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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 23, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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reporter jan carabeo joins us from tack cone which more information. jan? >> did some exterior damage to the overhang there, and now, investigators are trying to see if this is arson arson sniffing dogs, have already been on scene here on ditman street. investigators are trying to see if this is connected to another fire, just blocks away. family. sv, shell, smoldering 6300 block of ditman street. fortunately there is car fire didn't spread to the inside of any of the neighboring homes here in talcony but the threat was high. >> so my concern was everybody has a propane tank. so, i didn't know if maybe like the propane tank was going to ex employed, and we all have kids here and my concern was the kids, other houses catching on fire as well. >> this neighbor on the didn't juan to be identified but smart this photo just after 2:00 a.m.? her kitchen when she heard loud bang, after calling nine the 11 the woman ran to get her neighbors out. >> banking on the door, just trying to get them out. >> that family including eight year old girl was asleep inside. everyone was able to get out safely. when fire crews arrived able to extinguish the fire 20 minutes. but, not before this suv was totaled, and the neighbor's van damaged. that family was able to get to safety after their dog woke them up. >> fire marshall investigating another car fire from overnight, and arson sniffing dogs will be used to determine if accelerants were used at either location.
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>> and i feel bad that their car, you know, is totaled. but, i'm glad that the family is safer. >> one relieved this car fire did not spread inside of these homes again just minor damages on the outside. the fire investigation is still underway, we will bring you update just as soon as we get them. reporting live, january car bye owe, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> heads outside to katie on the skydeck morning looking pretty nice? >> most of the day looking pretty nice, erika. we expect to eventually see the precipitation moving on in it. will come in many different forms, as this next storm arrives, because the classic rain-snow line will be setting up over our area. but, for now expect to enjoy and see some sunshine throughout the better part of the day. even before evening rush is over, stay dry. storm scan3 still quiet as you might imagine only matter of time before the weather weather advisories going into effect across our area, generally later tonight. once that wet weather arrives so i say give it window of maybe 9:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m., it may come little sooner for the precipitation to move n meantime some sun some clouds overall nice seasonable late january day. look forward temperatures ripe at this hour, all below freezing eventually when the precipitation gets here it will start as snow as a result for many of us. now, in terms of what is coming up down the road here, the first issue of course is our first coastal storm comes tonight and will last most of tomorrow. and then we look ahead to monday specifically, even sunday night for our next system do come along more
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snow right on the horizon being weekends piggyback by snow events, and we'll have more detail on each of the systems later in the program. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, so traveling on 202 still going to be billing old problem. northbound and southbound. southbound 202, around the area of route 30, dealing with overturned vehicle. can't see it in the shot but if the camera were to swing little moreover toward the embankment notice, that a vehicle is flipped over and you will notice also as well still emergency teams working on that so only the left lane getting by if you are traveling in this area, northbound on 202, around this area, as women. dealing with rush hour as well as gaper delay. so try to avoid that stretch if you can. talking about rush hour, well, it is out there. eastbound 42 jammed out of the area of oaks down toward 202. accident situation, if you are traveling upper state road closing it northbound between horsham and kelsey drive. so, best alternate is to take 202 or doylestown road. fire location girard between 17th and 18th, and as you can tell, 95 the schuylkill expressway looks slow. >> slow, all right vet tore y delaware state police are looking for several drivers who hit and killed a man on i495 last night then just took off. we're toll that man was trying to cross the northbound lanes of the highway and edgemore, when someone hit him and knock him over. then several other cars hit him while he was on the ground. police don't have any descriptions of the cars they are looking for. >> meanwhile, philadelphia police are investigating an
