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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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wednesday january 21st, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. lets get to katie and vittoria heading towards that storm or rather it is heading towards us, good morning. >> that is right. we have sort of definitely lucked out wiz say here vittoria in terms of the timing because we are in the dealing with the here or now aspect of this storm. it is just a clipper. when we talk about these clippers we talk about limited moisture, swift movement, not a ton of accumulation. that is what we will fine but this one is different and more than anything it has got legacy of timing as it is a biggest issue. notice that you've got a whole mixed bag that is within strange characteristic it is not the just snow. the we have mixing rain, snow and we are likely to see some of that mixing take place here as well. nothing right the now though all is calm and quiet for now but that dry weather window of opportunity for to you make your travel plans and get out and about will be winding down as we head into the early afternoon. winter weather advisories take effect from ten to 11:00 a.m. depending on your location but late morning in general. here's a snapshot of how your evening rush will look. it is in the ideal. not a crippling storm will but will slow you down. we have light snow expected to fall, slick travel especially on untreated roads. mixing with rain before it turns over to snow, and reduced visibility to go with it. meanwhile as we move forward in the forecast today temperatures will be ripe for snow. we will get you in the mid 30's, down the shore because the hits 36, we think you will start off with mixing but will eventually turn to snow.
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expectation is a general one to 3 inches as i mentioned but this isn't your typical clipper, it looks like it may intensify somewhat as it moves on through with this access of steady moisture. we will talk more about what i call the sweet spot where we will see the heavier snowfall totals and just how much are we talking here later in the show vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. i'm hoping when we see that snow later today that the rush hour will not look like how your rush hour has looked this morning. we have had incident upon incident and it the is jam out there. good news is that an earlier accident southbound on i-95 around 420 has been cleared out. 320 rather has been cleared out of the way but we still have delays in the the big way approaching the area of 476 and a little bit ahead and before that point. that area is a no fun zone. we are seeing delays on 476, heading north bound between 95 and media that would be this side here this shot around route one noticing quite delayed and really so is the schuylkill i-95 where speed sensors have dropped down to 14 on i-95, 16 on the schuylkill. look at that picket westbound approaching city avenue through conshohocken. not great. traveling on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike watch out for general delays in the area of bucks county maneuvering all the way down through mid county toll plaza. and, no delays for mass transit, however. erika. we want to give you a view here from chopper three aspen dot crews brineed the schuylkill expressway out getting road ready for you. that is complete and they are waiting for the first few
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flakes to fall. they have road conditions, in the region and expansive network of cameras. >> the plan would be to position trucks on the highways with salt, and salt whether it is late morning early afternoon and keep roadways wet, and the timing of the storm is a concern because it is appearing that will extend in the evening rush hour. >> pen to the want drivers to stay at least six car lengths behind salt and plow trucks, giving them room that they need to do their jobs. >> now is great time to check that you have a cbs philly weather app. track the radar and get up to the minute forecast from our team of meteorologists. down load that app for freon google play and itunes. >> you reach for something you will be dead. he is reaching, he is reaching. >> this is first look at moments leading up to the deadly police shooting in bridgeton cumberland county. nj to the composited this dash cam video of the traffic stop from late december. office are shot and killed jeremy reid after they pulled him over and they found a gun in his glove compartment. both officers are on administrative leave and protesters plan a rally later this afternoon asking for the the case to be turned over to the new jersey attorney general's office. updating our breaking news we have been following from north philadelphia, two officers rushing a shooting victim to the hospital are involved in a three car crash. this morning five people including the officers are recovering in the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with more ja a n. >> reporter: ukee these police
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officers were just trying to get someone else help when they got the in this accident and they found themselves in an accident, and fortunately there were no serious injuries. most serious injury was suffered by the police officer who was driving that vehicle a cut to the head and possible concussion. bad looking crash at 25th and lehigh wednesday morning a police cruiser and two other people, and officers shooting victim to the hospital. >> whenever we're rushing someone to the hospital, we activate, a lights our sirens and we try to, drive there as quickly and safely as possible, but in this situation, for some reason an accident investigation and will determine how and why this accident occurred. >> reporter: the accident happened around 3:00 a.m. near north philadelphia. police were taking a 24 year-old man who was shot three times in the leg. to north hollywood street to temple university as they drove east on lehigh avenue they were hit by this lexus at 25th street. two cars crashed in the camaro. five people in total, including two police officers were taken to the hospital and as it turns out the drivers of the other two vehicles were not supposed to be behind the wheel. >> one of the most dangerous parts of this job is emergency driving. interesting to note that both of the civilian vehicles operated by machine in licensed drivers. so that is something we are to look into. >> reporter: those two drivers we're told are 29 year-old men, and back gun as this investigation continues, and at 25th and lehigh valley, you can see investigators are still on the scene taking pictures collecting evident
