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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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salt truck and tractor trail are collide on i-95 and south jersey. this is a live look the at southbound lanes near exit 18 in paulsboro. good news, in one was hurt but traffic as you might imagine is a mess. good morning, it is thursday january between the second i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. an overturn salt truck and jackknife tractor trailer on 295 south over to paulsboro. >> our carol erickson arrived and what have you learned. >> reporter: well, this is greenwich township and we're on berkley road are overlooking this accident this happened at 5:20 this morning. you can see new jersey department of transportation trucks with the arrows, if you follow those arrows along the very last arrow is where you are finding that accident. it involved two tractor trailers, one further are down the road and that overturned salt truck. it is under jurisdiction of the state police so we don't have a time at this point we're talking with the local police here on when this is opening up. you can see traffic is moving 295 southbound through this paulsboro area but it is very slow there on the shoulder on the road but they are on the shoulder of the road, not the side to the right but there in the fast lane shoulder on the road. traffic is moving along. the the wawa near here absolutely pack because so many people have seen this backup, that is stacked up on 295 south and they have gotten off just trying to wait this out as a bunch of gigantic
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trucks are at the front of this right where that accident happened and they are trying to upright that overturned tractor trailer the salt truck and get these sideways tractor trailers back where they are supposed to be. but in the interim i think that the take away message from this mess on 295 south through paulsboro is there can be areas that are slick. again, we don't know exactly what caused this accident but if it is ice as we have saw way too much of on sunday that suddenly you fine tractor trailer just stopping an sliding and that sort of thing because black ice is a possibility with temperatures because low freezing and precipitation that we saw last night, take away for drivers is slow down, even these treated roads we don't know where this might appear. this is in the a ramp area but on a straight away that this happened. it wasn't an overpass an a an elevated section of this road, it was just on the main portion of the road and that is where the problem was. again, it is almost two hours old this traffic still moving very very slowly and in fact as you can turnaround we can see right down there look at the other side this is on the other side of 295 and you can see how far back that traffic is stacked. there is a lot going on here and whatever is going on is moving very, very slowly. coming back here live with the traffic scene and mess behind me carol erickson, new back inside to you, katie, what a morning. >> absolutely carol thanks very much. >> when you talk about those temperatures it is below freeze ago cross the board here. even though we know road crews
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did such a fantastic job we want you to be cautious. the as we sit below freeze ago cross the board if there is any left over untreated road surface or sidewalk or driveway you can take a tumble or slip on it, on your vehicle, any moisture left over continues to fizzle. there are winter weather advisory for southwestern portion of the area until 8:00 a.m. for this very thing left over ice passage but cloud will break for some sun and we will catch a break in the action at least for now vittoria, over to you. we will piggy bag off of carol erickson's fantastic reporting on 295. 295 southbound at paulsboro and greenwich township we are still dealing with this multiple vehicle accident involving an overturn salt truck. notice a few vehicles up ahead. shoulder is getting by but anytime we have an overturn vehicle they will temporarily shut down the roadway. you need to anticipate that. therefore, traveling in this area southbound on the new jersey turnpike is your best alternate, new jersey turnpike entirely is a great alternate at this time. as we look at rush hour delays i-95 southbound at cottman a disable vehicle blocking right-hand lane and rush hour on top of the northeast through center city give yourself some more time ukee. crewness new jersey are still on the scene of an intense apartment complex fire that broke out more than 14 hours ago. cbs news correspondent don champion joins us a at the scene in bergen county new jersey where investigators are searching for a cause don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee that work of determining
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a causes underway as fire fighters continued trying to put out this fire. as you can see from this chopper high above right now this fire is still burning. there is still smoldering, is there smoke rising from this area it has been burning for more than 14 hours now displacing hundreds of people. >> it took more than two hours for this fire that started with smoke billowing out of the window to grow into a intern owe. flames quickly burned through the entire apartment complex in edge water, new jersey. the at the height of the fight fire fighters could be seen pulling water on neighboring buildings in an effort to stop the flames from spreading that work came with the own challenges. >> hit the hydrant in so many locations it lowers pressure. >> reporter: not a lot of what the tore fight this thing. >> not a lot of water. >> reporter: fire started 4:30 wednesday afternoon at the complex that sits a along the hudson river right across from new york city. within an hour crews called in extra help including fdny fire boats. more than 12 hearst later you can see there is smoke billowing from the area overnight fire fighters work to put out flare-ups and hot spots in the complex. >> we are seen minor injuries. there was in loss of life at this fire. >> reporter: more than 160 resident spent the night in the shelf the erin side a nearby school back out here live here's another live view from high above the fire once again, we are told a 175 units are impact by this fire you