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attack on high school student on septa trolley. cell phone video shows the attack on wednesday morning 17 year old shea, we are area in the revealing her last name toll leer got onto route 15 trolley and was pretty crowded. moment later we role toll she accidentally bumm noop a man with her back pack and that is when the attack started. >> bag kept butting this man. was getting mad that my bag was bumming him. he started calling me out of names. hit me three, four times in my face. and avenue broken nose, and a black eye. >> estimated 100,000 student ride septa to and from school. and septa says they take their safety seriously. >> developing right now, the 72 hour deadline set by isis militants in exchange for these two japanese hostages has come and gone. on tuesday isis released this video threatening to execute the men unless japan paid $200 million ransom. time line expired around 1:00 a.m. our time. as of now the fate of the hostages remains unknown. >> funeral being held for one of america's closes allies in the middle east, king abdullah of saudi arabia has died. he was 9o he passed after long illness. susan macinnis explains how many the late monarch tried to modernize his country. >> warned of death of king abdullah today in mecca. as ruler of an oil rich nation the king was among the wealthiest men in the world. he worked to modernize saudi arabia, give more freedom to women, was strong us ally in the battle against al quaida. president obama visited the
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ailing leader last march expressing condolances and said i always valued king abdullah perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship. >> called the king an important ally, and said he had fond memories of his advice wits him. >> mourn arc did not always agree with us policies. pushed obama administration to take stuffer stands against iraq's nuclear ambitions and wanted stronger us support for sunni rebels fighting in syria. >> says advice president with to pay respects to the king's family. king abdullah's half brother solomon, immediately succeeded him. the 79 year old had been performing many of his brothers responsibilities during the past year. susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> happening today judge will decide whether to unseal surveillance video in the eric frein case. ambush at the pennsylvania state police blooming grove barricks was evidence at frein's preliminary hearing. prosecutors want it sealed. frein charged with killing corporal brian dixon on september 12th. trooper alex douglas was critically hurt. >> reverend al sharpton calling people for state investigation into this deadly police shooting in bridgeton cumberland county. an officer killed jerome reid last month after traffic stop. reid was shot while getting out of his car with his hands up after police found a gun in the car. right now the cumberland county prosecute he's office is handling that investigation. your time is 8: 08. former quarterback quarterback, about knowledge of deflated football. >> also, ahead this morning
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>> morning, two key members. new england patriots are defending themselves over deflate gate. wow. i don't think, look at that, i don't think they were this low, though, that's for sure. head coach bill belichick say they did not cheat during the nfc champ con chip game. trounced indianapolis colts to earn a trip to superbowl 49. after the game a report emerged that the paths were using under inflated footballs. nfl probe has reportedly found 11 of 12 patriot game balls came up light. under eminated can be to grip and catch. neither could say how they got that way. >> i had no explanation for t i don't know what happened between the time that i touch it and you know, rally until monday morning, had no idea what happened to the ball. i. >> i can't think of anything that i would have done differently based on what i new then, based on what i know now. >> this is not belichick's first controversy. remember back in 2007 fined half million dollars after patriots are caught videotaping another team's signals, says the investigation into the deflate gate scam will take few more days. >> former cowboy and hall of famer troy aikman not buying brady's story says, quote obvious tom braid had i something to do with this for the balls to be deflated that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to hand. also dominating headlines. now we hear from someone who has been on the sides lines handling those game balls. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones talks to former eagles ball boy who shares
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interest incites. >> armstrong on the eagles side lines for biggest games as former ball boy woe watch over the game balls before and after they were inspected. >> we would meet with the referees prior to each game. >> what happened up in new england, baffeling armstrong says i never noticed dramatic difference in the inflation of the footballs. >> i don't think i can article time when natural occurrence after ball just became deflated out of the blue. i think that it would have to be done, you know, by a person. >> inbetween the first snap of any game and when the balls were inspected by officials armstrong contends there was little oversight of the footballs, and it would be quick and easy to deflate them. >> deflate it, take it out all it is is just a little air pump needle. >> any casino of admission could mean you may not coach or play in the superbowl. >> deflate gate continues to be the talk on sports radio even after both coach bill belichick and quarterback brady said they had nothing to do with the donating footballs. >> clearly mandate by somebody in the pay tree the, either the coach or quarterback, this is not an r ogue ball boy doing this. >> to that point armstrong the eagles ball boy from 1999 to 2002 says he never would have dreamed of making changes to the football without the express permission of the head coach or an eagles player. and he says during his time here, that simply never happened. todd quinones, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly".