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the and tow truck and arrived on the scene to toe these three totals and again, all five people are in the hospital stable conditions, and, and survived. and, in north philadelphia, i'm jane carabao, back to you. a passenger is kill in the accident in a holmesberg section of philadelphia the driver is under arrest accused of driving under the influence. investigators tell us that suv was speeding when it crashed head on into a concrete stairwell. on the 7300 block of milnor street and it a happened around 1:30. another passenger suffered a broken leg and arm. happening today jury deliberations are underway for a second day, in the fraud trial of former tv sportscaster don toll will son. the jury deliberated late in the night after getting the case late yesterday. prosecutors say that tollefson used his winning ways charity to cheat more than -- people out of more than $300,000, in bogus sports and travel packages. tollefson acted as his own attorney during his trial. new jersey mother a accused of murdering her new born baby did not say lot during her first appearance in court yesterday. police say that hyphernkemberly dorvilier set the baby on fire along a pemberton burlington county load shortly after giving birth. is there a vigil tonight at browns mills united methodist church starting a at 7:30 ukee. president obama used his sixth state of the union address to urge congress to help middle class, cbs correspondent susan mcginn is has reaction from his proposals on our nation's
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capitol. >> but tonight we will turn the page. >> reporter: in his sixth state of the union address president obama called on the new republican led congress to help the middle class with proposals they are sure to vote down, including tax hikes for the wealthy free college tuition and raising the minimum wage. >> if you truly believe you can work full-time and support a family on less than 15 you this dollars a year try it. he asked conditioning to to use of of military force in iraq and syria and pass laws to protect americans from cyber terror. >> no hacker should be a able to shut down our networks steel our trade secrets or invade privacy of american families. >> reporter: while promised to go work with republicans he also threaten to stop any attempts to unravel his actions on health care, immigration, and financial reform. >> if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things i will veto it. >> reporter: republicans criticize the president's proposals before he even gave the speech and continue afterward. >> he is squandering the the the last opportunity to set things right with the american people. >> reporter: in the official republican response newly elect senator joni earnst of iowa hinted that the new congress will be different. >> congress is back to work on your behalf ready to make washington focus on your concerns again. >> reporter: the president head to idaho to push his proposals. susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. tom wolf takes center stage for his inauguration as pennsylvania's forty-seventh governor. >> i thomas wester man wolf. >> with his wife beside his
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side, wolf recited the oath of office with the family bible that date back to the 19th century. in his inaugural addressee painted himself as a political outsider and stressed importance have have bipartisanship. >> we need to work together and we need to get started. we have too respect each others ideas. we have to respect each others values. we have to believe that in of as you loan has all of the answers, but that together we can find an approach that works. >> his first course of action as pennsylvania 's new governor signing two executive order on ethics. developing right now israeli police are calling the the stabbing of nine people on a bus in tel aviv a terror attack. four of them are seriously wounded, rest have minor injuries. police shot the attacker in the leg and arrested him. he is a man from the west bank who entered israeli legally. french prosecutors have charged four men in connection with this month's terror attacks around paris. prosecutors say the man helped one of the suspects who killed a police officer before murdering four hostages inside of a kosher supermarket. the officers eventually killed that gunman. boko horam claims it is behind mass killings in nigerian town and threatening more violence. the extremist group self describe leader makes claims in this video. amnesty international says the attack has killed as many as 2,000 people. our time is 8:11. coming up an unlikely visitor make a teens's birthday extra special. we will show you. a brand new poll shows what new jersey voters are thinking about governor
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christie. then new details in the deadly hospital shooting what we have learn about the rick tim as police zero in on a motive. lets look live down the shore once again katie is looking at snow heading our way, she will have the latest on accumulations, and also several more chances for snow this week, we will be right back. flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ we have snow coming and katie is gathering latest on the system coming in early this afternoon. our full forecast is coming up in a bit. police in boston are looking for a motive after a man kills a doctor and himself inside a hospital. doctor michael davidson died late last night after being shot early in the day, in
quote quote quote
