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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 24, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> it's the calm before the next storm. another round of winter weather is headed our way just in time for the work week. good evening i'm natasha brown. this makes two straight weekends we've dealt with some pretty miserable weather and looks like there's more rain, snow even slush in the forecast. meteorologist justin drabick is here with more. justin. >> that's right, natasha. we are moving into a progressive water pattern an lot of cold air is going to be moving in. storms coming every two, three days or so. looks like we'll be dealing with the snow potential over the next few weeks. we're dry no, no. today's storm is long gone. it's now exiting the new england coastline so we got rid of the rain and snow. some spots this morning saw up to 9-inches of snow up towards the lehigh valley and poconos. now skies have cleared out and it could be a concern because that's allowing air temperatures to drop. we'll talk about numbers at or below freezing tonight. still above freezing in many spots. 36 in allentown, 37 in philadelphia. at freezing in millville and below freezing, 31 degrees in reading so watch out for areas much black ice through the overnight hours. doylestown pottstown at 34 degrees. sitting at freezing in willow grove. overnight clearing skies temperatures drop below freezing even here in the city. so watch out for some of those untreated surfaces. they will freeze so use caution overnight and early sunday morning while driving or even walking on your drive way or sidewalk.
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there are those morning temperatures. a lot of 20's especially with that fresh snow pong into the lehigh valley poconos and berks county. near 30 for the low for center city philadelphia and parts of south jersey. not a bad day tomorrow. we have the sunshine briefly. highs back into the 40's but guess what? come sunday night talking about more snow on the way for monday. arctic temperatures in the seven day. details coming up. natasha. >> thank you. remember you can download the cbsphilly app get live radar and track the storms. you can kind it on google play and itunes. many spent the day cleaning up from this wintry weather. steve patterson was in montgomery county. >> reporter: rumble in the suburbs. while you were sleeping, franconia montgomery county came alive with the low rumble of plows clearing anywhere from two to 6-inches off the roads. >> a little treacherous coming down. they didn't have too many things plowed up and opened. >> reporter: pam bruener manages a local cafe. she drove in before the work started. >> definitely want to be precautious. it's slippery coming around the corners. >> reporter: snow turned to a nasty mix before becoming a light rain making travel on side roads hazardous unless you're cheryl moyer. >> this is actually kind of fun. it's just slippery. >> reporter: if you're struggling to keep your new year's resolution, kind of fun for cheryl is an 8-mile run during a severe weather event. yes, that is ice on her face. no, she didn't care. >> doesn't bother me at all. >> reporter: really? okay. by the time the sun came up it was hard to imagine there was bad weather at all. >> the roads are great. they're all slushy and bear,
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salted down real wie. >> reporter: moral of the story, the snow came and montco was ready. in montgomery county, steve patterson "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> well, the snow shovels were out in collingswood. cbs3 "eyewitness news" along haddon avenue as residents cleared snow and slush from the sidewalks. >> it's wet it's wet snow. it's kind of heavy but there's not much of it so this is an easy cleanup. we're grateful for just a little bit. >> john says he's happy he didn't have to use this snowblower at least not this time around. also the snow turned philadelphia's rittenhouse square into a winter wonderland. you see at least an inch there on the grass. we have gotten a lot of great iwitness cam pictures. this shot here was sent in to us from peter norman in warrington township. peter's patio furniture was covered with several inches of snow when he woke up this morning. take a look here in lower moreland township courtesy of bill william. the heavy snow weighing down heavily on those trees and power lines. and in levittown kevin williams cents in this nice shot from his backyard as the snowflakes were steadily falling. now, we would love to see more great shots from you so keep them coming. if you like to share any with us you can always send them to "eyewitness news" using its hashtag cbs3 storm. new tonight family and friends they're stepping up the search efforts for a missing woman in delaware. 14 days later, there is still no sign of the mother of four. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more. >> reporter: it's been over two weeks now, 15 days and more questions than answers more pain and no relief for
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keisha hamilton's family. it's been a nightmare. >> it's really hard because keisha has four children. one is an infant and one is four years old who asks for her every single day. >> reporter: hamilton disappeared on friday january 9th along with two of her children the three last seen here at her home in smyrna delaware. police said they were likely with cortez hamilton the children's father and her husband. cortez was found in indiana with the children that saturday who were both safe but keisha remains missing as her family says police have spoke with them about her husband. >> they do believe that he's caused serious bodily injury to her and that they're not sure where she is. >> reporter: cortez hamilton was charged with endangering the welfare of his children and assault and was extradited back to delaware yesterday where he remains in jail. he has not been charged with any crime in connection to keisha's disappearance but has not cooperated with police say keisha's familiar technological. so, sunday they plan to search for her themselves. snacks and water bottles ready to be given to any volunteers that can help. >> if keisha was here she would do everything that she could for anybody. she's very loving and kine harder like that. >> we all miss her terribly. it's horrible to think that she's just out there and she's been hurt. >> reporter: the search party will be headquartered at the cheswold fire company just behind me. delaware state police will be assisting with the search. the family is asking the volunteers arrive at 8:00 a.m. although they do tills the search is planned to go all day long. we're in cheswold delaware, matt rivers, "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly.