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>> definitely to switch gears, even though we end one quiet day, things go downhill in the weather department. >> this mess arrives. see in the last few hours colder air, that this has been running into, allowing the change-to ever some snow as well as some icing but otherwise, generally still a rain producer, that said, it will not stay that way as it moves our way we eventually start to see not just snow but mix of icing and some rain here. >> this is good time line, 9:00 p.m. tonight. generally saturday event. through midnight, snow will be taking over, from south to north. the steadiest that far accumulating snow happens up until even shortly before the sun comes up. >> it will start to even turn over from snow, to rain, even before the sun comes up. that change-over within that, it is not just snow then rain. you may have some rain that freezes on contact. you may have i some sleet as we see that rain snow line mover n but the precipitation will be ending by about midday toward evening. let's talk icing issue. by midnight mainly just snow. so it is really going to take us until early morning hours for the ice to go start taking over here. >> thin he is glaze every ice all you need for major issues tone sue here, does look. >> looking north and west every philadelphia. >> finds the best potential for icing to maybe accumulate in bucks. how much snow are we talking? at this point for philly anyway, i would say your best shot is this, right here, 60% chance to see light one to 3 inches amount here for philadelphia, but there will be enough cold air in place we
8:09 am
think just north and west, western chester to mercer county point northwest where you might end up with a good solid four, five, perhaps 6 inches if it manages to stay cold enough for. that will so, we'll have the very close watch of course on where that rain-snow line takes shape there. but, regardless, of what type of precipitation you find out there, it is going to be heavy. so a loft moisture to work with with this guy by sunday quieting down actually by tomorrow evening, bun sunday night see another system moving in from the west. vittoria? >> an accident involving overturned vehicle. >> thirds overturned vehicle since this morning, since i've been reporting this morning. so, even though we're not seeing any snow on the gown, precipitation, stuff that we're used to seeing when we do have some sort of precipitation. so make sure to take it easy out there. overturned vehicle looking at, right here, looks like they've uprighted it. and now moving to get that out of the way. however, in regard to how you're moving, not great. 202, southbound, going to be jammed around this area, route 30. only the left hands lane been moving by. they've been blocking the roadway, dealing with gaper delay, adding to already rush hour traffic. in regard to 95, 95 cleaning up. right around cottman avenue, good sign. starting to calm down a bit. delays on 95 from the betsy ross down through to the vine using southbound side. as we take a look now if you are traveling in new jersey, seeing delays on 73, all because after accident, northbound on 73, fellowship road. northbound, where the accident is, two left lanes block southbound, left lane blocked
8:10 am
as a result of emergency teams arriving on scene. ukee? >> poses exposure to the measles, home isolation. >> one of the children who is not been able to leave the house for three weeks. after a visit to kaiser hospital in oakland told they a purposely un vaccinated child with measles had been to the same offers within just few hours of their visit. >> well, next story shows that even a doctor who has delivered 10,000 babies can still be surprised. doctor barry may in southern california delivered both kevin fleischman and his wife brianne, a now married, also delivered their baby shall last tuesday. it is a first for doctor may. >> you delivered me, and then i said by the way you also delivered me, and suddenly realized two people that you new as babies, found each other, and didn't move, and got pregnant, and came back to the same place and where i had potential to deliver. >> small world. now kevin and brianna say they're planning to have another child and they want doctor may to deliver that baby too. but they'll need to act fast, we're told the doctor may plan on retiring next year. >> how about that? plea babies and a doctor, that's great. >> still ahead on the "cw philly", the barnes foundation goes vintage. >> ♪ ♪ >> to today's eye on the art mixing art with vowed ville. coming up in ex. >> first what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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>> the barges foundation staging young professionals party, mixing unique exhibit with the jazz muse sick of