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brigham and women's hospital. police say gunman specifically asked for doctor davidson. shot him outside an examination room before turning the gun on himself. but they say shooter was in the one of the doctor's patients. new this morning governor christie's popularity is dwindling among new jersey voters. that is according to a new poll released from quinnipiac university. it find the governor has a 46 percent approval rating. now this time last year that number was up around 55 percent. the university says that the george washington bridge scandal took a negative effect on christie, his disapproval rating is 48 percent. president obama is pretty popular in the garden state his approval rating is at 45 percent. meanwhile governor christie is making plans for another trade mission. this time he is taking a three day trip to london next month. this follows similar trips to canada and mexico. it is supposed to double as another opportunity to bolster the governor's foreign policy credentials. the christie is considering a run for the white house as well next year. right now 8:15. we will check with katie. we have a lot to talk about with this snow. >> we have not just this little guy but next big thing which is another storm affecting us by the weekend. the let look the at here and now, beach patrol headquarters at margate. we have light waves lapping up on the shoreline a little sliver is what left of the sunshine. we can see thick gray cloud cover rolling in here. sign of things to come on storm scan three it is still calm and collect. we are seeing leading edge of
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the moisture creeping over our way. so it is just a beginneling window of dry weather opportunities. this would be a great excuse to cash in a half day work from home if you are able to even though this is in the expected to be a crippling storm by any stretch the timing is the legacy here. we will look to the noon time frame we should get you up to lunchtime without any problems. but as early as one or 2:00 o'clock, leading edge of the the snow will creep our way. lancaster county, berks, lehigh valley you may see flakes flying. meanwhile notice why it may start off as chilly rain offer mix through southeastern portion of the air eighth is all snow though for philadelphia and points north and there will be a bull's eye potentially, is there more moisture to work with here that intensification takes place. we will get bull's eye up to 4 inches. thursday friday, are quiet and then this guy stars to brew. this will be a system rolling up the coast. notice until 5:00 a.m. saturday it is just rhawn down to the carolinas. we will have colder air to work w that is making a beeline for us for weekend and there are question marks as to what we will find out of it but right now lots of moisture and chances are good for both rain and snow. as of right new here's what we are looking at today. mix initially where we have a tiny deliver at the shore, within to three in otherwise a general swap with winter weather at vice wrist and in a general swab accredits lehigh valley poconos and up across and central delaware and south central new jersey. bet are shot to see maybe more impressive totals up to 4 inches. you probably to have break out
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a shovel in these areas but it could definitely be a lot worse. thursday, friday are quiet the. we have an eye the on the next storm by saturday. vittoria. thanks, very much katie. good morning, everyone. we have had incident after incident this morning and it is not ending, or it seems never ending. at this point here what we're taking you now is west whiteland township traveling on the 30 bypass eastbound right around route 100 a very another just accident here. this is a school bus ahead. there are no confirmations of anyone on that school bus there, was a reek will fire, a associated with this and not the school bus but a vehicle that lies just behind it. the as you will notice emergency teams are still on the scene and only one lane of traffic ace loud to get by but they have been intermittently blocking the the roadway. traveling on the westbound side at this point the left lane will be compromised but the eastbound delay is huge, that lies behind it, so again, traveling throughout west whiteland township using eastbound side of the 30 bypass we will run into some major problems and it looks like more emergency personnel is arriving on the scene. we will continue to keep you updated on that and in regards to your rush hour commute, your slow, pretty much every where. you would usually find rush hour. i-95 is your average on i-95 is 13. ten on the schuylkill expressway. traveling westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike we are volume in willow grove and making wear down to the mid county toll plaza a the it the is that point. and we're also dealing with delays on the 42 freeway in new jersey north bound just beyond 295 there is a a accident there moved to the shoulder but it was involving a tractor trailer. it is in longer blocking left-hand lane but we have
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big delays that lie just behind it all the way back to 55 and it is affecting north bound side of 55 as well as 295, so give yourself some more in time, ukee and erika. >> thank you. a birthday wish come true. >> still ahead how a visit from a vacuum salesman helped make a teenager's day, but first here's is what coming up tonight on the cw philly. what we eat and drink can stain our teeth. new colgate total lasting white mouthwash strengthens teeth and has an invisible shield that helps block stains like this. for a healthy white smile that lasts. new colgate total lasting white. >> does god still heal today? >> i knew that something miraculous had happened to me. >> i was born deaf and then my ears got healed. >> i've never seen anybody recover so quickly and so profoundly. >> when they took that second scan and it came back completely negative, like, just gone. >> discover how god still heals today. on "the 700 club," all week. monkeys are so close to human being in so many ways, here we have one monkey, consoling a sad friend. >> um-hmm. >> the at a miami wild life foundation. we're told it is toby consoling his friend angelina after she got in some trouble for misbehavior. look at that.