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can still see a great deal of smoke rising from the scene here and we're told part of the building that did catch fire are still burning at this hour. the mayor here did issue a state of emergency and canceled classes at neighboring schools today back to you. don, thanks very much. also developing right now a violent robbery leaves a store clerk's fighting for his life this morning. police say he was shot in the the face right in front of the customers, store owner and a two-year old boy. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at police headquarters with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this store employee remains in the hospital this morning in critical condition and may in the survive. police say he will like liz lose an eye and if you could imagine this it could have ended even worse. this shooting and robbery all unfolded in front of the little boy philadelphia police dusting for fingerprints at this germantown store hoping a robbery suspect made a mistake and was not wearing gloves. just after 8:30 wednesday night on the 1200 block of east stafford street police say a man entered in a white hooded sweat shirt and ski mask and was arm with the gun. after robbing the place police say he shot a five three-year old employee three times. >> one to the face, two to his thigh. we're not ensure if he will survive his gun shot wound. he lost a lot of blood. >> reporter: he was taken to and stein and remains in critical condition. employee was standing at back deli counter, the store was open at the time. two others were inside and so was the store's owner.
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she was standing at front counter with a two-year old baby boy in her arm. >> 15 feet distance, small store, very contain very confine area. fortunately, in one else was injured. >> reporter: police are interviewing witnesses unfortunately there were in surveillance video or cameras in this store, a and scheduled to be installed later this week. the reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. philadelphia police are also up investigating an overnight shooting in logan. authorities say two men were shot several times on the 4500 block of gratz street. it happened around 11:00 last night. one of the victims was in critical condition. there is in word on a motive for that shooting but if you have any information you're asked to call philadelphia police. developing right now we have learn that a former philadelphia police detective is expect to face charges today. sources tell "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt hunt their former detective is accused of possibly obstructing a murder investigation. there is in word on specific charges yet but they center around accusation that is former homicide detective this man ronald dove apparently helped his girlfriend after she allegedly killed her ex-husband. they are looking into his role in several other murder cases. dove was fired in 2013 after 16 years with the police department. stay with "eyewitness news" as we learn exactly what charges dove will face. a preliminary hearing today for this man steven woodson accused of launching a vicious attack on the woman a
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inside a spring garden parking garage. woodson faces several charges including attempted murder, sexual assault and robbery. he has been in custody since the a alleged new years day attack. police dash cam video shows what happened during a deadly traffic stop in bridgeton last month. police officer brahim days had pulled over his car for running a stop sign. when he approached on the passenger side he sees a gun. while his partner covers the driver days grabs the dunn begin and tells the man not to move. moments later the passenger push his waste out of car and the officer opened fire. that passenger, 36 year-old jerome reid was kill. cumberland county prosecutor jennifer web in mcray reaccused herself from the investigation because she knows officer days but some feel that is not enough. two civil right organizations are now asking for the case to be turned over tooth new jersey attorney general's office. >> we're demanding that prosecutor mccray recues her entire staff from this investigation, give it to the attorney general's office. >> the the new jersey attorney's office says it will not take over the investigation but cumberland county prosecutor's office in a statement saying it will handle it and ultimately present the case to a grand jury, unless the undisputed facts indicate that the use of force was just final under the law. cbs news reports that no civil rights charges are expect to be filed against former ferguson police officer darren wilson. the fbi was looking into whether wilson intentionally
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violated any civil rights laws when he shot and killed 18 year-old michael brown. that investigation is now complete, and meantime, st. louis county police just released this video of looting following grand jury's decision not to indict wilson in november. they say they are looking for more than hundred people. your time 7:12. vice-president joe biden is talking about last week even a's scare outside his home in delaware, find out why he was in the worried. demolishing a piece of history how newtown connecticut plans to wipe out any signs of adam lanzaza. we will be right back. what we eat and drink can stain our teeth. new colgate total lasting white mouthwash strengthens teeth and has an invisible shield that helps block stains like this. for a healthy white smile that lasts. new colgate total lasting white. we are keeping an eye on the road and icy concerns that are out there too. >> pupil kurhz from kyw news radio 1060 is streaming live picture with mobile three. paul how has the conditions change if, a at all, from your last lex until new where are you. >> reporter: i'm somewhere in white marsh township, ukee, and i decided to go in the neighborhood here because main roads are, just fine. salt trucks have been out all morning and they did a great job making road wet ape drying in some cases despite 28-degree temperature.