vowed ville. >> visitors will steak step back into the 1920's, among some priceless work that tell a vibrant story of era that excited america. >> the music is jazz, the newspaper illustrate err turned fine artist, who brought the life of the early 20 century alive with his brush, all exhibit at the barnes foundation through february 16th. >> he loved painting women. he loved fashion. he loved painting the city. he painted where he was and what he was sighing. >> and what he was hearing. >> new york based jazz artist, coming to the barnes on friday january 30th, with his band, to add the musical backdrop to an after-hours party called vintage vowed ville. >> you walk in the gallery and fabulous paintings you actually hear music. so that marriage is always there. >> between the visuals. >> grabbing inches, art taste maker, central high classmate of doctor barnes sent by barnes to paris with $20,000 in 1912 to buy modern art. that's half million in today's dollars. >> came back with van go, mo'ne, says and ma tees, renoir picasso he brought 33
8:13 am
works back, and it really ignited barnes' passion for modern art. >> the barnes' hoping to ignite new passions. >> dancing and sinking and music and great art. >> and on this day, a little dancing in the gallery. inspired by the scene where grabbing ends paints himself on stage. for more on the vintage vowed ville party at the barnes, friday january 30th, go to the arts nil in philly.okay. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". love that. >> what a fantastic event. >> indeed. >> to really hear that while looking at painting, thinking this is what they were maybe hearing, while painting that. >> she is coal, pat? she has some steps. go girl. we'll be right back. good morning. >> police in new castle county are investigating a deadly accident, that claimed the life of a pedestrian. chopper three over 495 last night, unidentified man on the northbound side of the highway hit by four different cars, as he was trying to cross. none of them stopped. if you have any information on this accident, please, contact the authorities. >> we have a system moving n here's kate. >> i two separate ones we will be discussing here in the days ahead, but first one definately the one i would say packs the biggest punch at least initially because it has so much moisture. let's take you out there.
8:14 am
let's show you a wide zoom. right now all calm and collected here, weaver some sun, some clouds, but obvious what's on the way right? it will be a mix. just like we're finding now of some snow, some rain, some ice, as we talk future snow and the general he can pegs takes is you will find the heaviest snow falling north and west of philadelphia. through your northwest suburbs from chester to mercer county, then on north and west. so in philadelphia, yes, see some snow, but you are also going to see sleep perhaps freezing rain, heavy rain with this too. so we all see basically the same timing. what you find with the storm may be different with the rain-snow line setting upright over top of us, vittoria. >> thank you so much. it looks like we have some sun glare on the road, adding to your rush hour commute traveling the schuylkill there is would be westbound approaching city avenue, and as you will notice, top left-hand side of the screen, if you are traveling on the westbound side of the schuylkill, you will find delays throughout your western suburbs and then eastbound as you make your way around con smoke show who can end. overturned accident vehicle accident 202 still compromising right hand lane, as you make your way in the southbound direction around route 30, northbound gaper delay, and watch out for this accident as well on 202 northbound at 926. ukee? >> thank you neck update at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, charlie roads in switzer lands, for the worlds economic forum. for more local news weather traffic and sports on the "cw you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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>> looking live right now storm scan3 tracking another storm system, and another one headed our way. katie is tracking all of this for you how it will impact your weekend coming up. >> out on the roads, oh man you don't want to be there. watching us, you aren't there that's good thing vittoria joins because check of the roads. >> right now two suspicious car fires in one northeast philly neighborhood sparks an arson investigation overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at one scene, on ditman street, in talcony where the fire damage add house and a neighbor's car. jan, good morning. >> good morning it really is surprising, this huge car fire didn't spread inside any of these homes in the neighborhood. take a look at the damage left behind on ditman street. bulk of the damage to that