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>> well, bomb threats meantime were made against two plains atlanta's airport this afternoon. southwest airlines flight 2492 from milwaukee also delta airlines flight 1156 from portland oregon landed safely in atlanta. all the passengers were taken off and planes were searched. no devices were found. a norad spokesman says the threats were made on twitter. right now the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a man inside a vehicle in hunting park. philadelphia police were called to the 4200 block of mcallister street about 4:30 this morning. the 34-year-old victim wall shot multiple times. a second person inside the vehicle was also shot. police say the 24-year-old is in critical condition at temple university hospital. the motive behind the shooting is still unknown. and police are confirming friday's car fires in the northeast were intentionally set but police have made no arrests just yet. an suv on the 6300 block of ditman street in tacony was destroyed. flames melted the headlight of a vehicle parked nearby and damaged the deck of a home as well. another vehicle was found burning roughly the same time at torresdale and robbins. luckily, no one was injured. a harrisburg area man is released from prison after it was shown that bad science was used to put him behind bars 35 years ago. james hubny was convicted in 1979 of setting a house fire that killed his 16-year-old s last night the 72-year-old walked out of rock view prison in center county after reaching a deal with prosecutors. new studies of how fire starts and spreads called into question the exact cause of the fire. >> it is time for me to go
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home. it is time for me to be with my family. the free world the world has changed so much that i don't know it. the world's going to have to be introduced to me. i need a learning time. i need help. >> as part of the deal that freed hugney he pled guilty on arson charges and was release on time served. philadelphians -- congratulate gallery mall hosted an enrollment drive in center city. have the tiers helped those who needed help signing up for insurance or making changes to existing plans. the deadline to he enroll through is february 15. those who are uninsured received free medical and dental carely in olde city today. the gsrs -- garces foundation provided the screenings. they say many in the community are extremely appreciative of this service. there's a lot more ahead at 10 o'clock tonight here on the cw philly. the absolute latest overseas as isis militants hold two japanese men hostage. there are reports that one of them may have been killed. plus president obama changes his travel plans after an unforeseen turn of events in saudia arabia. justin. >> we get a bit of a break tomorrow with dry weather and sunshine. get ready for more snow on the way for the work week. details whe ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or
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make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> well, back now on "eyewitness news" tonight, there was a setback today at the crash site of airasia flight 8501. crews were almost able to lift the plane's fuselage from the java sea but just as it reached the water surface the lift balloons deflated and it sank rider back down. divers have trying to retrieve more bodies. 69 have already been found so far and it's believed that many other victims have yet to be recovered. the family of a man killed in a crash that injured comedian tracy morgan settled its lawsuit against wal-mart. james mcnair was riding in the limo bus when it was rear-ended by a wal-mart truck last year. investigators say the driver was driving too fast. terms that of settlement are confidential. islamic state militants say they have killed one of two japanese hostages they've held since last year but japan's government is still trying to confirm that claim. cbs news correspondent don champion has more. >> reporter: islamic state
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militants hosted a photo of hostage kenji goto holdsing a photograph of haruna yukawa: they reportedly demand a prisoner exchange for his release. the post was quickly delete. japan's prime minister shinzo abe says it was likely on tuesday isis release add video showing goto and yukawa. the terrorist demanded japan pay $200 million to secure their release. >> reporter: goto's mother issued a tearful plea begging his captors to release her son and pleading with the japanese government to save his life. on saturday she reacted to the photo. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: his face looked extremely nervous she told reporters. japan's prime minister angrily insisted his country will not bow to terrorism and will help the international community fight it. isis captured 42-year-old yukawa last summer. goto says her 47-year-old son left his two week old baby in october hoping to rescue his friend but instead was taken hostage. don champion for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> saudia arabia's newly end throned king salmon received condolences from world leaders today following the death of king abdullah. the 90-year-old died on friday. he was burr need an unmarked grave after a prayer service in riyadh. heads of state and royals from around the world are arriving in saudia arabia now to pay their respects in meetings with saudi royals. president obama changing his travel plans for the coming tweak pay his respects to the late king abdullah. he'll meet with the new king in saudia arabia.