8:12 am
toby and angela are exhibiting human behavior here not to mention very human fashions sense, look at that. >> look at her. >> you know when you get busted as a kid it feels awful, you put your head down and toby there is just like it the is all right buddy it is all right, buddy. >> i told you not to do that. >> i know. >> yes. >> our time 8:22. autistic teen in virginia gets a vacuum for his thursday. >> it was the the best gift ever. >> can days burns telling you why. >> it is something most teens, dread. but for that it is something really special. a mother's dream, a child in love with the machine that just keeps the the house clean. >> when he was as a vacuum salesman because it was what he was passionate about. >> a-that i takes up much of dylan's time. >> it has all of the videos. >> he watches video on you tube. >> reporter: for her son's birthday jody invitedded a special guest asking them to send someone to die demonstration at the party. >> i said my sonnies 14. he is autistic. he loves vacuums and that is his favorite. >> reporter: to her surprise and dylan's amazement. >> we were all teary. >> made my day. >> reporter: company came through, al arch a arrived on the big day a moment captured on camera. >> are you serious. >> after showing dylan the ropes in how the vacuum works. >> it was an awesome experience. >> reporter: archie deliver another surprise. >> that is your new kirby. >> wow.
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>> now dylan has his very own kirby. >> and a memory that will last him a life time. >> i have never seen that happen. >> reporter: and a very happy mother. >> i never dreamed that this would happen. >> reporter: who probably won't have any trouble keeping her house cleaned. >> that was beautiful. >> i love to see a company really coming through like that. >> indeed. >> you know how many letters corporations get you could feel the emotion coming out. happy birthday my man. we will take a short break, we ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. good morning i'm ukee washington. we have snow on the way and we're not the the only ones with our eye on the skies and storm, penndot says they are prepared, for whatever mother nature throws our way. this is a look inside their common center where staffers machine toward traffic cameras for trouble spots all around the region. a ahead of the storm salt trucks put brine down to keep everyone safe all three area states are ready for whatever they get. let's find out is what up, katie. >> that is right, we are looking ahead to the system
8:14 am
not here yet, you can see moisture over my shoulder beginning to encroach from the west, and notice this is a clipper, but this is not a tried and true by definition clipper system. for one thing we have a variety of precipitation types witt. we expect that you will likely find it starting off with a little bit of rain at the shore, and it is generally light snow for everybody else and here's the timing of it. moving in shortly after lunchtime, light snow begins from west to east, see steady snow though with the worst timing we can imagine just in time for evening rush expectation it is all out of have here by midnight leaving behind a a one to 3-inch swab but some spots could pick up 4 inches, as far south as philadelphia and generally central delaware and south central new jersey. tomorrow and friday and for new we are looking quiet vittoria. >> thanks very much. not too quiet on the road, we have a few things to talk about first, lets talk about the 30 bypass, eastbound just around route 100 we are dealing with the very serious accident unfortunately a good amount of that behind the sign here but traveling east bound on the 30 bypass again approaching route 101 lane only but intermittently and traveling westbound we have more emergency personnel blocking left-hand lane give yourself some more time as they move the camera around, we will look live behind that incident. give yourself some more time. ukee. >> next update 8:55. up next on cbs this morning, actress julianne more, for more local news weather traffic and sports we are on i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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we will have an eye on the storm this morning, we will give you a lot a storm scan three showing that system inching closer and closer, our way. on the road, traffic showing the 30 bypass over at route 100 where there is already an accident, things are slowing down there on the left side of your screen. it could be a dicey tricky rush hour ride home. lets get the the latest from katie on is what coming in here. >> yeah, that is right ukee. even though we don't have wet turra affect the commute it doesn't mean you are not without issue. we will get to vittoria in a second. the let talk about what is happening with this system. it is a clipper but not your typical definition of the clipper. for one thing you will notice a mixed variety pack here of different kind of precipitation, a lot of times they come in and they just have have snow and they come through and leave as you loan very quickly this one will try to intensify but for now all is tranquil here at home but those cloud are building obviously a sign have of things to come. this air mass is certainly ripe for snow, cold enough thaw will find that snow eventually. temperatures will maryland rate up a bit before it gets here but here's how your day plans out. this is a great excuse to
8:16 am