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as you can see in this neighborhood there are driveways, coated with that little crusty coating of ice and snow but the streets the streets are fine. as you can see i can see salt in front of me. in problems at all. so despite the sub freezing temperatures, we have really good driving conditions this morning. >> yes, sir. >> good to hear. when you come up to the stop sign you are get gooding traction. >> i haven't slid once and i have been driving for about four hours this morning. i never once felt any threat of sliding. >> fantastic. you haven't seen anybody else slip or slide on the road. >> reporter: no, not one problem at all, and i could use a search team because i have no idea where i am, so help me. >> just turn your gps on we will find you. >> paul kurtz check him out two, three, four times a day, thank you buddy, great to hear. great to hear road are holding up but we are close to freezing. >> we are, 31 degrees in the live neighborhood network and beautiful winter wonder land outside middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. snow is out there. as we saw from poor lost paul's live shot that are obviously still snow covered, sidewalks and driveways and that kind of thing. that may end up being youring aboutes concern is that first step out of the gate, that first step off the stoop or into your driveway and just time that you might need to allow to clean off your car to thaw out that kind of thing. we have verified well with this one guys.
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we ended up with what we expect a generally one to 3-inch swab, we have pick up 3 inches in sea villain half inch coating, here in wayne, pennsylvania. it looks good in terms of what we expect. meanwhile storm scan three notice a hint of lingering moisture is fizzling throughout the course of the morning but we will eventually see these cloud and this moisture also fist with the time and give way to a little bit of sunshine. we have to address is what coming down the pike guys, we have a large storm that is already delivering a huge impact through deep south across texas, heavy rain, we have fog, snow. also responsible for a lot of snow back through the four corners. lets talk about how it will affect us. we have high pressure through tomorrow and where that high goes how cold air wraps in, where it decide to frank are all factors as to what we will end up seeing here. set up is here to get a decent snow storm out of this along the i-95 corridor. it wouldn't be confined to just necessarily the suburbs, outside city this time. these are factor we have to keep an eye on. high block the storm and send it out the companies. does it speed up and in the deliver much. does it have have cold air to produce that snow these are question marks for us but i have a gut feeling this will be a good shot for us to pick up some decent snow accumulation as long i-95. we have to keep an eye on the it saturday morning snow turning to rain with the mixing of icing as well and then back to know before it is all gone on sunday. monday don't blink another system here bringing us a fresh round of additional snow vittoria.
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good morning, everyone. we have a fresh rush hour out there for you traveling on majors 95, 422, 202. it is a full swing fresh rush. i cannot say fresh enough. i love how katie used that word. stuck in my head tonight. way, i-95 good news is earlier disable vehicle at cottman around this area has been clear. if you are traveling southbound i-95 that right lane has been reopened. damages i odn't. you can tell by our brake lights we are jam from the northeast down to the vine. northbound side not great through construction zones at both girard and cottman. we have another sign of rush hour at this point here approaching oaks down to 202 it is slow. good news is though penndot crews have done an macing job brining and salting the the roadways. we are seeing it on the grass and median. that is still good news. traveling southbound on the new jersey turnpike at molly pitcher service area we have an accident partially blocking ramp there we have an accident at old york road and moreland road in montgomery county. do not forget about the accident 295 in paulsboro involving an overturn truck. three lanes compromised, on ramp is block and only allowed to get through using shoulder a and one lane only. since thinks involving also a overturned vehicle will we cane potential of them completely closing 295 with no cross traffic. at this time i would say your best alternate within to take southbound new jersey turnpike side if this is where you are heading, in major delays for mass transit ukee. old home of the sandy hook school shooter will be torn
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down. newtown connecticut council members voted last night to demolish the house where adam lanza a lived with his moth are. the lanza killed his moth there are before he murdered 20 children and six adult in sandy hook elementary in 2012. house will be gone by this spring and city leaders plan to keep the 2-acre property as open space. family of the man kill in the new jersey turnpike crash that injured tracie minister again has settled a wrongful death claim with wal-mart. james mcnair was killed when a wal-mart truck slammed in the limousine bus carrying morgan and several other people last june. the the terms are confidential. wal-mart truck driver kevin roper was charged with death the by an automatic owe in connection with the crash. a new survey finds surprising details about something spouses are hiding from each other. >> are you one of the 7 million americans mentioned? we will explain. but as we go to break here's what is coming up tonight on the cw philly. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts she may have been notified in time to help stop the damage. lifelock's credit notification service