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this is file video of the president and the late king. president obama left his trip to india this morning. the white house says he'll stop in saudia arabia on tuesday. >> good saturday night. hope your weekend is treating you well. we got this first storm system out of the way. we're talking about another one as we head into the start of the work week but at least we're going to keep it dry for the rest of the weekend but we had a decent amount of rain today especially in south jersey, delaware up around an inch. now the problem is the temperatures as we check in with our weather watchers many spots getting close to freezing right now so we have standing water even slush covered roads especially north of the city so watch out for icy conditions overnight. tuckerton new jersey already coming in at 33 degrees. these numbers will continues to go down. we are at freezing in willow grove. 35 degrees in doylestown this hour at freezing in lansdale as well as eagleville and perkasie. again you get the idea. areas especially north of the city over the next few hours will drop at or below freezing so be careful overnight. if you love the weather become an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up right now at and get all the details. all right. let's take you outside of center city here, look at the ben franklin bridge and clouds are starting to break up a little bit and that's why the temperatures will be dropping so partly cloudy overnight will lead to those colder numbers with icy conditions. check out storm scan3. this is what's happening. first storm system is moving out of the region right now as we are dealing with that storm ll across the new england and there's the next storm if you look up towards north dakota right now that's the clipper system. normally these take a track
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pretty much right over the great lakes into the southern new england area but this one's going to track a little bit farther south. it will be able to intensify as it reach the east coast and it's going to be able to gain some of that atlantic moisture and throw that back into our region. that's why this storm is going to be a little strong than your typical clipper system eventually as we head into monday afternoon monday night. winds starting to kick up bind this storm system we're about 17 miles per hour out of the west out of philadelphia. that's drying things out adding a little bit of a wind chill to the region right now. this is wait feels like. mid-20's in allentown, 27 in philadelphia, 23 in millville. so, if you're heading out overnight you need to dress warm. here's the setup. there's the clipper that moved through very early monday morning in the form of light snow but it's later monday as it moves off the coast before it will watch this rapidly intensify. where does it track? that's going to be huge. that will determine if we have additional snow come later monday night into tuesday morning if it tracks farther off the coast then we just see light amounts but as of now sunday night into monday, let's break it down for this first period, light snow will develop 9 o'clock to midnight. again, periods of light snow through monday afternoon. this will lead to a slow morning commute. it could be a light accumulation of inch or two on the ground by that morning commute in some spots. best shots to see the highest amounts would be across eastern new jersey. basically 3-inches from the city higher the farther east you go. less the farther north and west you go. then we'll have to watch out later monday night. where does this storm intensify? that's going to be huge. that will tell us if we get
