound at 295 very serious tractor trailer accident compromising two right lane and delay stemming back to 55, so try to avoid this area if you can ukee. >> lets do it again at 7:55. up next at cbs this morning why the city of paris plalans to sue the the network, we're on the cw philly. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. good morning, we have our eye on the storm with as much
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as 3 inches of snow heading our way. >> let's check with katie with the the latest, good morning. >> good morning you two. it is a system coming through and in true fashion at the worst timing possible, all right. it comes in just as we are's getting in the height of the evening rush hour later on today f you can score a half day or maybe work from home, this wouldn't be the worst day to do it, guys, even they this is in the a major system. you can see leading edge of the light precipitation by the time it gets here we're talking early afternoon and heading in to that typical afternoon and evening rush. as we take you through the forecast here on future weather i would say as early as right after lunch 1:00 p.m., through our western suburbs, just starting to see flakes fly already. keep in mind this is a model. i do think we will start to see a pick up as chilly rain down the shore but that precipitation may be more widespread, in the just rain but snow through the the day. but notice there will be a bull's eye that picks up intensification taking place with our clipper moving through so it is not the most typical clipper we have ever seen but, by later on tonight, it is all clearing out, we will have a chance to get back to normal here by tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory meanwhile will take effect between ten and 11:00 a.m. they last until 10:00 p.m. for counties shade in the purple. notice lehigh valley and poconos are getting gipped out from the advisory. we are not expecting quite as much. steady snow comes through late this afternoon and evening. we're talking i would say three to four but five to 8:00 p.m. later tonight it is all winding down but there will be
7:16 am
slick travel fit is untreated surface. in the meantime we are waiting on it. it is not until after lunch that the flakes start to fly victoria. >> in the looking forward to that katie. it is interesting because traffic right new we have had so many accidents, it is like how would i imagine it would be on a snow day and we're not even seeing that precipitation just yet. real interesting to go day. we have rush hour an then rush hour on top of the residual delays caused by accidents here, on route one in bucks county this would be if you are traveling on route one making your way in the northbound direction not too far from 413. we have a big time delay that lies behind that so give yourself more time. forty-two freeway north bound delays from 55 to 295, we have a tractor trailer accident compromising two right lanes there as well. traveling in this area try to avoid it and anticipate spill over of rush hour delays on 55 and into 295 as well. also in the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike we have an overturn vehicle after highstown. right lane block no delays for mass transit. erika. >> updating some breaking news in north philadelphia, two police officers are injured during a three car crash. >> it happened when they were rushing a shooting victim to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from 24th and lehigh with more details jan? >> reporter: ukee and erika, it really is surprise ago this no one was seriously injured in this crash. you you can see impact and how strong this crash was, those air bags all deployed in these three cars, now the the accident investigation officers are on the scene taking pictures and trying to figure out exactly what
7:17 am
happened here but apparently police officers were trying to get someone else help when they got involved in this accident. it is a three car crash involving a police car and two other cars. the crash happened here at 25th and lehigh around 3:00 this morning. police officers were transporting a 24 year-old gunshot victim to temple hospital at the time of the crash they were coming from the 2400 block of north hollywood street and had their lights, siren on, gunshot victim had three shots to his legs. as police are traveling east on lehigh avenue they got the in the accident with a lexus traveling north on 25th and then the cars crashed into a third vehicle a camaro that was traveling west on lehigh, everyone was taken to the hospital, in stable condition and, the drivers of the other two cars only had some bumps and bruises and most severe injury was to the police officer was driving its cruiser, he had a cut the to the head and possible concussion. in word on how fast anyone was driving but we are learning more about the drivers of those two other vehicles, lets take a listen. >> whenever we're rushing someone to the hospital we activate our lights we activate our sirens, we try to drive there as quickly and safely as possible, interesting to know both of the civilian vehicles are operated by non-licensed drivers. that is something we will have to look into. >> reporter: accident reconstruction teams will be out here to determine exactly what happened back out here live on the scene at the lehigh and 25th street you can see the the street is still closed these three totals cars still on the scene as well as debris in the the
7:18 am