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and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. good morning everyone. if you are just joining us there are icy spots so watch out for them this morning out on local highways. icy conditions could be to blame for this accident on i295 south in greenwich township, gloucester county. in addition to a tractor trailer a and a car there is also an overturn, salt truck involved in this crash. also a huge fire is forcing hundreds of people out of their apartments in edge water bergen county, new jersey. there are in injuries but destruction is, complete, and there is in word on the cause of this fire. civil rights charges are not expected in the shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown at the had hand of george son missouri officer darren wilson. police are now searching for looters, who stormed ferguson stores, lastember. 7:24. last week we told but a rug misprinted in dog we trust instead of in god we trust. >> little will typo. now some dogs are benefiting from that mistake. the rug was on the floor at pinelas county florida sheriff's department when the the mistake was discovered. that last night that rug was auctioned off to benefit a dog rescue you group. the first bid was a hundred dollars. listen to this they wound up raising more than $9,600 just from that rowing close to ten grand. >> that is wonderful. in our dogs we do trust in my house. >> that is in someone's home what i great talking piece too. >> in question, you have that done.
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>> yes. >> so great. >> we will take a short break, you've watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. good morning family, we will see new just hi, good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. let's check the conditions outside and check with katie, good morning. >> good morning, ukee. things are starting to quiet down for us out there. we have a hint of left over myself tour so fog could lead to some, freezing fog in some spots. the little hint of moisture showing up on storm scan but overall we have been getting reports all morning that the commute has been pretty great as far as the weather impact is concern. our system continues to retreat thankfully. we are eventually however going to look a head to the next big thing coming on at day which we will talk about but for now winter weather advisory in effect for the next half an hour in a couple of minutes and it is generally to the southwestern half of the area waiting on national weather service to get us all clear and let though expire. morning cloud followed up by sunshine, high hitting a seasonal 40. twenty-seven tonight under a clear sky and weak look forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast.
7:15 am
i say we will have the all clear right true tomorrow but overnight into saturday this next coastal storm comes along and this could be a big one depending on how it decides to track. we are very likely going to be seeing a mix of rain and snow? who gets what is where question marks remain but we have good shot for steady heavy rain at shore and further inland we get it is good shot to see decent snow. sun day is quiet. then our next system is here on monday, this one will be strictly a snow producer but we could see additional light snow accumulation toss tack on to the snow totals. so snow lovers rejoyce vittoria. >> yah, where are they. not in the traffic department. good morning everyone. traveling out and about right now, earlier, all morning long we were like it is great outside, salt crews did an amazing job which they did. we're in the seeing snow on the roadways but katie was talking about some of the fog pa turnpike is issuing a travel advisory if you are traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike as a result of that fog it may be light very light precipitation in that area but traveling on the majors we're not seeing any snow on the majors, crew did his a great job unfortunate thely all we're seeing is volume. traveling on the ben franklin bridge making your way in toward fill awe are jam the entire way. traveling on the schuylkill expressway still delays as you make your way out of our area in king of prussia west and eastbound and watch out for pockets traveling around area of city a avenue and center city in either direction. if you are traveling in plainsboro route one north bound between skudder mill road we have an accident
7:16 am
allowing the the shoulder to get by. southbound on the new jersey turnpike at molly pitcher service a area ukee? good thanks variety tore y next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, historic talks in havavana cuba for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on th this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at good morning , an armed robber shoots a worker in the face while customers, store owner and toddler watch in horror. jane carabao joins with us this report. >> reporter: philadelphia police dusting for fingerprints at this germantown store hoping a robbery suspect made a mistake and was in the wearing gloves. just after 8:30 wednesday night on the 1200 block of east stafford street police say a man entered this store in the white hooded sweat shirt and ski mask and was arm with the gun after robbing the place for some reason, police say he shot a five three-year old employee three times. >> one to the face and two to the thigh. we are in the sure if he will survive his wound. he lost a lot of blood. >> reporter: he was taken to einstein and remains in critical condition. the the employee was standing at the back deli counter, the the store was opened at the time. two other customers were inside and so was store's owner. she was standing at the front with the two-year old baby boy in her arms. >> it is about 15 feet