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additional snow on top of those numbers and again the speeds and the track will determine the exact amounts before the storm system is gone by sometime tuesday morning into tuesday afternoon. so let's time it out for you. not much happening tomorrow. sunshine just some clouds build n midnight 1:00 a.m., that light snow starts to spread from west to east. again key word here is light but still enough to cause problems for the morning commute. into the afternoon periods of light snow. we got a watch here we go. monday night into early tuesday morning how close does the storm get to the coast? does it bring heavier steadier snows to eastern new jersey? that's still the question. a lot of air in this forecast. we won't be able to tell until the storm starts to develop later on monday. partly cloudy, breezy over overnight 30 degrees for the low temperature for the city not as cold for sunday, partly sunny, up to 41 degrees. here we go with the extended forecast. again periods of snow monday and again we could see that additional snow monday night depend where did you go that storm tracks and then tuesday maybe a chance for some snow early in the morning. then improving conditions later in the day and by the end of the week, it just stays cold, highs in the 30's. could be a few more light snow showers coming in early friday but the overall trend here is cold temperatures, arctic air with storms moving in every three days or so. >> oh, boy. >> yeah. >> okay, i know we're all just gasping here. it's winter. >> yes, it is. >> all right just tinge lesley deflate-gate won't go away. >> no, it really won't. yeah this time patriots coach bill belichick says his team followed the rules. he held a surprise press conference today. we're going to hear from him coming up. sixers looking to get back on track in memphis tonight
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against a team that's off to its best start in ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. >> yes, deflate-gate continues. patriots head coach bill belichick holding a surprise press conference today saying the team did not cheat. >> at no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game or to gain an advantage. quite the opposite. we feel like we followed the rules of the game to the letter in our preparations, in our procedures, all right and in the way that we handled every game that we've competitively played in. >> well, yesterday nfl investigators said that under inflated footballs were in fact used by the patriots during the first half of the afc championship game possibly making them easier to throw and catch which would of course give the patriots an unfair advantage. to be continued. we have sad news from the baseball world.
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hall of famer ernie banks has died at the age of 83. he was known as mr. cub. he hit over 500 home runs in his 19 year career. he was an 11 time all-star. in a statement the cubs called banks the greatest cub in franchise history. the sixers playing the second of a back to back set tonight in memphis against the grizzlies and, well, this game did not start off well for the sixers. gasol finishing with the slam. then in the second quarter the grizzlies up by double digits this time zak randolph knocks down the nice jumper and it seemed like he was pretty much doing that all night. almost to the end of the second now we have courtney lee with the nice three. sixers lose 101 to 83. penn taking on saint joe's at the palestra and look who it is. the philly phanatic stopping by to take in a game, of course. free throws right here. to the game, big drive by hawks aaron brown, slams with the left hand right there. it is a big five game and anything can happen. antonio woods with the bucket for the quakers. penn picks up this upset victory way 56 to 52 win. college of charleston visiting drexel. johnson drops the 3-pointer. then with time running out check out right here this great pass to damien lee. and he will make the three to put the dragons ahead for good. they win 53 to 51. okay checking out the skills competition at the nhl all-star game. that shot of the night came from nashville's shea weber. that was a 108.5 miles an hour
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slapshot. jake voracek imitating one of the blue jackets earlier. he pulled a seven-year-old boy on the ice and he took hold of calgary rookie a new jersey native to guide him in to score a goal and kind of stole the moment there. you just saw the nhl skills competition but ohl's max dome should be there. flipping over the goalie tapping it into the net. unbelievable. he has 64 points in 33 games this season. if he keeps scoring goals like that one, i think you'll see him in the nhl pretty don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. . >> well, this winter weather is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor fundraiser. in bensalem more than 500 people braved ice cold temperatures and plunged into the delaware river. the seventh annual eastern polar bear plunge benefits the special olympics. they raised more than a hundred thousand dollars. congratulations. that takes a lot of courage. >> it does. >> don't you think. >> hanging out there too. not like they just ran in there. >> i know, crazy. thanks for watching us here on the cw philly. for lesley justin, all of us, i'm natasha ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around
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