middle of the street. everyone in stable condition in the hospital and that gunshot victim is also expect to survive. we are reporting live from north philadelphia this morning, jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. 7:34. lets check on business now. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the insuring stock exchange. we are hearing google is making a invest. in start up space company. >> good morning ukee and erika. google invested a billion dollars in space ex-which is the the sp company. must being says he wants to launch series of satellites to expand internet access to the billions of people across the globe who still don't have it. more people can get on line though, that is potential money for google. so clearly a good investment there. >> billion dollars. >> nice to have that to invest. >> yes. >> jill, paying off student loans is a big financial burden for a lot of americans, tell us about this unexpected place where graduates can get some help now. >> reporter: if you are having trouble paying off student loans is there a city that want to help niagara falls new york, is there always a catch though you've got to move there. this is all part of the revitalization plan to attract more young people to the city. niagara falls will pay $7,000 toward student loans but the person has to be living for two years in a reportedly run down part of the it i that they are trying to revitalize, ukee and erika. >> niagara falls it can be beautiful part of it is quite nice, just near buffalo. >> have you seen the falls. >> yes nice. i have flown over it,
7:19 am
beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful. >> seven grand off your student loans. >> good deal. >> i would get in the barrel and go over those falls indeed. >> thanks jill. for more money tips and information from money visit cbs a bucks county father is facing child sex assault charge these morning, accused of touching two girls at his doubt are a's sleep over. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the store friday bensalem. >> reporter: thirty-six year-old david huebsch said nothing as bensalem police officers walk him to the back of the the squad van a accused of inappropriately touching two, ten years old girls at the his daughter's sleep overs. >> it is just very scary to have that happen so close to home. >> reporter: ann had relives across the street right across the the house where police say at alleged touching happened on two separate occasions. >> my daughter is only four. she's not sleeping over anywhere yet. it makes sure i want to know parents well report report eyewitness muse spoke to another neighbor who asked to us hide her identity. she said huebsch is well known in the neighborhood. >> i'm shock by the whole thing, tote thely shocked. it seems unbelievable. >> reporter: bensalem township public safety director fred heron says parents of the one of the girls came to his detective. he says that the two, ten years old girls go to the same school and at alleged abuse happened over an 18 month period behind this door. >> just a horrific act by this creep. i don't know what more you can have than to have a 36 year-old man sexually molest
7:20 am
two girls. >> reporter: huebsch eastern says his client will have his day in court. >> he is innocent. i think facts will bear that out when we have a hearing and we will hear the the accusers under oath. >> huebsch's bail set at a $750,000 bail his attorney says he will ask for a reductionness bail. mr. huebsch is charged with corruption of minors unlawful contact, and indecent sexual assault. reporting from bensalem david spunt for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. 7:38 right now. caught on camera, attempted flower power here. burglar tries to break in the home by throwing a flower pot through sliding glass door not once, he picks it up, and then twice this happened on coach lane in hopewell township mercer county january 14th while home owner was in the shower. after feeling the house shake that is how strong it was, the home owner ran downstairs to investigate and apparently scared that suspect off. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> he made the case for improving lives of middle class americans. that includes and increases on the wealthy and education and child care help. >> we cannot put, the the security of families at risk, by taking away their health insurance, or unraveling a new rules on wall street or fighting past battles on immigration, when we have got to fix a broken system. >> the president is pledging for work with republicans, but go p response, iowa senator joni reminded americans her party won last in's elections. >> americans have been
7:21 am
hurting, but when we demanded solutions, too often washington responded, with the same stale mind set that led to failed policies like obama care. >> she add that had republicans will push for repealing the president's health care reform. >> before the president headed to capitol hill he had twitter, buzzing. >> one of his advisors tweeted president is suiting up for big speech with that picture of a tan suit with the hash tag, yes, we tan. we may remember the fashion police gave the president flack when he wore tan suit to the news conference just a few you months ago. the president did opt for traditional navy suit but yes we tan was still trending, on twitter. don't know why they would want to stir that one up again. >> i like that suit. >> it is a sharp suit, people. >> yes. >> not presidential, they say. >> okay. measles out break is spreading and health officials have traced it back to the popular theme park. the also, cancer, and coffee how your morning jolt could pack more than just a caffeine boost we will have details in healthwatch. and want to give you a beautiful shot down the the shore, isn't that lovely at sunrise. if only it brought more warmth and 29 degrees witt. the katie tracking snow in some parts of the south as we could see seeing upward of 3 inches of snow, our eye on the storm coverage continues she will let you know when it will arrive with traffic and weather together. we will be right back. looking live right new at storm scan three, and, and heading our way. katie is tracking snow for this afternoon.