7:17 am
distance, it is a small store, very contain very confined area. fortunately in one else was injured. >> reporter: now this store employee if he survives he will likely lose his eye. in the meantime police are interviewing witnesses unfortunately they say there is no surveillance cameras inside the store. those were scheduled to be installed later this week. the reporting from philadelphia police, jan carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we have the the latest on the forecast katie, good morning. >> our forecast overall is quieting down anyway for the time being but it doesn't stay that way. the as early as the weekend we have a new large storm that we are tracking. lets start off taking you out to the camera view from sky cam three and you can see haze developing over ben franklin bridge, and temperatures remaining generally at or below freezing as you can see here 32 degrees reported at philadelphia international. we could be dealing with freezing fog as well. we want you to exercise some caution. this is one of those instances where, it could, be an overtime scenario and distance outside, in the boardwalk plaza, you can see, what looks like just a puddle will or some left over moisture. that could have easily frozen up. so keep that in mine. all of those typical things you know drill on we want you you to be extra cautious. always in the wake of any winter systems like the one we just had. we have more moisture evident on storm scan three but with that said this system continues to pull away. we will see the cloud, thin out and we will even up with some sunshine as the the day progresses.
7:18 am
forty is our high at the shore and in the city. we have to talk about the headlines here. big weather headlines are that it is not just yesterday's system. we have two more before the next five taste are over, one comes a along on saturday, that is the biggie and then by monday we have got yesterday another system to track and that could bring us additional snow the coastal snow on saturday, there is a lot of moving pieces but it has potential to be a significant within for our area. so we have an eye on that. in the meantime we have an eye on what is going on outside, to are that we will continue our coverage and send it out to meteorologist carol erickson live once again in the mobil weather lab good morning, once again carol. >> good morning. last time i talk to you i was on the overpass overlooking the big accident on 295, and two lanes through paulsboro, and we will be driving past just uprighted the overturned salt truck. things are starting open up at 5:20 on the stretch of 295 south, heavily treated road could very possibly that hour of the morning have been ice and this was a salt truck that was involve in this along with two tractor trailers. this is the first on the ground view of it, all of the sand that they have got here and all of the crews that have been here to try to get these tractor trailers uprighted there, it is upside down and new right side up with the tail end broken off on that salt truck. that play facing the wrong direction but it is upright. these two tractor trailers that you see have also been involved in this and they were sideways on this roadway.
7:19 am
we have seen sideways jackknife tractor trailer disasters on sunday. this was no injuries, a very fortunate occurrence, and that nobody was hurt and that two big tractor trailers stayed upright, salt truck was overturn but no one was involved in this. this will be a memory but in the a disastrous memory for them or any of these other drivers. as we go through you this again 295 southbound road is opening up, our temperatures at this point are all the way up to 35 degrees. that is going to help as well along with all of the salting sanding, brining and everything else that has gone on. we have pick up some moisture. the just know that with some very, very light drops of, it looks probably like it was just a little bit of rain, chance of freezing rain is still out there. do be careful on these road. you know you are still dealing with some conditions that can be very dicey. so vittoria, that is a look we are through that accident scene on 295 south and road is starting to open up. >> thanks very much are, carol. we have been looking for that sign of light in the near future for anyone traveling on 295. we will talk about that in one more time in a second. but if you are traveling will on the roosevelt boulevard you will notice thaw are in rush hour form. you are in rush hour form in a lot of our majors. traveling southbound expect delays approaching area have of 76 out of the area have of broad street and this volume has to do with 76 not moving. that is why it is causing folks on the southbound side to start a stan still at the ramps there. north bound you are not awful
7:20 am