8:16 am
vehicle, right there here in the 6300 block of ditman street, in talcony of cost the uuv is totaled, flames just damaged outside of this home on that second story overhang slightly burned. but his is what the fire look like earlier this morning the car was engulfed in flames. this photo taken by neighbor just after 2:00 this morning she was in her kitchen and heard loud bang then saw the flame anotron get her neighbors out of the how the to gem threat out safely. >> they went to the neighbor's house as well, and good thing the neighbors sprung into action. >> the family who lives here including eight year old girl were asleep inside and this car fire was happening right underneath of a bedroom. now, everyone was able to get out safely, and when fire crews arrived they got the fire out in just about 20 minute. the family car is torched. neighboring mini-van, and deck, are little burned, as well. that was the main concern for many neighbors here, that this could have spread quickly down the block. >> i didn't know if the propane tank would explode and we all have kids, and my concern just the kids, and other houses catching on fire, as well. >> the fire marshall is investigating not only this fire but another car fire at torresdale, and that location about two blocks away. fire investigators were using the arson sniffing dogs, earlier today and those dogs of course can detect any accelerants if they were used. >> two locations in within hours, blocks from each other this investigation ongoing but again fortunately no
8:17 am
injuries here. no damage inside of these homes. two big questions remain, are these two car fires related and are they arson? we'll have updates throughout the day but for now live in talcony, jan carabeo "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jen -- jan thank you. >> philadelphia police looking for killer after deadly shooting in south philadelphia. detective tell us the gunman shot man three times after getting into an argument on the 1400 block of ritner. the shooter got away in a dark colored suv. >> the search is on for teenage here walk away from the children's hospital of philadelphia. fifteen year old alec from hamilton, new jersey, left the hospital, yesterday afternoon. tomorrow he has autism, and last seen wearing black jacket, he had black face mask and dark jeans. >> very calm and quiet out there, right now good morning, everyone, sunshine, couple every clouds, generally all we have to deal with out there throughout the daylight hours. even into the evening rush. but we start things off by taking you to the live neighborhood network where out beach headquarters margate, a-okay. very calm and quiet. chilly, i have give that you not too much winds to speak of other than hands full of clouds, at the local level looking good at this point. things loom off to the south. and that is going to be of course coming in the form of some rain, some snow, some ice as well by later tonight. meantime actually air quality alert posted throughout the day for higher particle pollution in the atmosphere, so it will be an unhealthy air mass today. if you fall into the sensitive category of children, the elderly, or perhaps if you have got respiratory issues,
8:18 am
just keep urine hail err ready to go. around the region flirting with 40 at the shore, in the city chillier by comparison in the mountains but everybody can bank on some sun shear today. but look at what looms here. this is really good indication, look at the winter advisories generally all winner weather advisories that move anywhere from north carolina right up the eastern seaboard, so that's where your coldest air will be confine, notice, our entire region will be in a winter weather advisory, will start later tonight. so if you are errands to run try get them in sometime today. once the sun goes down, storm will be looming ever closer. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, right now, still in the full swing rush hour, that we're used to seeing on friday morning, so as we take a look now at the schuylkill expressway, this shot here right around the stretch of belmont avenue, making your way out of city avenue pocket, as you will notice here, if you are traveling in the westbound direction, it is slow, eastbound not awful. heavier, however, around the curve and approaching the vine street expressway. moving our way to horsham road. this is upper state road, upper state road, rather, and horsham road. incident situation here which is compromising, the left-hand lane, as crews continue to work on this incident. so if you are traveling in this area, your best alternate because of the northbound side being closed, would be to take either 202 parkway or doylestown road. upper state road northbound is closed, between horsham and kelsey drive. jest so you know. that will as we continue, jumping ahead now to new jersey, we do have an accident on 295 southbound, at route 130, it was a vehicle spin-out, the ramp partially