maybe work from home if you are able to do so, or maybe take a half day because i'm telling you we will look ahead to the afternoon and evening rushes specially once this snow gets underway even though it is mod necessary terms of total accumulation it will always mess with the the commute here's general expectation, i snapshot of your evening drive, and, and, it will all move east into new jersey, in the early evening. slick spots untreated surfaces reduced visibility where ever that snow comes down. and all points south. so we've got an have afternoon on our hand, vittoria, that is for sure. >> i'm hoping our afternoon incident wise isn't going to look how this morning looks. it is bad out there we have had incident after incident. at least six or seven incidents that we have had in cameras, throughout this morning. the that is a lot. first lets talk about the 30 bypass, eastbound, camera is moved around a bit, we are dealing with the an accident, early vehicle fire blocking the right lane. only one lane have of traffic gets by. on the westbound side, they have had some emergency personnel blocking the left-hand lane, but they have cleared out of the way. we have pick up a disable vehicle on the shoulder but it is still a very active scene on eastbound side so the delay, that lies behind it it is this, so traveling throughout west whiteland township give yourself some more time, you will need it. and schuylkill expressway
8:17 am
rush hour delays i-95, going to and from the vine street the expressway, or excuse me, to and from the the schuylkill expressway on the vine and traveling on 476, 202 422, westbound pa turnpike the the list goes on, expect rush hour. jane car way owe pick up the store friday north philadelphia jan good morning. >> good morning, it is american five and a half hours, after this accident happened, and we are now seeing some movement, on the scene, tow trucks arrived on the keen, and since pulled away that white car that had been sitting here in the middle of lehigh avenue all morning long. two cars rein main. take a look the at them it is amaze ago this more serious injuries didn't result from this accident. you can see just how strong this collision was and three car accident involving a police car and two other cars but one of those has been towed away. the crash happened at 25th and lehigh around 3:00 this morning. police officers were transporting a 24 year-old gunshot victim to temple hospital at the time of the accident. they were coming from the 2400 block of north hollywood street and had their lights and siren on. gunshot victim had three shots to his legs. plus police were traveling east on lehigh avenue and they goat in the accident with the lexus traveling north on 25th, and then the car crashed into a third vehicle, a camaro that was traveling west on lehigh. everyone was taken to temple in stable condition that is five people in total the drivers of the two other cars, only had bumps and some
8:18 am
bruises, most severe injury was to the police office shore was driving his cruiser. he had a cut on his head and a possible concussion. now no word this morning on how fast anyone was driving with you we are learning more information about the drivers of those two other vehicles lets take a listen. >> whenever we're rushing someone to the hospital we activate our lights we activate our sirens, we try to drive there as quickly and safely as possible, it is interesting to know that both of the civilian vehicles are operated by non-licensed drivers. that is something we are to look into. >> reporter: this investigation is continuing, that shooting victim is also expected to survive. we're reporting live from north philadelphia, jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> thank you. 8:35. a bensalem father is charge with a assaulting two young girls during sleep over parties at his home. police fear there could be more victims. bensalem township police arrested 36 year-old david huebsch yesterday. investigators say a nine, ten year-old girl claimed they were in a prep eighthly touched by huebsch during sleep overs at his home. >> it is just a horrific act by this creep. i don't know what more you can describe to have a 36 year-old man sexually molest two girls one age the and one age ten. >> huebsch is being held on $750,000 bail. president obama ahead for idaho today to push for what he outlined in his state of the union address. last night he made case for improving lives of middle class americans. the that includes tax increases on the wealthy,
8:19 am
education and child care health as well. >> we cannot put security of families at the risk for taking away their health insurance, unraveling will new rules on wall street or refighting past battles on immigration when we have got the to fix a broken system. >> the the president is also pledge to go work with republicans but in the g.o.p. response iowa senator joni earns t remind everyone her party won last years' electricians. >> americans have been hurting but when we demanded solutions too often, washington respond with the same stale mine set that led to failed policies like obama care. >> she added republicans will push for repealing the president's health care reform. health officials have traced a measles out break back to the popular theme park. we will have details. we will here from an off tooth i police officer being called a hero this morning. how he sprang into action to save two lives the blue route during sunday's deadly ice storm. it the is story of courage in the face of tragedy. and a little later people are talking about this scene in the film american snipper but for all of the wrong reasons, how this baby, is stealing the screen, when we come back. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do.