but look at i-95 southbound jammed on you of the academy through the vine street expressway. you will go to i-95 northbound traffic at delaware county. keep that in mind. again northbound on i-95 throughout the construction zone at girard and a cottman avenue. we have a lot going on and on top of that schuylkill expressway looks like 76 anticipate delays through your western suburbs and around center city philadelphia so again carol was just moving beyond that scene of the jackknife tractor trailer incident on 295 southbound, greenwich township but the exit area that it was caused in was paulsboro. 295 southbound at paulsboro we still have only the shoulder getting by and on ramp block. traveling in this area, new jersey turnpike is your best bet, ukee and quarter. let's get a check on business. >> jill wagner joins us now from the insuring stock exchange and yesterday market got a boost, nice to see that. what are investors watching today. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander use. all eyes here than overseas market. european central bank is expect to announce a major stimulus program to help boost the sluggish european economy. it could be similar to the one instituted by federal reserve that helps prevent the you had from slipping further in the 2008 financial crisis. investors are feeling optimistic about the plans ukee and erika. jill, a new survey has surprising results when it comes to husband, wife's and finances. >> um-hmm. >> tell us. >> reporter: yes well, more than 7 million americans it turns out has cheated on their
7:21 am
significant others... financially. so credit survey found 4.8 million men hid a credit card or bank account in spouse and one in five americans have spent $500 or more on a purchase without their partner's knowledge, and it turns out men are actually more lakely then women to have done so. >> yes. >> i did that with my golf clubs, so i fessed up. >> well, she knows now. >> it is all good. >> thanks, jill. >> for more money tips and information from money head to cbs grand jury recommended criminal charges against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. court documents shows grand jury believes kane should be charged with pull any perjury, misdemeanor charge of false swearing, and obstruction. charges stem from allegations that kane violated grand jury secrecy rules in the 2009 up investigation. the montgomery county d.a. risa vetri furhman will deciding whether to pursue prosecution. kane says she's targeted by people who want her out of office. >> no, i won't resign and i will tell you why. i promised people of pennsylvania that i with fight public corruption. that is exactly what this is the the court systems are being used to overturn an election of somebody they just don't like. somebody who is cleaning up harrisburg. somebody who is making sure child predators get off the streets. i'm in the giving up. i'm not in this just for me. i'm tonight for everybody. if they can do it to me they will do it to somebody else and that is unacceptable in my book. >> kane it was in philadelphia
7:22 am
yesterday announcing arrests in the statewide drug ring. the vice-president gentlemen bier said he is in the worried about his security after someone fired shot near his home in delaware. secret service is investigating saturday's drive by shooting incident in greenville new castle county. during an interview on cbs this morning biden says officers found four shell casing spread over a large area. >> car must have been going by at a fairly high rate of speed. it appears somebody on the passenger side fired a gun. my house is on the driver's side. it the business a hundred yards away. there is no evidence of anything hitting the the house. i'm in the at all worried. >> biden where is not home at the the time of that shooting. happening today delaware governor markell delivers his state of the state address. one thing he is expect to discuss is his spending plan for upcoming fiscal year. lawmakers also inspected the transportation projects and education. the governor bill deliver his speech at legislative hall in the capitol city of dover, at 2:00 this afternoon. the second person to enter philadelphia mayor's race is now second person to drop out. in a statement ken trujillo cited undisclosed family matters in his decision to withdraw. 's announce had months ago that the demies a former federal prosecutor and city solicitors. and, and, he cited difficulty in fund raising. e cigarettes have become a preponderance hard side effect for a lot of smokers out there the but results of the the new study may make you think twice about using them. we will tell but the dangerous chemical found inside.
7:23 am
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you don't know "aarp." because the aarp fraud watch network means everyone can protect themselves and their families from scams and identity theft. with local alerts, tips from law enforcement and the inside scoop from former con artists. real possibilities to stay ahead of the bad guys. if you don't think beat con men at their own game, when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at many identity thieves do their work on line but you some still rely on old fashion method such as digging through your trash. >> that is why shredding your documents is so important. >> very. >> and in this weeks angie's list report jim donovan looks at shredding do's and don't's. >> reporter: your personal information is every where, bills, bank statement credit card offers, even magazine subscriptions, which is why disposing of it is a serious business and shredding is a great option. >> using your own individual shredder can be time consuming and constantly jam. you might consider hiring a paper that reading company that can do this job in minutes. >> a lot of questions are do you have to prepare the paper and you don't. the that is what we're all about. you don't to have take staples, paper clubs and all that stuff out of the paper. it goes right to the shredder. the it is are fast and convenient. if you hire help, look for a company that is happy to show its process. you should be able to watch your items go through the the shredder this way you will know your information cannot be pieced back together.