7:22 am
we will let you know, where you can leave in just about a few minutes. >> no first on your healthwatch this morning morning cup of joe may protect, skin cancer. researchers at national cancer institute, will look at coffee habits at a half million participant. they found those who drank four or more cups of day of caffeinated coffee they had 20 percent lower risk for malignant melanoma. the study points out the the results are preliminary, may not apply to all populations. >> and, new concerns this morning about the chemical bp a, b pa is using as a lining of food cans in plastic bottles. disney park officials confirmed five of their employees were infected with measles. the cases air monk 53, now reported in california and the out break is now link to two visitors at disney land and disney, california adventure in december. visitors are aware. >> at huntington beach high school in orange county california at least 23 students have been told to stay home, after a fellow student was infect with the disease. >> this is a very contagious serious disease you can develop ear infections, and people can die from it. >> reporter: a letter sent home warned parents that simply being in the same room with someone who has measles,
7:23 am
is sufficient to be infect. like the infect student, the teens who have been told to stay home were not vaccinated for measles. >> we almost wiped out this disease. and it comes back because people don't get vaccinated and i think that is scary part to me, it can come back. >> reporter: cdc says two doses of the measles vaccine are needed for life time protection, doctors can do a simple blood test to see if people are vaccinated. don champion for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. right now, 7:45. lets check with katie for latest on this system, good morning. >> it is a system that is affecting p.m. the hearst and we will take you out to the weather watcher network. peter farron, jason sending in 20's, philadelphia millersville hatfield, list goes on. we are at temperatures mess recent observations. they are all in the 20's. so these temperatures definitely ripe, for snow. let's go next outside to our live neighborhood network where we will see at least some sunshine, a little sliver of it, next to our live neighborhood network, can we do that? there it is. we are looking for sunshine here a little sliver of it still visible but cloud are starting to build in as well. we have seen a couple folks walking up and down the boardwalk. very minimal shaking with our camera here indicate ago this there is a hint of the chilly breeze too. but on storm scan three as we go there next clouds are billowing in across our area, indicative of what is yet to come. leading edge obvious here too of the moisture that is on the way, lets talk timing and amounts. we will get the through
7:24 am
everything. we will start off with amounts. how much are we talking here. this is not a crippling storm system by any stretch. it is a clipper system. but at most you are only looking at up to 4 inches. the that is sweet spot. so, up a across central delaware, south central, new jersey we have that shot as that system intensifies before it rolls rolls out to sea. notice that pink where we might end up with mixing with rain initially turning over to snow eventually. otherwise it is a general swat of one to three. further north may be only like a coat to go 2 inches but that is heat nor there. bottom line is timing is everything. as early as 1:00 p.m. we will see light snow beginning from west to east but 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. when brunt is moving through and, of course that is brunt of your typical evening rush. looking forward to the next seven days quiet for tomorrow and friday. saturday we have an eye on another storm, this one looking like it will have a a lot more moisture to work with but a lot of question marks remain as to what it brings here so we will keep you posted, variety the tore use. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. we have jams all over the place. ninety-five, schuylkill, blue route, 202, 422, usual suspects. i-95 traffic in delaware county is a slow spot. this shot is a bird eye view of 452 area of 452 if you are traveling in that north bound direction, we have seen delays. find delays around commodore barry bridge and 476. and if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, yep, schuylkill is here, and westbound we are seeing big time volume and making your way out through the curve.