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(sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... good morning, grab that second or third or fourth cup of coffee. drinking more coffee may lower your chances of developing skin cancer. researchers a the national cancer institute looked at coffee habits of half million participants. they found those who drank four or more cups a day of caffeinated coffee had 20 percent lower risk for malignant melanoma. and a new warning about the chemical bpa used as a lionel in food cans and plastic bottles. researchers fine that exposure to b pa during pregnancy is link to insulin resistance and inflammation. those are risk factors that could increase baby's chance of developing diabetes or heart disease later in life. well recent measles out break that started in callus now growing. >> there are several dozen cases of dangerous disease in five states. a as don champion reports the out break traces back to disney theme parks in anaheim. >> reporter: disney theme park officials now confirmed five of their employees were infect with measles. cases air monk 53 now reported in california, and the out break is link to two visitors at disney land and disney california adventure in december. visitors are aware. >> cases linked to disney have been reported in four other states in mexico, new confirmed case in oregon. at huntington beach high school in orange county california at least 23 student have been told to stay home
8:21 am
after a fellow student was infect with the disease. >> this is a very contagious serious disease you can develop ear infections, pneumonia, even self lights and people can die from it. >> reporter: letter sent home warn parents that being in the same room with someone who has measles is sufficient to become infected. like the infect student the teens who have been told to stay home were not vaccinated for measles. >> we almost wiped out thisty sees and then it comes back because people don't get vaccinated. i think that is the scary part to me it can come back. >> reporter: centers for disease control says two doses of the measles vaccine are needed for life time protection, doctors can do a simple blood test to see if people are vaccinated. don champion for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. all right. we want to get traffic and weather together and check with our weather watchers are. >> hi, everybody. we will take you out to the temperature map here where temperatures have generally, there what he go, because it is in the 20's for us so far this morning. the the the atmosphere is nice and ripe for snow. cloud are building. nothing out there yet regional wide in terms of the precipitation but we will find it. 25 degrees from tim mitchell. he has sunshine for now. meanwhile we are expecting eventually to see that snow moving in as we are every where else. that is what he is saying there. 27 degrees from barbara duncan. we'd love to see your profile picture. she's in egg harbor township with temperatures in at 27 degrees there. we will go one more further inland here 26 degrees sent from ron russell, again some
8:22 am
sun to start. it will in the stay this way but those temperatures will tell the story for us. lets go to storm scan great place to check in when we have a system brewing and this will be affecting us. it isn't a classic clipper. classic clippers would be not only very fast to move through but a lot of times they bring strictly snow. this one has a mixed bag. we have rain, a little mixing going on but we will see mixing ourself here as well. this is also a little clipper that decide hey i would like to intensify before moving out to sea. it looks like we will end up with a bull's eye of up to 4 inches of snow. best chance for that, goes to this little, sliver of blew up to 4 inches falling for a dover, southern new castle county could see that and across the bay in southwestern burlington county a long with that, a sliver of pink too. we will start off with a chilly rain as temperatures door high initially at the shore points but it is otherwise a general one to 3 inches for rest of the region. it could pick up as early as just after lunchtime through western suburbs and gradually progress east by three or four or 5:00p m. everybody is getting in to it. thursday, friday are quiet. new storm is looming for saturday. lots going on, vittoria. >> you got that right, katie. not only in the weather world but in the traffic world as well, we will take you to the vine street expressway we are dealing with unfortunately another accident to add to other menu this morning. traveling on the vine street expressway we will want to watch out for an accident, eastbound blocking right-hand lane as you make your way around broad street.