7:25 am
that is our whole concept, you stay and watch, know it is done and you have piece of mine. >> reporter: beforehanding over anything to be destroyed always double-check your document. >> you don't want to have buyers remorse. >> you have to look through all of your document pile very carefully otherwise you could shred something very important. also be sure that the company you are hiring isn't handling or going through you documents thaw are passing over because again you you are doing this for your own protection and privacy. >> reporter: make sure you know how company charges. some charge by the minor by the pound. for more advice for shredding your documents visit cbs,/angie's list. i'm jim donovan. 7:45. lets get traffic and weather together and check with our weather watchers. what are they seeing. >> we will take you to the observations but a couple pictures too. eyewitness weather watcher network reading below freezing or up to in most locations within the last hour of observation. 28 degrees sent in from sandra, and she is in trenton. he did send us a picture. it is a snowy scene for sure with a dusting where she is in robbinsville. but we have been talking about this all morning. the road crews did such a great job it may even up being that first step out of the gay as gay -- gate, as you find the problem here in terms of left over ice. mean while we will go to 31 degrees sent from bill chapline. i love his profile picture with the eyewitness weather watcher in the background. he is in philadelphia 31 degrees is what he sent n he is talking about the calm
7:26 am
before the storm. he is right. we are tracking another one by the weekend. ed heaton, he has got a lit built of very light snow, and mixing with some rain out there we have seen some moisture out there, but hey, is that what he is seeing. 29 degrees in atglenn. let me show you the bigger picture here on storm scan. is there that left over moisture there. interesting he is fine ago this out there a lot of it is fizzling. we have haze too. but we are also tracking the next storm system and it still has mentioned calm before the storm. that is y this is a big old storm that is rolling east making a left-hand turn and riding up the coastline looking ahead to the weekend. so high pressure takes i its play briefly and then overnight friday into saturday. time scan is everything midnight, coldest part of the night as this makes its arrival. it will likely start off with some snow a across our area we will good chance to accumulate but notice we are going to see some rain, icing mix in with this too and then eventually colder air catches up. if it turns over to rain it may change back to snow or ice. a lot of moving pieces but bee may end up with heavy rain and gusty win. classic storm for shore. rain and snow in the forecast. sunday is quiet. monday another system waits in the wings and this is strictly snow and will likely affect everyone. the vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. we are looking at a very is had i foggy shot of the ben franklin bridge. if you are traveling on the ben you will notice headlights trying to make their way from new jersey in toward philadelphia so you are
7:27 am
crowded. heading down toward eighth and vine. if you are traveling our area bridges earlier we had 35 miles an hour speed restrictions, and i would still advise you to will travel at that moderate speed because the bridges as well as on and off ramps are first to freeze. in weather like this you cap not be too careful. taking a look at the 30 bypass eastbound right around area of 340, it is hazy, we are also seeing sprinkles out and about. notice roadways are wet, wet slick, be mindful of black ice, so you have those weather, items to worry about on top of rush hour traffic. giving yourself some more time and in and out of the neighborhood where you still solve snow on the ground. take it easy. we have this incident on 295 southbound, this is in greenwich township at paulsboro. it is a three vehicle crash involving an overturn salt truck and jackknife tractor trailer. if you are traveling in that area notice right lane is block causing a big backup. i would advise you to take the new jersey turnpike, if you can. also, in new jersey, on the 42 and 295 we are seeing heavy rush hour delays even filling back on 55. and southbound city avenue at presidential boulevard you know that intersection, we have an accident there and it the is causing a major problem, erika. >> on the healthwatch, a warning for e cigarette uses va ping releases formaldehyde at levels 15 times higher than traditional smoking when the devices are operated at high voltage, according to a study published in the new england journal of medicine. but e cigarette proponents say in the so fast, they criticize
7:28 am
that had study for testing devices under the conditions that they say dent reflect actual use. in sports, former st. joes star langston galloway is making his name for himself with the new york knicks after times in the nba's developmental lead. knicks in south philadelphia last night. car will mellow anthony hits the long range bomb for three of his 27 points. the sixers michael carter williams threw in 27. nice drive in the lane for the two handed slam. late in the game it is galloway swooping on a loose ball and he will drain an off balance three. he had 11 points last night. once again playing well. knicks beat sixers final score was 98-91. new england patriots coach bell bill check may address the deflate gate allegations today when he talks at a super bowl press conference. paths are accused of deflating 11 of the 12 football they brought to the afc championship game last week. they beat the colts 45-seven. now deflated balls within easier to catch and throw in that bad weather. the nfl has not said anything but seahawks cornerback richard sherman has. >> if it is against the rules it is against the the rules but it will not have any effect on this game. it will not, nobody will get suspended, nothing will happen, you know, they will will play this game. whatever they did risk reward was greater. >> meanwhile colts player took some air out of the controversy on twitter, tightened dwayne allen tweet had not a story. they could have played with soap for balls and beat us. simply the better team. we have to continue to build.