7:25 am
476, it is a 30 minute commute between 95 and schuylkill expressway and, and eastbound side of the 422 between oaks and 202. 202 southbound we are in the seeing any major delays and north bound you had may catch a snag of rush hour around area of malvern. watch out for an accident north bound on the roosevelt boulevard approaching woodward street blocking the outer drive. stick to the inner drive if you can and traveling mass transit, no delays and i do want to mention one thing for new jersey traveling on the 42, and north bound high, of 55 and 295 and, and, involving a tractor trailer. here we go again, the new england patriots are accused of cheating. espn is reporting 11 of the 12 balls supplied by the patriots during last weeks title game were under inflated. they were short about 2-pound per square inch. under inflated balls according to those in the know are easier to hand until bad weather. patriots had to pay a fine and lost draft choice in 2007, for cheating allegations then. patriots and seahawks will play super bowl 49 a week from sunday. >> your philadelphia 76ers welcomed new york knicks to the the well in south philadelphia, sixth are and knicks are separate by two and a half points in the final nba atlantic division. the lets go home team. >> old fashion brew had had had, zach could be suspended for first period hit on a member of the visiting penguin. after that, it was fight night, south philly, my goodness when the smoke finally cleared, the fly guys won the game in overtime, with the goal by the the captain claude giroux, the captain and
7:26 am
winger jay voracek will represent fly guys this weekend at the all-star game in columbus. how about this, alex ovechkin of the capitols broke one of the goal camera at washington's verizon center with a shot, it was, a, and and, and one more on the shoot-out, with the oilers, won the game. those publishings and. >> even with the puck. >> tough guys. >> 7:50 ahead this morning, justin beiber is getting ready to get roasted. we will tell but a roast plan in his honor. a reunion six decade in the making, we will tell you how this pennsylvania man, got to meet his father for the first time. we will be right back. ♪watching everybody eating♪ ♪what they want all day♪ ♪oh this tasteless cardboard♪ ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away♪ a man has been reunited with the father he has never known. >> reason they never met, might surprise you. eighty-one year-old tony and
7:27 am
his son sam met for first time in michigan yesterday. sam's mother sent tony a letter back in the 50's explaining about the child but tony's wife we're told intercepted that letter and hid it for american 50 years. it has been an emotional time for both men. >> i said what does he look like. >> he said look in the mirror. >> unaudible. >> tony lived in michigan, his son was raised in williamsport, and newly reunited family has arranged a paternity test just to be sure but all these years later wow. word is justin beiber business to get roasted. >> apparently it was all his idea too. >> comedy central announced it will roast are pop star in the special on march 7th. beiber tweeted his excitement for years i wanted comedy central to roast me only if i provided them with more material so for a year now i have worked hard. >> tongue in cheek there. >> tv mini series. >> in kidding. >> plenty of material. >> philadelphia already another way, to watch but starting on saturday netflix subscribers, in north america and can inadequacies will be able to stream the interview. since it is christmas day release, they say comedy has pulled in 46 million-dollar in box office receipts, and on line rentals. >> they are still hanging tough, boy band new kid on the block are heading back on the road for summer tour, all grown up now. and this time they are teaming up with nellie and tlc main event tour kicks off may 1st in las vegas.
7:28 am
they will take stage at wells fargo center on the 19th of june and we understand ticket go on sale for that january 31st. >> you got to meet tlc and even sing with them good back on the talk about a year and a half ago in last angeles. >> you have the moves. >> i don't know. >> you think so. >> yes, call me. >> i'd love to see you o on stage with tlc. >> it would be fun yeah did it for 202nd. the eye need more time. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get over to katie because we're watching two parts of our forecast, morning clear but afternoon. >> yeah, absolutely, a forecast that will continue to go downhill throughout the day, so the evening rush is where it is at the when it comes to the biggest impact from our clipper. it is just a clipper a little atypical in the the way it is forming in the moisture it is bringing in and way it will intensify but bottom line is you can see leading edge of the the moisture already there is mix ago this takes place, we are looking at light snow, yen one to 3-inch part picking up as early as a few hours past lunchtime and right into the evening rush. 4 inches locally heading in to a little sweet spot there through central new jersey and delaware. by late tonight licensing gone leaving with us two quiet taste with sat the day and a new and more powerful storm is looming, vittoria. >> in the looking forward to that katie. you will in the look forward to the rush hurry to day. i-95 schuylkill blue route, vine street expressway to and
7:29 am
from the schuylkill. ninety-five southbound, three to with the scene of the accident compromising a left-hand lane causing a big backup. forty-two freeway north bound, tractor trailer accident now on the shoulder but residual volleys on top of rush hour volume and it is slow,er contact. >> thank you. >> your next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning how to keepp those fox resolutions in the new year, we will see you on the cw. let's give you a live look from our studios here in center city and downtown philadelphia weather-wise it will look different probably in just a few hours, we are looking at some snow heading our way. good morning wednesday january 21st, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. lets get to katie and vittoria heading towards that storm or rather it is heading towards us, good morning. >> that is right. we have sort of definitely lucked out wiz say here vittoria in terms of the timing because we are in the dealing with the here or now aspect of this storm. it is just a clipper. when we talk about these clippers we talk about limited moisture, swift movement, not a ton of accumulation. that is what we will fine but this one is different and more than anything it has got legacy of timing as it is a biggest issue. notice that you've got a whole mixed bag that is within strange characteristic it is not the just snow. the we have mixing rain, snow and we are likely to see some of that mixing take place here as well. nothing right the now though all is calm and quiet for now
7:30 am
but that dry weather window of opportunity for to you make your travel plans and get out and about will be winding down as we head into the early afternoon. winter weather advisories take
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