8:19 am
blocked and we have been seeing incidents like this all morning long, it is a little slippery and still some areas so give yourself more time. just use extra caution. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. philadelphia public schools are facing another large budget deficit after the teachers union wins big legal victory. group of judges said the school reform commission cannot cancel the teachers contract. the src canceled that contract last october forcing teachers to pay a portion of their healthcare costs. src chairman bill green responded to the ruling by tweeting: disappointing news, 80 million-dollar deficit next year if holds. those cheering this decision, please, show me the money. congrats to pft. the school district could appeal the decision to the state supreme court. new jersey department of environmental protection details recovery efforts from super storm sandy today, a live look at atlantic city where the dep also hopes to identify future storm vulnerable areas. residents can attend the meeting tonight beginning at 5:30 at chelsey heights school on filbert avenue. atlantic city's economic recovery was the focus after visit from governor chris christie. he says efforts to fix the town's financial crisis aren't moving fast enough. the governor signed an executive order appoint ago emergency manager, and special consultant for the city yesterday. while now in charge every day-to-day city operations they stress this is not a state take-over. >> residents in the city, understand, you still have mayor, you still have a council. we want to work closely them. people in our business are not power runningly. there to get a job done, make
8:20 am
other people look good. >> since gambling expands in the other states, atlantic city casinos have lost half their income, also, residents are paying much higher property taxes. president obama will be in philadelphia next week. on thursday, the president will address democrats who are holding their policy retreat in society hill. >> green, popular for her green lipstick she made a gas up when she had a gift for the first lady. >> so, i have green lipstick, one for your first wife -- >> my first? >> i mean -- >> do you know something i don't? >> oh, oh, for the first laid. >> i one for first laid. >> i and the first children. >> and the first -- oh. >> poor thing. the president said woe ask mrs. obama to try on the green lipstick. no word whether she did. and oh, your heart goes out to this gal. so nervous interviewing the president. >> she grabbed her head then laughed it off. he was cool with it. >> very nice about it,. >> so go get some gift cards for christmas that you just don't want? coming up this morning thousand re-sell them so you can get something you really want. >> yes, also ahead iphone versus android debate rages on. now, one study says, your choice indicate how smart you are. >> and an on line video of a ski stunt has viewers asking: is it real or fake? jeannie moos went stray to the skier for answers. hear what he had to say whether we come as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet?
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8:22 am
>> after all, a guy the ski magazine powder refers to as cankid in all cams, sees the closest thing to a ski god. and now he's released five minute video he calls one of those days, too. without leaving your computer, you feel like you've strapped on a goggles and the winds is whipping through your hair. candide doesn't jump over the ski pa talcony-palmyra bridge caring a stretcher, flies off the ski lift, and even when he runs out of snow, he keeps going. the video was shot over a couple of days, at candid's hometown rye sort. check out hit grand finale. a rotation up on to the deck, a mid diners. he slides on the rails launches on to the gondolla, cutting the line, leaving those waiting on the other side of the closing door. is this real or fake? people ask? well, the jumps are definitely real candid says. someone notes that twice in the video we seabirds that do not exist in france. check out the eagle. candid says the birds were add today make the video more entertaining. same for the two people in the chairlift. but those are real diners on the deck, who enjoyed watching three takes. >> no diners were killed in the making of this scene. >> at one point, my skis went pretty close to someone but no one was hurt. >> no hurt feelings about candid cutting the line to the gone dole a all in on it, happy to be props for ski here deserves props. jeannie moos. new york. >> how about it? >> no one gets hit. >> no, skiers will not be please in the weekend.