8:23 am
notice activity that a you have right here is causing traffic to squeeze on by. that will delay things back toward the the schuylkill which will in turn affect 76 as well. seventy-six is no picnic. traveling going to and from the vine street expressway and also throughout your western suburbs in the same usual pockets like around the curve and city avenue. as we move to the 30 bypass, we are dealing with the an accident approaching route 100. one lane only. causing a major delay through west white land township and if that is where you are heading, give yourself more time. traveling on lehigh avenue between 25th and 24th we have an accident location and what that is doggies causing a detour for the septa bus number five fourth, between 23 and 27. westbound on cam brianna a eastbound on the somerset keep that in mind if that is where you aringing this morning. we have an accident on land cast for avenue at chatham road so give yourself some more time ukee. checking our headlines this morning two philadelphia police officers are injured in the car crash while taking a shooting victim to temple university hospital. the officers collided with two cars near 24th and lehigh, both of those drivers did not have valid drivers licenses. also penndot is in monitoring a weather situation here and our road ahead of the this afternoon ahead of this expect snowfall. that snow could start just before afternoon rush hour. the katie will update the forecast in a few minutes. bucks county jury meets to continue deliberations in the fraud trial of don tollefson a former sportscaster on philadelphia television. tollefson is accused of scaming more than a hundred people over sports trips he
8:24 am
never supplied. icy roadways around the region caught many drivers off guard during sunday's storm. >> um-hmm, the blue route as a young husband and father slammed on the brakes with his wife and within year old in the car, rookie radnor police officer was nearby to help. pat ciarrocchi has the story of heroism. >> reporter: icing was epic, fast imperceptible and undrivable, wrecked card stack up by the dozens. on the schuylkill expressway one death amid more than 50 tangled cars. shortly after 7:00 a a.m. the blue route at west chester pike had a glaze of ice that a tractor trailer just could not navigate. radnor up to ship rookie officer james gallagher had just gotten off tooth i, he stopped to help a couple of fender benders, and then. >> i hear a series of bangs and the trailer is sideways down the road. i see a silver car shoot underneath the trailer and roof cut off. >> reporter: earl their morning traveling home to dover was jason anderson and his family. their became the second car, slamming into the tractor trailer, wedged underneath. gallagher went into triage mode. >> the operator wasn't responsive at all. there was a female passenger could hear me respond to me she started screaming about her baby. i was able to get the back door open and there was a car in the child side. >> reporter: driver was anderson a three three-year old who worked at dover international speed way. he was kill in the crash. the his wife and baby who was strapped into a car seat survived. with officer gallagher acting quickly to get the the child to safety using a knife to cut
8:25 am
the straps hold ago this child's safety seat. >> baby looked okay so i decided to take the car seat out of the car. i cut it loose and gave to it a by stand tore take it to mize car. my carries safe on the other side of the accident, it has got heat, it is dry. >> reporter: officer gallagher told us he is a dad of the three-year old, some instincts and training just kick in. the driver of the first car wedged beneath tractor trailer thomas brennan of lansdale was also kill. there is a trust fun being set up for jason anderson's young son ryan if you are interested in contributing or learning more about services for him this week, go to cbs in the sat center i'm pat ciarrocchi, "eyewitness news" at cw philly. god bless them and their families. so tragic. we will take a short break we will be right back good >> does god still heal today? >> i knew that something miraculous had happened to me. >> i was born deaf and then my ears got healed. >> i've never seen anybody recover so quickly and so profoundly. >> when they took that second scan and it came back completely negative, like, just gone. >> discover how god still heals today. on "the 700 club," all week. al gore announced a once in a life time event coming up this summer. president gore pop star ferrell williams and kevin wall, pre dueser says the world will sink in harmony june 18th. they are staging concerts on all seven couldn't event ins including a band playing in
8:26 am
antarctica mr. gore says the concerts are the name of climate change. that will be a party. >> and, band in antarctica drew the short straw. one of the characters in last week even's most popular movie is a fake baby. >> american snipper is taking criticism for using a plastic doll. jeanie moos explains. >> reporter: it is hard to resist sniping at american snipper, once you notice is what wrong with this scene. >> that baby looks like it is rubber. >> reporter: may sound like she's crying but she doesn't have a heartbeat and movie goers weren't fooled. >> that is a fake baby. why couldn't they get a real one. >> reporter: nor was this movie critic. >> during that heavy scene i started laughing and then bite my hand because nobody else is reacting. >> reporter: but they are now with tweets like if that fake baby from american snipper doesn't get a best supporting fake baby nomination i will be outrage. one movie goers even posted it looked like a cab ache patch kid. >> yes. >> bradley cooper and his movie wife siena miller did their best to make the fake baby convincing. >> but when that he baby hit, everything went away except that baby. >> reporter: mark harris joke nice shot of one of the actors who work with bradley cooper in american snipper. they did try to use a real baby but things went amidst, it has since deleted tweet screen writer jason hall says hate to ruin the fun but real baby number one showed up with a fever. real baby number two was no