7:29 am
soccer superstar hope solo is suspended 30 days from the u.s. women's sock are game and will miss two match necessary europe. her suspension comes have after her husband was arrested for driving under the influence and solo reportedly acted dridge rently. she is not facing any charges a and she has apologized on her face book page. they are coach says solo made aid poor decision and impacting the u.s. national team. erika. ukee, still ahead this morning jay leno is ises star weighing in the on the bill cosby allegations what he has to say about the legendary comic. also it is a vacation to forget for lindsey lohan we have word on the rare virus that the actress pick up while out of the country. we will be right back. you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! word is you may see a familiar face hosting the 57th annual grammy award. >> rapper l.l. cool j will reprice his rel as host for a fourth year in a row.
7:30 am
big names have also been added to the line up this year common, john ledgend sam smith and ferrell williams just a few have the stars taking stage on february 8th. you will see grammys over on our sister station cws3. >> doesn't dough that stay with me tune. >> yes, stay with me. former tonight show host jay leno speaks out about the allegations surrounding bill cosby. >> tv conference in miami leno says get he doesn't know why it is so hard to believe women. he added he thought it was fantastic video that brought allegation toss light was not filtered or edited when released to the public. the cosby has never been charged in connection with the allegations. and lindsey lohan is recovering from the rare mosquito born virus. the 28 year-old angries contracted a virus while on the vacation in bora over the holidays. it is a mosquito born virus that us contactes fever, quint pain and fatigue. sources say she has been released from a london hospital but could suffer joint pain for several months. i necessity we have talk to doctor jennifer cud about this. it is a very serious problem. >> that is in joke n doubt about that. weak take a short break. we're watching "eyewitntness news" at cw good morning i'm erika von tiehl. lets get right over to katie because some folks are concerned about icy road this morning. >> absolutely, true, that is what we have been hearing for the area reports that we have heard, coming in, outside, generally speaking we are
7:31 am
seeing additional moisture out there we are seeing it over my shoulder. we will take it full screen on storm scan three. that moisture is verifying according to our eyewitness weather watcher network here as light snow or light rain drops. generally stuck in the cloud and a hint of the haze out there, and that said, it is just slow it down out there. if it looks like it is very likely ice because everybody is at or below freezing. we will eventually see cloud thin for some sun climb to 40 degrees. drop to 27 tonight. under a clear sky. tomorrow is also quiet. but overnight into the weekend saturday specifically thinks going to be the next arrival of our storm system, over the next one in line anyway and it is a coastal storm. it will after lieutenant of moisture to work with. we will expect snow and rain out of it. likely icing too another round of snow, already then for monday. winter is here, vittoria. >> not pumped bit not pumped about it at all. good morning everyone. you won't be too siked about your rush hour commute because it is out there and in full swing. ninety-five, schuylkill expressway vine 422 202 and new jersey. if you are traveling in new jersey, 42 northbound is delayed all the way back to about 55, that delay is stemming on to 55 a as well as 295 but 295 southbound at paulsboro we have a jack nair tractor trailer accident and right rain is getting by. so give yourself more time erika. next update 8:25. next up on cbs-3 this morning ground breaking new research on the brainn and comb your local news weather and traffic continues with us on the cw philly. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget.
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nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! what were you expecting... a little garnish? introducing longhorn's bold flavors, bold price for $12.99. the fire grilled triple bacon sirloin. the shiitake truffle mushroom sirloin. or the garlic provolone sirloin. all with salad and honey wheat bread for just $12.99. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. now try our slow roasted shaved prime rib sandwich or the rest of our steakhouse lunch combos starting at $7.99. a former philadelphia police detective is facing criminal charges. >> "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt hunter is in the news room with those development walt. >> reporter: sources tell cbs-3 that former fail homicide detective ron dove is about to face criminal charges following a year long grand jury investigation into allegations that he tried to interfere with a murder investigation involving his girlfriend. that investigation centered on allegation that is dove drove his girl friend being sought by homicide detectives to upstate new york, after pick ing her up in the north philadelphia crime scene and relocating her vehicle. dove a 16 year veteran, was fired in november 2013,
7:33 am
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