8:23 am
>> well, you know what? i have a feeling the skiers might be kind of looking forward what we've got coming up here. do have couple of snow systems coming our way but we take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network checking how things are looking, 23 degrees sent in from margo, one of the new be's to the program. sunshine where she is in buena vista township out there in new jersey, little off to the south eats, 20 degrees sent in from barbara duncan, she also has some sunshine in egg harbor township, where she is located. now, i want to show you what's coming hue here on storm scan3, see the combination of the moisture obviously beginning to move off even into virginia, but also notice on the tail end of the loop, see the colors changing over the appalachian mountains? so some colder air starting to come into place here for this system, as it advances, and obviously running into some very cold air here eventually, too. so, we are going to see all of the pretty colors that we have available really start to take over on storm scan. in addition, you have also got some colder air going to be joining us with this storm. so, that's where we end up with this whole mixed variety pack of stuff going on here on saturday. as early as 9:00 p.m. tonight 9:00 or 10:00 start to see the wet weather moving in from the south sooner depending on location, but generally the window for the snow to move if from the south, so delaware into southern new jersey, see it first steady accumulating snow, picking up, and even in the pre-dawn hours but before the sun comes up, we start to see the change over to rain for much of the area. but, keep in mind, likely rain freezing on contact sleet mixing in, and worry about
8:24 am
icing in pre-dawn hours. >> how much are we talking snow wise? >> not just snow. whole mixed bag a lot of people want to know how much are we talking? because of the limiting factors due to the change over of rain, one to 2 inches, philadelphia and immediate vicinity, may hold on to the cold air long enough three five locally up to six-inch storm across, you know, i would draw this further south western chester county, portions of mercer up into the poconos, that's generally where you are going to find the best possibility for accumulating snow. eyewitness weather three day forecast then a-okay for now but obviously have a storm sandwich going on here, so tonight, through at least early evening tomorrow, dealing with the storm. sunday quiets down, until sunday night. probably messy morning driver monday as an r. >> storm sandwich never taze z good never. >> rush hour commute not going to look good either traveling at the schuylkill expressway, dealing with accident here, it is a little bit compromising, the left-hand lane, folks squeezing on by axe tiff scene, traveling in this area, adding rush hour delays, not only spilling a little on to the schuylkill schuylkill, but more so 476. it will be a little of a problem. we also have very serious accident if you are traveling cheltenham avenue at old york road. >> would will keep you update bad you try to avoid the area throughout montgomery county in if you are. traveling not too far from the war i can ton section upper state road, northbound still closed as a result every
8:25 am
accident between horsham and kelsey drive. >> disable vehicle blocking center lane westbound on the turnpike approaching willow grove. notice still causing built of back up. still sun glare out there so keep that in mind. >> thank you here's what's happening this morning we starred in talcony arson investigators want to know if car fires are connected. another car caught fire just few blocks away. fortunately, no one was injured. >> search is on for attack here beat up high school student on a north philadelphia trolley that beating was caught on camera 17 year old suffered broken nose and other injuries. >> police in the state of delaware hope you can help them solve a police retirement unidentified man hit by four different cars along northbound i495 new castle county. none of the cars stopped if you have any information please contact the police. a lot of buzz about a small philadelphia neighborhood. red fin just named dick inch on narrows this year's second hottest neighborhood for real estate. dickinson narrows is tuck between south philly between pens port and east passyunk. website says the neighborhood offers affordable housing popular restaurants and you can find spare parking and garages. medium price in dickinson narrows, $192,000. so, first time we were hearing it this morning. but bet you can hear a lot more about it,. >> even though gift cards often make perfect gifts, it is easy for them to accumulate and go unused. >> kara tsuboi tells you ways to reuse the unused gift
8:26 am
cards, buy more at a discount. >> emergency can sell unused cars up to 92% of its value. that will amount is determine by the retailer popularity. >> looking to purchase a car through the site, offers to up 35% savings. it lets people set their own prices for selling back gift cards, whether totally unused or even partially used. the mobile feature great benefit, brows for electronic gift cards while shopping in a store. but one for less than its cards value save big time, as they can be electronically download dollars onto your phone. nice feature of the website card hub is the ability to sill and buy gift cards from other facebook friends or people who live nearby. checking the box great way to rid yourself of local gift card from nearby boutique, gives more people delivery options for the card n san francisco, kara tsuboi, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> if you're in the market for new wireless service for your smart phone google may soon become an option. tech giant reportedly going to buy wireless data service from other carriers then re-sell to consumers directly. >> would not be better or faster than what's provided, however, could be a less expensive option for customers >> smarter than android user? if you own iphone, new study new study says yes. >> crunch the numbers and found state with more college graduates have higher iphone sales. they did not focus on smaller region in cities and neighborhoods.