8:27 am
show. director clint eastwood voice. >> give me the doll kid. >> now dolls are popping up, in mockery. but why would clint eastwood settle for a fake. >> eastwood shoots so fast and notorious for one or two takes and then move on i'm guessing the baby was last thing he cared about in that scene. >> it seems like thing you could go down to toys-r-us to pick up. >> yes. >> fake baby has her own twitter account and tweeted i'm in the straight from toys-r-us, thank you very much. in the middle of this deadly serious scene. >> do you think this war isn't changing you you are wrong. >> we're obsessed with bradley cooper moving his thumb to make the baby's arm move. coupe are deserves an award for best grunt while picking up a weightless plastic babe. jeanie moos, new york. >> i notice that had too when i saw the film. >> it is such a shame. >> great movie, i have heard. >> that was a heavy scene but thinking the whole time looking at that, what is that that is in the a real baby. >> we have real snow coming our way. >> nice transition, my friend. we have snow on the way, it is not here yet, give it until shortly after lunch for it to begin. moving from west to east. in new jersey by two or 3:00 p.m. instead yes, sir of this even though it is bringing us one to 3 inches, it is right at the height of the rush hour that is legacy here vittoria. >> not looking forward to that, if this were transitioning once again you are crawling on the vine street expressway yep, crawling on the vine heading eastbound, we do have, did you
8:28 am
get it? that is all right. i was waiting. wait for a reaction. not important. traveling on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway approaching broad street no laughing matter here. it is an accident situation block right-hand lane. the delays to go witt. rush hour attacking you every where. >> no bottle neck. >> dang, girl. >> very nice. >> do you like that. >> quick reminder for all of how wake up early each and every morning we go on the air 4:30a in m on than our sister station cbs 36789 we are waiting for you bringing you news weather traffic and sports and we like to bring it to you extra early. thanks for watching everyone. for more local news weather and traffic and sports we are always on at cbs >> check out talk philly at noon on cbs-3. we will be right back with one more check of your traffic abe weather together. we will see you in a bit. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we have video here showing just a frightening armed robbery and new police hope thaw can help catch these suspects. all right. here's that surveillance video from the family dollar store on the 6200 block of front street in olney. police say that the man walk into that shop monday afternoon, pointed a handgun at the cashier and demanded money. robber got away with $60 fled on foot. in one was injured. if you do recognize that gunman you are asked to call police. lets check with katie
8:29 am
because we are watching some snow that could mess up your morning, your evening commute. >> yes afternoon and evening is where it is at here, erika. in terms of what the weather will pre dues but i know vittoria has a long list of issues too. whole day just has a general rule of thumb is in the looking eye tiehl for travelers out there. here comes our clipper system it is in the a tried and true clip are by definition. it will will bring us typical within to 3-inch swab of snow but might see a swab up to 4 inches through central delaware and south central new jersey as well as starting off with the brief mix of rain, as it moves through. general expectation is that it will start to pick up as early as shortly after the lunch her say within to two and as late as 3:00 p.m. and picks up and is persistent through your typical rush. long gone by late night, how much. >> we will look forward to that because traffic has been so perries tenth and we have had incident on top of rush hour volume where it just feels like the delays are endless. as we look at the vine street expressway heading in the ease bun direction approaching area of broad we have a accident blocking the right-hand lane, one lane getting by. delays back toward 76 and in turn 76 is experiencing high volume as well as a result. eastbound on the 30 bypass still have an accident, at route 100 big old delay throughout west white land township so give yourself more time erika. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up a a at noon on cbs-3. what we eat and drink can stain our teeth. new colgate total lasting white mouthwash strengthens teeth and has an invisible shield that helps block stains like this.
8:30 am
for a healthy white smile that lasts. new colgate total lasting white. >> gordon: well, welcome to "the 700 club." president obama announced an expensive new agenda in last night's state of the union speech. his plan includes free higher education, and more than $300 billion in new taxes. >> terry: the president also promised to use this veto pen to defend obamacare and his executive action on illegal immigrants. however, republicans now control both houses of congress, and they have other plans. jennifer wishon brings us the story from washington. >> reporter: the president laid out an ambitious agenda defiant in the face of the new republican majority on capitol hill. most of it focuses on what he calls middle class economics. >> president obama: it means helping folks afford child care
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