8:27 am
so there you go. droid. give it up in the house. >> iphone. >> droid. bob behind the camera, droid? what did you say? >> iphone. >> wow. >> i'm not going to contest the stud. >> i well, latidah. we'll be right back. good morning. >> does god still heal today? >> i knew that something miraculous had happened to me. >> i was born deaf and then my ears got healed. >> i've never seen anybody recover so quickly and so profoundly. >> when they took that second scan and it came back completely negative, like, just gone. >> discover how god still heals today. on "the 700 club," all we >> dill me with it ukee. >> we're going to at the everybody about it right now talking about the piano man headed back to philadelphia this summer. billy joel. >> where is the music? >> there, we still got it. billy joel. >> yes. >> playing the fourth show at citizens bank park, sets the records for live performances, by any artist in the venue's ten year history. not sure if the fanatic and ben revere will play with him though. you may also already joel rocked the house last summer, if you missed it, now is here is your chance, particular gets on sale friday, january the 30th. maybe ben revere and the phanatic should open for him. >> i was going to say i would love it if the fanatic was dancing on the stage the entire time. that would be amazing. i would pay extra for that.
8:28 am
>> fantastic. >> oh, hoe. >> yes indeed. >> hey, we are marking special milestone on our sister station cbs-3. >> so neat. cbs days time celebrating its 7,000 episode of the bold and the beautiful. to show your fan appreciation, don, who place bill spencer will hossa viewer screening party at parx casino. it is from noon to 2:00 today. i'm going to be there with him, talk to him about the special day and what it means you can catch my live report on talk philly at noon. >> look don doing little shoulder rub there. what's going on, don? >> knows exactly what he's doing. be sure to catch don and the rest of the cast of the bold and the beautiful they look back at the show's beautiful 27 year history all starts at 1:30 on our sister station cbs-3. >> thanks for watching the "cw philly" for more local news weather traffic and sports, we're always on at >> see you at noon! ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. >> investigators want to know if separate car fires in the talcony neighborhood overnight are connected. one car fire broke out 6300
8:29 am
block every ditman street around 2:00 this morning. that fire spread to another car, and a house. now, there was another car fire, just few blocks away, at torresdale and robbins short time later there. were no injuries. want to check in with katie with your forecast and your weekends. looking little dodge i. >> the middle part looks just fine. we do have storm coming right now, it is going to be making its arrival later on tonight with us, through at least i would say late afternoon tomorrow. all is quiet for the moment on storm scan3 all do you have do, zoom out once, though, there you go, combination of this storm, and it is creeping closer with every passing hour. so, i would say, the window for when it begins from south to north is generally nine to 10:00 p.m. tonight. you're general expectation of, you know, the ratio and the way you'll see this pan out, mainly rain south mainly snow to the north but will be whole mix from snow to sleet to freezing rain and rain, right through that pink shaded area, and of course it clause include the i95 corridor and the city. so we expect one to 3 inches of snow as well as some heavy rain, maybe little more snow, as you will keep some colder air in place off to the north and west. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. and good morning everyone, we are dealing with a incident, if you are traveling in montgomery, well not montgomery county really but around the cheltenham area. not, well, yes montgomery county. if you are traveling, in this area you'll notice this is very serious crash they're reporting multiple injuries, this is cheltenham avenue, and old york road. notice, the crush of vehicle off to the embankment, switch in the opposite direction. if you are traveling in this area, this roadway is closed,
8:30 am
so if you are traveling again cheltenham avenue at old york road, we are dealing with this incident scene we will continue to keep you updated that's for sure, erika? >> thank up, that's "eyewitness news" for now. talk philly coming up at noon. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] ♪watching everybody eating♪ ♪what they want all day♪ ♪oh this tasteless cardboard♪ ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away♪ ♪ >> gordon: well welcome to "the 700 club." islam needs a reboot, and that's the word from egypt's president, al-sisi. it is the second time in three weeks he has called for a revolution in islam. >> terry: al-sisi was speaking at the world economic forum in switzerland, where her warned western leaders about the danger of terrorism. >> reporter: al-sisi continued his campaign to change the image of islam. he says muslims must seek change from within. several weeks earlier, he addressed islam's most influential university and called for a revolution in
8:31 am
islam. >> it has reached the point this
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